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EPISODE 132: “Five Random Thoughts To Change Your Life – Volume 3”

September 23, 2020

Here’s another in the “Five Random Thoughts” Series.  

OK, full transparency, I was pressed for time this weekend and traveling so I put another random thought episode, and given the feedback, it appears many of you guys are loving these.

So, the five random thoughts this week are:

1) When you run your life by emotions you’ll find yourself in the ditch.  

I used to find that it was hard for me to follow through and one of my coaches pointed out, “You don’t follow through with your commitments because when your feelings change so do your commitments.” This was a huge life-altering ah-ha moment. And, if you’re not following through in life perhaps you are the same as I once was?

2) Your life is this way or that way because you tell yourself life is this way or that way.  

Life is a reflection of you. Kahlil Gibran once said, “Words are but simple dripping from the mind.” So, how do you tell yourself that “life is.” Exactly as you tell yourself will be your experience of life!

3) Mastery Is repetition and sacrifice 

These are all simple and this one is as simple as the others but so simple many of us miss. 

What have you “mastered” in life? We live in a world of mediocrity and most of us have “mastered” little. Most of us just get by in life. The title is obvious, to create mastery in anything it requires repetition, and most of us get that yet what most of us don’t like is that it also requires sacrifice. For everything in life, there is a price. And to be masterful at anything you must pay the price for it.

4) Changing your life is very simple but requires devotion  

Change is easy. Becoming who you are now was not hard. You didn’t fight to become who you ARE, you learned it.  Like the last random thought, you become who you are with repetition. 

It’s EASY to do most things with repetition and where and what is your repetition?

5) If I don’t have humbleness I lose everything.  

It took me MANY years to get this. I got it when I tried to quote what I was taught. “The common man is hooked to other men, the spiritual warrior is hooked to infinity.

MEANING: If I lose mySELF in my ego and I then am not humble I then lose “who” I am, which is a spiritual being. There is obviously a lot more and humbleness is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. And, it requires that you place you either above or below anyone.

Transformational Takeaway

1) When you run your life by your emotions you’ll find yourself in the ditch. 

2) Your life is “this way” or “that way” because you tell yourself life is this way or that way.

3) Mastery is repetition and sacrifice.

4) Changing your life is very simple but requires devotion. 

5) If I don’t have humbleness I lose everything.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 132 of the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled five random thoughts to change your life. Now I've done a couple of other episodes like this, this would be episode number three of this kind of format. And I got a lot of positive feedback on it. So I decided to do another one. So if you want five random thoughts to change your life, keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming Your Life. from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, for feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Five Rules For Life To Take You Where You Want To Go

I'm kind of laughing at myself right now. Because many times I will say you know what, guys, this is going to be a short podcast. And the reason why this one I intended to be short, and hopefully it is short is I'm traveling in the morning, and I still have not packed yet, which is par for the course for me. And I know that many times when I say Hey guys, this is going to be short, it ends up being 40 minutes long. So hopefully, hopefully that's not the case today. Because what I do a lot of times when I create a podcast episode, I'll jot some notes down. And I'll just think, okay, I want to do got one this week and this one next week and etc. And when I thought today, what could I do? That would be a really concise podcast, the random thoughts popped into my mind again. So when I'm done with this, we'll know how long it took me today.

Okay, so what I want to do is I want to cover again, five random thoughts, and make them easy for you guys make them bite size. The thing about us human beings is we love to complicate things, and especially people that are overly analytical people that are overly left brain people that are like, you know, Jim, it can't be that easy. I remember one time one of my clients, she said, Jim, I just want to be happy. And she goes, show me how to be happy. And I said, unfortunately for you the way to be happy is to be happy. Because you cannot be happy if you're not being happy, being happy is air quote, the way and it took her a long time because she said no, I don't want that I don't want that. Give me three steps, three steps so that I can be happy. And again, I had to go back through it again is the way to be happy is to be happy because that's a factory setting. For the most part, that's how we're born. As human beings. Happiness is a factory setting. You know, you don't look at a baby, when they start smiling and giggling and you don't think to yourself, Hmm, I wonder who taught that baby, the three steps to being happy. It just came naturally. Because again, it is factory settings.

