The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 283: “INTERVIEW: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Unlocking Your Power”

August 16, 2023

In this uplifting episode, I chat with a student of mine, Vicky Stewart, in Australia. Vicky used her coaching with me for her own personal transformation, which you'll hear about, and also to help her son eliminate his need for a wheelchair much earlier than doctors predicted. In our time together, we discuss unlocking human potential to heal, shifting mindsets, and accepting 100% responsibility for our life circumstances. 

We talk about her son's devastating diagnosis. Vicky's 4-year-old son, Vincent, was diagnosed with Perthes Disease, a rare hip condition. Doctors informed her that her son would need to be in a wheelchair for two years, and he was out of his wheelchair 16 months earlier than doctors predicted. This diagnosis was very hard on her family, and you'll hear how her son, with her help, was out of his wheelchair much faster than doctors thought.

So, how did she do this, all the while amazing his doctors? Easy, she did not solely rely on her son's medical prognosis. She sought alternative solutions to help him heal. 

She explored spiritual and energy healing options to help Vincent, including reiki and subconscious reprogramming. And this is normal for my students; most are very open-minded and forward-thinking, and they focus heavily on spirituality and continued personal growth, development, and transformation. So…what did Vicky do to help her son? She taught Vincent mindset techniques like imagining games to increase blood flow and healing, and she learned this in The Transformational Coaching Program (TCP). 

“We speak our lives into existence” is something I greatly emphasize in TCP, and Vicky credits shifting her own beliefs and language about Vincent's condition. In our time together, she shares how the concept of 100% responsibility for our lives has completely transformed her life. She also talks about how she transformed her career, leaving her hospital job to coach patients on integrating mindset with medicine. Vicky has a Ph.D. in physical therapy.

The bigger message in this episode is that it demonstrates that we have the incredible power to overcome adversity and unlock our potential by shifting our internal mindsets and beliefs. As Vicky says and I teach people, “We are 100% responsible for creating the life we want. With the right tools and perspective, we can break through limiting stories to achieve wellness, fulfillment, and abundance.” Anything else is a victim mentality. 

Transformational Takeaway

When we shift from limiting beliefs to empowering ones, we can defy limitations, transcend ‘reality,' and consciously create miracles in our lives.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. We're starting a new format for the next eight weeks. And the reason why is because we know you'll get a lot out of it first; this episode is titled it's an interview and it's titled Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Unlocking your Power. The reason we're starting to do episodes for the eight for the next eight weeks is because. I know that you can hear things from me. And you hear it in a certain way, but when you hear it from someone who's actually living. Meaning living transformation. And sharing with you how their life has shifted. While, and as they're living transformational changes, I think that can be very impactful for you guys. I know that it can. So for the next day, eight weeks, we're going to be having a variety of interviews with former students of mine that had been in my Transformational Coaching Program and they're going to share with you they're stories about where their life was when we met, where it is today, what changed and how they did it. And I know you'll get value out of hearing people just like you we talk about a myriad of subjects, health, wellness, relationships. When you're listening to them many of these people, you're listening to you will air quotes see yourself in them. That's why we're doing this because as always, I want to bring you guys the most impactful podcast that I possibly can. Enjoy the interview and enjoy the entire series. And let's dig into the episode.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

 Alright guys, today we're visiting with Vicky Stewart. She is a former T C P. She was in the Transformational Coaching Program, and she has a really amazing story I wanna share with you guys and let's just go here first. Vicky, thank you for being here.

Vicky: Thank you for having me.

Jim Fortin: Absolutely. When I talked and asked you guys who wanted to be on the podcast, I think there were a hundred responses in that group and I read your response and I'm like, wow, that's a really good story that people listening will definitely want to hear. And it's not just about the outcomes with your son and then you are walking him through that. It was literally about human potential. And basically, these are things that are possible for us, but we don't know if things are possible for us because we're told these things are possible. So, let's go here first when were you in T C P? What were you, when did you register?

Vicky: I registered funny story. I didn't actually want to do TCP. It was my husband, Matt Stewart who signed, signed up. He's we're, we've gotta do this. The partners are free this round. You are, you've gotta do this. And I'm like, I am so busy. I've got so much on my plate. I don't wanna do this. I don't have,

Jim Fortin: Hang on. That was two rounds ago when we offered to bring your partner as a guest, right? That was about a year ago. It was about you guys listening. We don't do that anymore. It just turned into a logistical nightmare. But anyway, you were in that group where we had the partners register and they could bring somebody, so you didn't want to do it. This before you go on. Are you glad that you did?

Vicky: Oh, hell yes changed my life. It makes me laugh thinking that I didn't want to do it because I knew your podcast, I got my husband into your podcast. So, it wasn't like I wasn't already a fan. I just didn't feel like I could add something new onto my plate in life. Because it just felt really chaotic and busy. And now I just think, oh my gosh. Like I did the second man of T C P with ease. I was like, of course I can fit this in. This is a priority. And it just, yeah, it was easy.

Jim Fortin: Let me ask you something that I ask a lot of people because this is something, I'm doing this what I continue to do because my passion is helping people like your story and more, we're gonna feature on the podcast.

Vicky: Yep.

Jim Fortin: And a lot of people say, I don't need to do anything else. I've got the podcast. If somebody told you that and you'd already been through T C P like you have and they said, I don't need to go into T C P, I listened to the podcast, what would you tell them?

Vicky: Yeah, there's, the podcast gets you to a point of going, oh, that sounds cool. I want to do that. And I agree with all of that. And, whereas the T C P is like the personal journey of integrating it into your life and making the changes and doing it. So that's perfect for me. That's how it happened.

Jim Fortin: Perfect. Yeah, because I tell people are going through, listening to the podcast is like listening to an audio on how to ride a sophisticated bicycle when you've never done it. But if I put you on the bike and I teach you how to ride the bike, then you become bicycle proficient, transformation proficient. And that's what we do through immersion. So, let's go here. You're, you didn't wanna,

Vicky: It was more like a unicycle though, Jim. It was more like a unicycle, not a bike.

Jim Fortin: A unicycle. Okay, there, I like that even better. Never done it before you've gotta learn to get the balance and everything else. Yeah. Okay. Now Matt was here, and I remember that. And you didn't want to do this, so you came kicking and screaming.

