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EPISODE 278: “Number 42 – The Meaning Of Life”

July 12, 2023

This episode is intended to get you thinking at a higher and different level.

“What's the meaning of life?” is an age-old question. In this episode, I take a different approach than most. We tend to personalize the meaning of life and make it relevant only to our experience, but it's so much more complex and bigger than that.

In this episode, I talk about how the meaning of life is one we have learned to personalize and make it all about our 3D lives and commercialism. Society has conditioned us to answer the question about the meaning of life in one way, but the meaning of life is also much simpler and deeper.

The Elusive Quest for Meaning – Our journey begins by acknowledging the diverse interpretations of the meaning of life. Our guests highlight the individualized nature of this existential quest, as different people perceive and define meaning in their unique ways. We explore how society often conditions us to seek meaning externally when the true source resides within ourselves.

Unveiling the Inward Journey – Diving deeper into the topic, we uncover a powerful truth: the meaning of life lies within. Through an intriguing parable, we are reminded of the simplicity of being and how the incessant search for external meaning often obscures our understanding. Our guests encourage us to shift our focus inward and explore the transformative potential of introspection.

The Illusion of 3D Meaning – We confront the illusion that traps many individuals throughout their lives—the fixation on superficial meanings. Our speakers shed light on how societal expectations and conditioning contribute to this illusion, limiting our growth and fulfillment. They challenge us to break free from this mindset and embrace a larger, more fulfilling meaning of life.

Engaging the Soul's Perspective – Imagine conversing with your soul over a cup of coffee, asking it about the meaning of life. We invite you to ponder this intriguing question. Our guests explore the idea that living soulfully and purposefully aligns us with a higher meaning—one that transcends the mundane and connects us to a more magical, joyful, and peaceful existence.

Transformational Takeaway

Remember, your purpose is simply to exist, to be alive on this planet. The meanings you assign to life shape your experiences, and by consciously choosing empowering interpretations, you can transform your reality. Embrace authenticity, let go of societal conditioning, and find joy in the present moment. Join us in living a life rich with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Number 42 The Meaning of Life. You know, that's a question that civilization and humanity has wrestled with for many thousands of years. You know, there's a question. What does it mean? What does it mean? What does my life mean? What does life itself mean? Many people go through their entire lifetime looking for the meaning of life. And I want to share with you a perspective in this particular episode. I believe working with a shaman for as many years as I have. That I want to share with you what my interpretations of the meaning of life are. And what I find is that civilization has completely alienated us, and commercialism has completely alienated us from the true meaning of life. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype, because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one, to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you I'm glad you're here.

You know, as I said in the introduction, It's the age-old question. What's the meaning of life? And no matter where you look or who you talk to, you're going to find different interpretations of what the meaning of life really means to people. And we'll get there in just a minute. And before we do. I want to look at number 42. Which is why I said in the title number 42 the meaning of life. You know, the number 42, you might not know it, but it's a unique number and a lot of different ways. If you look at a barrel of oil, there are 42 gallons of oil and the barrel. You look at the country code. For, for, you know, for calling. Look at Czechoslovakia. How about a pair of dice? 42 is the sum of the numbers on a pair of dice. Back during Pharaonic meaning back during the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Back during Pharaonic Egyptian history. The empire was divided into 42 gnomes. Clement of Alexandria states that the Egyptian temple library is divided into 42 quote, absolutely necessary end quote books that formed the stock of a core library in Egypt.

There are 42 stations of the Exodus, which are locations visited by the Israelites, following their Exodus from Egypt. 42 is a number with which God creates the universe in kabbalistic tradition. You look at the Gutenberg Bible. It's the oldest printed Bible in the world. The Gutenberg Bible is also known as the 42-line Bible because the book contains 42 lines per page. And then what I really want to do in this episode. I just want you to, you know, share some history with you when you hear about the number 42, and there's a lot more to it. But when you look at the ACSII Code the ACCSII stands for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. And what that means is basically, it's just a way that information you know, is interchanged and coded. And number 42, the code for number 42 is the asterisk. So, the A S C I code. The code number 42 is the symbol that's the asterisk and the asterisk is recognized as are you ready? Being a wild card for everything. You look at when you, you know, you might type something, you might text something and you misspell it. You'll put an asterisk on it many times to let people know, hey, that's a typo or whatever it might be. It's a call-out.

