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EPISODE 27: “MYTH: Money Comes To Us Based On The Value We Create.”

June 19, 2019

If you’re like most people into personal development, you’ve probably heard someone along the way say, “You get paid according to the value you create in the world.”

I heard that many years ago and used to believe that if I wanted to become rich I needed to create more value in the world. You know, the old Zig Ziglar quote, “Help enough people get what they want and they’ll help you get what you want.”

Over the years I’ve discovered that is only half of the equation.

In this episode I talk about:

If you don’t value your own value, then it’s going to be hard to attract prosperity because you don’t value the very thing which is supposed to attract money to you.

Value what you do and the world will respond to that value.

Transformational Takeaway

You have to value what you do. If you don’t value your own offering, no one else will.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to Episode number 27 of the Transform your Life from the Inside Out Podcast. If you're like most people, you've been taught that the money in your business comes from the service and the value that you create in the world, well, you're going to discover in this Episode that's not entirely true. Keep listening. Hi, I'm Jim Fortin and you're about to start transforming your life from the inside out. With this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no row row motivation and no hype because this Podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and ancient wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you have never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this Podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

To Receive Value, You must Open Yourself To It

Now, I'm not sure how long have you been listening to my Podcast, but I did create an episode, I don't know, a month ago or so, two months ago. And it was about the Law of Attraction and how money doesn't come from hard work. It doesn't come from the value that you created in the world. Money comes from your vibration in your frequency. And I had a kid and I know he was a kid because I looked him up on Instagram and he actually messaged me on Instagram and when I say kid, he's probably 21 years old. And he said, you know, I couldn't listen to the entire episode because I just didn't believe it. He goes, I've been taught that money comes from the value that you created in the world and the more value that you create, the more money that you make. And I told him to go back and listen to the episode all the way through and he might have a different perspective. 

And he did. And he messaged me a couple of days later and said that he did have a different perspective after listening to the whole thing. But you know what's funny is this kid was 21 I've been doing this longer than the kid's been alive and you know, like this kid, a lot of you probably still believe that. You know that same thing is that money comes from the value that you create. Now, I'm going to actually create an episode probably in about three to four weeks, and we're going to go beyond value and we're going to go beyond contribution and we're going to look at what I call “AYNI” A- Y -N -I, which is Ancient Incan for the reciprocity of life. We're not going to go into that now, but many of you work from that old belief that if I create a lot of value in life, then you know what? I'm going to grow my business and I'm going to make a lot of money. Well, look around. That's just not true. Many, many years ago, a gentleman named Earl Nightingale, I think he's probably one of the God, you know, the Godfather of the Personal Development movement or one of them along with Napoleon Hill and a few others, but he has an audio program. It's, it's very short, very succinct and practically a very good program called the Strangest Secret. And he said in that program, he says, the amount of wealth that we create is dependent upon the amount of value that we create. And he gave an example. He said, you know what, if you drive through, you know, through a rich neighborhood, these people overall are people that create more value in the world and that's why they can afford nice homes. And if you drive through a poor neighborhood, these people create less value in the world in terms of the Social Economy and overall Economy. 

And therefore that's why they live where they live. Well, what I want to point out here and what I want you to understand is that you can create the value all day long and still not be wealthy. As a matter of fact, you can create value. And a lot of value and actually be poor. So let me give you a couple of examples here. Now, many people actually, the first person, they start referencing his Mother Teresa. Now I don't obviously know her personal finances. However, she did have the richest corporation in the world behind her, which was a Catholic Church, which I believe they're also the largest landowner in the world. I don't know, I've just read that before. But you know what, Mother Theresa actually created extreme value in the world yet was she a wealthy woman fit, you know, monetarily. I was going to say physically, but monetarily also look at social workers. I mean these are people, you know, civil, you know, social services and social workers. These are people that create a lot of value for families and many times, especially for kids when it comes to social services, yet they create a lot of value. Are they wealthy? No. Most of them make, well, I don't know what, 40 50 grand a year. Look at school teachers. I mean, look at, you know, many people will say they've got this favorite teacher that really impacted their life. I mean this teacher created value for a lifetime. Yet you know what a teacher's make. I think starting teachers here in the US might make 30 grand a year, and even, you know, more seasoned teachers might make 70 grand a year. They're creating extreme value in the world, but they're not getting paid for the value. And as you're thinking, you know about this and you look around, look at all the value that you've created that you might not and probably have not been paid for. 

