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EPISODE 18: “Q & A – I Am Attracting Clients Who Don’t Pay Me, How Do I Stop This?”

May 20, 2019

If you’ve ever struggled with asking for money or collecting it from clients or people, then you’re going to love this episode.

In this Q & A episode Andrew asks, “I am attracting clients who don’t pay me, how do I stop this?”

As you’ll hear in this episode, you’re not alone if you experience this very same thing. And what you have to understand is that more than likely it’s a matter of your subconscious identity and value relative to money.

In this episode I discuss:

I also talk about the paradigm you want to work from mentally if you want to transform the money you get paid from clients.

Transformational Takeaway

What characteristics and ways of BEing would you need to be, to attract and create the level of money you desire?

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Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to episode number 18 of the Transform Your Life from the Inside Out podcast. And this episode is a Q&A episode. I’m going to answer Andre’s question. His question is, “I am attracting clients who don’t pay me, and I want to stop this as much as possible.” Plain and simple. This is a money and personal value question. If you’re afraid to ask for money, or to charge what you’re worth or your services are worth, then you’re going to love this episode. Keep listening. Hi. I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start transforming your life from the inside out with this podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation and I’ve coached superachievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you’re going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype, because this podcast is a combination of brain science, transformational psychology, and ancient wisdom all rolled one to take your life to levels you have never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

