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EPISODE 125: “Five “Random Thoughts” To Change Your Life – Volume 2”

August 12, 2020

OK, so I got a ton of positive feedback for the first episode I did like this a few weeks back so I decided to do another.

So, in the same format and vein as the last time, here is another random thought episode…Part Deaux!

Here are the five random thoughts I expand on in this episode:

In this episode I share how each of these life philosophies shape my life and how I live by them and how they impact my well being.

I share them as food for thought and give them to you as easy “takeaways.” And, when you master them and KNOW them, they will be guiding rudders that will change your life and give you peace of mind.

More Jim!

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 125 of the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. Now this episode is titled five random thoughts to change your life. Yep, I did an episode like this a couple of weeks ago and I got so much response and positive response that I decided to do another one. So if you would like to hear five thoughts that I know that have changed my life and can change your life, then keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming Your Life from the inside out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Challenging Perceptions With 5 More Random Thoughts

Okay, so five random thoughts. Yeah, I was a little surprised after the episode that I did on random thoughts. We got a lot of response and a lot of Instagram messages about people saying I really liked the episode was very digestible, very easy to consume. So I won't do a lot of them because I don't want to bore you. I mean, I don't know if it'll bore you or not. But I like to, I want to create some variety here. Okay. And that's why I started doing this, for one reason, a little variety, but we had the response was great. So I'll do a couple more after this. Maybe not next week, but I'll do a couple of more.

Okay,as I shared in the other episode, these are all thoughts that I've learned, many of them from my brother in law, the shaman and working with him for a lot of years. And it would be hard for me to narrow down if somebody said, you know, what are the like your top things, your top quotes your top, you know, wisdom that you've learned over the years, I could probably narrow it down to two or three things that would be that would be the most impactful for me. But what's the most impactful for me might not be the most impactful for other people. So that's why I put five thoughts in each of these and I might do one or two more.

Now, I want to ask you a question before we get started. And that question is, where are you in your life now, compared to where you were a year ago? And I asked you this question for two reasons. One is if you're not where you want to be where you desire to be the reason you're not there is because you're Miss managing yourself. And what I want to share about that is that I have a three part free program coming up next month in September that I'll tell you about at the end of this episode, but plain and simple, you're not creating what you want to create in life, the peace of mind, the wealth, the abundance, that happiness, and you might even air quote, want it or you think you want it badly, but you're not creating it because you're mismanaging yourself.

Now when I say mismanaging what do I mean by that? Because it can be a very nebulous phrase. But mismanaging is this is when you get into fear. Your mismanaging or greed or arrogance are a big one for a lot of people. And I've been into all of these in my life. They're not things that pertain to me at this point in my life. But when you get into control, and I guarantee you there's a good 80% of you listening That you get into your control issues. And many of you actually don't even call your control issues control issues or fear, fear issues. You call them something else. Because if I said you're getting into your fear you, you'd be like, Oh, no, not me Jim. But you know what? If you get into procrastination, procrastination is a fear issue. It's fear based, but you might not identify it as that.

So anyway, I'm going to talk about, you know, at the end of this episode a little bit about the three part series I have coming up no charge in September. So stay tuned for that. Okay, so five random thoughts. The first random thought is this. And I've covered all of these in an episode to some degree. Some of these are an entire episode. But this is what I know also, and research has demonstrated that if you don't keep something in front of you, doesn't matter what it is, but if you don't keep it in front of you, you will forget 89% of it within 30 days. So what I'm going to share with you, I guarantee you, I know I've done this for so long. There'll be many of you that are like, Oh, yeah, I remember you saying that. That is so good. That's so valuable. You're right. But you know what? Oops, I forgot. So I want to share things with you that I've learned to be foundational in my own life. And that I've come to know as foundational in my life, and we'll keep these pretty simple.