So, what I want to share with you here, we often contemplate the meaning of life. And candidly. The meaning of life is a wild card for everything and means everything. And the human experience is available to you. I'll repeat the meaning of life. It doesn't have any particular contextual definition. The meaning of life is a wild card for everything. And the human experience and everything, and the human experience is available to you. You know, the interesting thing about meaning is so often we, and I did want to as much younger, we're looking for the meaning of life as if it is something outside of ourselves. You know, it's something you're going to find right around the corner. Are you going to walk into a store and, oh, there's the package up and looking for the meaning of life.

We're generally looking for the meaning of life and something external to ourselves. And truth be told. The meaning of life is within. That reminds me of a parable that I heard many years ago. Of this one, monk telling the other monk. Hey, I've got something really valuable here and I want to hide it so that no one finds it. And the other monk said, oh, that's easy. Hide it and man himself. Because he will never find it there. And many of the things that are in us, the secret sends us the hidden wisdom in us. We never find it because we're not looking inside. We're looking outside. So, the meaning in life is not about discovering it. It's not about doing something and it's not about having something.

The meaning of life is simply being. That's it being, existing, the meaning of life is to exist. Any other meaning that you put on it? Is a contextual meaning that you created from the context and the past history of your life? You know when we place the meaning of life outside of ourselves. You can ask all however many billions of people there are on the planet. What is her? Seven and a half, almost a billion. I don't know. Some astronomical numbers. And you will get seven and a half to 8 billion different answers as to what the meaning of life is. And this is because we, we humans. We actually have to filter things through our own identity in our own context. You know, you could ask an Orthodox Jewish person. Hey, what's the meaning of life? And they're going to tell you the meaning of life based upon the context of Judaism. You can ask a devout Christian, Hey, what's the meaning of life. And they're going to tell you the meaning of life based upon the context of Christianity.

How about this? You can ask an atheist the meaning of life, and you're going to get a whole different secular answer than you would from the other two answers. You can ask a homeless person. What's the meaning of life? You're going to get ahold of her an answer. Then you might get from a billionaire. You can ask a healthy person, what's the meaning of life. And you're probably going to get a whole different answer than you would get from an unhealthy person. You know, you look at. Somebody that's passed over. When people pass over many times in the west, meaning what we call dying. Other people are very, very, very sad and they're crying. And there, they're very, you know, they're, they're just crying and they're sad. And you think about that? What meaning to life are they giving? Then you look at other people like me. And when I leave the planet, you guys better be having a party. You better be having a band; you better be having beer and you better be celebrating. And then using that celebration to remember things we did together, but you know what, for me, it's a joyous occasion. Not that I'm wanting to do it sooner than later. I just wanted to put that caveat in.

But it's a joyous occasion. Because I have to return back home. I get to return back to source energy again. And speaking of transitioning over, passing over, dying, whatever you want to call it. You know, you look at the Baton monks. I have not been there at least this lifetime. Everyone I've read what they do is when someone passes over, they take them. They put them out on the mountain top, and they let the buzzards eat them. Why return to this cycle of life? You know, the crap that I see a lot of is getting into is that we make meaning about everything in life for the most part, because humans are what I call meaning making machines. We'll talk about why we do that in just a minute.

But humans make meaning of pretty much everything. This person won the election. This person invaded the country. I don't have any money in my bank account. I have a million dollars in my bank account. This person said, hello, that person didn't say hello to me. I can afford this kind of car. I can't afford that kind of car. Meaning meaning meaning, meaning, meaning, meaning, meaning. The unfortunate thing in life is that most of us stay trapped in the illusion of the 3d meanings of our life. But yet we created those meanings from our very own context, which we created from our very own identity and past history. Which means, and that example, the meaning of life. It's only relevant and pertains to your very simple model of reality. Your simple model of reality is not the totality of the meaning of life. That's simply your 3D context meaning of life.

