The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 296: “Do you Work From Convenience or Spiritual Responsibility in Life? “

November 15, 2023

Do you ever feel like you're just along for the ride when it comes to your spiritual journey? How would you feel if you had made your own breakthrough?

In this episode, I focus on taking responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution versus living out of ego-based convenience. We’ll explore how to balance the dualistic aspects of being both a physical and energetic being, and how taking responsibility for integrating higher spiritual wisdom can lead to profound growth. 

So, what are some things to consider about this concept?

  • We are both physical (body/ego) and energetic/spiritual (divine essence) simultaneously. The body is a “container” for the divine self.
  • However, most let the ego/body control the higher divine self. This is like a 3-year-old controlling someone with a PhD.
  • We must balance the higher and lower aspects of ourselves to live fully.

True responsibility means causing something to happen. If you don't have what you want, you are not taking responsibility.

When given spiritual wisdom, it's the teacher's responsibility to share it. It then becomes your responsibility to apply it. Many gather information but don't grow because they don't integrate it. Taking action is key.

Convenience keeps us stuck in the limited physical/ego self rather than the expansive divine. Spiritual growth often requires inconvenience and discomfort to elevate higher. But it's necessary for evolution.

The divine self doesn't care about the convenience of the body/ego. Prioritizing convenience hurts your evolution.

Transformational Takeaway

Your evolution depends on taking true responsibility for your spiritual growth. Don't let ego-convenience pull you off your path. Live with purpose. What areas of spiritual responsibility have you been avoiding due to convenience and how can you courageously integrate more spiritual wisdom into your daily life?

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform Your Life from the Inside Out Podcast. This episode is titled, Do You Work from Convenience or Spiritual Responsibility in Life? When we hear the word responsibility, not all of us, but most of us think that we're reasonably responsible people, but the question is. How responsible are you with your spiritual growth and your spiritual evolution? The fact that you're listening to the podcast most for most people here means that you were interested in spirituality because it resonates with something inside of you. Actually, it resonates with your soul. But the question is, are you living your life? by of your ego, or are you living your life in the vein of spiritual responsibility? We're going to answer that question here in this episode. Keep listening.

 Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

So, the question is, are you living as a spiritually or spiritually responsible being or are you living for convenience of your ego. I want to go a couple of different places in this episode, so I'm going to hop around a little bit, and then I'll tie it all together at the end of the episode. Okay, the first place I want to go is you. When I say you, you are dualistic. You're both a physical being, and you are simultaneously an energetic being. Meaning you are spiritual and you're, you know, energetic and eternal and infinite. And you're physical and you're finite. And that's also ego based. So, I want to actually toss out the word container. When you hear the word container, what do you think of it? When I hear the word container, and by the way, the definition of container is a receptacle or enclosure for holding a product used in storage, packaging, or transportation, including shipping. Now, I'm not planning on shipping you anywhere or packaging you anywhere or any way and transporting you anywhere. But listen to that. It is a receptacle for holding it's used in storage. Now how does that pertain to you? And why am I even mentioning the reason why a lot of us don't look at it this way and when I started looking at it this way, it was a big transformation for me. Is that your physical body listening to the podcast right now your ears wherever your eyes are looking, all the physical aspects of your body, your bones, everything about you is a container.

Everything that you can see and touch and feel and smell is a container. That's the container of your being and that is you. At least that is you by definition of most people, but it's not you. It is the container, remember the receptacle that holds something, the packaging, you, your physical body is the container for your divine self. I want to go back to a metaphor that I probably, you know, probably used about two years ago. And I heard this from Don Xavier, my brother in law, the shaman, and he said, you know, when we come to the planet, but let me back up here and give you the metaphor first, you know, when, when we go on vacation, let's say you go somewhere and you know, you, you fly there, you hop off the airplane, you go inside the terminal and you go to the rental counter. And that's what a lot of us do when we go on vacation, because we want transportation. So, you leave where you live. So, you hop on a plane, you go somewhere, once you land, you go to the rental counter, and then you rent a car. And then while you're in that location, you rent, you know, you have that car rented and you drive it around for the entire time that you're at that location.