And even when you look out in the world, all the value that that other people create and they are not paid for as well. So what I want to do is I wanted dislodge, that belief that you know what? The more value that you create in the world, the more money that you're going to create in the world. Just not true. Many years ago, I used to have what I call these Social Worker Mentality. Meaning I used to literally think to myself, you know what? Let me just tell as many people as I possibly can. And there's still some resemblance of that in me as evidenced by this Podcast I'm telling you. I get and hope, you know, you're listening so hope. Well, the fact that you're here listening means you're getting value. And I get messages every day, people saying, you know what, the Podcast is changing my life and it's transformational and it's, you know, really good content that I can apply in my life. Well, the reason that I'm putting all this out there is that I know it will create value for you, but this is what I also know and obviously it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure this out, is that I'll get return value in people that want to register for my programs, you know, over time or whenever that is. So as I'm putting out, so I'm receiving, but when I say for example that I used to have the Social Worker Mentality, here is a huge mistake that I used to make. And I think many of you actually, I don't think I know because I've worked with enough people over the years, is that many people will say things like, you know what? I just want to help people. And I love what I do. But here's, here's the fail. The fail point is they say, I don't care about the money. 

And that's what I used to say is, you know what, I love what I do and I want to help as many people as I can, but I don't care about the money which demonstrated that I had low wealth and prosperity consciousness. So yes, we can go out and create value in the world. And what many people do is they work in a vacuum. They actually create value, but they don't actually, request. And they don't open themselves to receive value back in life because life is a cycle. So we, you know, we have to, it's important that we go, we don't have to do anything, but I was going to say we have table we go out in the world and we create value and we have to couple that value with what I call Prosperity Consciousness. Because when you go out in the world and you create value and you'll hold, you actually value what you do in the value that you create. Now that's Prosperity Consciousness. Now you're bringing the flow of energy and Money and Wealth and Prosperity back into your life. So like the people that I'd mentioned earlier, there's social workers and the teachers, you know what many years ago I've helped and over the years and I still do, I've helped a lot of people but and, and I've created a lot of value in the world. But you know what if or not if, but when I didn't even value the value that I was creating, I was actually not making a lot of money. So it's not just about the value, it's about the value and your Prosperity Consciousness. And you know, you hear me talking about perhaps in other episodes and I know that, you know, we want each episode to be self contained. Meaning somebody can listen to that and they can, you know, they can get it all from that episode. 

But there are so many threads that run through all of my episodes. And one of the threads is about identity and Ashley identity, your identity, subconscious identity governs your wealth. Biggest. See the identity that you have is what you put out. And then what you put out is how the world responds. So if your identity is of low value, and I see this a lot, people think what they have as of low value and they put it out and then what they do is they charge a low value than the world pays a low value or then pay it all because the world thinks low values of no value. So they ha they actually have low value on the value they create. They put that on in the world, the world, the world responds of low value. And then the person can actually say Self Fulfilling Prophecy. See, nobody pays many thing. Therefore what I have is of no value. So how do you create value? Well, the way that we create value is obviously through the behavior of service that adds something to people's life. A place that I work from, and this is a a line in the Science of getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, is that the Universe is expanding and what people want in their life is they want expansion. And to demonstrate that you're listening right now out of this Podcast because it creates expansion in your life. Creates, you know, expansion of mind or peace of mind or expansion of money or business or whatever it is for you. A relationship skills, you know, it's different things for different people. But make no mistake, the reason you're listening is because this Podcast creates expansion for you. And when you're creating expansion in the world and you value the expansion that you create, that's when you create the Cycle of Wealth. 

