The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 279: “Who & What Were You Before You Got Here?”

July 19, 2023

In this episode, I explore the divine mind and our true nature. I discuss the concept of life as a continuity, the power of the divine mind, and how to invest our experience and time on this planet.

We start with the premise and question of: “Who we are and what we are before we came to planet Earth.” One of the biggest illusions of humans is that we are a body with a mind and that’s backwards. We are first and foremost a mind with a body and your mind survives without your body but your body cannot exist without your mind. And, I don’t mean your individual 3D ego mind but your divine mind. Without that, the body is dead energy. 

I have talked about it before and I talk more about death in this episode and we dive into how fear is an illusion and how we must let go of the 3D world and think from a higher level of consciousness.

We talk about how repeating the same patterns in our lives prevents us from learning our lessons and we also explore how to invest our experience and time on this planet, and how to live in the present moment. We discuss how the divine mind doesn't hate, and how our body is simply a receiver of the divine mind.

And, finally, my bigger point of the episode is that your true nature is your essence, not your body. And, I talk about how living only in the body is living in the smallest fraction of who we are, and how our brain transduces life. 

Conclusion: In this episode, we explored the divine mind and our true nature. We discussed how life is a continuity, the power of the divine mind, and how to invest our experience and time on this planet. We also discussed how fear of death is an illusion, how we must let go of the 3D world and think from a higher level of consciousness, and how our body is simply a receiver of the divine mind. I hope this episode has helped you gain a better understanding of the divine mind and your true nature.

Transformational Takeaway

Our true nature is our being, not our physical body. We are primarily a mind with a body, and our mind survives without the body. The body is merely a receiver of the divine mind. To live fully, we must let go of the illusion of fear, transcend the limitations of the 3D world, and think from a higher level of consciousness. Investing our time and experience on this planet involves understanding the power of the divine mind and living in the present moment.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Who and What Were You Before You Got here. When I say got here. I mean, before you got here, planet earth. You ever thought about that? Who was I, I mean, I wasn't hanging out at some motel six before I went to planet earth. You know, Who, who am I? And what am I and who and what was I before I got to planet earth. And you might be thinking that this is a philosophical question. But it's not. It's a question to get you to start knowing yourself better and at a deeper level. And why do you want to do that? As you'll discover in this episode. All the things in your life that you call problems. All the things that you do, not like that you repeat over and over and over again. Every bit of that comes down to your duality. Which is what I talk about in this episode, and it comes down to you not knowing who and what you are. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you want a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Who and what were you before you got here? Planet earth. Have you pondered that? What have you been thinking since you heard the introduction? In this episode, I want to go to a few different places, and you know that I do that you know, some episodes I'll hop around. But my objective at the end of the episode is to tie it all together for you. If I just told you the end of the episode. You wouldn't get it because you don't have the context. And you might get it, but I find myself included. Many times, we learn better when we have a context that container schema for the learning. So, I want to dig in here and I'll hop around and zigzag a little bit, but we'll come back to the final question at the end. Who and what were you before you got here?

You know, I think back to a conversation that Don Xavier and I were having. It was probably in 2016, 2017 or so. And I was talking about some of the, the really heinous things that I see on the planet. I mean, it doesn't bother me because I know everyone's living out their karma. But I find it and again, I'm making an evaluation of the judgment. I in this moment that my evolution. I just don't have an appreciation for it. And I don't know a better word. Because I could say, well, I find it appalling and I find it this and I do. But, you know what. To go to a higher level everything that's happening on this planet, humans, individually and collectively are living out the karma of ourselves individually. And the karma of the species, but I remember he and I talking. And I was talking about some of the really, I mean, when people just they're heinous to other people. I mean, burning people and dragging people, you know, behind vehicles, like a saw in Texas a couple of years ago on the news. And these things that to me are just reprehensible.

And I was talking to Don Xavier, and he said to me, which surprised me. He said, if I showed you some of your other lives. You would not be pleased with yourself. And a moment that was like, cope, you know, taking a big Gulf going, uh, okay. And when I think about that, that's really what, what I want to look at here is that you're not new to the planet. This is not your first rodeo; this is not your first time around on this planet. You might not remember. You might not recall the other times. But this is not your first rodeo on planet earth. And most likely it's not going to be your last. And what I find so mind-blowing. It's always made sense to me since I was a kid. I mean, it's, Einsteinian physics and I didn't know, and I don't know a lot about Einsteinian Physics, but I read a lot and I mean, I'm constantly reading and learning and gathering and processing information both from Don Xavier. Both an ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality. But it blows my mind that the thought that they're going to just pop you in the ground when you leave this planet. And you're a dead bag of skin in the cement box, which makes no sense to me. You're not even in the body anymore, your consciousness is not.

