If You're Done Being Stuck, Frustrated And Living By Circumstance, It's Time For You To Transform Your Life From The Inside Out




Do you know what you really want in life? Are you still looking for your why? In week one we’ll take you through a lengthy questionnaire to create absolute clarity about who you are and what you want and then we’ll craft it into a vision that inspires you. After that, you’ll immediately put into action with a 90 Day accountability plan. If you don’t have clarity and accountability in life it’s impossible to create the outcomes you want in life and business.




How This Program Is Going To Transform Your Life

If you’re not getting the results you want in life and  business, the reason is simple - you are not that BEing that “person.” This week you’ll look at the stories you tell 

yourself and you’ll determine the IDENTITY you need  to live from to create the life outcomes you want. You’ll create the exact blueprint you need to align you from 

the inside out - you’ll align your subconscious identity with your goals and vision.




How are you going to accomplish your vision from week one? Easy, week three starts  with transforming your life from the inside out. This week is about learning how to  reprogram your subconscious mind, how to re-wire your undesirable habits and how to  transform your identity. You’ll use this week’s learning all through this program and life.




Do you react or do you deliberately respond to life? Do  you make your own choices or does life make them for you? Discover the difference between what you think 

you “have” to do and what you can choose to do.




Do you react or do you deliberately respond to life? Do you make your own choices or does life make them for you? Discover the difference between what you think

you “have” to do and what you can choose to do.




Keep telling yourself you’re going to work out, lose weight, prospect more and you don’t? That lacks self-integrity. Research shows that learning to exercise self-integrity increases income from 100% - 400% in 12 months with no additional input of anything else. We’ll survey your self-integrity and see where adjustments

can be made.




When you become 100% responsible for every decision you make just about anything you want becomes possible for you. You’re not getting what you want 

because you've not been responsible for making it happen.




Just about everything in your life is not fact, it’s  subjective interpretation and it keeps you trapped in your circumstances. Learn how to discern between the two and how to release yourself from your self-imposed prison of false life Interpretations.





Your environment, at work and home, may be hurting you a lot more than you realize, and when you look at the themes in your relationships and the environments you work in, it will become obvious as to why you’re not achieving your goals.




There’s a lot of self-deception around this concept for  many. Most of us give so we can get. Very few of us give for the purpose of giving. Research shows that sales 

professionals fall into one of three categories on this topic. Find out which one you are and which one you MUST be to create long term business success.




How often have you asked yourself what you’re committed to in your relationships? What are your core drivers in relationships? Are you truly a great listener? What characteristics of yourself hinder great relationships?








TCP is a 12-Week self-transformational coaching program that will “free you from yourself.” This program is not about helping you get “a little more, a little better and a little different in life.” This program is designed to literally transform your life and it’s designed to create an absolutely new life for you.

  • 12 Coaching calls with hot seats
  • 12 Facebook Lives
  • Weekly Transformational Homework
  • Downloads to all call recordings in video and audio format
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Jim’s complete Mental Mastery Training


  • Coaching calls are 90 minutes on Tuesdays at 3 PM CST via Zoom (May 14 start)
  • Facebook Lives are every Friday at 3 PM CST (Providing additional support)
  • Weekly Transformational homework
  • Replays (Video and audio) are uploaded immediately



Is TCP recommended for someone who doesn’t have a business but wants to start a business?

Is there a guarantee? your satisfaction guarantee is good for giving me that assurance that my $3000 investment will be worth it but do u have to participate live on all the coaching calls or can you listen to these calls later?

This course is recommended for anyone who wants to transform their life in some way, so yes, this is recommended for someone looking to start a business. Many participants have said, “I wish I would have had this training before starting my business!” If you’d like to talk to a current member of TCP, we have current and past students available for you to speak to.

Yes there is a guarantee: If by the end of the 12-week program your life hasn't completely changed, we will gladly refund your money. In order to receive the refund, you must submit all homework assignments and participate in all live coaching calls.

