The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 184: “Living Outside All The Fear And Chaos In The World.”

September 15, 2021

This episode was inspired by a current student of mine. Essentially, he wrote me a note and was sharing how he’s feeling hopeless about the state of the world, the future of humanity, and the planet.

I can definitely understand his fears, however, from my perspective, I’m not hopeless at all. Actually, I’m quite optimistic about the future.

There are a couple of places mentally that I “work from” in life and for this reason, the state of the world is not creating fear or reaction in me.

With so much chaos in the world, millions if not more are in fear about what the future holds. I am not one of those people.

In this episode, I share the paradigm that I have worked from for years. It applies both to the state of the world and as well the relationships in my life and even to passersby in life.

I choose how I want to participate in the world, to some degree physically and to a huge degree, mentally.

Perhaps when you ponder what I share in this episode then you too may find more peace and comfort in your life.

Transformational Takeaway

In all areas of life ask yourself, “What pertains to me?”

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled, Living Outside of all of the Fear and the Chaos in the World. We live in a very tumultuous world, you know, world as you know, and many people are affected by this emotionally and, and in many ways. And there's a way to live outside of that. So if you're interested in hearing, what I want to share with you about Living on the Outside of all the Fear and Chaos, then keep listening.

About Your Host, Jim Fortin

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming Your Life. from the inside out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Living Outside All the Fear and Chaos in the World

Doom and Gloom Question from Group

Okay, so in one of my groups this week, I got a question in there. And this guy was kind of coming from without recognizing it, kind of coming from the doom and gloom position. And he's like, I have kids, I have a family and the world is burning down. And all these things are happening in the world. And he was very concerned about that, obviously, and he was in a lot of fear. And I answered his question in my group. And, you know, I know that if he's dealing with that you are as well. And a lot of the world is experiencing so many people are experiencing so much fear. But if you ask yourself, Why, what's causing this? You know, where's it generated from? What fear am I getting into? And what does all this mean? What does it really mean? What's the truth? And what's not the truth?

What Actually Pertains to Me?

Something I want to share early in this episode is many years ago, Don Xavier and I were talking. And we were talking about something that happened to me, which I'll I'll convey the whole story in just a moment, we're talking about something that happened to me. And the whole, again, subject to this episode, I'm going to title it well, at least I'm going to call this episode not for that purpose of the title, but for sharing with you is, and you may want to write this down. Is does this pertain to me? Think about it. Does this pertain to me? And have you ever put any thought into in life what does pertain to you? What actually pertains to you? And then what do you make pertain to you because of your beliefs and your interpretations?

Small Town Hospitality

The story I want to share is, many years ago, it was a Saturday afternoon, and I was going to the supermarket. And I grew up a small town, Texas farm boy, small town values. And everyone knew each other, for the most part. And the way that I was raised is that when someone needs help you help them. And you know, how I grew up is if you saw a car on the side of the road, then even if you don't know them, and where I lived, you know, you knew eight out of 10 people, you pull over and you offer help. And that's just the way that I grew up. So I've learned that we help people, that's what we do, even if you don't know them. And earlier when I was answering this person's question and reminded me of the story that I heard Matt Damon tell, and Matt Damon was saying that he was in Dallas on a couple of years ago, and he had a flat tire. So he pulled over to the side of the road. And he said there were three people who pulled over to help me.

A Fight at the Supermarket

Two People Arguing

Now mind you, none of these people knew as Matt Damon, they just saw somebody you know, on the side of the road who needed help. And they pulled over and offered help. And he said, You know in LA that never would have happened. And that's just you know, I get it. That's how I was raised. So we're going here. One Saturday afternoon, I was going to the supermarket. I don't know maybe a device you know, some steaks to you know, throw on the grill or something. And as I was getting out of my car ready to walk into the store, and I'm going to tell you about the specific of these people as I interpreted them, to add more depth and weight to the story. So there were these two people arguing in the parking lot. One was very large man. When I say large, he was probably six foot four, six foot five, very stocky, very well built, you know, look like a linebacker for NFL team, big, big guy. And then there was this lady, an older lady, she was probably, I don't know, 60's, maybe even a little older. And she was very petite, maybe 5'2 5'3 5'4, you know, a smaller woman. And they were arguing and they were screaming at each other, right there in the parking lot.

