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EPISODE 119: “(Attention) Please “Get It” About Money”

July 1, 2020

Money, money, money…it’s what 80% of my listeners struggle with and it’s the thing that’s easiest to attract, really.

So, at least 80% of you can relate to my opening line and the rest are either doing “OK” or well and would like to do better.

So, if money is so easy to attract then how come you’ve had such a hard time with it? Easy, I give you that answer in this episode, and no, it’s not some “pie-in-the-sky” answer. It’s practical and it will make perfect sense to you.

Trust me, I know how easy it is to get lost in podcasts and episodes and books and content and this direct message will be easy for you,that’s why I titled the episode, “please get it.” Until you “get it,” you'll keep having problems.

So…..listen and listen several times if you need to and this episode is the “ah-ha” as to why you may have listened to other of my episodes and you’re still struggling.

Transformational Takeaway

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 119 of the transform your life from the inside out podcast. And this episode is about something I've talked about a lot. And it's something that I want you to air quote, get. But it's about money. And I want you to get money in your life. But you're not going to get money in your life until you get what's in this episode. So if you want to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life, keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming Your Life from the inside out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of brain science, transformational psychology, and in Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

This is Where You “Get It”

Okay, money. You know, you've I don't know how long you've been following me. But you probably heard me say before that, and I mentioned that I read. It was about a year ago in the Wall Street Journal, where 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. And I mean, that number to me is staggering. And I'm going to share with you just knowing numbers and I you know, I track all of my numbers, all of my metrics, I know my audience etc. I would have to say that 80% of you listening to this episode, and listening to the podcast, you struggle with money. And then I would say that 17% of you and these, these are just numbers that have been around, been around for a lot of years. 17% of you probably do, okay. There's some variation there of doing well, making six figures a year, all the way to you know what, I'm doing pretty well, but it's always a struggle and money and money out, and then probably two to 3% of you that are doing really well financially.

The reality is, is that money is very easy to attract into your life. Now, if you've listened to me for any amount of time, you know that literally I grew up at a small town, Texas farm boy, the town that I grew up in 2000 people and it was actually in the poorest county in the nation. I looked up a while back, it's Cameron County, Texas. And the majority of population is Hispanic. And a majority of the population is literally when I was there when I grew up there, which I left in 1983 was migrant workers or farm workers. And my family we were working class, no question about it, we made my dad made the equivalent of about $50,000 per year, and today's dollars and support a family of five. And even though we were poor, we thought we were rich, because all of my friends and these were friends since second to third grade, because that's when I moved to the town. These were friends that literally, their families had no money.

So because all of my friends basically were literally near abject poverty and had no money. I didn't recognize how poor we were, until actually I went off to college and I knew that we weren't doing well like other American families, but I knew that we weren't you know, we were struggling, but why do I share this with you? I share it because I grew up poor. And I grew up with never enough, never enough. By the way, Episode Number nine, you might want to go back and listen to again and again and again and again and again and again, which is why I'm creating this episode. And it's all about getting it meaning not just getting the money but getting how to get money.

So I get what it's like to struggle and not be able to pay your bills and digging in the backseat of your car for change, which I've done before looking for enough money to buy a box of tuna, or not a box but a can of tuna and the box of macaroni and cheese. I mean, I think you know, that's probably today in this day and age, probably a $3 meal, depending on where you buy it. But I've been there before. And at this point in my life, I literally do extremely, extremely well multiple, seven figures a year. And I say that humbly because inside, not in terms of my identity in terms of wealth, but I'm still just a small town Boy, even though I've lived in New York City, and I've been all around the world, but when it comes to money, money doesn't, it doesn't define me and I'm not attached to it. It's just a tool that makes life a whole lot easier.

Now, let's go into this episode this week. So I'm probably going to title this episode. And by the way, every episode, I kind of have planned out what I want to talk about. And I might even sketch out some bullet points. And in this episode, no bullet points, I have no idea where this is going to go or how long it's going to be. But I think I'm going to title this episode, something along the lines of just get it already. Meaning get it into your mind, get it into your head, because I know and if you've been with me for a long while, I'm grateful and I appreciate it. And I'm glad to serve. But we're at episode number 119. Now and I'm going to just tell you research demonstrates that 90% if not more than that what you've heard in these episodes. It's and I know people that have listened to all the episodes multiple times, is you forget that's what we do as human beings.

And I've shared something with you, which will be the topic of this episode in just a bit. I've shared something with you that you probably have heard me say anywhere from 20 to 50 times and these episodes. And the reality is even though it makes perfect left brain analytical sense to you, meaning you're like, yep, that makes sense. You still don't get it. When I say you still don't get it. I have no judgments about that. You probably know if you've been with me for any amount of time is that I work with a shaman, my brother in law is a shaman. And the real deal and people have even said, Well, why does Jim mention his brother in law and keep saying he's a shaman? Because I don't know where people are when they come into the podcast. I mean, this could be your very first episode. It could be your 100 and 19th episode, I don't know.