(Live coaching calls is the requirement unless you communicate with us beforehand. Being in Integrity is very important for this program and we take it seriously, as your transformation is very important to us. For example, some of our Australia students can’t make the calls because it’s 3 am, so they communicate with us about this beforehand. However, if you are choosing to come into the program thinking about all the ways you can get a refund, this may not be the program for you. But if you’re committed to your transformation more than your refund, then you’re in the right place.)

Will these courses be running next year? Not sure now is the right time for… Or a story of shitting my pants to invest that much without having a business…

If you contact any of our past or current students, they will probably tell you that they wished they had taken this program before starting their business. Totally feel you on the nervousness of making another huge investment. Your attitude and experience about money will absolutely shift. Take a look at Sydney's and Natalie’s testimonials on this page: The type of work Jim does in the program is deep foundational work -- changing your subconscious identity to be the person you want. So, let me ask you, are your the person you want to be right now to start that business? If not, get enrolled and you will become that person. You can stay in your current circumstances right now or you can invest and change them now.

My only hesitation was that I am in and have been in many Masterminds for years totaling $170K! How is Jim’s TCP program different from other programs?

I’m sure that you invested all that money in Masterminds because you thought it would bring you some sort of transformation, correct? The fact that you are interested in Jim’s program means that you didn’t get that transformation you were looking for. If you watch Jim’s live training, you know why.

You’re not BEING the person to get that transformation.

The Transformational Coaching Program gives you the tools and steps to change your identity so you can start BEING that person you so badly desire to get the things you want! It’s the program that other programs don’t teach --changing your context, NOT giving you more CONTENT. You don’t need more content, you simply need to change your context. This program will show you how to do that, and once you do, you can skyrocket.

Are weekly coaching calls the same day and time? Also, if you miss a call due to a work schedule conflict can you still see/listen to a replay? If you miss a call, how can you ask questions for the week’s assignment?

Yes, Tuesdays at 3pm CST every week. If you miss a call, of course you can listen to the replay. Jim actually encourages everyone to listen to the calls at least twice. If you miss a call, you can ask your question in the Facebook Group and we will add it to Jim’s question list for the FB Live he does every Friday. He will also answer it personally. Jim spends hours in the FB group every day -- It’s very personal and you WILL get your question answered personally by Jim.

There are many members who work full-time jobs and are unable to be on the calls. All of them have gained immense value out of the replays. I encourage you to approach this program from a place of possibility and the expectation that it WILL transform you. Make watching the replays your #1 priority (along with doing the homework and participating in the FB group). If you do this, we have not doubts you will completely transform.

I want to do the program but I’m not sure if I can swing this amount with the investment I’m making in other programs. Do you offer a payment plan by any chance?

Yes, if you click on “sign me up” on the online training page it takes you to the checkout page -- 3 payments of $1,111.00.

Can my husband and I do this as a pair? Do we both need to pay the fee to participate together?

The TCP is a course for individual transformation. Jim will be working with each of you in different ways, not as a couple. The participation in the course, especially the homework, will make you understand what you need as an individual. It would be a disservice to each of you to “do it together”. It’s not what the transformation is all about. 

I have watched the 90 min video and have listened to your podcasts and the podcasts with James Wedmore. I do not have a business but I’m looking to replace my income and struggle with prioritizing my time and directing my energy to the things I want most. I’m a mom with 2 small kids I work full-time and I want to understand how I could fit this in and if it’s for me? I’m absolutely ready to change my life, but why am I holding back?

It’s not a matter of how to fit it in, it’s a matter of deciding if transforming your life is important to you or not. If something is really important to you, then it will get done. We have many moms that have gone through TCP and all of them (not just some) have said they are better moms and wives because of the work the did inside TCP.

The reason you’re holding back is because you’re about to invest in something that is unknown to you and could potentially completely change your life, which the brain interprets as “danger” because it’s outside your comfort zone. So that little voice that is saying “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, what if it doesn’t help me, etc.” , which Jim describes as habit voice or the reptilian brain, is trying to keep you in your comfort zone because that’s what your brain’s job is.

So, the question really is, are you ready to make the 12-week commitment to transforming your life? Let us know if you’d like to talk to some of the other moms in the program and we’d be happy to connect you!

