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EPISODE 100: “BONUS – Be Do Have Transformation Training”

March 2, 2020

In this special anniversary episode, you get an exclusive sneak-peek at Jim’s life-changing Be Do Have transformational training. You’re going to start learning how to change your core-level subconscious thinking so you can get started living the life of your dreams, have better health, more money, better relationships… you name it.

This will all be yours when you learn to transform your thinking.

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You're listening to a bonus episode of the Jim Fortin podcast Transform your Life from the inside out. My name is Nikki and I'm the Director of Operations over here at Team Fortin. Jim wanted me to let you know that he will be back soon. In the meantime, in today's episode, you're going to get an exclusive sneak peek at our BE DO HAVE training series that starts on March 5. And this training, you're going to start learning how to change your core level subconscious thinking so you can get started living the life of your dreams, better health, more money, better relationships, and overall a better life can all be yours when you learn to transform your thinking. Register for this free Transformational Training by visiting Also the link is in our show notes and in Instagram on the bio, enjoy the episode.

About the Be Do Have Training Series

Jim Fortin

Plain and simple this training is about one thing well, two things, but it was about one thing. It's about transformation. But it's about transformation in both your personal and your business lives. Now the Transformational Coaching Program, which we're not even going to talk about right now, but I want to reference that and some things that I've learned from that is that many people in my programs are entrepreneurs or business people. And many people will say things like, I joined this program to grow my business, but I never really realized that until I grow myself until I transform myself and nothing else is going to change in business. And the reason why is because we take ourselves to business with us, and however effective you are as a human being is how effective you're going to be in business.

Be Do Have

Okay, every one of you, let's start here is that right now you are at the top of your mental skill set. And what's interesting none of you probably really thought about this. But when you filled out the BE DO HAVE homework, guess what? You filled that homework out from the top of where you are in life right now. And I know many of you probably didn't think about that. And we don't think about that none of us walk through our day is going, “huh? I'm at the top of my skill set today.” Well, the reason that you're not getting in your health or your relationships or your wealth abundance or work or whatever you're not getting what you want is because you are not that person. Plain and simple. You are not that person who has those things because you are not BEing that person. And if you're not being that person, you will not have those things but you're also at the top of your skill set. And that's what we need to start transforming in our time together.

Now I want to show you something here this is called on the left hand side the pyramid. And the title here is you keep underperforming because well you keep underperforming because you're working backwards, you are literally working from DOing instead of BEing on the left hand side, this was created by Social Psychologist Gregory Bateson back in the 1950's. And he calls it it's a formal name, but he calls it the logical level. And the logical level basically says that we are like onions, there are many layers and we work from the inside out the core layer. And what Gregory Bateson said and postulated is that we work from source to identity, to beliefs, to skills to behaviors to environment. Let me explain what that means. And you will see yourself very quickly in this. But I first want to say on the right hand side it says that the reason you keep underperforming, whether it's in work or the gym or your money or whatever, is because you're trying to change your behavior, instead of transforming your mind, and your habits, which is part two of this training, and your identity, which is part one, which is what we're doing today.

And let me give you the best example of that is everyone focuses on DOing instead of BEing an identity, and the example that I'm going to use is working out and going to the gym. Now, if you look at the picture here, if you can see it, the the graph is, let's say, the first of the year, somebody says, “You know what, I'm going to get in shape. I'm 30 pounds overweight, I'm going to start dieting, I'm going to get in shape. I'm going to go to the gym, and I'm going to start working out.” Well, you notice and the graph here. That's at the level of behavior. People say, I'm going to change my behavior to get a different outcome in life. But then research demonstrates by week three of January when people set resolutions or whenever you do this during the year, by week 3,93% of people will fall that off track, why? Look at the image here.

No one ever thinks about “Hmm. What is my identity relative to the behavior?” So my behavior is that I'm going to go to the gym three days a week. But what identity characteristics and by the way, we'll talk about characteristics on call number three, which is next Monday 11pm, Central Standard Time. No one ever says, Okay, what is my identity relative to the behavior, so the behavior is working out. But let's talk about characteristics. And I'll just toss them out here. Am I will use it will use a couple here AM I COMMITTED, which is a characteristic and part of the identity? So let's say that in your identity, you're a person that has the belief system that you can't stay committed? Well, then how do you expect the behavior to work for you, when at the identity level, you were a person who believes in that moment that you don't have the belief that you don't have the ability to stay committed? So then therefore, your behavior is only as effective as that one aspect of being committed.

