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EPISODE 188: “Welcome Into My World With A Shaman Sorcerer”

October 13, 2021

I was thinking a few weeks ago, “What do I want to talk about this week on the podcast?” and I had a flood of ideas and topics pop into my mind and none of them were calling to me at that time and I thought, “So many people ask about spirituality, why don’t I dig further into and talk about my experiences with a shaman?”

So, in this episode, I pull the curtain back a bit and share one of my most memorable experiences with a shaman/sorcerer. I could share many of these but that would be overwhelming so it’s better to just start with one and we’ll see how it goes.

What I’m sharing in this podcast is a non-ordinary event and at the very least an event that may be a good story if nothing else.

More than anything, my intention with this episode is to get you to start thinking about the world of the non-ordinary and the world that exists that you cannot physically observe with your sight or sound. My intention is to get you to really start thinking about the power you wield as a “cosmic being.”

Think about the world of physics, energy, and what’s real and not real. Science shows that we can only observe about 3% of what exists on the electromagnetic spectrum which means we miss most of like and what’s available to us.

Perhaps this episode can get you to start thinking about the world and your world of the non-ordinary and what’s really all around you.


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Full Episode Transcript

Introduction: Episode 188

You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Welcome into my World with a Shaman Sorcerer. Now I had the idea for this episode because I thought it just hit me a couple of days ago, that I've shared so many things with you. And you know everything from Brain Science to Ancient Wisdom to Cognitive Psychology and Transformational Psychology. And I've shared probably an 80% of the episodes that I work with a shaman. And I've never stopped until today. And I didn't realize, let me share with everyone listening, what that means and how it pertains to them. Because the takeaway is Be very careful who you follow. Because many people out there in this day and age, really, they're charlatans, and they say they say things and they do things simply to garner attention and pump themselves up and their numbers and followings and everything else. And I want to share one episode from my experience with a Sorcerer and maybe open a door to other sharings keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming Your Life from the inside out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Welcome Into My World With A Shaman Sorcerer

Okay, so as I alluded to in the introduction, I had recognized a couple of days ago that I've shared a lot or to some degree things about shamanism. I've talked about Shamanism. And I've said my brother in law is a Shaman, a Sorcerer, a Babalau,Nagual amongst other things. I recognized that you know what, I've never really told you guys anything about my journey. Now I don't know how I missed that. But I did. And in this episode I want to share and I was gonna say an episode didn't want to be redundant and say in this episode, I want to share an episode. But in this podcast, I want to share something that happened to me in 2001. And it pertains an experience with my brother in law. Don, Xavier, before I share that let me back up here, I want to go back to 1996. This is when I was introduced to my brother in law Don Xavier, I won't even go into the story right now, because this episode might be a little I don't know how long it's going to be. But I don't want to elongate it if it's not necessary.

Anyway, I was introduced to my brother in law in 1996. And about a year later, he said, You know what, we're going to chits and needs to do ceremony on the Spring Equinox. And I would I you know, I wouldn't let trip. And what we started doing with him is every spring equinox, we would go somewhere in the world, that was a power spot, and then do ceremony in those places. And the extraordinary thing was, is that my family has been allowed into some extraordinarily powerful vortexes and power spots on the planet. I mean, we've been allowed inside. Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu, there we go to this ceremony. And Teotihuacan. And my family went, I didn't go on that trip, which will partly tie into this to the Great Pyramid Keops, my family that ceremony for two nights unsupervised inside the Great Pyramid, and many other power places on the planet. So I worked with my brother in law, from 1996 and 97 and 98. And in late 98, I moved in New York City. Now why I did it is I wanted to explore more in life. I wanted to explore myself and I'd always been in love with the idea of moving to New York and I knew that I was young and I moved to New York City. Now I continued I continue doing what's called candle work with him which I'll explain in just a bit. And I did candle work with him. But I didn't go on a couple of Sacred Journeys.

So let me give you the recap here of what happened. Now, Shamans work in non ordinary realities and other dimensions. And in my time with him, I have seen, I can't even explain the amount of things that I have seen that are non ordinary, that are not of this 3D physical world. And I've seen things that you're kind of like, Whoa, there's no way I just saw that. And I saw that, and what am I seeing in front of me? And what is this mean? And what's happening and what am I experiencing? This is all non ordinary reality. And so, let me go here, and if I hop around, if I hop around a little bit, it's because I have not thought this through intentionally. I wanted it to come as as original as I possibly could share it with you. Because I know I've noticed during the podcast, many of you things that I just, you know, say or take for granted, you find some kind of clue for you on your own journey, whatever that might be, wherever it might be, and however it might be relative to the content.