I’m looking into TCP and have some questions:

  1. Are there actual trainings on each of the week’s topics? Or is it only the coaching calls, FB lives and the homework?
  2. Are the trainings mentioned in the “online training 2019” a bonus because I didn’t see them in the main sales page? Do I get lifetime access to these?
  3. The trainings I’m talking about, Break and Habit without willpower/reprogramming your subconscious mind, Zero Effort performance, Identity is Destiny, Master Thought Formula. Do I have lifetime access to these trainings? The actual course and the additional videos mentioned

I’m so used to seeing online courses that I’m kind of confused. Maybe these questions are because I’m not sure if these are courses or only group coaching or both.

If I enroll in TCP with the payment plan option, can I pay off my payment plan sooner than 3 months? 

During the 12-Week Transformational Coaching Program, weekly you will have homework, a live coaching call, and a live inside the Member’s only FB group. All the materials inside the program will be yours to keep for your lifetime, including all the Mental Mastery videos you mention During the Coaching Calls you will be able to ask your own personal questions so Jim can address them live. This really helps everyone in the group also. In the FB group you can ask questions directly to Jim or any of the coaches or just post to the group to get their response. It is the most active Facebook group out there, and Jim is the most active teacher our students have ever seen (just check out the testimonial videos to see for yourself!)

Yes. If at any time you are interested in paying off your TCP payment plan, please contact Jim’s Customer Success Team at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Do I receive lifetime access to TCP?

Yes. TCP consists of 12 live coaching calls on Zoom, 12 Facebook lives and 12 PDFs. Jim will also have you watch some videos in our Mental Mastery Program. You will Be able to download all the PDFs and the coaching and FB live calls, so as long as you download them to your computer, you will have access to them forever. For the Mental Mastery Videos, you will have access to these videos via an online portal for as long as you’d like. 

Still on the fence?


James Wedmore|

I can also measure directly the impact Jim has had on my business. Within the first three months of working with him, we had the biggest grossing quarter of all time. Why? Jim got me clarity on my purpose values and strengths and I knew what I had to work on in the office every day. 

"It was one of the most life-changing, transformative experience of my life."

I don't care what you're doing, if you want to change your life an be able to live your life always in a state of happiness, I would highly recommend Jim's program. He unlocked something inside me that allowed me to get results. I did more revenue in one quarter than my entire last year!

"His program shifted my internal state and it allowed me to start playing big."

Brandon Lucero|

People around me have recognized it. My business has had it's two most successful launches and I feel completely different. I feel so empowered and ready for life. The changes have been profound, and I thank Jim from the bottom of my heart. 

"It's like I took glasses off and I can suddenly see myself with totally new eyes."

Lisa Corduff |

Mel Abraham| Founder, Business Breakthrough Academy 

Jim has a heart and soul that really really cares about the people he serves. Going through the program has allowed me to gain better clarity on my beliefs and things holding me back. That's allowed me to move forward faster in my business and relationships. 

"Jim's stuff is cutting edge and he can help you tremendously."

Josiah Goff  |

"This was one of the few things I didn't even think twice about putting my credit card. Infinite ROI? Yes, please!"

"I underestimated the amount of transformation that is possible in such a short amount of time."

Patty Dominguez | Digital Marketing Stratigest

Before, I would have been struggling and struggling. I now have the tools to recognize why I was stuck and now I can get unstuck. It's a beautifully curated group coaching program. 

"I had my highest grossing revenue week"

Dawn Pensack | EFT Practictioner

My income has 8X, my private clients have increased so much that I'm not looking for any more, we moved into our dream home, and I ditched coffee (and it was the most effortless thing ever). I realized during this program that I wasn't truly committed to growing my business. This program will give you a huge wake up call in how much you possibly are putting a stop to your business and Jim will guide you through how to break through that. 

"My income has 8X!"

Charity Stilson | Elevate Your Healing

"If you are frustrated and stuck join Jim Fortin's Transformational Program. I have spent a lot of money on programs only to find myself being right back where I started. 

"Jim's program will change your way of thinking instantly."

