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EPISODE 144: “ENCORE Episode: AYNI – The Reciprocity Of Life”

December 16, 2020

This is a very special episode because it is the first time that I have a guest on the podcast.

Today’s guest is Mr. James Wedmore, who is a very very good friend and he’s here because our relationship perfectly reflects the topic of today’s episode – AYNI. AYNI is an ancient Incan word for the concept of reciprocity of life. James and I play a huge role in each other’s lives and serve each other.

In this episode we talk about in great depth the concept of AYNI and giving with an open heart.

In this episode I discuss:

Transformational Takeaway

Your life will become truly amazing if you follow the AYNI principle and you start giving with an open heart to people around you.

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Full Episode Transcript


[Jim Fortin]: You're listening to Transform Your Life From The Inside Out Podcast. In this episode, the first time that I've done it here is I have a guest. And the reason that I have a guest is because having this guest demonstrates today's topic. Today's topic is what's called AYNI. A Y N I is the word AYNI is ancient Incan, and it means the reciprocity of Life. Today's guest is a very, very good friend of mine, we've been on vacation before, I mean, he's been a guest in my home, one of my best friends. Today's guest is Mr. James Wedmore. Now James and I, we played a huge role in each other's lives. When we met a couple of years ago, we didn't recognize that we were going to be entering into an AYNI , reciprocity of life relationship. I would not actually be doing the podcast at the level that I'm doing it most likely had I not met James and James, his business would not be where it is most likely had James not met me. When we met, actually I was looking to expand and get back, you know, back out on the world because I took several years off and get more exposure which James provided to me and James was looking for ways to grow his business. And I helped him do that through our one to one coaching, where he himself started transforming his life from the inside out. So we served each other. And in this podcast, we talk about in depth, the concept of AYNI, and giving with an open heart. Enjoy.
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Exploring AYNI With James Wedmore

Okay, guys, as you know, I've never had a guest here at the Transform Your Life From The Inside Out Podcast. And I've got a very special guest. I've got a guest that's a really really good friend of mine but a mentor in some ways, especially with Internet Marketing. And my first and only guest is Mr. James Wedmore.
[James Wedmore]: Ah, first guest. Wait, did did you did you change the name? Transform Your Life Podcast is that what you call it?
[Jim Fortin]: Transform Your Life From The Inside Out Podcast, yeah. Yeah because that's what I do, You know?
[James Wedmore]: I know.
[Jim Fortin]: And they don't know yet and I think you know the topic because I slipped one day and told you but they don't know the topic today.
[James Wedmore]: I don't know the topic that well, I mean… but yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: The topic is how to skydive.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, I did that, don't like it. No, thank you.
[Jim Fortin]: Guys. That's that's an inside joke. Because when he came to Dallas, one time to visit I was going to surprise him with skydiving. And he's like, why would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane? So, but for those that don't know, you just very, very quickly here is that James is I don't know if you've ever thought about this. But you were literally in the top 1% of internet marketers in terms of the success that you created, literally when you look at your numbers, right? So guys, he's one of the most successful? Do you like the word Internet Marketer? Is that a word that works for you? Or no?
[James Wedmore]: No. I'm very neutral to it, but I don't use that word myself. But I think it helps for context.
[Jim Fortin]: Okay. So, okay, well, let's do this. He's one of the most successful in context Internet Marketers in the world. No question about it, top of the industry. And the reason that I asked James in this particular episode is not about James, but it's the way that I see James being and one of the things that I've always liked best about him. There was a lady years ago here in Dallas that I coached and she became my mentor. Her name is Virginia Cook. Now she's 80 but she owned one of the largest real estate companies in the United States. And the very first day I had lunch with her, I said how did you build your business so quickly? Because she was president of a large company for many years, she left and started her own when she was 60. By 70, it was the second largest private real estate company in Texas. And when we had lunch, I'll bring this back to you and listeners. When we had lunch. I said, How did you build so quickly and she goes, Oh, that's easy. Love, care, concern and giving. It wasn't marketing strategies, name recognition. It wasn't any of that. So today's episode is about giving, but it's about a word that you've heard before. You've heard me use, it's AYNI, A-Y-N-I. And AYNI is ancient Incan for the reciprocity of life. And aside from this woman, I have never seen somebody be more giving with an
[Jim Fortin]: open heart with no ulterior motive than you. I mean, that's the way that you operate your business. So that's one aspect of you here today, and I want to talk about ayni and how you use it. But secondly, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing at the level that I am doing it without Episode 114 which was an episode with you. Yeah, right.
[James Wedmore]: I remember when I got off that call with you because we didn't really know each other that much.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: Facebook message a few times and I'll take total credit that the episode was my idea cuz you were you were in a group and you were, you were like, it seemed like doing you know, asking some questions like hey, considering teaching more about these couple of things that I know really well, and everyone was like leaning towards option one, and I was like the one person's like, no, this one right here, and then I reached out and was like, we got to do this episode. I gotta just get you on my podcast. And I remember getting off the episode, and just like, running out to the team, and I'm like, this is going to be the best episode we've ever done yet.
[Jim Fortin]: And now it's like your number one downloaded.
[James Wedmore]: So yeah, I mean, I make it like part of a, you know, like, the staple for like new subscribers that come into my audience and like, into my programs, it's like, Hey, this is one of the foundational pieces because I just think it it encapsulated so much. That's, that's relevant to us, especially as entrepreneurs.
[Jim Fortin]: Well, and now we look back a year and a half later, we go to Sedona together because you want to buy a house and then I end up buying a house there and you haven't yet then.
[James Wedmore]: You kind of rub that in, huh?
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah, and you can stay at my house. Now. We ended up friends and I'm like, Okay, if I have to go I'll do it.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah. Yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: But I, what I want to look at is I'm going to ask you an open ended question and who knows where it's going to go. But I've always seen you operate from ayni. And as I mentioned, guys, ayni is ancient Incan for the reciprocity of life, which is one of the one of the most significant laws of life. James, I see so many people and just take this where you want to go in a second. So many people that want to create and want to build, but they want to get instead of giving. So what's your whole thought process, your mindset around this? Where does this come from in you?
