The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 115: “Spirituality, Business, and Prosperity”

June 3, 2020

Are you one of those people who believe that money and spirituality are incompatible? Do you believe it’s OK to make money and be rich?

As you know, I’m a “spiritualist” and I’ve also learned that one of the most powerful things we can do for the world is to become rich, then use that as a tool and we can better the world.

In this episode, I have a guest, James Wedmore, and he’s a good friend. Not only that, but his business also attracted $9.4 million dollars last year.

In this episode, we talk about Spirituality, Business, and Prosperity, and specifically, we talk about guiding principles that have helped him to become financially successful.

James is very spiritual and he lets his spiritualism guide him in business. I do the same, and working from this place has been financially good for both of us.

This is a candid, fun “interview” and my intention is that you see how we approach business and the rewards of prosperity and service that it brings us. You deserve to be abundant and prosperous!


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Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to episode number 115 of the Transform your Life from the inside out podcast. Now I know that a large amount of my listeners are entrepreneurs, and your spiritual entrepreneurs. So in this episode, it’s titled Spirituality, Business and Prosperity. And if you’d like to know more about how I approach business with, and prosperity with spirituality, and a friend of mine who’s very successful, who I’m interviewing today, then keep listening.

The Power and Spirituality of Wealth

Hi, I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start Transforming Your Life from the inside out with this podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I’ve coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you’re going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels You’ve never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

Okay, today’s episode, I am as you know, I don’t have any guests. I’ve only had one guest per se, and my entire time of doing this podcast and he’s one of my my closest friends, a guy named James Wedmore. James is a leader in the internet marketing industry. And his niche is building businesses, online businesses and very successful ones. And I know that a lot of you are online entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and business people and I want to share in this episode concepts, mental concepts, spiritual concepts that I use to grow my business. And the concepts I want James to talk to you about that he uses to grow his business. Now, a few years back, I was James’s coach. And when I met him, he was doing about $1.5 million per year in revenue, and then a matter of 18 months, and going through coaching with me, he went from 1.5 million to 9.4 million in a matter of literally 18 months or there abouts.

James is very, very spiritual, metaphysical, but definitely very spiritual. And he brings those very same practices into his business, which is what I want him to share with you guys today. Now, many people have the illusion that spirituality and wealth are not compatible. And I say the reverse of that and it’s something that I learned from the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles many years ago and Something that he said was in his book and the books literally, I think 100 years old or there abouts. He says that the most powerful thing that you can do is you can become rich. And that’s powerful. And a lot of people you know, I think I was that way many years earlier, we disdain money. And what I want to share with you is that the wealthier that you are, the more people that you can serve for the most part, meaning you really don’t see poor people you don’t see people in homeless shelters. You don’t see destitute people changing the world for the most part unless you’re a political leader, our Mother Teresa, but mind you she had the Catholic Church behind her, which is a very wealthy organization. But one of the most powerful things that you can do is become wealthy.

All right, I want to mention here also, a good friend of mine, his name is Akio Matsumura. Akio is the only private citizen in the world to bring together 1,000 World Leaders six times. And when I say World Leaders I mean literally, the Dalai Lama,Mother Teresa,Carl Sagan when he was alive, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandkids. I mean, literally World Leaders. And Akio is a spiritualist as I said, a very good friend of mine and I used to assist him in many ways. A few years back. We’re still friends today.

But many years back, he was nominated by Mikhail Gorbachev. And this is already after the fall of the Soviet Union, which by the way, Akio actually convinced Mikhail Gorbachev for the first time in 75 years to allow a spiritual leader inside the Kremlin for one of Akio’s events, which the Soviet Union was hosting in 1992. And for the first time in 75 years, a spiritual leader set foot inside the Kremlin, and that was the Dalai Lama, who is also a friend of Akio’s. But Akio is sitting here in my house one day and I want to share something profound that He said to me, he, by the way, he literally is a global luminary. I mean, he’s advised the last six Secretary Generals of the UN kings, presidents, Prime Ministers, I mean, this man is advised. And we’re sitting in the living room. And he said to me, he goes, Jim, if you truly want to make a difference in the world, help people make money. And then he said, he said, you see, you can help people with God. But the thing is this. People can’t eat God. People, obviously, they need money, they need food, and they need sustenance. And if you truly want to help people, help them learn sustenance, help them learn how to create money, and how to create wealth.

So I talked about it, you know, obviously, in this podcast and many different episodes, but that’s my approach is that the wealthier that I can become, the more people that I can impact because, you know, I don’t know who you are listening right now or where you are in the world and I’m very grateful for your listening. But these episodes literally cost me money. And a lot of it. I mean, I have an entire team of people that assist me everything from editing to which I don’t do a lot of. But my editor goes through the episode, the publishing and getting on on my website and everything else. I mean, this isn’t free, at least it’s not for me. But when I share my message with you one more part of my message is that I want you, I want you to be wealthy because see when you’re wealthy, then you can actually take better care of yourself and your family and your friends. And you actually are in a better position to make more of an impact in the world.

So in this episode, I visit with one of my my closest friends and somebody again that I’ve coached. And he assisted me in business as well, is Mr. James Wedmore. Now James runs a program called BBD Business by Design. And as I said, James has gone from 1.5 million to 9.4 million at one point, all like doubling numbers next Up here, literally in 18 months to two years and definitely under two years. The reason that I tell you that, as you’ll hear in our conversation, which by the way is it’s completely unscripted. We just hop on, he didn’t even know what I want to talk about. But I obviously I want to talk about wealth. So we’re gonna, we’re we kid each other. We’re friends. We’re metaphorically, we’re spiritual family. So you’re going to hear us banter back and forth, and talk back and forth. But the whole thing is, what I want him to share with you. And what I want you to take from this are the principles that is helping him make such an impact in the world. And I also wanted you to hear from somebody else’s perspective, because literally, I could have pretty much said everything to you that’s in that episode. But I think it’s good. Also, when you get perspective from someone else, and you hear it from a different perspective, and their take on things sometimes it’s that little bit of that aha that we need to have the epiphany to transform.

One more thing here and I’m going to I’m going to hop in here with James is that also, he at some point soon will be offering a I think it’s an eight part video series. And what I want to point out to you is that if you are an entrepreneur and in particular, an on line entrepreneur, you definitely want to actually watch this entire series from beginning to end. And you’ll see the link to that series. At some point in my show notes. My team will let you know about it. But what I’m what I’m sharing right now is when we make that available to you, or he does, or however my team does it, watch the entire series because he’s somebody that helps a tremendous amount of people all around the globe, build very successful online businesses. And I want to share with you also right now in the age of COVID-19, that the businesses that are doing the best are not the brick and mortar businesses. They are online businesses, and if you’ve ever thought about starting an online business, or you have one and you want to actually significantly grow it then whenever you do, you may want to follow James, you don’t tell you more about where you can follow him at the end of this episode. All right, one more thing is episode number 116. Coming up next, the title of that episode is going to be back with a normal content here at the podcast is going to be setting up altars, and mourning rituals and intentions.