Okay, so let's dive right in. And by the way, I guess they're right. When I say random thoughts, I just titled it that because these are the things that just go through my my mind all day long as a result of working with a shaman, so I guess they could partially, you know, I had to think about what I wanted to put in the episode. But I called them random because I live by these things. I mean, they're things that are in my mind, and in front of me all the time. Okay, thought number one. Are you ready? It's this today is a good day to die. Today is a good day to die. And you're probably like, Jim, what the heck are you talking about? What do you mean, today is a good day to die?

Well, the reality is, is you're gonna, and people call that dying. I don't, I don't really ever call it dying, but I use that phrase for you. I call it transitioning, you simply leave this dimension and you go to another, but every one of us are going to transition, every single one of you are going to are going to transition or what you call, die. But see so many people they cling to the smallest part of who they are, meaning, you know, Mary Smith and John Smith. And that's all what I call 3d third dimension. And they cling, I mean, when they claim it'd be like you're flying on an airplane, but you're not inside of it. You're on a wing. You're sitting on the outside of an airplane with a wing and you're hanging on for dear life. People cling to their 3d, their ego, who they think that they are, and as as a result of who they think they are, and the skin In the bones in the body, they walk around in, literally 99% of people and I do mean cling like duct tape and Gorilla Glue cling to who they think they are. They're completely missing what I call their luminosity, their luminous being their higher self, their soul self. And as a result of that, They stay trapped. And they're 3d.

And for many people, that's a life of misery, when quite literally, you can free yourself. There's a quote that I heard many years ago, and the quote was, I'm gonna just paraphrase here is that everyone is divine, yet everyone doesn't know it. And you could say well as a bad person divine. And what I say is everyone is divine. It's just a matter of awareness and to what degree there they are, are aware of that divinity and they're actually being a medium for that divinity as well. Let me give you quick story here. I've shared it before in the podcast and my brother in law shared this story with me many years ago, is, let's say, for example, that we're in this cosmic waiting room. And we're a bunch of, you know, we don't have bodies so to speak. Imagine you're like Casper, the ghost. And we're all in this cosmic waiting room and the great grand creator comes up and says, Who wants to go on an exciting journey. And we're all jumping up and down, saying, I want to go, I want to go, I want to go Pick me Pick me, I want to go. And the creator says, great, I'm gonna send you to a planet called Earth.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a bag over your head. And here's the thing. When you get there, you're going to forget about me, you're going to forget about where you came from. And you're even going to forget that you landed there with a bag over your head. Consider that, because that's how most of us live. And I don't mean that by any dogma, meaning and I'm just being candid here. I don't mean by saying, Well, I'm a Christian or I'm a Buddhist, or I'm a Muslim, or I'm this or I'm that. I'm talking. And you probably heard me say before, that many people say we're spiritual beings, I say we are first cosmic beings. Because when people say they're a spiritual being, many people still make spirituality, they turn it into dogma. And many people get arrogant and egotistical about their spirituality, plain and simple physics, you are a cosmic energetic being.

But you know, the way that I look at it is this and I have fully come to know this and accept it and embrace it, and it makes my life so much easier. And it's so much easier for me to create and for me to impact and for me to live my own life is a matter of a metaphor here. And I've said this before in other episodes, let's say that you're going to go on vacation and you're going to fly there and you're going to rent a car and you're going to drive around. Let's say you're going to go to Colorado and you're going to go to the Rocky Mountains. And you fly to Denver. And you know what you go to the rental car desk and you get your rental and you drive around for five days in the Rocky Mountains and you have an amazing time because it is gorgeous there. And then what you do is you drive back to the airport and you drop off your rental car, and guess what you go home? Well, that's what I call life is that when you get the body that you're in, that's your rental car, and you're going to drive it around for however many years you're on the planet, whether it be one day, or 99 years. And there's all different obviously as we know different kinds of makes and models and different levels of maintenance. But the reality is this your body, you're not your body, your body is your vehicle wall, your your your higher self, your soul, your energetic body is experiencing this 3d reality meaning being on the physical planet.