But I tell you that because I bring you Well, not universal. Well, yeah, maybe universal I bring ancient wisdom to you. That literally comes from shamanism and a real shaman. And people live in like Wayne Dyer, if you've ever heard of Wayne Dyer once told me because I will go anywhere, anytime, any place to meet your brother in law, please just let me meet him. And by the way, my brother in law declined that meeting. But anyway, he's taught me, and I've watched his examples he's taught me about about prosperity and abundance over the years. And here's what I have said in this podcast. As I said, anywhere, I don't know how many times I said 20,25 to 50 times, and you get it analytically. But you don't get it. And it is this Are you ready? And this episode, I'm hoping I'm praying that it finally sinks in and you're like, Okay, that's the AHA that I needed. So that I no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck or money as you know, flowing into my life.

Here's the thing.Are you ready? You are, where your attention is. Plain and simple you are where your attention is. And if you have a lot of money, well that's where your consciousness, money consciousness and your attention is. But if you noticed if you're struggling with money or barely getting by, have you noticed even though I've even said it a dozen times in this in these episodes? Have you noticed that when you don't have money that's where your attention is it's on not having money not having money. I don't have any money. I don't have any money. I can't pay my bills visas calling me. Ford Motor credits calling me my landlords beating on my door I don't have money. I don't have money. I can't do this. I can't do that.

And the correlation is so simple that we miss it. And the correlation is this. You've heard me say a bazillion times in these episodes. If you don't have it, which is you know, won't let me put it let me get back up here and If you don't have it on the outside, meaning in your external world, you don't have it on the inside, which is your identity. And here's the kicker is if you don't have the identity, and by the way, go back to the earlier episodes if you're new here, and I always tell people by the way, always go back to episode number one and just start from there. But here's the reality. If you don't have it in your identity, then how can you expect even have it in your attention? So for example, right now in my attention, is, for example, raw oysters, nowhere even close to my radar or my attention, why.

Because in my identity, I am a person that you couldn't maybe you could pay me but I doubt it. I don't want raw oysters. I don't crave I don't like I want no part of raw oysters. So therefore, it's not in my identity and he Here's the thing also I could sit here and I could blah blah, blah blah yada yada yada blah blah for trust me when I tell you I can talk and I could sit here for three weeks like a Jerry Lewis telethon, and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla about money. And you're like, Jim, I get it, I get it really great episode, it all makes sense to me. And then what you do is what human beings do is five minutes later, you've forgotten that and I'm not tossing any stones as I was alluding to earlier and not judging because even working with a shaman last year, he sat down with people that are in his I'm gonna just use this phrase inner circle meeting. The apprentices and there are 14 and most of us have been around for 25 years. And he doesn't cuss for the most part. Now. He's my brother in law. So we'll talk brother in law talks sometimes. But he said to all of us, he goes, it is about damn time that you guys all mastered your Second attention, meaning how to see the frequency and energies coming off from things because everything is energy, everything was frequency and everything is vibration. How to literally see the frequency coming off from water, how to see the frequency coming off from everything in our lives. And when he said that and just being transparent with you, I'm, I'm, I'm getting good at it but there's no way I'm not even I've not mastered it not even close.

But the reality is, is everyone's working on something. We're all working on something at different levels. For example, I've you've probably heard me say before that a 12th grader is no better than a first grader. They're simply learning their lessons in life. What I want you to get in this episode, please is just slow down with this and write it down, put it on your phone, but write down I am where my attention is. And then what I want you to notice and I give you my word. This is airtight, wherever you are in life, and I'm making this episode about money, wherever you are in life, that's where you are with your attention to money. And your attention comes from your unconscious mind. Now, I am actually I need to actually look at some notes here really quickly. I am going to do a money workshop in August and it didn't even dawn on me to mention that to you until just now. I'm going to do a money workshop in August and I'm going to actually help you guys. I'm going to help you guys actually start mastering what I call the components and pillars of money consciousness. Actually, I had the segue there for a second I had to look at some notes and that workshop is titled How the law of attraction repels the money and abundance you want and how to become rich.

Now there's a similar Episode,Episode Number nine. And that's actually one of my most downloaded episodes. But I'm gonna dig even deeper in this particular training. So Mark your calendar for August the 11th. We'll give you the times a little bit later on. But for now, I want you to, if you're working on your money, I want you to commit to being on that training on August 11. How the law of attraction repels the money and abundance you want, and how to become rich. Now let's go back to the topic this week about just get it and I literally want to shake people and say, you know, right, but but I've been there, I want to grab them by the collar and say please, please just get it already. But notice the title of that workshop that I'm going to be doing, how the law of attraction rejects the money and abundance you want? Well, let's go back to attention which is what we must master in life. So if your attention is on scarcity and not having money, if that's where your attention is, well then what do you think you're using the law attraction because it always works. What do you think you're using the law of attraction to do? Are you using the law of attraction to bring money into your life? Or are you using the law of attraction to repel money and abundance?

