The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 187: “The Power Of Synchronicity And Intention”

October 6, 2021

How much thought have you really put into how powerful you are? Do you even see yourself that way or think of yourself that way? 

In reality, you are not all that powerful but you can command the power of the universe to work through you and you do that using your intention. And, when you do that, what I call synchronicities happen for you. 

In our 3D world, we see things happen that we intend or have been thinking about but we see or observe no 3D physical cause and we think “Wow, that’s freaky, how did that happen?” 

St. Germain said many years ago, “When humans understand how the universe works they will cease to believe in miracles.” 

We work, like it or not, by universal laws. I’m not a proponent or a fan of the commercialized Law of Attraction, however, it’s physics and a law of the universe which we humans have capitalized on so we (some) can make a buck. 

I often wish I could be like Tesla. He wanted to introduce free energy to the world and when he showed JP Morgan his creation and discoveries JP Morgan said, “Where do we put a meter on it?” Meaning, so that energy could be charged for. 

In the analogy I just gave you, I wish I could give or better help you realize the power of intention and what it can do in your life but until you agree to let go of your insistence in the dominance of a 3D reality, the power of intention will be hard for you to harness. 

In this episode, I share some of my personal stories about how I have used intention in my life and how you can too. 

It’s pure power and you have this power! 

Transformational Takeaway

What do you intend to happen in your life?

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Full Episode Transcript

Introduction: Episode 187

You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled, The Power of Synchronicity and Intention. Let me ask you, have you ever really thought about that? Have you ever thought about how powerful you are, and can be, when you harnessed the Power of Synchronicity and Intention? Keep listening.

The Power Of Synchronicity And Intention

Okay, so this episode, we're talking about Synchronicity and Intention. And you're extraordinarily powerful, very powerful, just by virtue of being born on this planet. You know, it's so hard for us to grasp, and a lot of people really, they can think about it conceptually, but really can't integrate the thought. But you're a part of everything on this planet, and your representation of the cosmos. Now I know that sounds very woowoo and new agey, and everything else, but that is the truth. When you look at your chemical structure, and your body, and your bones and your skin and, and everything in your body. Let's segue here for a second this People always talk about Science and Technology. You want to know the greatest technology on the planet? That's your body? I mean, for crying out loud, do you know how to separate salt? When you eat salt? Do you know how to separate it out of your out of your food? So your body can process it? No, but your body knows how to do it, because it's it's the most advanced what I call technology on the planet.

Okay, so anyway, let's go back here, you're extremely powerful. But most of us are at the mercy of our 3D Reality, meaning the physical world around us, you know, things that we can see and touch and smell and taste the five physical senses. And most of us live there. And candidly, if you're not creating what you want in life, it's because you're living stuck in your 3D Reality, and your persistence of your 3D Reality, which this model is called the Newtonian Cartesian Model of the World. And that was updated a couple, a couple 100 years later by the Einsteinian Model and the Quantum Physics Model of the world. You know, according to Quantum Physics, you're simply particles and waves, you're both. Anyway, let's go back here to Synchronicity. And the definition of synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events, which appears significantly related, but have no discernable casual connection, that means that something happens, but you can't actually figure out you know, where's the point A to the point B, I mean, what's the connection between A and B, but they're related somewhere, and they're related in consciousness.

So what I want to do in this episode, and by the way, backtracking here a second is, I don't know where I'm going to go with the podcast. I don't know if I'm going to start having guest or whatever. But candidly, these episodes generally a lot of work. Because I have to think about, for example, I'm working on two episodes right now. And I worked on one for three hours last night, thinking about how do I take this very huge concept, and distill it down so that people can listen to it in 30 minutes, and get their takeaway from it? And I'm thinking do I really want to work that hard for something that I'm putting out there? You know, right now that's it anyway, I don't know where the podcast is gonna go. But anyway, this episode a couple of minutes. Well, today, I was like, okay, gotta do the podcast tonight. And I just picked up some notes on my desk, because I have a whole stack right here on my desk, and I just picked up some notes. And the first note I had scribbled, I had Intention and Synchronicity, and I want to share some personal stories with you that these are concepts that I, I know, I don't just understand, you know, analytically and intellectually and you know, just the grammar and all the you know, just words.

