The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 135: “When Is A Good Day To Die? Part 2”

October 14, 2020

What a crazy show title, right? I mean…who titles an episode “When is a great day to die?” I do, that’s who. 

I asked the question because it’s something that most people don’t want to face. Ya know, the inevitable, death! Yet, it’s a certainty for all of us. 

The “biggest truth” in this 3D life is that you’re going to leave the planet and it’s something that is so casually looked at or ignored that most people miss the power in the acceptance of it. 

Meaning: If death is the “worst” that could happen to you then why do so many billions of people fear far less – like if someone judges them, if they are good enough, etc. Ridiculous, right? 

To the title of this episode. Death is inevitable, so what makes one day or any day better than another? There is no “better” day to die. I mean, whichever day it happens, it’s going to happen and no day is better than another. 

So, while on the planet do you want to free yourself from the limits of 3D fears and enjoy a great life? Or, do you want to not free yourself and live many years and yet not be “alive?” 

A blissful life or a miserable one. Either way you’re going to die. Accept the bigger awareness in life, use it to your advantage and life a life of well-being! 

Transformational Takeaway

Today is a great day to die.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 135 of the Transform your Life from the inside out podcast. In this episode, it is a follow up to the question that I asked you last week. And that question was, When is a good day to die? And I want to dig into that in this episode.

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Recognize That Death Is Liberation

Okay, so let's look at When is the good day to die? First things first, I want to cover here as I'm traveling, I just moved literally yesterday, across country. I'm sitting in my car right now recording this particular episode, you may hear some background noise, I don't know, I'm going to do my best to keep it quiet. But if you hear any background noise, or honking or anything else, even though I'm in front of a condo that I'm renting, it's simply because I'm traveling, and I'm doing this in a car. And also it's going to be a relatively short episode. But I want to dig into the question that I asked you last week. And I wanted you to ponder that question. And the question was, When is a good day to die? And what did you come up with? What entered your mind? And I also want to want you to notice something else? Did you simply just hear the question and go? No big deal? Let me move on? Or did you take your time? And did you ponder that question? I mean, it's actually a pretty big question that I'm asking you to ponder. When is a good day to die.

Now, I know a lot of us and I just thought of a funny story there. ancillary. Many years ago, I used to be on the executive staff with Jimmy Carter, at the executive at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta. It's all humanitarian work. It's not partisan. And one day, we were talking to President Carter, and somebody said, Mr. President, how significant Do you think it was? That Yes, our Arafat's top Lieutenant was assassinated. And Carter thought for a moment, and it goes well, I think it was probably very significant to the guy assassinated. And, you know, I just laugh. I don't know, it just came to my mind. But in this in this in this episode, how significant is it to you? About how long you stay on the planet? How significant is is it to you about when you air quote, die? Now, the question that I asked you, when is a good day to die? I mean, that's a crazy question, right? I mean, who also asked questions like that on the podcast. And you know, is Monday a better day is Wednesday a better day? Is it better that I kick the bucket when I'm 35? When I'm 42, when I'm 77. When is a better time to kick the bucket.

I'm going to sniffle here a little bit. Also, I could edit that out. But no time for all that today, I can send that to my editor. But I also this rental that I rentedand has built the carpets. Number one is I'm not a fan of carpet, like a carpet in a house just full of just like allergens. So I'm sniffling a little bit today is through this podcast. And I'm under a timeframe also. So I've got to get this banged out so I can get it to the editor. And as you probably already know, rarely do we rarely ever edit podcasts. They're basically just here I am talking with you. Okay, the question that I just asked you? And is it better to die, air quote, die when you're 20? When you're 40? When you're 60? I mean, when does it really matter? And let's look at that from a soul perspective. And as I do, or I attempt to do on every episode, I want to tie this back to you to rubber meets the road content, so you can take away some great value from this particular episode.

So let's look at it from a soul perspective. And if you're looking at it from a soul perspective, and I've talked about before is that according to Einstein, the Law of Conservation of Energy, the Law of Conservation of Matter is nothing in the universe can be destroyed, it simply changes form. So that means you cannot be destroyed you simply change form. Basically you are non physical incarnating into the physical and you're going to actually leave the planet back to the non physical again. Now that being said, Your soul is eternal, which I know that many of you probably already think that or believe that or have some perspective on that. But that being said, Do you think your soul really cares? Your souls infinite? You think your soul really cares if you leave when you're 20? Or 60? or 90 or 105? Do you think your soul really air quote, cares when you leave the planet? And I would say no, because your souls that you know, eternal? Why would it care if you left on a Monday or a Tuesday? Or when you're 20 years old? Or 30? or 40 or 50 years? Why? Why would it actually air quote, care when you left the planet, knowing that you're eternal, and you simply go from one incarnation to another incarnation to another incarnation, as you evolve, and you you grow your being-ness.

