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Burn Your Old Stories That Trap You And Keep You Stuck In Life

The definition of BURN is: Destroy, damage, or injure by heat or fire.

Become Your Most Abundant Self Right Now!

Jim Fortin Logo H White

Burn Your Old Stories That Trap You And Keep You Stuck In Life

The definition of BURN is: Destroy, damage, or injure by heat or fire.

Become Your Most Abundant Self Right Now!

The Biggest Factor Between You And Your Ideal Life are Identity Blocks.

Read the last sentence. What really stands between you and the life you want – full of happiness, wealth, good health, and deeper relationships – are your identity BLOCKS.

For Your Life To Change You MUST Change!

Are You Facing These Common Subconscious Challenges?

These are some of the hidden challenges you might be dealing with. But none of them are about things happening outside of you, not a single one.

They are about you and your own blocks, and those STORIES come from INSIDE of you.

If these challenges were the same for everyone, then everyone would have the exact same problems. But they don't. Everyone faces different things in life.

Remember, it's really about how you see and handle these challenges inside you. Want a better life? It starts with changing the way you deal with these inner hurdles and the STORIES you tell yourself about them.

And, that’s exactly what I want to guide you through with your old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back… let’s destroy them by burning them. Yes, we’re going to burn those old, unhelpful beliefs.

But, before we do that, it’s crucial to understand that you might be caught in an invisible trap of your own beliefs and it’s not the kind of trap you might expect. This trap has been keeping you stuck, unable to move forward. And, until you recognize this trap, you can’t effectively burn and release these old beliefs.

Burning old stories is a tradition that has been carried on for thousands of years. In ancient spiritual practices like shamanism, shamans recognized that “fire is alive.” They used the act of burning to release old energies. Science backs this up – everything in the universe is energy, including fire. We’re going to use this powerful energy to help you let go of those outdated beliefs.

In this fun and inspiring session, many people have examined their deep-seated beliefs and then set fire to them, allowing themselves to break free.

In truth, these beliefs don’t have a mind of their own. They don’t decide who they affect or don’t affect. They don’t choose to impact one person but not another, or one type of person but not others. It’s all about how we perceive and interact with them.

Success, Happiness, and Abundance Are Impersonal!

They don't come to those who simply hope, wish, want, or pray for them. If that were the case, everyone who longs for these things would automatically achieve them. Success and fulfillment come to those who are a clear energy conduit for them, and that’s what I aim to help you become.

It’s crucial to understand your relationship with these aspects of life. That's right, ‘relationship' is the key word here.

If you find that happiness, health, or abundance seem to elude you, then that reflects your relationship with these elements. Consider the things or aspects of life that seem to move away from you and ask yourself what your relationship is with them. You are the common denominator in these scenarios.

Understanding and improving this relationship is essential to attracting the success, health, and fulfillment you desire.

So…Let’s Burn Your Trap!

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Group 8

What Jim shares is completely the opposite to what most of us were taught about money, hard work – I was struck to find out I’ve been working backwards all along so there wasn’t a CHANCE for me to be abundant and prosperous.

-Eugeko, Poland

Group 8

I discovered that I felt guilty about receiving and I truly felt like I didn’t deserve to be wealthy. I bought now because I think “how on earth could I e ver have gotten wealthy thinking like that? Through working with Jim I actually stripped back all these layers and old beliefs and changed on the inside and I learned I actually don’t have to do something I don’t like in order to make money!

-Jake, Australia

Group 8

Nice to have someone like Jim Fortin acknowledge the fact that we are greater beings, and not just robots and monkeys going to work everyday. Breathe deep and connect with yourself before you connect with making money. Jim brings an extra element to balanced successful living.

-Marcus, Canada

Time For A Change.

Burn Your Stories And Gift Yourself The Happiness And Abundance You Deserve. Stop depriving yourself of joy, comfort, and fulfillment!

When it comes to change, it's not about doing more or different things just to achieve success. That's just altering your circumstances, not addressing your underlying blocks.

It's like rearranging furniture on the Titanic to prevent it from sinking. It simply won’t work!

Let go of the idea that relentless striving is the answer. It’s a flawed strategy that won’t bring lasting satisfaction or fulfillment. At best, it's a temporary fix, keeping you in a constant chase. If this approach was truly effective, it would work consistently, which often, it doesn’t. Therefore, it’s not a viable solution for achieving long-term happiness and contentment.

So, let's face it – where are you now? You might be caught in a trap of your own making, similar to how a fly gets trapped in a Venus Fly Trap. The fly doesn’t realize it’s being trapped, and just like that, we often don’t see the traps we’ve fallen into that keep us from truly thriving!

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