Okay, enjoy this interview and I’ll catch you over on another episode. And enjoy James and let me put it this way and enjoy the visit the Jameson are having, so that you can learn and grow and become more prosperous. Okay, catch you later. Bye bye.

Okay, so today guys, I’m talking to the one and only James Wedmore.

You’ve got to be one and only.

The one and only, and if you don’t know who James is, he’s a spiritual brother, a very good friend, a mentor of mine when it comes to building an online business. I’ve worked James for many years now in different ways. And he didn’t even know what I want to ask him about in this episode are what I want to talk about. But James, you might not know this the podcast a few months ago, after I got out of the hospital, I decided that I wanted to go more to into shamanism and specifically spirituality in the podcast. It doesn’t mean that I’ve completely got rid of the brain based approach and brain based habits and all that kind of stuff. But I’ve gone to a more spiritual bent. So that being said, what I want to talk about today, guys, before we dig in here, James, I don’t know if you’re comfortable sharing it. If you’re not, then that’s fine. But you have built a multiple multiple seven figure per year business, right?

Mm hmm.

Your industry leader in what you do, which we’ll talk about a little bit, but here’s what here’s the reason I wanted you on today. As you know, I don’t have guests on the podcast, but I would say probably 95% of people that listen are Business Entrepreneurs, Professional people, especially, you know, Online Entrepreneurs. The reasons I wanted to invite you on because our topic today and in line with spiritualism is I want to talk to you about spiritual practices in business that you’ve also used to grow near a $10 million per year business.


And I want to keep it spiritual. So the first place I want to go, is what do you think the most over look? spiritual principle is in business?

Oh my gosh, gosh, you know, I just want to say first of all, I’m learning all of what we’re talking about today, as you guys are Jim likes to do that.

Now. I did. I did this intentionally because I want Yeah, no thought of this. I want because you’ve used everything in you to create a near $10 million per year business and I wanted that to come out live. And this episode, so you share with them and it’s not varnished, and it’s not thought through.

So, and I do want to talk about that 10 million for just a second before we answer your question, because you know, just to confirm that all stuff is, it’d becomes, you know, these these kind of stupid numbers right and we put meaning oh six figure seven figure, a figure and all that stuff. And, you know, we ended last year just over nine, nine and a quarter million in total revenue total sales, okay not not profit or like my personal take home or anything. We have a big team and, you know, rent payroll, stuff like that. But we actually had an opportunity to get to 10 million with one of our offers one of our programs, we shut it down. And I say that, you know, knowing that we would have crossed that mark. And I’m actually just really proud of my team and us for making that that decision because it really isn’t about those numbers. You know what I mean? And I’ve told Jim, this and I’ll tell anybody This is like, hey, more money will be such an indicator of the more impact that you’re having in the world, but your life doesn’t really couldn’t get any better because you go from 9 million to 10 or from one to 10. You know what I mean? And so for us to just kind of let go of the meanings of the significance of what those those numbers are so important because I had a mastermind member come to me recently, and it really was illuminating for me to say, James, I don’t, I didn’t even pay you all this money, because of how successful you are. Because of how much money you’ve made. I paid you because I keep hearing about all the other people you’ve helped. That’s what I care about. And I think there are so many people that are like, let me show you what I’ve done. Let me show you my accomplishment. Let me show you how I how awesome I am. And I think it’s really an opportunity for us to say, for tomorrow’s leaders today, today, to start saying look at the look at my people that I’ve helped look at look to them, look at what they have accomplished look to them for proof of what’s possible.So that’s just kind of pieces coming up for me. So what is the cause you stumped me. So what is the most overlooked principle? spiritual principle in, in business.

Now, before you go on, I’m going to give you time to think for a second. So everyone knows I’ve been thinking, but I’m gonna give you time to think here. So you’re not stalling. But guys, I, James, James and I are very close. We’re like family. He’s actually in Sedona, Arizona right now. And he’s been visiting with my brother in law, the shaman who he knows, and he’s worked with for a couple of years now. So James brings a heavy dose of shamanism, spirituality, and we’ll even call it a woowoo metaphysics into his business. So when I invited him here, I knew that inviting him would be an opportunity for you guys, I do really well, but I’m kind of like the parent. You know, when your parent tells you something, you’re kind of like, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. I don’t want to hear it. So I say things to people, and they don’t always get it. But I knew if I brought you here, a lot of people would know who you are. They can Google you. You’ve got this extraordinarily successful business. And I wanted to bring spiritual concepts that you’ve embodied in your business down the practicality and practical application for people that are listening. So they’re like, boom, okay, I can use my spirituality and my business. Well, let’s go there first, I’ll let you off the hook for a moment.

No,no, you’re not letting me off the hook is like,

No, we’re going to get there. But here, let’s go here first, what is spirituality in business mean to you?

What spirituality gave me?And that’ll answer your question is it gave me a different context through which I experience everything that I was doing. Okay? So it gave spirituality in business means meaning. It gave me meaning and purpose and allowed me to see myself and what I was doing from a larger bigger context. And it in an even in the most subtle way shifted things from this is life happens to you to life happens for you that it’s all it’s all rigged in, in in your favor. And and that kind of leads to what was coming up from When you ask that original question, and I know, Don Javier has said this, and I really took that to heart, the phrase, pain is a blessing. And that that alone, you could, you know, chew on forever, because it’s really hard for a lot of people right now, that’s a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow, especially like, during this time, like Easy for you to say. But it is because we can all look back at moments of our life, whether it’s in business or in other areas of life, where we went through hard times and look at who we became when we came out the other end of that. And imagine when you start to go into those problems into those struggles and into those hard times, knowing that this is serving me This is for my growth for my evolution. And that context is you know, because I’m sitting there going, this is what’s gonna allow me to evolve on a spiritual level. This is what’s gonna allow me to gain more and then I go and so I can give more. And so what ends up happening is I’m not suffering as much and as long I move through things faster, because it’s like, okay, you know, it’s like going to class. You’ve already heard that like cheesy cliche. It’s like kind of cheesy like, you know, life is like a school, but what’s the difference between school and life? It’s like in school, you, you learn the lesson, then you take the test, but in life, you take the test to see if you learn the lesson. Yeah. And when you know that, that these are these moments where you where you’re learning, I feel like you’d become the teacher’s pet, and you just kind of accelerate through them. And so what what was such a beautiful synchronistic you know, don’t have your talk so much about, you know, synchronicity, right. is when you and I connected in in my life,


Was two weeks before I went through, probably one of the most challenging times in my life and I won’t really get into the specifics, but you know, there was there was like, you know, legal scary stuff that would start to manifest As what most entrepreneurs become their deepest, darkest nightmare that everything’s gonna be taken away from you.