So I moved to New York City, but I continue to do candle work. And what happened was, is I put my candles which were called seven day candles, you can see them in the Mexican stores or the Mexican markets. You know, basically for the you know, like, for example, South American cultures and etc. in Africa, there their tall candle and they're cylindrical. And my candle started breaking. Now what you do when you work with Don Xavier, he works with the elements earth, wind, fire, and water. Um, he just Shaman, he, I mean, he works with the elements. And when you work with him, all of his work is not cerebral, like this podcast here. Let me share a story with you. Let me you know, draw this diagram for you and know, it's literally dream time work, and work in other dimensions, which is dream time. Because dream time runs over nine dimensions. I'm gonna use the word deep, but it runs through nine dimensions.

And so he connects. And I have many, many experiences of this. As a matter of fact, on a recent podcast, I told the episode where I was looking in the mirror, and I was screaming at him, but it was me and I was saying, I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. That was a dream time. And what I need to see things are no things that I can't see, I will simply text him. And this is our little code where it'll say, hey, Don, can you help me with XYZ? Can you satellite me the answer, which means he's going to bring me some awareness and dream time for whatever it is. Now whether I capture it, or I don't, that's entirely up to me and my ability. So to keep this simple for now is he has you burn candles, different color candles, and he always gives you assignments, they come through my sister, she's the one who passes the mouse, so to speak, and are different for every single person who works with him. And candles also were colors and colors correspond to the chakras. And then the bowls have water in them, that you put water between the candles with herbs and different things.

So anyway, let me fast forward here. And as I said, I've seen a lot of things that are non ordinary by doing this for 20 something years now, when I was in New York, my candle started breaking. And one day I'm like, hey, Don, my candles are breaking. And he started laughing because he has a really good sense of humor. And he says, Well, you better be glad at your candles, and not you kind of laughed it off and left it at that. But I bought these cylinders I went to Target or something in New York, New York City. And I bought these cylinders to put my candles in so that my candle broke, it wouldn't be a fire hazard because I knew my roommate would freak out. Because in New York City, I mean, my apartment building was 150 years old, I mean wood floors, wood and everything. And I knew that I couldn't create a fire hazard. And my candles were breaking so much because of the energies that I'm like I got to stop. I have to stop this because my roommate is gonna have a cow. So let me start the story here and then I want to read something to you.

So my candles were breaking. And I had a configuration and a triangle of three candles. And two of my candles had broken and the cylinder the glass part of the candle which the candle had already burned through it for the most part. All there was left was a little bit of wax in the bottom of the candle. Now what you do not do is you do not blow the candles out. You let them go out by themselves. So what happened was is one night when I was going to bed, is I had two candles that were literally I mean they were pretty much done and they were broken. And my thought was, this is dangerous. I'm going to put these out. I kid you not. When I tell you what I'm going to tell you. I blew the first one out and I blew down into a cylinder. You can see these cheap bases at Target. They're like five bucks, you know, it's probably you know, 12 inches tall, and maybe five inches in diameter, maybe six.

So anyway, the candle was sitting in there, and I leaned over and I blew in it. And I blew the candle out. The first one. And when I did, here is where I kid you not? It relived. Yeah, and restarted and went out and restarted. And now these are not trick candles, like birthday candles. Okay? So the second one, I'm just I thought, Okay, look, just, you know, Jim, just leave it go to bed. So I did. Now normally these would burn out, maybe in 30 minutes, an hour, hour and a half. And I went to bed. Next morning, my phone rang. And this is when you know, before cell phones and everything else, I believe this was 2001 before I had a cell phone and my phone ring in my bedroom. Now what I didn't do is I did not open my eyes. I basically, I rolled over, picked up the receiver kluck dropped the bag down on the phone and didn't answer. And I have a good sense of time. I mean, literally, or gauging what we call time. I mean, I can literally you know, think what time is it. And I will literally be within two or three minutes want to look at my watch of the accurate time. And so I went back to bed. And this was during a you know, the work week in the morning, I went back to bed.