Talia Lavor | PA, Fertility Coach

Do it! Truly THE best money I've ever spent. Ever. Life-changing.

"It has %1000 completely transformed, improved, taken my life to levels I never could have imagined."

Jill Foubister | Yoga by Jill

I was a very shy stay at home mom, who had been sitting on a dream for 3 years. I was living in fear. I joined his program and he expanded my thinking, belief systems and hit me right in the core. Basically, he took my dream, turned it into a vision and I can officially say I just launched my beta program. Work with jim! It works!

"For the first time in my life, I am free from fear and judgement."

Michelle Chapman | Owner,

He showed me that it was inside me all along. I am living no longer by circumstance in any aspect of my life. I can assure you that I will never go back to my pre-jim ways again.

"I am forever grateful for Jim's program because he gave me that secret sauce that I was seeking."

Julia Gruber | Gruber Gesundheit Coaching

I signed up for TCP because I was stressed and unclear of what I wanted to do with my life. Jim's program was life-changing for me. 

"Anyone who wants to change their way of thinking and being this program is really right for you."

"Just do it! It was such an amazing experience for me. I am so thankful and if you're on the fence, just do it! 

" You will be a completely different person on the other side."

Natalie Fisher | Founder,

Before the program, I was worrying about money a lot and feeling stuck. If you're struggling in your business or spend a lot of time worrying, I think this is the best investment I've made. 

"In the last two weeks, I've made more money in my business that I ever have before."

Angus Pyke

There are three areas where things have really changed for me. My health, My business, and my relationship. There is a process that Jim goes through that has helped me stop the incessant chatter that has led to more profitability in my business. 

"To say that the course has had a profound impact on me would be an understatement."

Marley Baird | Founder, Marley Baird Media

 I have so much more freedom in my life and I was able to scale my business to make almost double what I was making before because of becoming the person I wanted to me, and it was Jim that showed me the way!

I thought I was joining for business coaching, but not only did it help me with my business, but all areas of my life.

Rebecca Douros | Luxury Women Retreats

"My favorite part is the interaction of the group, led by Jim and Nikki. They are completely engaged delivering HIGH value....the BEST I have encountered in this online world!"

"I believe this program should be the foundation for every program."

Sally Cooper | Branding and content coach for Boomer entrepreneurs

What a coach and what a program!  Jim as a teacher, is brilliant! I was so impressed how he was there for everyone of us every single day. 

"This program was the best gift I've given myself in a long long time."

Michelle Depres | Awaken Business School

...and as a resullt I have a whole new business and I'm super excited I'm finally stepping up and doing what I came here to do. I highly recommend doing any course Jim has!

Jim has a way of seeing the truth within us

Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai | Dating With Confidence

This course is life-changing. It's a must. It's not a matter of 'if I have the money or time I'll do this.' It's 'I have to do this in order to create money and time in my life.' 

" I think taking Jim's course should be a mandatory course for all humans everywhere."

Mariah Mccullough | Founder, Because I Decided

Through Jim's coaching, I realized I can be happy regardless of the circumstances, I identified some stories I was holding on to were not serving me and I rewrote the stories and a burden has been lifted. I’ll forever be grateful.

"This program has been exactly what Jim promised it would be: transformational."

Diane Regan | Communication Strategist

Hands down without a doubt it's the best program I've ever taken. If you're stuck in any area this is the program for you. My relationships are way different. I 'm getting results after results after results. 

"My business is taking off like I never thought it would."

Cassa Grant | Conversion Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

I needed someone to listen to me, someone who has been there before and call me on my shit. And Jim has done that many times. I have changed. It has transformed me. 

"I knew I could not get my business where I wanted it to go on my own. "

Anne Boots| President, In Touch Marketing

After joining the program, I would say that I learned so much I can't even list them. I launched my book, my website. My whole mindset changed. The way I look at life, the way I look at money has changed. Spend the money you will not regret it.

"I feel like someone gave me the instruction manual for life."

Catherine Middlebrooks | BRB Yoga

I joined the program because I was feeling like there were parts of myself that were holding me back in my business. I can say without a doubt that I'm now showing up as a completely different person in my program. I now really have let go of fear.