And you know, Jim time really helped assist in infusing these principles into my life because it’s one thing to know them, right? We taught both toggles all times like, No Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that before. Like, yeah, when you can start.


And I don’t know. And I’ve told this to Jim, like, you know, to your face so many times it does sound I sound like a broken record is like, I don’t know where I’d be today. If I didn’t have that guidance to go through that time, because what you’re coaching and this conversation of spirituality did for me is it gave me the light at the other end of that tunnel, knowing that it’s going to be it’s going to be better. It’s going to be okay, this is happening for you. It’s not the end of the world. This is part of something and it’s here for you. And I cannot that’s how we use that same time that we went from 2 million to 9,000,000 in 18 months.


I have a CFO consultant. He’s retired. So he does this for fun. He’s a CFO, he was the CFO for,took that company to millions of millions, millions, millions, right? And then they sold the company and he does this for funny, he consults with different businesses. He goes, I’ve never worked with a company that’s grown that fast. Ever. I’ve never seen it. And he’s like, What’s your secret? Like, Oh, just go, you know, go through more pain, go to more problems. And I really grew so much through that. And I think that’s, that’s what it gives gives me because, yes, it’s, it’s like this purpose. And bigger meaning that that’s driving you forward. But then there’s this like, faith and trust that this is here, you know, serving you and you know, I don’t know how much that resonates with you, Jim. But you start to like, have a little bit more fearlessness, you know, like it’s going to be okay, what am I worried about? And it got it was it was scary, you know, things I went through and this is the last thing and I’ll stop is was something I wouldn’t wish on anybody. But there was also that thought that was have coming up in the back of my mind, which was at least on the other end of this I’ll be able to help others go through the same and I kid you not. About a week after this was all done. One of my clients came to me and they were in the same exact situation. And I was there for them, you know? And that’s what it means to me is it gives me meaning.

Okay, so let me let me go somewhere you know, you you’ve done your own podcast, I think you’ve got 4 million downloads now and

Five and a half bro.Keep up.

Oh so sorry, I’m sorry and I might keep up, and you know, you do a lot a lot of your own podcasts and your guests and I am too and later you listen maybe to part of the podcast, you’re like, Oh, I didn’t get to my point or I didn’t make it succinct enough. What I want to do is take what you said and drill it down a little more. So am I hearing you say to entrepreneurs and business people and spirituality in business The way you’re approaching it, am I hearing you say that we should embrace the pain that we’re going through? Because most of us fight it. So from your perspective is that we embrace it and then use that to grow. Whereas most people use it to deter themselves from growing their business, am I on the right track with encouraging

I think so if the if the opposite of embrace is avoid or resist, then 100% I’ve been using this metaphor a little bit about, you know, we all know these quotes, like what do you do when you fall off the horse you get back on, we all know that. But how many of us are living our life and and running our business trying to avoid falling off the horse? Right? I don’t want to fall off the horse. I don’t want to fall off the horse. I don’t fall off the horse, you know, and you get what you focus on, ironically, right? And so to me, it’s like, I know I’m gonna fall off the horse. We all fall off the horse and that’s the indicator that you’re in the field. You’re playing the game, you’re doing the work. You’re gonna fall off your horse. It’s the game isn’t don’t fall off the horse. It’s how fast can I get back on?

Okay? and resilience.

Yeah it’s it’s it’s resilience that I do like embracing is embracing the pain. It’s it’s looking for the the gifts and the lessons and the learnings through the pain because that’s where you pay. That’s when you pay attention. That’s when you finally dig your heels in and say, I got to figure this out. something’s not working. What am I missing? And you’ve heard those quotes before, right? Success is a crappy teacher. Yeah. So it’s because in those one thing, and everything’s great, you’re just like, you kind of, I don’t know, most people, they just kind of like, oh, whatever, I’ll cut out work early today, you know, they’re not really paying attention. It’s like, problems kind of force us to pay attention for most of us.

Okay, so I okay, so I hear you and where we are where I started with you. I kind of sideswiped you, I did it for a reason, because I didn’t I just wanted to see where it was gonna go. But I want to go a different direction here and ask you, what do you think if you had one in mind, what would be the most powerful spiritual principle and business.

Um, I don’t know how to put it into words maybe you can help me put like them

Well, then James, This is a podcast and they’re not gonna sit here and read our minds so we have to put it in the

No you’re gonna put it into a cool word. We have like, the laws I know. But But like, the more I’ve understood, you know how much we’re creating from the inside out and creating from our mind.


So what principle is that you know,

Reciprocity, reciprocity, reciprocity, also it could be AYNI which we talked about, the only time I’ve ever had here is you and we’ve talked about AYNI.AYNI from the inside out, AYNI to ourselves. AYNI as ancient, ancientINCAN for reciprocity of life. So

Well that that’s going to be very beneficial. And I’ve I’ve used that to help people overcome a lot of the fears and I’m sure you have to, like people have a lot of qualms around selling, right? Mm hmm. I feel guilty about asking. And then when you start to understand that, like, know that exchange has to take place. So you’re actually doing someone a disservice that becomes very, you know, beneficial. No, whatever, like, you know, the law of mind, like, just like, you know, your, that your thoughts become things that you’re creating from the inside out, you know, just the law of intention. That, like, when you can get so powerful and so clear, and so out of resistance and just make a decision, like, this is what I’m doing. You know, you and I’ve had these conversations through, you’re like, you know, and you guys love to rip me where you’re like, I’m gonna surpass you by this date. I’m gonna, I’m gonna double your downloads. I’m gonna smoke, you know, but we jab each other, but you’re saying it was such intent that we both know. You know, it’s like, maybe you won’t pass me you know, but because I know but the point is, is like when you say it with such that like conviction.


Knowing And then it’s really just about getting out of your own way. And it’s so much people are creating and then I’m creating, creating and then I’m creating and they don’t see how much of the energy that they’re of their own creative energy, they’re diffuse diffusing and giving to the part of them that’s actually pushing away that which they want, you know that I want this, but I want success and I’m afraid of failure, what I want to do this launch, but what will they say? Or what would they think? Or what if they don’t like it? Or what if it doesn’t sell? And you know, I just we’ve talked about this, but I even think the biggest thing that was a huge the biggest takeaway for me when people said like, what was your biggest takeaway when working with Jim, I’m saying, just realizing how powerful you are realizing how powerful your thoughts are realizing how powerful your attention is, and I think we’ve been raised. What’s the lie that we’re not powerful?