Newton, I believe Sir Isaac Newton, I believe it's his first law of motion. And I believe the law is a body continues to stay and I'm gonna mangle this, but a body a body tends to stay something like in a state of motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Now some of you are male, you know, more well versed than I am, but basically what it means is, is whatever direction that something is moving, whether it be in life or the universe, whatever direction something is moving, it tends to continue moving in that direction unless acted upon by an outside force. And what I mean by that in your life, have you ever noticed before, that when you're doing really well, you're what I call spiraling in a positive direction and you're moving in that direction unless you know what you have a financial calamity and that knocks you off track. Have you also noticed that when you're not doing well, you're spiraling not doing well. When you're doing well you're spiraling, meaning spinning and you're moving in that direction of doing well. That all goes back to attention. Now, I know you're sitting here where whatever you're doing, you're sitting, you're walking, you're running and you're listening to this episode, and you're like, yep, checklist, Jim. I got it.

But you know, what, a week from now, a month from now, if you were still struggling with money, you might get it analytically. But you've really missed it. And that's why the title of this episode is please get it. I want to point something else out here as I mentioned, you know, a while back is I wanted you know, and I am to some degree changing the tone of the episodes to talk about shamanism, which shamanism is also not just ancient wisdom. shamanism is physics. It's it's science, it's sacred geometry, it's mathematics all things that I'm going to use this kind of cautiously but all things I've been trained in over the years and many many years and instructed in a better word as instructed. And what I wanted to point out is about the physics is about frequency and vibration which by the way, go listen pleased Episode Number nine, where I talk about a similar title how people use the law of attraction to repel is everything is about frequency and vibration, and your frequency and vibration. Let me let me let me back up here. So we go, which I mentioned in Episode Number nine, we go from thought to feeling to vibration and frequency.

Now something I talked about in Episode Number nine is you're not going to be rich. You can think rich all day long. But you're not going to be rich until you feel rich, because feeling activates vibration and frequency, which is quantum physics and everything in the universe has physics and that That's a law of attraction and action is that you would attract whatever you feel. And if your attention is on not having money, and then how do you feel? Are you happy when you don't have money? Most of you aren't. So you feel bad because you don't have money. And then look at what your feeling is and then your feeling affects your vibration and your frequency. And then guess what do you do? You attract that right back in your life. And then what you do is you attract back more of what you don't want, and then you feel bad because you're attracting back more of what you don't want and means you continue to feel bad and you perpetuate the loop of feeling bad which perpetuates a loop of scarcity. But notice when you're feeling bad back to this episode, please get it. Where is your attention?

This is why this is so vital. Now somebody today in one of my groups was talking about money and it's the last week it's a it's a 14 week transformational program. And he was asking some follow up questions about money. And, you know, I did mention that for us to, to attract money, we have to feel wealthy. A lot of people will say things well, like if I don't have money, then how do I feel wealthy? That's really simple. Any of you anyone listening right now to this podcast? I don't care where you are in the world. I don't care, your nationality, your color, where you're from, what state you're from, I don't care.

If you're listening to this podcast, you are wealthy, simply by virtue of the fact that you even have something to listen to it on. So back to where I started this loop is the way to feel wealthy is gratitude. And so many people think they understand that as well. Jim, I got it, and they don't. You know, I read something one time that hit me right between the eyes and that passage was what if you woke up today, with everything you were grateful for? Yesterday. So what would you wake up with today for everything you showed gratitude for yesterday? And I mean, that's sobering for many of you. Now what I've noticed over the years as well, is pretty much everyone will say, huh, yes, I'm grateful. I'm grateful that you're not you're just I've been there, you're just paying lip service to, I think I should be grateful, therefore I'm gonna pay lip service to it. That's not gratitude. When you get into the true feeling of gratitude, that is abundance, that is prosperity. Now you're vibrating with abundance and prosperity. And that's when you start pulling abundance and prosperity back to you.

Now, let me just keep on going here. Like I said, I don't have a single note here, but these things are popping in my mind. I've been here also what I'm going to share with you where most of you shoot yourself In the foot, and I have been there is notice when you have less prosperity, you become more stingy with your money, you hoard your money. So let me ask you, how do you feel when you are hoarding your money? You're in scarcity, you're in fear, actually, that's the reason that you you hoard is because you're in fear. So law of attraction, and that's where your attention is. So if you're in fear, and you're hoarding your money, law of attraction works every single time. What are you bringing back to you? That's why it's so and transparency. I mean, I'm sharing with you It was hard for me to get my mind around this for many years, as I used to always work from you know what, when I have enough money for me and I have enough money for my gas, enough money for gas for the car and enough money for my rent, I'm going to take care of me number one first, and then after I've taken care of me Whatever I have left, then I'm going to go out and help other people.

Well, if you resonate with that, if you work from let me hoard, let me take care of me first. I'm going to just tell you flat out, you're working backwards. And like I've said, I've been there. And it's a broken Model I often say a broken strategy or broken model is where I work from now is let me see how much expansion that I can create in life. So where I keep my attention is how much expansion how much growth? Can I create another people's lives? Why? Because when I create that expansion in people's lives, because the universe is expanding, when I create expansion and other people's lives, through the law of reciprocity, what happens to me automatically because it is the law, it's physics is energy. What happens is that create more expansion in my own life.

