The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 285: “INTERVIEW: Overcoming Adversity And Living An Authentic Life”

August 30, 2023

In this eye-opening episode, I sit down with Amy Schutte, a marketing and messaging coach for entrepreneurs, about her transformational experience in Jim’s coaching program. In 2020, as the pandemic hit, she was seeking personal growth and tools to manage the chaos when she found Jim’s program. Though Amy considered herself a responsible person in the past, the program taught her an expanded meaning of responsibility – taking responsibility for her thoughts, stories, interpretations, and her role in co-creating her reality. This shift in mentality was fundamental and empowering.

Internally, she learned to release ego, fear, and self-limitations. First, as she evolved internally, the external changes in her business, money, and relationships began to gain traction and stability. Her business grew tenfold as her identity leveled up to match her desired outcomes. She became a peaceful, loving parent, seeing her young kids as souls on their own journey rather than trying to control them. She also transformed a difficult relationship with her father by setting healthy boundaries, releasing guilt, and choosing to “let people go lovingly.”

Amy emphasizes that investing in a supportive community and expert guidance, rather than just free content, is what enabled her accelerated transformation. The program’s combination of practical tools, subconscious reprogramming, and “ancient wisdom” creates powerful shifts at a core; identity level. This then radiates out; opening life up to new possibilities. For entrepreneurs especially; Amy highlights the need to grow yourself before you can grow your business. Personal evolution precedes external expansion.

Through her findings, Amy advises implementing the principle of reciprocity by openly giving value without expectation. This has brought her abundant opportunities and an expanded capacity for service. When you move from scarcity to genuinely giving and receiving, you increase your ability to love, create, and be of benefit to the world.

Transformational Takeaway

Identify your self-limitations, eliminate fear, and ego, and allow yourself to give value without expectation. What are you willing to let go of today? When will it be time to tell yourself that these limitations are what's holding you back from your wants?

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is an interview with one of my students named Amy. And the theme that I've been talking about a lot, which is also the theme of this particular episode is the title of this episode and that's Overcoming Adversity and Living an Authentic Life. Amy and I talk about a lot of things in this particular episode, and if you're a business owner, an entrepreneur, you're going to love this episode. Anyway, we talk about her Amy and how she ever came. A lot of her challenges, how she shifted her mind set. And how she unlocked a great deal of her potential while coaching with me. And the Transformational Coaching Program. We also talked a lot about how to live authentically and the power of self-love. And being a hundred percent responsible for the outcomes that we create in life.

The main themes in this episode are getting stuck, healing relationships, unblocking business success and conscious parenting. You'll hear Amy talk about how she healed a long-term rift with her father. And how she has significantly improved her relationship with her husband. And you're going to hear a lot of you are going to hear yourself and her story. Because she discovered and understood that when she focused on herself, As opposed to trying to control her husband. To get him to do what she wanted him to do. The relationship improved dramatically. I'm saying that because a lot of you actually try to control, I'm laughing. You try to control your partner. Thinking, that's going to get you the relationship that you want. And many times, all that gets you is more rebellion and more distance between you and your partner.

You'll also hear Amy talk about conscious parenting. You know, being a coach for many years, what I noticed with a lot of people and especially in TCP, the Transformational Coaching Program. Many parents try to control their kids. And what I teach people in TCP is that you don't own your kids. You are a steward for an of your kids, they're divine little souls on the planet you don't own them. You don't control them per se. Your job is to guide them on their own journey and their own growth and their own evolution. And as you'll hear also, which I alluded to earlier, we'll talk about Amy's business success. From the time she started with me. A couple of years ago until now. She has literally increased her income, not one-fold, not 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9-fold. She's increased her income. 10-fold. And I'm sharing with you right now. What Amy did you can do. And she did that by what you hear me talking about and me coaching her on this. She created a tenfold increase in her income. As a result of shifting her subconscious identity. And then she talks about self-worth. You've heard me talk about it before, but your lack of self-love and self-worth is what actually creates every single problem you have in your life. Your health, your wealth, and your relationships. And when you love yourself more, these things, health, wealth, and relationships start to open up and grow and expand for you. There was a lot of impact in this episode. Hopefully, you enjoy taking notes and hopefully you'll find this podcast interview inspirational. Keep listening.

Hi, I am Jim Fortin, and you're about to start transforming your life from the inside out with this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah motivation and no hype, because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one, to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Jim Fortin: Okay, Amy, so let's visit here for a bit. You were in T C P, what were the dates that you were in T C P, the Transformational Coaching Program?

Amy Schutte: Yeah, so I started with you in the fall of 2020.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Amy Schutte: And I am now, I kept on with you with t s p, inner circle. I've been through all of it, so I'm, yeah, I've stayed with you through that whole time, which has been fun.

Jim Fortin: You've been here for a couple of years. Okay. Let me, yeah, let me ask you. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Amy Schutte: Absolutely.

Jim Fortin: And there's a reason for that, which we'll talk about. Just for people listening, have I promised you anything, paid you anything, coached you on what to say? Any of that?

Amy Schutte: No, absolutely not.

Jim Fortin: There was somebody,

Amy Schutte: I am on my own free will.

Jim Fortin: I read a comment on, some, one of the, the blog sites or whatever, and somebody who went through T C P said, and it was not entirely positive comment, which I've gotten so few of those, thankfully. They said there's no, after they went through the program, I was a little, it was a little incredulous to me because they said there's no way that he could have this many positive reviews of T C P. He must have paid those people. I’ve never ever paid any person to speak about your experience here. So, you're not being paid, you're just here to help people like I am. Right.

Amy Schutte: Absolutely.

Jim Fortin: Okay, well let's dig in and talk and let's help some people out today.

Amy Schutte: Okay.