So, for us to work from the 3D, which means we have to have context. And context is what I just said. The past history and the frame and the subconscious identity. That gives the world meaning. So, for example, I grew up with not a lot of money. And I could say, well, the world is hard, but see, I make the world hard based upon my meaning based, based upon growing up with not a lot of money. I could grow up with the most amazing parents on a platinum spoon in my mouth. And I could say, what do you mean life is hard. Life is really easy and fun at least 3d speaking. Why? Because that's my contextual experience of this thing we call life. But see, neither one. They are the meaning of life contextually for the individual, having that meaning. But there's a bigger meaning in life. That's more fulfilling and more joyful. And that's what I'm talking about in this episode is the objective not the subjective meaning of life.

You know, psychology today, magazine. It's definitely not the end all be all when it comes to human psychology and understanding human beings. But a while back I looked up. The meaning of life. And that came up because I wanted to see what was out there in the mainstream. And it makes sense that psychologically the meaning of life, we, we create a meaning so that we can distinguish coherence. We can actually think that we have a purpose. And it gives our life significance. So, looking at that, basically it's just an organization system for life. We give meaning to things because it's an organization of this 3d thing that we're calling life in the physical body. But when you look at it from the cosmic perspective, how about this? What if I were to ask your soul? Your soul and I are sitting down to have a cup of coffee and downloading coffee, but let's say tea. And I'm sitting there talking to your soul. And I said, Hey, what's the meaning of life? What do you think your soul would say and now I'm asking you.

What your soul just said, are you living your life consistently with what your soul just said? Chances are probably not. And that's the way we want to live because when we're living soulfully, we’re living purposefully. We're living from that higher meaning of life, which I'm going into here. Life changes. It becomes magical. It becomes different. And again, it's a matter of interpretation and perspective, but life even becomes better. And at the very least it becomes more joyful and more peaceful. And I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who doesn't want more joy and more peace in their life. So, as I just said, when we look at the 3d experience of life, meaning our physical experience of, of this lifetime. The reason we give things meaning is partially because it's a survival mechanism. I mean, you, if let's say you're forging for berries, you have to give meaning to the different berries, to know which ones to eat and not eat. So that's completely pragmatic and understandable we all get that.

But I'm talking about in this episode, going to a much higher perspective, a much higher context of life and looking at the meaning of life from a higher context. So, when we look from the 3d context, meaning your physical body and your name and your experience. We give meaning to life because it also makes us feel like it gives us a purpose and many of us think, well, why am I here? And you know, what does it mean that I'm here? But most of us think about what is my purpose and why am I here? See your purpose doesn't have anything to do with doing things like starting a company or any of that. It can, but your purpose simply is to exist, to exist and be alive on this planet that is your purpose. Everything else is a human occupation. Giving life meaning also gives us values. Giving, you know, giving life, meaning start that over. Giving life meaning also gives us values and standards to evaluate lifeline. It gives us continuity as I was alluding to a bit earlier. And it gives us, I'm going to use the word sense of control and you probably have heard me say before that control is an illusion. And when you get into the illusion of control, you are controlled by the illusion of being in control.

So, let's go pragmatic here first meaning, practical application in life. And I want to start here. You probably have heard me ask the question before. What experience of life do you want? The reason I chose the word experience of life is because everything in your life. Whether you're having sex, you get hit by a bus. You make a million dollars. You lost a million dollars. Everything fits within the context of life. But these are all experiences in that bigger container and context of life. So, I'm asking you. What experience do you want in life? And then whatever experience you hold and your identity and your context. That will determine the experience of your life. You don't have noticed over the years. That many times when I ask people, what experience of life do they want? Oftentimes people will say, well, I want to be happy. And then many times they will go to external things. I want a solid career. I want a good job. I want to live in a nice place. I want to live, or I want to live.