I once had a client who was very, who is a Billionaire. And it was a one to one client of mine 20 years ago. And to make a long story very short, he wanted to set me up in business. We were at his office, Rockefeller Center in New York City, but he said something it's always always just stuck with me. He goes, Jim, I want to help you. Because when I help you, I help myself. Now, I've been chatting here for a while, I don't know long, how long 15,20 minutes maybe but what I want you to get. And I want you to do some serious introspection, and I'm requesting that you look into yourself.

I don't care because what we do also is we get into self-deception. Oh, no, that's not me, Jim. That doesn't apply to me. And yet, five minutes later, you forgotten you look at your your banking statement online and you don't have any money because you've forgotten what I just said. But your takeaway this week, and what I want you to look at, is the correlation between your external world, and how much of your attention and where you keep your attention actually reinforces your external world even though you don't consciously recognize it, or want to admit it to yourself. And probably the third time this episode, I'm repetitive because repetition is the mother of all learning.

I promise you, even if you don't agree or you can't see it, where you are in your life right now, with your money, your health, your relationships, where you are right now is a 100% air tight reflection of where your attention is. And if you want, prosperity, you want abundance of health, wellness, you want these things, you must first move your attention to these things. And on to these things. I remember listening to a guy many years ago, I this is back when we had cassette tapes. He's probably 90 years old. Now, as I remember his name was Joe Clock. And this was back in the early 90s. I was listening to him.

And he basically said, along the lines of, and this is really, really powerful. And it's akin to George Bernard Shaw, something that George Bernard Shaw said, and we're going to wrap up here, and I want to remind you of the upcoming training, but he said, see things as you want them to be, not as they are. see things as you want them to be not as they are. And I'm going to shift that a little bit and say, See, and feel things as you want them to be, not as they are. And I promise you when you start feeling wealthy If you don't have the money again, get back to you know what gratitude.

When you start feeling wealthy for the things that you have in your life, I promise you and I could give you a bazillion examples of my own life when you start feeling grateful for what you have and you start feeling abundant. The universe reciprocates through frequency and vibration, that feeling and brings more abundance back into your life. So title this podcast this episode please get it already. Because one more thing I want to share here and I know a lot of you will like kind of hearing this. But the old way of working and I'm going to be very short about this maybe I'll do another episode, but the old way of physical activity and we have to roll up our sleeves and we have to work for our money is third and fourth dimension, outdated thinking.

See, your vibration and frequency exist on all the dimensions but we now as a species are moving through the fifth and sixth dimension which is also left brain fifth. dimension thinking and right brain sixth dimension, which is higher consciousness. And when you try the old way of rolling up your sleeves and trying to air, quote, do things to make money, you're literally working in an archaic way of human thinking, which is what everyone tries to do. You want to work and the fifth even though if it doesn't make any sense, you want to work in the fifth and sixth dimension, which which is simply vibration and frequency, which is physics, which is feeling and thinking, because we go from thinking, to feeling to vibration to frequency. And when you start keeping your attention on that I've said multiple times in this episode, I promise you, your life will shift. So your takeaway this episode two of them, Mark your calendar, make yourself a note on August the 11th. The training is titled How the law of attraction repels the money and abundance you want and how to become rich. And I'm a walking example of that because candidly, I am finding Naturally rich and I grew up literally working class small town Texas farm boy, your takeaway this week is this? Are you ready? You already know what it is. You are, where your attention is. You are where your attention is. Okay. Thanks for listening, and I'll catch you next week. On the next episode. Take care. Make it a great day to day. Bye bye.



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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 30 of the transform your life from the inside out podcast. This episode is a Q and A episode and I'm going to answer Stacy's question and her question is up and down with money is my money theme song. How do I stop that? I got to say that I can relate to that question because that used to be me and statistically just even looking at you as demographics and money and income and all this kind of stuff. I bet this question probably pertains to you. If it does, stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin and you're about to start transforming your life from the inside out. With this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you have never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

You Must Be Rich In Your Mind Before You Can Be Wealthy

Okay, so Stacy asked an amazing question and a lot of you submit questions and I really appreciate that so much and obviously I can only get to so many with one Q and A a week. But as I said before, I look for questions that resonate with a lot of people and I am sure this resonates with a lot of people because what I've discovered is money is the easiest thing to make, but yet people make it the hardest thing to make. And I have been there, so Stacy obviously has her money. So you know her money song money goes up, money goes down, and that is her pattern. I have to say that in my twenties and into my thirties that used to be my pattern. I would make, you know what I considered back then a lot of money and then the next year I wouldn't and I literally, it was just like a roller coaster, you know the roller coaster goes up and it comes down and I ran that pattern for at least a good 10 years or so.