And whoop that's the end of it. You know, curtain call show's over. And it makes no sense. And it blows my mind. That even when you talk about. We're going to use the word right now past lives to people. It just, they look at you like you have three heads. I mean, a lot of people, because they're so caught in their fundamental human 3d thinking, it doesn't make any sense. But a bigger point that I want to point out to you. Or a bigger point that I want to, you know, have you look at. Is it's not a mainstream thought. And then I look at the collective consciousness. And it shows us how primitive the collective consciousness is. And how we evolved the collective consciousness of the planet is not, and that's the cosmic soup that we live in and the consciousness on this particular planet.

And then I look back, well, you know, for many years, how come I thought that, hey, I am Jim Fortin. I am this body. And you probably think that when you say I don't feel good. I am this, I am that. Most likely. Most likely. You are attributing that to that 3D bag of skin that you walk around it and that physical bag, you know, the physical body. And the reality is, we've been taught since birth. Hi, you're Bob Smith. And you're Jane Doe and you're Susan. And then you're taught that's your entire reality and that is not the truth. You were dualistic, you were literally, and everyone listening knows us. And I find that many of you listening, I promise you, I am not judging in any way. I've been on this path with a shaman and a sorcerer for 27 years now. And many of the things that many of you think I probably would have been listening to my very own podcast 27 years ago. Because I knew even when I got to high school and afterwards and all through college, it was starting to, to, uh, to grow in me. There's more, there's more that I can't see. And we're conscious. And I didn't know the words for it back then, but I knew I was not the body. I just knew that the body, this body is my vehicle.

And even now I've learned as a result of having the stroke and heart failure. I don't talk about things that I feel physically any more for the most part, I talk about this body. Why? Because when I say things like, I feel bad. I'm owning it energetically at that moment. It's basically an, I am. I am feeling bad. And then this body owns that in consciousness. What I generally say is this body. Feels X, Y, Z in the moment. And a little caveat here about, you know, coming back to the planet, something Don Xavier shared with me many years ago. Does I believe because I don't know enough about it. But in the Buddhist philosophy, we continue to evolve and then we evolve to higher levels and higher levels. To eventually evolve to Nirvana and a place off the planet. And that's true. I think in what we can call the long game. But the short game is to the short game, might have 10 lifetimes edit. But we don't think of it that way. We think of just the long game. Kind of like playing golf or investing or whatever, a short game and a long game.

And in the short game. You might incarnate. And then you incarnate into the next lifetime. And then we automatically, for those of us that think this way, we think we go to the next level. But that's not always the case. Many times, what we do is we zigzag so to speak in a revolution. We might move two steps forward and then collectively with the group we're evolving with the soul group we're evolving with. We might go back three steps in evolution. To play our role in the evolution of our contacts and communications in that particular soul group. Then we leave the body again and then reincarnate again, and then we might go four steps ahead. So, it's not as I've been taught. And as I understand, let me put it that way. It's not that we go. Step one, step two, step three, step four. And our evolution, we may, we may go step one, step two, step three, back to step 1.7. So, to speak up ahead. Uh, you know, 3.5, etcetera. So, it's a process, but really what I want to talk about in this episode is duality. And I want to talk about, and I'm going to do more episodes on this because it takes your power away more than anything else in your life literally.

Is most of us work only. From the scene dealer. And this of us, meaning the physical bag, the physical body of the skin, the bones, the carbon. Well, we can visually touch into 3d world. But we're dual beings. I know that you know, which I'll talk about in another episode about mine. What mine really is. But we are mind and body. We're both or dual. And, you know, speaking of death, I'm going to use the word death and dying. But really there is no death. And I know that we all think that I think everyone knows. And I'm sure you know, let me rephrase that. Everyone knows you're going to leave the planet. And you could even say, you know, Jim? Yes, yes. I know that I'm going to die. But however, what we really don't do is we don't understand that. Because for many people, they spend that I have seen this. People spend a lifetime and their fear about death. Which, and it may not even be attributed to that, but it can even be the fear of living. And many people, millions of people think they're alive and they're really not alive, they’re dead. They might be in body, and they have consciousness, but they're dead. Why? Because they live in fear, their entire lifetime. Fear a very visceral temporal, 3d things. Fear about money at love and relationships and health and all these kinds of things. And every bit of it's temporal. So, what I find interesting is that we do not die. We simply transition. Yet many people, millions of people live in the illusion of the thought that we die. And they spend their lifetime in fear and the fear is an illusion.