Okay, that’s it. Okay. Thank you right there because you guys can’t see because we’re doing obviously audio podcast, but I’m watching we’re talking via zoom. That’s what I was looking for. Right there. I knew there was a nugget in there somewhere. So I think people don’t recognize how James is granting him like Yes, I know. Yeah, got it.

You know, somewhere in that there’s something I guess we can we can we’ll edit the rest out where we

will take the other 70 you know, 750 words out, we will we will use that,

you know, I’m gonna I’m gonna interview James hoping to do what I want.

Okay, okay, this part of the Edit now,

That was really good. No, we’re not editing anything. Oh,

No, I, I’ll repeat that and then we’ll get back into our groove but, but that we are so much more powerful than we realize. When did we learn that in school? You know? I think our parents told us you can be anything you set your mind to. And it’s kind of the last then it just becomes lip service.You know,

What’s interesting is you actually because I didn’t want to keep you too long. I wanted some really strong nuggets and you actually knocked out my second question was Which was what do you think the most overlooked thing is in business, which was basically people don’t, based upon listening to you people don’t recognize how powerful they are.

I have another one too to add to that, because it’s for me too, which is, and I don’t know, again, I don’t know what these are as laws or principles, but but I think it’s the law of Dharma, or purpose, you know, whatever you want to call it, that this idea that, or law, that you’re here for a reason. You’re here for a purpose, like you’re here to serve a function and you know, maybe the first part of your life is to figure out what that is. And then the second part is, is to, live your life from that that path and why I think that’s not or it’s overlooked, is because what you see is a lot of people that come into an industry like wanting to start a business and they get greedy, and they get in survival mode, and they get fearful and they get really comparisonitis and so they look at what Jim’s doing or they look at what James is doing look at what so and so is doing And they say, oh, they’re successful I’ll do that. And they copy on what they see on the surface, not realizing that what they’re copying was, this is what us figuring out what our expression of, of our purposes of what our path is of what we’re here to do, not necessarily yours. And that the reason that these people that you’re copying or looking to are successful is because they’re following their purpose. And it’s your job to follow yours. And when you operate from that place, you realize that you don’t, you don’t need to be in a fear of what if I don’t have a purpose? What if I don’t, you know, it’s, it’s operating from the context of trust and knowing that that exists for you. And it is about discovering that. And it took me a long time to figure that out. And it might take someone else, but when you’re in alignment with that, I think that’s when the floodgates can really open for you. Because I told Jim before, he says, How are you doing? I said, hey, it’s been a long day. I’ve been on podcasts all day, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m not tired at 6 o’clock at night, you know, because we’re doing what we love. And we love what we do.

Yeah, let me add there. So a little context here is that I have the impact I have, because it was like a synchronicity. We met when you needed me, and when I needed you, in our lives, and we basically just propelled each other in different ways. You would said to me, and I still find it interesting that you would said, Well, if I had not met you, Jim, and you were not coaching me, I would I know me, I would have crashed my business and all this kind of stuff. And I’m like, dude, that’s a day’s work. It’s an hour’s work, no big deal. I didn’t think about it. And apparently, that was a very big deal to you. But me meeting you and being on your very first podcast has sent my business into the stratosphere. And though we’re personal friends, we hang out at each other’s houses and everything. I mean, I think the reason I invited you is because you demonstrate you’re not just blabbing like a lot of people, you demonstrate extreme success and you’re very spiritual. Now, let me go back here and add something I was thinking today that looking at numbers in 20, 2020 2018,19, and 20, because I’m extremely aligned with the transformational coaching program. That’s what I do. And you said three years ago, I want to help you get your program out there to more people, we will do in three years, over $8 million in revenue from that program. Now, if it wasn’t for Corona, we would have done over 10 million in three years. And I was on Brandon’s podcast recently. You guys listening is a mutual friend of ours. And he’s like, how did you go into the stratosphere so quickly? I mean, nobody, how, how did you grow that fast? And my interpretation is, is because my Dharma, this is what I’m here to do. Now I want to I use that as an example. But I want to take that back because you coach, specifically entrepreneurs and online CEOs and digital CEOs, my my programs are more for anybody that wants to transform their life. So I would say you’re more of an expert on a daily basis working with these people. How many people do you think don’t live their Dharma? And their business? They’re doing business that they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. And why do you think you’re doing that?

Well, you know, how many how many stats have we heard of like, what’s the percentage people that are successful? Right? It’s a small percentage, right? Yeah. And when we say success, we’re talking about financial success in business. And so you hear people saying, like, eight out of 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months, right? So it’s like, right, let’s just say 80 to 90%. So the 10% of people that are financially successful, then you got to say, but out of those 10% how many of them are doing it from that same place that same Dharma or you know, because people can make money doing something they hate, you know, and then they get burned out. So it’s less than that. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s less than that. And look, you know, going back to what you were talking about, I’ve had people not gonna say anything bad, but your episode, you know blew up? Yes, it was like you were speaking this authentic aligned message that you were here to say to speak about to share. And people resonated with that, right? We’ve all talked about that energetic signature that your message carries with it and and who it’s attracting. I can’t tell you the amount of people that have tried to be the Mockingbird, the mimic of your message from that episode to try and get on the show or try and do the same thing. And it’s exactly what I’m talking about is stop trying to copy somebody because they’re successful doing x y zed. They’re not successful because they did that they’re successful because that they’re in alignment with their dharma. And these people that you know, tried to copy that didn’t it fell flat.

I remember Thank you. So for everyone listening, which I’m going to tell you anyway, if you’re in business, please go listen to James’s podcast. What do you call it again? Something something bla bla, what’s the name again?