Now I didn't understand fully back then what I understand now and what I'm going to share with you in today's episode. However, plain and simple, this is a matter of self image and it's a matter of identity and obviously there are other podcasts here, other episodes where I talk about self image and identity. Here's the mistake that a lot of people make been here as well and even though you know I say it and you're listening and you're like, yeah, yeah, you know Jim, I get it. Most people and I've been there as well, don't get it, is that your external life is a reflection of your internal state, meaning your internal Subconscious Paradigms. You know I enough, I've sat here on another episode. James Allen said James Allen wrote “As a man thinketh,” I believe back in the 1880s and there's a quote in that book, there's a passage that I, I memorize many years ago and the passage is this “Mind is a master power that molds and makes man is mind and evermore he takes, he thinks in secret and it comes to pass that his environment is just his looking glass.”

So when I talk about self image, many people look at their bank account, which is something external or their their bills or whatever, but all of that, and when I say bills, the money not to pay them, every bit of that is a 100% air tight reflection of yourself image and your subconscious identity. Then the biggest mistake that a lot of people make is they try to change their money from the outside by crying to go do things, not even fully embracing and recognizing that money is a state of consciousness. It is a Psychological Subconscious Paradigm. And how you see yourself, about, you know, with, and about money in your mind is how it actually manifest in your external world. Let me give you an example here. A thermostat, you know, and when I say Thermostat, we have people from all over the world listening and I think everyone knows what a thermostat is, but it's the, you know, it's a little thing that you control your heating and your air with and it has temperatures and it has degrees.

Well, when you look at your external world, imagine that. Let's say you set your thermostat at 75 degrees. While that's the temperature that you have when we also all also have what I call a money thermostat. And whatever money you have in your life is a reflection of that thermostat. So what that means is if you want to make and will attract more, I don't want to say make, if you want to attract more money than change your thermostat. But as I said just a minute ago, what pretty much everyone does is they try and I've been there as well. They try to change their external world by going out and doing something. But the challenge is, is even if you go out and do something, if that thermostat internally is, is like money's hard, the key are, money's hard to make or whatever or track or it's hard to hang on the money.

It doesn't matter what you go out and do to make money. The internal thermostat is always going to air quote. When if you look at, for example, you look at, and there has been, there's been a lot of research on this. If you look at lottery winners, people that win, you know, 30 $40 million three years later they're back, right where they were again, they're broke. I remember watching this program on Discovery Channel, this guy that was living in a double wide trailer down in Alabama or somewhere like that. And no offense, anybody, you know, living in Alabama who listens to this, but literally that's where he lived, double wide mobile home and he won $43 million and then he took the money lump sum and he went and bought this big $5 million home. And he showed all this stuff in the house that he had bought. I'm into just extravagant, extravagant things that he bought, you know, like Japanese, Japanese Samurai sword that he paid a hundred grand for and just stuff.

Well, in five years he was completely broke. He went through every bit of the money. Now notice he was living in a double wide in Alabama because, well, let me put it this way. If you're a wealthy for the most part, you're not living in a double wide in Alabama. You're living in a nice home and a nice neighborhood somewhere. So that tells you where his money prosperity, and money consciousness, and even his money, the external environment, his money situation was. So then what happens is he won the money, but yet the money's external and it didn't fit his internal subconscious paradigms. So if you could hear the dialogue in your subconscious mind or his subconscious mind, it would be like this. His subconscious mind would be saying things like, you know what? You have all this money and rich people have money, but you're poor.

Therefore, I am going to make you squander and lose all the money. Why? Because your external world. That is my job to make your external world congruent with your internal world. Your internal world is broke. Therefore, your external world, we have to get you back there. You know another great example is Mike Tyson. I mean, have you ever googled before or have you ever heard about how much money Mike Tyson made in his career? I believe he made something like $330 million is what I read and I don't know that I'm correct, but I did read that he was like near bankruptcy a few years back. Holy Cow. How do you make $330 million and squander every bit of it? Well, as I said, what happens on the outside is a reflection of what happens on the inside. Now I know I've got some people listening that do very well, but you know what?

I'm talking to you because I see people making two, three, four, $5 million a year. I've worked with people making, you know, their company makes 100 million a year and they make several million a year net income. So this pertains to every single person listening including me that if you're making 70 grand a year, that's where your internal thermostat is. You're making a hundred that's where your thermostat, 500 Thermostat, 1.5 million Thermostat, 10 million thermostat and wherever you are, and most of us always, we want to go to a higher level, in life and the emotional fulfillment. You've got to change the thermostat. And let me show you how that plays out in life. You ever notice before that and I, I've trained, I don't know, countless thousands and thousands and thousands of selling professionals over the years and I see these patterns. You almost never, now you will see an exception to the rule every like 10,000 people, and I'm just making that number up.

But it's a lot of people. But you never see anybody making a hundred in one year and they go to 500 the next year doesn't happen. What normally happens is they make a hundred and then they make one 15 and then one 27 and one 38 and then they'll have a really good year and make one 55 and I'm making it up when I say a really good year. But what I mean is notice how people stairstep. Why? Because their internal paradigm is about, wow, I can't go from 100,000 to 500,000 so what I can do is it's realistic and it's rational for me that if I make a hundred yeah, yeah, yeah, that's cool. I can make one 15 next year, I can do that. And they're actually also working by circumstance, not by possibility, not by consciousness, not by, not by vibration and frequency, which is what attracts money.