So when I give you these, these five random thoughts, and they're really not random. I mean, they're just they flow through my mind all the time. But I give them to you in no order. And I want to simplify as much as possible. Okay, some of them are my brother in law, the Shaman some are through our from a couple of my coaches. And I'll just kind of discern, as I go through here. One of my coaches one time, she is an NLP Master Trainer, and they Neuro Linguistic Programming. She's coached the mega high levels in life. I mean, American presidents when they were in the White House, etc. And many years ago, in 1994, when I was I was had to think there. And 1994 when I was in NLP training with her, I said, Why is it so hard for me to stay committed to things? And she said, Well, that's very easy. She said, You're run by your emotions. And when your emotions change your thoughts, obviously, you know, change your actions change. And let me back up there. Now I don't know how she told it to me because actually, our emotions come from our thinking, what we think is how we feel. But she told me some rendition of this. And basically what she was saying is that it's hard for you to achieve your goals. Because when your feelings change, about anything around your goal, then you abandon your goal.

Which means we could say for example, I am committed to XYZ. And then what happens is, is when our feelings change about XYZ, why because of something external it was rainy outside or it's cold outside or you know, sniffling I have I have a cold or you know what, I just don't feel like doing it today. Anytime we get into our emotions, or we're not feeling it, you know, then what we do is we're like, I won't do that today. One of my other coaches said, and I found this, she was a very direct, no nonsense coach. And I found this very valuable. She often said, that when you let yourself be driven by your emotions, you will find yourself in the ditch.

So what I want you to look at is I want you to look at your own life. And ask yourself, I mean, really, you know, take a hard look at yourself. And notice all the things that you think that you want to do that you think you're committed to. And notice when your feelings change about that, how I feel about XYZ, how I feel about writing copy today, or prospecting, or whatever it is for you, or getting in shape. Now, these all come from your identities well, as well. But for now, let's keep it simple. Notice, when your feelings about something change, so does your commitment. And when your feelings change very quickly your goal, as my coach Laurie said, is you will find yourself in the ditch.

I'm not going to go into commitment here. But I remember reading a story about a young navy seal. And he said that he had committed to run two miles every day for a certain amount of time, I think it was two or three months. And one morning he woke up. And he said, You know what, I'm not feeling all that well. And then he said, should I run Should I not run, maybe I'm getting sick, and if I'm getting sick, I don't want to get sicker. I just need to balance here, what I'm going to do. And what he did is he ran he got about a bed and he ran. And He later said, I don't know where I read this or where I heard the story. But he said, You know what, if I got sicker, then you know what I would get over that. But if I broke my word to myself, which is self integrity, and if I didn't keep my word to myself, you know what it would it would be harder to get over that. And he worked from what I call an unbreakable standard, meaning that when you make a commitment to yourself, it's unbreakable even when your emotions change around the commitment, you make an unbreakable standard, that no matter what I commit to doing XYZ, even when my feelings change.

So what you have to do is you have to work from the commitment, not how you feel about your commitment, unless the feeling is creating positive emotion and you're driving the commitment. So hopefully that made sense to you. And the first takeaway, the first random thought, is when you run your life by your emotions, you will soon find yourself in the ditch. Here's one that is extremely profound and very simple. And as I alluded to, when I started this episode, we humans like to make things very simple. And also, as a result of that many times, we will miss the simple wisdom right in front of us. Because we're trying to make this simple wisdom difficult. We're trying to take it, massage it and make it fit our model of reality, when you know, when really what's going on, is the answer is right in front of you.

This is something that I learned from my brother in law, he was talking to me one time. And he said something so simple, and so profound. And it is the random thought number two, and that is your life is this way, or that way. Because you tell yourself, your life is this way or that way. Let me repeat that and let that soak in your life is this way or that way? Because you tell yourself, your life is this way or that way. So you've heard me say a lot of times in this podcast is that your life is a reflection of you. But the question is, how are you telling yourself that your life is, and I know that we have that choice, which you hear me mention a lot here in the podcast, because I can put two people and the very same situation. And the two people will think very different things about that situation, which means they are actually thinking one way or another or a different way about the situation that they're in, I can put somebody in a project that I would say on a hardness scale, meaning how difficult it is, maybe it's a five, which is even arbitrary. Some people can say it's a seven, it's really easy. Some people can say it's a three, you know, it's it's harder for them, or vice versa, you know, whatever you want it I'm just making this, you know, metaphor up, as some people will say it's all it's really hard. It's a seven, which I was just different, the one I said a little earlier, or a three and it's really easy.