Also, I want to point out there is that a lot of people use the word dies, if it's a bad word, D I E, and it's it's such a great that word alone brings so much tragedy and so much suffering to people, as opposed to actually fully owning and recognizing that you know what, it's a great liberation to get off the planet. You know, I know I've mentioned before, have you ever asked yourself before, what you gave up to even incarnate in this 3d form on this planet? What did you give up? You gave up infinite knowing you give up your infinite self, to literally squeeze yourself into this little bitty body sort of metaphorically speaking, that's literally a miniscule like a grain of sand on an ocean. The grain of sand compared to the ocean is your physical body and your ego compared to your totality of you. What did you give up to become this little bitty human ego, even though you can be huge as well. But in this 3d form, you're also little compared to the vastness of you. What did you give up to incarnate in to the body.

So as I was mentioning, from a soul perspective, your infinite life here is short and finite. And that's why I say, any day is a good day to die. Now, I also want to point out universe Please listen, is I'm not inviting transition right now. I'm not inviting air quote, death. I'm not inviting any of that. I'm simply saying that I know that you know what, my numbers are going to be up one day. And I accept that and I own that and whenever that is, that is in my highest good and best interest as a soulful being because it means it's my time to actually leave this life school to leave this lesson to go on the higher transformation. Evolution, let me put it that way higher evolution, as a soul being.

Now the word die. So many people have so many negative connotation connotations about that, especially in the West, and Western thinking. You know, people are like, Oh, my gosh, this person died and that person died. No one dies, it's simply that they're in another dimension. That is it. They still exist, just like you exist, but you exist in a different dimension. And again, I promise I'm going somewhere with this particular episode. So, but the bad word, people boohoo for years and years and years, my mother died, my father died. Well, guess what? Prepare yourself, because you're going to follow them as well. You're also going to leave the planet and if you're going to leave the planet back to the title of the episode, why is one day any better than another day to leave the planet?

So people speak of dying with finality on this planet, oh my gosh, john is no longer here. I'm going to cry I'm gonna cry John's no longer here. Now what I'm not saying is I'm not being callous. And I'm not saying do not disregard and do not actually I want you to properly grieve whatever that is for you. Many times people grieve way too long. Experience the emotion give thanks and move on in your life. And I don't mean do it in two hours. But I mean, experience a proper whatever it is for you a proper level or time of grief, and then move on with your life because guess what, this sounds a little actually odd, odd in the way that I say it. But guess what? The person that you may be grieving has already moved on with their life. Now given they've already moved on, would they want to see you,You know, air quote, saying using the word see where they want to air quote, see you grieving when they've already moved on.

Any day is a good day to die. And we can even change that to any day is a good day to transition. So there is no finality is that your life is a continuum. You simply leave this 3d ego 3d body and you move on and you incarnate at some point a little later on down the road, and you will have countless incarnations in your evolution. You will have countless incarnations, not only in this galaxy, but in others, you will have countless incarnations not only in this universe, but in other universes. Now I've learned that all through the shaman that I work with, and I've explained, I'm not going to experience because I haven't fully transitioned off the planet that's coming many years down the road, I suppose I will be here as long as I need to be here. And the same thing with you.

Talking to some college buddies recently. And somebody said, Hey, somebody, you know, one of our fraternity brothers died was the exact exact words that were used. And I didn't say anything, but all the other guys were like, you know what he left way too young. No, he didn't. He left when it was time for him to go. When it was literally the time space continuum. For him to leave the planet. He left the planet, he was 51. I mean, people leave when they're one day old people leave when they are 105, you know, five years old. It wasn't too early for him to leave the planet, he left the planet when he needed to leave the planet. And when it was the proper time in his evolution for him to leave the planet.

Now, that being said, our lives from a soul perspective, are all continuity, from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime to galaxy to universes. Something I was saying a little earlier, I didn't finish my thought is that scientists are now discovering, which I've learned from the shaman and being apprentice apprenticing with a shaman is that there are multiple universes that science is now discovering. And when you look at that multi verses, do you think you're literally just kind of, you know, sideline to one little galaxy over here in one universe, and this is your whole, you know, the bane of your entire existence is over here. No, you are an infinite, infinite infinite.