So the bottom line is this, if you want to make more money plan and simple, you've got to change your self image and your identity about money. I'm going to be, which I hope to always be. My intention is to always be transparent with you guys because I, I can't, I can't help you grow if I can't use myself as an example, I grew up a small, you know, small town, Texas farm boy, we were very much working class. As I'd mentioned before. My Dad in today's dollars probably made $55,000 which is not a lot of money and my interpretation, and he had a family of, there was a family of five of us. So I learned that money's hard to come by and you've got to struggle for it and you have to work hard for it and there's never enough and you have to Rob Peter to pay Paul and there's a lot of things that you have to go without.

And all these things that I learned over the years and I carried those into adulthood. And right now, this moment I am actually in my new home that I bought in Sedona, Arizona. It's a seven figure home and I was talking to the contractor today. So things that I want to build out and it's going to be about a hundred thousand dollars to do some things that I want to do plus add some new furniture. And today I was kind of like scratching my head going, wow, who is this person doing this now who years ago, heck, you'd be scratching around trying to find a a hundred grand. Now you're, you know, you've got a new seven figures, you know, second home and your easily, you know, spending and investing the extra hundred grand just in building out some space and some furniture and everything else. But the reality is what I can do, you can do, the reality is I wasn't there years ago.

So where you are, wherever you are, and there's people listening now that make more money than I do and I do make multiple seven figures a year and there are people that make even more. But what I want to share is there's plenty of money in the world and the money doesn't come by what you do or your struggle or any of that or working until your eyeballs bleed. The money comes as a result of your consciousness. And what I told my partner awhile back is that the money that I attract is not a result of what I do now. Things that I do for example, are like this podcast and transformational coaching programs, but the money that I attract and there's lot of it comes not because of things that I do, but because of the person that I have become. And you probably heard me talk before about be do, have before you can have, you have to be that thing first.

And that applies to money in particular. I also want to say that in my personal experience with myself, because I made it hard on myself, which is what most people do, we humans love to overthink things and we love to make things about 10 times more complicated than they need to be. And many times, even when we think that we want to, you know, air quote change or transform, we even make that hard. But you know, this is not hard. It's just a matter of where you're holding your attention. But as I just said, and you've heard me say that before, is that you are where your attention is. But as I just said, if you want to actually get off, Stacy, if you want to get off the money hamster wheel, then you, you've got to shift the unconscious paradigms that you have because like James Allen said, the “External world is a reflection of your internal World.”

And what I was alluding to the story I just started, I don't know why I did and many people, we make money, the absolute hardest thing to make or to attract. And it's the easiest. I mean, many of us toil for an entire lifetime struggling with money when literally there's a million ways to make $1 million. You know, you even look back in the 70s for those of you that you, that are old enough, I mean these people made $1 million off from the pet, raw millions off the pet rock. What about that? That uh, that adult game, what's it called? Cards against humanity. I mean they sold BS literally, and I think they sold, I don't know, I read somewhere where they sold out was it 60,000 or 600,000 or something. That's literally what they sold in a box. And the company I'm sure makes millions of dollars. But what I want you to get understand is there are a million ways to make $1 million.

There is money everywhere. And of course the government keeps printing it, but there is money everywhere. And what I find so interesting about myself and others, even though there's money everywhere, is the thing that people struggle with the most. And even here in the United States, people that don't have money are actually much better off than people. You know, living in other parts of the world that don't have money. People that don't have money here still actually are to some degree, very comfortable or get by and live. Okay. You know, they've got you know, they've got shelter, they've got food, they've got transportation. But again, we make it so hard and in this country many years ago, I don't know him personally, but I had you know, a meeting with, because of mutual friends with a guy named Mark Victor Hansen. I don't know if he's, I'm sure he's still out there, but he wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul” or he actually, I should say combined the stories for “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

And Mark said something when we are talking, he said, you know what, it's really easy to make it in the United States. All that you have to do is just stay awake. And I've found that to be true over the years. And I even look now and I marvel, I marvel at how many tools that we have at our disposal, which we didn't even have, you know, 10 15 years ago. And think about 20 years ago. Right now I reach people all over the world via podcast and you know, video and all this kind of stuff and social media and Instagram and Facebook and all this stuff. We have all these tools that are pretty much free that we can market. And advertise herself with and we can attract people and we can lead people and we can assist people. We didn't have all this years ago. You've got tons and tons of resources at your disposal, but yet most people do not use them.

So Stacy, and I'm going to go a little further here, but Stacy, the reason that your money story goes up and down is because that's the story that you have in your unconscious identity. Awesome. And if you haven't listened to it, maybe you're new to the podcast there. I did an episode on how people use the law of attraction, to repel money. And I see that more than anything else. What a lot of people have not recognized is, and by the way, I just, I got to chuck a lot of this, somebody, I don't read the reviews and I just scanned them. I think every one of you so much for living and review, and if you're listening now and you're enjoying this, please leave a review. But I had to Google my name and my iTunes podcast a couple of days ago because I was looking for some marketing stuff.