The Argument Heats Up

And I just ignore stuff like that. I mean, even that is like, doesn't pertain to me. You know, for the most part, it just or maybe that's just coming from who I am today. But even back then I'd like you know, what are they getting in tune? I got shopping to do let me go do you know, buy my dinner and go home? Anyway, as they were arguing, and this heated argument. Now apparently what happened was apparently, when she was pulling into the parking lot, she clipped him with the side of your car. I mean he wasn't hurt. So apparently, she bumped into him or he bought, I don't know what it was, but they were fighting. What happened was, his tempers were flaring. And she slapped him. And I'm in I'm watching all this, I'm probably you know, walking towards the store there in front of me probably, you know, 30 feet away. And she just like, pulls her arm back and slaps the guy.

Violence Escalates

And then what he does was shocking to me. He slapped her back. And in that moment, I thought, whoa, wait, you know, you don't hit women. And especially you being this massive linebacker looking kind of guy. You don't hit a smaller older woman. You just do. You don't hit anyone, but you just don't do that. And here's the thing, she slapped him. He slapped her back. And I was I was incredulous. And I was like, What it kicked in and then like, What do I do? You know, do what do I help do I step in? The fire department was there and they were also getting, I guess food for the week or whatever. And there were some firemen there and they were in the big fire trucks sitting out front. And they all got out, got out and started approaching this, this couple fighting. And what happened was she slapped him again. And he slapped her again. But when he slapped her again, what he did is his body, his torso, obviously twisted, and the back of his shirt came up. And when that happened, he had a gun talk tucked into the back of his shirt.

What Those Two People Were Doing Had Nothing to Do with Me

And my first thought was is Whoa, you don't want to be here and you don't know who he is. So I guess my first two thoughts. And anyway, the firemen intervened and split them up. I went inside and did my stuff. And when I came back they were it was all resolved. Later that night or the next day, I saw Don Xavier. And I told him this story. And he said to me, what those two people were doing had nothing to do with you. It did not pertain to you. And you could have inserted yourself into something that didn't pertain to you. You don't know who that guy was. Maybe he was an off-duty police officer maybe he was ex-military, concealed weapon with, etc. And he goes he could have just been some crazy guy that had a gun, you don't know. And then he said, he said that guy if he wanted could have pulled his gun out and shot you right there and killed you and erased you from the planet. And why these two people arguing out of their ego out of their anger. You insert yourself in it, you didn't cause it, but you insert yourself in it and you make it pertain to you and never pertain to you because it was them getting into their ego stupidities.

Financial Collapse of 2009

And from that moment, I've always thought about what pertains to me I want to go back to the financial collapse of what was it 2009 2010. I remember that I got into a lot of fear and worry during that collapse and that was making it pertain to me and I had money in the market and you know a lot of stuff and I'm like what pertains to you well back then I was like in fear oh my god the market is dropping the bottoms coming out. Oh my gosh, you know, stocks You know, my stocks are half you know, half the value they were before the collapse. left everything in the market now it's back up to what is it now like 32, 33,000 something like that everything's regained its value over time. I was into a lot of unnecessary mental worry and head crap. Well, why? Because I made it pertain to me. What was happening in the world I made pertain to me. Now, if that happened, that'd be like, okay, you know, whatever. And I look at what I make pertain to me and what I choose to allow to pertain to me in my life.