Vicky: Once I agreed once, I'm like, okay, then I was in, I was, if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it properly. And you made that very clear from the first week. It's like you, if you want the changes, you gotta be all in. You've gotta prioritize this 100%. So, I took that and ran with it. So as soon as I started, I was in, I, you didn't have to get me there for weeks. I was, yeah,

Jim Fortin: Let's go here. This is gonna be a fun call in that number one, yes, I do tell people is give me yourself, gimme your life for 12 weeks. And it's only the homework. It's not like we’re doing something every day, all day long. Gimme your life for 12 weeks. Make transformation. Your transformation is a priority. You do that and you will literally, dramatically change your life, which we're gonna talk about you in a moment, but take us back to when Matt pushed you in this direction and you registered. What was the conversation just for fun in your house that night?

Vicky: Well, he said, look, I've just done this. What was it? B D, or no? No, that was.

Jim Fortin: BE DO HAVE BDH.

Vicky: BE DO Have, thank you. Yeah. I've just listened to this. Be Do Have series. It's amazing. I am a hundred percent doing this. And they happen to have partners. You should do it. You would like it, you need it. And I said, I'm working. I can't even get the kids out the door on time. I don't have time for myself. Where am I gonna fit that in? Practically. Where, how is that gonna happen? We've got Vincent in a wheelchair; I've got medical appointments. We were just, it was so much going on. So, but then I then I said if you are doing it anyway, then it would be a waste for me not to do it. So yes, I'll do it. So, it was a pretty quick discussion. But that was that way.

Jim Fortin: So, you weren't grumbling or anything like

Vicky: No. I wasn't grumbling. I actually, deep down I wanted to do it. I was just stuck in my, there's not enough time story and, it would be a waste of money story if I didn't do it. And yeah.

Jim Fortin: So, you were stuck in your circumstances?

Vicky: Yes, absolutely.

Jim Fortin: Okay. We're gonna talk about that a bit. Okay, so we met, and then you did two rounds of T C P, right?

Vicky: Yeah. And one in a circle.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Vicky: I'm in my second inner circle now,

Jim Fortin: Okay, let's go here for a moment. Is this might not apply as much to you as it did Matt. But what if you can project here or think about this? What was Matt looking for that got him to find me in the first place? Because everyone, every single one of the tens of thousands of people that have come to me or whatever, and hundreds of thousands total, if not more, they're looking for something. What was Matt looking for? Do you know?

Vicky: Yes. He was looking for health changes.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Vicky: He had a back condition, and he was like, this could be my answer to move forward with his issues. So, he was healthy.

Jim Fortin: Okay and Vincent also was not even in the, your son Vincent was not even in the thought picture at this point.

Vicky: No,

Jim Fortin: Not at all. So, Matt's thinking, I'm gonna do this, and I'm talking to people listening because many people have many kinds of issues, but they don't do anything about them or they're not looking for a solution per se. So Matt was looking at how to heal himself, how to feel better.

Vicky: Yeah. How to heal himself. Yes, that sums it up.

Jim Fortin: Okay, good, good. Okay, then we'll talk a little bit more about it because you have a really fascinating story. So, let's go here. You've already talked about a little bit of it. What were your life circumstances when you started with me day one, before you walked in the door? Tell us in a nutshell what your life circumstances were. And if you can't, those people listening, if you can't see video here, she's giggling as she thinks about telling us her circumstances.

Vicky: I am giggling. It's, it's a funny to look back on it because it feels like I'm a different person with a different life than then. And it was only less than a year ago. So, I was working four days a week, three days in a hospital, and one day private as a Vestibular Physiotherapist. And I enjoyed my job. But I had to be at the hospital job at eight o'clock and I had to leave at four o'clock and I had to have lunch at 12 o'clock. And it was a very strict routine.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: So, I was missing out on my three kids, activities. So, I have a, I had a, at that time, six-year-old, four-year-old, and two-year-old. So, anyone with three kids, any kids know that that by itself is a full-time job.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: So, one had, one was just about to go into school. The other one was already in school. So, it was busy. I was missing school events. I was missing kinder events, Mother’s Day morning tea or Sports Carnival. And then we also had our middle child, Vincent who was four at that time. He had only recently been diagnosed with a condition called Perthes disease, and that's where there was a lack of blood flow to the head of the bone in his hip. And what happens over time is the bone in the top of the hip dies off and it flattens, and you have to wait for the blood flow to come back for their new bone to form. And that was, he was diagnosed in July of last year. And the specialist, orthopedic pediatric specialist said he's gotta be in a wheelchair. You've gotta keep him off his leg all the time. No weight on his leg at all. So, you can imagine we've got our house with stairs and steps and

Jim Fortin: Yeah,

Vicky: We live a very active lifestyle before then with Bush walking and playing in the park. Yeah. So, it was a very stressful time for, and change for the family to have to all of a sudden have one child in a wheelchair and on crutches. Luckily, he was pretty good on crutches.

Jim Fortin: Hang on, I thought this, when I read your story, what was the prognosis medically speaking about how long he would be in a wheelchair?

Vicky: Yeah. So, they told me that by the end of year one, that would be the now, so the end of 2024, they said he would be back to running around that time. So, they, they said that was two and a half years,

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Vicky: To get him back running, something like that.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Vicky: They said they expect to have him in the wheelchair for over a year.

Jim Fortin: Okay. And then you're thinking probably as a parent, how do I manage all this? How do I manage my relationship with my partner, three kids, one in the wheelchair. My partner has some pain and health issues. I'm working all these hours. I'm missing out on my kid as I'm listening to this. Basically, you weren't the person living life was living you.

Vicky: Yeah, absolutely. It was just one day at a time and I, I had a, I found it really hard as a physiotherapist, so physical therapist they call it in the states. The idea of your own child having a physical impairment. I just found that really confronting, and it was, people would look at you differently when you're walking down the street when you've got a kid in a wheelchair. I can't explain it. It's, I'm glad that I've experienced, now it's behind me.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: But, oh man, it's, it changed the way that we did life, and it was tough.

Jim Fortin: I'm curious about that. It's not really relevant, but it is relevant to what we're talking about. How do people look at you differently with having a kid in a wheelchair and your perception?

Vicky: Yeah, I think it was the, I didn't want people to feel sorry for us. And I think it was coming from the place that they were going, oh gee, I wonder what's happened there. I hope he's okay. And gee, that must be hard. But it's almost like when you're in it, you don't want that attention. You are just he's a normal kid, he's fine. He's gonna be fine. I just wanted to keep that essence up. But also, the, watching him watch other kids play and run and move freely.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: And probably the biggest thing that I've missed there is he could walk, and he could run, but it would do the specialist for telling us it, it will do damage. You have to keep him off it.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: So, he could just stand up and start walking out of the wheelchair. So, I was constantly saying literally a thousand times a day, Vincent where is your crutch. Vincent, get in your wheelchair, Vincent, you're gonna do damage. Vincent, get off your leg. And I think my husband was onto it far before I was, and he was like, Vicky, you have to back off a little bit. But I felt like it was my responsibility to follow the specialist's recommendations too, to stay off the leg. cause otherwise it will take longer to heal and we'll do more damage.