[James Wedmore]: Yeah. I, you know, I think there's a there it is an open ended question. I could go on a few places. But I'll tell you something that was a really great realization for me is that, you know, we live in this really exciting time where there's so many opportunities to make money. You know, I heard some stat, who knows if it's true, but there's over like, 1000 millionaires being created every day now. That's amazing, right. And I remember trying other businesses not to brag, but like, I'm a I'm a smart guy, I can figure out stuff. Like, I figured out tech, I learned programming and all these things. And so I had all these options in front of me, like an Amazon business, a software company, I've moved in the direction of those companies, I've, built iPhone apps, and other other like, like paid advertising agencies, and they all came with like all big money, you know, pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. I mean, I know people who have built seven multi seven figure Amazon businesses, but like, none of them like saying to me, none of them like, you know, my heart wasn't in it. And anytime I came back to like teaching or coaching or just like, helping somebody in some way, I, just fell in love with it. And I really enjoyed it. And then of course, those are the things that I ended up completing, and, and
[James Wedmore]: then making money from. And so that gave me a realization of just like, how important it is. I just didn't realize that it myself that it's like, oh, that I'm doing work that's helping people. Because it gave me meaning and fulfillment. And yeah, it has, it has made me a lot of money. And even today, one of the driving motivators for me to make more money is simply because I want to show more people proof of what's possible. I think it's like, the ultimate thing for me, it's like, I needed a lot of that I needed a lot of proof, right? You know, like the whole, like Roger Bannister thing, like, once, once he did the four minute mile, like, Oh, I can do it, too. I needed a lot of that in my journey. And it's a really exciting idea to be like, wow, I could be I could be that for somebody else today that they could say, well, if this James guy, did it, I can too. Okay, so.
[Jim Fortin]: So what I hear you saying here is well, let me go back here and ask you another question. And a follow up to that. What I hear you saying is that, even though you can make money, and there's other things, this is more purposeful to you?
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Like, I felt like it. And now just putting in the context of AYNI it was like, Oh, this is things that has me help more, give more, share more and make a bigger difference. It's and it's like, the way that I feel like I could truly help. And I mean, if you're asking for a logical, you know, rational explanation, I can't other than, like, it's just what I feel called to do. Yeah. And, and it and it end at the end day, like it feels good. Like, it always feels good to, to give more to help more than it does to receive. And I was actually reflecting upon that when I got up this morning of like, how much more when you're really present to it, like how much more truly enjoyable it is to, to give. When you're giving, like, free freely and without attachment. And without expectation. I think that's a big piece that it's important for us to, to be mentioning here is how important this is to not do this with the like, well, Jim said that the strategy to make you more money is to give first so I'm going to give for a second go make some more. Yeah, doing that without an attachment, simply through just like inspired, giving and sharing. You know, and just like, no attachment. Yeah, no expectation.
[Jim Fortin]: You know, me really well. So you probably heard me say before that most people don't give to get they give to get.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: Yes. You know what, I want to be the servant leader. And I hope people are really listening. That's a big deal. Because I want to bring this back to you in just a moment. And how I've seen you give to give, but most people and especially see, for those of you that don't know, James, he runs a programs called BBD – Business By Design. And it's to help people that want to, you know, be digital CEOs build their, their business, their dreams. But I see so many people going into business, because they want the financial reward of the business as opposed to the service of the business and helping other people. Then they're chasing the dollars, and they've got they've got the cart before the horse. And then they're wondering, well, how come I'm not making three, four or five hundred thousand, a million a year? It's because they're working backwards. So let's go back here, I wrote something down. For everyone listening, because you said that you what your joy is to give the give. How important do you think purpose is in serving? Meaning is it purposeful? Or we just do it to get something?
[James Wedmore]: No, I mean, I think it's I think it's everything. I think it's one in the same, right? It's an this these have been like these thoughts been going through my mind for a few weeks. That's really just fascinating how this all comes together.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah,.
[James Wedmore]: It's, it's weird, it's like, purpose is like finding your your lane. You know, it's like it to me, it just feels like the fast lane in your life. And when you when you get lined up with it, it's like, I guess kind of what I've been, what's been like, coming up for me and ruminating in my mind is, is like I really believe everyone's here for a reason, they have a they have a purpose or a function. And, you know, I think there was a time in my life where it was looking for what that is. And then and you get to choose if if you're going to operate from that or not.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah,.
[James Wedmore]: The more I like sink deeper into that. Like, you more like sense of fulfillment and and alignment that you have…
[Jim Fortin]: But let me interrupt here. So you know, you're on time frame today, what I want them to get his you coached I don't know, I mean, with what you do thousands and thousands and thousands of people. What's the difference from your observation between people who want to build a business or become financially free? And they do it for the money as opposed to people doing it for the purpose in the service of it?
[James Wedmore]: Well, I'll say one, one thing that comes up immediately from that question is that you and I both know that, like, if we're speaking specifically to like a personal brand business where like, you're the face, you know, you do coaching and teaching, you know, you're building an Instagram account and stuff. Things like your podcast and what you talk about become required learning because all the stuff comes up, right? Like all the self sabotage, all the worries, the fears, anxieties, all the like, Who am I to be doing this? What if they don't like it? What if they reject me? What if I do what what what about all that right, all that chatter. And that's where a lot of people then just stop, and they give up. And I've always loved to say and share and seems quite contrary to most people, that businesses is simple, especially this type of business. Business is extremely simple to attract your audience, and sell them what they want. But we are humans with all our humaneness and all this stuff comes up. And so when you to answer your question, when you look at somebody who is living from purpose, you realize that their purpose has to do with something that's bigger than themselves. And that every moment when they're getting into their stuff, it's it's a choice of, am I going to be in my little stuff about who am I, you know, and what, what am
[James Wedmore]: I who am I to be doing this? And I'm not the best, and I'm not the expert, and? Or are they going to choose to make it about something that's bigger than them and who they can serve? And when you're, you know, operating from that it trumps any, any of that, that that chatter and problems that you have. And and I still have that those days where it's like, oh, I don't know about this. And, you know, you hesitate or you, you know, you you push back, I think that's actually something you really helped me with is like, letting my full contrarian come out. Right. And yeah, and what was holding that back a little bit was still having a bit of a need of people to like me.
[Jim Fortin]: Yep.
