The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 29: “Why Are You On The Planet?”

June 26, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re on this planet? I don’t mean “what is your purpose while you’re on the planet, but the bigger question is…why on this planet?

I attempt in this episode to get you to start thinking from a much higher perspective about the nature of your existence here on Earth.

Most people search for a lifetime looking for their “purpose,” and they spend their life like a dog chasing his tail looking for this answer.

When people think about their purpose, they are mostly thinking about how that gives their life meaning relative to others, but have you ever thought about the bigger cosmic purpose of you coming to this planet?

In this episode I talk about:

The point of this whole episode is this. Are you living fully into the duality of self and have you evolved into someone who lives from the higher value, meaning and purpose of your cosmic self or have you lived for the sustenance and convenience of your 3D ego?

Transformational Takeaway

Do you live to serve and make the world a better place and do you live to serve and EVOLVE your higher self as much as you can?

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 29 of the transform your life from the inside out podcast. If you're like most people, you've spent your entire lifetime thinking about your purpose. Why am I here? But I want to go deeper in this episode and I'm wondering, have you ever ask yourself why you're even on this planet? Stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin and you're about to start transforming your life from the inside out. With this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation and I've coached Super Achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you have never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

We're All On The Same Train Heading Home

in this episode. I want to get you to start thinking from a higher level. And the question that I have for you is, have you ever asked yourself why and the evolution of me and the totality and the evolution of my cosmic essence. Why am I on this planet and what am I here to learn? You know, let me segue there for a second. It's, a great deal of ignorance to believe that we are alone in the universe. We are one galaxy, which is massive. You know, we're one galaxy of what I think three, $400 billion, three or 400 billion galaxies. And each galaxy has something like 400 billion stars. And that's only in this universe because scientist are now thinking that there's, a multiparous more than one universe. And there's a whole lot that I could say on this working with a Shaman for a lot of years, I won't.

But right now that is, but I want you to start thinking at a higher level. Why, why this planet and what am I here to do? What's the, you know, how come I pick of all the planets I could be on and the universes? Why this one? I remember many years ago, my brother-in-law, the Shaman his what's called the benefactor, which means, you know, in effect the teacher, his benefactor said to me that when you leave this world, and I'm going to use this word here just colloquially, but when you leave this world, you will not be evaluated, which is a word that I meant colloquially. When you leave this world, you will not be evaluated for what you have acquired. You will be evaluated for the passion with which you lived and the extent to which you have grown while here. And if you look at our planet, most people live their lives, and I do not mean this seriously.

I don't mean it in a judgmental way because I believe we're all metaphorically, we're all on a train going home. Some people are at the front of the train. Some people are at the back of the train, but make no mistake, everyone is on the train and every one of us, like for example, I don't think that a seventh grader is any better than a first grader. They're just a different places here in the, you know, in the United States, they're at different places and stages of their air quote education, and the same thing. We are at different levels in different places of our evolution here on this planet. Yet this needs no defense. When you look at the planet, most human beings live their lives completely, completely asleep and blind. Most people actually live their life in the context of the span of their life.

Meaning they think their entire life is, you know what? I was born on this, you know, X, Y, Z date. And whenever I leave, and you know, we put these, we put these numbers on the tombstone for people that get buried and they think that is their life, when in truth, that is just a small fraction of the totality of their literally being as you know, as a cosmic being. But most people only see their lives as the time that they're born and the time that they leave the planet. Most people use the word die and I'm like, I don't use that word a lot. I just say transition over. But most people see their entire life in the context of the day they're born and the day they leave. What I want to introduce in this episode is to not, and by the way, the fact that you're listening to this podcast, it means that you were into growth and development.

But let me try to, you know what, I'm going to kind of stammer through this a little bit. Let me, let me see if I can get this ball across the plate is that most people look at their growth in terms of, well, you know, how can I evolve what I call my 3D ego, the bag of skin that I walk around in? What things can I learn? How can I personally develop? How can I transform and how, how can I grow? But where I'm looking at it in this podcast is that you are a cosmic being. I mean, you know, where were you were somewhere before you got to this planet and you're going to leave this planet that is a fact as well. You're going to leave this planet. So we're, you know, where were you before you got here and where are you when you leave?

So then look at, let's look at it that way and let's say that you landed on this planet. But the question is is what did you land on the planet to learn and the bigger picture of your cosmic beingness. So a question that I have for you is an question you can ask yourself is how can I grow and evolve my beingness? Notice I didn't say my humanness, but my beingness. Another question is how can I grow and evolve beyond and people call them bodies, I call them bags of skin and we all have a bag of skin or a body. But how can I grow and evolve beyond this bag of skin that I walk around in that I call me? Because you are not the bag of skin. You walk around in, it's just a temporary, like a loaner car. And I've used that metaphor before.