However, you know, whatever the end of the spectrum, you want to put your threes and your sevens, but basically I meaning some people will find it hard. Some people will find it easier, but yet it's the very same task or a situation. So the question for you right here is, I'm going to slow down. How do you tell yourself that your life is, consider that is making money a struggle is attracting money easy, is working in corporate America really hard is working in corporate America, really easy. Look at what's going on in the world right now. COVID, Corona, whatever you want to call it. What does it mean to you? What interpretations are you making it is wearing a mask hard, is wearing a mask easy. So I want you to expand this to all of your life and just sit down and just sit for a few minutes and think think about this. As I said, my life, my life is this way or that way. Because I tell myself, it is this way or that way. Because again, I can put two different people in two different situations. And one person will say, there's no way I can do that. And the other person will say, absolutely, I can do that, even if they've never done it before. Why? Because their life is this way or that way, based upon what they tell themselves their life is. So wherever you are in life, wherever you are in life, is because you have told yourself, your life is a particular way. And your external circumstances actually correspond to that, to that. Not that, but that, like I said, it's fairly late. I've gotten in the bad. Everything's a habit. I've gotten into the bad habit of recording these very late.

Alright, so let me give you an example here, that a friend of mine many years ago, I lived in New York, and I used to meet a lot of very interesting people. I had famous clients being a hypnotist many years ago, I had a list of very famous people. I mean, at one time, I had three cast members from Saturday, you know, Saturday Night Live. And these are people that you know, and also guys, one reason I'm kind of tripping over my words, I've got to find a new microphone, this one here muffles me out, and I can't hear myself. So it's not that I can't talk. It's that I can't hear myself talk with this headset. So I need to get a new headset. Anyway, back to what I'm saying is I had three cast members from a Saturday Night Live one time, and they were all well known. And I worked at movie stars and everything else.

And one of my clients was I heard conversations between them was one of my clients was friends with the President of the United States. And I was telling a friend about all this one time, and he said to me, Jim, how do you meet the kind of people that you meet? And I said, Oh, that's very easy. And I said, I don't know, I just expect to meet these kind of people. And because I held that anticipation for myself, I held that model of reality. And that's what I talked to myself about. Well, that was my external experience, I met people because I knew I was the kind of person who would meet people. So my life was the way that it was because I told myself my life was that way. And that's called self talk also. But if you look at Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali always used to say what Muhammad Ali used to always say, I'm the greatest fighter who ever lived. I'm the greatest fighter who ever lived. I'm the greatest fighter who ever lived. And of course, that's debatable. But you know what, you can also look at him and put him in the category as one of the greatest fighters who has ever lived.

So look at your life, you know, stop whatever you're doing right now and just pay attention. And look at right now take it take a three minute survey, look back in your day to day, and tell yourself and recognize what are three negative things you said today that are counterproductive. And they hold you back? I can't do anything, right. It's so hard to get ahead. Only XYZ people get ahead. Only those kind of people can do it because I can't do it. Or I'm not smart enough. Or you know what people are going to judge me and judge me and judge me, even though they might do it. Your reaction to it is based upon your interpretation of people judging you. So right now take you know, a couple of minutes and look at how much negativity you have actually directed back at yourself. today. Free mastery is a repetition and sacrifice.

So you know what's interesting, though, is that very few people in the world as I notice, as I'm seeing really want to want mastery in life. Most people are spending so much time just trying to get back in life. And I mean this kindly, because it's not my place to judge anyone but what's always been what's always been a goal for me is excellence, meaning being not the best, because there's no such thing as not being perfect in what I do, but mastering what I do, and working from excellence. But this day and age, we live in a world of mediocrity. People are just trying to get by they're financially people are struggling in this world. But most people quit way too early and too easily. As a matter of fact, most people in life quit way too early. Because why? Oh, I just don't want to do it anymore, or amount of energy or I'm gonna go watch Netflix or whatever it is.

One of my good friends according to LinkedIn, she's one of the top 10 marketers in the world. She's been a long term friend of mine. She is a best selling book. She's a social media. I mean entrepreneurs CEO owns a very large company. She's in her mid 30's now, but as long as I've known her for 10 years, every year, for example, like, I don't know that it's in Business Week, that every year they published, you know, top 30 entrepreneurs in the country under 30, and under 25, and all that, and she's been an issues like many issues for many years. And Shannon, were talking one day and she's like, you know, Jim, most people, they just won't put in the work, meaning the like, and I don't think you know, I've said before, I don't think that getting ahead is about hard work. But it's about where you keep your attention. And that's actually something I'm going to get to in just a bit. But I find that to be so true is most people quit way too early. They really, if they don't get what they want, when they want like right away, like Amazon Prime, you know, boom, you order is here tomorrow. And people don't get what they want very quickly. They just quit. And I've seen that over and over and over again.