[James Wedmore]: And when you're operating from that, that purpose, you said, This isn't even a matter of needing anybody to like me, this is a matter of, I could be changing one person's life right now. And so when you're operating from purpose, it's like the big giant Delete key on, you know, all our little fears and worries. Does that make sense? Yeah, absolutely. And so who's inspired you? When you look at people that give, and you watch them give who inspires you? Oh, my goodness. Well, you inspire me, Jim. I'll give you five bucks for that later. You know, I think you know, I think Tony Robbins was a huge inspiration for me, like back when I started.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: And yeah, but I don't I it sounds really bizarre, but I don't know if I would say like, I don't know, I that for reasons. It's just so weird. Like little like questions like that if sometimes it's really hard because I don't today, I kind of just keep my head down. Do you do that?
[Jim Fortin]: Like, nobody try to call you but you never enter the phone? Because your heads down?
[James Wedmore]: Yep.
[Jim Fortin]: So but you're very good at putting it putting your head down.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, yes. And when you're surfing.
[Jim Fortin]: Well, let me ask you another question. I don't know we have a mutual friend. One of our brothers Brandon. And you guys that are program together I guess five years ago or so? Yeah, right. Okay. And he told me that when you move over to what you're doing, and I don't know if you ever told me I don't know if we ever talked about it even though you know we've vacation and stuff together. But you gave him every bit of that program.
[James Wedmore]: Yep. Well, that's it goes right back to what we were talking about before that was an example of a business that it's still to this day was probably the most lucrative business that I've owned it.
[Jim Fortin]: But they don't know this let's give them context you gave him what you co created that I think it was already a seven figure business.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, done multiple millions of dollars. In the course of us owning it together we created it together I he the short short version is the way Brandon I connected as I was teaching YouTube and Video Marketing at the time and he was doing it for a local businesses who's getting paid to come in and do their videos. And I said, we need to create my my customers are asking for how to do what you're doing. Let's partner up create this product together. And it was wildly successful. And like lucratively successful, like just financial, it was very successful, and I hated it. I hate it. I hate it because it was not aligned with the work I wanted to do. I didn't want to work with people that wanted to do that type create that type of business. So I didn't enjoy it at all. And I think it for me, it attracted a lot of people that were unfortunately only looking for a quick fix, you know, quick buck, quick opportunity. See?
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: Right. And, and so I was so important to me, is that like purpose and alignment and that and that joy and that fulfillment that I I walked away from it, and I didn't want to make any type of inconveniences to to Brandon. So I just said like, if you want it, take it and run with it. And he did.
[Jim Fortin]: This is probably what, three, three and a half years ago, I believe there abouts.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: And he called me one day and we're talking and he goes James, was it video Academy or something.
[James Wedmore]: Local video Academy LVA.
[Jim Fortin]: And it goes, James gave me LVA. And I'm like, What? And it's like he gave it I'm like, What do you mean by gave? And he's like, gave? I'm like, But aren't you? You know, isn't the business making millions a year? And don't you have a list of like 80,000 people or something like that? And he's like, yep, and it goes, James just gave it to me. Now people that are hearing that right now they're probably why would somebody give away a multimillion dollar business are a business that can generate seven figures, and has the foundation behind it? Why would they air quote, just give it away? Now you did say you were passionate about it?
[James Wedmore]: Yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: Okay. But the question is this, and I'm sure a lot of people are thinking this. Why didn't you sell it to him?
[James Wedmore]: Well actually want to answer the other question, why did I give it away? And my answer is because it was costing me more.
[Jim Fortin]: Go ahead. Sorry,.
[James Wedmore]: In terms of happiness, alignment, peace, fulfillment, it was and that's that was more valuable than than the money? Why I didn't sell it to him. I would, I would say number one, because even just like, I don't know, it may just sound weird. But like, Yeah,Brandon is like one of my closest friends. And I didn't want to go through that with a friend of like, well, now we got to get it evaluated, and we got to get a broker involved. And like, it's got to be official, and like I wanted to be. And, you know, I didn't even know if he wanted me to step away. So like, in a sense, like, I could be a big inconvenience for somebody, it's like, dude, we're doing this together, and you're just walking away. And now you're asking me to, like, give you money for you know, and I didn't want put that. And that was like, I've had a lot of partnerships, and most of them failed. That's a whole nother conversation we can have like, do you really need a partnership?
[Jim Fortin]: Well, hang on right there. Let's go somewhere, let's go somewhere with that. I've had a lot of partnerships also. And I tell people that you've got to be very, very careful in a partnership. And the my observation is, the reason why and we'll take will turn this into AYNI is number one is that many people are in a partnership for what they can get as opposed to what they can give. Right. Have you found that in your experience?
[James Wedmore]: Absolutely. Yeah. And you know, and other things too, in terms of like, not having a clear, drawn out delineation of like roles and responsibilities. And sometimes the value that one person brings the other person ironically, doesn't value that. I've seen other partnerships that went awry, were like the person they they were really good at bringing in partners are like JV and affiliate, you know, networking and like being on talk shows podcast and all that type of stuff. And that's like the fun stuff. But it's also super high level high value well the other person's back at home like building the whole thing, resentment, animosity, all that stuff builds up and and and it can end really badly. And that's so tragic. And Brandon, through this process became such a great friend. At the end of the day, I said I my friendship wasn't even it wasn't even a conversation I had to talk about in my mind was like, clearly, as a like statement of fact, my friendship is far more important than, you know, like, a couple of pennies.
[Jim Fortin]: And so 4 million.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: You gotta listen to this. You can hear what his friendship means to you.
[James Wedmore]: Yes, sir.
[Jim Fortin]: You owe me. Come on.
[James Wedmore]: You know, you and I both know Brandon doesn't listen to your podcast.
[Jim Fortin]: I know. I know.
[James Wedmore]: But he doesn't listen to anything you say.
[Jim Fortin]: I know ,Coach. So I don't know. But let me ask you this that let's talk about giving to yourself. When we were at Austin, I'm not Austin, when we were when we were in Sedona back at Christmas time looking for homes. You know, and you and Chelsea were there.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah,.
[Jim Fortin]: We had dinner and you've never even though I've known you for a while we go on vacation together. It never told me the story about you going to Austin, then remember that very first trip? years ago, or wherever it was? You went to the first first mastermind you couldn't afford it was $12,000. 000. or?
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, San Antonio. Yes.