Then, the end of your trip rolls around and it's time to go home. You get back to the airport. You literally leave your car at the car rental agency. You hop on a plane, and you go home. That's your life and a metaphor. And that, as I've said before, you were somewhere before you got here. So, like going on a vacation, metaphorically, you come to planet Earth. Now, you hop in the rental car, but the rental car is your body. Because you are not your body. Your rental car is your body. And you travel around, and you see all the sights and have all the experiences while you're on vacation. And then when it's time to go home, you literally go back to the counter of the rental agency where you drop the car off and you go home. As a physical being, when we go home, we call that dying, but here's the thing, every one of us is going to do that. And what I want to talk about in this episode, is the spiritual container and it is the container for your divine essence. But what I really want to talk about who's driving the car, meaning who's in charge of the container.

Is the container in charge of the container or is the driver and the owner and the one who possesses the container in charge of the container? So, for you, your body is your container. Your soul, your divine self, like the car metaphor, is the passenger. However, most of us actually hop in the container and we are idle passengers. And we don't have to be because we are like the most amazing and best driver you've ever seen. But yet most of us hop in the metaphorical backseat of life and we just go where the car goes. So, this episode is about the relationship between the divine you and the ego you. The relationship between the container and the passenger, the divine mind, the divine soul, the essence of you.

As you've heard me say before, we are dualistic beings. I mean, there's a higher part of us and a lower part of us. And I even talked about it on an episode I don't know how long ago. I create so much content that literally I don't even know where it all is. I've created so much content over the years. But being dualistic, there's a higher part of us. And the lower part of us, the higher part is divine mind. The lower part is our ego identification. The lower part of me is the physical being talking to you know that is Jim. But the higher divine mind in me is the part where let's say that a particular episode comes to me in dream time. And it's just something that is very powerful to help people shift. That doesn't come from the lower part of me. It comes from the higher part of me. But here's the challenge. Most of us live completely out of balance. And when I said a previous episode, which I mentioned earlier, I did an episode about what balance really is.

And many people think that balance is work life balance. That's entirely out of balance. Balance is balancing and aligning the higher you with the lower you. And most of us live our entire lives in a 3D body out of balance. We either live… completely in the lower part of us, meaning the 3d ego and identification or the spiritualist that's running around with, you know, beating on tambi tambourines. And I'm just making that up to Hari Krishna. I can't again, I'm just making that up, but we're living in that spiritual essence, and we're not grounded in the physical part of us. So we're living as And all spiritual being and completely kind of, you know, entirely in the woo woo, but beyond that, I mean, we're living airy fairy, you know, head in the clouds and up there spiritually, but we're not grounded or we're living all grounded in the physical body. But we have no connection with the spiritual and we're out of balance and we have to manage these two aspects of ourselves.

So very quickly, I want to point out that your container of yours is also driven and influenced by your biological organism of you. Meaning you are literally driven, affected in different ways by your brain. But here's the thing. You are not your brain. You are the consciousness that your brain actually is a medium for. You are not the brain, and your consciousness is more powerful than the brain. But most of us let the brain drive us, especially by virtue of our habits. We're driven by our habits, which are brain based, not mind based. We're driven by our habits. And we spend our entire life living in the lower function of ourselves. So, as I was saying earlier, we have to balance because we're dualistic beings. We are what I call LUMO SAPIENS. We are luminosity, we're light, we're energy, we're divine essence. That's the luminous part of ourselves. We are also sapiens because we're in a physical body.

We are actually lumosapiens. We're simultaneously light beings and physical beings. And a lot of you listening might be thinking, yeah, yeah, Jim, I get it. I've heard this before. Where are you going with this? I'll get there in a moment because many times when we think that we are a spiritual being, we're not living in that place or out of that place as well. We actually engage in spirituality because it's entertaining and we're a person who identifies as a spiritualist, but we're truly not a spiritualist because we're living in the quicksand of the human ego, which is the physical body in our 3d experience of life. You know, you can walk to, I don't even know, I don't go to bookstores anymore, but you can walk through any bookstore, and you'll see all these books in there from preachers like Joel Olsteen and living your best life now. You look on Amazon, you look at podcasts, live your best life now. And, and all this kind of jargon about living to your highest potential, which I've talked about before living your foolish potential, rah, rah, the best experience of life.