I want, you know, a life of financial abundance, all these kinds of things. I'm not sure you've recognized it, but these kinds of things. They are they're temporary. There are simply things that are contextual to the physical body that you're walking around in. But then again, you're saying they may give you a better experience of life and that's the experience of life that you want. But I ask you, is that the most fulfilling and rewarding experience of life that you can have? So, let's be pragmatic here. First practical application. Many times, I hear people say, you know, Jim, what I like about your podcast is you talk about spiritual topics quite often. But you talk about them in a very pragmatic way so that I can make them useful. So, let's talk for a moment pragmatically. About what is the meaning of life? What I want to share first and foremost right now in this moment. It's you. It's not me. It's not the news. It's not an American president. It's not Putin. It's not climate change. It's you? Who gives your life meaning? Think about that, it's you who gives your life meaning.

And in this moment, Life means all that it was ever meant to mean. And what it means is simply which I'll touch on in the bit. Pure potentiality. It means existing. It means being, and it means being alive. So, when we talk about the product. So, when we talk about the practical applications, you’ll look at your life. And then you have, and you don't have in your life. Based upon the stories that you tell yourself. These stories come from your subconscious self-image. These come from prior meanings that you have created earlier in life. Let's say you grew up with your parents yelling at you. You could make meaning of that. And that's the way you get to where life is afraid of people constantly yelling at you and you may be hiding from people. And I don't mean literally hiding behind the couch. But I mean, hiding energetically and you're very timid when you're around people.

Why? Because your primary meaning of life. At a contextual 3d level. Is that as long as I stay quiet, people are not going to yell at me. People are not going to notice me and are not going to chastise me or tear me down or hurt me. But really what I want to ask here is do. But really what I want to ask here is do your meanings of life work for you and create. Or do they work against you and take away. Let me ask you another question here and this is a good litmus test. Is your life full of joy and happiness? Or is your life full of misery, despair, fear and worry or even a mix? But what I want you to look at is based upon you. You know how you answered that question? Those are all meanings that you give to life and things that happen in your life, but you know what. None of it pertains to your soul, which is the higher part of you, the bigger part of you, the largest function or the larger part of you, the larger function inside of you.

So to transform your life you've got to change the meanings to things, the interpretations, to things that hurt you that hinder you, that holds you back, that holds you down because see nothing really, as long as you you're a free individual, nothing really holds you down, except you're thinking. You know, 9 times out of 10 when I ask people, Hey, what's your biggest limitation? Many times, 9 times out of 10, people will say, well, me, but they can't answer any further than that. So, what holds you back is your meanings in your interpretations that you're making you know, in life. And if you're wanting to change your life. You've got to change the meanings and interpretations. That you're making about life and in particular, you got to change the amount of await and focus you're putting on those interpretations.

You know, as I alluded to a bit ago, the older that I've gotten in the longer that I've worked with a shaman. And my brother-in-law Don Xavier, the shaman, has said this for many years. Is that consumerism blinds people? And as I look out in the world today, I look at the amount of consumerism out there. And it's really not consumerism. But the cause is the root cause. And you see a lot of this, especially in the U S government. And, you know, Wall Street, bailouts. And fraud, different things that go on in the practical 3d world. Greed. Greed. Money. Which is all 3d ego. It's all primal, primal. This is what drives the bulk of humanity’s money. We destroy our planet from I don't and probably you don't. But major corporations destroy the planet for profit. You know, look back about it, I don't know how. However, many years ago it was BP Oil. Now. And that the British company, British Petroleum. That had the gun. I know it was, yeah, it was that company BP petroleum. Where they wanted to save money on a safety valve. On an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. And they wanted to save a million dollars on a safety valve. But yet they knew it was unsafe. What happened was that the safety valve broke. Why? Because they tried to save a million dollars and didn't repair it or replace it. What happened? I don't know how many countless millions upon millions upon millions of tons of oil we're released into the Gulf of Mexico. For what? For profit for these companies. And of course, the bigger picture is, is the Earth's energy dependence on oil and fossil fuels.