So if you're not committed, which is part of identity, then how do you expect the behavior to change? So this is what I know is that we've got people, as I said, from all over the world here, there are 2,000 people in this group and 3,000 people registered for the call. And for those of you not in the group, we're going to actually have to send you a copy of this and download it because obviously, tech issues, let's go there for a second. Let's say that you had 5,000 people lined up for a call that you were supposed to be on, and everything went sideways. What would you do?

Well, what we did is we just actually took it all in strive, because there's nothing we can do to fix this in the moment, but a lot of people will flip out or freak out and everything else. Oh my god, I got 5,000 people. Well, you know what, that doesn't solve anything. So and that's also a matter of identity. because years ago, I would have been like, Oh my gosh, I got all these people from all over the world and people in Australia say they're waking up at 2am and people you know, all over the world and it doesn't serve any purpose. I'm going to segue here. But what I tell a lot of my students that work with me, and this is very comforting. And when we get this, it changes our life is that everything always has been, is now and will always be fine. I mean, Heck, even if my power goes out, I'll just actually, my intention is that we're going to keep on going. But if it did, what I do is I just fire up the laptop later, just record this whole thing for you and send you the recording of it.

Okay, let's go back to identity what I want you to look at where I started, the conversational loop that I started, is look at your life, exactly where you are right now, if you've got millions in the bank, well, that's a reflection of your identity. If you're actually trying to rub two nickels together, that's a reflection of your identity. If you are 40 pounds overweight, that part of that 50,60,70 pounds overweight part of that can be chemical. A large part of that more than anything is just environment and behavioral. If you're 10 pounds overweight this year, 20 next year 30. That's just all that's nothing more than habit, which we talked about next week, and it's also identity. And how we see yourself, here's what I want all of you to get is how you see yourself at the unconscious level, which is your identity is exactly what you are going to create in your life.

So then what people do is they listen to all the motivational speakers and the big social media personalities that will say things like, you have to go out there and you have to work until your eyeballs bleed and you have to grind it out, you have to struggle, and all this blahblah nonsense, which is not true, because I don't grind it out. I don't struggle and I make millions of dollars a year. But I used to believe that we'll get to that in just a minute because many of you do believe that you have to grind it out and you have to struggle and you've got to work till your eyeballs bleed and you have to hustle. But let's look at the level of behavior for a moment.

Let's say that you believe or used to believe that you have to grind it out. Well that's a behavior, right? But what if the identity is that you're a poor person that you grew up poor, you're poor? Well, if that's your identity, that you're poor, you can do the behavior and grind it out and hustle all day long, but you're still going to be poor. Why? Because that is your identity. And when I say poor, what I mean is financially, you're not wealthy, you're not financially abundant. So it's obvious by this point, for all of you watching that. Let's just slow down here for a second is that doing things and behavior, they assist, but the behavior is only as effective as the identity that's driving the behavior. So you can try it if you want, knock yourself out, you can go out there and try to grind it out. And people actually reward that. And our culture people like oh my gosh, she's a hustler. Well, maybe that's not the right word. She grinds it out. There we go. And she's a really hard worker and she's dedicated. But you know what, she never has any money for him.

And the thing is, is that what you do is only as effective as the being doing the doing, which is the identity. So we're going to move on here. But I want every one of you, every one of you, wherever you are in the world, because people are the same everywhere in the world, for the most part. Is that where you are, it's a reflection of you. Now, I'll get to that in just a moment. So most people work backwards, they work from what I call the HAVE DO BE model. Now they HAVE DO BE models, as people will say, and I guys, I'm not tossing any stones here, because I have been, I have been in live my life and every one of these slides, and the old ways and the new ways. And I'm always growing as well.

Which I'll talk about identity in just a minute for me, because even this morning, I was thinking about even ways that I want to shift my identity for ways that I want to become the things that I want to do. I'm no different. I'm no better than any of you guys. I just have been immersed in this work for a lot of years. I'll tell you a little about my background and just a moment, but I'm no better and no worse than anyone in this group. I'm on this planet. I'm learning my lessons and as I'm on this planet, I'm going to be learning my lessons. Okay HAVE DO BE.