Jim Fortin:  I never know when I'm talking to people where our conversation is gonna go. But I want to add something here about what Matt said, what you did initially. I wanna talk about how that changed in T C P based upon how you changed. But I want to go somewhere here first. About 20 years ago, I had a mother, and she brought her daughter to me for gymnastics and athletic performance. And we got great results subconscious reprogramming. And she goes, my son is 18 and he wets the bed and I'm terrified he's gonna go to college and be wetting the bed. And then what's that gonna create for him and his life? And I said, okay, bring him to me. I'll work with him. And I ask her, I say, what do you say to your son every night? And she goes, every night you're already giggling, because you know what, I'm going where I'm going here every night. She would say, put your sheets on your bed. This was his whole thought process. Every day. His mother would say something along the lines of, you're going to wet the bed, you're going to wet the bed, you're going to wet the bed. And after I worked with him somewhere in our, the middle of our work, which is only one or two sessions, I said to her, I guarantee you when he goes to college, if not sooner, he will stop wetting the bed. And she goes, and she asked a lot of questions, but the reality was she was reinforcing, subconsciously through the repetition that Johnny, that's what his name was, not, I'm not picking an arbitrary name, Johnny. You're going to get wet the bed. And she reinforced it by literally talking about it every day. And that is the power of suggestion.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Everyone, please listen. That is power. And what you say to yourself is a suggestion subconsciously every single time. So, Matt already recognized this. Where did your shift come from?

Vicky: When the week on subconscious identity, subconscious reprogramming it was, that was probably the foundation for me to understand for myself. But I probably didn't then translate that over until I realized what the real root cause was for Vincent and then it flowed on from there. Do you want me to tell you the story of how?

Jim Fortin: I do, I want everyone to be audible. Because I don't know the story in its entirety. I'd love to share the story and yeah.

Vicky: It's like a know, there's three or four stories here and they're quite spiritual. I went on a very alternate journey with Vincent's recovery, so after the specialist had said, keep him in a wheelchair, there's nothing you can do, you just have to sit and wait. That just didn't fit well with me and I'm spiritual, yeah.

Jim Fortin: Hang on. This is really important.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: How would the fit a year ago you think?

Vicky: What was that? Sorry.

Jim Fortin: Okay, so a specialist said, keep him in a wheelchair, and you said it didn't work for me. How do you think that would've worked for you a year ago? How are you, and I don't know what the answer might be, I'm not trying to lead you anywhere. What do you think the answer might've been? Let's say 18 months ago prior to all this transformation you've had and the way you raised your kid, Vincent?

Vicky: I think I probably still would have looked for a spiritual cause.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Vicky: But I wouldn't have had the skills that I learned from T C P to then act out what I needed to make the changes with him.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Because all I was looking for here and it didn't go there. And that's okay. Just the truth. So many times, people will do things until they recognize there's a completely better way that's more effective, but they just embrace what they're told by doctors. So, I'm gonna stop interrupting. I promise people listening, but I just wanna pull things out to add more value to everyone listening about, because you're bringing a lot of power here. So, keep going, please.

Vicky: So, we, I immediately got my, funnily enough, our nanny at the time, she only worked for us one day a fortnight. She'd only started with us maybe a month before Vincent's diagnosis. Anyway, she happens to be an empath, intuitive soul psychic medium, and she coaches children and she's I can help him just deal with this change. So, she then gave us a little nugget of, oh, you have to go and get you have to go to a chiropractor. I'm like, I don't really wanna go to a chiropractor. She's okay, we'll go to a spinal flow therapist. So, I went to a spinal flow therapist and then they said, oh look, I've seen Vincent, he, you need to see my senior who's a chiropractor. So, I'm like, of course. So, I went to the chiropractor and who else, it was obvious that was the, what I was meant to do in the first place. So, I went to the chiropractor, and he said, actually you need hyperbaric chamber treatments. So, we started that. That was to help oxygen flow back through the vessels. It wasn't something that our specialist recommended, but it was something that we then just started, it added to our busyness of life. So that was that happening on the side? That took a lot of trust for me to follow those little pebbles to get to that point. And I knew that was working, but that was gonna take some time. That was gonna be several months of these hyperbaric chamber treatments. And then I reached out to a through TCP I put a message in the fabulous community and said, look, this is my situation. Does anyone have anyone who can help heal him? And a heap of people messaged, and I followed up with a couple of those, a couple you might know. One was, I think her name's Cherri Oddman husband Paul Oddman, and he does distance reiki from Toowoomba in Australia, which actually isn't far away. He did one session with Vincent, and it was virtual. And he said from Vincent's past lives, he has had many hips on that left hip injuries right back from Viking days getting hit in the hip with a spiky ball thing and then a car accident. And he said, that's not the cause of why it's happened here. It's just that's the weak spot that when something triggers it in this life, that's where his issue evolves.

Jim Fortin: Sure.

Vicky: So, he said he cleared the aura fields for him to then start his healing journey. And he was just amazing. One session, he took it all through his arm. He was in physical pain, done and dusted One session. I'm like, okay, that's good. Okay, but now how do we help him heal? So, then I got in contact with Danya Sentil. I don't know if you remember her, Jim. She was in our T C P. Amazing woman. Absolutely. Again, extremely intuitive. Has skills like the woman has got skills.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: And we did a couple of sessions, and this is where it gets funny. It was probably more for me. The sessions were more for me. I connected with my spirit team via her, and it was really her telling me everything's going to be okay. She can see him running. And it just gave me the vision of this is gonna be okay. I just immediately, when she said that, started crying and it, I needed to hear that from someone. Because all I'd heard from specialists was, this might end in surgery. You've gotta do this, you've gotta do that. There's nothing you can do, you've just gotta wait. So, she gave me confidence that his healing was going to happen, and it was happening and that everything was okay. I have to do a little side story here that's just popped into my head. She said, oh, do you have little fairywren little birds like hummingbirds around your house? And I said, oh yes, we've got these little blue fairywren. And she said that's your spirit team visiting you. I'm like, oh, that's lovely. I love that.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: Anyway, she, a little bit later in the session, had me close my eyes. I was actually sitting in my car down the street so that I was away from the kids to have this session with her. And so I was closing my eyes in the car and she had me take a few deep breaths and then I opened my eyes and I kid you not, this little blue fairywren is sitting on the windscreen of the car just sitting there looking at me and like fairywren's, they're so fluttery, they never just stop on a car and sit still. And I, she said, that's them. They're here with you and everything's gonna be okay. That's the little side story. I just, it blew my mind. So, she, yeah.