But the root of it all. And I won't go into it in this episode. The root of it is consumerism, but it's not even so much consumerism. It's associating that to your identity and making it mean something about you. You know, I have had the good fortune I grew up dirt poor. I've had the good fortune to create tens of millions of dollars and revenue and income in my life. And I'm going to tell you right now. A lot of money can make your life more convenient. And some ways you miss an airplane. You want to book a person. You want to charter a flight? You want to take a private car? You want a private, this, it makes life a lot easier. There's no question about that. And a lot more comfortable. But you know what? It doesn't make life any happier. I used to work in New York city on Wall Street, and I had many Wall Street clients who lived on park avenue and fifth avenue and had more money than metaphorically speaking. They had more money than Billy Graham. But you know what? They were very unhappy people, not all of them because I'm generalizing. But a great deal of time. I would say back then, and this was 20 years ago. I would see the wife take the kids to their million multi-million-dollar home in the Hamptons for the weekends, but guess what? Dad stayed behind so he could work because he would go to the office in the south. Oh, you know, all day Saturday, why chase the buck?

And I do want to, I do want to segue here. We don't want to get too far off topic. I mean attracting wealth and abundance is your birthright, but you've heard me say before. Just don't attach to it. But, you know, some people want to be rich, and they think, well, if I'm rich, that's going to mean people are going to look up to me. People are going to respect me. That means I'm a successful person. No one does it. It's simply means that you've done whatever you need to do in your behavior and your electromagnetics and your energy and your thought to create that kind of abundance in your life. What do you call it? Abundance or money or wealth or whatever. The fact is you have that materialism in your life and that's just fine.

Do not attach to it and give it the meaning that it makes your life better or in any way that it makes you, makes you a better person. Or better than anyone else because you have wealth. So, this whole episode is number 42. Everything in Life is a Wild Card. I'll go there in just a minute. But the way that I live that is. I live it in two particular ways. I learned this from Don Xavier back in the nineties when I started working with him. And I've always kept these very, very close to me as my life guiding principles. And these are meetings, of course, but I want to share with you two significant and major meanings. That I give to life. Number one, and this is actually challenging for a lot of people to get their mind around. When I had a stroke and heart failure. I've had people in the past, you know, say, oh my gosh, that must be horrible. That must've been so hard. I'm sorry that happened to you. No, I don't go there at all.

I'm glad it happened. I'm glad those things happened to me in 2020. Why? Because if they didn't happen, I would not have had the experience. That I had to shift my experience of life, my interpretations of life, to experience life in the way that I have it now, because I have a much deeper understanding of life than I did prior to prior to the heart attack, not the heart attack. I'm sorry for the heart failure and the stroke but let me share with you. Two major meetings that I give to life. Again, Don Xavier taught me both of these. I believe back in 1996. Number one, everything that happens to me in life it’s a blessing. We had a hard time with that, my brand-new car just flipped upside down. Somebody stole my brand-new car. Somebody robbed me, somebody mugged me. Somebody did this. Hey, my brother just had an affair with my wife.

My wife just had an affair with my brother. My kids are on drugs. I made a million dollars. I made a billion dollars. I'm famous. I'm not famous. It doesn't matter. The way that I look at it, every single thing, no matter how we qualify it, either good or bad. There's the distinction point. Many of us think that things that we deem and interpret as bad. We actually see those things as bad. And we live from that context. That's not the way that I live. The way that I live every single thing that comes into my life and air quote happens. And the quote that happens to me is a blessing. And that blessing the meaning is so that I can evolve and grow cosmically and spiritually. Every single experience I have had on this planet has happened to me so that I can grow in a soulful way. So that when I leave the planet, I have more personal power than what I came to the planet with, which means I've evolved to a higher and even higher level of consciousness as a result of having this experience on the planet.