[Jim Fortin]: Okay. So I want to talk about if we can tie this into giving about giving to yourself by giving yourself that trip, even though you couldn't afford it? Can you unpack that in some way? And explain and maybe tie it into AYNI?
[James Wedmore]: Well, yes. And I will say like, let's just get in to that. Because Wow, even just talking about it and giving to yourself, I think that's something that I struggled with for a very long time. Okay, you know, all the self worth self love things. You would recommended a book to me, of yourself, like your life depends on it. Which I read, you know, just devoured and realized that I wasn't, you know, loving myself as much as I could. I wasn't giving to myself as much as I, I could I think that's hard for it can be really hard for a lot of people. I you know, it was a struggle for me. But yeah, so that exam was, if I'm referring to the correct story was, I was part of my first mastermind, when I was just getting started. Before I do what I do now. And before I was teaching video, I was teaching a course on online how to bartender online. And it didn't make very much money. I think, like $200 a week was how much I was making, which I was stoked by. So I paid for this mastermind that was $18,000 000 that I didn't have. So my payments were like, I think they came down to like 12 1400 bucks a month or something like that. And that's that like that was every penny every single month. And so I couldn't even one of the mastermind events was in Texas, and I couldn't even afford a plane ticket. So I I drove. And luckily, I had one a car in a contest for six months, Ford Fiesta, and I drove 26 straight hours so that I could be at that event for two days and then just turned around and drove right back.
[Jim Fortin]: Hang on. I want to come back to your story. But isn't it interesting that you want a car that would it gets you to where you want it to go. And then I look at here you know what we get in life what we give that is so simple that pretty much almost all of us Miss is that we all want things many people want money and success. But they don't want to give it first. It's like telling a fireplace Tell you what, give me fire then I'll Paulson would, which is a violation of it. So have you ever thought about there's a reason that there's something that you did prior? Because the winning the car was the effect? Have you ever thought there's something that you gave prior that put that car on your path?
[James Wedmore]: No, no, because this was so long ago, Jim, that I didn't have any context for any of what you're talking about. Now, this was so long. This was this 10-11 this was 2008. So 11 years ago. Yeah, I was any of the stuff that you talked about in your podcast, I was not just completely oblivious to I think I was staunchly against it. I got my my first my my mom, my wonderful mother tried so hard to open me up to some of this stuff. And she gave me for my birthday. I think it was Abraham Hicks asking it was given I read the first like the prologue and it talks about channeling this thing. And I said nope. And I threw it and garbage in front of her like a jerk I was I was just like, do not give me this garbage. I need to get back to hustling because that's what it takes. And I was doing 14 hour days. I don't I don't know how much I told you about this. But that back then I got addicted to Adderall, which, you know, I was like, Adderall is amazing. It's you know, you just work for 14 hours straight with all the energy focus and clarity, but you don't eat, you know, I lost like I dropped down to 145 pounds, I looked like a skeleton, I lost all my my friends. My girlfriend broke up with me. And I was just like, living in my parents basement working 14-16 hour days, I'd roll out of bed in the morning at eight. And I'd be there until like one one in the morning working up. And no progress. No, nothing, no growth. No success came from that. And wasn't until you hit that kind of like brick wall of burnout. You're like, what's it going to? What would it hurt to? You know, what's going to cost me to try a different approach a different look for different avenues? And But hang on there. So because they're going to wonder where I opened the loop about you going Austin and we're not in Austin yet. You're going to wonder about that. So what's your interpretation of that? As you're looking at it now? Do you recognize that by even not being able to afford it? You were give you? I don't know where you'd be today without that experience? Who knows? But do you recognize that even though that you thought you couldn't afford it? You gave yourself that opportunity? No, I don't recognize it until you just bring it up. Right? You know, honestly do Yeah. Like, I that's kind of a realization for me in this in this moment. You know, like, I just think for me when it. I mean, you brought a lot of great distinctions and awareness to me that I didn't realize that which is always a great gift. But when it came to business, I always had a commitment. I was like, I always had a decision in my mind that, yeah, this is going to work. And I'm going to be successful at it. I don't know how long it's going to take, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes. And at that time it was, if it means getting in a car and driving for 26 hours straight. Like sleep, not sleeping and whatnot. Like, I'm going to do it.
[Jim Fortin]: So okay, so what was your driver? Then? Was that month? Okay? Is that what I see a lot of okay. And you probably see a lot of this also, is I see a lot of people that they start their business and they do it first for themselves. I want the freedom, I want the money. And then what I see happening to a lot of people is once they start making a little money doesn't happen, everyone. But a lot of people, they start shifting and they start thinking about well, whoa, okay, now what can I do in the world that apply to you as well?
[James Wedmore]: Like you wouldn't believe so again, that story that you're referring to is 2008. Right? Yeah,. That was still struggling in 2008 2009 2010, by the end of 2011. Okay, so I've been been trying this at this game for over four and a half years at this point. And in 2011, I finally make a break. And I partnered with an individual that some people here might know, named Lewis House. And we'd become close friends, actually, from that same mastermind four years earlier. And we had stayed in touch. And we decided to create a product together called Video Traffic Academy. And in September of 2011, we launched this $97 course and did over $400,000, 000, in less than 30 days. And it was like everything that I had been just yearning for, like so hungry for so committed for in for four and a half years came flooding into my existence within a matter of days. And I hit like this massive, what I would only call today like a depression. Like, I, I hit a different kind of bottom. And like where I couldn't get off my couch, I started you know, like smoking a bunch of pot and drinking and just like no motivation was like it was all gone. No drive. And I my interpretation from that experience is I look back in hindsight, was that I realized how much meaning I had put on significance I put on one side made it what it's going to give me who I'm finally going to be once I've made this money, and then when you make that money and nothing's changed, and you're still the same, like insecure, you know, you know, kid full of self loathing and whatnot.
[Jim Fortin]: But you can buy more pot with more money. Right?
