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JIM FORTIN Subconscious Selling & High Performance Expert

How Trump Is Subconsciously Controlling The Masses

Donald Trump has one of the highest "disapproval" ratings of any US Presidential candidate in history yet he's [...]

Traditional Selling Is Dead And Science Proves It

World renowned research has proven it, at least 95% of all buying decisions are subconsciously made. That's right, [...]

Why Trying To Change Your Mindset Doesn’t Work

How many times have you changed your "mindset" about something only to find yourself right back in your [...]

Make Your Prospect Pick You Over Your Competition Every Time

All buying decisions are brain based and the brain prefer certain "triggers" over others. Actually, when you activate [...]

This Is The Exact “Combination” To Make Your Prospect Say Yes To You

Everyone has a "buying" and behavior strategy. The thing is, it's subconscious but any time we make a [...]

“Potential” Doesn’t Win American Idol And It Won’t Increase Your Sales

As you know, all the motivational speakers are telling you to "Live Up To Your Potential." What they [...]

Permanently Change Your Self Sabotaging Behavior

All behavior is subconsciously driven, yet 99% of people try to create change through behavior instead of changing [...]

Control Your Prospect And Get The Contract Every Time

Ever had clients who were a pain in the butt? Difficult clients? Demanding clients. They do this because [...]

Why Working Harder Actually Lowers Your Paycheck

If prospecting more and working longer harder hours really worked, more people in sales would make big bucks. [...]

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