Fear All Over the World Now

Now where I want to go, and as I said, the person who asked the question is all of the fear in the world and the world is full of fear. I mean, it's just like one big planet of fear right now. And what I look at is what pertains to me. I do want to point out in this podcast is not about here, let me just say, I'm not going to touch on anything about that pesky little virus traveling the world, whether you believe you dump any I'm not going there with this podcast episode. Now, I do also want to say that I recently had that pesky little virus, and I didn't have it, some people have it. And they're basically like down for two days with a cold or flu, and they're over it.

Fear of COVID-19

Some people have it and it lingers, and they're out of energy for I never Well, I had it, I was in bed for 10 days, I didn't need to go to the hospital, I had good breathing and good, you know, blood, blood oxygen levels, and everything else. But I'll tell you this man, I didn't know a person could be that the energized if that's even a word de-energize, but I was literally just exhausted, I mean, exhausted for about 10 days. Now, what I look at, though, is that was a physical experience. But I also want to look at this is what pertains to me about all the fear and hysteria about something that I have experienced? Do I make all the fear and all the hysteria in the world pertain to me, and then to what degree. And where I go, there is I want to segue here for a second about the oldest part of the brain called the Reptilian Brain. Um, it's called different things but but the primary name is a reptilian brain. And the amygdala, which is a part of the brain responsible for fear. And it's, you know, it's in the brain to keep us alive to keep us from you know, walking on the edge of club, you know, cliffs with butter on the bottom of our shoes, so we don't slip off. So let's just segue from the episode for just one minute because I have something really important to share with you.

Why Are You Listening Today?

Speaking of important that, let me ask you an important question. How come you're listening to my podcast. Now, if you're like most people, you recognize there is really, really good transformational information, and the podcast, and many of you are using it to transform your lives. However, there's a difference between information and actually learning at a core level, a deep level of functional level, how to transform your life. That being said, just twice a year, I offer a live-in-person, 14 week coaching program, which I'm offering right now for a couple of more days. And in this program, I take you by the hand, and quite literally things you're learning here, I help you integrate it into your subconscious mind and into your brain. And I coach you all the way through this process. So if you're wanting to make your future next year, the best year of your life, check into it, visit and not slash and roll slash enroll. And all the details will be there. Okay, back to the episode.

Living with the Fear of COVID-19

And I look at Okay, so this fear that people are getting into this little virus traveling the world is that is a real? Absolutely. Do people experience it in different ways? Absolutely. But that's separate from the fear and the mass chaos and hysteria that the masses get in, into me change it the masses get into and I haven't gotten into it, I didn't have any concern whether I get it or don't get it. And I am by definition in a high risk category, still then concern me. Why because when I leave the planet, I'm gonna leave the planet, whether it's, you know, 2020,2021 or 2045, or 50. I don't know. When I leave the planet. I'm going to leave. And I enjoy being here. And my experience here and the reasons that I'm here and I'm doing my work. But when it's time to go, my numbers up, I got to cash my chips in at the casino and go home. So I didn't put any I didn't put any concern. I didn't put any attention on oh my gosh, I've got to walk around covered into Willa paper and I've got to, you know, wear all these masks and I did the basic thing. Out of respect, you know, wearing the mask and sanitizing my hands and didn't go in public a lot. And I don't have to because of where I live and etc. I mean, I use common sense. And I got it.

Finding Gratitude in COVID-19

And like I said, it knocked me on my rear end. And that's okay, too. I'm well today. And I'm actually even glad that I got that on top of the heart failure last year, the stroke last year, and this and this was, you know, knock the wind out of my sails. I'm glad. I'm glad that it happened. Because it taught me to have even more appreciation for and more gratitude, for even having energy. I mean, I in my life have never been or ever had that lack of energy. And it knocked me sideways. I knew I was going to get better, I knew I was going to heal. I just didn't know when that was the main thing for me the challenge of knowing, you know, when you're the cold or flu, you know, hey, three, four days, I'll cough, cough, sick, sick and bad, I feel bad. Okay, get up and you're in, you're better. And this lingered.