[James Wedmore]: Right. But nothing had changed. And and that really, I think that really scared me. And that was definitely when I started, like, looking into, you know, more than just like the 3d world of like, what else is out there. But what got me out of that was when we launched this program, about a month or two later, the testimonial started coming in. Someone would say, holy cow, James, this system works. I just got a new client and I got hit with something that I had never felt before. And I was like, What is this feeling? And then and then boom, yeah, I just got this result, or I just did this. And for me, it was like, I thought I was like discovering this like secret weapon, because all of a sudden, I had this like this juice. And it was this feeling of just like, excitement and empowerment because I had made a difference in somebody's life. And you gave Well, yeah, and I guess the thing is, I hadn't even realized that I had given, right. It was like so focused on like, I gotta sell this thing. And yeah, I put my heart and soul into it. But people were listening, people were receiving, and you know, you can give and you we can't, we can't expect or actually have any control that they'll receive it. Right. So you have to give even even accepting the fact that they may not receive it at all, like how many times gym if you, you know, shared and poured your heart out to somebody and you're like, they may not do anything with that they may not have received that. That's our friend Brandon when I coaching. Like you said it not me. No, I did. And I said it live in front of people as well. But if he knew how many people were going to listen to this, and I'm gonna make him listen, but yeah, yeah, I get that. So let me ask you this, because my followings a lot like yours. It's a lot of entrepreneurs, business people,.
[Jim Fortin]: Awesome people. Yeah, a lot of awesome people. Absolutely. And literally, it's a lot of people trying to do something in the world is what do you think the challenges when they when they work from I've got to sell something, as opposed to I want to help people and serve people. And your mind what you see this all the time, all these people that you work with? If Okay, let's classify this. Would you say and I'm just being very general. But would you say when you watch people that are working from how many people can I help? Now, one to add here, everyone listening because they've heard of the podcast to mine, you also have to have prosperity, consciousness, you have to have money mindset, you have to value money. Otherwise, you can help people all day long, and you ain't going to make any money. That's part of the component. But when you see people and their success levels, and you actually have a seven figure mastermind, what observations do you make about people that make a lot more money than people that don't when it comes to giving?
[James Wedmore]: Oh, okay, well, so you asked me a few questions I really want to answer. So I definitely want to get to that because we actually just had this conversation because I run a mastermind with six figure people, people anywhere from about 250 k up to 999. k, annual revenue. And then we have a seven figure group where people are at a million all the way to like about 6 million. So I'm going to answer that the difference there in just a moment. But to answer your question, like the difference between like someone who's like, I want it I gotta sell first, I gotta help. Here's my perspective on this, what really helped me and yes, absolutely prosperity consciousness is so imperative. But why did these have to be mutually exclusive? Why is this either or, what if we could approach this as selling is helping, you know, selling is service
[James Wedmore]: and that's one of the things I say to all of my, my students is the transformation begins with the transaction. Because, you know, specially when it comes to somebody wants to help with teaching a methodology, your message or your framework, your coaching, is that that commitment, that decision, to put skin in the game to say yes to yourself, is probably what's been lacking in their life, which has been a major component in causing the problem in the first place. And so when you make a sale to somebody, you're actually creating that environment, forcing them to make a decision, not forcing them to say, yes, not forcing him to hand you money, but forcing them to make a decision. And they've probably not been making a decision at all, they've been procrastinating one day, someday, you know, etc. And so what really helped me long ago, was looking at something is a way of helping us if I want to help more people, I've got to get this program for more hands, I got to get more people committed, I got to get more people signed up, I got to get more people to put skin in the game so we can get to work. And look, the facts are here. Anybody could argue it. But the facts are here, I have a YouTube channel with 13.5 5 million views. I have my podcast is now over 3 million downloads. I don't know how many blog
[James Wedmore]: posts I've done and articles. And you know, all this stuff is all free content that anybody could go access. But 99% of the case studies is transformations, the testimonials, they come from paying customers, why? Because transformation begins with the transaction they got they got committed.
[Jim Fortin]: Hang on, I hope everyone hears what he is saying he's actually helped thousands of people. And a lot of people actually, here's to go back to this. A lot of people want to help, but they have what I call the social worker mentality. Let me just go help everyone. Well, everyone doesn't want to be helped. And you know what if they have, they don't, if they don't have skin in the game, they're not going to do anything differently. But let me go to add something here. Because this is the big thing. And you see a lot of this and you know, that I've taught persuasion and influence for a lot of years, is that I tell people that if you can help people in some way improve their life and go to a higher state, you have an ethical obligation to at least offer what you can do to assist those people. If they don't want it. That's fine. But you know what, if you're not offering them a way to go to a higher level in life, then I don't think you're being fair to either them or to yourself.
[James Wedmore]: And the only difference I would making the statement is you said if and I truly believe like if you can help somebody and I truly believe that no matter where you are right now, if the desire is there you already can there's somebody that you can from the level you're at, and why I think it's important for me to to share that is I think people are under this. This idea, this belief that if they I want to help but I'm not ready yet. Yeah, I have to go out and get another certification. Another course I got to learn something else that I haven't yet learned so that I can start and again, that's the whole, you know, have to be right, like, once I have others have, yeah. And a lot of it comes down to permission, right? Like once I have permission. And I had to learn that a long time ago. That's what took me four and a half years to figure out is that I was operating from a permission based mindset that I needed permission to do what I wanted to do. Well.
[Jim Fortin]: Hang on, let me interrupt you here. Because timing, I know you've got something on the hour, guys, let's go. Let's go back to Austin, remember, and the lady said, your coat. The person running the mastermind said Who said you can do that?
[James Wedmore]: Yeah, that was a that was a I share this story on stage. That was a that was a blow I'd finally built up the courage of big, big parties back then I really had a lot of insecurities finally built up the courage to put out my first video course. And I got an email from the person that I paid to the My coach and they said, well, Who said you could do this, there's already somebody in this group doing something similar. I can't have somebody else to it. I was so devastated and embarrassed shame. I just covered myself in a shame sandwich. Like just so embarrassed, that I took it all down. I had spent like two, three months building out all of this, like 12 hour days. And in 30 seconds, I took it all down because someone didn't give me permission. I don't blame them. I have no what a gift. Like I learned so much. Right? I realized like, Wait a second, like what kind of life Am I going to lead if every person tells me what I can or cannot do? And and I think most people are living their life that way. And I think that keeps us in a in a prison that we don't even realize that we were in and we have the frickin keys to it. And yeah, that was that was a really great lesson for me. It took me a while to actually learn it. But I'm very grateful for it. Yeah.