So I go back here that you're going to leave this 3d body at some point. We all are. But like I said earlier, some people are like, you know, duct tape and super glued to the 3d ego. And they miss the higher part of themselves, because they're so tied to the 3d. And what so many people are terrified about is the 3d dying, when literally it's temporary. It's just a rental car. But so many people are afraid it's like driving a rental car going doing this. You're driving your car, and the whole time you're driving your car for five days. every three seconds. You're like, Oh my god, I hope I don't wreck Oh my god. I hope I don't wreck Oh my God, I hope I don't wreck. Oh my god, I hope I don't wreck. Oh my gosh, I hope nobody bumps into me. Oh my gosh, I hope nobody, you know, scratches my Fender, oh my gosh, I hope I don't run out of gas.

Well, that's how most people live their entire lives. And we have to let go of that. So where I want to go here, something that I was told many years ago, and it seems so alien to a lot of us, but I was told that death is your greatest advisor. And if you want proof of that, look at all these little memes you see posted on episode 110, by the way, where I talked about that, but all these little memes where people are like, here's five things a dying regret, or five things that the dying said they wish they would have done. And the reality is, notice what I'm sharing with you, these people that are about to leave the planet are using their death as their advisor.

Now I want to point out also because I've talked about this before, you could be like, Jim, what the heck, why are you talking about death? Well, if you're even saying that, then you may want to look more deeply into what I'm talking about now in Episode Number 110. My calling my truth my reality is that I want to be on the planet for many more years and I want to do what I'm here to do. However, what I want to share with you is and I'm not asking to go home now meaning leave the planet, but I'm okay whenever it's time for me to you pack my bags Asta LaVista baby, I am out of here, boom, I'm gonna blow this popsicle stand, I'm done. And I'm going to go somewhere else and serve from somewhere else like we all are going to do, we're all going to evolve, whether it be on this planet or another planet, we're going to evolve.

So what I want to share with you is that today's A Good Day to Die. Because how was this day any better than any other day? Seriously? Have you ever considered that? How was Tuesday? When you're whatever age any better than Wednesday when you're a different age or the same age? How is any day better than another? Well, it's not it's simply your interpretation of your 3d ego on this planet. So the question that I have for you, which I just kind of, said, Is there any good day to die? You know, is there any bad day to die? The reality is, is that you're going to air quote, die period. So all days are The same. So wouldn't any day be just like it's a good day to be born? Wouldn't any day also be a good day to die?

Now, your takeaway here is this for this particular point, surrender. You know, I don't know how long you've been listening, but I've never been sick in my life. And I'm 55 I have a heart condition which I'm actually pretty well healed from. The doctor said I'd be on medication for all of my life, which I'm almost completely off medication. In a matter of, I guess from February till now, and this is August. And when I was in the hospital, it's there for three days. And I had a heart conditioned doctors don't know how it happened. They were thinking maybe a virus got into my heart or something. But my heart was only working at 30% of efficiency, meaning 70% of my heart was not working. And the reality is, is when I was there, I was like, you know what my intention is to be on the planet in this day, but whatever happens I am Oh completely at peace with.So something that I want to share with you also another takeaway here, you know,John Lennon has that lyric and one of his songs is that life is something that happens when people are making other plans. What I've noticed is most people completely miss life because they're too busy planning their life or worried about something. So most people don't live their lives. They simply exist. And in truth, that's all you have from day to day.

