EPISODE 10: “I’m stuck in my old identity, procrastination and self sabotage. How do I get out?”

by Jim Fortin

If you’re struggling with an identity that weighs you down, procrastination, and self-sabotage then you’re going to love this episode.

Beginning this week I start answering questions from all of you emailing about your particular life situations, problems and challenges.

Today’s first Q &A episode, I answer Doreen’s questions about self-sabotage, procrastination and reprogramming your self identity.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Needing permission from others
  • Being financially stuck
  • Being stuck in self-sabotage and procrastination
  • Fear of judgment
  • Managing emotions
  • Perfectionism
  • The polarity of “Good V Bad” thinking
  • Traits and identity of successful entrepreneur

And, much, much more.


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Jim Fortin

Jim Fortin

Jim is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom Jim has created programs that create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.

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