[Jim Fortin]: And. You see a lot of that. And let me go back here, if I get my train of thought is what I tell people in my coaching programs, is no matter where you are, there's somebody ahead of you. And there's somebody behind you. Yes, you know what, somebody behind you, even if you've been doing this three weeks, there's only there's been somebody doing it one day that wants to learn from you. But so many people say well, I can't read they want to give, I can't go on help people. I'm not an expert yet. And what I tell people is that there are no experts, even though we're looked at as experts in what we do. There's no experts, because research shows that experts are wrong 20% of the time, which means there's only informed opinions, or educated opinions, you know. So I tell people, this is what I do. And one of the later modules of my coaching is forget everything else, because I learned this from this woman I told you about that I started at you remind me of back in 2009, when the economy came down, and this woman is extremely successful, I mean, her company, she's shutting it down, because she's at but at the height of the company, it was the size of Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank. In 2009, when the economy came down, and 10 She goes, so many of my agents are just complaining about how bad the economy is. She goes, if they would just shut up and go help somebody today, they would make six figures this year.
[James Wedmore]: Yes.
[Jim Fortin]: And you get that you're not on audio, you're nodding your head going, Oh my god, I get it.
[James Wedmore]: Well, and here's the thing is like people, things change really fast in our industry, right? Like you have things like Facebook took bots away, or Facebook ads are changing, and people really freak out. And they're like, oh, my goodness, my business is going to go under. And the fact of the matter is, is when you realize the business that you're really in, which is the business of solving problems, the business of helping people, problems will never go away. We're never I mean, I I'd like to ideally believe that one day will just become this enlightened planet where like, we just don't dissolve all of our problems, but that's most likely not going to happen. So as long as problems exist on on the planet, there's going to be a need for somebody to go and solve them. And the End The End The target. It's a moving target, it changes but but that will never go away. Did you read the book? The war on Earth ?
[Jim Fortin]: No,I know what you sent me some stuff.
[James Wedmore]: And wow, I felt like a dumb dumb that I never read it. And you know, I was like, wow, I really wish I had this book 10 years ago, it talks a lot about resistance and the inner like self critic when it comes to like art and your craft, like if you're a writer or painter and stuff like this, but it always applies to entrepreneurs. And they talk about this because you mentioned like, the belief that comes up for somebody when they say, well, this person's been doing it longer, or this person is more of an expert or they know more. And it any greats this great distinction of like, the whole concept of hierarchy ism is it is a manifestation of the ego. Yeah, a true artist doesn't concern himself or herself with the pecking order of who's number one who's number two, who's number three, f that and, you know, I've had to do that, that I think that's very important to us is like, that's why I keep my my head down is I don't concern myself with the illusion of competition or what everyone else is doing. And what that could mean about about me, it's like I'm just doing what I'm here to do and what I love doing, and I'm going to do it regardless of whatever anybody else is doing. And, and, and help people. So Picasso didn't say he didn't compare. Picasso didn't say back in the 20s or 30s. I can't put this picture out because I have both of our eyes on the same side of the head. And nobody does it that way. Right? exact right? He just did what he did, and
[James Wedmore]: he did his art. Let me go back here. For those of you that do know James and I and a lot might not know James yet and do now is we are like we buy tons of crystals every time we go to Sedona will. I think you and I blew 5000 bucks together in that store back at Christmas, literally. And that's not an exaggeration, either.
[Jim Fortin]: Well, no, it's not. I mean, we spent probably five grand together and that one store one afternoon, but I was in Sedona years ago. And I was buying a lot of crystals. Every time we walk into a store, they see us coming. And you and I said to speak up like us. And I remember buying a lot of crystals. And I was like, whoa, I'm buying a lot of crystals. And it dawned on me just go home just like that. I said, as long as there are people in the world that I can help. I will never be without money.
[James Wedmore]: Exactly.
[Jim Fortin]: Right.
[James Wedmore]: Yeah. Yes. And the alternative is that you're always worrying that the the other shoes going to drop,.
[Jim Fortin]: Like when, when they gotta run out, right?
[James Wedmore]: Yeah. And I've been there I've been through all that I used to have a reoccurring dream of an airplane crashing right in front of me. And I really took that to believe as a metaphor that it was a giant fear that my business was going to come crashing down. And you helped me a lot through that.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah, our first call our first coaching calls,.
[James Wedmore]: It's like so stupid, simple. It was like, well, has it has it crashed down so far? I'm like, No, like, how long have you been doing this? I was like, nine years like so. You know, and you've been and that's the craziest thing. It's like, and it hasn't crashed yet. Like, it was like the fact that it hasn't crashed yet, and you've been worrying about it incessantly. Like imagine what happens when you just stop the worry. And, you know, I i've, I don't know how much you've told your listeners up until this point. But like I had a huge growth explosion since working with you. We went from two to 3 million in the last quarter, we add an additional million dollars in revenue. And then the very next year took the business from three to over 8 million. And we're on track for 10 this year. You know, what?
[Jim Fortin]: Then you brought a house,.
[James Wedmore]: Bought a house and now we're looking for our dream house like oh my gosh, like we just wake up every day with like, Joy In Our heart. So this place is like it was like meant for us like that's what it feels like. It's so yeah,.
[Jim Fortin]: We went to Sedona, we're talking about budget on houses is when you were looking at we went to go with you because you were looking and then we end up buying. But I said what's your budget? You're like, well, I don't I don't know when I see what I want. And let me let me go there for a second. And we'll wrap up with a final questions.
[James Wedmore]: But but but don't forget, we want to know the difference between the six figure and seven figure. I haven't yet.
[Jim Fortin]: Go back go back then. Yeah. Okay.
[James Wedmore]: So really simple because I bring my coaches to our masterminds. And so they were actually the ones that brought it to my attention. And so like I said, we have this group of the six figures, we had the group of the seven figures, and they said, they came to me the coaches came in like we thought that the seven figure entrepreneurs, we're going to be talking about completely different stuff. I said, they deal with the same stuff that everybody else is doing. They talk about the same things, the same issues, the same problems is that the one difference is they they just get through it faster. Yeah, they don't spend as much time dwelling on it. waffling on it wavering, hesitating worrying freaking out, they just go this is this is an issue is coming up, they received, Okay, got it, boom, and they go and they solve it. That's the only difference. And I think that's a very it's such a simple, subtle thing. But it's so important because we tend to think that everyone else that has more money and more following more fame has living the happily ever after that problems cease to exist in your life, and what not is like no, they just got better at solving problems and taking action and moving forward and not dwelling on it and giving it a bunch of energy that's completely unnecessary. Is that simple?