So, I said past lives earlier, and I said, we get to that. Don Xavier said one time, because I was talking to him about air quote past lives. And he said to me, He said we don't have past lives. And I kind of thought, what, what do you mean we don't have past lives? And he said, of course we have existed before, but we have former lives because see every life, because life consciousness is continuity. And it's not in the past because everything is now. Even if you lived on the planet in a different time. And you're living here now. You are still in the now because the past doesn't exist therefore past lives don't exist. Now we have former life experiences, but not past life experiences. You know, as I'm sharing all this with you. I think back to when my mom was. I had two moms, a biological mother, and that adoptive mother. They were friends growing up together and the adoptive mother's the one who raised me. Until I went to college and then a couple of years later, she introduced me to my biological mother.

And so, my adoptive mother was very close to earlier in life, even through college. I don't remember. And around 2006 or so, and she was in really bad health, the last, probably 10 years of her life. In 2006 or so. I remember, remember I got a phone call from my stepdad saying your mom died this morning. And when I hung up. I sat down and I cried for a bit. Because I didn't know about it. Death then what I know now. And even my own experiences since then. But I remember. I texted Don Xavier because he can help being’s crossover from this dimension to the next whole different episode. So, I texted him and all that he said back was, and I've always remembered this. And I wished back when we had flip phones, we could take a screenshot. Maybe we could, but I didn't know how. All that he said to me in a text, was this. There is no death. Be strong.

You know, as I'm sharing this with you. I mean, I'm so privileged to interact with as many people as I do. And especially people in my Transformational Coaching Programs. Because I get to know very, very specific and detailed and intimate things about their life that they share in the group. That community is like no other, anywhere. And anyone in the community will tell you there's nothing like that community because you're completely safe to be who and what you are, and people share. But I kind of Marvel about the amount of people that will grieve somebody passing somebody who has air quote died and left the planet, maybe a student's parents. And they might've left planet 5, 8, 10 years ago. And the person is still grieving when there is no death. And they're grieving in the illusion of death and there is no death.

And that's why it took me a long time, but Don Xavier. Every new year’s. We get together every new year's and we get together a lot as a family, both biological family and let's say the extended, extended spiritual family. And there's not a whole lot of us and our biological family. It's just my partner, John, myself, Mandy and Don Xavier. And every new year. You know, New Year's Eve. He says all he really says as he hugs me each and every new year. Is., I hope you get to know yourself better this year than you knew yourself last year. And that never really, I never really understood that till, I don't know how I'm a decade, 15 years ago. I don't know. But I recognize it's not understanding if 3d ego. It's understanding the duality and the totality of me and the consciousness of me. Because when you understand that, And I should have started this episode. Like what I'm going to say now, if I didn't, I'm saying it now. All this shit you put up within your life. The problems, the challenges, the fears, the trials, all these kinds of things are a direct result of you living in your 3d ego.

And your 3d ego is full of all the visceral things on this planet, greed and the amount of you living in shame. And fear and disgust and judgment and all these kinds of things that the 3d ego lives in. So, when you don't live in the duality of you and you live in the part of you that think is you, that's not you, which is a physical body. You're living in this world of shit and there's no need for it because you're dualistic and have no need to leave that place by being in that place. Which is why I tell people, you know, what. Be in this world, but not of this world. And so, when you spend your entire life, and the masses do. When you spend, if you do your entire life and the 3d ego. That and itself even blind you from seeing the higher essence of you. Why because you condition yourself to living only in the 3d, visceral ego. The bag of skin, the body. And then we tend to think whoop well, well, okay. That's all there is. And that's minuscule. That is not all there is because see, you are infinite. You are divine energy.