And as a couple of days ago, I had 306 and 5 star reviews and I had one review that actually called me arrogant. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not arrogant. And actually that's just, that's not me. What I want to point out is this person was judging the podcast even though they said they got value out of it. They called me arrogant. Personally, I don't care because you've heard me say before, you know what? If you let other, if you care about what other people think, you're never going to do anything. But I always want to show up with respect for everyone. So I use phrases like things like, I want you to get this or you have to understand this. Or most people, and that's just my vernacular, but I want to tell you, I've done this a lot of years and there's truth and those statements, most people don't get money.

They don't understand the Psychology of Money. So anyway, when I say things like, you have to get this or I want you to get this, it's simply colloquialism and it is not arrogance. Okay, so back to what I was talking about, the law of attraction, people don't get it. They don't understand because they think the law of attraction is actually to attract, it should really be called the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Meaning the law actually works either for attracting things to you or repelling things away from you, but people and all the hype and the commercialism, they just call it a law of attraction. And I once heard somebody saying, I read some or many years ago, they said, you know what? I'm not making any money because a law of attraction isn't working for me. And I got a good giggle out of that. Why? Because a law of attraction works perfectly for you and me, all of us at all times.

So that person who said that was literally attracting a lack of money when they thought they were supposed to. I guess just stand there and wave the magic wand and go shazam. And the money's supposed to show up. It doesn't happen that way because the external world reflects your internal world. And if your internal world is poor, and has no money, then what happens is a law of attraction repels money for you. Okay. Something else here. Been there myself because I grew up, I would say I keep calling it poor because I think I want to look back. I mean we really, it would be lower working class I guess. If I had to classify it now, but most people work from sustenance and I watched my parents do that. There was never, we, I never, ever grew up and it was about abundance and having plenty of money.

I watched my parents juggle things all the time to pay bills. I watched my mother ask her parents to borrow money for a lot of years. My dad was also, as I'd mentioned before, it was an alcoholic. So he spent a great deal of his life being very, very unproductive. And I grew up till I was 18 years old. As a matter of fact, when I turned well, I was obviously, well, not obviously, but obvious to me. I was going to go to college and I went to a very good small private school and my dad literally when I was 17 said, well, I don't know how you're going to make it. I guess you're going to go in the army because I'm not able to help you. Well, you know what? That's how he lived his entire life when I was 12 years old, what he taught me when he and I were, I was talking about something and he looked at me and he goes, you know what?

I wasn't born under that million dollar star. My father worked from the illusion that money was a matter of luck or something in the universe or whatever. Money comes from your consciousness. Now speaking of consciousness and abundance and money, I want to segue here for a second and stay with me is one of my best friends is a guy named James Wedmore and as a matter of fact, I'm doing what I'm doing out in the world to the, to the degree that I'm doing it because of James Wedmore to some very large degree. And James actually is having a workshop coming up and I believe he calls it nailing your niche. And by the way, some people say neSH, but anyway, nailing your neSH or your niCH, whichever you choose. He's got a training coming up on I believe July the sixth and seventh. It's a two part training.

Go to the show notes over and you can actually get registered for that training. This is first off, I want to point out, somebody once said to me, Jim, I'm really glad you don't have commercials in your podcast while I in the future maybe, I don't know, I've had people approach me about that, but just I haven't done it yet. So I don't arbitrarily and commercially promote things from other people. I promote James 100% his integrity is beyond question. And even than that, he has the most amazing heart. He truly is all about helping you grow your business. And obviously when I say nailing your niche, that really is for people that have, that are online marketers because most people never really think about it to the degree that he's going to train you on is that the riches are in the niches.

As Brendon Burchard once said to me, so he didn't know who I am now. I'm sure he didn't know, but he and I were talking many years ago and he actually had a niche. If you don't have a niche, you're literally, your marketing is too broad. And by the way, I've taught marketing for a lot of years. If your niche, if you don't have a niche, your marketing is way too broad and you are losing a ton of money. So go to the show notes over on this episode. Get registered for his training. And I haven't even seen it yet, but I know James, he's also, if you don't know who he is, he is a leader. He's a top, not even 1% or probably a top half percenter in terms of the impact that he's making in the world. The people that he impacts has own business growth and what he's doing in the world, so okay, changing your money consciousness and just a moment I want to refer a couple of books that I refer to every one of my students.

The very first week they come into what we call TCP, my Transformational Coaching Program. I want to refer to this, but let me share another way that people work backwards and Stacy's probably doing the same. Most people work backwards and according to Newton we live in a cause and effect universe. I believe it's it's Newton's third law of motion. For every action there's an equal, equal and opposite reaction, meaning what we put out like a boomerang is what we get back. That's also called Karma. Here's one a lot of people do though, is they don't actually apply that to money and money is also cause and effect and what not. And I used to get the same thing. What 99% of people do is they focus on the effect, money, money, money, money. I want money, I need money, I want money, I need money.