I used to work that model. And many of you probably work that model. And it's a broken model that HAVE DO BE model as well, let's say your online entrepreneur, if I had more money, yeah, if I had more money than what I could do is I could hire a Facebook ads person, and then I can hire a Facebook ads person, then that's a doing thing. I could do that. And then guess what? I could make a lot of money and I could BE successful. However, because I don't have the money, then I can't do it. And if I can't do it, then I can't BE it. Listen very carefully. Please listen, or watch whichever you're doing.

That's a broken model. Anytime you say, I don't have enough time, I don't have enough energy, and I don't have enough money. Anytime you say any of those three things. I don't have enough time, energy or money. You are working from circumstance which is the HAVE DO BE model. And when you work from circumstance you will every single time repeat your circumstance. Now, the model that we want to start working from that you want to start working from and the only model that works is the reverse of that. The BE DO HAVE model.

And BE DO HAVE what we look at is who, which is what we started your homework with. Who, who and how do I have TO BE, TO DO what I want to do, or need TO DO or choose TO DO TO HAVE what I want to have in life. Now for me, I must be a transformer in my own life. I must be aligned. I must be committed. I must be devoted. I must be focused. I must be someone who creates content that transforms people's life. Now even creating the content can be a bit of a doing. But notice everything prior to that is all about ways of being because we are human BEings, first, not human DOings, but many of you are predominantly human DOings. So I look at ways in what ways and I say to myself, what ways must I BE to create the outcomes that I want? Then what many people do is here's the pothole is they work backwards? Well, I must be focused, and then they go back to HAVE DO BE, but I can't be focused because I don't have time or I don't have money or I don't have energy. And then what they do is they basically just take the being part of who they need to BE and then push it off in the ditch, and then they wonder why they're not getting the results that they want.

I did read every single one of your images that you posted and guys, great job! You guys even learning this are ahead of literally 95% of the population. And I looked at the images that you guys posted in here, from you doing your BE DO HAVE homework. And most of your being, which we're going to talk about most almost all of y'all as beings, I say y'all, I'm in Texas, okay? It's a Texas word. Almost all of your ways of BEing were I can almost two ways of DOing. But what a lot of you guys did is you had like, 64,000 ways of being, and of course, I'm exaggerating there, but you had I want to be this and I want to be that I want to be this, I gotta be this, I gotta be loving, and I got to be focused, I got to be committed, and I got to be this. And I have to be a coach and all these ways of being. And the thing is that the mind can't focus on all of that. What we want to look at is, what is the most powerful way of being which I'm going to move on here and we'll come back to that as we wrap up our time today.

What is my most powerful way that I can BE as a BEing that will create all the results for me. And what many of you did the metaphor here, and I don't know why this popped in my mind, but I'm going to use it. And which is a male thing and interesting 80%? Well, I don't think it's all white male could be female too. But 80% of people who enroll in my coaching are women, but I'm going to use this metaphor anyway, is a navy seal. Some of the most rigorous military training in the world, only 10% of people who you applied it to Navy SEAL training, actually even make it through. And let's and all the things you have TO DO to be I mean, it's extraordinary. But you have to be able to do I'm making this up here. Well, I'm not making it up. But an example is you have to be able to do so many chin ups and so many pushups and run a mile and so much time. And you have to have the endurance and sleep deprivation and the mental attitude and you got to be able to swim if you're a navy seal. But notice what many of you did and your BE DO HAVE homework is what you did like a navy seal. You could say, well, I'm going to BE really really good at running.

I'm going to BE like the fastest guy or fastest person out there running? Well, that's only one aspect of the entire BEing and BEing a navy seal. And that's what a lot of you did with your homework. And I want you guys to see that. And I want you to go back and look at your homework afterwards. Were you picking utilitarian ways to be in powerful ways to be a powerful being, or where you pick where you picking, singular, maybe even task oriented or ways of being that are actually DOing? They're not actually ways of BEing?

Very quickly here? What is transformation? And by the way, any questions you have hold them until the Q&A tomorrow afternoon. I'll be glad to answer as many questions as I can. Even though I don't know how many people will have watching this later, as I said, I've got thousands registered 80% of you have the same question. I've done this long enough. I know it's 80% have the same question the 80/20 rule. All right, what is transformation? So transformation is this and by the way, that wasn't my project manager that was my contractor working on my home in Sedona. What is transformation?