Okay, random thought number two. And if somebody asked me, you know, Jim, what are your favorite quotes? This would be one of my favorites, no question. It would be my top three depending on what's going on a particular day. Yet this quote I have found to be extraordinary. I have found that to be air quote, life saving meaning has just given me so much peace and solace. And it aligns in a dovetails with shamanism in the way that I've learned and experienced it and apprenticed with it. And the quote is this fear is the idleness of will. Fear is the idleness of will. I don't mean willpower willpower is left brain, I can do it, I can do it, I can make it happen. And that's finite. Your will is a life force that flows through you. Now, let me give you as best I can to put into words what your will is, your okay let me go here first, using your will is using your life force to create. For example, I want you to think about what it feels like when you say, I will make that happen. And then what I want you to notice here is that we generally make the will about something physical. Never even noticing the mental force, which is the will, behind the physical, because your body can't do anything anyway, without the mind directing the body. Think about scratching your nose, just scratch your nose, think about getting up out of your chair you get up out of your chair, the body is going to follow the mind. So do not look at the activity first, which is what most people do. What I want you to look at is the energy behind the activity. When you know you're going to do something, and excuse me, that is your will. That is your life force.

Okay, so what do we do with this? So I remind myself that anything that I don't have, that I want, or if I get in the fear, which I rarely, I mean, it's unconscious if I'm getting into fear, which all fear is unconscious anyway. I mean, people don't go through life and say, Hey, you know, it's 320 Time to get into fear. But working with a shaman for so many years and accepting the fact that any days you know a good day to die and to leave the planet and surrendering a lot of things that I used to get into which I'm sure that a lot of you do, because you're learning and you're here because you're learning and I'm learning to just different things in different ways, is I used to get into a lot of the same things, but they're all 3d ego and when you shed that, you become so much more powerful. But anyway, back to what I was saying here is I know that if I, if I'm getting into my fear about something, and generally people get into fear about health or manifestation of some sort, meaning having or not having something it's plain and simple, because they and meaning you are not using your will, which is creative, life force, energy, YOU.

Okay, back to Episode 104 You may want to go listen to that episode 104 is also on using your will and your in your intention. Let me concretize this for you. Everyone has seen an example like this, or you've heard of an example like this, someone that has a very a medical diagnosis. And the doctor says, You know what, you got stage four stomach cancer, and you're not going to make it. And the person's like, Oh, no, no, no, really. And they go into funk. And they go into sad, and they go and all these kind of things and depression, and they accept the doctor's diagnosis. And then what happens is four months later, or a year later, whatever, they're off the planet, whereas someone else says, Oh, no, nope, I'm buying it. I've got a grandbaby and I want to watch my grandbaby grow up or my son graduate from college or my daughter do this. No way. No How I am going to heal and notice the difference between resignation and conviction. Am I going to heal? heal my body, and that's using your will. So you can use your will to create and you can use your will to create things that you would normally be afraid about. So I know for me that if I were to get in any kind of fear, plain and simple, it's because I'm getting in the resignation just rolling over like a turtle on my back. And that's what I call resignation. And I'm getting in the resignation instead of possibility. And to to get in the possibility, I have to use my will. My life force, like Harry Potter's magic wand. Shazam, that's what I create because I am a born manifester. Like all of us are, I am and you are as well.

Okay.So, let me ask you this. Have you have you ever not gotten through something in your life consider that have you ever not gotten through something in your life? And the answer is no. Because had you not gotten through it, you wouldn't be listening to this episode now. Now some of these things that you had to go through might have been very challenging. I mean, not have shaken you to your core. But notice that you got through them by using your will, using your life force, I will DO BE HAVE x, y, z. So your big takeaway is there's nothing to fear. Literally, there's nothing to fear, even 3d, they're leaving the planet. There's definitely nothing to fear because once you're off the planet, you're off the planet, nothing you can do about that. But even while you're on the planet, you have the power to heal, and the power to create. You can look at physics and physics demonstrates that you can look at all the great spiritual work or the religious works and they all say something and the same kind of way.