"I feel more at ease, more joyful, and more confident."

When he says transformation he means it. One of my visions was to lose 7 pounds. With Jim's framework that he provides, it just fell off. I'm also incredibly healthy after these last 12 week.s What's more important is the amount of weight that I've lost inside my brain. 

"My life has gone from being a struggle and hard and I've now become someone who lives a life that is easy."

Adam Kiddoo | Strategic Clarity Coaching

There comes a time in everyone's like that totally changed their life for them. For me, that person was Jim Fortin. He gave me the tools and techniques to master my thoughts. I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift. 

" I've had breakthrough after breakthrough."

Tonia Winchester | Naturopathic Doctor,

I haven’t felt this motivated in a long time, probably a decade. We’re a week into Jim’s program and already life is different. Chronic shoulder pain I’ve had for two years is gone, I’m sleeping through night consistently, my clinic schedule suddenly has a two week wait list, and there is several thousand dollars sitting in my bank account when we normally are month to month.

"Jim’s coaching takes you right to the core of who you are and removes any and all barriers to your success in any area of your life."

Ichel | Team EM2WL

Jim has a way of showing you that it's you that's been getting in your own way all along. You can start pushing them out of the way one by one. There is a ripple of abundance that flows through your life. It has had such a massive effect on my life. 

"Jim will show you your blind spots and there is a cascading effect of abundance..."

It wasn't until I joined Jim's program that for the first time I thought, you know I bet I can get rid of this. and I did. I have something physical I can see that I can change things in my life. If I have one bad habit, I can change other things as well. I'm so grateful.

Ashley Dyer | Founder, Seventy Percent Mom

"I've been able to quit a 30-year habit."

Wendy Erven | Founder, Core 10 Pilates

If you're lucky enough to be being called into this program, your vision could expand like I did. I have a clearer path now for my business and the key is I know exactly what to do to get momentum going. If you're really ready for change join it!

"My manifesting abilities after this program have gone from good to great."

Sydney Lester | Founder, Chic Stripes

Prior to the program, I spent so much time worrying about money, situations, this and that. Going through Jim's program I was able to finally grasp that my thoughts are not me and I'm able to move those thoughts somewhere else. This has been completely freeing for me.

"I've been able to move forward in things courageously."

Keri Gaven | Founder, Focusing on the Heart

As a self-proclaimed junkie, I love learning. The way Jim's program works is radically and the most empowering peice of this is there were a lot of things Jim talked about that I was aware of, but being able to embody is is where the shift happened.

"Jim's program is radically different than anything I've ever seen."

Joan Marie| Founder, Joan Marie Art

You must take Jim Fortin's class! I was stuck in business. After Jim's class, not only have I opened up in a HUGE business way, but there is a very deep relaxation happens when you really know. He's always right there if you have a question. 

"It's like a one on one constantly every week."

See Kuan Nee | Founder, Havaroma

6 months ago, I had a lot of frustration and stress and decided it was way too much and I shut my business down. After the 4th week in Jim's program, I was beginning to understand why I was struggling so much and opened my business back up with a clearer vision!

"Jim always answers and most importantly he gives with all his heart."

Jamie Hand|

Before I joined Jim's program, I was a busy mompreneur trying to do it all. I was very stressed out! I was looking for a coach, but didn't want a male coach. So I was hesitant when I found Jim at first. I took the leap and joined and now I'm such a happier person and I just had my first 5 figure week!

"I just had my first 5 figure week! More importantly, I'm a better partner, mother and overall a happier, less-stressed person!"

Jeff Irving |

My life today is infinitely more relaxed, peaceful happy and at work, I'm more focused. That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any struggles in your business or you're stressed out in life, you can find the answers yourself with Jim's guidance. It is the best investment I've made in a long time.

"I paid two times in a row for the same exact material because I got so much out of it the first time."

The transformations are endless...


 If you’d like to talk to program alumni just let us know and we’ll give you some names and phone numbers of alumni that you can contact. Email [email protected]

Speak to our alumni!


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