So, let's talk some more about that. Because I think even listening and I know the people that I attract to the podcast. You know that you are a body. And you also know that you are a mind. Rather, I should say. I'm not sure that, you know, because if you knew it, we would not be having this conversation. So, let me say it this way. You realize, because see, knowing is a whole different ball of wax. You realize you are a body. And you realize you are a mind and many of us think these two things are exclusive and they're not because your mind also exists outside of your body. But I want to talk about, hopefully starting to leave some of this behind you. Meaning the temporalness of it. The 3d of it. So let me ask you this. Let's slow down. And let me explain what I'm going to say. Have you stepped into owning your death. Think about that? Have you stepped into owning and accepting your mortality and your death. And I don't mean just at a knee-jerk you. Knee jerk reaction. Oh yes, I get it. No, that's kinda like, well, I get it. But have you stepped into it? These are the operative words. Have you stepped into owning your death?

Now caveat, I'm not telling anyone anywhere, listen, very carefully legal disclaimer. I'm not telling anyone to go get closed to what we call death, putting yourself in harm's way or any of that. And not doing magic mushrooms or any of that, trying to own your death. It probably won't end very well for you. But again, that's a judgment call and you know what, in consciousness, there is no good or bad. Anyway, just. Just the disclaimer okay. But I mean, mentally. Have you thought about owning your death. Because when you do there's power in that. And that power starts to unleash you from the physical world that has so many people trapped. Many years ago, I was talking to Don, Juan a sorcerer as well. And he was Don Xavier, his mentor. And Don Juan said to me, He goes death is like you're driving a car. At night and you're looking in the mirror. And you see some headlights way behind you in a distance that's death. It's always behind you. And it's always going to be there until it catches up with you.

And you know, many people could say, well, death is unknown. I'm going to say, that's not true. Because seeing your 3d ego doesn't know. But I'll tell you right now, your soul and your higher consciousness know. You just have not created manifests that in developed, let's say developed the personal power to know. And that comes to what I said earlier, knowing yourself. Cause sees your soul knows there's no death. It's the ego. John Smith, Mary Smith. It's the ego that believes in the death, not the soul, the soul doesn't believe anything. It just exists, but it's the ego that believes in the death. So, you know, we show up on this planet and I do want to just add another caveat here. Another segues for a second. You know, even for those of us that are of this thought process, many of us think like the Buddhist form. Is that we show up on the planet. We evolve and evolve and evolve and evolve. Eventually got to Nirvana. Don't come back.

The truth is this, is that we also jump around between galaxies and species. Meaning you can incarnate on the planet. And by the way, if you think what I just said is crazy, then you don't belong on the podcast. You're not, you're not someone whose mind is open enough to look at life from a higher level of consciousness. You must let go of the 3D and think from a higher level of consciousness. This is not Scientology, or I don't even know what that's about. I read a little about its years ago. I'm telling you; this is the nature of existence. So, you know, when you leave the planet, you’re going to reincarnate again, somewhere someplace somehow it might not be immediately back to this planet. You may go to a different planet, a different star system, and even being a different species. However, having this still the same consciousness in you, because it's always in you because that is your soul and you live out your lessons there, and then you come back here and then you. You know, your, you live your existence here on this planet, so it's not like you come to the planet. Step one, step two, step three, step four to chain. Goodbye, Nirvana. Thank you very much. It's not like that.

It says you can zigzag around between galaxies. That's pretty cool. Right? Think about that. That's the power you have. And I would never know any of this if I didn't work with a shaman and I know it. Not understand. I know it. I would never know any of this, if I didn't work with a shaman and the sorcerer. So, I'm bringing this to you because many of you don't have the luxury to, to even connect with a shaman or a sorcerer. Let me help. So, the point of the episode, let's go back again. Who were you? Before you got here, what were you before you got here. Who and what were you in your last incarnation. Were you on planet earth? Where you on planet Zorbab somewhere or some planet I'm making up think about that for a moment. And, you know, when I ask people and people that do have the air quote belief about incarnation, when it literally just is what it is. And all you have to do is open your eyes and see the world, not look at it and it will make perfect sense to you. It's so comical and a good way, a fun way.

A lot of people will say, oh, I was king Jehovah, Jehovah. I'm blah, blah, blah, whatever. And I'm like, wasn't there any Joe Schmoe's that ever reincarnated? And me, why is somebody like the king of like Zorba. You know, and then I'm my last lifetime. I was, I built the Taj Mahal, and I was the king and the conquer of Europa, all these kinds of things. I'm like, but. Wasn't there a Jane Doe and a John Schmo that's ever reincarnated, I guess not. So, you know, anyway, the point is, you know, I look back. In your last incarnation.