And you look at people that are masters at what they do. You know, I'm literally having my house in Sedona, Arizona, renovated right now. And I have a lot of master craftsman working in the house and you watch them work on something you think would be really simple. And they spend time doing it very, very well. The author Malcolm Gladwell, I believe it was Gladwell, who said it takes 10,000 hours to master anything. I don't agree with him because for example, Mozart wasn't even 10,000 hours old, when he started writing his you know, his own concertos, and everything else. So some people are born just natural talent and natural skill. But the reality is this, most people won't spend the time and invest the time and developing the mastery. And that's not always because I mean, for example, nobody recognized Van Gogh is a master while he's on the planet. But I tell you this, if you develop mastery and excellence in what you do, and you have high prosperity consciousness, you will be paid very, very well in life.

But right now, we live in a world where people want everything right now. I mean, I've got to have it right now,Now,Now now,Now, now I'm in a rush to get it. And because I'm in a rush to get it, Hell no, I'm not going to put any time into mastering something. And that goes back you've probably heard me say a lot of times is where do you put your attention. Many years ago, I was with Don Javier, my brother in law in Jackson Hole, which is a very powerful place. Now I've got family that actually they own a home in Jackson Hole as well. So I go there often. But I remember one time this was 20 years ago, they had this little raffle at the airport. And you follow this little raffle thing and answer questions and all this and they entered you into a drawing to win a free airfare back to Jackson Hole. Now, did they do that? I don't know. I mean, I assumed it was legit and everything. But Don Javier looked at me. And he said, if you put as much time and attention into other things that would grow you spiritually as you did this raffle, you would be surprised and amazed at what you become in life. Because back then 20 years ago, even though I was working with a shaman was kind of like a air quote, kind of like a hobby for me. And I wasn't fully devoted, like I became over the years.

When I when I I always remember that story. And I look back and I'm like, Well, where do I put my attention? And live Seriously? Do I devote things to mastery? And that does not mean excellence? It doesn't mean perfection. But I mean, just being very good at whatever craft I'm doing. Do I put my attention there? Or do I go for the you know, quick right away? Bam, bam, let me just do it and get it done. You know, my final takeaway here is what I noticed running transformational programs is that most when it comes to sacrifice, most and I do say most because I know my statistics, statistics and numbers and everything else is most people will not sacrifice their time, and their money to become the highest and best possible version of themselves. Because many people also want something right now. And if I can't have it right now, then guess what? I'm not going to do it.

Okay, number four is changing your life is very simple, and requires devotion. And it goes a little bit to the lines of what I was just talking about. But the reality is this. And I know that you may or not, may or may not believe that right now. But change is very easy. Seriously, change is very, very easy. And they give you an example of that. It wasn't hard for you to become who you are now, think about that. As a child, it wasn't hard for you to develop your personality, because you learn that from your environment and your parents and your church and your school and everything else. So notice, you didn't fight. You didn't fight to become who you are. You learned to become who you are, and get this. You became who you are with repetition.

Now, right now, many people as I said in the world, they won't actually they won't devote themselves to transformation. They won't devote themselves to inner growth. And even though there's tons of books out there on personal development, as you guys know, I think 90% of all books that people buying go unread. And then the rest. Basically, I think people read one or two chapters, and they don't go into it. So what I want to share with you also, is, it's easy to be repetitious about things. Because look at your life right now, your life is simply repetition. This is brain based. Your life is repetition, day in, day out, however, it's the repetition that keeps recreating each and every day, the same day, Groundhog Day over and over and over and over, times 100, over and over and over again. So it's easy to create repetition, if you're paying attention to where your attention is.