You know, you go on vacation, you rent a car, you drive around, take the rental car, you'd drop it off and you go home. And the same thing with this planet. You land on the planet, you hop in the rental car, you drive around for however many, many years that you're here. You dropped her rental car off and you go home. So the bigger, the bigger question is, is why did you go, you know, you, you went on vacation, you went to see something. Well, what did you see on that? Yeah, that's a great metaphor by the way. Say, you know, you go on vacation many times to see something. What did you see? How did you, you know, what did you learn? How did you expand? How did you grow on that vacation? And the same thing here on this planet from a bigger picture is what did you see?

What did you learn? What did you experience and most specifically, how will you grow while you're here? And as I alluded to just a couple of minutes ago that most, and I do mean most, and I want to be actually as objective as I can. You know what, just like you, I'm an earth. I'm an earth school. I'm in. If I wasn't in Earth School, I would not be here and I would not be doing this podcast. So I am here for the things that I have to learn at a higher level so that, that, you know, that can assist me. And by the way, I'm stumbling a lot here because I've, you know, I've been with a shaman for a lot of years and I'm trying to get this out of my brain into a microphone and a way that it makes sense to you to get you to start thinking from a higher level.

But I'm an earth school also and I'm learning my lessons while I'm here, but I also know, and I look at how can I evolve and make myself the most powerful being. And I don't mean socially powerful like political office or money or status or any of that, but how can I make myself and evolve into the most powerful being that I can be while I am here on this planet? I'm sure I'll do a podcast on it later, but I worked from the concept of duality and I'm sure every one of you have seen the Star of David and that's sacred geometry basically as above, so below and so below as above. So when I look at my life, I know that I'm not this bag of skin that I walk around. Then I'm just, you know, this is my rental car while I'm here and I look at how can I, how can I take the rental car and make it the very, very, very, very best and most evolved rental car while I'm here.

So that when I leave, I take those lessons with me into my, my further journeys and my further travels of my light being in my higher self. Okay. I want to bring this down now out of the, you know, out of the ethers and cosmic self and everything else and I want to bring this to a place that I can make very tangible for you. And if you were to look at your life from higher perspective, you know, let's say for example, you're going to come to this planet, you're going to hop into body and you know, before you get here you're like, well what am I going to learn there and what's my purpose of going there and why am I going to that place? What I've noticed about life, most people live for the experience, which I alluded to earlier, the experience of life in the context of the life.

And what I've learned and observed over the years is that speaking only for me, but I think it applies to all human beings, is we come to the planet for two reasons. And two reasons only is we come to serve and assist others that are in Earth school at this. You know, at this time and space with us, we come to assist and serve others and we come to evolve and grow as a being. And if you, if you take a step back and you look at that, what other possible reason is there to come here or reasons, Is it to work at a corporation for 40 years and get a gold watch? Is it own a big home or a Ferrari? Is it to build a university? Is it, you know what, when you really look, the only two reasons we come and what even the things that I've mentioned to some degree of fall in these two reasons, we come to the planet to serve and assist and we come to the planet to evolve and to grow.

Now, a caveat here, these are the opportunities we have while we're here. Yet we look around and many people do not take advantage of these opportunities. Many people do not evolve and they do not grow and they do not assist. Actually quite the contrary. And that's a whole esoteric subject we can get into that we're not going to get into at this point because this would be like a 20 hour podcast. But to keep it simple, this is what I'm suggesting is start looking at your life, not within the context of your life, but if you can even fathom, which I can't personally thought of them, but I'm wanting you to start thinking in this direction is if I thought about the big picture of my totality, my infinite cosmicness, well then what can I bring to this planet? What can I learn on this planet so that I can actually take it with me and my light body and take it as a lesson that I evolve my, you know, my eternal consciousness.

By the way, I just made myself a note here. I want to make an interjection here. Not about the podcast is on, is on September the fourth I'm going to be doing a live training. That's all I'm gonna say right now. But the reason I tell you this early and we're a few months away from that is mark your calendar for September the fourth because I'm going to be doing a live Transformational Training and obviously I will give you the details on that later. The question for you, where's your focus after listening to the last 10 minutes of this podcast, you're probably shifting your focus, but a question is, is your focus on how much you can evolve and grow and your 3D being, when I say 3D, what I mean is third dimensional body and your perception and your awareness of the 3D world, which by the way, we're actually as a species in the fifth and sixth dimension, whole nother podcast, but in the context of what you think your life is, are you living your entire life just for that life or are you living so that you can come here and the old phrase, it's in that point in the Dead Poets Society movie is Suck the marrow out of life.

But when I talk about sucking the marrow out of life, what I mean is savoring every bit of this experience while you're here and having the experience for the simple joy of having the experience and growing and evolving. And when I look at it from a different, different in higher perspective, you know, you might've seen the movie before Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and the whole movie's about a Bucket List, things that you want to do while you're in this lifetime. The perspective that I look at it from is, you know what? I'm a cosmic being. And one of the things on my bucket list was to come to the planet earth. And you know, I know people don't think of it that way. They think of it just in the context of their time here. But coming here, I'm being presumptive and I'm kidding here, partially, but not kidding.