Fear is Often Manufactured

But anyway. So what I look at is all the fear that people were getting are well, not were are getting into how much of it is justified, how much it is, how much of it is real, and how much is generated and manufactured by governments, high-level politicians, and in particular, the media. And that's why I started talking about the brain. Now, our brains, it's a survival mechanism. we're hardwired literally, to obviously move from pain to pleasure. But our subconscious mind, your subconscious mind is always scanning your environment, looking for sources of danger, even if you are analytically prefrontal cortex disposed and thinking of, I'm going to watch Netflix, or I've got a turn left here, I'm gonna have a ham sandwich, whatever. That reptilian oldest part of your brain is constantly scanning your world for sources of danger. And here's the thing also, is that the media, the media plays on this. That's why have you ever noticed that when you read the paper, or news or whatever, I say paper, I mean, I'm 56. I read the paper for many years, I do not anymore.

Bad News and Fear Mongering Sells

But you read the paper. All the headlines are about something bad happening, doom and gloom. On the front page, it's always about the bus, plunging off the cliff. It's never about the old lady or the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts, you know them helping the old lady or giving her cookies or helping her across the street, or the feel good story or whatever. It's always about negative stuff. Why? Because news organizations are businesses, businesses, and their job is to sell advertising space and to have audiences. So guess what, the more that they can prevent are not prevent, but provide content that's going to actually activate and motivate the oldest part of the brain, the reptilian part of the brain, the fear based part part of the brain, they're going to sell more newspapers or more ad space, or whatever it is. They're going to sell more. So they're motivated to print the worst of the worst of the worst stories. I want to get back here so I don't lose my place. I'm going I'm jumping around here a bit when I mentioned plunging off the cliff.

Does World News Actually Pertain to You?

You know, something I said earlier today? You ever noticed that in news stories, buses never run off the cliff and ever fall off the cliff? They never slide off the cliff. They always plunge off the cliff. I mean, why do all buses have to plunge right? But it's also that word plunge has like an emotional impact to it. So I look at let me go back to is what about our level and what what I'm going to use this should word should our level of caution be. And then let's compare that and contrast that to the magnitude that's generated by the media of what they want to pull in the pull the world into. And it's all fear-based. It's all fear-based. And then I go back to as I started, this podcast episode, what pertains to me? Does the reality of the situation pertain to me? Yes, it does. Because I live in the world. And I experienced it. Yes. There's all of the fear around this human global situation pertain to me? No, it does not.

Fear of Forest Fires

I have students all over the world. In my most recent Transformational Coaching Program, we had students from 20 different countries, and countries are doing things in different ways that suit whatever the policies or agendas are for those countries, and so many people are getting into so much generated fear that's something outside of himself. So I'm asking you right now, what pertains to you about the entire global climate. Now, in this person, when they posted the comment, they really went into doom and gloom, they said, the world is burning down and the forest fires. And I live in a forest area, I live in a forest part of the country in the western United States. We had forest fires, here me sitting out front and saying, Oh, you know, I'm gonna worry about what? No, I didn't worry about it, why? I'm just prepared if I need to evacuate my house, which I did not. But worry is I tell people isn't, you know, insecure thinking, and to worry about what's going on in the world doesn't solve anything. And actually, it's not good for your immune system. It's bad for your immune system at a time when you want to keep your immune system strong.

Again… What Pertains to You?

So this whole episode, for a third time, is about what pertains to you, and particularly what I've been talking about the global climate, and I don't mean climate change climate, I mean, the global emotions and the news and everything in the world, how much is generated to make businesses money? How much is generated to make and create fear? How much is generated to push political agendas? How much is generated to push corporate agendas as well? How much is just generated to generate fear? Because see the masses, and most of you listening are not really in the masses. Even if you think that you are your not, you wouldn't be here because the masses don't want to hear from me or what I teach or what I share. They're just not there. They're not where you guys are.

What Are the Facts and What is Generated?