So you know in the Bible and it just dawned on me really quickly not that I'm endorsing the Bible because I might have different people from all kinds of religions or no religions, but according to your belief, be it done unto you. Now I did create an episode on how archaic beliefs can be. So how about this? Let's shift it and save this, according to your will be it done unto you. Okay. Number three, you cannot do anything without peace of mind. Repeat. You can't do anything without peace of mind. And remember, my brother in law called me, Don Javier. He called me in January of I lived in New York City. He lived in Dallas in of 2000 January 2001. And the conversation culminated into that I needed To go on what I call a sacred journey, spiritual journey to him with Peru and with him to Peru, like handog, with him to Peru in 2001.We got that out, okay?

And in our conversation, and I always take notes when we talk or a record these days, and I go back and listen to it later. But he said something that was literally just life changing for me. And I'll give you some examples. As he says, he said to me, You can't create anything without peace of mind. Now, consider that for a moment. Let me give you an example here. I want you to think about when you had plenty of money in the bank, I mean, your checking account had plenty of money, you had money, you could do whatever you want to go on vacation. If you're an entrepreneur, you could hire an employee, you could, you know, pay for your Facebook ads, whatever it is. Now contrast that to when you didn't have any money. It might have been last week. Last year, last month, 10 years ago, but many of us have been there. And I want you to compare and contrast how easy it is to operate, and move through the world when you have money, as opposed to when you don't have money, because for most people, ironically, and this is the way we as many people associate as human beings, money equals peace of mind, and no money equals a lack of peace of mind. When in reality, it's nothing more than interpretation only life is literally everything in your life is simply your interpretation. And nothing has any meaning except the meaning that you give it. That is a fact. It's not even an interpretation. It's actually an interpretation about a fact that nothing has any meaning except the meaning that you give it but most people work from, you know what if I have money, my life's golden and I'm great. I got a peace of mind. And if I don't have money, let me worry, worry, worry, worry, worry which we'll get in just a bit.

Now here's the thing also, is that when you have peace of mind, you're generally in your highest state of function as a BEing. Now, of course, we can call you a human being, but you're in your highest state of function when you have peace of mind because you are then in what I call well being. And when you are in well being, you're at the highest state of your being. Consider that at least your ego being you are in a high state of energetic function. Now, I mentioned worried, being worried a couple of minutes ago, and this is what I say is that worry is insecure thinking. Anytime you're worry-ing, which is not a state of well being. Anytime that you're worrying about anything which you do not have peace of mind when you're worrying is you're saying what you're literally saying without recognizing it. I'm not sure you recognize this, but anytime If you've lost your job, don't have any money, your boyfriend or your girlfriend broke up with you, or this happened or that happened anytime that you are in worry. Anytime that you're in worry, what you're literally saying is I have no influence over my thoughts, meaning I have no influence and no choice over what's going to happen a minute from now or an hour from now or tomorrow or next month.

Now notices when people are worrying about money, and they have no peace of mind, what are they worrying about? And people will say, well, they're worried about paying their bills. But you know what, that could be a month from now or two or four days from now or 48 hours or three weeks from now. But people worry about things in the future. And that's insecure because again, what they're really saying is that I have no influence, and I have no choice. So let me just sit here and a word that I used a little earlier. Let me just sit here and resignation. And do and worry and worry and worry. Now I've said this before, but let me give you a takeaway that I work from. And I've come to notice that takeaway is this. Everything always has been, everything is now. And everything will always be fine. And my life, I learned that many years ago, and I've come to know that, that no matter what we like, and we look at our lives, and we're like, well, this is the tragedy and that's a tragedy and this is bad and this sucks and all this kind of stuff. But the reality is this is go back to the rental car example that I gave you, you're not on a planet that long anyway. I mean, literally, your life is like a lightning strike. Relatively speaking to your entire life on the planet, the time that you're here to your totality is like a lightning strike. You're not here very long. So where I work from even when I was in the hospital, where I worked from and my state of mind was everything always has been, is now and will always be fine.