In your last incarnation. Where did you live? What kind of life did you live? What was your physical form? What was your species? What galaxy were you in? What abilities did you have then in that, in those incarnations that you gave up here that you don't even remember? You know, I'll share my story with, with you guys. I am a massive dog lover. I mean, massive. I will do anything for a dog in distress. I mean, I have a couple of dogs. I would love 10 dogs. I am a massive, massive, massive times a hundred dog lover. I just connect with dogs. And one of my dogs now is a pretty cute dog. I got her from operation kindness in Dallas, which is a no kill shelter. And she's very cute, but she has some really jacked up teeth. I mean, she was a, a homeless dog as a puppy and all that. And she hopped up in bed one morning. And plopped down next to me in bed. And I woke up and I wasn't fully back from dream time yet. And I just opened my eyes, I cracked my eyes and I saw her in bed looking at me. And my first nano second thought was now, follow me here. My first nanosecond thought was holy shit. You were the ugliest species I've ever seen in my life. And I was. I mean, I've been told Don Xavier about this, and we were laughing about it because in my 3d reality, I've known dogs since I was a toddler.

I mean, I've had dogs. My first dog was named Lori and she was a poodle and I had her when I was three and four years old. At another dog, which was a dock in mixed named, I think her name was Toodles. I didn't name her by the way. Anyway, I’m conditioned as a human being. I'm conditioned to see dogs with only love because I profoundly love dogs. But when I separated myself from the human condition, which was, you know, coming out of dream time. And I saw the dog. I'm like, damn, that is one ugly creature. So, think about this, how much have you been conditioned to think and see in the world? And that's not what it is. So back to what I was saying. I was talking about where did you incarnate from? Okay. So, you're on this planet, obviously. And I guess you could be listening to this broadcast, this podcast off the planet because radio waves travel. But you're on the planet. What are your lessons this lifetime. Let me give you a little hint. If you keep repeating things in your life over and over and over and over again, and you don't like those things.

Guess what. You're not learning your lessons. What are your lessons on this planet? And are you learning those lessons? Because life is a struggle. That does come down to your subconscious identity, which I help people with in the subconscious transformational programs that I lead. But it shows a division in duality between the higher and lower you. And when you're stuck in the lower, you, you're going to see a lot of the shit in the world that if you were working predominantly from the higher point of view, you wouldn't see it. And I do want to point out this is not about being perfect because I sure as hell I'm not close to being perfect. And I've got my lessons to learn, but I want to tell you. Part of the point of being here is evolving and that is seeing, stepping into your personal power. And not looking at the world but SEE ing the world from a different level. So, to synopsize a couple of things I said earlier. Please. You may even want to write this down. You are not Bob. You're not Jane. And if you're not Barbara Jane, by name, it still applies to you. You could be Rashonda or tiger, or what are out on there. Just different names popping in the mine. But you're not those names.

You're not that being predominantly what you are is a continuity of consciousness. So again, today you might be Barbara Jane. And you recognize your life by basically it's a data point. Your data point. Your body is in proximity in time and space. And that's the data point, but that's not who you are. You're the consciousness that runs through Bob or Jane or Prabhu or Susan or Michelle or whatever the, the ego is. So, there are no past lives. There are only lives. There's only consciousness. Life is continuity. And there are simply just different lives. So again, I know I said it earlier. What gifts did you come here with? Maybe not, maybe I know. I've been there and I'm still learning. I promise I'm not talking down to you. I'm still learning and exploring.

Because Don, Don Xavier has even said to me when I had the stroke, for example, He said, you don't know this, but you died. And he goes, you left the planet, and he didn't say it that way. First, what he said was one that we're having a family dinner and he goes now, after this happened, you are an experience. And I said, “What an experience. And he said, it's someone who has left the body, even if not, for, even if for a millisecond. You'll leave the body. You are an experiencer and he goes, you left the body. And he said, this is what he said to me that I'm still unraveling. He goes, I had a conversation with you in that space. When you were experiencing. And there's a huge gift for you there, but the question is what have you discovered and what have you unraveled? Truth be told to you that was a little over two years ago and I'm still working on that and I know it will come. So that's why I'm not judging because we're all on our personal journey, but we have to explore much deeper levels other than, as nonsense. Like, oh, I want a new car. I want a new house. I want a new girlfriend, boyfriend, both, whatever. That's just temporal, exploring we, know ourselves at a deeper level.

