EPISODE 14: “What do I do when I’m tired of being me and my life?”

by Jim Fortin

Have you ever been tired of being sick and tired of the circumstances in your life?

If so, this episode is for you.

Ever wondered why you’re not happier, more successful or impactful?

Those questions get answered in this episode.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Unconscious Identity
  • Brain based habits
  • Confidence is an illusion
  • Re wiring the brain
  • The “secondary benefit” of negative patterns

And much, much more…

Transformational Takeaway

You have been programmed to be who you are. We all work from brain based habits. Our two biggest fears are abandonment and inadequacy and life is a choice.


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Jim Fortin

Jim Fortin

Jim is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom Jim has created programs that create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.

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