Do Not Fear The Reciprocity of Life

So the question this week is, “I am attracting clients who don’t pay me, and I want to stop this as much as possible.” Well, that’s not a question. It’s a statement. However, it’s what Andrews dealing with. And I know right now that a lot of you listening, you’re also dealing with this. You’re not getting paid what you’re worth, you’re afraid to charge people, you’re afraid to ask for a raise, you quite literally are afraid to ask for the reciprocal value that you put out into the world. And quite literally, that comes down to your identity.
The rest of his email is, and again if I’m a little choppy here is because I can’t pull I can’t believe, but the emails every week are half you know, half sentences, misspelled words, the grammar is generally atrocious. I’m just you calling it like you know, I’m seeing them and I’m just, telling you what I get. But anyway, he says “I guess I realized that it is happening too often. Therefore, if my reality is a looking glass to my habits and self-image, how can I change this? This pattern is also stopping me from breaking through revenue barriers.” Well, my comment is, how you change this is how you change your identity. Which we’ve talked about on multiple episodes. And obviously, yes this pattern which is an unconscious pattern is definitely stopping you from achieving your revenue barriers. So let me ask you some questions here Andrew, and for those of you that are listening along, if you can relate to anything that I just read or anything that I just said, as I’m asking Andrew these questions, I also want you to imagine that I’m asking you these very same questions. So question number one is, what do you think is causing you to attract clients who can’t pay you? Consider that for a moment. What in you is causing people who can’t pay you? You know, we also live in a world where many people want things free. And my personal philosophy, even my friends that I work with professionally, many times people will want to do things for me free, and I do not allow it. And the reason why is because, I believe that everything in life has its compensations, and everything has value for the most part. And if I take value from someone, which means I take their energy, and I do not exchange it, then basically I’m working in a vacuum in that moment. There’s no what I call AYNI, A-Y-N-I, which is Ancient Incan for the Reciprocity of life. So when people give to me, I want to give back to them even more, even though that you know, they say well, you know, you don’t have to pay me.
So the reason I tell you that, is because that’s where I work from when it comes to my money. You know, consciousness and prosperity and vibration. But I’m going to tell you right now, and you know what, I can’t judge because I’ve been there before, is that most, and I’m going to use the word “most” and I thought about that word before I used it, most people want something from other people, and they want it cheap, and they do not want to pay for it, and then they wonder why they themselves are broke. You know also Andrew, I don’t have enough information. And when you guys actually when you write in, if you could tell me what you do for a living like Andrew, I have no idea what he does for a living. So I have no idea what it is that he says people can’t pay him for. I don’t know if it’s massage or photography or you know copywriting. I don’t know. So if you guys couldn’t when you write in if you can tell me what you do without writing, you know, the book War and Peace, you know, that’s a 500-page book I believe, but if you can tell me what you do and give me a little more backstory, I can probably answer your question more fully. Also Andrew, as I just said, you don’t mention your service or your offering, so I don’t know how to advise you about the marketing aspect of this. Because if I had to guess, and when I say guys when I say I have to guess, it’s pretty much an educated opinion. I’ve been doing this a long time, and prior to moving exclusively in the transformation, you know for 20 years I’ve taught subconscious persuasion and influence as it pertains to sales and marketing and advertising.
So what I know is there are two things in the equation here that are a challenge for you. One is, your own self value and your self-worth, and your beliefs and your identity about charging people. And your second is, most likely is your marketing platform, your branding, and your positioning. What I also know is that if people aren’t paying you, that most likely means that you don’t have a lot of money. And if it means you don’t have a lot of a lot of money, it means you’re not investing money back into your marketing branding and positioning, which there’s a good chance, and I’m going to throw darts here. But again, I’m I’ve done this for a long time, there’s a good chance that your marketing and your branding and positioning are all off. And you couple that with a less-than-stellar identity about creating wealth and asking for money. And at that point you have a recipe for disaster financially. Let’s go to the opposite end, and let’s look at branding for a second, and companies and marketing. Do you think that Rolls-Royce attracts clients who cannot pay? You know, obviously Rolls Royce, everyone knows who Rollys Royce is. I would think pretty much everyone. But you know what, it’s because of their branding and positioning. And the you know, their product is they might attract people that want to maybe you know, look at the car, take a picture of it for their dream board. But more than not, they attract people that are most likely qualified and in a position to purchase a Rolls-Royce if they want one. So most likely, and your word, it’s your word not mine. As you said you’re attracting people who can’t pay, that was your exact phraseology. So you’re attracting them because of what you’re putting out. What they observe in you, and the messaging they’re getting from you, are you know that messaging and that vibration is attracting those kind of people.
Many years ago, a good friend of mine, I think I mentioned it before. If not, you may want to look her up. Her name is Shama Hyder. Today, she’s massive in the social media sphere. I mean, she’s been you know, interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and Ink Magazine and Forbes and Fortune and Business Week, and all these magazines and national publications. I was one of her first social media marketing clients, I believe 11 years ago when she was starting out. And the both of us went to a marketing event. We were invited to speak at it. And when we left, we both talked about it a little later, and I said to her, “Did you sell any coaching?” She’s like, “Nope, not as up..” And she’s like, “how about you?” And I’m like, “nope, not as up?” And we both started laughing because the event that we were invited to was called “How to Market without Money.” So obviously the audience was full of people who had no money because at the event How to Market without Money. Therefore, we didn’t sell anything because there wasn’t any money in the audience. So there’s so many places that I can go with this. But like I said, I’m going to throw darts and I’ve done this for a long time. So it’s a very educated guess, is 50% of the reason that you’re attracting people like this is because of your money consciousness, which we’ll talk about a little more in just a moment. And then secondly, it’s your marketing your branding and positioning.