I know these stories, and I know these concepts and let me share these stories with you. Many years ago, many years ago, it was probably I'm thinking here in 1991, or, or so. Now in college, I graduated with a dual Major, I have a degree in Political Science and a degree in Psychology. And out of college, I said, I really want to work in politics, but not so much politics as Humanitarian Politics. And I do the same thing now doing the podcast, but it's not in political clothing. It's more along the lines of the advancement of humanity. And I really want it to work, and be at the Carter Presidential Center. So let's start the Synchronicity there in the Intention there. So I remember when I lived in Houston, Texas in the early 1990s. And I knew that was going to move to Atlanta. And I told one of my best friends, I said, I'm moving to Atlanta. And when I moved to Atlanta, I'm going to work at the Carter Presidential Center. And I'm going to work, you know, in the executive offices of Jimmy Carter.

Now, what a lot of people don't know, is people that are only politically oriented only talk about politics, and that he wasn't the great American President. Well, I'm going to maybe allude to that in a minute, because I know what happened on the inside, so to speak through observation. Anyway, I said, Chris, I'm going to move to Atlanta, and I'm going to work at the Carter Presidential Center. And Chris said, Jim, don't you think a lot of people want to work at the Carter Presidential Center? And I said, Yes, I'm sure a lot of people do. But I'm going to now listen to that voice, tone and inflection. I am going to not only pull some synchronicity into this, at that time, I'd quit my last call. I mean, I was college educated, I had along the lines of a corporate job, I quit that job. And I was waiting tables at a place called Dave and Busters in Houston. And that factors into the story a little bit, because when I was waiting tables, aT Dave and Busters in Houston, I said, You know what, I moved to Atlanta, I'm not going to have a job. I mean, my folks live there have a place to live, but I won't have a job.

So what I did is I actually quit my job at Dave and Busters packed everything I had in my car that literally cost me $1,000. And I'm surprised that it made it to Atlanta. And when I was younger, I used to work out like a fiend. I mean, I would go to the gym five days a week. And I got there like on a Tuesday or Wednesday. And the very next day, I hopped in the car, and I went south to a town north of Atlanta. It's a suburb called Marietta. And I just into it intuitively, seriously, intuitively. I just said, okay, turn left here. And I turn left and there was a health club. And it was nice one very upscale health club. And I went in and I joined that day. And I worked out that day.

When I left the Health, the Health Club, I said, Okay, I've got to get a job. And right now easy money, easy job is waiting tables. So literally up up the block from the Health Club, and it was called the Windy Hill Athletic Club. I don't know if it's still there or not. But it was a really upscale club and a nice part of town. And I went about a block up. And there was a place called Lever Rocks Seafood House. And I pulled in and I went in after lunch because if you waited tables or you know you've been a server, you know that never go in at lunch because they're busy and they don't want to talk to you. So I walked in about two o'clock. And I asked you for an application and I filled out the application. And I said can I talk to the manager, please? Now mind you, I just said that I had come from Dave and Busters in Houston, Texas. So the manager comes out. He looks at my application. And he says hi and everything. But he looks at my application. And he didn't say anything. He just kind of peruses you know, kind of looks over my application. And he said I see here that you worked at Dave and Busters in Houston. And he said who hired you? And I said oh Chuck Cura Palmer. And he said, Oh, okay, if Chuck will hire you, I will hire you.

And I said, What? And he goes, Yeah, he goes Chuck was I was the best man and Chuck's wedding. And if he hires you and hired you, I will hire you. And look at that Synchronicity. I leave Dave and Busters from Houston. I go to Atlanta, 800 miles away, I inadvertently take a left turn. I inadvertently walk into this restaurant haphazardly. I apply for a job and the manager who looked at my application and there were four managers working that restaurant, but he's the one who looked at it. And his friend was Chuck who hired me 800 miles away. Okay, now the story takes a little more of a twist. Now mind you, I said, I wanted to work at the Carter Presidential Center. And I knew that I wanted to work there. But I also kind of had a backup plan and I was a kid i'd you know, I just like I was thinking, Okay, well, you know, Coke is a big brand, I want to work at the Coca Cola, or the Carter Presidential Center.