[Jim Fortin]: Also, let me let me add there. So obviously, in our time together, look where your business has gone back when we you know, we're coaching formally. And what I told some people about you is that you're one of the easiest people that have ever coached. Because some people and these are the distinctions that I noticed that coach multiple seven figure earners, seven figure people, I'm like, okay, here's what we want to shift. And then obviously, you know, I use different processes to get people to shift you're aware of that now, seven figure earners are like, okay, six figure earners are like, but I can't do that. And that's too hard. And let me tell you why. And eight things I've tried before that didn't work before. seven figure people, they're not like that. You're like, boom, Okay, done next. And you were like that, and all the seven figure earners that I work with, they just do it, they just move right through things quickly. Okay, so let's see here. When was the time that you didn't have money, but you gave anyway.
[James Wedmore]: Let's see what comes up for me? Well, I think the, the initial like memory that popped into my mind was this story that I've shared on my podcast where I wanted to get my girlfriend at the time. Tony Robbins tickets. This is 2008 2009. And I had $500 in my bank account, and I call them up and they said, it's thousand dollars for two tickets. Are you like buy one, you get one free or something like that? And I was like, Oh, can you? Like, can I get a payment plan? And the woman laughed at me. Just like that. Right, right. And so I said, Okay, well, let me like, I couldn't believe I couldn't do a payment plan. So let me go check my finances. And I accidentally left my Google AdWords account on and it debited $500, I had less than $1, my bank account. And this is I mean, this this was a big, very big turning point for me in my life, because first of all, I hit this like, really devastated, like self talk of like, How pathetic am I, that I, I can't I don't even have $1 to my name, I live at home. So I have no expenses. And I don't even have $1 to my name to get my girlfriend a birthday gift. That's pathetic. But at the same time, what was such a gift out of that was I said, I can wallow in my self pity and beat myself all I want up I all I want, but this isn't about me. This is about her. And I'm going to commit to getting her this gift because this is what she really wants. And that was the first time I use things like manna manifesting with intention. Because I said, the first of my life I broke this belief that the things that you want, whether it's what you want to give, or what you want to receive, need to come from money, everything before was like, Well, if you have the money you can can make it happen, right?
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: What if I don't need the money? What if I'm just there with her at this event, because that's what she wants. And I'm going to find a way to give it to her. And the short version is two days later, I'm playing tennis with a friend and she I were just updating each other on a live she's like, What are you up to? And I'm like, I'm sitting there going, I really shouldn't be here right now. Because I'm broke. I need to be making some money. And she's like, well, what are you working on? Like, I'm actually doing videos for clients right now? I do. They're like promo videos. And she's like, will you do one for me? If you do, I'll give you Tony Robbins tickets. And I I dropped I'm like chills through my whole body. I dropped my rack. And I was like, What the f did you just say? And she's like, I work with a wrap. Who for Tony Robbins and I got a bunch of extra Tony Robbins tickets all barter with you? Are you interested that he's going to be in town in like three weeks. I'm like, I know. I'm too broke to buy ticket. Long story short, I, you know, I what I had at the time was my was my craft and my service I created a video for I fulfilled on my end, she gave me two tickets, and we were there. And that was beautiful for me because it did two things. It it first it It showed me that I don't it the path isn't just through money, I'll just make money. So then you can go buy things. But then also that I was powered me through that was that this was for somebody else and not for me. And, you know, that I'm doing I was doing that for her like that drove me it was like, gosh, darn it like, Oh, this is for her, she deserves this. And I'm going to make this happen no matter what. And, and I did. So I hear a lot of our students, mine and yours both say that they've never been in other programs where the leader of the program, your programs, your mind, actually show up and actually give as much as we give.
[James Wedmore]: What what's your and we'll keep this a little shorter? Because I got a final question. What's your take on the… Share with the listeners? What's your overall philosophy? And how you approach your business and get? I think you know, yes, like, obviously, I always know that it's gonna come back tenfold. But I enjoy it. So I do it because I want to and, and I really, I really love it. So I also know that it makes a difference. And it's helping. And I also know, as a business owner, the people that get the best results, they talk about it, word of mouth is still going to be better than any Facebook ad campaign that you ever get. Right? Now, that's not what drives it. But that, you know, that still gives you peace of mind as a business owner, it'd be like, yeah, this is the best use of my time. I also know that, you know, and I learned this and heard this from us several times of how much like, our students are modeling our behavior, much more than what we say. And so when see how we show up for them, this whole idea of like, wow, they're now going to go do that for their people. And that you get to model that for them, has me has me really excited. But also, just like where I see the industry going. You know, we can both agree, because we've both been in this industry a long time, that the barrier of entry today has never been lower, to create an online course or, you know, stuff like that the technology, the ease, like even just building a little bit of an audience, like anybody can create a Facebook group today and get 100 people in there. And in a couple days, anybody can so the barrier of entry is lower than ever before. And of course, that comes with the shadow side of things that more noise, more competition, more saturation, more sophistication in the marketplace. And where I think things are moving is we're reaching a problem with epidemic proportions that people are completely overwhelmed. They are contented out.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah,.
[James Wedmore]: Like to say course the f out.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: If you really want to make a difference in someone life, like they don't want a course they don't want content. They want results. Yeah, you believe that coaching is the difference that makes difference in somebody's life? Like how many books have we read that we didn't take action on? We all know that we need to work out and what foods we need to eat. But most of us don't, right? You know, we know what we need to do to build a business and most people don't. And so I do believe in you, you I know you do. But like coaching is what makes the difference. And so I want to remain a leader in the industry, I want to be more of a leader in the industry by by demonstrating that because I know that that's that's where things are going anyways is that people are willing to pay more to get higher touch to get more coaching to get more support, because they also know that they don't just need, you know, 10,000 hours more videos and that that's going to change their lives.
[Jim Fortin]: And kind of important 74 bonuses tacked on that you'll never get to.