Also, what I know is if you’re attracting these kind of people, and when I say these kind of people, people that use the word “can’t” which I’m assuming that means they don’t have money. Well, basically that’s the kind of value that you’re showing the marketplace because you’re attracting those kind of people. So what you definitely want to look at is metaphorically, what is your storefront? You know, what do you look like to people that are looking, you know looking at you, and looking at your business. Also, another question here is when you say don’t want to pay you, so what are they wanting? Are they wanting you to work for free? And then you know, something else you want to look at because this is what a lot of people do, is they reduce their price points in their value based upon other people devaluing them. So many people let other people, and I’ve been there so I am not one to tell stones. So many people set their value based upon what other people think their value is. Many, many years ago, I was going to teach a persuasion and influence seminar. And I was basically at that time more a practitioner of the content, than a marketer of the content. This was a lot of years ago, and I wanted to have an event at the Ritz-Carlton. I wanted it to be a $1000 per person. It was a full day of a very advanced persuasion and influence training. And I had a guy actually call me, and he said you know what Jim, I think $1,000 for the day is too high. And he goes, you know what, if I want lunch I can go buy my own lunch, blah blah blah. I don’t need it at a nice place like that, I just want to learn from you.
And I let that comment actually talk me out of charging the price point that I know that I was worth. And I see so many people doing that as they let the external market set their price points and influence their value. And when we do that, we are absolutely working from the wrong place. You also go on to say, your exact words are “I want to stop this as much as possible.” Well, my question instead of stopping it as much as possible, why not stop it completely? I’m going to tell you right now is, I don’t attract clients who can’t pay me. And you know, that’s a big statement that I’m making. I might have one or two people per year that will ask me for a scholarship so they can enrol my transformational coaching program. But overall, you know, I’m thinking here as I’m sharing this with you overall, I don’t attract people who can’t pay me because people know the value that I’m putting out in the world. My marketing, my podcasts webinars, speaking events, everything else, my free content, stuff I’ve got on YouTube, which is not a lot, but I have some stuff there. And the way that I put myself out there, I actually attract people who said, you know what, I want to work with you. And whatever that’s going to cost me, I’m going to invest in that. I also want to point out that I’m just you know, I’m just going here and not really up a lot of notes, is I don’t barter anymore either. Many years ago, I used to barter. And I generally found that I got the raw end of the deal. And also when people barter is there’s no skin in the game. And if there’s no skin in the game, people don’t take it as seriously. This day and age, I’ve recognized that people don’t put skin in the game, they don’t put money up, they don’t show up. And so I don’t reduce my fee, I don’t do any of that, I don’t bargain, I don’t barter, none of that. This day and age, where I work from, unless I choose differently, where I work from is, “here is my consulting fee, here is my coaching fee, here is my training fee.” If it works for you, great! If it doesn’t work for you, then, you know, perhaps maybe at another time.
Also, people will ask for scholarships as I’d mentioned, every so often. As a matter of fact, somebody just recently asked me for that. Guys, I’ve got to tell you that I do have some resemblance of a social worker mentality in me, and I want to help everybody. I really do. I wish I could offer all of my advanced training in my transformational coaching. I wish that I could offer it free. And a couple of years ago, I even tried something a little differently. I used to work heavily with real estate agents. And I tried to offer a you know, go through the entire coaching and training, let me transform your life, pay me afterwards. Because I really, really want to help people, that’s why I’m here. Well, that entire marketing model failed. And the reason why is because again, people do not appreciate, they do not value when they don’t put money up. So you know what, when you know, I did this experiment, I could have transformed a lot of lives. But yet, it turned into a marketing disaster. And I’ve recognized, as I said, and every one of you please get this, if people don’t put money up, they’ve got no skin in the game, they do not value your offering. And as a matter of fact, the more that you charge providing you can deliver, the more that you charge, the more value the people are going to put on it. And actually the more they’re going to show up, and they’re more they’re going to get out of it.
Many years ago, about 25 years ago, when I used to work at the Hypnosis Institute in New York City, which is where I learned hypnosis, and I worked for I believe about three years. Back then, my boss charged $750 per session. With inflation, thats probably I don’t know like $1,200 bucks or something now. And people would say, oh my gosh. This is a lot of money for one session with this guy. This has to work. Well what he was doing with that high fee is number one – who’s making a really good income? Secondly, he was helping people. But by the law of expectation, people saying this has to work, more times than not, it really, really work for them, because they had the expectation that it had to work for them. Because they put up what many considered a lot of money. Okay. So back over to you Andrew, another question that I have for you is, are you working from desperation? And go back and listen to the episode on money. I don’t know which episode it is. But if you’re working from desperation, that’s a thought. Thought creates a feeling, feeling creates a vibration, and vibration creates a frequency. And if you’re working from desperation, that’s what you’re putting out in the universe, and that’s what the universe is reflecting right back to you. Another question, and all of you listening as you guys know, I ask a lot of questions. Why? Because when I ask questions I get you to think, and hopefully I get you to look at things in a new way. Another question is this, are you afraid of charging what you think you are worth? Now, there’s two different things here in two different places we can go, is what value do you place on yourself? And what do you think that you’re worth? And then what actually value does or do your services create in the marketplace?