But I had my heart set on the Carter Presidential Center. Now when you wait tables, anyone who does you know, wait tables knows this, that many times if you're a kid, you know, out of college or there abouts. People will say, what did you Major in? Where are you going to school? What are you going to do with your, you know, people chat with you, and especially people that are, you know, a little older, not the kids, but excuse me, people in the 30's 40's and 50's, etc, they'll chat with you. And so there was this lady that I met. And I said, I want to work at the Carter Center, Presidential Center or Coca Cola. And she said to me, she goes, Oh, I know some people like Coke. Those were her exact words. I know some people at Coca Cola. And she goes, I'm going to come in on Saturday, I'm going to have a private party, I want you to wait on the party, and bring me your resume. And so, you know, I brought my resume and I waited in the party Saturday night. On Monday morning at 9am. I got a phone call from the International Director of Human Resources at Coca Cola.

What the hell? And I started thinking I was coming I was I was a kid, I didn't know any differently to ask intelligent questions and everything. So I'm talking to the International Director of HR. And I said, and the lady said, she goes Mrs. Poole gave me your resume. She brought it down to me personally, and wanted me to call you. And like I said, I was a kid, I didn't know any differently. And I said, Well, what does Mrs. Poole do at Coca Cola? And she goes, You don't know? And I said, No, I don't know. And she goes, she is the Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, Roberto Goizueta?

Wow, and actually, I say, well, more foolishly, because I didn't even know she was a personal assistant to the chairman of the board. But how does that happen? When I just say I'm going to work here, or I'm going to work there. Okay, let's fast forward a little bit. Now in the Restaurant, as I said, people will always ask you questions. And this one lady that I she and I talked a lot she and her husband would come in, and they would ask for me, when you wait tables, you know, that's called the call party when people ask for you. And we started chatting about a lot of different things. And I said, You know, I really want to work at the Carter Presidential Center. And she goes, you need to meet my boss. And I said, well, who's your boss, and she's, she said, Max Cleland. And I kind of heard the name, but I'm like, Who's Max Cleland. And she goes, he is the Secretary of State of Georgia. Now, I did a little research. And what I found was, he was the most popular elected official in the State. And she goes, I want you to meet Max. So she set up an appointment, she took me to meet Max.

And the very first time I met him, he said, Jim, you know, Anne brought you in here. So she must like you if Zell who was the current Governor, if he doesn't run for governor, I'm going to run and chances are because it was a popular, he would have won. And he goes, I need a driver because he lost an arm and both of his legs in Vietnam. And he goes, I need a driver. Do you want to drive me across the state of Georgia? While I'm campaigning for governor? And I said, you know, thank you. You know, Mr. Secretary, that sounds really good. But I really want to work at the Carter Presidential Center. And he said, Jimmy, I've known Jimmy for 25 years. And he said Jimmy appointed me the I think that the whatever the Department Chair had, or whatever, of the of the Department of Veteran Affairs, because let me make a phone call for you. A couple of days later, I was interviewing at the Carter Presidential Center. Now initially as a volunteer, but I was I was interviewing there. And within a week, I was actually volunteering, but in the executive offices with the opportunity to be hired in the or at the Executive Offices of the Carter Presidential Center. And when the job that I wanted came open, I started interviewing for the job, and I didn't get it. It was Aassistant to President Carter's Chief of Staff. And I was kind of bummed out back then. But a good friend of mine said, Jim, if you get the job, that's great. And if you don't get it, that's great. I'm like, What do you mean by that?

And he said, if you get the job it's meant for you and if you don't get the job, then it's not meant for you. I didn't get the Job, and who knows where I'd be today. But by not getting that job, it sent me on a completely different trajectory that took me to New York City that took me to the Hypnosis Institute that took me to all the things that I do now and the mind work that I do from not getting that job. But the example here, and what I'm sharing with you the Synchronicity, all I simply said was, I am going to work at the Carter Presidential Center. And even though my friend Chris was trying to say, you know, Jim, be realistic, be real. I knew there's the operative word. Here's please pay attention here. I knew what I wanted. I knew what I wanted. And I could feel it in my bones. And as a result of that, I didn't know what at that time, but the universe was already setting up the Synchronicity for me, because I had my intention on what it is that I wanted to create. And because I had my, my intention on it, how in the hell do you think the universe opened up me moving from from Houston, Texas, to to Atlanta, 800 miles apart millions of people in both cities, and I happen to work into a into a restaurant, where the Manager is was like, best buddies with the Manager of my prior, you know, job 800 miles away? How does that happen? The universe opened doors for me.