Jim Fortin: I don't wanna go there right now on the podcast, but I've mentioned inside the inner circle where we talk about esoteric wisdom, ancient wisdom called language of the birds. And there are people that can, I'm gonna use air quotes here, can hear the birds and the wisdom they bring for healing or whatever it is. For all of you listening, this is what's happening here. Even though Vicky probably didn't know it or whatever. It's the language of the birds that's assisting the healing process. I also wanna point out, or I'm curious about, which we'll get to making a list of my questions here as we go, is, Once you had this confirmation, number one notices, it's external, it's from other people outside of you, did you, which you always had that inside of you. Inside of you in the first place, but did you notice you started treating Vincent differently and talking to him differently also based upon what Matt had told you about your connection with him and communication.

Vicky: Not at that point what the changing one was. The last person that I ended up getting in contact with, which was Martha Blessing, and she's also done T C P in the past. So, it's just a whole little T C P journey.

Jim Fortin: Sure, yeah.

Vicky: All these people have been in T C P Martha, again, very spiritual soul. She said the triggering event for Vincent, or triggering emotion was that he didn't feel good enough and he, in, whether it be in Kindy he himself Vincent's a very intuitive soul and as an empath. And he probably found it quite challenging in the Kindy environment, she said. And then being, he didn't feel like I had supported him in that time. So, whether it be just that I'm dropping him off and I'm not exactly sure, but he, I think it was the middle child thing, and I'm the first to say that in hindsight, He, I probably was overlooking him a little bit before his diagnosis. I had one at school, I had a little toddler, and he was just, he was fine. He was always happy. He always just went along with everything. I never had to worry about him. And he probably was overlooked. And as soon as she said he didn't feel good enough, I was like, no, that's not him. So, I lay with him. She said, ask him amongst a bunch of other questions and see what he says. So, I did. I laid with him one night while he was about to go to bed, and I said, do you feel loved? Yes. Are you happy? Yes. Do you feel good enough? Silence. I said, do you feel good enough? And he shook his head. He said, no. And I was just like, oh my goodness.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: This is it. This is what's caused all of this or triggered it, and this is what I need to work on. And then so Martha helped me figure that out. And then she said, you've learnt these skills, or you are learning these skills in T C P with subconscious reprogramming. That's what you need to do with Vincent. So, by this time, it was like the end of last year, or the start of this year. I can't quite remember. Maybe it was the start of this year. So, by that time in T C P I really had, I'd gone through the whole program. I knew how to do change my beliefs and stories and identity, and I knew about Dream time, and I knew all these strategies of how to help myself make changes. So then that's when I implemented that for Vincent. And with Vincent, he had to do it, but I then helped him. So, I had to teach him how to do that himself. And I worked with him in ways like oh, I definitely stopped saying, you can't run, you can't walk. I just cut that out. I promoted him to use the wheelchair and crutches, but I cut out all the in-between. You can't, or it'll do damage or sometimes I would just go and put the crutches next to him without saying anything. So it was, yeah, it was like, this is what we're doing at the moment. But I didn't hope on about it. That's so I made that change at that point. And I talked to him, and I educated him. I told him, you get to choose, your subconscious can heal this, and you get to choose what that looks like, and I'm gonna work with you. And we had one conversation with you Jim started it off and it was, you said get him to play a game. And during the game, like Pac-Man, the Pac-Man is eating away the disease.

Jim Fortin: I remember this conversation now. Yeah.

Vicky: It's making a tunnel of the new blood flow coming through. So, I did hate you for a little while though, Jim, because.

Jim Fortin: That's normal.

Vicky: I chose this game on my phone. I don't, let them play that many video games. And I chose this game on the phone that was like a plane shooter thing, and it was shooting alien things or whatever, and the shooting coming out looked like a lot of blood flow coming through and whatever. He was so addicted, I found out. He was constantly like; can I play my game because it's gonna heal my hip? I'm like, oh, what have I done? So, after a while I weaned that off, but it worked. He, as he was doing it, he was imagining shooting away the disease and the blood flow shooting out as it all is flowing nicely.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Lemme add before you keep on going. Parents listening right now, you, which is why I did this with you. You had him imagining in a way that I pretty much was sure he would get. If it was a female, there are different things you want them to have them imagine, but a little boy is probably gonna be interested in guns or shooting or some kind of something like that. So why not take what's most familiar to his brain and what's gonna excite him, and then enroll that into the healing work that we were doing, which is why we did it. And I do remember that call.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Continue, please.

Vicky: Yeah, so then after it was probably a few weeks of doing that every day religiously. And we did a couple of little sessions a day, so he was getting a good little stint of that. I then said to him, I felt like then he was latching onto that he's got a disease. So, I said, okay, now we draw a line. Then, it's done. The healing has happened, the disease is gone. You, there's no, you no longer need to play that game. You, there's no disease there. So, we've shifted then to the bone building. So, he was a big Lego, he's a big Lego fan. So, as he was playing Lego, we would every time we'd join them, join the blocks together, it was new bone forming in his hip. So, as he was playing Lego, he was imagining all the new bones coming to his hip and building. And then every night I, I had to teach him about being an empath. I had to teach him about dream times. I had to teach him about subconscious verse conscious. And he just took all that on in his stride. It was a great age.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, exactly.

Vicky: Yeah, he, he's someone that has seen things and heard things that in this world we shouldn't or whatever.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: Like a little side story he was sitting playing Lego one afternoon and I completely forgot that I had a hairdresser appointment that afternoon. The hairdresser was coming to the house, and he looked up at me and he didn't know that we had a hairdresser’s appointment. He looks up at me, he's oh, it'd be nice to get our hair done this afternoon, won't it, mom? I'm like, oh gosh, the hairdresser's coming. That sort of thing happened to him all the time. Like he just knew things before they happened, or yeah. So, it wasn't a big stretch for him to take on this idea that we have a subconscious and that when we go to sleep, we get to go and do what we want to do and help, have other people, spirits, whatever, come and help us heal ourselves. And that can all happen in dream time.