And candidly, the chief cardiologist is like, you know what, I give you a 70% chance of recovery? Well, I'm about 100% recovery. But there was another cardiologist and she wouldn't achieve one. And she was a Debbie Downer. I mean, she brought like all the bad news that she could bring. And I'm like, I'm not buying any of this. I don't, I'm not owning any of this. And the reality is, is I really, I really wish honestly that I could give you a brain scan of my thinking. Because when I was in the hospital, and Debbie Downer cardiologists came, it didn't affect me a bit. Because I knew what's the point of worrying literally, what is the point of worrying about anything, and if I'm worrying that I'm not healing, and you know what, if I'm worrying, I'm saying, I have no choice, I'm not using my intention. I'm not using my will, which go back and listen to that episode. I believe it's number 104 is the most powerful force in the universe.

So I want to move on here because I'm dragging along This one a little bit longer this episode that I wanted to for this particular episode. But what I want to ask you is this is what takes your well being away from you. What generally takes your well being away from you is actually your evaluations and your interpretations of the world. And your interpretations of what money is. And worry, worry is the probably the number one thing for most people were in fear, which I alluded to a little earlier. These take your well being away. And we're going to dig into this a little bit more as I keep on going through the next couple of points. So let me ask you this. And I alluded to this earlier as well. But is there ever been a time in your life when something was not fine? Now, let me let me give you a caveat. Has there ever been a time in your life when something was not fine in relation to the totality of your being? I don't mean your 3d ego body, your way walking around in. I mean, has there ever been a time that something has not been fine in the totality of your being? So your takeaway here is this, everything always has been, is now and will always be fine. And I'm going to make you a promise right now. You take that and you write in a three by five card and you learn, you immerse yourself in that phrase, everything always has been is now and will always be fine. And you look at it from a higher version of you a higher point of your life, and you will find it to be true. And when you accept that, Oh, my gosh, it's so easy to have peace of mind.

Okay, number four is about something that pretty much gets every one of you every day. Been there done that okay. But but number four is about triggers. Now, let me ask you this. How many times have you been triggered today and who has triggered you and what did they trigger you about? So just think about that, as I'm sharing that. So what triggered you today? Your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your boss, some stranger You don't even know in traffic, something you saw on Fox News, something you saw on CNN, something you saw on both, something you saw on Facebook, what triggered you today? Well, what I want you to recognize is this is that anytime you are triggered by something, and in particular and obviously someone, you are making a judgment about that person, let that sink in. When you are triggered about by somebody, you're making a judgment about that person, oh my gosh, I left her coffee, you know, their coffee cup on the kitchen counter. That didn't put the dishes in the dishwasher the right way. They left their dirty laundry on the floor. They did this they did that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't fit with my model of reality. Let me complain, let me judge them because they're a slob or they're lazy. They're inconsiderate. Are there this or that? or whatever it is, and noticed plain and simple. It's that you're judging somebody.

Now here's what I find pretty comical seriously, is, in my coaching programs I asked people often because we don't entire week on part of this. And people will often say I feel like I'm triggered when people disrespect me. And I hear that a lot when people feel they're being talked down to or disrespected. And the irony and comical thing here is that I find that many people when they feel like they're being disrespected, while they're being disrespected, what they're doing is they're judging the person that's judging them that's in their interpretation, disrespecting them. So they're inadvertently doing the very same thing to the person who's doing something to them. And they're judging the person doing it to them, but they're actually doing it to the person they think is doing it to them, and they don't even see it.

So I find that so intriguing and I'm not tossing any stones I've been there how blind that most of us are. So a question for you, and then we'll move on here is, do you like to be judged? We'll keep this really simple. Do you like other people to judge you? Now there might be one of you out of 100 that says yes, but most of you are like, Hell no, I don't like to be judged. So the question is this, if you don't like to be judged, then how come you're out there judging other people. So stop judging other people stop judging outcomes. Now I know that's easier said than done for a lot of us been there done that as well. Because we humans, it's partly brain based, or what I call what you know what other people call meaning making machines. What many of us do is we look at something we make a meaning of it. And but instead of just making a meaning, or discernment, or an evaluation, which is where I'm at this point in my life, what most of us do is we make the meaning and then we judge the meaning as I'm better than you or you're worse than I am, or I'm this or I'm bad or I have to look good or I have to dominate you or whatever it might be. And in reality, no one's any better than anyone else. We're all learning our lessons while we're here on the planet.