I'm thinking you're what the word I want to pick you or let's just say this an infinite soul being in the multi verses, okay. So accept the continuity. And then when you accept the continuity that I'm going to go from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. Guess what the question that I have for you right now is, what is it? What is the need? What is the need for you to have fear? What purpose does fear serve you, when you're traveling for Google's amount of time, as an infinite soul? And that's so easy for us to hear going, ooh, I'm an infinite soul and this body, but yet what most people do is they identify with the body. I am Jim and I am John. I'm Susan and I am Bob and I am Kyoko and all these names from all over the world. No, you're not that. That's simply the body that you're in at the moment in this time space continuum.

Now, let's concretize all of this a little bit. We started with, when is a good day to die? Well, you know what the day you punch the clock and you're off the planet. That's a good day to die. Because guess what you're leaving anyway, whether you find it or not, you're going to leave that day, metaphorically speaking, punch punching the clock. But what I want to share with you here and I want you to take away from this episode is that when you accept your life as continuity, your soul lives and continuity, and everything's continuity body well let me back up there. You continuously go from one 3d body to another. And by the way, just I'm transparent with you guys, I'm tripping over my words, I literally got to bed like at 4am last night, I had to be up early this morning. I'm in a rental right now, which I just got into which is filthy. I had to go to the management office while I'm waiting for my home to be finished in a few weeks. So I can move in. And I've been going crazy a different directions. Which is why, at the end of this episode, I'm going to share with you that we're going to put the podcast on hold for a couple of weeks.

Okay, back to what I was saying. So what I was sharing with you, as my mind is like mashed potatoes right now. And I'm in a very energetically powerful place also in Sedona, Arizona. Okay, back to the podcast. When you accept that your life like for example, I don't even say that we live in past lives. Because for example, there is no time time is a human construct. If there is no time then how can you live in past lives? What I say is that we have lived in other and different lives, but not past lives.

Okay, you guys know me for rubber meets the road. So my question right now for you is what are your biggest fears? Think about that for a moment? What are your biggest fears? What things are you afraid to do? And notice these things aren't tied to your soul. They are tied to your human ego. And I also want you to notice is that we're infinite beings. And most people I'm using the word literally most people let little bitty nonsensical things, stop them in life.Literally just sucks the life out of most people on most countries on the planet. And those two big things, those fears that people get into our number one people are going to judge me If they don't judge me, they're not going to like me. And if they're going to like me, they're going to abandon me. And then the other fear is, you know what? I'm not good enough. I'm not as good as Bob is, or I'm not as good as Jane is. I'm just not good enough.

Well, do you think your soul? Do you think your soul cares? If John and Susan think you're not good enough? Think about that. Do you think your soul really gives a crap about what Susan and John think about you as a as an infinite being. But yet, what we do is we identify with the ego. And that's the smallest part of us. That's the pinky part of us like our little bitty Pinky and the end of our pinky at that. And we say, this is our entire existence right here. It's my little bitty finger after the after the how many joints second joint, that's my life? No, most people live from that very small part of themselves.

And again, if you look at the bigger part, do you think the bigger part really cares? When you leave the planet? No, what's the after the second joint pinky finger, we're like, oh, my gosh, I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to leave the planet. And again, I'm saying for the second time, I'm not advocating that any of you invite transition off the planet, far from it. I'm just saying that once you accept that, and any day, you're ready to pack your bags or front office calls, hey, time to come home. That's power. That's freedom. Because you let go of all the things that you've been clinging know, cling, cling, I can't talk today, clinging on to. And I look at it this way. It's not death, want to leave the planet, it's not death. It's just transition. And when you accept this, I promise you, and I can say this with confidence. And when I was in the hospital seven months ago, or six, or however long ago with heart failure, and I knew it, I knew it recover, I knew it'd be fine. And today, I'm fine. I'm still recovering a little bit. But I've been going really hard 3d wise, the last, you know, months, getting ready to move and things that I'm doing. But I know that when I go, it's time for me to go. And I'm not going to go kicking and screaming, I'm going to be like, okay, here's my bus pass. How am I you know, here's my orders from the marching orders from the front office time to go. And I'm good with that. Why? Because I'm going to go to a higher evolution when I leave the planet.

For now I'm staying because I have work and you are on the planet because you have work. If you didn't have work, you wouldn't be here. So the third time, I don't want any of these people hear what they want to hear. I don't want to hear anybody's saying, oh, that Jim Fortin guy, he said that we should like accept death and leave the planet. Yep, yep. Yep. That's what he said. No, I didn't. I didn't say that at all. I simply said, and what I'm saying any day is a good day to die. transition, because you are going to transition, there's no fighting it. So accept it. And when you bring that because you're attached to your life, when you actually bring that into your life.It sets you free, it sets you free. And it also sets you free. Think about this, it gives you a freedom from the little bitty, bitty life things that you are attached to.