Jim Fortin: So, let me, let me see here. When we met, and that was in 2020, what were you looking for in life? You were looking for something obviously, so what is it that you were looking for?

Amy Schutte: So, Jim, I found you, it's really interesting. I found 2020 was such an interesting year collectively. Yeah, right. I had just had a baby in April, so like right when the lockdown happened. So, that was a really interesting time to bring a new little soul into the world and then also be faced with, you know, that didn't have a fully developed immune system. And also, the world is, Crazy. And it just fell, and I was also going through a lot of personal things that it, I just felt, everything just felt kind of chaotic. And I, one of my clients, because I do message and marketing and one of my clients had invested in James Wedmore's, B D. And so anyway, I started paying more attention to his emails because I wanted to make sure I was. Paying attention to what she was doing and could help with messaging and marketing. And he sent out one email. I don't even think it was part of a sales funnel. I don't, I don't know what it was, but introducing you and introducing the BE DO HAVE series, and I read a lot of marketing messaging emails. Right, Jim? Like, this is just part of what I do. I write them, I read them,

Jim Fortin: Right.

Amy Schutte: And I, it was, now I know it's not. That it was all meant to be, but I remember reading it and just being like, I have to get in this thing. It was so magnetic. And I don't know if I can tell you exactly what I was looking for during that time, but I, it was, as soon as I found you, I was just like, oh, I, I just need to be here.

So, um, wait, wait,

Jim Fortin: wait, wait, wait. I'm, I interrupt. So, to add

Amy Schutte: That's okay.

Jim Fortin: Next year. See, I know what you're looking for because you told me earlier what you were looking for is you brought a new soul into the world. The world is crazy, et cetera. You're looking for grounding or I've got to grow or evolve in some way to manage all the change that's happening in the world. Is that a fair statement?

Amy Schutte: Yes, absolutely fair. Yeah. And I as a business owner too, I thought, okay, I need some of this for business. But yes, you're right. I think a lot of it had to do with looking to grow in a way that was different than what I had done in the past.

Jim Fortin: So, what had you done in the past?

Amy Schutte: You know, I think personal development is always part of the entrepreneurial journey. I don't think you can run a business without

Jim Fortin: Right.

Amy Schutte: Deeply growing yourself. And so, part of that I think was always investing in, either reading or courses or coaches to make sure your growing cause your business won't grow without you growing, is my opinion always. So, so yeah, part of it was that.

Jim Fortin: Okay? Yeah. You know what's interesting is you said, I don't think an entrepreneur can grow or it's part of the entrepreneurial mindset. You wouldn't believe the number of entrepreneurs who do nothing to improve themself and then they wonder why their business isn't growing. And you know, you've seen this, we can talk about this. Many people come to T C P looking for business. You know, like 70% of people that come are already entrepreneurs and they're looking for business. And I'm not going to finish my thoughts here. I want you to finish it. What do they find very quickly when they enroll in T C P if they came for business?

Amy Schutte: It's interesting because I don't think you can grow in your business well, just like you said, without really growing yourself personally. So, the business thing for me, cause again, I think the money mindset, all these things that are sound so sexy, right? When we're looking at it as a business owner, right? I want to grow my business; I want to make more money. But really, I think what T C P it does is bring it back to you and that stuff is important, but the growth that you experience individually impacts that, but that stops being the focus very quickly. Even though it is the outcome, it is the part of the success, which is really cool, but it stops being the focus.

Jim Fortin: Haven't you seen a lot of people, and I know I have thousands that come in and they're all raring to go with business.

Amy Schutte: Yes.

Jim Fortin: And then week two or three in the program, they're like, Wait, wait. I don't want to work in business anymore. I want to work on my self-esteem, my self-integrity, subconscious reprogramming my habits. They recognize, and it's so easy for you and me to sit here and say this, and people to listen, but they don't get it. It's not about the externals, it's about the internals. That we're taught to attack the externals and hustle and all these kinds of things. But it's all an internal game.

Amy Schutte: Yes.

Jim Fortin: Let's talk about this. Where were you before in your life and in business before T C P, and then where were you after? And then we'll talk about what changed and how you changed it

Amy Schutte: As far as externally, what those things were?

Jim Fortin: In your life. Whatever you want to share. Where were you in terms of, let's start there. Where were you in your life? In terms of life? Business and everything else. Where are you? Let's go there. Where were you?

Amy Schutte: Okay, so 2020 fall, which I think it was one of the most impactful TCP's. I've gone through it a couple times, but that one I always look at is like, you know, the eyeopener, mind blowing all the things, but I

Jim Fortin: Stop by there. Hang on, hang on.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: What does that mean to you? Eyeopener. Mind blowing.

Amy Schutte: Okay. So, I think the things that you teach in T C P are simple concepts, right? They really are integrity, self-responsibility. A lot of these things are very simple foundational concepts, but the way that you teach them and in the process that you teach 'em, there's things that you're teaching in there that are not necessarily simple concepts, but it starts to just chip away at the things that you, for me, it was an unlearning of all the things that I, I was like, oh, I thought I knew this. I thought I understood this concept, and then all of a sudden it was like, oh. Okay, maybe I don't, and it, to me, that first round of T C P, it felt like, it just like stripped me bare in so many ways. It felt very fast and furious. So that's what I mean by mind blowing.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Amy Schutte: The other TCP's felt a lot slower for me as far as actually integrating a lot of it. So, I think if people are thinking about T C P going through once, is life changing. Going through multiple times for me was really helpful just to keep putting that foundation in place once.