But the reality is that's literally for most people, all ego based, because no matter how amazing your 3d life is, if there's no connection, conscious connection with a divine aspect of you, then you're living completely out of balance. And you were definitely, definitely not living your best life. And you're definitely not living to your fullest potential. You know, most of us live only from the ego. So, as I just said, you know, living only in your ego is not living your best life. Even living, you know, no matter what your potential is and what you accomplish on this planet, people that actually live to their fullest potential, and they're not extraordinary, they're beings on the planet just like you, are people like Nikola Tesla,

You see Nikola Tesla; he literally was a medium and we're all mediums for a lot of the inventions and ideas and theories and things that came through him. He was getting that from higher mind as did Einstein and others. So, they're bringing that energetic essence into the physical body and then the physical body is executing on it. That is a sublime, sublime life. That is our fullest potential living in the potentiality of the lower self and the higher self at the same time. And that is dualism and dualism in a very powerful way. You know, for many, many years, for decades, I literally lived for the most part, even though I was spiritually interested, even in the, my early thirties, before I met Don Xavier, my brother-in-law, the shaman. I was always interested in personal development and learning and growing, but I struggled. And what I recognized years later is that if you're struggling.

Yes, I'm talking to you listening right now. If you're struggling in any way in your life You are not living from the dualism of you You're living from the ego of you because when you're living from the dualism of you can air quote channel be a medium for The higher wisdom coming through you, the higher guidance coming through you when you will live in balance of the higher and the lower, when you live fully in dualism, I promise you right now, your life will become 10,000 times easier. And in a moment, I want to talk about why, even though we might know this or think this, we're not living for the dualism of ourselves. We actually gravitate and like a rubber band pop right back to the smaller part of us.

Okay, I want to slow down and say this. You're a divine being and you're a human ego, meaning the spiritual essence of you and the physical fact and essence of you. They co-create. Hopefully, you heard that. We co-create within our own organism. Within our own container, we co create. We co create physically. We co create mentally. When I say mentally, that also means divine mind, because in the Kybalion, K Y B A L I O N, it's an ancient text, even though it was published around 1900, it's still an ancient text. The dualism of us, mind, everything is mind. And your container that you call your name, Bob or Sue or Mary or whatever it is, that container of you is also representing the dualism of you.

But the question is, are you living dualistically within the container, or are you living at one end of the spectrum as I've already talked about, or the other end of the spectrum, because see everything that we do, because most of us live in the container of the smaller part of ourself. Everything that we do affects the energy of our divine being. Many of us let the smaller part of us control the larger part of us. Metaphorically, that's like a three-year-old controlling somebody that has a PhD from, I don't know, let's say Harvard. And the three-year-old… is controlling the person from Harvard. That's what many of us do in our lives. We let that 3D part of us control the divine part of us. And when we do that, that takes all of our power away from us.

So, to wrap up this part of the episode, we are not the ego, the ego. Your ego is 3D with a human name, a human identity with a physical body on this planet. We are the divine being in the container of the ego, but then what we do is we let the container control the divine being, which is what I just said, but the divine being is more powerful. So where do I want to go? And why is this episode titled? What is responsibility? Responsibility and convenience are the two biggest points of this episode. And hopefully, what I get across is that when we live by convenience, we're living from the container only, the smallest part of ourselves. When we're being spiritually responsible, we're living from the higher part of ourselves. And again, we have to have both, but we don't want to let the convenience and the lower part of ourselves control our higher part. So, at this point, I think it's safe and you know enough based upon what I'm explaining. I can, I can ask you a question. Do you live from the convenience of your ego? Or the responsibility of your divine self. Do you live from the convenience of your ego or the responsibility of your divine essence, self, and mission for the reason you're on the planet?