Another question for you. So, hearing all this. And some part of you knows that at some level. Your higher consciousness knows everything I've said here, or you would not be listening to this episode. So, the question is. How do you invest your experience and your time on this planet, how are you investing it? And I see people investing in their life in all kinds of ways. And your first thought probably is going to go to something that's 3d. I see people though. I've never been one of those people on unfortunate. I was talking to someone earlier today and this person said. I loathe myself. I hate myself. Well, I didn't say this to them. That's how they are in. That's how they are investing in this incarnation. They're investing their incarnation this time into self-hate and self-loathing. And those are human created. Because the divine mind doesn't hate, which means this person literally has, virtually metaphorically has cement shoes on in there are 3d ego. Because again, divine mind. Doesn't hate. It's divine consciousness. It's the human ego that hates.

I want to segue here for a moment and talk a little more about mine. That I'll talk more about this in another episode. Because I had this really, I've got a three-hour recording of a conversation that I had of Don Xavier one night. Because in a way that you wouldn't understand it. You know, you've probably heard of people having the NDE near death experience and they can tell you they're on an operating table they're pronounced. Literally they go, they get, they flatline. And they can tell you they saw things happening in the operating room. Well, if the physical body is dead okay. Where's the mind. See many of us think we are mind and body. Yes, we are mind and body. But let's go back here and you can think, thanks, sir. Isaac Newton for this, because he's the one who gave us, what's called the Mecca. It's we're NEDA cart, uh, Newton, Isaac Newton, model of the world called the Cartesian model of the world, which is, a dualistic mechanistic model of the world. Like the universe is one big machine, whereas Einstein blew that out of the water. With, with physics. So, kind of, Newton's the one who kind of started a lot of this, I guess, to some degree.

But we think we're our bodies that mentioned earlier. You're not the body. Your body is simply a receiver for the mind. Your body is a transducer. Your mind, your brain, sorry, is a transducer. Your mind does not listen very carefully. Again, listen very carefully. This will change your life when you get it. Your mind is not local to your body. And I remember the conversation I was having with Don Xavier. And I said, when I had the stroke, I knew that I was gone. But I experienced a lot of different things as if I was awake. And that's when he started talking to me. And we went and had a much deeper conversation that I won't go into now. About the separation of mind and body. The, in that, in the Kybalion K Y B A L I O N. It's an ancient hermetic teaching. The first universal law is everything is mind. It's not in the individualized human mind, it is divine mental cosmic consciousness. So, what's your brain does people think their brain is a computer? And much of your life and I've been there. I am I'm there now. Much, but I know it. Much of your life is controlled by your brain and your brain is only relative to the 3d planet you live on because your physical brain is going to be, you know, food for worms one day. It's not going to exist one day. So where does the air quote intelligence come from. Your brain is a transducer. What is a transducer? Transducer is a device that converts variations and physical quantity. Such as pressure or brightness into an electrical signal. Electrical signal and your brain and your heart and your bodies are electricals mechanisms. So, what comes through the brain in terms of consciousness? Is in transduced into electromagnetics through the body. Anyway, I'm not going to go into that right now, but I want to do a whole episode on that. A little later on. So, for right now, what I want to leave you with is this transformational takeaway because I've covered a lot of and. I don't want to become too repetitive. And I want to make sure that you at least grasp a fair amount of what I talked about.

But your body is not your power. You were not your body. As a matter of fact, your body is your biggest limitation. Your body slows you down more than anything else. Simple example. I imagine when you're flat out on the couch and your bed with the flu and you feel like shit but your mind's all over the place. They are not excluded. And I've been there too. I had COVID for 13 days. And I knew I didn't bother me a bit. I knew I had its pretty air quote bad. The first time I had it twice. But you can lie in bed and feel like crap physically. And the body's banged up and your mind is all over the place. It's the mind that comes through the body. And if you're living only in the body, you’re living in the smallest fraction of who you are at your biggest limitation. So, we've established, and I know you've thought about it before, but hopefully at least I created some perspective, some way of looking at it, the mind and body connection differently. And not looking at them as equal but looking at the mind as pervasive. It's like for a better lack of words or a better choice of words, just like a soup that the body is in there are not. Mind in one corner body and the other, it is mind and only mind because mind is consciousness and consciousness drives every single thing on the planet, including the body. So. This answer's obvious now. Who are you? Who were you and where were you before you got here. Thanks for listening.

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