The funny story actually is that Mind your Business was you actually owned that domain

I’m going to tell them I used to have many years ago I used to own that domain, mindyour, like now think about That’s crazy. I know I know it’s back in 2001 or two and then I meet you in 2017. And your podcast is called Mind your Business podcast. For all of you that listen to my podcast, you guys know that I don’t have guests. He’s the only guest that I’ve ever had here. It’s because I believe in him and I know him spiritually. Otherwise, there’s no way he’d be here in front of you guys. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t bring him here. But that episode in this podcast was Episode Number 114 that just hit the stratosphere. And then you and I were in Sedona a year and a half ago. When we went My partner and I went with you and your wife, because you wanted to buy a house in Sedona. So we just spent four days here before Christmas. And guess what? We ended up buying a house that April. And then you just now bought one a year or something later. So you went to look for two you bought two houses. You went to look for a house and were they the ones who end up buying a house. But you were you and I were sitting on the deck about Episode 114. And you’re like, Jim, I had somebody else on the podcast, who talked about stuff similar as you. And I want to see how her numbers do compared to your numbers, meeting downloads. Now, we haven’t talked about it since then. And as I understand, she didn’t hit my numbers. So what I’d like to do here is you use the word that I really would like you to talk a little more about. Maybe we don’t need to it’s pretty simple. But the reason that podcast landed so hard and made the impact that it made it was for a while your number one loaded downloaded podcast for quite some time was because of the energy coming through me in that episode, which you called your energetic signature. What is in your mind, Well, okay, what is an energetic signature? Even though you might have answered it, and how do we use that in business?

And I think I’m also going to add to that I think it’s, you know, and not to take away any credit to your, you know, perfect, perfect, you know, amazingness of who you are, you know,

are you making fun of me you’re talking to the audience, I’m like, talking too, them or me.

We’re talking to them.


But I also think it’s a co it’s a co creative dance of, of energies, you know, and it’s like, I have this this audience and that they’ve primed with that and then you bring that in there and it was like this perfect, you know, concoction of energy right? And you’ve had you’ve brought that saint Look, I’m just gonna say that too, so that we don’t make Jim’s head too big here. You’ve brought that same energy to other another podcast, and it was like what what what you’re like, man, I I didn’t feel it with that. Host. I didn’t go with them. I didn’t really pull that best stuff out of me like what happened. And so it’s like this, your energetic signature combined with this, this you know, this energy that gets that happens on the call and it creates something so you’re saying what is that energetic signature? I don’t know. I’m just gonna use a metaphor. To me it’s like, it’s like a net. It’s a net that starts to cast a net over people that are already in the vibrational frequency of seeking that answer. They’ve already cast as Abraham Hicks would say that rocket of desire of saying I’m looking for this, I’m yearning for that. I want this and you’re bringing that true authentic answer. And it’s, it’s not just words Look, I’m gonna say this. I have had people on my show or talk to people in person or whatever, and surface level. You know, great money, success, all the numbers all the money out They’ll say things and you you can feel it. It doesn’t it’s it’s flat, it’s hollow. And and then someone can say something you guys all know what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ve had it from Jim on the show many times. Or maybe he says something you’ve heard 10 times before but the way it was said the time it was said where you were when it was said mentally and emotionally, it’s just like it hit you at your core. And so it goes so much deeper than just what you know, it’s just like a transcript of of an episode is just, it’s 3D. But like, the message is so much depth that it like it hits somebody at their soul speaks to them at such a deeper level. And you know, I do fumble a lot. I’m not a very I’ve had I’ve shared stages with some pretty impressive speakers. I’m not not to say big names, I’m saying people that are like really good at speed. Yeah, right, man. You are succinct, man. You You, you don’t have a single ahm or ah whatever. And I’ve never taken speaking training. And I just, you know, and I actually don’t want to at this point because I don’t want to, like make this too much of a head thing, and I gotta make it too structured or whatever. And I’ll be sloppy in comparison. Right, right, but it’ll hit them somewhere else. And, and I never want to lose that. I want there to be that, that energy behind it. And I don’t know how else to describe it beyond that, because it is something almost indescribable. I don’t I don’t know if you have something to add to.

So to take that, drill that down, what I’m hearing you say is, which we talked about a lot here in the podcast is which I wanted you here as the basically I wanted them to hear another perspective from somebody who’s done very, very well. You’re literally in the top 1/10th of 1% of income earners, and even businesses, small businesses, in terms of performance. But I think the energetic signature is get out of the way and let that Dharma let that energy come through You and you’re the vessel for the energy. If I would put my spin on it, that’s what that would be my spin.

And what getting out of your way means is knowing that the words come from your heart, not from your head. And I think that’s where that’s where a lot of people are, we access our our head, you know, we’re trying to think of the perfect way to say it in the right words. And the more I’ve just gotten out of my way, by getting into my heart and just saying, like, what is it that I feel will make a difference that made a difference for me that I can pass on to share with somebody else that’s coming up for me. I have to share it. I have to share it. And that to me is it carries with it that energetic signature.

So James and I weren’t Yes, I hear you. James and I were having a personal conversation before we started the podcast. He’s in Sedona. He has two houses there. By the way, we’ll give them the addresses later in case they want to rent one of your houses. We’ll just we’ll just we’ll just add that in here. I’m kidding guys. But he He asked my brother in law that he’s had dinner with a couple of nights ago. Can I share things that I’ve been learning from you? And my brother in law said yes to you. And you said just a couple of minutes ago, you said that there are things in me I want to share. And when you told me that, you would ask him about that. And my sister told me also, by text after you left or something that shows me there’s more things in you that you want to bring out into the world. So I want to take this back to the listeners is that every one of you carry something in you. But mode, so many of you talk yourself out of it because of Well, people aren’t gonna listen to me or who am I or this or that? When I as an example, my CPA was looking at my tax and he’s like, good recently, is like, Good god, what happened to you in 17,18, and 19? And he even said, Where does where does all this money flowing from? It’s because of the impact I’m making in the world because I’m letting it come through me. I’m getting out of the way. And I’m living my dharma. So an ad here if you want, but the takeaway for everyone listening is get on your path. No matter how much money you think it’s going to make you. This is what I tell people. What would you do every day if you knew you weren’t going to get paid, but it’s something you had to do. It’s something that has to come through you, in my opinion, and you’re welcome to contradict me, James. But that’s where we should be working from in business. But yet most people look at it. And they say, oh, but I can’t analytically figure out how I’m going to make money with that. But that’s what needs to come through them, which will make them more money than anything else. Just an observation on my part.