What most people actually do go look at your homework guys. Most of your homework was about what I call more better different. Okay, I want a little more, I want a little better and I want a little different in life. And that's not Transformation. Transformation is actually transFORMING who you are at the identity habit and characteristic level which are all three in this series is trans-FORMING who you are at a core level that is Transformation. It's not more better different I'll have a little more money, a little better life a little different life. That is not Transformation. So guys all of our time together is not more better different time. It's quite literally, let's start and when I say start, because I can only do so much in our time together. Let's start reINVENTING who you are and who you're BEing.

Very quickly. I'm not going to say a lot about me because this is not about me. This is about you guys, but I want you to know, if you don't have a history with me, I know that many of you have come from my podcast. For all of you listening. Thank you very, very much. We have hit over, I don't know, 200 and something downloads in a matter of a few months, I think four months now we're a top-rated podcast. And thank you guys very, very much. I'm very honored. And many people will sit every day the team gets and I can't read them all which gets so many. And it's hard to keep up. But thank you for that. And we get we get emails and messages, DM's and Facebook and Instagram and everything else people saying, Jim, you know, thank you for your podcast. No, it's reverse of that. Thank you guys. Thank you for allowing me to be able to serve to live my Dharma and to do what I do because this is what I do. Speaking of a very quickly obviously, my name is Jim Fortin. I've been in this field for over 25 years. I've worked with top people in my industry I've, share the speaking line up with the biggest names in my industry. I'm a Master Hypnotist.

And the reason that matters to you is because one of the ways which we'll talk about in a minute just for a little bit today is one of the ways to change your identity is Subconscious Reprogramming or Self Hypnosis. Most people do not know that hypnosis is endorsed by or was endorsed by the American Medical is endorsed by the British Medical the American Dental, the American Psychological, the American Psychiatric in the American Psychological Associations Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, the Mayo Clinic, all of these world renowned organizations endorse the efficacy of hypnosis, for healing and for behavioral change. You don't like the word hypnosis, that's fine, call it I don't know call it Afghan banana stand. I don't care what you call it, call it whatever you want. Call it power the mind is all that it is this power of the mind. I'm also an NLP Master Practitioner and Neuro Linguistic Programming, which in my interpretation, is the Psychology of subject objective experience. I've written the book many years ago not going to talk about that I've taught persuasion and influence you will effort selling. I've taught persuasion and influence for a lot of years.

The sales, marketing and advertising professionals teaching people how to get into people's subconscious minds. Long and short, I'll give you a little more of myself is that I've worked at a world-class level. I was recently there was a feature article on me in Forbes magazine, I believe, a couple of weeks ago. And I know it's hard coming out. I think it's today or tomorrow. I also have a feature article coming out in Inked magazine. what I'm telling you is that this approach that I'm taking the Transformation is gaining a lot of international attraction. So you can rest assured that you are in really good hands and our time together.

My secret weapon let me slow down here. What I tend to attract and we all are attractors. We're all magnets. Like we're all bio-electromagnetic beings. And that's Physics. Its Science. Its Physiology. It's also Quantum Physics. My sister's husband, my brother in law is what's called a Shaman. Shamans were in Native American times they would have been the medicine men and native amazing tribes they in the Mayan times they were the advisors to Mayan kings. Shamanism, which is not a religion, it's systems of thought can be traced back over 70,000 years by Anthropologist. Shamanism means one who can see in the dark. My brother in law, my sister's husband is a healer. He helps people grow and evolve as beings and he helps people heal physically. People from all over the world call him he's very inexpensive. His waiting list right now is about a year and a half long, literally, and he's very inexpensive, but people from all over the world come to him. And I've apprenticed with him now for going on 24 years this year.

Somewhat somebody many years ago, I'm not going to mention it here and it's not important Pantas life story. Ghost wrote his story. It sold 17 million copies around the world and 11 languages. The speaker one time Wayne Dyer, many of you probably know Wayne Dyer. Wayne said to me one time I will go anywhere, anytime, anyplace to meet your brother in law. Just tell me where,I asked my brother in law and he said no, but that's neither here or there. But what I want you guys to get is that I am known for weaving very, very powerful ancient wisdom brain science when it comes to habits and subconscious reprogramming, and then subconscious reprogramming and self hypnosis. On top of that, what I do is I bring you guys the opportunity to merge modern science and quantum physics with ancient wisdom to transform your life.