And we'll break these down even more very quickly. When I say responsibility, as I alluded to earlier, many of us think, Oh yes, yes, yes, I'm responsible. The definition of responsibility is causing something to happen. As I've said before, if you don't have something in your life that you think that you want, plain and simple, you may not want to hear it, and this applies to me and all of us, and it can be a big pill to swallow. We're not being responsible for creating, for co-creating what it is that we want to experience in our lifetime. But the concept of responsibility as it pertains to the podcast, I'm going to share something with you that Don Xavier has shared with me and all of those, all of those people that work with him. And he's often said to me, because he shares a great, great deal of extraordinary spiritual wisdom, everything from sacred, you know, sacred geometry, mathematics, physics, cosmology. And all these things are they pertain to the 3D experience. He talks a lot about self-management for those of us that work with him. And I will pass on a lot of what I learned to you guys. But you know, thinking about responsibility as I was saying, hopefully I didn't lose my train of thought here, but we have to be responsible with what's provided to us in life.

Now again, back to the point of the episode as it pertains to responsibility. Don Xavier has often told us, hey guys, I give you. All this information, A B and C and D and E and F and G and to infinity and he has for decades. And he said, when I impart this wisdom or this knowledge, whatever it might be to you. It's no longer my responsibility. It's my responsibility to share the learning and the knowing and the growth and the opportunity. Now, it becomes your responsibility once you hear the information and then what you decide and choose to do with that information. That is your responsibility, not mine. And the same thing about the podcast. I can share and share and share and share until the cows come home. And what I share is my responsibility. It's my dharma. I'm living my dharma. However, I can't control what you do with it. What do you do with it… Whether you implement it or whether you don't, that's your responsibility. But a bigger picture to look at, look at your life.

How many podcasts do you follow? How many YouTube videos do you watch? Things, you know, seminars, whatever it might be, webinars. Wanting to grow, but you don't find yourself growing to the degree that you think you want to grow. You're not getting what you want in life. Well, the reason why is because you're not being responsible with integrating at an identity subconscious level, energetic level, with the information that you're hearing. You must be responsible for it. So, I share a lot and I'm going to keep sharing a lot. I'm going to segue here for a moment. No, I'm not going to talk about a program I have or any of that. I am coming up on 300 episodes. And we've got a really cool thing coming up for you very soon, but I'm coming up with 300 episodes. I've done a lot of episodes and I've done a lot of coaching for 30 years now. And candidly, I'm sensing in myself that I want to shift even more. I'm feeling a calling, even on the podcast here to shift, even from brain things and transformational things to evolutionary things to Lumosapien things to you and the people that I work with. Creating the balance in the higher and the lower in your life. So, the reason I'm sharing that is I've got so much more coming for you. What you do with it will be completely up to you. But what I do want to say is I'm honored for the opportunity to share it with you.

Now, going back to responsibility. You can gather as much information as you want. You know, I had recently, we did the BE DO HAVE series. I'm not sure if you went or didn't go. We had something like 18, 000 people registered for that series. As usual, we will have thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people have registered and been through that program. And a large number of people want something more, better, different, expensive, a better experience of life. And they register and they don't show up. So metaphorically, I led the horse to water and the horse actually, you know, snubs its nose at the water and walks away. I'm not judging. I've done that before.

But the question for you is, do you do that? Do you have amazing opportunities coming to you and people present them to you? But yet you're not responsible for it. Why? Because you're living from the conveniences in your life, which we'll talk about in just a minute. You know, as you may have heard me say before, we have two jobs in earth school, two purposes, two meanings, the only purpose on this planet, two purposes are to, and they're kind of simultaneous and they work together. They dovetail to grow and evolve. You currently are not, even though you say you're a human being, and you've heard me say before, many people say that we are not human beings, we're spiritual beings having a human experience, and I say, we're not even that, we're cosmic beings, we are cosmic energy, universal energy, incarnating into the body, calling it a spiritual being, because we need some way to put meaning on it, so we can understand it from the 3D body.