Not when you just put value out, but you don't value what you put out. You know, I want to share something with you here. A good friend of mine and you know, I just, I chat for these as I go and, but a good friend of mine I want to talk about in just a minute, but I got an email a while back from a woman and she said, you know, Jim, I really enjoy the Podcast but you don't mention women a lot. While in my Training Programs and people that work with me, I do all the time because the most influential people in my life, other than my brother in law, the Shaman, the most influential people have always been women. Now I want to reference a woman who has no question about it, made the biggest impact in my business over the years actually I started working in her company, training her people and I became her coach, but yet, and that I didn't expect this to happen. She became my mentor. Now the woman that I'm going to mention, she's an extremely private woman, so I don't want, even though she actually is very, very well known, I don't want to mention her name.So here's the thing. What happened was is I'd always, I knew this woman was because she quite literally a Dallas business icon. She owns one of the, well she still does own, which just closing it down, one of the largest private Real Estate companies in the United States. And you know, you see official rankings like in the Dallas Business Journal and stuff like that. And you know, every town has a Publication like that. She's ranked as one of the most influential people in Dallas. NAR, The National Association of Realtors actually has ranked her and named her as one of the top 20 Thought Leaders in National Real Estate. This woman is an icon for to be sexist here. 

The men listening, if you know who Roger Staubach is, the Dallas cowboys quarterback in the 70's, she was, she was his mentor through the 70's and a lifelong friend and still is. All right, so the story is, this is, I want to read something to you that she wrote to me. And to me, this is, let me put to the page here. This is the game changer and I'm going to do a lot more Podcast on this. As we go, and I don't know the yeah, you know, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do, but I want to read something that she wrote to me and let me flip here. She dated it a Jim heart to heart, December  2010 and she says, Ever Wonder Jim, how you will change the world? Here's a question I ask myself frequently and I always come up with the same answers, love, caring, energy, time, talent, respect, et cetera. I thrive on trying to be successful. Well, when she was 20, I'm, I'm, I'm actually not reading right now. When she was 29, she was appointed actually president of a Real Estate Company that had 5,000 agents already in, this was back in the late sixties. So I mean, she's been successful for many, many, many years, 50 years now or more. Okay. Let me keep on going here. She says it Drucker, as in Peter Drucker, Drucker wrote success as it seems you will achieve the greatest results in business and career. If you drop the word achievement and you replace it with the word contribution. Success for me is not how high I have been. But at the end of the day, how many people I have brought with me, very powerful. Now, I, as I said, I've known for a long time who this woman is and I actually always wanted to meet her. 

So the fact that she became my mentor and candidly one of my closest, oh one of my closest and dearest friends, no question about it. I mean, this woman has made it until an indelible lifetime impact on my life. And the reason I excelled there as she's a little older now and she's about 79 I guess, and she had a stroke a few years ago and that significantly changed, You know, a lot of things in our life, but no one has professionally impacted my life like her. And we went to lunch one day, the first day that I did some training in our company and we were sitting there and we were actually sharing a coconut cream pie. And I said, how is it that, you know, you started your own company 10 years ago and you became one of the largest private Real Estate Companies in Texas and just 10 years. And I thought was going to say to me, uh, you know, Marketing and Advertising and Name Recognition and Branding and all these things that most people would say. And she put down her spoon and she looked at me and she goes, oh, that's easy. She said four words. She goes, oh, that's easy. Love, care, concern and giving love, care, concern and giving. And through that she has created extreme, extreme value in the world and the world is return that value to her. I've learned a lot about money from her. I remember her saying to me, this was 10 years ago, and candidly, I had not made my first million and uh, you know, in a year at that time. And she said to me, she goes, you know, Jim, the first million is the hardest to make, but after you make that, it has really, really easy. 

And I watched her and she did value money because what she taught me is that the more value that you create and you value your value, the more money you make and the more money you make, the more people that you can help. Now I also want to go a different direction here for a second is I'm thinking through this and who I want to say it is that I want to help everyone. I wish I could help everyone in the world. And the reality is is that I can't. And the other reality is that a lot of people don't want to be helped. So like for example, you know, you've already heard me mention my transformational coaching programs. Well, the truth is this is if I could invite everyone in the program and said, you know what, just go through the program and pay when you're done. Which, by the way, I've tried before because I really do have that open heart. It doesn't work. And please don't write in and say, Hey, you know what? I'm an I'm an exception to the rule. I just, I don't buy it anymore because here's the reality is if people don't have skin in the game, they don't appreciate it. If people, there's a reason they are where they are and if people do not put skin in the game no matter what they say. They do not value what you give them. And if they don't value it, then they're not going to get the results. So we're going to look at it here because this could be a conundrum for a lot of people is that for me, you know, really when I really got it is when I valued my work enough to make sure that, you know what I got paid for the value that I created in the world. 