So not here today, you will not hear me talking a lot about my brother in law. I'm going to talk about him a lot, but not about him about life lessons and how to transform and evolve in the transformational coaching programs, but he is my, for a lack of better words, secret weapon. And I know a lot of you guys have heard me talk about him quite a bit on the podcast. By the way, this is an old picture. We're in Jimmy lake in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Back in 2004. Actually, one of my family members has a house here now in Jackson Hole, but very, very, very, very powerful place.

So okay, top performers I have worked with Olympic athletes I've worked with movie stars I have worked with Grammy winners Academy Award winners Nobel Prize winners. I've worked at the top salespeople and like for example at Keller Williams twice I have coached two people to the number one spot in the nation for Team leader for Keller Williams. I have worked with selling professionals, entrepreneurs, business professionals from all walks of life all the way from Wall Street to Main Street all the way from CEOs and Billionaires to people that are brand new to sales and business and marketing and advertising and even self transformation. So all the reason I tell you this is so you know, just a tiny bit about me. So let's talk start talking about you guys again.

Okay, I want to slow down here. We as human being so often think that we get things and by the way, guys, we're going to go well over an hour today, we're probably going to go 90 minutes for anything, anything happens again. We'll get it worked out. I'm moving slower than what I thought I'd be moving today. Is that your business and your life, your business and your life is a 100% reflection of you. So if you want to look at how successful your businesses, your sales or marketing company, your weight, anything, anything in life is a reflection of your identity and your habits. And until your identity and habits change, nothing's going to change permanently.

The best example Oprah Winfrey back in 1996, I believe when she walked out on stage with a wagon, and she had 60 pounds of fat in the wagon. She lost all that weight through her behavior through things that you would DOing though she's highly organized on the road. She's overweight, not gonna say highly. I wasn't sure Where's going to go I was just more thinking along the lines of she's battled this for a lot of years. And she's battled it for a lot of years because that her identity level which there's a deeper psychology there, which I won't go into too here for time reasons is that she's overweight because at the identity level, the unconscious mind actually most likely has put the weight on her as a protection and barrier for enable more things happening happening physically to her in her life.

But she's a perfect example is you can change your behavior but so go right back to your old identity. This is why people who win the lottery got to speak a little faster so I can move on here I'll slow down in the in the right places, people who win the lottery but the poor in their mind, you're living in an old beat up house and win the lottery Three years later, they're broke. Why? Because we will always revert back to our identity. Just like Mike Tyson made 300 and I believe $20 million in his career as a boxer. That's a lot of money. And he's actually I think, on the verge of bankruptcy today. Why? Because he's poor in his identity. All right. So we talked about we're talking about mind today. We'll talk about brain next session, and thoughts and characteristics on Monday. Also, did you guys notice that there's no motivation here, there's no rah rah fluff. That doesn't work and it wears off.

What I want you guys to notice is that all of our time is about talking about you as a BEing and the power that you have as a BEing, every single one of you are extraordinary in terms of capacity in terms of being a manifester, in terms of being a creator, and we have evidence all around us in life. Every one of you are extraordinary beings, and you can use it for positive and evolvement of the world like Steve Jobs, or you can use it for destruction like Hitler. Everyone is a powerful, powerful, powerful being. And I want you to start thinking about how powerful you are as a being. Alright, we're going to start talking about mind set.

Now, this is an overused buzzword, people talk about changing your mindset. Anytime you hear people saying they want to change their mindset, what they're really saying is they want to change a habit or they want to change the behavior. I don't want eat more sugar anymore somebody might say, which is a behavior, but they're going to change their mindset. And if you've noticed, they pretty quickly go right back to their old behaviors again.

Mindset as a person's disposition, attitude or mood, a person's way of thinking and their opinions and a mental attitude or inclination. And every one of you have had it hammered in your head. You've got to change your mindset, change your mindset, change your mindset, well, that doesn't work for the most part because your mindset you can only set your mindset based upon your identity. And if your identity is you're broke, and you grew up with all this evidence that you're broken, have no money, then how can you change your mindset from an identity that's broke? Do you see how I use the word broke how broken that strategy is, and this is why most people spend their entire lifetime on caught in their patterns.


We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of the BE DO HAVE training. Remember to register for the training at, and we'll see you on March 5. Thanks for listening.

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