Yeah, you know, and I think there’s a there’s a structured and strategic way. And then there’s kind of like a sloppy, negligent way. You know, and we’ve always heard those quotes. I think it was Zig Ziglar. Like, if you just care enough about other people, then what do you remember that quote, you know,

Yep,If you help us win. Like if you help enough people get what you want. I’ll help you get what you want or something like that. You know, there’s a huge misinterpretation of that. Which is that you see people go around and offer free help everywhere they go and then create the silent expectation that that person is somehow supposed to repay them or pay them without asking. And then they build up resentment in this, I don’t get it. I go around, I just give away my time, my effort, my knowledge, everything and I’m broke. And I think there’s a very important piece once we come into business and yes, it will go back to our AYNI episode is that you have to you have to ask for what you want. You have to be willing to say, this is what I do. This is how I can help you and this is how much it costs if we’re going to be in business and and to do that unapologetically, to do that, knowing that you’re not actually really helping people at the highest level that you could, if you’re just giving it all away because like we said in that episode, people when they don’t pay they don’t pay attention. Their reciprocity isn’t there. They don’t take it seriously. They don’t value it. And I’m just, I’m number one, I’m unapologetic about asking people for money. And and because it’s it’s not a, you know, people are adults, you can say no, what a gift to give someone, an environment or context where they make a decision in their life. A lot of people’s problems exist because they’re not making any decision. They just say, one day someday, I don’t know, maybe have a wish list, you know, put it on my wish list, put it on my wish list one day, and was like, No, no, no, we’re gonna make a decision today, we’re gonna make a decision right now. It’s either you’re in or you’re out. And even a no, from a place of empowerment and a place of certainty is such a gift for somebody. Why deny somebody that you want to help, even that environment of a decision to get clarity in their life of what they want? what’s important to them, what’s not, and it’s just an invitation. Hey, I want to help you with this thing. Do you would you like to here’s the RSVP yes or no if it’s a yes. Here’s how much let’s get started. You know? And I love helping people doing that. And I was gonna go somewhere else with something. But you got to ask I think you got to ask it’s and then he’s what you’re asking for is in alignment with your Dharma, your gifting and your message.

Yeah, no, I agree with that. 100% and something I want to touch on there. This is what I tell people a lot is that and by the way, guys, as I’m looking at James, he’s traveling. He’s actually holding his microphone his hand is tired time cause he doesn’t had a microphone stand?


If you can’t afford one, I can loan you the money to buy a microphone stand.

Thanks, buddy. Appreciate it

on Amazon Prime if you want.

Before you make another jab at me. I am wondering if since you mentioned about like the, you know, Don Javier piece I’d really love to share one of the lessons I learned from him.

Okay, absolutely. Yeah, please go ahead.

Because I learned this stuff the hard way. And I think it’s a really important lesson because what you said About people saying who am I to be doing this? That question starts to take a lot of people into a place where they now have to prove that they’re better than other people. Like, here’s let me let me show you kind of like we were talking about before, right? So here’s why I’m the best and here’s why I’m this and here’s why I’m all that. And then they start having maybe some, some surface level success and they start to get a lot of self importance and significance and start thinking they’re better than Yeah, and Don Javier taught me at the deepest level possible. What maybe not at the deepest level possible, but at a deeper level than I had ever taken it


About humility,


Knocked me on the ground with that, because I began when I started working with him, you know, putting him on some sort of, you know, higher pedestal of like, you know, needing to impress and and, please and you know, do the right things and be the teacher’s pet and The more I brought that to him, the more I just got knocked down.


For that. And so it was, you know, it was a lesson in, in a demonstration of humility. And you know why I think that’s so important, why I get to take that on forward is that it’s very easy. You share a stage with, you know, you’re on a stage with, you know, our last event was 600 people and our events just keep getting bigger, and you have all these listeners and stuff. And it’s very easy for your ego to just, like, turn that into self importance. And, you know,

I’m the big banana, right? I’m the big key people should look up to me blah, blah,

That whole packing order, just like hierarchy going up and up and up of, of like, I’m better than this, but not as good as when people do that, like, oh, how many followers or how much money and then they put this in this packing order. And that’s what people mean when they say the higher you go the the, or whatever it is, the higher you go, the faster you fall. That’s, that’s the ego following, you know, and to be reminded of that every day and to work from that place as much as you can, is more important than I think most people will even realize, to not lose that, you know, just like humbleness, and to not let Oh, you’re Oh, you know, you did all these millions in sales or you did this big launch or you know, Jim saying all these nice things like you’re in leader, or you’re in top percent it’s like, but I’m still just this guy in board shorts that hasn’t had a haircut in nine weeks. And, you know, he’s unshaven and holding a microphone in my hand doing this podcast with my bedroom. You know, and I think that’s so important because if right now you’re looking at these people and looking up to them and saying, How do I be better than how do I know you know? You don’t need to focus on that at all. I think that’s such a waste and instead of saying, Who can I help and how can I help from where I am right now in this moment. How can I give,How can I serve? How can I make a difference? How can I have an impact? And it goes back to that, that I’ve said this phrase a million times, you probably heard it before that to a third grader. The fourth grader is like a God.


Right. You look up to that person just a grade above you, and you’re like, wow, right. And right now there are people that t you have something that they want, and they’re gonna look to you and say, Wow, you could help me. And that’s, that’s really what we’ve always been saying. Right? You know, let’s just focused on that.

So guys, you guys listening to him? I know James very well, and he’s very, I think that’s one of the reasons I like him so much. He’s very humble. He really is very successful, but very humble. And a year ago, when we were in Sedona, I remember that you had just finished your keto diet or you were on it. And guys, December a year ago, he’s running around in Sedona and winter and flip flops, shorts, a hoodie that he was wearing last time I saw him two weeks ago out in Sedona Because he was on keto, his shorts were falling off. And I’m like, don’t you think we might want to buy you a belt or something because your shorts are pulling off you. But the humblest people would not think your business does what it does based upon the way that you dress.

Our real estate agent did not take me seriously. Until she like found my website and like Instagram. Yeah,

Perfect. Because you don’t you don’t look well. So we had dinner recently in my house in Sedona and you said that you let go of the lease or you let go your lease expired on your Tesla.

Yeah, I traded in. I traded in 100. And I think it’s $100,000 car, Tesla for Jeep. And I’m so much happier with the Jeep. I mean, I wish it was an electric Jeep. Because I like electric cars, but all my gosh, I’m having such a blast with this car. And, you know, I don’t I think when I was younger, sure, you know, cars could be like a status symbol and stuff like that. But I just have so much work we’ve been doing, Jim, we’ve been listener don’t care but I just want to tell you we’re gonna just ruin your podcast. Like hey, forget that we’re just gonna talk right now catch up but I’ve been taking that thing off road like every day through I mean what a blast I’m just having a blast and like the whole crews here were piling in and we’re going off road going on a hike and like that that you know, maybe it’s just my values have changed a lot you know? Yeah. But like, that gives me more so much more than like a fancy car you know?