And earlier when I said about Susan and John judging you, if that bothers you, guess what you're attached to it. So not only are you living in this 3d body, you're letting the little littlest things literally suffocate the life out of your 3d body. And the Buddha said, the greatest source of suffering is attachment. And notice that when you have a fear of being judged, or what other people think you're attached, you're attached to your 3d ego, which is the smallest part of who you are anyway, after the second knuckle in the pinky, you're attached. And then what I want you to notice is how much suffering how much suffering do you go through in your life? And many of you go through it all day long. What are people going to say about me? What is this person going to think? What is that person going to think? And you suffocate yourself with what you think other people think about you and you suffocate the smallest part of yourself, your 3d ego, meaning John Smith, or Susie Sanderson or whatever your name is, you suffocate yourself with the smallest part of who you are. And then guess what? You're afraid to die. But you never live while you're here. You never live.

Why? Because you're living a suffocated life and you're not enjoying your life. And so the irony is that you want to live your life and most of you do not. And, again, I'm not asking you to invite it, but this death thing. So you're not even living your life. Because you're being suffocated by the attachments of fear, tie to your 3d ego. This is what I want to point out. This is a transformational takeaway for you. Either way Either way, you're going to die, you're going to transition, you're going to leave the planet. Now the question is, is what days a good day as I started with, well, any day is a good day because you have air, quote, no control over when that you're going to leave your numbers up your numbers up, boom, the front office is calling you go home. But what I want to point out, is either way, you're going to transition.

Now, the transformational takeaway is this. Do you want to transition having fully lived a life of well being a life of feeling good, a life of being alive, or when you get to the end of the road, or the way you're going to the end of the road? Do you want to leave the planet, having lived a life, of suffocation. It's like, for example, if you're living from the fears and judgments of other people, it's like you're drowning. And then and obviously in water, and then you get your head above water. You take a deep breath, and then the fear and suffocation pulls you right back down again under the water, and you're drowning, and you're wailing, and you're flipping around, ah, he gets tamerigan, and then the fear for other people sucks you right back under again. And then guess what, at the end of all, that at the end of having your rear and kicked drowning, you're going to die anyway. So wouldn't you walk that path to the end of your time here? Isn't it better to walk there and peace and to let go of the suffering and to let go the attachment? Or is it better to attach and fight your entire life and stillleave?

Anyway, your takeaways are, you're going to leave Anyway, you pick the path and how comfortable it's going to be. And any day is a good day to transition off the planet. Okay, I alluded to earlier, you'd be laughing right now, if you saw me, I'm sitting here in my car. And I'm recording the podcast. And I've got so much going on with moving I haven't moved in a lot of years. But honestly, I forgot how all consuming that it is. And I don't pre record the podcast because I don't record something until something hits me. And I'm like, that's what I want to record today or this week or whatever, boom, that's here's here's a, here's a message that I need to pass through. So I don't have a library of recorded, you know, podcast, we can just pop up.

Oh, exhale, because I've been under a lot of a lot of things going on. I'm going to take two weeks off, maybe even a month from the podcast, we'll be back in two weeks for a month, obviously, you'll see when we're back. And I'm looking forward, I'm so grateful to have spent this past 135 episodes with you. And I'm honored. And I'm blessed to be able to serve. I mean, I can't even tell you, this is my Dharma and I am blessed to be at your service. So let me have a little breather here. Let me get moved into my new house. So I'm not doing the podcast in the car. The reason I'm not doing it in the condos, because it smells so bad. I don't want to do it in there.

So I'm in the car. Let me get settled in my new home. Give me a few weeks to three weeks at the longest maybe a month. And I will be back from the bottom of my heart. I'm grateful for you allowing me to serve. And you got two to three weeks or maybe a month. ponder this last episode. Please, please, I'm requesting set yourself free from other people. There's a quote that I was taught many years ago. And the quote is this is the common man hooks to other men or women. It's just a just a generic pronoun, the common man hooks to other men, the spiritual warrior hooks to infinity. And we live in a very tumultuous world.

And as I say to all of my students in the Transformational Coaching Program, the world needs us. If you're listening to this podcast, and you are right now because you're listening, the kind of person that you are listening is attracted to this kind of energy. The world is begging and screaming for people like you to grow and evolve and transform so that we can be leaders in the world. We might not make global impacts individually. But you know what you can impact even you kids, you can impact your mothers and your cousin, your uncles and your brothers, your school teachers. You can impact people. The more you grow and transform, the more the world around you is going to grow and transform, and we can create a ripple effect across the planet. OK, a big hug to you and I'll catch you when I catch you. Stay well. Bye bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know if you found value, they will too. So please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to and I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my Instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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