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Katie Soy today after her transformation

Meet Katie!

Our Katie is a beautiful soul that have so much to share about her journey with Jim Fortin in TCP.

Katie before TCP

Before TCP, Katie was in complete reaction mode. People would trigger her, she would get angry,  upset and  get depressed.

She was a playing a victim role, blaming everybody else for her stuff and was just completely reacting to the stress.

She labeled herself as a “sick person”, saying things like she’s a woman that’s sick and ill. She let this define her as a being.

She also hated looking in the mirror and had constant anxiety because of all she was going through.

She was telling herself that she will never be good enough because of this shadow that was always following her.

Katie Soy before transformation

Katie after TCP

Katie Soy after transformation

She realized she can be responsible for her choices instead of reacting. She realized that every single thought she had was negative!


She started talking to her body and using self-hypnosis that Jim teaches, saying things like “I am healthy, my thyroid is healthy, my hormones are functioning on an optimal level”.


She went off medication slowly and get to feel better.

Listen to Katie's story on Jim's podcast