But you can gather all kinds of information at the 3D level, but gathering information is not growing and evolving. It's simply like collecting marbles or collecting whatever. It's simply a collection of something. But if we're not growing and evolving, then it doesn't matter what we collect okay, I want to go back here and I want to talk about living our life in particular spiritually from convenience. I want to share a little story with you here. Many years ago, and I've shared it maybe once or twice on the podcast, I went to a transformational weekend. It was about 15 years ago. It was rather pricey. I think it was $12, 000 or something like that. It was only a two-and-a-half-day event for $12,000, there were only eight people there. And at that event, actually right after the event, I'm sorry, my memory, this is like I said a lot of years ago. After that event, there was another event. And there was someone there and this was also a pricey event. It was several thousand dollars.

And there was someone there that I knew. Now I know that she only made about $35,000 a year. And I said this in a very loving way, because we're friends also, I said, I didn't know she was going to be there. I sat in the very loving, concerned, you know, thoughtful way. But, and I, I don't remember how I phrased it, but the gist was, I was asking this person based upon me knowing what they made, how they were affording to be at this event, meaning how could they afford it financially? And what she said to me was very powerful. She said, Jim, I wanted to be here, so you know what? I made it happen. I took a second job, and I worked a second job to make the money to be here. Now, a question for you. Do you think it was convenient for her to take a second job? Probably not. I mean, maybe, but I mean, who the hell wants a second job just to have a second job because they want a second job?

For most of us, it's inconvenient. Why? Because you go to one job. You change, you shower, you drive across town, whatever. You go to a second job, I've done that before, many years ago, decades ago. You come home tired. There's no convenience in that. But yet, she wanted something more, better, more powerful, different in life. And she didn't live by the convenience of saying, Oh, okay. I only make $35,000 a year. I can't afford to go. I quit there. I just can't go. She actually inconvenienced herself and got a second job to make the money to be able to go. Now I mentioned that because that also applies to spirituality. Now working with a shaman, I'm just going to tell you right now, I remember somebody one time saying, Jim, you're so lucky that you work with a shaman. That is, that's amazing. Yeah, I am. I'm not lucky. I'm blessed. There is no such thing as luck.

I am blessed. I am exposed to so many things, and I wish, I wish from my heart, I could share a lot of things that I've seen, experienced, or been a part of, and unfortunately, I'm not allowed to, I'm not allowed to share a lot of the esoteric cosmic universal wisdom that has been shared with me. And I've been told before, don't share it with people. So, I don't, but I bring fringes of it here to the podcast. I bring what I can, because I want to bring the best that I can bring to you to help you grow. So, where I'm going here with Molly, I don't, I'm jumping around here, as I said, and actually it's late at night. It's midnight when I'm recording this, and it's been a long day anyway. So hopefully I'm making sense and if not, just stay with me anyway, because heck you get benefit here somewhere and I'm just kidding but stay with me. So spiritually speaking, as I was just saying, okay, that's where I was going about working with a shaman. It's challenging to get the growth and development that I would want if I were living from convenience with a shaman. There are two aspects to this. One is I'm very, very sensitive to energy after decades of working with a shaman. I can feel changes on the planet. I can feel when there's natural disasters. I can feel people around me. I can feel solar flares. I can feel full moons. I can feel the eclipse. I can feel people energetically.

I know what's going on with them because I can feel them when I'm around them. So, I would say that I am clairsentient, meaning I can feel like clairaudient that can hear or clairvoyant that can see, I can feel clearly. And I want to share with you, do you think that's convenient to feel like crap physically a lot of times? No, it's not convenient, but you know what? I chose the path because this is my Dharma. It's not even remotely convenient. You know, just being very 3d right now. This podcast, as I just mentioned, it's not convenient. It's not convenient for me to do a podcast episode at midnight, but that's how crazy my week has been and how I've, I've had to prioritize things, but I have to have this turned in tomorrow morning for my team to get it edited and everything else they need to do to get to you by the time we actually posted on Wednesday.