Let me share another story with you is when I lived in New York City, I first moved there for my first year, and I lived on the Upper East Side. It's a very wealthy section of Manhattan. And it's also very boring. My friends used to call it a white bread, because it's just that boring. There's no flavor. It's rich people on the Upper East Side. And that said, there's no homeless people. There's no flavor, there's no, there's no like flavor, like you get in the East Village, or the West Village or Soho or different parts of Manhattan as the Upper East Side. Boring. But I lived there my first year. And I said, I want to move to the west side. Next year when my lease is up. I want to live on the Upper West Side. And then I said, You know what, I don't want to just live on the west side. I want to live at 72nd and Broadway. And the reason why is number one, it's one of the biggest intersections in Manhattan. I mean, 72nd and Broadway is a huge intersection in Manhattan. But the main reason was is that I went to Central Park every Saturday to what's called the sheep meadow. And it's where everyone hangs out in the park, at least in that part of the park. And it's right next to where John Lennon lived. Maybe John Lennon's ghost was there, I don't know. But that's for reference, it was at 72nd and Central Park West where you would enter the sheep meadow.

But I knew if I lived that 72nd I could just walk right there. And I had a dog. So I knew it'd be an easy walk there. And I really wanted to live in that location. So as I said, I spent like a lot of New Yorkers I spend every Saturday and Sunday in the park. That's our backyard when you live in Manhattan. And one day I was meeting a friend of mine, another friend named Chris and Christy, I didn't think about that till just now. Another friend named Chris, and we said we're going to meet we're going to meet at 72nd and Broadway, and we'll walk to the park or grab some lunch walk to the park. And when I was standing at 72nd, and Broadway, I said, Wow, holy cow, it's loud here. Now mind you, it's a busy intersection. It's loud. I give you my word. This is what I said. I said, You know what? I don't want to live at 72nd and Broadway. I'm going to live at 73rd and Broadway. Now, let me share a story with you hear something I don't say a lot in this podcast. And I may go a different direction. I may go to even a more profound and dear, you know, deeper spiritual place. And especially after having a stroke last year, I don't know we'll see. But I can hear I'm clairaudient. I can hear. And I can hear. I'll just tell you, his name is Don Juan. He's not on the planet anymore, but I can hear him.

And so one day I was eating lunch. And Don Juan says go to a roommate service. And I said, which is what everyone did or does and your dead in New York City. Because if so many people have roommates because it's so expensive. And if you're young, it's hard to meet to make ends meet. And so I heard Don Juan say goodwill roommate service. And I said, I don't want to go to a roommate service. And he said to me, I told you to go to a roommate service. I said, I don't want to go to a roommate service. I'm hungry, I want a sandwich. And he said get up now and go And I did. So I knew where I was going to go. I went down to one. And when I went in to say, Hey guys, I'm looking to, you know, find a roommate, I don't know how long I'm going to be in Manhattan or in my own place. So when I went in, they said, you know, Jim, we don't have what you're looking for right now. But we'll you know, we'll keep you in mind when I got home. So I took the subway back home, I got home. And the blinking light on my answering machine. Yes, we had answering machines back then we I was using a cell phone was blinking. And I listened to the message. And they said, Jim, five minutes after you walked out, someone walked in, and they have seemingly exactly what you're looking for. Now, my criteria in my mind was, I have a roommate that has some kind of spiritual orientation.So at least there would be some peace and calm in the apartment.

I wanted to live on 73rd Street, I wanted my own bedroom, my own bathroom, which is the big deal in Manhattan. I wanted, this was a big obstacle, I thought I wanted the roommate that was dog friendly. I had a black lab, I had her for 15 years. And she was three years old at that point, and I ain't going anywhere that my dog or my dogs now. And so a roommate that like dogs, and I wanted my rent to be the same as it was on the Every side. So they said, Hey, this person walked in, give him a call. He looks like you know, he's got what you're looking for where you're looking for. I called the guy I was the first person to call. Because I want to interview other people, obviously. And then I had to take my dog over so it can meet my dog, understandably, I mean, people want to know what's going to be in their house and their apartment. And anyway, at the end of all this, he said, I picked you. And funny enough, I said, How come me I've all these people that you've met with how come me and he said, You know what? You seem like you'd be good. You'll be a good roommate. You can pay your bills, and I like your dog.