Jim Fortin: Building,

Amy Schutte: Building. Yes, 100%. So, I think going back to your question of where, where I was, I was living in collective fear, right? I had this little baby, it was 2020. Things were wild. I was also living in a lot of, and I didn't realize it at the time, but victim mentality. I was going through some like really hard family things.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Amy Schutte: And to me, I was trying to heal through it and trying to find answers. And it’s looking back now, I realized, okay, that when I started actually getting healing was when I started taking personal responsibility. When I started reframing my stories. And T C P did that in a way that, you know, helped me do that in a way that I think there was nothing else that really could have. So that was really powerful. So yes, part of it, I came for business. Part of it I came to grow, and then what I got out of it was just, A complete transformation in so many areas, which is really cool. And also, that seems like a long time ago, but it really wasn't, was it? Yeah, it's been quick. Yeah.

Jim Fortin: You know, I, it's really interesting. I think this applies to all of us in our blind spots. We can't see what we can't see. And three years ago, if I said to you, and I'm talking to people on the podcast listening, if I said to you, Let's say for example, you, the people that listen to the podcast are all about personal development.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And then they'll tell you, I read A, B, C, D, E F G books. I get it. But yet they're still stuck. And then if I said, you're in victim mentality, Huu, they'll say, what are you talking about? I'm not in victim mentality, I'm a personal development blot. They're in victim mentality and they don't know it. And you're laughing right now. Mm-hmm. So, I'm assuming that hits home with you.

Amy Schutte: Yeah, totally. I think there's things that, and it, part of it is that reframing of the story, right? And the things that you teach really move you through those things. cause as soon as you start taking responsibility for your life and understanding the power that you have to co-create and the things that you teach, I think are so powerful because then it did apply to my business, it applied to, you know, if you want to talk externally, my business grew. I don't know. Almost tenfold, you know?

Jim Fortin: Hang, we're going to, we're gonna go there. We're going to go there. But so, responsibility, people listening.

Amy Schutte: Yes, responsibility.

Jim Fortin: I did 20 years ago when I was listening to Brian Tracy, I'm like, right on. Yeah. I take responsibility for my life, but I'm still here waiting for tables. Two years later, I wasn't taking responsibility. I understood it, but I couldn't demonstrate it. Now, yes. Let's go to the good part. Okay. cause it doesn't, it, it's all results. Whatever you're working on, your health, your weight, your business, whatever, your relationships. Tenfold.

Amy Schutte: Yeah. I mean, it was pretty close.

Jim Fortin: Tell us, tell us what happened.

Amy Schutte: I think part of it is this I identity piece, right? As becoming the BE DO HAVE piece of, of actually being the entrepreneur that I wanted to be. Actually, being responsible for things, being responsible for my environment. You know, we were in a position where we were in a home that wasn't serving us in an environment and we felt stuck because part of it was 2020 and scarcity with money, you know, all these things that were just playing into it. And T C P really moved me through. Nope. We're going to do these things and it's all going to work. And it, it has, it's been an incredible journey. I think so externally, things changed dramatically within a year and a half, which is really fantastic because it keeps, it keeps changing, right? It keeps upleveling as you go. And I think once you get to the mindset of this is who I am in the world. And part of that's through your subconscious reprogramming and the other things that you teach it. You don't go backwards with it, at least in my experience, it just keeps going forwards in different ways, in different areas where you start unfolding other pieces that you need to attack. And so, yeah, it's been, from that angle, it's been really cool just to watch how quickly things can change, even if it feels slow in the moment. Right even if you're looking around slowly in the moment, people are saying, why are other people getting dramatic breakthroughs, but I'm not. Yeah. Then they finished the program and they're like, oh my God, all this has changed.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, and but you said, okay. What I want to go here is you said that all these external things changed. This is where I want to pull. My hair is already coming out and I want to keep it, but this is where I want to pull the rest of it out.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Is where people talk about, oh, I get it, I get it. And they hustle. It's all the internal game. So even though all the things changed physically in your life, money in your life, you first changed operative work, first changed subconsciously, then your identity changed. And then I'm the same way. I, you know, my business at cracks several million dollars per year. We do very, very well.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: I just hired three new people and they are all in the, they're all kids. They're in their early twenties. Their salary requests were like all in the 70 grand range kind of thinking. I don't understand this money. I did 20 years ago. I don't understand what 70 grand a year is and how to make 70 grand a year because it costs me hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to run my team alone. So, my identity over time has become the identity of a multimillion-dollar business owner. There's no way I go back to the other because I'm not that person anymore.

Amy Schutte: Yeah. Yeah. It's exactly that. Exactly that and, and you don't realize, at least for me, I didn't realize some of these things were so, Ingrained in me now. Right? Until you bring on a team member, or you're coaching a client through something and then you realize the way that you look at money, the way you look at being a business owner has shifted so completely because the fears that they're bringing up or the things that they do are almost surprising in a way, even though you were just doing it, you know, a few years earlier.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, right.

Amy Schutte: So, to me, that's been the biggest mere backer reflection of like, oh, this has changed so much for me. I don't tolerate those things anymore, or these boundaries I've put in place that, you know, a couple years ago I would've never even thought that was something to do or So from that standpoint, yes, I think it's incredible how you just keep leveling up in different ways.

Jim Fortin: Well, I find the same thing, and this applies to anyone listening, is that we hit stagnation in life, and we live our life broken our entire life, or unfulfilled, or we just can't get our business off the ground.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: People try to change those things. That’s the wrong approach. Change inside your head. Change inside your identity. So, it changed your business and as your business tenfold, so you,

Amy Schutte: Yeah. Pretty close.

Jim Fortin: Seven figure range. Yeah. It changed your business and as you've noticed, Newton's, is it here, his first law of motion, that a body continues to stay at rest unless act acted upon by an outside force. And the body spirals and it spirals up or down, but it's always in motion.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: And so, you spiral up and the more you spiral up, the more you spiral up. And that's what people listing I want them to get from you is that you're the classic example of once you start spiraling out of the rt, you're in things just keep spiraling in. Spiraling in the positive direction.