So, is it convenient for me to do this tonight? Hell no, it's not convenient, but I do it because it's what I must do. It's my Dharma. So, when it comes to my spirituality, is it convenient? Um, no, many times quite the opposite. There are many things that I'd rather do. Ego wise, then the spiritual things that I'm doing that are more ego fun, which are more ego enjoyable, that are less energetic taxing, but it's not my path. And if you're listening to the podcast, you're a spiritualist. And I know you're interested in spirituality, but we must be responsible, a hundred percent responsible for our spiritual growth. And that also means. We can't live our spirituality by convenience. We can't actually put our spirituality in the back seat because it's not convenient.

And that's what I call when you're living in the totality and the realization of the ego because you're on the planet and you're enjoying that, but you're also living in the totality as best you can understand it of the nonphysical you, because that's the essence of you. Now you're living a balanced life. When I look at what a lot of people do in the 3D world, because the 3D world is a representation of also the nonphysical world. Many times, in the 3D world. We won't do the work. We won't be inconvenienced. You mean I've got to meditate? I'm just making this up, but people will think things. You mean I've got to meditate for an hour every single day?

I'm not going to do that. I don't have time for that. It's not convenient. So many things in life we don't do anything about because it's not convenient. Again, for the purpose of this episode, what I implore, what I request that you think about is how convenient are you being? What conveniences are you living from with your spirituality, or are you being 100 percent responsible with your spirituality so you can live your life at metaphorically 1,000 percent of your light and your beingness and the gifts that you bring to the planet at this juncture, I want to point out, this is not about beating yourself up. It's not about feeling bad. It's not about feeling guilty. Those are all ego-based things. It's simply a matter of just, okay, awareness, truthfulness, realization, and then deciding how we're going to tweak ourselves and the way that we live our life to live the best possible physical and nonphysical experience of life.

You know, as I said earlier about the metaphor, the PhD from Harvard and the three year old kid, your consciousness, meaning the divine you is metaphorically the king of you, but many times that king lives from irresponsibility and convenience, and the king gives the crown to the smaller part of you, the ego part of you, the lesser part of you. When we do that, we're out of balance. When we're out of balance, it's very hard to create, to manifest, to be happy to be healthy all the experiences of life that we want while we're on the planet. Your ego self Again, the container we have to take care of the ego self because the ego's self. Houses in cases is a container for the divine self. They work hand in hand metaphorically speaking. And we have to recognize to have the most amazing experience of life. To live our potential, to live our fullest potential, we have to, we have to live in the balance of the ego and the divine self. And when we're doing that, we are literally having a sublime experience while we're on the planet.

Your transformational takeaway for this episode is Your divine self doesn't care about the convenience of your body. And when you get into the convenience of your body, you hurt, you set back the evolution of your divine self. Another point, when we're given something, like information, and it can help us grow and evolve, it's our responsibility to take that information and to take action [00:34:00] on it. We're actually going backwards and we're digressing and regressing when we say, you know, that's an amazing piece of information that can change my life when I execute on it. But you know what? I don't have time. I don't have energy. I don't have the money because in those moments, we're working from convenience and we're literally keeping ourselves stuck in the lower essence of ourselves. A final thought that I want to share here again from the heart, I'm starting to experiment. I really am feeling an emotional deeply held psychological, whatever you want to call it, calling to bring more esoteric wisdom to the podcast as I can and deeper, more profound spiritual teachings. So, as I'm putting these together, they're not always logical. And I understand that, you know, one of my skill sets is to be able to break things down for people so they can understand it very easily.

So, when I'm doing these episodes, quite often I have no notes because I actually get lost with notes. They throw off my ability to bring in information. So, I want to apologize if I hop around a little bit, or I don't tie something together. Right now, as I'm exploring a better way to create a better experience for you guys, I'm experimenting. And I'm doing the best I can in this given moment, but I apologize if I'm not explaining things in a way that are as cogent as what I normally would have or have done in the past, or it might take me a little more work to explain it to you. So, thank you for being here. Thank you for bearing with, you know, bearing with me through this. And I look forward to all of us co creating a much better experience of life on this planet. Stay well. Bye bye.

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Jim Fortin

Jim is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom Jim has created programs that create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.

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