Let me add there for the group and then I want to ask you one more question let you go because it’s gonna be your dinner time. But here’s the thing is where you’ve moved into is that you have the success that most people online and I’m going to say most that they aspire to. They want the big events and the multiple millions per year in revenue and all the trappings that I’m I’m in that same family as you as trappings and people we know and stuff like that. But here What people do is they attach themselves to it and make it mean something about themselves. meaning they’re placing their value on themself from something external as opposed to something internal, and where you’re coming from. And I even watched you, when we’re talking, we had dinner recently, a couple of times at the house, you completely gone inside, as opposed to outside, meaning, you know what it’s really time for James to be on path for whatever it is James needs to bring to the world. So if I make an extra million or two, or I don’t, who cares at this point in my life, so you’re living from the inside out, which is where you were kind of struggling with when we started this a bit earlier?

I think and it’s so hard to because it’s such a struggle and a journey for anyone who’s stepping into the role of a personal brand type entrepreneur, because you’re your identity and who you are, and, you know, you become the product. So it all gets wrapped into it. You know, it’s like who you really are versus the side that the


Audience sees and all that stuff. It’s It’s a challenging thing to navigate. And, you know, there was that part of me, I was like, I have to show people on successful because that’s what will make them buy from me. And that’s why I shared that piece earlier of someone saying no, I don’t buy because you’re successful I buy because of how many other people you’ve made successful. And so the only attachment I’ve made to the results I’ve had, is just the reminder of saying, hey, I’ve done it, I can keep helping others do it. That’s just the, that’s just the little like, you know, reminder that, like, look what you’ve done that, you know, you got, you got this, you can help this person and you can help that person, you can help this person and, and that helps me but it doesn’t, doesn’t define me. It just, it just reminds me of the experience I’ve had, and the value sometimes, you know, I go in the other direction and you’re like, Oh, is it good enough? Am I you know, am I providing enough value? Is that what they need? You know, all that stuff? We all do? Yeah. And it’s just to say like, yeah, that that’s just gonna change someone’s life. You know, that’s a big deal. And, and so that’s, you know, and I’ll tell you this, my last thing, and then yeah, we’ll both go. But

We’ll have one more question for you after this. And we’ll keep Short because

I do want to say say this before you give your your stupid last question.

Guys, we’re like brothers, like together,

Throw something in and keep going.

We’re like brothers who grew up in the same bedroom on bunk beds, and like we used to fight as kids. But go ahead if you have to go ahead. Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you for your permission. you know, I think a bigger part is like, I just love the whole idea that it’s become more of an idea of abundance. Because I think as people not only attach significance and attachment as they start making money, but then they start creating this threat and it’s going to be taken away from you.


At the very people that they are teaching are going to be their biggest competitors.


And I just, I’ve had experiences and moments of like, you because you can’t you can’t fathom the brain can’t fathom what infinite is. What abundance really is, you know, we’re sitting here taking a little you know, you’ve heard the metaphors of like a little thimble full of ocean water. And calling that our million dollar business and look at how much more there is. Much more is coming, how much more is available. And then we sit there and and we say, Oh my gosh, this person’s doing what I’m doing or they’re teaching what I’m doing. And I today, I just keep moving into this space of like, I love this idea that everyone that comes around me just ends up making a ton of money. Yeah, that’s like become my arm. Like you, you know, you awaken people and transform them. And I just want to make people but I want people to have an experience where they’re like, I didn’t even know that I could make this much money. I didn’t know that was possible. And like, that’s what gets that’s what gets me off.

This is a family friendly podcast. Okay.

Brandon’s gonna love that I said that but like really nothing excites me more than that when someone’s like, I mean, we’ve had students that were on food stamps. Now there are multiple six figures and they’re seriously like we’re homeless. Yeah, and and a multiple six figure business now. They’re like, I didn’t I was just trying to get by. And I love that, oh, love helping transform people’s lives. And watch what happens. But you’re gonna have to ask for the sale,

Yeah. So let me add the real quick. And then the final question is what I wanted to cover there is that a lot of people, they like a lot of starving entrepreneurs, they want to go out there and they want to help everyone, but they don’t they don’t put value and they don’t value what they do. So therefore they don’t charge for it. Therefore the world says you don’t charge Okay, I’m going to give you nothing back. They have people have this illusion that if I serve people, and I had somebody write me on my podcast and say, you’re wrong, Jim, I learned something different. People have this illusion that if you create value in the world, people will pay you. That is not true. It’s partly true. You have to value what you do and the value you’re creating. Because if you create value all day long, and you don’t actually value what you do, then you don’t ask for value back. then very quickly, you’re energetically financially bankrupt. You must value what you do.

It’s part of that energetic signatures. If you create something and then you infuse into it, it’s like this sucks. No one’s gonna like this like that you’re activating that in other people. And so I always tell people when you create a product when you create your offer, the first thing you have to do is you honor that offer.


Think about that. Like if you if you if you think about your kids, you know you think about someone in your life that you love and care about and someone says Tell me about them. Tell me about your your son, tell me about your your spouse, and you honor them. Tell me about how you love them and what’s so special about them you don’t rush through though they’re there. I don’t know about them and Baba Baba. But no, you honor them. And you honor your offer. Because by honoring her offer, you activate the value. It’s going to get created with the people who join

Thank you for that. That’s that’s what I wanted them to get. I wanted to cover that. And then one more thing here. So our friend guys, we mentioned a friend named Brandon, who has a new podcast, which we’re not gonna mention yet, because honestly, I don’t know the name of it. So, but I don’t know the name.

Not much of a friend.

Well, you and I were like his first two guests, and he launched last week. But sorry, Brandon. But Brandon, before I knew you, you and Brandon were already friends. And you were doing I think what was called Local Video Academy or something like that. Right? And I think you did with him. You did a million dollar launch or something? 20,14,15 something like that. Yeah, you decided you didn’t want to do LVA anymore. And you gave him all of LVA. And they called me and it’s like James gave me LVA and I’m like, What do you mean James gave you? And he’s like, Yeah, he just gave it to me. And I’m like the brand and that didn’t that program make a million dollars?

No, it did,in total. It did over two like 2.2 million.


In two years.

And you’re just like, here, dude. Take it all. It’s yours.

It goes back to exactly what we’ve been talking about. That was not my dharma. That was not I was I was out of alignment with that. There was something about this short term, like knowing this connection with Brandon and supporting him. But I was like, I’m not here to do this. This is not for me. And there was this like, I’m not losing any money. I’m opening a space for other opportunity for me. I don’t need anything from it. If Brandon, if you still want to do it, please just go do it.

Okay, so let’s go here. Then the final my final air quotes, stupid question, as you just call that which we’ll get to in just a moment. But you gave him this. You gave him this business. And that goes to AYNI, which is it’s much deeper than what the way I’m going to explain it here, which is reciprocity of life. But you gave and as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been somebody who’s always wanted to help other people from a very genuine place? Not from Oh, if I help something’s going to come back to me

That’s not AYNI.