And I don't mean absolutely tit for tat, but I mean, you know what, if I'm going to create a lot of value in the world than I deserve for that value to come back to me. Now you've heard me mentioned my brother in law, the Shaman a lot, uh, not the sham a lot, but you've heard me mention my brother in law, the Shaman a lot. And he said to me one time, something is very powerful is he said, you know what? Life is like an ATM. And if you keep taking money out but you don't put money in very quickly, you have no money in the ATM. And I recognize that me giving all those years and not valuing the value that I create, meaning I'm not getting money back and I'm not, you know, getting sustenance or whatever back. By me not valuing the value that I was creating was the same thing as me going to the ATM machine. And you know what? I keep taking money out and taking it out, but never putting any money back in. And that's why for many years, even though I was making six figures, I still wasn't becoming wealthy and I was making out on the lower six figures back then. And that was becoming wealthy. And what I've recognized as I said earlier, is the more wealth that you have that you use it as a tool, the more good you can do in the world and the more people that you can serve. You know what? A lot of times, and I see a lot of Podcasts and you know they're an hour long and a lot of times I think that less is more. This Podcast is something like, I don't know, maybe 20 minutes long, but you know what? It's so easy for people to miss the message in this Podcast. 

I mean, when I mentioned this woman who has built a company that has billions and billions and billions in Sales and Residential Real Estate, and she's literally an icon. I mean, every, every reputable business person in Dallas knows who she is, you know, she's also a, what's the word? Yeah, a stick of dynamite, so to speak, is, you know, one time she and I were talking and she's been friends of Ross Perot, the Texas billionaire for a lot of years. And one day she's in the car with him. The car stopped. She hopped out and Ross Perot said to her, well, you're supposed to wait for a man, open your door. And her, her response to him was, well, you're a man and you're way too slow. I mean, it's just an, I just tell you that as an ancillary side note, but this woman has created extreme value in the world and then taking the value and she recognizes the value. And I'm going to tell you something that just popped in my mind as I'm, as I'm sharing this, you know, this episode with you and very, very personal. I'm done. I don't think I've ever really told anybody this, but she told me one day, she goes, you know Jim, I've been doing what I've been doing for 50 years and you know what? I don't think you recognize how good you are at what you do and the value that you create in the world. And that for me was my turning point that you know what, I cannot be the Social Worker anymore and I can't just say, oh, let me go create value. I have to couple that value with my own Prosperity Consciousness. So your Transformational Takeaway in this episode is focused on contribution. Absolutely. I never think about achievement because people ask me all the time, and you know what? 

In these episodes, I don't know how many you've listened to, but you have never ever heard me talk unless it's just a flipping word. But you've never heard me talk about Achievement and Success. Those are words I don't use a lot because to me it's a Journey. But what I focus on is one thing is how much Growth and Expansion can I create in people's lives. And when I actually created in the lives of people that value the Growth and Expansion that I create. And guess what? That value comes back to me. So the Second part of your takeaway is this for this week is You must Value your Value because if you don't value your value, neither will other people. Okay. So the, the next episode is a Q. and A. And I'm going to answer Nina's question. And Nina asked, great question, by the way. And for all of you that send in questions, I appreciate it. I've got a ton. I don't know how I'm going to get to them all. And when I go through them, what I do is I look for questions that I think will have the biggest utilitarian impact, meaning they'll reach the most amount of people psychologically. But Nina's question is this, what is the difference between Attachment and Commitment? Great question. You know. Okay. And as I say on every Podcast, thank you so much for listening. I'm so honored and thank you for all that I've shared. I'm blessed and I'm grateful to be able to create more value and expansion in your world, which creates more value and expansion in my world, which means that I can serve more people. Okay. Do what you can to make it a great day to day. Bye Bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire Podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too. So please share via your Social Media Channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to and I may even use your question for a future Podcast Episode. Also, if you want Transformational content like this daily connect with me on Instagram. My Instagram name is @iamjimfortin finally, I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves together. You and I. Let's help more people. If you would please leave a review on iTunes and a good one, by the way, I'd be grateful and through your assistance together we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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