So let me give you an example here is track your day to day, seriously, track your day or pick tomorrow whenever you want, and track your day for 24 hours. And notice where you have your attention for that 24 hours. Is it on the computer all day long? Is it on Facebook is an Instagram? Is it on Netflix? Is it on the TV? Is it on the news? Is it on the world around you? Where is your attention? Because it's very easy for you to change your life? For example, what if you picked? What if you went back to one of the first episodes like number five here on my podcast? I think it was five, six, something like that, where I talk about subconscious reprogramming? What if you devoted your attention for 30 days? I mean, you did it. So you became in the habit of it. But you devoted your attention for 30 days to transforming your subconscious identity. How do you think I mean, how do you think your life would be in 30 days, however, most people are not devoted. They're also not committed, but are not devoted to transforming their lives. They'll do something for a day or two, and then boom, they're off track, and they're off doing something else. And then a year later, they wonder why their life hasn't changed.

So plain and simple. And it's pretty simple, is changing your life as simple as thinking, what you're thinking right now and you're thinking what you're going to do next, you're thinking what's for dinner, and you're thinking about picking up the kids. And you're thinking about writing an email and you're thinking about texting someone, notice how easy it is to think. So changing your life is as easy as thinking yet you must be devoted to the thinking that's going to get you the outcome that you want.

Okay, the final one, and I might have got my numbers mixed up, because I'm just going through these in my head, basically. But is, here's the final one. If I don't have humbleness, I lose everything. Consider that if I don't have humbleness, I lose everything. Now, it took me a long time to understand what this means. Again, this was something taught to me by my brother in law, the shaman. And as best I could put this together in my mind over the years, is something else he said to me is that the common man is hooked to other men, and the warrior is hooked to infinity. I'll repeat that the common man is hooked to other men, and the warrior is hooked to infinity. What that means is, is that the common human being is hooked to all the world around them. And the warrior is hooked to literally spiritual evolution.

And what I recognized is that if I'm not humble, that means I'm in my ego, which is my 3d self, which is hooked to the rest of humanity, and all of the mental toxicity that humanity gets into. So the only way to release myself from the mental toxicity that humanity gets into, is to like to lessen my ego. And that means being humble. And for me, humbleness is literally, I'm no better than anyone else on the planet, within anything that I have, or any of that I'm no better than anyone else. The way that I look at as human beings on the planet, relative to humbleness is that a first grader and a seventh grader? They're both the same. They're learning different things. But guess what they're both in school. The seventh grader is no better than the first grader, the seventh grader is just learning different lessons.

And so and I'm working on it, guys. I mean, I'm human, as well. But I'm working on let me let me see how humble that I can be. Now, honestly, I get a lot of accolades in my Transformational Coaching Programs, on a lot of people like Jim, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, like, thank you, Tom's 100, for helping me transform my life. And the reality is, I'm humbled, and I just say thank you very much. But I don't get into Oh, I'm a big banana. And I can do this. And I can do that. And these people say all these wonderful things, but now, I don't get into any of that. I just do what I do. And as a result of doing what I do, then the results happen. But it's really not about me, it's just me being the guide for these people and all the people that are in my coaching and Transformational Coaching Programs.

So, where I work from is you know what, just like you listening to this podcast, and you're here for a reason, I am the same but different. I'm also actually learning my lessons. Also, I heard somebody one time say a speaker and I disagree with him. He said He said nobody got ahead in life by being humble. Really, I just don't buy that, because what I think is about humbleness, humbleness is not thinking less of yourself. humbleness is thinking of yourself less. Humbleness is not thinking less of yourself, humbleness is thinking of yourself less, meaning I don't put so much attention on myself so much ego on myself so much self- importance on myself. Because when I do that I lose myself, which is the connection to the higher part of myself, or what you guys would probably say, my higher spiritual self.

Something else here then we'll wrap up is that most of us in life don't give to give we give to get. If you look at somebody, for example, that gives all this money to a hospital and they want their name John Smith Memorial Wing, or John Smith, you know, Pulmonary Cardiovascular wing or whatever, is that John Smith is really getting the money to the hospital to put John Smith's name on the side of the hospital. And that's not humbleness. I learned many years ago, true humbleness is doing things for other people, and other people not even knowing that you're doing it for them. That is humbleness.

So your takeaway here is that we're all learning our lessons. Be humble. And remember, you're the same as everyone else, just at a different lesson in life. Okay, very quickly, let's recap these. And they are when you run your life by emotions, you will find yourself in a ditch. The next one is life is this way or that way. Because you tell yourself life is this way or that way. Next one, mastery is repetition and sacrifice. Next one, changing your life is very simple, and requires devotion. And the final one is, if I don't have humbleness, I lose everything. Okay, that wraps up this episode. Thank you for listening, and I'll catch you on the next episode. Bye bye.


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