Jim Fortin: By the way, we talk about that in TCP a little bit in the inner circle and the work that we do. For those that don't consider themselves spiritual, we just talk about, you know what, it's the healing power of the subconscious mind. But your mind knows how to heal. And we'll keep talking about this, but thank you for sharing, for people listening is if you have anything in your life and it's not the way that you wanted it, you created it by the power of your subconscious mind. You can recreate it just like Vincent did. Okay, let's keep on, let's continue.

Vicky: So, by this point, I had got him to if we're laying at nighttime, I would say do you feel good enough? He's, he would scream you like, I feel good enough. And if were riding bikes. He was allowed to ride a bike if we were riding bikes. We went on this bike track that goes up and down and it's, he would sit at the top of this one hill, and he was just like, I can't do it. I can't do it week after week. I can't do it. And then he got to this point, at this point of this whole retraining with him, and he stood at the top and he's I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. And off he went. And it was almost like a really it sounds a bit cliche, but he just realized that he could do whatever he wants to do if he says he can. So, his emotions changed completely. He went from being a very happy kid before his diagnosis. And then as he was in a wheelchair and crutches, he became a bit of an anxious kid. He was doing some funny little ticking things with his mouth. And yeah, he was he was a bit on edge all the time. He just wasn't himself. So, by this time in the training, he was just relaxed and happy. And his teacher at school had already noticed the changes. She's I don't know what you're doing, but he can sit still now. He was, yeah. So, he was making all those changes and he was, he felt good enough. He felt loved and supported, so I knew that was cleared and gone. And yeah, he would tell me what he would do in dream time. So, he would often wake in the morning, and I'd say, did anyone have any dreams last night? He would say, I think I'm all good. I think I'm, he's by Easter, I'm going to be, I'm gonna be walking, and this was maybe a few weeks before Easter, and I'm thinking in my mind, oh God, I'm like, the chances of the specialist saying that he can walk again in Easter was so far from the reality of what the specialists were saying. So, I wanted it to be true. And I, and then it was Martha and t c P all came together and it was like, Vicky you have to get your mind in the right game.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: I have to be, I have to have my energy. cause that passes on to the whole family, including him.

Jim Fortin: Absolutely.

Vicky: And I had to, I realized that I had to have my programming, that the healing was done. That it already happened. So, leading up to a specialist appointment.

Jim Fortin: Hang on before you keep on going. Everyone is listening. It's probably mostly adults right now. Do you notice how easy kids make things because they don't know any differently and they haven't learned all the bad habits we learn and how challenging us adults make it? When Vincent made it easy, all of you parents listened, it absolutely matters how you talk to your kid and the expectation that you create for them. He could get his mind around it as a six-year-old or a five-year-old. Yeah, you couldn't at that point.

Jim Fortin: Let me segue here for just one moment. As you're listening to every single person in this eight-part series. You're going to hear the same thing. And I know you're going to hear the same thing. That is because I asked them all and I asked them, would you have gotten the same transformation from the podcast that you got from the life program, working with me and my coaches. Every single one of them, as you will hear, emphatically says no. Absolutely not. I've said it a lot of times. Listening to the podcast. I appreciate it seriously very much. And I know that it's helpful when it comes to gathering information. But you know what? It doesn't transform your life from the inside out. Because you don't currently have the context. To assimilate all the information. As you're listening to different interview episodes. You'll hear people that have been through my program multiple times say that they missed a lot of it the first time. Because they weren't the kind of person to get it, to understand it. And then in later episodes and in time with me, meaning their episodes with me and more time with me and my coaching. They get it at a deeper level, and it starts to become part of their permanent behavior. That's not to say you won't start changing right away when you and I start working together. And my team and I started working with you, however, there's a difference between listening to something and actually putting it into practice. And that's what we do in the Transformational Coaching Program. Things you're listening to here. We put in the practice. But in the Transformational Coaching Program right here, you're only getting 5% of what I talk about in the Transformational Coaching Program. And the program we like literally opens the doors big time. And dig into what's causing you to be stuck in life. So, you can listen all day long. But I'm telling you right now, you don't know, what's keeping you stuck why, because it's subconscious. And that's where we help you in a live program. So, if you're serious and I do mean serious about your life transformation that goes beyond just listening to the podcast. Transformation needs to be necessary in order for us to take action on it. It must be necessary that we create a better life. And if you're serious about a better quality of life. Then get on the wait list for my live Transformational Coaching Program. Go to The acronym stands for the Transformational Coaching Okay. Back to the episode.

Vicky: I definitely lagged behind. I, it was like I wanted it, but I didn't believe it. But then I was like, no, I have to scrap that. That's not gonna work in this scenario. I'm the one going to the specialist appointments. I'm the one that's having these conversations with the specialist. I need to imagine that it has already happened. So, in the lead up to this specialist appointment, I imagined in my mind over and over again how the conversation would go. And it was something like this. I can't explain why this has happened this quickly, but I can see a new bone has formed on the X-ray and he's doing so well. He doesn't have pain. You can, he can come out of the wheelchair. You can start walking again. And I got into this specialist appointment and I'm like a sweating mess. And I had to pinch myself because what I had rehearsed over and over was exactly what he said. And it was really one of those moments where I had, I was out my body and I was just like, I don't think this is actually reality. I didn't know whether it was real or not. That's how much it meant to me. And it was amazing. So, on Easter of this year, just like Vincent said, it was gonna be, he got to put his wheelchair to the side and not use his crutches. And just yesterday we had another x-ray and another specialist follow up because they keep following up.

Jim Fortin: Sure.

Vicky: Every two months. And he said, look, he can start running again. Now he's just smashed it. He is doing so you Yeah. And he couldn't say why that had happened. I knew and I tried to, specialists know a little bit, but it, that didn't, it was fine. It was just,

Jim Fortin: But let's go back to the prognosis. Diagnosis, sorry, or prognosis combination. They were saying it's still gonna be another year longer than what it is now. Is that if I'm remember correctly, even more.

Vicky: Yep.

Jim Fortin: So, they had in a healing process for a whole mother year and Vincent's up and walking and doing things as a kid.