Amy Schutte: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Amy Schutte: I think about that sometimes with like the money piece, right? Or abundance coming in where you're in the past I've been panicking about a certain thing or something like that, you know, where you're just holding onto those things and now the money flows to you. Me, easily, I don't, we're, it's always replenished. It's, it's just amazing how once you move into that type of mindset and frame, it really does hold true right in the 3D area where you're just like, oh yeah, this, okay, okay. And so, I think that's really fun. It becomes fun. It becomes, yeah, it's, it's a fun way to live.

Jim Fortin: You know, a couple of days ago I told somebody that I know that I would make an offering to them to pay for the painting of the outside of their house. And I tell this in stories like this in the podcast, and people are like, oh, that's good, but they don't get it. And that's not to take away from them, it's that they've been conditioned in a different way. So, I told this person I'd pay for their painting. The painting bill was $9,800. Okay. So, I told 'em I'd pay for it. I did the next day. I got a check in the mail from the house that I just moved out of from Chase Bank that I overpaid my mortgage, and the check was $10,000. The check I put 9,800 out, 10,000 comes back the next day. Yeah, this has happened my entire life, but you and I live in that place that all of us think we want to get to, but many won't do the work, but we want to be to, wow. We live in an, an infinite universe.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Now where's this taking you with your business growth?

Amy Schutte: It's interred, yeah, that's a good question. My business has changed and pivoted so much from 2020, so I feel like it's just, it's in this, um, And I say that just because at the time I was doing a lot of copywriting and messaging work, and now it's changed to a lot of bigger projects, big public affairs, big PR different things. So, for me and my business, it's shift and I, I've been able to uplevel to those things because of all this work too, where things that I think would've been really challenging three years ago. Now I can take those projects on. I feel really confident in them, which is really fun. So, a lot of that comes back to personal development, right?

Jim Fortin: Hang on, hang on. So, three years ago you might've thought they were really challenging.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: When I'm talking to people listening, what did you have to change in you? And it might, the answer might be obvious is your work with me, but what do you think changed in you that you recognize it now, that it's not challenging anymore and you're like, oh, okay, I can do that.

Let me segue here for just one moment. As you're listening to every single person in this eight-part series. You're going to hear the same thing. And I know you're going to hear the same thing. That is because I asked them all and I asked them, would you have gotten the same transformation from the podcast that you got from the live program, working with me and my coaches. Every single one of them, as you will hear, emphatically says no. Absolutely not. I've said it a lot of times. Listening to the podcast. I appreciate it seriously, very, very much. And I know that it's helpful when it comes to gathering information. But you know what? It doesn't transform your life from the inside out. Because you don't currently have the context. To assimilate all the information. As you're listening to different interview episodes. You'll hear people that have been through my program multiple times say that they missed a lot of it the first time. Because they weren't the kind of person to get it, to understand it. And then later episodes and in time with me, meaning their episodes with me and more time with me and my coaching. They get it at a deeper level, and it starts to become part of their permanent behavior. That's not to say you won't start changing right away when you and I start working together. And my team and I started working with you, however, there's a difference between listening to something and actually putting it into practice. And that's what we do in the Transformational Coaching Program. Things you're listening to hear we put into practice. But in the Transformational Coaching Program right here, you're only getting like 5% of what I talk about in the Transformational Coaching Program. And the program we like literally opens the doors big time. And dig into what's causing you to be stuck in life. So, you can listen all day long. But I'm telling you right now, you don't know, what's keeping you stuck why because it's subconscious. And that's where we help you in a live program. So, if you're serious and I do mean serious about your life transformation. That goes beyond just listening to the podcast. Transformation needs to be necessary in order for us to take action on it. It must be necessary that we create a better life. And if you're serious about a better quality of life. Then get on the wait list for my live Transformational Coaching Program. Go to the acronym stands for the Transformational Coaching Program Okay. Back to the episode.

Amy Schutte: Okay, so I think this happens a lot in T C P, right? When I look at other people's comments or, you know, as people are working through things, and you said this earlier, people come for business and then they realize, oh, this is a self-worth issue that I actually need to work on or self-love. I think you see that a lot in tcp, right, Jim?

Jim Fortin: A lot. Yeah.

Amy Schutte: That was a big thing for me, even though I didn't realize it was a lot of self-love and a lot of the things that I was like, oh, that's not an issue. And then I dug into it, and I was like, oh, that is an issue. Right? So, it's these, these personal things. I mean, the external stuff is all great, and I'm so grateful for it. But it comes back to that being held. And having that space to really explore some of those more vulnerable topics and things that are hard to even admit to yourself. I think that was one of the things that T C P did, in a really cool way because yeah, the business, the external, the abundance, all the expansion, all that good stuff, but when coming back to the self-love, the self-worth, the things that actually, for me, those were the things that seemed to move the needle a lot. When I think back at the first and second. Maybe even third T C P, and maybe those aren't things I'm actively working on now because they're so ingrained.

Jim Fortin: Yep.

Amy Schutte: So, when I say like, I can take on different projects or I can, you know, face different visibility challenges, right? There's a couple projects I'm working on that are very visible and then a lot, and I think three years ago, something like that would've flattened me, but now it's, uh, it's different because my self-worth in the way that I view myself moving in the world and the work I do is completely different than it was three years ago. So, I don’t know if that answers it. Yeah.