[James Wedmore]: Exactly. And here's I know you wanted to go quick. But top one more thing, have, we have a team of coaches just just like you, and I coach my coaches as well because I figured like, wow, if if they get a transformation, they're going to it's kind of a ripple effect. And they're going to go Cause transformation. So they get coaching sessions with me. And I had one of them, who she's runs her own business as well. And we did a and we recorded it for all the other coaches to watch five and a half minute conversation. That was it. And she just sent me a voice chat this morning, and she just did her biggest launch ever, she'd over $20,000 000 in sales with like a really small list that you have no idea, the impact of that five minute conversation had to completely turn around the energy of the launch and how I showed up. And I truly believe that if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have come nearly as close to the results and the impact that have had. And that's what I'm talking about. So for me, I just know, it's it's the difference that makes the difference. And so if that becomes my competitive advantage, but it's also something I love doing, and it gives me meaning and fulfillment like I'm going to do it as much as possibly can.
[Jim Fortin]: Because you love doing it for that one.
[James Wedmore]: Up, yes. And there are people that have like created a course or whatever. And they'll tell you that they've told me and like, I don't like teaching, and I'm so sick of everyone's stupid questions. And if I have to answer this question one more time, I'm just going to like, just throw my laptop across the room. And I said, then this probably isn't the right business for you.
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah,.
[James Wedmore]: It's gonna go to the people that like love doing this. Not the people that just want to make a quick buck.
[Jim Fortin]: Let me add there. And I think that's where compassion comes in, is because I get people that will ask the same question 24,000 000 times. And you know what, I have probably been one of those people in the past also. So that's where compassion comes in. So I know, Senior Project Manager wave at you there. But here's the thing, put on my best announcers voice. James, where can they find out more about you?
[James Wedmore]: Well, if you since you're already listening to a podcast, like I'm always going to say, Come come hang out over on my podcast as well. And if we want to start on the episode that Jim and I did together here, Episode 114 of the mind your business podcast, that would be a fantastic place to start, because like that really was such an epic, awesome episode. But I do anywhere from one to three episodes a week, we do a case study every week, where we take a look at extraordinary entrepreneurs that are doing extraordinary things. We do a Monday episode where I just kind of talk about, you know, inner game, and mental emotional mindset of of entrepreneurship. And then I do a Friday episode, which is like real bite sized business tips, things that are working for me in my business as we keep growing. So that's always the best place to go. I'm also on Instagram a lot and like I love it when people send me a DM and talk to me, so don't hesitate. It's at James Wedmore. I'm, we're leaning really heavily into Instagram really enjoying it. So please connect with me over there.
[Jim Fortin]: You've got an open mic and open the floor, my platform, is there anything else you want to share?
[James Wedmore]: Um, no, other than this is just really honored to be your first guest and to even consider having me so. So thank you. You've had a tremendous impact in my life. Like, I would say more than you know, but you know, yeah, you know, you know, it is it is absolutely exciting that, yeah, we were able to have that reciprocity in our lives that, that to give you more of a platform, more of a voice and and more people that you can go on and change. And like, I think I told you this story. So I'll just wrap here is, I tell people, anybody who drives through Laguna Beach, which is a small town, it's like seven miles long, 20,000 000 people, if you go there, on any given day, you're probably going to see me because I'm like walking around the street and board shorts and barefoot, with headphones on listening to a podcast or something like that. And sure enough, about a week ago, someone stops and says James Wedmore, And I Yes. Hi. And it was a client that you would coach with?
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: And, and it was just so awesome. They're like, you know, just saying, like, I just finished up with coaching with Jim. And it was like, the most amazing experience of my life and changed my life. And, you know, chances are, I didn't ask him I should have he found it through one of our episodes we did or, you know, something from what God created that, what, two years ago?
[Jim Fortin]: Yeah.
[James Wedmore]: It's it's just been an exciting journey. So it's, it's really awesome to, to be here and share on your podcast.
[Jim Fortin]: Well, thank you. And I want to add a final note, there is James and I met each other. And this is this whole, even our life, working the other and friends and everything has been AYNI. Because when we met, we were both air, quote, needing something in life, we were both needing an intervention for the next level in life. And what's interesting is he brought the intervention that I needed, which is a bigger platform. And I brought the intervention that he needed, which was our time together and one to one coaching, which took me to a higher level. Yes. So we both actually were looking for each other, even if we didn't know it. And we both made a significant impact. And to me, that's AYNI, it's just giving with an open heart and seeing what you can do to build people around you. Because I tell people at the end of every coaching session, we live in a very tumultuous world and the world needs us. And the more that we can evolve and grow, the more that we can go out and we can impact the world we can make a ripple effect, like you're doing and make the world a better place. So my final final comment is for everyone listening, if you're not following James, I trust him 100% I've never had any guests because I don't want a lot of guests. I mean, I trust your integrity 100% that you're going to take people's best interest habit at heart and help them build a better life and help more people. So if you're listening now, what I want you to do next is go over to his podcast will be in the show notes as well. And what's your domain name? Just verbal?
[James Wedmore]: For the podcast. It's So you got personal name is for my personal domain,.
[Jim Fortin]: Every one of you go follow his podcast with a promise you extreme value. Brother, I know you got things to do. And thank you for being here with me and us today. And I'll catch you later, bro.
[James Wedmore]: Thank you, Jim. Thank you everyone who's listening.
[Jim Fortin]: Okay, brother, bye, bye. Okay, so stay with me for just a second. Because before I tell you about the next episode, I want to share something else with you. And if you're an entrepreneur, you're definitely going to want to listen to this. So James has an extremely valuable video series coming up in a few weeks. And I highly and I mean, highly recommend that you watch the video series. If you're looking to scale your business. Not only that, I'm going to be doing an addendum to his video series. You know, as you may or may not know, I've taught persuasion and influence for a lot of years. So I'm going to be doing a free training also to the training that he's doing. So you can sign up at And you know what, it's really easy. Just if you've not been to just go there and sign up the show notes. And you can also find the link in the show notes, as I just mentioned, but also in my Instagram bio, which is @iamjimfortin. All right. Like I said, again, whatever you do, if you're an entrepreneur, and especially an online marketer, or you sell your produce anything online, whatever you do, you're going to want to be or you're going to want to watch his video training and be on mine. Okay, the next episode is a q&a a with Rocco. And the question that he wrote is how can you commit to your goal, if you don't even know what your goal is in the first place? So I'm looking forward to answering that, and I'll catch you over on the next episode. Bye, bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too. So please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to And I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my Instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally, I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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