Vicky: Yes. Yep. He's climbing trees. He is back running. We're not running long distances yet. We have to obviously build up some bit more strength for that. But he's yeah, he's at school right now walking around without crutches and running around the playground and it's a vast difference than where I'd be if I hadn't taken this journey, I wouldn't have been able to implement that spiritual journey that I wanted to go on anyway.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: Without the T C P foundations that I learned because I wouldn't have been, I would, I didn't have the skills to be able to help him.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Lemme did you ever listen to it, it's one of my favorite podcast episodes with Bob Cafaro. Who had multiple sclerosis. And he's perfectly well today, but yet that's an air quote, deadly disease. St. Jermaine, as I've said before, in different places in T C P, just things come to me as I'm going through a lesson with you guys or whatever he said, and he used man instead of people, but basically the, what Saint Jermaine said, as I understand is man will stop, man will cease to believe in miracles when they understand how life works.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: So, we make all these rules up in our head about you did as a mom, sorry Vicky but that's what any parent would do. For the most part, we make up all these rules about how life works. Then what we do. Most of us impress those rules on our kids and we crap them and our rules, like my parents and your parents and Matt's parents, your husband did to you. And there's a whole different set of rules that are all, for lack of better words, spiritual and everything is energy.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Now that being said, How's Vincent today, he's great.

Vicky: He's happy, he's running. He's he, if I asked him, How's your hip issue? He would say I don't really have a hip issue. It’s just mom who goes to these specialist appointments. But it's not my issue. It's him. He, yeah.

Jim Fortin: That's where you need him to be. And if I were his parent, what I would do in his life for the rest of his life when I'm rounding, I would say, do you remember how you healed X, Y, Z? That power's already in you. You can heal and you can do anything because that power's already in you. So, I continue to reinforce where he already has success in his life, and he's demonstrated it to himself. Let's talk about, yeah, let's talk about Mom for a moment. How has this changed your understanding of life?

Vicky: Oh, I as I mentioned, I'm a physiotherapist. I work in a hospital, so I'm helping people recover from dizziness and vertigo. That's my specialty. I've been doing it for 14 years. In a very evidence-based manner. I've done my PhD in vestibular physiotherapy. I just practice as an evidence-based practitioner. As a physio.

Jim Fortin: Hang on. This is really good. So, if we go back 10 years ago, and you and I are having this conversation, would you think I'm a nutcase because you have all this evidence that it's all physiological and mechanical. If we were having this conversation a decade ago, where would you have been then?

Vicky: It's a tricky one because I've, it's like I've segmented my life, but not now. Now it's all collided. You collided my world, which is great.

Jim Fortin: Which is good. This is what I do.

Vicky: Yeah. That's right. I didn't even realize I was doing this, but I had my spiritual world over on one side.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: I can tell you more stories about that if you want later, but I've had that since childhood. But I then really, I was a physio over on this side, which was completely separate types of Vicky. They didn't blend, they weren't together.

Jim Fortin: Those are two different worlds.

Vicky: They were different worlds, and I didn't blend them together at all. It, yeah. So, when all of this happened with Vincent, I felt so uncomfortable working as I normally did as a physio in the hospital. I just, all of a sudden, I was like, I can't work like this, because what I'm saying to patients is keeping them stuck in

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: Their disease or issue. And I'm not helping heal them. I'm not helping them heal themselves. And I, in that role, have strict rules, and I can't just go and speak freely. So that's where my other transformation happened from T C P.

Jim Fortin: I did an interview about a year ago with Dr. Katie Deming, md, who was in T C P for a long time, and on the podcast episode she said Modern medicine. Now mind you, she's an MD in very prominent MD Modern Medicine. She said, keeps people in healing mediocrity.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Of course, if we need trauma medicine, you get your butt to the er. That's a no-brainer. Get to the ER if you're bit by a snake, a rattlesnake, or in Australia, any number of snakes. Get to the er. But we have to look at, because I had my experience, which was a blessing when I was in the hospital, if I listened to the doctors, all the things they told me, I would still not be well today because they would've planted this cement model in my mind about what it is to heal and my ability to heal. And because of medical protocols, doctors won't even talk to you about the ability to heal when all the power to heal period is not in the doctors, it's in the mind.

Vicky: That's exactly right. And to answer your question properly, 10 years ago, no, I would have thought this was crazy as far as the healing side of things. cause whilst I had the spiritual world, I really didn't know anything about this type of healing.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: So yes, I would've thought you were crazy.

Jim Fortin: Now you still do, but in a different way now. Yeah, that's right.

Vicky: A different way. And now I'm the crazy one that when I talk to my colleagues about this and they're like, oh, Vickys got, and I, I'm a well-respected vestibular physio. There's not that many of us that specialize to this level. I see patients instead of the ear, nose, throat specialist instead of the neurologist, if they have dizziness, vertigo. Like I'm at the highest level that I can be at for that type of therapy. And I'm just doing a full 180 and I've. It's taken long service leave from my hospital job and I'm starting a coaching and I have to call it coaching and not physio because, so that I can.

Jim Fortin: Modality

Vicky: Open up to healing and all these different modalities. So, I'm doing coaching for people with persistent dizziness cause it's the persistent dizziness people that have been told over and over that they're likely to have this for a long time and be stuck in this. And the way that we're treating them is not working. That's why they have persistent dizziness. And I'm just so excited that now I see Vincent's whole issue of what happened. It was for me, and it was for him. It didn't happen to us, and it wasn't something that was, it wasn't nice to have to go through. But without T C P and without having that issue at that particular time, then I wouldn't be sitting here now being able to offer a whole different service that isn't available to people with persistent dizziness. That, so I'm hoping I can help a lot more people.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. What Vincent went through I've worked in this field for 25 30 since 1993. There's a difference between knowing something and understanding something, which I've said many times in T C P, and I've always understood we could heal, but I didn't have to until 2020. And when I got out of the hospital the second time, I went right to Don Xavier's house, four days in the hospital after a stroke, went there to have dinner, and the first thing he said to me was, now, now you can heal more people. So now you know. Your message, even for people listening, is obviously if you need medical care, you go. But all healing happens in consciousness and energy and thought is energy not in the operating room per se.

Vicky: Yeah, exactly.

Jim Fortin: Fair statement.

Vicky: Yeah, absolutely. I remember you saying that. And when you were in T C P and it was all coming together for me, but probably the, when we did values week, yeah. I had never done values before. That was just not something I had thought about. And my values, the top one was freedom. So, this was before Vincent's whole healing thing, or it was probably as it was evolving, but and my top freedom, my top value is freedom. And here I am being so restricted with how I can practice and Help people. And even just the time of you have to be here at this job at this time. And there's I couldn't use my creativity or to grow something and to change things. And yeah, it was like I knew I had to change based on that value alone before I knew what I was gonna change too.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: I found the values week life changing for me.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Thank you for that. And here's the thing, as you and you've been, please add anything you want is most of us don't even know our values. We don't even think about 'em, which is what we do now in the first week of tcp, not the set, not the third or whatever it used to be in the past. Most people don't even know what drives them and they're unhappy. And how can you create what you want to create in life if you don't even know what's driving you at a soulful heart level?