So I look at what is generated in the world. And as I said, I'll be repetitive. I'll say the second time, what are the facts, and what is generated, and then what pertains to me, let's go somewhere else with us and our time together today. Let's go a little more, let's go lighthearted is even in your own life. What pertains to you, you know, your mom's mad at your brother, you know, mad at your brother. And you're like, you get you get get into it when it doesn't pertain to you. Or one sibling is angry at another. And then one person's thrown in the middle. Or somebody who worked did this or someone did that, or someone said this, or whatever. And it doesn't pertain to you. Like the two people fighting in the parking lot didn't pertain to me. But yet you make it pertain to you. And then you get into all this emotional, dishevelment and upheaval and everything else. Why? Because you're making something that doesn't pertain to you pertain to you.

Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus

There's a phrase, and I By the way, I help where I can I do, I'm not ignoring the world. I help where I can. And I know what I can do right now what I can't do, and I know my limitations, and I know how I can reach people. And let me get back to the phrase first. That's gonna say, there was a phrase that I live by. And that phrase is, this is not my monkeys, not my circus. And if you think about that, that's pretty powerful. It's pretty simple, kind of humorous, not my monkeys, not my circus. But all these things, the mass hysteria and all this stuff. I don't have to go to the circus. I don't have to get into the circus. Is that pup tent with all the little, you know, Wagon Train around it and all the little things that they're going to happen to circus. Is that real? Is that physical? Yes. Do I have to go? No, if the noise is loud, and it happens to pull me in, because it's too loud, and it bothers me or whatever, you know, akin to what I was saying earlier, a metaphor for what I was saying about me when I actually, you know, picked up the virus than it does. But to sit here and get into fear and anxiety, about something that's generated outside of myself, makes no sense. And it drains my energy, and it will to you as well.

Managing Your Attention

And some people I know even listening, you're frazzled, you're worn out, because you're literally hiding under the bed with the covers pulled over. And ask yourself again, what's real, what's not real? What's being generated. And as going to, you know, our lighthearted, our everyday lives. I don't get in the people stuff. friends want to argue friends want to you know, and that's one of the first things that family members do is they want people to take sides. why they're trying to build an alliance for their case or their whatever it is. I don't go there. You know, if they asked me, I'll give a general opinion. But I just don't go there. Why not? My monkey, not my circus, not my circus, not my monkeys. I'm not going to go there. I want to be clear also, it doesn't mean that you detach from life doesn't mean that at all. It It just means that you manage your attention, you manage your energy.

What Can I Control?

So let's go all the way back to the person who wrote that comment. And one of my groups is, what I look at is, what do I have influence over? What do I not have influence over? What can I control? I can't control anything, not even my own thinking, and neither can you. I can choose. There's the operative word, I can choose. And I can choose how I want to place my attention or hold my attention to what's going on in the world. And then the be repetitive, what I said is, how much is you know, actually factual and real? And how much is generated? So that will benefit the, let's say, the establishments, whatever they might be, that are generating that. I want to be very clear, say it twice is yes, there are some real things happening in the world. No question about it. I'm not a denier of anything I can observe, I open my eyes, I can watch I can see I have experienced, yes, it is real.

Your Perceptions Determine How You Feel

Also, my interpretations, and my perceptions of what's happening will determine how I feel. And I know that I and I alone, can choose what I wish to think and want to think. And I can keep myself in peace and balance, if I choose. And that is what I choose by metaphorically, not going to the circus. So your takeaway for this episode, is what pertains to me. That's your takeaways. Ask yourself, when you're getting pulled into something, stop, back up and ask yourself, sigh. Okay, what pertains to me? Look at it objectively. And if it doesn't pertain to you, then you know what you can hop in, if you want, you can not hop in, but I'm going to share with you is that when you make things that don't pertain to you pertain to you. They weaken you, they drain you, and if that's your choice, that's your choice. But your transformational takeaway this week is what pertains to me. Okay, thanks for listening, and I'll catch you on the next episode Bye bye.


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