Jim Fortin: It's who you are.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Smoker smokes because they're smokers. A non-smoker doesn't smoke because they're a non-smoker. You do what you do and it's not a problem anymore because that's who you are.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: You had mentioned, you know, rounds one, two, and three. I remember the coach, Sandra, Sandra Chuma, is a coach. I love her. You do too obviously your body language. She's such a beautiful soul. And her first T C P, which was about 10 rounds ago, she thought, God, why do people go through this program more than once? Jim must be a really crappy coach. This must be bad. So, you're laughing gives it away. Because when you go through once and people, I'm listening for all of you listening, whether or not you ever work with me or not. Once you grow, once you shuck a layer of the onion off, then you got another layer to shuck, and you have to keep growing to shuck the layers away. And then after a while you're like, oh my God, I don't even recognize that person three years ago, because you've shucked all those layers away. So, I'm encouraging you guys, whatever you do in life, don't stop growing ever, because there's never an end to the growth. Right?

Amy Schutte: Absolutely. Yeah. And there were times where I'd be like, I'm kind of just tired of this. Right,

Jim Fortin: Right.

Amy Schutte: Yeah. Like you get to that point where you're like, oh my gosh, what else do I need to work on? Like 10 more things. But I think that's the beauty of at least being able to continue on with some, you know, you have TCP and then you have your other programs that you're able to, to move people through, and I think that's the beauty of that is that you can keep on learning these things through you, you know, through you. And your coaches are absolutely incredible. Like she's amazing. Thank you. Your coaches are amazing. So, you can keep doing the foundational work while also. You know, not taking a break, but doing, being able to integrate it in a way that's not as fast-paced. Cause TCP feels like it goes, you know, 12 weeks, but it's, it's a lot to just really home in and be doing this.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.

Amy Schutte: So, I think that is the beauty of staying with it for a longer time period than just one, because the outcome, or for me at least, has been really fabulous.

Jim Fortin: Let me go there because this is a learning thing. And any, any coaches listening or whatever. Is that one of my coaches one time was a Navy Seal and he told me that they used to run, it was really hard to run in soft sand when they ran every morning and maybe still training. He goes, it's really hard to run in soft sand. They would run us in hot, uh, in soft sand a lot to become faster runners on hard sand. I designed T C P to be soft. Sand. You're going to run your butt off and you're going to be like, remember what I've said before? If you're not cussing me and hating me and wanting to kick me, then you're not getting your money's worth.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: I make all the soft sand so when you get out the soft sand, you run in life, which is the hard sand, and that's an easy run because you've already the hard part. So that's why, that's why we do it that way.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: But let's talk more about you. But T C P, the vibe of T C P is all non-dogmatic. I don't even like this word, but spiritual people. Now, you'd mentioned that because I already know you're a Taper. Which of course I know you, but you used the word, I brought this little soul into the world. That's TCP talk, right? I mean because we're not like, I had a kid, you know?

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: We talk that way.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: How has you, how has your life changed, your parenting, your relationship from three years ago to now?

Amy Schutte: Oh, what a beautiful question. Being, I love being a business owner, but being a mom is by far my favorite role that I get to play right now. And it's so beautiful. So I have two little boys and, it's changed me a lot because I think part of it is understanding that I'm here to help facilitate their journey and not, And they're also going to have their own experience in the world, which I think, you know, I think as parents oftentimes we try to control so many assets of our kids' lives and so for me, just to say like, I'm just here to be part of your guide, like guide you along this little journey is really fun. Yeah. My, my little boys are so special. And I think just being able to view them, I think the, the things that T C P gave me is it just gave me a way to look at them and parenting as. Want an experience and really see them as just little individual souls, right, that are on their own little mission in the world. And to, to love them through that and to be able to just be with them through that. And that to me is so, so special. So, for me, as parenting has brought me peace, that everything's okay, it took away a lot of fear, especially during covid, right? It felt like. I was terrified of, you know, I was like, oh my gosh, wipe down the groceries. I mean, I was living in this fear with this little baby. It just felt so crazy. And I think as soon as I started to understand T C P and all these other, you know, the spiritual things that you bring into the program, it took away all of that where I could just relax into the fact that everything is working the way it needs to work. And for parents that is a very beautiful place to play. If that makes sense.

Jim Fortin: It makes perfect sense and that what happened is you evolved yourself and as you evolved yourself, which is what we do in the program, you let go a lot of the egotistical ego, human weight that weights us down. That makes us worry about life.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Let's go here. So. One of the biggest issues with people, and 90% of people listening, is their personal relationships. Especially the person, their partner, they're married to, whatever. How has that changed for you?

Amy Schutte: You know, I'm gonna take this in a little bit of a different direction. I,

Jim Fortin: Where did you wanna go?

Amy Schutte: My relationship with my husband and my kids is really good. So that part of TCP as far as the relationship piece, those were not things that I was struggling with. What I was struggling with though was my, my family of origin and my parents. And yeah, and that was a really big, I'd had a really big, rift with, my dad. And it was something that I was really just trying to look for answers of like, what does this look like to forgive somebody? What does this look like to take responsibility for something that's this big? It was, and so that relationship week for me, being able to move through it more with that in mind, was really, really helpful. So as far as my marriage, I, I would say my marriage probably looks very similar to what it did before with less control issues on my part. I mean, those were some of the things that.

Jim Fortin: We've talked about in the program, your husband probably felt the control issues, and then if you tried to control him, he may. That doesn't always happen, but it does. Most often, he would get into his rebellion about your control issue, and it created a bit of tension in the relationship, but you didn't know entirely how much you were trying to control him. Even though he tells you you're trying to control him, then you try to control, and then he rebels even more, and it takes you guys further apart from your connection.