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: So where does this take you? Because I was gonna ask you, but I'll ask you in a different way. So, what have you changed in how you live your life? Where does this take you?

Vicky: I have my freedom. I am able to take the kids to school and not rush in the morning and help them with their homework, and I can go to their activities at school.

Jim Fortin: By the way, you always had freedom, but you gave it away because that's what you learned to do.

Vicky: Absolutely. I did. I value my value. Now, I know that's one of your sayings. Value your value. And I am, I'm making all the changes. My, my life looks like I get to work on my own business, my own creativity to help people in a way that I want to help them whilst still having the time and space and energy and presence to be with my family and friends. It's just, I couldn't be happier. I still have things to work on. Don't get me wrong.

Jim Fortin: We all do.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: So, it sounds like you're living your life in the way that you want to live your life, not the way your past conditioning and past history have determined that you're supposed to live your life.

Vicky: Yeah. Spoke. That's what you said.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. What do I use? But it, listening to you now, that's how you're living your life and I don't like these words so much because you're so commercialized, but you're living your life or you're starting and you're really getting into living your life on your own terms.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And many of you don't live your life that way. And then whatever happens, you said something that I've said before and I say in T C P, a lot of us don't get, we think life happens to us. Nothing happens to you. It happens to you.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Everything that you went through happened to you.

Vicky: Exactly. I know that now I feel that I, if anything else happens, I'll be able to take a bird's eye view at it and go, yes, this is challenging right now, but I'll be able to understand at some point how this is helpful in the longer term.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. But it's always something I've said in T C P a lot, everything is medicine. Even if you don't think it is and you don't like the medicine you're taking, like you're taking cash or oil. As a kid, everything was medicine. And we might not like it at the moment, but later we're like, oh, now I know why I had to take that horrible tasting medicine. So

Vicky: I'm a lot more present with that was one of my values is to be present with the kids and my husband mainly. But even in conversations with other people, I felt like before I was a little jittery, always going to the next thing. There was never enough time. I wasn't just in the moment listening and being present, and now I just feel like I can. I can do that, and I'm not, I've changed my habit of going straight to getting frustrated and screaming at the kids when they annoy me. Not saying I don't scream at them sometimes.

Jim Fortin: You're a parent. That's understandable.

Vicky: I'm a parent. But it's not my, it's not just this track of, I can't remember what, how you worded it, but it used to just be something I would go to in my mind so quickly. It was just a habit that as soon as they would do certain things, I would go a certain way. And that was one of the habits I changed with T C P.

Jim Fortin: Let me ask you something. There were you on a coaching call that I did with someone in India that was a mother, and I did that coaching call maybe three months ago and she talked about all, and I'm going here for people listening. We have a lot of parents. She had the habit of constantly screaming at her kids. Were you on that call?

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about. Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Do you know what I am talking about? What did I tell her?

Vicky: I think it was like what I just said that like the brain just gets triggered. It's so used to doing a certain thing that you're not even aware of before it's already happening.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Is that what you're Yeah, that's part of it. But another part that I said, and I chose, and I have PhD psychologist, all that in here. And it's amazing to me that I don't have a PhD. I wanted to get one, but I didn't wanna do all the work of years.

Vicky: You don't need one. Yeah. The years I'm

Jim Fortin: Like, how do I not, how do I not have a PhD? And I coach PhDs. I don't get it, but, okay. And I remember, but because what I do works, and I remember saying something along the lines of, this woman talking about yelling at and screaming all the time at her kids. And I said something along the lines, but I remember these words specifically.

Vicky: I said, if you realized you're being an abusive parent.

Jim Fortin: Oh yes, I do remember you saying that. That was like a dagger in my heart.

Vicky: Yeah, I heard that. I heard that. That was probably one of the real, it was more than three months ago. cause I think that was in, anyway,

Jim Fortin: Maybe I remember that clearly. Yeah, I remember. And I said, and when I'm coaching, by the way, all this stuff just comes, it just pours into my head. And I said, if you recognize you're being an abusive parent. And then some people could say that's really harsh. Go look up the definition of abuse. It is abuse when we scream at our kids. In fairness to parents, I understand how kids will push every button you have, and especially there, I had a good friend of mine, you have small kids, and when he was in his, probably mid-thirties, he was having chest pains. I took him to the hospital, and they hooked him up on a stress test and he goes, you wanna see a stress test is what he told them. You wanna see a stress test, come to my house at bath time. I've got three kids under five. You will see a stress test.

Vicky: Yeah, that's right.

Jim Fortin: I get it. But I don't think anyone listening wants to be that parent that's screaming at their kid because they lose they lose it with their kids and we're truly being abusive because what are we teaching them about their value and life when they're always or often screamed at then what are we settling them up for a lifetime when they're used to being screamed at, yeah. Yeah, that's right. When I say it was a dagger into my heart, it wasn't like, it was just a really good realization of there's no excuse for doing that.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: There's, yes, it's frustrating and yes, they can push your buttons, but that's, it's on me. It's not for them to have to endure that's our responsibility as a parent too, to get our shit together. I didn't say that, but I would. That's how I talk is Yeah, it's hard on the kid because our children learn, and I don't have kids this lifetime, but I've had a mother lifetime maybe this lifetime. I'm like, I'm gonna rest. I don't know.

Vicky: Yeah. Good option for a minute.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Good option for this lifetime. Let me have no kids so I can rest and get some sleep, because all of my friends that have kids your age. One of my best friends, a guy named Brandon, I'm like, you look tired. And he is you try having three kids.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And building a business. That's good.

Vicky: Even last night I was like, come on guys. Like just, this is, I need to be pressured too tomorrow anyway. Sorry. Keep going.

Jim Fortin: You, we're doing fine. You're doing great. And let me ask you this. Let’s say you're talking to someone like all these people in the listening now have a lot of people listen and they said, my life just isn't where I want it to be. What piece of wisdom would you give me?

Vicky: You are a hundred percent responsible for your life. So, if you don't like something in your life right now, it's your responsibility to make the changes. So now I. It's not a pity that I have other people that don't have the things that they want. And I say this in a, in the, in a kind way, but everyone can make choices to change things they don't like about their life. A choice like joining TCP to learn how to do it properly.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Most of us, I tell people, I did my entire life till I started learning all this. We work backwards, but we don't know. We're working backwards. And we work backwards because we've learned backwards. And then I tell people, you're working backwards, and I get pushed back. No, I'm not. Yeah, just keep working backwards. It's not my place to try to get somebody to change. Where can people find you and why would they wanna find you? What would they what is it that you do and where can we find you?