So, I want to back up here a little bit, because I'm just putting this together in my mind, as I'm sharing it with you. And the practical application of this. Is I constantly look at meaning. And I will look at things and I will ask myself when things happen in the 3d world. I will ask myself, and this is exactly what I asked myself. What meaning am I making of this? Is it true? Is it verifiable? Is it not true and not verifiable, but the question I want to know and our practical way. Practical application is what meaning am I making about this? And in the moment, I recognize if I'm not feeling good about something. Then I'm actually creating a meaning that's not working for me. And it's lowering my frequency and vibration, which is the opposite of what I intend to create in my life. So, there's part number one, practical application. Is when anything in your life binge you out of shape, you're pissed off at the world. This person did this. This person did that. That person said whatever, whatever, blah, blah. Ask yourself. Pull yourself back. And ask you, ask yourself. What meaning am I giving this? What meaning am I making of this?

And on the flip side on a theory and the spiritual and the cosmic and the soulful aspect of meaning. The way that I look at it. Is the meaning of life being to be on the planet. Everything else is open to my interpretation, open to the interpretations that I want to make about life. So, theoretically. The meaning of life for me. And I'm working on this. Trust me, I'm still on the planet. I have work to do. The meaning I'm making of life for me. Is to be loving and even more to be in peace. Because I find only for me the only meaning of life is to learn to love unconditionally. So, as I said, the meaning of life has a wild card for everything. And I think, you know, that. But you want to look at when it comes to the smorgasbord of everything. What are you picking and choosing and are the things that you're picking and choosing? Are they bringing you joy and peace of mind and happiness?

Or are they bringing you discomfort, pain, sadness, and misery? It's really important that you look at this. You know, something I said a bit ago is that life is never going to be any more amazing than what it is right now. Now you might understand that phrase differently. Because see right now you can say, well, I just lost my car. That's not amazing. No, I'm not talking about the context I'm talking about duh. So, part of your transformational takeaway from this episode? Is the meaning of your life being a wild card for everything? Meaning everything is in the wild cards. You give it meaning the true meaning is one and only that you exist. That you be. That is the context of your soul’s full existence on this planet. Everything else is the subjective meaning that you give that context of simply existing.

But you see your life is never going to be any more amazing than what it is right now. And right now, the fact that you're alive is amazing. Even if you're making interpretations and meanings, it's not amazing to be on the planet. It is amazing. The fact that you are alive, the fact that you were conscious, the fact that you are aware of your consciousness, which is the meaning. That is just being, that is being alive. You know, in 2019, one of my students gave me a coffee cup. I still have it today. And I usually use it. When I make calls in the afternoon, my transformational coaching calls, I actually, for my coaching groups, I actually drink hot tea in the afternoons. And the mug says pretty simply. Forwards live your fucking life. Now, of course, I'm the one who said that. And somebody, someone made a mug out of it, but live your life. Be who and what you are, because see your meaning is to exist. And you're only, you're just basically treading water and marking time if you're not living. And when I mean, living that means being who and what you are. Unashamed. On a bridge and being truly you and letting your soul energy come through you. But I tell people be who you are, no matter what that is.

Because see when you live and you're in that place of joy. You're in that place of when you're enjoying, you're in that place of wellbeing, you're in that place of bliss. That is the meaning of life. That state right there is the meaning of life. Not the homes, not the cars, not the all the things, not all the doings. It's the being. And being is to be joyful and to be blissful. And that is the meaning of your existence. So let this sink in, just think about it, let it just kind of, you know, Rumble around run around in your head, but think about this you're meaning is not acquisition of things. You're meaning and the meaning of life is simply to be.

And before we go, one more thing here. I know many people are new to podcasts. We're always having new people come listen. And I read a comment recently where someone said, I went back and listened to old episodes. Well, we tend to want new information. This is brain-based, that's kind of human psychology. We think newer things are better and more up to date. But I'm always from day number one till now always talking about ancient wisdom. And what I talk about in episode, number one, through episode number 270 something, whatever we're on now. It all comes from the same place. So, whether you're listening right now in middle 2023, or you're listening right now, and you go back and you listen to episodes from 2020. It's all applicable to helping you transform your life from the inside out and creating a much better experience of life. It's all designed just to help you exist in a joyful and peaceful way and just to be. Thanks for listening.

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