Amy Schutte: Yeah, I, I would say we're like a pretty good team, so I, I don't know if we had that as much, but yeah, I definitely, when I would get into anxiety or fear, it would definitely be like, I'm gonna try to control this. Right. So, um, and he's very calm, so he just kind of lets things go, but for me, it, yeah, so we're in a very blessed partnership, which I appreciate. Uh, so I would say, Yeah, there's, there's probably things in my marriage and with my kids, definitely that changed. And a lot of it though was just me taking responsibility for me. Right. And I think that's where I. Uh, all those changes come and then they just radiate outwards. So maybe people can't, maybe my husband wouldn't be able to say, oh, this changed completely. But I was going through such a transformation with other things in my life that some, you know, we often talk, like, we look back and go, we don't even recognize those people three years ago or that life, that seems like a dream. that whole little situation and, and now look where we are. What a blessing. So, um, from that standpoint, I think there were just little tiny shifts that it's hard to even put my finger on Jim to be like, oh yeah, that changed and that changed.

Jim Fortin: Right.

Amy Schutte: But they're there and they're still changing, which is great because every, yeah, you're like the onion analogy. It's every year I keep finding something like, oh, this is a thing. Let's work on this. So, yeah.

Jim Fortin: What excites me the most is the parents that you've become and perhaps your husband as well, because a lot of you have has rubbed off on him through osmosis being your partner. What excites me more than anything is not what your change has done for you or him, but the kind of parents you're going to be for your boys. Because so many parents, so many, I, I, I grew up that way. So many people have the deck of life stacked against them.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: From all the limitations their parents teach them. So, I look at what are your boys gonna have as a result of having you as their, their guide, their mother that's going to teach them things about life. What things are they gonna acquire to have a much different life than what you had in a positive way? To me that, that, that's exciting.

Amy Schutte: Oh, absolutely. You know, the way you talk to your kids about money and the way you talk to your kids about opportunity and responsibility and integrity, like all the things you're teaching in tcp, right? That all trickles down to our little people, in different ways and the ways that you talk about things. And so, yes, it's a very different way than when I grew up and probably you and a lot of people. And so, yeah. And. And I'm excited to see them as their, my oldest was just about to turn seven, right? So, he's just really moving into that kid’s personality where you're starting to see it actually come out and the things that they say and, the magical things that you say were, before I would've been like, okay. And now I'm like, yeah, yeah, I believe that. I love that for you. So that's really fun.

Jim Fortin: I love watching parents, when their kids are listening along in the program, and I, I need to stop saying bad words, but the kids listen along and many times there was somebody who told me recently that they were a T C Per and they were like dealing with something in life, some situation, and the kid said, mom, turn it over to Dream Time. And this kid was like six, telling the mother and the kid, the mother's like, oh my God. The kid listens more than I do. As getting coaching and know where to go with this, I.

Amy Schutte: I have to tell you, Jim, so with the way, you know, with subconscious reprogramming, you suggest doing it a couple times a day?

Jim Fortin: Yeah,

Amy Schutte: So, with my oldest one, I would, you know, tuck him into bed and he would want me to stay there and cuddle. Right. So, I'd be like, do you wanna listen to this with me? So, he calls you the talkie guy, Jim, which is so funny. Oh. And he'll fall asleep while I'm doing this. Yeah. And it's really funny. So, on the nights where he's like a little bit riled up, he'll be like, can we listen to the talkie guy? And I'm like, you bet you. So. Yeah, you're the talkie guy, but yeah, you are in there. I mean, you're a voice that's, that's in our household. And, and that's fun. The dream time thing. I think that's very fun. cause we talk about that too. Um, and it's just become like the Yeah, it's just the, what we do, uh, what I do. And then people are fine with it in my household, so that's very fun.

Jim Fortin: I love that. The talkie guy.

Amy Schutte: Yeah. Let's, sorry. That's so random.

I love it.

Jim Fortin: No, I love it. Let's go back here. If your dad's still on the planet.

Amy Schutte: Yes.

Jim Fortin: How do you guys, or how are you relating now or how are you feeling better about the relationship?

Amy Schutte: We still haven't talked for a couple years, which is okay because I think you coached me through this on a hot seat one time. I was really dealing with a lot of guilt about what if something happens and I remember, yeah, go ahead. Do you remember that?

Jim Fortin: Yeah, I remember that.

Amy Schutte: Yeah. That, that one hot seat, I think that was the only hot seat I'd had that round. And I waited and waited until the very last one. cause I was like; I could deal with this. And finally, I brought it and you just, within like 30 seconds, it was like a. It changed me. But you were like, you're, why are you living in the future? The future's not even a thing and neither is the past. Right? Like, be here. And that guilt that you're feeling, that's not serving you. Right. And so, it completely changed me and how I was, because I kept trying to figure it out, the topic of forgiveness kept coming up in my head. How do I do this? What is, I came from a very traditional church background, so, you know, part of this was trying to figure out what does this looks like? And then a lot of guilt around what if something happens and I have this thing that's still out there and it's changed me in a place of, like, I feel very confident in the boundaries that we've set, in the, the way that we're raising our kids and the things that we're doing, and that I can choose to let people go lovingly, um, for a time or a season, and that it's okay and I can sit with that for as long as I need to, without the guilt. And I think your, yeah, that hot seat just changed so many things for me. So, from that perspective, it feels like I'm in a really, really healthy place when it comes to, to that. And it moved me good in a, definitely towards, towards a better place. So

Jim Fortin: As much money as you have made the last couple of years, I need to send you a bill for that.

Amy Schutte: So yeah, really probably Jim, I'll send you a love offering.

Jim Fortin: You use the word here a lot and I want to go there.

Amy Schutte: Okay.

Jim Fortin: Prior to T C P, did you think you were a responsible person?

Amy Schutte: Yes. I thought it was overly responsible.

Jim Fortin: So, if I said to you before I, before we started working together, Amy, are you a really responsible person? You would've said Yes, I am overly responsible.

Amy Schutte: Yes, absolutely.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Would you say the same thing now looking at that Amy back then?