Many years ago, I used to work large events with very large names. People that you know, every one of these people. And these are events were run by a company, and I knew the owner because I worked with him actually representing the company. And one of the speakers got paid $1,000,000 per speech. And this was back in 2006 or so, I believe. This speaker, and I’m telling you right now, you know who this speaker is. It may, or may not be Donald Trump. I’m just saying. And this speaker got paid 1 million dollars per speech. Which means a lot of money for a speech. And what he did is he went to the owner of the company and says, I want more money. And the owner said, but yeah, we’ve got Tony Robbins and George Foreman and Suze Orman, and all these other speakers. And this speaker said, “But you know what, it’s a real estate wealth expo. I’m a real estate expert, blah blah blah blah, real estate name, I’m worth it.” And he got a pay increase from 1 Million to 1.5 Million dollars per speech simply because he thought that he was worth it. So a question that I have for Andrew and the rest of you, is if you don’t believe that you’re worth what you charge, people aren’t going to pay it. And the reason why, let’s go back to desperation, is we can read body language. We can read tone and inflection, voice speed, we can read pace of voice, timbre of voice, breathing, are people breathing, you know, they’re breathing fast, are they breathing slower? Are they talking higher up on their throat, as opposed to being grounded in your diaphragm?
My point for telling you that, and everyone listening is that, we read people unconsciously. And if you’re confident, and you believe in yourself, people are going to believe in you. If you’re not confident, people are going to read that unconsciously and they’re going to say, you know what, you’re trying to charge this big fee, or this or that, but there’s something in me that tells me this isn’t right for me. Therefore, I am going to pass. Another question that I have for you Andrew and everyone listening is, are you afraid, and I hear this a lot. Are you afraid that if you charge too much people are not going to work with you? Well, let’s look at that for a moment. Do you think the company Louis Vuitton says, if we charge too much for our apparel and our, I don’t know if I don’t know that they have a parallel, but our wears and our goods, people aren’t going to buy them? Nope. What about Rolls-Royce? Nope. What about Versace? Nope. They don’t. What I want you guys to look at is no matter where you are in the economy, whether you are a Neiman Marcus, which is a high-end store here in the United States, or your Rolls Royce, or your Macy’s, or your Walmart, there’s always going to be a market for your price point. And if you’re working from, if I charge too much, they’re not going to work with you. Well, guess what, look at where you’re holding your vibration? Look at where you’re holding your frequency? And that right there is a bottleneck on your income.
This is what I’m going to tell you, people will pay you what you think you’re worth as long as you can deliver results. If you charge a lot of money, and you deliver outcomes, all right, if you charge subjectively what people consider a lot of money, but you get them the outcome, they’re going to be more than glad that they paid you. Why? Because they got more benefit by paying you, than by not paying you. Something else I want to share here is, we talk a lot in this podcast about identity. Something that I want every one of you to understand that I’ve said this before is, your identity governs value. And your value governs wealth. If you do not value what you bring to the marketplace, if you do not value, perhaps your unique perspective or your skills or your years of expertise or whatever it might be, then if you do not value that yourself, then what you do is you’re like, I don’t know what the charge, I’ll charge a lower price. And guess what, then what happens is people don’t value you either, and then what happens is you don’t make a lot of money. And then you say, see I told you I don’t make a lot of money. Therefore, this isn’t very valuable. And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more that you value your work and deliver beyond expectations, the more money that you are going to make. I want every one of you to get that. The more that you value your work, and you deliver beyond expectations, the more money that you’re going to make. I also want to add to that, you want a couple with that, is prosperity consciousness. I had a guy, after the money episode, a guy actually, a kid. He was probably 21 or 22 years old in England. And he messaged me on Instagram and said, you know what, I stopped listening to the podcast on money. I’m not buying into it, and this kid had learned that you get paid based upon the value that you create in the world. Well, that’s a load of crap. And it can work, but let me tell you this. I know people that create a lot of value in the world, but they still don’t make any money. So what you have to look at also back, you know, in that episode on money, and you know, search for it here in iTunes, or wherever you’re listening, or at my site, or wherever you’re listening, make sure you listen to the episode on money, and listen to it, and listen to it, and listen to it. Because a lot of you are like, yeah, I get it this makes sense. But it goes in one ear and out the other ear, and then a day later, week later, month later, you right back to your old patterns again.