Coming to the planet was on the, on my bucket list as a cosmic being. And I'm going to say also, I'm, I don't know how long I'm going to be on the planet, but my objective is to evolve as much as I possibly can to bring the higher essence of who I am into this body so that I can serve more. And I can be a guide for more people in this lifetime. You know, something else to ponder, and I know I said this in another podcast and I'm not going to say a whole lot about it here. And I've noticed also that, you know what? I know that each podcasts wants to be self contained. And as I build and have more episodes, that may be a little more difficult to keep up, but I'm noticing that I am who I am. And there's just a thread that runs through all of the podcasts.

And that's the way that it is. So when I look at, as I said on another podcast, is that we cannot die. And that's even physics. I mean your electrons, neutrons and protons. And even Albert Einstein will all the conservation of energy until all the conservation of matter. We cannot die. So I look at it this way. If I come to this planet and I live only in the context of my 3D body, meaning my name Jim Fortin and where I was born and all these things, if I live only in that context, I am missing out on so many opportunities to grow and evolve as a cosmic being. That's kind of like for example, you know, if you live in your 3D context, that's kind of like going somewhere to visit and you never leave the house. You know you've got to some beautiful place and you stay in the house the whole time.

Well, that's what to me it is when people come and they live their entire life just for them in the context of their life. It's like going on vacation, staying in the house, never leaving and never seeing or never experiencing anything else wherever they're visiting. Just a couple of minutes ago I did mention the Star of David and I mentioned duality. So a question that I have for you is, are you living fully? Are you living fully as best you can? And we're all at different levels of understanding and observation and awareness and interpretation. But even energetically we can, we can intend for it. Are you living fully into the duality of who you are and are you living from a place of higher service and higher value in life? Or are you living just for what you think your 3D ego can get? And by the way, 3D ego again is like me, my 3D ego is Jim Fortin in the bag of skin that I walk around in and as being that I think is me, which is not me, it's just a bag of skin.

But when we live only for the 3D ego or living also from a very selfish and a very limited place, you know, something that I find interesting about doing this podcast and the feedback is that sometimes I think, you know what, that episode, I could have said this differently or I could have said that, or I could have landed differently and eh, it's okay. And I get feedback like, wow, that was an amazing episode. And then some of the episodes I've created, I'm like, you know, this is like some of my, my best work, Jim, you know, I'm, I'm proud of myself and I hear crickets. So I'm going to be the first to say that I know that I've stumbled through this episode. There's so many things that I want to say, but I, I don't want to talk over anyone's head. Meaning I'd been with a Shaman for 25 years, which is non ordinary reality.

And I think a lot of you get it or you wouldn't be here or you resonate, you know, there's more. But there are some people, they're kind of like, what is this dude talking about? So I want to keep this episode to a place that at least everyone listening in some way can take something away. So what I'll do is, a Transformational Takeaway would be this is, Do you live to serve and make the world a better place from higher perspective of yourself, higher consciousness in higher being? Or do you do it just for what you think that you can get right now in this lifetime when you work from the luminous part of yourself? Because see, we're not even human beings were luminous beings. We are light beings. We are energy. It doesn't also a lot of new agers actually get into Oh, love and light.

Well, every actually the universe is also darkness. It's the Yin and the Yang. There is the light and the dark. But we all have the opportunity to live into the lightness. And as I'm sharing all this with you, a lot's going through my mind and I can hear myself even as I'm doing this and saying this, God, Jim, you mangled this podcast. And maybe I did. Maybe I didn't and I don't know. But, but what I want to share with you is, and I remember the morning that it hit me is that holy cow, I am only only on this planet to evolve and to serve. Anything else really is just a distraction and something that I'm making up in my mind. So to keep this really simple and the keep it really cogent is you here for what other reasons could you possibly be here except to evolve while you're on your cosmic journey and whatever you need to learn on this particular planet, you're here to learn that if you choose to and to serve.

Okay. So I muddled through this entire episode, but my wish, my intention is that you take away at least the idea that maybe you can serve in a much higher capacity, create a lot more value on the planet, and you can evolve and grow in ways that you haven't even thought about yet. The next episode is a Q and A episode. And I'm going to answer Stacy's question. And by the way, think all of you for submitting your questions right now. I've got more than I can possibly get to, but I go through them each week and I pick ones that I think are going to resonate with the most amount of people and who knows, I might get to yours. But again, thank you for sending a mail and I really appreciate that. So Stacy's question and this is going to resonate and this is why I picked this one and there's a lot more to Stacey story that I'll share with you on the next podcast, but the theme of her question is this.

She says that up and down with money is her money theme song. She goes up with money, she goes down with money and that's her theme song and she wants to know how to break that pattern. Many of you can relate to that. Now Stacy, that is, have a backstory that I'll share with you on next week's podcast and I see a lot of you that have a very similar backstory. So make sure you tune in to the next episode if you want to hear my comments about how to break that cycle. Okay, thanks for listening. Stay well and make it a great day.


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