Amy Schutte: I would say you're probably over responsible in the ways that are controlling.

Jim Fortin: Hard answer,

Amy Schutte: But not Yeah, but not in the ways that are actually life-giving when it comes to, taking responsibility for the, your stories. The stories that you're telling yourself, the stories that you are living into. So, no, I think that was probably one of the biggest shifts for t c p for me, for sure.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, because I used to say the same thing because I used to always think I'm a really responsible person and it's really important to me to be responsible, but yet, why was I broke 30 years ago? Why couldn't I get outta my ruts? Is because I understood the word responsibility in terms of my, what I did for other people, but not in terms of the way that I live my own life. So, I'm gonna bet money that your life has changed dramatically, because now you understand that responsibility is not something outside of you. It's the way that you choose, or the choices that you make and the way you choose to live your life. And is that aligned with the outcome you want to create? But see, you've nailed it. You've mentioned the word responsibility four times on this call, which tells me it's a very high value to you, but it means you've learned the value, you carry the value at a subconscious level because you filter the world through that lens. But many of us think we do, but we really don't. And that's why we struggle with health and money and relationships because we don't understand the concept.

Amy Schutte: Yes. And I think also when it comes to like relationships with other people, I think for me, I always have viewed myself as like, well, I'm, I'm the good person here. Like, I'm trying to be so nice, or I'm trying to be so good. So, like, what is this thing? Um, and it's, it's really interesting to kind of go back to those situations and go, oh, okay, yes. And also, how can I take responsibility for the way I interpreted that thing? Yeah. Or the way that I, um, not just interpreted, but then. Took that in and kept it with me. Um, so part of this, right, is that responsibility piece all the way through communications. And I do this with my clients all the time cause I'm helping them tell their stories out in the world. And a lot of that is reframing how they tell their stories to themselves. And so that piece has been so fundamental in the way that I do business now with my clients too, Jim. So, um, Yeah, that piece is really powerful in T C P I feel like every week is, but the stories reframing responsibility. Um,

Jim Fortin: But here's the thing,

Amy Schutte: Reciprocity those have been great.

Jim Fortin: You, you took the concepts and James Wedmore told me that he is like Jim, before I coached him, his business went from 1.7 million to 9.8 million in 18 months. And he goes, everything you talk about, I understand. I heard it before, and I thought I knew it. But I didn't know it. Yeah. And I'm telling everyone listening, but I want to ask you something that's a self-serving question for me, because one of the biggest objections we hear from people that listen to the podcast, the reason they don't work with me is people often say, because I do give a lot of weight on the podcast. And they say, I get an all in the podcast and you're a free BE DO HAVE series. Why do I need to go to the next step? I don't have an answer for that. I know that. Well, I do, but what would your answer be to that? Do you think you could have become all of this just by listening or reading a book?

Amy Schutte: I think it would've taken a lot longer. Jim? Um, I don't think so. Be, and the reason why I like investing with coaches and why I've stayed with you through so many years. Right. Part of it is, uh, part of it's the reciprocity piece, which you teach, which I love. You can get a lot of free information, but that exchange of energy and of dollars I think is really, really important. And you know, I find like when people work with me as a coach or with the work that we do, there's always so much better results when they are valuing what they're doing by putting some skin in the game. So, part of it is putting your focus there, time, money, attention to something. I think having the community around you and watching other people and learning alongside other people. You say this a lot, right? Like what is most personal, is most general personal. Yeah. And I, you know, I think that happens a lot when people are coming on hot seats and T C P and they're dealing with something that has nothing to do with what you're dealing with, but actually Wow. It does. Yeah. It's amazing. So that learning through other people is so cool. So, you do give such beautiful work in your podcast and your other series, but T C P itself is. And I've done a lot of programs, right? I've been an entrepreneur for six years, so I've been in a lot of other coaching things. This is unlike any other, just because of the way it's structured. The subconscious reprogramming, the ancient wisdom that you bring in, in just the most beautiful way, for people at whatever level they're coming in at, right? Is really cool. So, from that perspective, I'd say it's definitely worth investing in if you really want to see changes in your life, which I do. I know that's like the next part for people is we're all looking at the planet going, what are we doing? This is crazy here. So how can we be spark here?

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Yeah. I love the community. Thank you for sharing that. I love the community. I didn't create it, it just happened through, I'm gonna just call, I'm gonna use the word divine guidance, whatever. This community is mind blowing in my opinion. Yeah. Many people say, and I even say the same thing, I have never been in a more love loving, supportive, genuine, open community that's private in my life. Meaning people just share who and what they are. And to your point, what's most personal is most general, we don't talk about our personal things in the world, but out in the world there are many people going through what we're going through, and they don't know how to get through it. And when we talk about it, we learn from each other. Thank You for that? So let ask you. What do you do? Tell us what you do, and tell us how people listen, and you'll have a lot of people listening. Tell us what you do to help us live a better life.

Amy Schutte: Yeah, so thank you for asking that, Jim. And it's such an honor to be here and talking to you, so thanks for letting me be here. This is really fun. So, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners really struggle with what to say and how to say it in the world, so on their website and their sales funnels. And so, what I have been doing with my work, I'm a former journalist, and then I turned into brand strategy. And then when I started my business really dove into copywriting. Now we're doing kind of a bit of all of it, but I really help people figure out what to say and how to say it, and then implement it across all their marketing platforms. So, websites, emails, and it's really fun to help people. I believe small business owners especially are such special people. I know we talked about like some entrepreneurs aren't doing personal development, but for the most part, if you decide to be an entrepreneur, you are signing up for like a ride, right? You're, you're signing up for a personal development ride where you're saying, I am gonna go out there and I'm gonna help people do something. And I may be really good at it, but I don't know what I'm doing, or I don't know how to say it. Most people don't have business degrees. And so, helping people figure out how to do that in a way that makes them money, it brings expansion to their communities is really powerful. So that's what I wanna do.