Now, here's the thing is, I had my own bedroom. I had my own bathroom. There was a Rumi poetry book on the credenza when I walked in, and he was, you know, kind of spiritual or accepting or just kind of have that oriented spiritual orientation. And so I had my own bedroom, my own bathroom, he's kind of spiritual. My rent was 78 cents more than what it was in my prior address that I moved away from. My address 170 West 73rd Street. Yeah. 170 West 73rd Street, New York, New York. 10021. How does that happen? How do I walk and say, this is where I know I want to live on 73rd Street and boom and happens. That is the power of intention and synchronicity were things that synchronicity went to the roommates service and someone else walked in unseemingly related to me, not knowing me, and they walk in. Why? Because a synchronicity is following my power of intention.

Two short stories, my good friend Tommy, we waited tables together to play it's called Chops and Atlanta back in the early 90s. And he was on a law school and he said, Joe, I want to work at that law firm. Once I stopped waiting tables passed the bar all that, and because I want to work at that firm, but I liked that building. Now I was already learning all this back then even before I met my brother in law, Don Xavier, the Shaman, I was already on air, quote, the path. I said, Tommy, because this is what I did for the apartment. I wrote it down. I said, write it down and detail it. Now Tommy is a very rational, practical, 3D world kind of guy. I mean, he's very analytical. He's an Attorney. And he's very analytical. And he's like, Jim, that's a bunch of mumbo jumbo horse crap. And I said, Tommy, just trust me. So we, I stopped waiting tables, whatever, before he did. And I took another Corporate Job for a bit whole different story. And he called me and goes, you're not going to believe this. And he said, You remember that building that I told you about? And you told me to write it down? And I said, Yes, he goes, I got an offer from a law firm in that building, Synchronicity and Intention. Many years ago, 19 it was 2001 I had a really good fraternity brother in college. One of my fraternity brothers I connected with we were like spiritual brothers.

We after college, we backpacked across Mexico, which is where he moved to, and he taught English in Mexico City. We backpacked all across Mexico in the mid 90's. And in 2001, I'd lost touch with him and we were like, very connected in college and after college, and in 90 I'm sorry, 2001. I'm thinking of yours here because it's kind of important, at least to me on my storyline. And I said, I wonder what Chris is doing one day, I hadn't seen Chris in about five years. And I said, I wonder what Chris is doing. And I said, I am going to reconnect with Chris. is what? Geez, I just recognized another Chris. Oh my gosh, I just recognize three Chris's in a row. Okay, seriously, I just got that after all these years. Chris again. So Chris Watts, Chris Adams, and Chris Hat. And wow, mind blowing. And in this episode together, also synchronicity. So I said, I wonder what Chris is doing. And I'm gonna find Chris. And that was, the very next day, I got an email from a friend of mine who owned a company in Italy, and Milan, Italy. I used to go to Milan, Italy to speak at his company.

And he said, Hey, Jim, this email came today, or this email came yesterday, which was a day that I was looking for Chris, this email came for you. And the email basically, was Chris looking for me. And he found me online, with my name at that company. And he emailed the company in Italy, and they know me, and they forwarded the email to me. The point is, is when I was looking for him, and I set my intention to find him and reconnect, that very same day, in his mind, he was writing an email connecting with me. How does all of this happen? And it doesn't just happen to me, it happens to all of us. Because we're all in this cosmic soup called consciousness. And your thoughts are consciousness, and what you think, literally, what you hold in your emotional intention, meaning you can feel it, and what you hold, there is what the universe starts organizing around, and it organizes around it, and it creates it for you. Now I know some of the science minded people, etc, will say, Well, Jim, that's a bunch of crap.

Science didn't even recognize how broken it is. Because the reality is, there is a Physics experiment, called the Double Slit Experiment. And in that experiment, what Physicist recognized is that the outcome of the experiment was contingent upon the expectations of the people conducting the experiment, which means the experiment, the research was affected by the thoughts of the people conducting the research. So when science has a scientific method that is 3D static, it's brick and mortar. It's hard. It's concrete, concrete, it's firm. But yet, and truth, science, and our scientific method is working hundreds of years behind Quantum Physics and even Quantum Physics proves that through the double slit experiment, believe I don't believe entirely up to you. But the question is, is what do you have to lose? By exploring this? So the question that I have for you, and then I'm going to dig a little deeper, is, what do you want?