But you know what, you can create all the value in the world. So let me go on that tangent for a moment. You can create all the value in the world. I mean you can create huge value in the world. But, if you do not also couple that with high prosperity consciousness, then you’re not going to make the kind of money that you deserve from the value that you’re creating in the world. Money, as you’ve heard me say over and over and over in the episode on money, money comes from vibration and frequency, not from doing in the world. Something else I see a lot of is that, when people are working on a shoestring, and by the way, I’ve worked on a shoestring before, but I’m going to tell you a valuable lesson that I learned long ago. Wherever you are, if you’re in the car you always hear me say, you know keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention, but I’m going to share a life-changing lesson for me. And hopefully you get it right now. And that lesson is this. If you want people to give you money, you must look like you have money. Now some of you are going to argue with that. Well, and you can argue all day long. I’m telling you, I’ve done this for a lot of years, and I’ve worked at a lot of extremely successful people. And let me give you an example of somebody that I’ve mentored for a lot of years I personally coached, and he’s one of my best friends. I call him a brother, he’s a guy named Drew Canole, and he is the CEO of a company called Organifi. He’s kind of dropped off the radar a little bit with his online presence. He’s taking more of a backseat right now, but for many years, he had a massive, massive, massive online presence. I remember back in 2013, I guess that was, or 14, when he launched organifi. You know what, they were running on a shoestring financially, and he was actually even losing money. But his brand looked like a million dollar brand. I mean everything has graphics, everything was like Top Notch. And that goes back to, and now his company makes tens and tens and tens, if not even more than that, millions of dollars per year. But what I want you to take away here is this, if you want people to give you money, you must look like you have money.
So, you’ve heard me say before also is that life doesn’t test us. Life reflects us. So what I’m going to say to Andrew, and every one of you listening, is however and whatever your business is doing, is a 100% airtight ironclad reflection of your identity. Because if you’re a small business person, and you’re an entrepreneur, guess what? Who and however you are is how you show up. And how you show up is what you bring into the business. Whether it be your energy vibration, which also affects what you do. And as you know, what you do is only affected by the way that your being, your business is a hundred percent reflection of you. So whatever your identity is creates the outcome in your business. So Andrew, a few more questions before we wrap up, what characteristics and ways of being, how do you be, and that sounds like it’s bad grammar, but how do you be, and being is a characteristic, and that can be any kind of psychological characteristics. Everything from committed, to self-discipline, to a 100% responsible, to high self-value, to low self-value, these are all ways of being. And Andrew, what are your ways of being? And then I want to ask you, what are you doing based upon your way of being? And then you just heard me say that whatever you do is affected by the way that you’re being. So if you want to make a lot more money, and you want to actually be paid what you’re worth, then you have to first be that person, and everything follows from there.
So let me concretize this with your transformational takeaway. Here it is. Andrew, and you know you talk about a lot of money. If I made a hunt, and this is by the way no stones being tossed here, I mean I make millions a year, but you know what, there was a time to me when $100,000 was a holy cow, what a what a great year. But let’s start there because most people can probably relate to that number. So if you already made $100,000 a year, consider that, fully consider that everyone, if you already end up, if this number is low for you, then pick a higher number, let’s say that you make a million a year, then I want you to pick 10 million. But just follow along with the paradigm. If you already made $100,000 a year, how would you be? How would you be? And how would you feel? Characteristics again are being. What ways would you emotionally feel? Because see, these are going to affect what you do, and then you’re doing is going to actually reflect the outcome for you. So, how would you be? What would you feel? And what would you do if you already, and that’s the operative word, already made $100,000 per year. Andrew, what you’re doing is what 99% of people do and I have been there also, and it’s a broken strategy. Most people say, you know what, in life I’m at Point A and I want to go to Point B. And by the way, I’m going to do an episode on this at some point why 99% of people, and I bet you listening right now, it can tell me that for the most part you almost never hit your goals. The reason why is because see, you set your goals from Point A where you are, and you say, I want to go to point B. But you know what, you can’t be the same person at Point A to create the goals that you want are things that you want to happen at Point B. Here is the tactical error and thinking that most people make. Most people try to think themself from Point A to Point B, and that is backwards thinking. You must actually work from point B not to point B. And when people set their goals, at you know they’re Point A, and they set their goal to work towards Point B, what happens is they continue to be Point A and all the characteristics, therefore they never get to B. so what you have to ask yourself, which is point B, if I were already making $100,000 per year, what ways would I be, how would I feel? Because see, feeling is a language of the unconscious mind. Then, what would I do so that I can have the kind of money that I want to have? Okay there’s your transformational take away.
All right. Let me ask you. Next episode coming up on Wednesday, have you’ve been triggered before? Has anyone ever pushed your buttons? Has anyone actually just rattled your cage? If you’ve been triggered before or people push your buttons, or you get bent out of shape, you’re going to want to listen to the next episode. Why? Because people who trigger you, stay with me here, and make sure you listen to the next episode, people who trigger you are your greatest blessings in life. Why? Because the people who trigger, you know, kind of laughing because I know some of you are thinking, what the hell are you talking about Jim? Well tune in to the next episode and you’ll find out. But people who trigger you, most of us avoid those people, literally, are mother-in-law’s our brothers are you know, from whatever, but the people who trigger you are your biggest opportunity to grow and evolve as a being. So if you’re ever triggered and you want to stop that, make sure you tune in the Wednesday’s episode. Okay. Thanks for listening. Make it a great week, and I’ll catch you later. Bye. Bye.


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