Jim Fortin: Let's go here. You'll understand this immediately. Why is that for, for entrepreneurs? Why is that so important in today's business climate?

Amy Schutte: Okay, so there's so many people starting businesses right now. It's crazy. By year five in a business, most small buses, I think 45% of small businesses have failed. Part of that is because there's so much noise, right? We have them; I think the stat used to be, Jim, we have to say something eight times for people to pay attention or something. Right now, it's like you have to see a message 50 times for people to pay attention, right? It is a crowded, noisy world. And so, when people are looking at starting a business or they're starting a business, they're having to compete. And that's really hard for people when they're like, I'm just really good at, you know, being a, a dentist, or I'm just really good at doing this thing. What, and all of a sudden, I have to be a marketer. That's really a lot of work for people. So, but you're not able to create the life that you wanna create without having. Either becoming a really good marketer or hiring really good marketers to help you, like you with the messaging. Yeah. Like, well, sure, sure you can hire me.

Jim Fortin: Like you, but let's be honest

Amy Schutte: Like me. But messaging is the key. There's a lot of marketing tactics out there, but if the messaging is wrong or it doesn't land well, or it's not communicating what problem you're solving, people aren't gonna pay attention. So, so that's really where I like to help people. cause if you can grow your small business, it changes your family, it changes the way you show up in your community. It changes the world around you. Right? So, it's critical.

Jim Fortin: Are political campaigns about messaging.

Amy Schutte: 100%.

Jim Fortin: See that's how powerful they are.

Amy Schutte: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: They sway entire global events, and everything is messaging. So, what you do is like the oxygen of someone's business and that if you can't message. Meaning you can't tell people what you do in a way that's of value to them. Your business will sink and die in this social media climate we live in now. There's so much noise. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, all this noise. Unless you can stand out with your messaging, and I know who and what you are about. I don't really give a crap how many YouTube videos you watch and everything else because you're not gonna get it.

Amy Schutte: Yes.

Jim Fortin: Because they're not gonna tell you how to do it. They're not gonna teach you, they're gonna just tantalize you.

Amy Schutte: Yes.

Jim Fortin: But the reality is, until a business can do what you do for them, they might as well get used to having an average business or a barely functional business because what you do is more vital than any time in the past a hundred years in business right now. It's all about the message.

Amy Schutte: Yes.

Jim Fortin: And I have one final T C P question, because we're, I hope the next person then come on early and then where they find you. The question is this, what's one piece of advice you wanna leave with everyone listening to your life journey?

Amy Schutte: Oh wow, Jim, you should have given me more time to think about that.

Jim Fortin: That's why I didn't,

Amy Schutte: Man. Okay. One piece of advice, um, we didn't talk about this very much in this interview, Jim, but I think one of the concepts that you teach is the concept of AYNI and the law of reciprocity. And I, I think we, at least I did. I grew up with that, you know, That concept, but not in the same way. And as soon as I started implementing that in my business in a very, for me, I had to do it a little bit formulaic just to practice.

Jim Fortin: Sure.

Amy Schutte: I set up an abundance account and started just putting, you know, 10% in and then funneling it out. But as soon as I did that, it opened up so many things for me, right? Yeah. Like, it, it, it helped me move through scarcity so quickly. It helped me. It, it just, it was such a beautiful thing. So I think if I could say this is the one advice for your life and for your business is understanding that concept of reciprocity and instead of just taking care of you all the time, this idea of how can we give, how can we create expansion with an open heart and do this thing in the world where, We're here to love people. We're here to love people well. And part of us love ourselves, well too. So, to me, that is, I think the, the basis of my life at this point and where I try to work from,

Jim Fortin: Oh God, I could not have asked for a better final, you know, final comment and that, I say it all the time, but people tune me out, is we get in life what we give. And if we don't give, because we're too busy taking care of ourselves, we're not gonna get, and that one concept will make you very wealthy anybody when you get. That we live and our life is about service. You're living that way. And now look at your business. You did seven figures last year. You were not doing that three years ago. That's the power of living from AYNI because I assume you do it in all of your business and your relationships. That's the power of living in AYNI. Okay? Final question. Where do we find you?

Amy Schutte: Yeah. My website is And same on Instagram, Hudson, and Co.

Jim Fortin: Spell it all out. Spell it all.

Amy Schutte: Okay. H u d s o n a n d c o. c o.

Jim Fortin: hudsonandco.

Amy Schutte:

Jim Fortin: Is it co

Amy Schutte: It’s.Co. Isn't that annoying?

Jim Fortin: .co. Okay there we go. That's pretty simple. Okay, and we'll put the link in the show notes. I just want to tell you, Thank you so much.

Amy Schutte: Oh my gosh, Jim, what an honor. Thank you for letting me come talk to you. It was so fun.

Thank you for sharing.

Jim Fortin: Well, you talked to all of them, but thank you for sharing and thank you for being with me. I mean, I such love and reverence and just honor, thank you again for being here.

Thank you for listening. And I do want to remind you. If you're serious. I mean serious about your life transformation and creating a much better quality of life. Then whatever you do get on the wait list for my Transformational Coaching Program. Let me ask you a question. Do you want to create a significantly better, healthier, wealthier, better relationships, kind of life for yourself? As you're thinking about that, there's only one answer. It's yes or it's no. Anything else is an excuse. And your excuses are what keep you trapped and in your old way. If you're serious about creating a much better experience of life, it's not about excuses, it's about taking action. That being said, get on my wait list for my live Transformational Coaching Program. Go to and get on the waitlist. And we'll let you know when we open the doors again. Thank you for listening and I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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