Okay? What's your big takeaway for this as we roll into number five, your big takeaway is, if you want to stop being triggered, stop judging. Because the second you stop judging that person, you will stop being triggered. Okay? Come on around the homestretch here to number five. I love this one. This has helped me tremendously. I grew up in a family where my mother used to used to often be concerned about about what people thought, What are people going to think of us? What are people going to say about us? What are the neighbors going to say? What is this person going to say, blah, blah, blah, blah, blankety blank, like, I mean, it just all this stuff. But what gave me solace and peace When I learned this, and it's given me, it's given me power. And hopefully when you look into this for yourself, I give you power as well. But the phrase is this. No two people have the same karma. So, what does that mean to you know, two people have the same karma. Now, what does that mean to you? When you hear that? Consider that ponder that for a moment. No two people have the same karma.

Okay, let's make this more secular. How about this? No two people have the same life. Okay, so think about that no two people have the same life. Now, that being said, if no two people have the same karma, and no two people have the same life. Guess what? They also mean this also means they don't have the same life lessons. And because they don't have the same life lessons, then that also means that comparing yourself to other people is a complete waste of time. And it's useless. And I say that because listen very carefully. Listen very carefully. How can you compare yourself to someone else? Who has different karma than you? Because we all have different karma. We all have different life lessons. So the question is, again, in a different way, is how can you compare two things that cannot be compared? That's like saying, How do you compare a monkey wrench to a kumquat? You can't there are two very separate things. But what we do as human beings is many people like Well, let me compare let me compare. Let me compare and I'm going to share with you just because I've done this for so long, yes, you you listening right now, and I'm talking to most of you, this is one of your biggest life obstacles. And for many of you, it creates so much unhappiness, so much unhappiness for so many of you, and especially those of you, especially those of you that are competitive, because if you're competitive, you probably have compared a lot comparative itis.

And I again, I used to be there, I'm not there anymore. I mean, seriously, I'm not a very I'm a very down to earth person and things that I have. I mean, I can go by I can go by multiple cars right now if I wanted and pretty much almost any kind of car for the most part other than like a, you know, it's $7 million Ferrari or something. But if I wanted the Mercedes in my garage on top of my Porsche, and I wanted a brand new BMW and I wanted I can go do that. But here's the thing. I'm just real I keep lives which I should, should be. One of the thoughts here is I keep life simple. I keep live very, very simple and very easy. And in my younger years, I used to compare myself to other people. And I know I no longer do.

Now, let me get back to competitive people here. And our two thoughts I want to make sure I follow up on one is competitive people. And the other is that when you stop comparing, it makes it easy to get out in the world and be out in the world because you're not comparing yourself to other people, which is fear which shuts people down. Now, let me go back to competitive people. I've seen it brothers will be competitive, family members would be competitive. And I've seen people be competitive about cars, homes, jobs, income, wealth, what school my kids go to, you know what school, my kids are going to go to neighborhoods, where we live versus where someone else lives and etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

