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Burn Your Old Money Stories That Trap You In BEING BROKE Or Doing Without In Life!

The definition of BURN is: Destroy, damage, or injure by heat or fire.

Become Your Most Abundant Self Right Now!

The Biggest Factor Between You And Money Is Your Money Blocks.

Read the last sentence. Money BLOCKS are what separate you from money and those blocks do not come from money as stated above, they come from inside you and let me show you.

For Your Money To Change You MUST Change!

Consider for one moment all your challenges with money…

These are just a few questions that introduce your money blocks to you. None of these are about money, not a single one. They are about you and your own blocks and they come from INSIDE of you.

If they were about money they would apply to everyone and they don’t because 100s of millions of people have 100s of millions and billions of dollars.

Money is impersonal and again, it’s all about your relationship with it! Want more? Create a different relationship with it.

And, that’s what I want to lead you to do with your old money beliefs that have held you back….let’s destroy your old and tired money beliefs by burning them. Yep, we’re gonna burn them.

However, before we do it’s vital that you understand that you are in an invisible money trap and it’s not the trap you think it might be. It’s this trap that has kept you broke, struggling and chasing money. And, until you can see the trap you can’t burn and release your old money beliefs.

Burning old stories is an ancient tradition carried on for 1000s of years. In the ancient spiritual practices like shamanism the shamans knew that “fire is alive” and the practice of burning was used to carry the old energies away. Science proves it. Everything in the universe is energy. Fire is energy and we’re going to use this very energy to burn your old beliefs.

In this really fun and inspiring session many people have examined their money beliefs and then set fire to them so they could become free.

The truth be realized, money does not know that it’s money. Money does not say “I can go to one person but not another, I am going to go to one zip code but not another or I can only go to people who have XYZ background but not others.”

Money Is Impersonal!

Money does not go to those who hope and wish and want and pray for it. If that was true and worked then broke people would be rich. Money goes to those who are a clear energy conduit for it, and that’s what I intended to assist you with.

It’s vital that you understand your relationship with money. Yes, that is the operative word, “relationship.”

And, if you keep chasing money off and it runs from you then that is a reflection of your relationship with money. After all….look at people and things that move away from you and ask yourself what your relationship is and with those people and things? You are the common denominator in those things.

So…Let’s Burn Your Trap!

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Group 8

What Jim shares is completely the opposite to what most of us were taught about money, hard work – I was struck to find out I’ve been working backwards all along so there wasn’t a CHANCE for me to be abundant and prosperous.

-Eugeko, Poland

Group 8

I discovered that I felt guilty about receiving and I truly felt like I didn’t deserve to be wealthy. I bought now because I think “how on earth could I e ver have gotten wealthy thinking like that? Through working with Jim I actually stripped back all these layers and old beliefs and changed on the inside and I learned I actually don’t have to do something I don’t like in order to make money!

-Jake, Australia

Group 8

Nice to have someone like Jim Fortin acknowledge the fact that we are greater beings, and not just robots and monkeys going to work everyday. Breathe deep and connect with yourself before you connect with making money. Jim brings an extra element to balanced successful living.

-Marcus, Canada

Time For A Change.

Burn Your Blocks And Give Abundance To Yourself. Stop stealing joy, comfort and abundance from yourself!

And, when it comes to change, that does not mean that you try to do more and different things to make money. That’s changing your circumstances but does not change or eliminate your blocks.

That’s like trying to rearrange furniture on the Titanic to keep it from sinking. Ain’t gonna work!

Release this, trying to make money is a broken strategy and won’t help you. At best, it’s just a Band Aid and keeps you struggling for money. After all, if it worked it would work most all the time and most times it does not. Therefore, it does not work and it sure does not create long term sustainable wealth.

So….in reality, where are you today? You’re in a huge MONEY TRAP that you have learned! Yep, you’re caught in a trap just like a fly gets sucked into and stuck in a Venus Fly Trap. The fly does not know it’s being trapped and the same with us humans – we don’t know we’re in a money trap that keeps is broke!

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