That’s not AYNI exactly that selfishness actually. But so let me ask you this in your opinion because this will be the third episode where I mentioned AYNI and you were on two of my earlier episodes, I believe are one one last year. Okay, one, so you’re on two now. So your your two episodes ahead of anybody else.

Anybody else?

My amazing podcast. But what I’ve noticed and i’d love your your, your genuine, honest opinion on this. What I noticed is that most people in business are not in business to first serve and to give in the build, they are first in business to see what they can get from their business. They’re not operating from AYNI. They’re operating from survival, not even knowing they’re doing that. What’s in it for me, oh my god, if I if I build this amazing online business, I can be successful and I can have the Mercedes and I can have all the money and in my observation and opinion. Most people that go into business online and even business a lot of times are not doing it because of the Dharma. They’re not doing it because of AYNI. They’re doing it because of what they can get as opposed to what they can give. I’d love your your weigh in on my stupid question.

Well, the reason it’s stupid is because

Maybe this line, right?

Yes, I agree. Next question. No, I totally I, you know, I tell me where you want me to go with it, because I couldn’t agree more. But and that’s hard. Because, you know, in my messaging, I talk about, you know, you want to have bigger impact, you know, you want to help people. And like in bargaining, it’s like, you know, it doesn’t convert as high as when it’s like, Hey, you want to make more money? You know what I mean? But it’s it that’s what’s so funny is that it’s those that lead from that intention, without expectation, that end up being the ones that make the money. And it really has some

By the way, live with intention without expectation.

Beautiful, right? Just came up with a spot. That’s creative energy signature is the intention. What’s that intention? Right? That intention of, you know, wanting, wanting to help somebody because look. What we didn’t talk about, I think in the AYNI episode is where I first maybe I did I don’t know who cares was a year ago. I don’t know. But it was you definitely won’t remember it’s turning remember how many episodes I’ve been on this third episode?

I don’t know.

I first got a hint of that. When I had like my first dose of success we did. We did a product Video Traffic Academy 2011 , $97 probably me and my business partner did $400,000 in sales in 30 days, and I fell into this deep dark depression. I didn’t even know it was depression until later. I’d never felt that way. But it was bad. It was like, I literally was like, I’d spent all my years working for that moment and then it came. And nothing about me changed. I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel enough. I didn’t feel it. Didn’t All those things that I thought money was gonna give me I didn’t have I could look at my bank account online and it was a different number but nothing else in my life was any different. So people didn’t like me more I didn’t get more love. I didn’t get more worthiness or anything, nothing changed. And that scared this young kid because I was like, I’ve dedicated last five years of my life towards this because I thought it was gonna give me all of this and it didn’t give me squat. And so I found myself I started doing pot like three times a day wouldn’t get off the couch and just binge you know on Netflix

Doing pot you mean smoking pot

doing doing? I was doing alcohol

They might think you got a pill.

I was doing the alcohol and doing doing smoking dope.

There’s you go smoking dope.

And, and like just kind of toot with life. And the coolest thing happened and GOD help me.Is it while that was happening? I also started getting like, messages from people. And they’re like,Oh my goodness, I just got my first client or I just made this money or what this has happened. And I was getting these little hits. And it was this hit of like, you know, what you talked about two is like, Whoa, like I’m, I made a difference in someone’s life. Like, I matter. I

yeah, I matter.

And that is a we’re gonna use our drug metaphor, that is a drug that does not lose its high. Like, I that gotten me pulled me out of that funk. I was I mean, I was there for months, and then pulled me out of it. And it just kept me going, is that I just get I just keep saying and what keeps driving me is like, I want to help more people and I want to help on a deeper level. Let’s go deeper. Let’s help more. And that, you know, like, you could sit there and be only driven by money for so long. But I don’t know if you could really fill that cup. of impact I know I can.

It’s not sustainable to me either. It’s that I, that’s something I ask people all of my programs is what makes you matter. And if you’re not, which is your Dharma, and if you’re not living from there, I don’t care what you’re doing. That’s the only kind of work for you. It might be sustainable in the short term, but long term, you will burn out, you will not, you’ll just not find the riches and the abundance and everything you want to create.

And so then you realize that the money is there to fuel the Dharma. That money is simply a tool so that you can have a podcast so that you can hire a podcast manager, and so you can start marketing it. So you can have the right software, the right team pay for the ads and pay for the event and the office space and the equipment. It’s there for that.

Yeah, exactly. Or to buy like mike stand, so you don’t hold her microphone, right.

We’re gonna we’re gonna start a GoFundMe It’s a mic stand.

But I want to leave them with that is that the money most people chase the money, the money is not the end result, the money for me it’s a tool to continue to build a mechanism to reach meeting the team to reach more people. Because the more people I can reach, the more lives I can change the more lives that they can change. So it’s simply it doesn’t define me I still wear flip flops and T shirts just like you etc.

My blue Porsche

For while you had a Tesla, so I don’t want to hear about it at all. But is there anything okay, so is there any parting thought? Keep it short?

Yeah. Ask yourself if that money is the thing that’s been on the horizon say what is money, money give me and really just dig deep on that question. What does it give me What does I think it’s gonna give me that I think I don’t already have and you’ll find that you already have that and you can you can access and tap into that now and live from that place and more money will come.

Very good. Thank you so much. I mean that sincerely. I mean that we’re friends and all that but I mean, thank you so much and I appreciate you sharing all that with everyone here and they can learn more about you at what’s the name of your podcast? Mind your Business podcast, right

One day you’ll get it

I’m a slow learner yeah don’t even go there when I said that but

You’re doing great let’s just all give it up for Jim he’s doing a great job his one and only interview with one and only guests he’s ever had you

I did a good job you I like myself.

So look, I have to give you a hard time because you give me such

Of course. Absolutely. But for real it’s mind your business podcast. Yeah, that’s a well put well obviously put it in the show notes and everything else and guys, every single one of you listening if you have an online business, Jay I The reason I asked him here is because I know his energy but mainly I know as hard And if he didn’t come with the right energy, I don’t care who makes 100 million a year, I don’t want him on my podcast because I make I would mix that energy with mine and I’m not doing it for my audience. So I cannot say enough good things about what he does, what his work does, and what he does for online entrepreneurs. So again, go follow James at James, thank you so so much. You can put your mic down now go get some dinner, and

I’m just tired.

It’s been holding up much longer than I expected. So go rest and I’ll talk to you later.

Thanks, Jim. Thanks. You guys

Alright bro. Okay, bye bye.


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