The truth is this doing this for a lot of years, is most people can't tell me what they want. They can tell me what they do want. But they can't tell me, I'm sorry, they can tell me what they don't want. But they can't tell me what they do want. And if you don't know what you want, the universe gives you more of that chaos of not knowing and that uncertainty of not knowing what you want. So I'm going to go one step further here and we will wrap up this episode before I do. If you would please. I'm going to ask again, if you would please a little reciprocity, I put a lot of work into these episodes. A little AYNI meaning reciprocity back, please share these episodes with your friends and family and people you think will find value.If you find value, other people find value, there are millions of downloads of my my podcast, that means there is value. So the request that I'm making is some reciprocity back from you, you find value than share to create more value for me so that I can reach more people.

Okay, so I asked you what you wanted, but I'm gonna segue here, stop wanting anything. I work from our phrase, it's a very powerful phrase, to want nothing is to have everything. When you want something. Look at the consciousness in that when you want something, you're telling the universe, I don't have it. That's what you're telegraphing, unconsciously and energetically to the universe. And when the universe says, Okay, we're reading that you know, this electromagnetics and you're saying You don't have it, therefore, the universe is going to give you not any more of it. Why? Because you don't have it. So the mistake, the error, the shooting ourselves in the foot that most of us make is wanting, wanting, wanting, wanting. And especially if you ever noticed that people that have the least amount of money, need the money the most, and they want it the most, and yet, they have the least. Why? Because when you want something, you repel it. Think about that, when you want something, when you need something, you repel it. That's why my brother in law taught me a phrase I love. And it might take you some time to get your mind around this.

But that phrase is a Spiritual person needs nothing from noone. Ponder that. Why? Because a spiritual person knows that divine mind that source, the universe is the source of their abundance and their flow and their needs, not other people. It simply comes through other people as a conduit from the universe, because we're all conduits for consciousness. So here is the final takeaway this week, is what do you intend for your life? Think about that. What do you intend for your life? I intended to work at the Carter Presidential Center. I intended to perhaps work at Coke, look what showed up. I intended to live on the Upper West Side on 73rd Street. My address is 170 watts West 73rd Street. I intended it Don Xavier and again, he's not the Don Xavier on YouTube is my brother in law. His name is Xavier. I call him Don people to work with him out of respect. Don Xavier.

He said a about 10-15 years ago, he's like, please get it. And here's what I mean by that is most of humanity still works and what they think is the third dimension. But in terms of Physics, we're literally working in the fifth dimension. The third dimension is all labor and roll up your sleeves and you have to make something happen. And the fifth dimension, it's simply holding your intention firmly and emotionally on the outcomes that you know you're going to create. And that's what people say basically, that's what I call trusting the universe. So what do you intend for your life? And now I already know you've had examples of this showing up in your life. I know you have you. You've had these synchronicities. So they they've happened before. Why can't they happen? Again, Saint Germain once said, Well, I don't know how many times he said it could have started every day could I had a tattoo, I don't know. But Saint Germain said, When humans understand how the universe works, they will cease to believe in miracles. Thanks for listening, and I'll catch you on the next episode. Bye bye.

If you're serious about Transforming your Life, from the Inside Out, I have a free training that you're going to want to listen to. And it's helped 10's of 1000's of people all around the globe. The thing is, all of my students start here, because when you learn to change your thinking, you'll change your life. Because as you already know, life happens from the inside out. The training is called discover how to Eliminate Fear and Negativity and an instant. So go to and start learning how to Transform your Life at a deeper level from the Inside Out.

Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too. So please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to, and I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my Instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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Inside my brand-new-format BE DO HAVE Accelerator, March 6–10, I'm going to give you the exact TOOLS you need to start unlocking your inborn power to change the old, core-level thinking that’s keeping you stuck in your past ...and finally start creating whatever lasting future you desire!


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Picture of Jim Fortin

Jim Fortin

Jim is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom Jim has created programs that create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.

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