Vicky: So, I have a business called Dizzy Resolve Integrative Coaching. The website is, and my email is The people who need me or could help be helped by me.

Jim Fortin: Sure.

Vicky: If you have persistent dizziness or chronic dizziness and you've been through your testing, you've probably seen a lot of specialists and had a lot of tests and tried the standard conventional therapy and it's not working for you then I'm here for you. I am developing my own transformational program for these types of people and it's gonna be up and running soon. The doors will be open soon for that because now I know how to help people in this way so I can join my 14 years of vestibular physio experience with all of this subconscious reprogramming training.

Jim Fortin: Perfect. Now, I assume because of the internet, you work all over the planet,

Vicky: correct? Okay, that's fine.

Jim Fortin: Let's go here for a moment. I'm curious because there's some people listening that this pertains to them. What, I know there's no one calling, but in your expertise, when people go to the doctors and whatever, all this testing, and they don't know what's making them dizzy or causing it, where do you go with that?

Vicky: Are you talking about someone that's just the first time getting dizzy?

Jim Fortin: No. They've been Diz dizzied for a while. They've been to the doctors and everything else, and doctors are, excuse me. Doctors are like, we can't help you.

Vicky: Okay.

Jim Fortin: Where do you start with them? I start by determining what was there, what was happening? I asked I; I'll go back a step.

Vicky: Sure. When I started working on all of this, I tested one question out with every patient I saw, which was hundreds and hundreds of patients at this time. And I said, what was happening in your life when you first had dizziness?

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: And I kid you not the percentage of people that were like, oh, you know what? I got kicked out of a job, or I was in a relationship breakdown, or This was happening to me.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: And it was some emotional, traumatic event that, and it might not be too big, but a lot of them were quite big events. And the emotion that they were feeling at that time becomes a trigger for their ongoing dizziness. That's one thing about where I would start and where I'd look into.

Jim Fortin: That's all I wanted for now, unless you wanna share more, because you gave me something I want to touch on here.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Being a hypnotist for many years, I worked, that's no longer around at the Hypnosis Institute in New York City. And the person who trained me had been in the field since the eighties, very well known, very good at the craft. And I saw the story of where this guy was deaf in one ear, completely no hearing. And my boss did some regression work with him. And come to find out, and his hearing returned after the work. But what had happened is his wife used to be a screamer and a yeller, and it doesn't pertain to your kids. Okay. His wife used to be a screamer and a yeller, and he passed out in the yard one day. And when he came to. He couldn't hear out of one of the ears. And once he discovered that and dug into it, then he could hear again.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And there's evidence of people that are paralyzed after a car accident. They've been regressed using medical hypnosis.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And they can walk. They can walk that very same day when they were paralyzed 15 minutes ago, but the paralysis happened after an automobile accident. This is the power of the mind for everyone.

Vicky: That's right. It's funny that you've mentioned hypnosis because. In line with, while I was helping Vincent, I then was doing lots of different courses because I knew that this is how I was gonna help people with dizziness. And I'm a hypnotist too now. I I've done my training and I just think it is a very valuable tool to Yeah, to tap into an, yeah. To the subconscious and to help people heal.

Jim Fortin: Many years ago, I learned a lot from a guy that's not been on the planet for a lot of years. A guy named Dave Elman.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And Dave Elman only taught MD's back in the fifties. Medical doctors back at that time, the American Medical Association, literally as part of your medical school curriculum, wanted all MDS's to have a hundred hours of training and hypnosis prior to graduation from medical school. This was the A M A, the American Medical Association, recommending this. Today, 99% of doctors have zero training in hypnosis. They're all trained in the mechanics of a bag of skin, and they really don't know anything about the mind.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And all healing and health and wellness always, no matter what always starts in the mind.

Vicky: Yeah, it's amazing. It's so far from what, how it, how conventional medicine is at the moment.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Vicky: Unfortunately, there's a huge disparity and I think that my little part to play here is just making that a little bit closer. And I think there's lots of people in the world in their own little industries making that closer, and it'll just take time.

Jim Fortin: This is why I say in tcp, the world needs us. If we might be quilting a blanket and we're each like a little, reach a thread in the blanket, but together we keep doing this in the world, and I don't have enough years left on the planet to do it as much as I'd like. I even, I'm here 30 years, I don't know, 30 years more. But this is the healing and the awakening we need as a species to the power that we possess. Any final thoughts don’t matter what they are. Anything whatsoever you want to share.

Vicky: Probably the last thing is if anyone listening is like an integrative medicine or an integrative healthcare that might see people with dizziness and feel like they wanna have a chat, they can reach out to me as well, and we might be able to do our own. If I end up doing podcasts, I can have them on as a guest or we can do our own videos to help each other.

Jim Fortin: No, you're supposed to talk about me. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Vicky.

Vicky: And you've got, if you've got that little inkling of, they should already be sold on tcp, it's like a non-question to me anymore.

Jim Fortin: I know, but I'm just kidding. That's you guys, everyone listening, you know where to find her. And I'm projecting and suspecting there's a lot more healing working with her than people even know right now. Or she even knows that can come as a result of working with her. If somebody says, I'm not tragic, but I have a lot of dizziness and the doctors don't know. Would that be someone who would reach out to you as well?

Vicky: Yes.

Jim Fortin: Okay, perfect.

Vicky: The doctors, we often, doctors don’t often know what dizziness is from sometimes they give diagnoses just to be like, oh, there's one that's closely fits.

Jim Fortin: No, doctors don't do that. No. And I'm not knocking MDs like I said, no, there's a place, if he has a time and a place, and if you need traumatic healing or traumatic whatever, then the place is an ER room or a trauma doctor. cause I've even had trauma doctors and c p, that's where you need to be. But long-term healing and health and wellness does not come from Western medicine. That comes from the mind and Eastern medicine and ancient thought.

Jim Fortin: Okay. That wraps up our time with Vicky. Thank you for listening. And I do want to remind you. If you're serious. Serious about your life transformation. And creating a much better quality of life. Then whatever you do get on the wait list for my transformational coaching program. Let me ask you a question. Do you want to create a significantly better, healthier, wealthier, better relationships, kind of life for yourself? As you're thinking about that, there's only one answer. It's yes or it's no. Anything else is an excuse. And your excuses are what keep you trapped and in your old way. If you're serious about creating a much better experience of life, it's not about excuses, it's about taking action. That being said, get on my wait list for my live transformational coaching program. Go to Jim and get on the wait list. And we'll let you know when we open the doors again. Thank you for listening and I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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