EPISODE 59: “Money Doesn’t Come From Hard Work”

by Jim Fortin

If you’re like me you’ve heard it a million times growing up… “You have to work hard” to have a great life, get ahead, have financial security, etc, etc.


It was drilled into our heads by society and our parents and family, and here’s the thing, it’s just not true.

After all, you see people working hard for a lifetime and they have little to nothing to show for it.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why working hard mostly likely won’t make you rich
  • How physics demonstrates that we don’t have to work hard to attract wealth
  • Why physics applies to your life and your money
  • How science and ancient wisdom merge in this area
  • Why worrying about money actually repels it

And three powerful books that will actually help you develop your wealth and prosperity consciousness.

The truth is this, great abundance does not come from hard work, it comes from your money consciousness.

Many of the motivational speakers and internet personalities are yelling all day long about “hustle, and hard work and grind” and none of them have a clue that that approach generally repels the very wealth that you want.

Transformational Takeaway

You will not be rich until you feel rich.

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Jim Fortin

Jim Fortin

Jim is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom Jim has created programs that create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.

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