What I want to share with you as you're comparing something that's not comparable, because no two people have the same karma. Therefore, it's all toxic and self defeating thinking. It's literally toxicity. So what competitive people do is they compare themselves to other people. And then when they don't stack up to other people and their perceptions and their interpretations and their values, then they feel bad. So let me if I'm a competitive person, and I'm competitive, let me go out in the world and be competitive compared to everyone else out there. Oh, my gosh, I can't do what he does. I can't do what she does, oh, hers is better than mine. His is better than mine, etc. You know, many years ago, when I used to do hypnosis I used I had a heavy contingency of actors, Broadway actors, etc. And what I told a lot of people is that many times when a guy or girl would go to an audition, they would take their body to the audition, and they would leave their mind at home. Now, what I meant by that, metaphorically is that you know what, you take your body to the audition, and you're not there and you're not fully present. You're there comparing because I remember a client one time saying, I was a male part. It was a Broadway part. And the guy was saying, well, I saw some guy and he was taller than me by like a little bit. And I thought they were going to pick him over me. But yet neither one even auditioned, he's already comparing in his mind.

So that's what people do, for the most part, and it's toxic. So a question is,do you compare yourself to others? And then as a follow up question is, are you ready? Does that create peace or chaos for you? Does comparing yourself to other people because no two people have same karma. Does that create peace of mind for you? Or does that take away peace of mind? So let me give you an example here really quickly is if I were to say tell you what I've got a fine cut high quality Ruby and a diamond and an emerald and my Sapphire in my hand. Which do you want the diamond, the Ruby, the Emerald or the Sapphire and they are all high quality cuts. Which do you want? Well, most of you would pick the diamond. Because done but by the way, diamonds are actually less rare than the Ruby and Emerald and the Sapphire. But the reality is diamonds, had a major marketing campaign back in the 1930s, I believe. And the slogan and the USP a diamond is forever.

Diamonds are actually not as rare as high quality emeralds and rubies and diamonds but people want the diamonds because of the perception. So just look right there. You actually pick something based upon your perceptions based upon what you think you were supposed to believe. When in reality, your big takeaway is stop comparing yourself to others. Now, you cannot compare that which has no comparison. Because as I just mentioned about the diamonds and the rubies and emeralds and the sapphires is comparison is completed. At least subjective because if De Beers did not have this diamond campaign back in the 30s, and I said which do you want the diamond, the Ruby, the Emerald or the Sapphire, you may very well having not been socially conditioned, pick the Emerald or the Sapphire or the Ruby. But you've been socially conditioned to pick the diamond because you're comparing Oh, if I were a Ruby, people aren't going to look at me and say XYZ but if I got a big ol rock diamond on my finger, then people are going to say XYZ because I am comparing. Notice again. Notice again, that comparison takes away your peace of mind.

So let's recap these and then stay with me stay with me for just a second. We're not going to be much longer, but I've got a no charge workshop coming up on September the third I just want to tell you about the date. That's all I want to tell you right now. Is your takeaways. Your thoughts today is today is a good day to die. Secondly, fear is the idleness of will third You cannot do anything without peace of mind. Fourth, when I'm triggered, it's because I am judging others. And fifth, no two people have the same karma. Okay, twice a year in the spring in the fall, I do two three part series, and they're called the BE DO HAVE series, part one, part two, part three, BE DO HAVE. And they are extremely comprehensive. And we dig into things we've covered here in the podcast about ways to be in the world. So you can meaning your identity so that you can do the things you need to do to have what you want BE DO HAVE, excuse me, most people work backwards they work from HAVE DO BE completely broken performance model. It's a completely broken manifestation model. It's a completely broken creation model. So we spend literally three live calls. I laid the calls on are in my BE DO HAVE series for right now all I want to share with you is Mark your calendar for September the third will give you more details and more dates later for now mark your calendars September the third I believe we're probably going to do it at 3pm Central Standard Time for the first part of myBE DO HAVE series. Okay, thanks for Okay, go First things first, go mark your calendar. Whatever you do, make sure you mark your calendar, set your alerts, your timers, and everything else and make sure you're on that call. Because I promise to WOW you on that call. But again, don't take my word for it, be on the call and discovered for yourself. And thank you for listening today. And thank you for sharing the podcast with your friends and family. Okay, take care and make it a great day to day. Bye bye.



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