They're not focusing on the cause. And the cause is the value that you create in the world and the value that you place on your value and your level of money. Consciousness. And by the way, when I say the value, when I say that you have to value the value you create. I believe that's my, the last podcast or one or two prior to this one. Okay? So what we really would serve as well is to focus on the calls of money because money is the effect, but, and the causes is our consciousness and our value and us valuing our value. But most people focus on the effect. Then what they do is they say, you know what? I want money. Want money, want money. Then what they're doing inadvertently without even knowing it is they're telling the universe, I want money, but I don't have it.

Then the universe corresponds to you and says, okay, you don't have money, therefore we're not going to put money right in front of you. So the two books that I talk about, one is I in my interpretation, one of the best works ever written. And so you can get an Amazon for probably five bucks and it's called the complete works of Florence Scovel Shinn,S -H- I-N- N. I do want to point out that Florence Scovel Shinn writes the books or her her work from a Christian perspective. if that has, and I'm not endorsing that when I'm just telling you is this, it's not going to resonate with everyone. If you, if you work from that place in life, then great. It's gonna resonate with that word. She uses the word God a lot and the Christian word God, but do what I do just to replace that with universe or divine force or infinite intelligence.

Our supreme being just changed that in the way that works for you. But I'm going to tell you right now that content is a plus,plus,plus. There's another book that I recommend and I think the guy literally writes under, what's it called? I think a pseudonym. He's not writing under his own name and it's by Richard Dotts. And the book is called dollars flow to me. Easily. You get these books, don't just read them. You know what's what we do is we read a book, put it on the shelf, take the books, put them on your phone. I don't know if you can get money. Dollars flooded me easily. But Florence Scovel Shinn you can put them on your phone and put them on repeat and listen and listen and listen and listen. You know, years ago when we had tapes like cassette tapes, I would say where that cassette tape out, listened to it, integrate it become, and you will find your life changing a significantly.

Why? Because you're changing on the inside first. And when you change on the inside, the outside changes automatically. So Stacy, the reason that your money goes up and down is because your internal blueprint is all about up and down. One of my mentors about 10 years ago, I did a lot of coaching and her company, I don't want to mention her name because she's an extremely private person. Even though her company is a multibillion dollar company, she's a Real Estate Broker, not an agent. Well, I mean, I guess she has an agent, but she owns a, well actually she's shutting it down as well. She's approaching 80 years old. But at one point her company was the same size of Barbara Corcoran's. You know, Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, Nar, the National Association of Realtors, has named her as one of the top 20, top 20 thought leaders in National Real Estate.

This woman is a powerhouse Dallas business icon. I was fortunate because I was coaching a lot of people in her company. She became one of my best friends and she became my mentor, which I never expected to happen. And this woman has impacted my life in business more than any other person relative to doing business in the world. And one day we were in the car and she and I were talking and she goes, you know Jim, my agents just don't get it. They don't understand. She goes, if you're going to be successful, you first have to be successful in your mind. And when it comes to money, if you're going to be rich or even financially stable, you first must be financially stable in your mind, which is your subconscious paradigms and anything else is gonna put you right back on the hamster wheel.

Okay, so your Transformational Takeaway, I wrote this down, it just popped in my head one day, and this is, this is my own phrasiology and it's the phrase that I use for me and the phrase is this, and this is your transformational takeaway. If I don't have it on the inside first, I'm not going to have it on the outside. Obviously what I'm saying is if it's not in my unconscious paradigms first, if it's not in my identity first, there's no way I'm going to have it on the outside and the same thing applies to you and it's called self image psychology and we have a self image about everything about money and health, wellness, sex, relationships, everything and everything in your external life corresponds 100% to everything in your internal thought paradigms. Okay. That wraps up this episode and the next episode I just posted an episode and the episode was about why.

Why are you on planet earth people all the time, all the time ask me, they will say, you know Jim, how do I find my purpose? And if you're like most people also, you probably have spent a fair amount of your life looking for your purpose. Well, most people are looking in the wrong place. And in the next episode it's all about what is your purpose and what I'm going to do is I'm going to share a perspective with you that's different from the paradigm you've been thinking from most people and I've been there, are looking for their purpose in the wrong place. It's kind of like, you know, as I said before, I grew up on I literally people laugh because they used to live in New York City and I've been all over the world now are not well a great portion of the world.

And I've been around some movers and shakers and very influential people. And I guess my point is I've been around some very cosmopolitan, very successful people. I've had, you know, I've had celebrity clients, Blah Blah Blah Blah. But I literally grew up in a small town, Texas farm boy and we did have pigs and chickens and cattle and all this kind of stuff. And if you watch a chicken, chickens will run around and they will scratch for worms. But you know what? Many times chickens are scratching in the wrong place for worms and the chicken's not going to find a worm and tell the chicken actually a scratching at a place where there is a worm. So the whole reason for me giving you this story is that most people are looking for their purpose, but they're scratching in the wrong place. So all the next episode, I'm going to share with you my perspective that I learned from a Shaman. That is my mentor about the right place to find your purpose. Okay. Thanks for listening.


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