In about one minute later, two minutes later, the phone rang again. And I knew that it was early enough in the morning that no one's going to be calling me unless it was a family emergency of some sort. And everyone was fine that I knew of and I just it was out of the ordinary that I'd be getting a call that early in the morning. And the bigger part of me was Hell no, I'm not waking up, I've got an hour, you know longer to sleep, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna wake up. So when the second ring came through, I rolled over, picked up the phone and open my eyes. And my room was covered. I mean, covered in a thick, gray smoke. My first thought was Holy cow. If my roommate sees this, which is why I got the vases in the first place. And obviously it made sense to get them. But I thought if he sees this and he literally we had a three bedroom apartment I was on one side of the building or an apartment he was on the other side. And I you know he got up a little later than I did, I guess I mean, I don't know what time he got up every morning, I don't remember.

But I thought, Oh my gosh, if he sees this, this is not going to be good. It's going to have a cow. Here's where it gets a little crazy. So what I did is I literally, you know, through the sheets off, the covers hopped out of bed, and I quietly ran to the kitchen, and I grabbed a big glass of water. And I brought it back in my bedroom shut the bedroom door. And I poured the water in the first kit. What I think there's only one candle but there's only one left. Yeah. And I poured water in it. Expecting pouring water on fire. And there was literally no wax at the bottom of the candle. I expected it obviously to go out. What happened was beyond mind blowing and shocking when I poured the water in the candle. Whoo. Like, like a bazooka and what a fire shot out of that glass canister, like a flame thrower. And it's shot literally four feet in the air. Yeah, seriously. And I'm like, no effin away. Now mind you, I was in kind of minor panic. And I ran back to the kitchen again. And I grabbed another glass of water.

Now mind you I was not analytically thinking. I mean I just woke up, you know a few minutes earlier. And with what was happening, I wasn't really processing and thinking analytically irrationally. So the first time I poured water in it womb like a bazooka like a flame thrower all the way up a wall also, and it burned. This was they were on my altar, and it burned pictures and everything that I had on the altar. Okay, so I come back with the second glass of water, and I pour it in the same container. Again. Pretty Certain is going to, you know, whatever was still going on in that container was going to be extinguished. Whoa, again, fire shot up the wall. Explain that one to me. So then what I did is I'm like, okay, so I opened my bedroom window. I lived on the sixth floor of which I've mentioned in this podcast before the last episode, I believe setting your intention 73rd or whatever, 170 West 73rd Street. So I opened my window, there was no screen on it. And I took the entire canister, which, which was hot, and I put it on my ledge. Now the interesting thing was, is that it started screaming and had a screaming smell, screaming sound to it, like a hissing sound. And I put it on my latch. And I knew would go out and it did, you know, pretty quickly.

Okay, so crazy, right? Well, I've experienced a lot of things like that over the years. Now, let me go to the next part of this story is so what I did that morning, I called my sister at about about 10am, maybe, maybe 11am. And my sister answered the phone she saw it was me, she answered and said, Hey, what's up? And I heard Well, she said to me, she said, Hey, we had dinner with Peggy last night, she probably maybe she'll let you know, you're just calling a chat about dinner. And I heard my brother in law, Don Xavier in the background. And he said, No, is calling to ask what happened to his candles. Okay. And then he said, Tell him, I will call him tonight. Now, he did call that night. And what I want to do is I want to read you, which I have never shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime. And I debated for days. And I sat with it and got quiet with it. And should I share this.

He called me and I grabbed my pen. And I have a journal, I have a lot of journals. But this journal is been all over the world with me with him power spots, and I wrote down as much as I could while he was talking to me. Now what I want to do is I want to read you what I wrote verbatim. And the reason why I want to read it to you is because I think what I may say in here, that was not earth shattering. In my opinion, there may be things in here that people are like, that's valuable. I mean, that came from a Sorcerer and a Shaman. Because most of us that follow my podcast, were spiritual. Were what I call transformers. We know and I mentioned this before, we know that we're different. Meaning we've always felt different our entire lives. And I've always been spiritual when I was 15. I don't know how I stumbled upon it. And this was back, I don't know 1980 79,80,81,80 there about, I stumbled upon the Rosicrucians which is ancient wisdom. So it's always pulled me. And I think people listening, I know that many of you are here for the life transformation, which literally comes the reason I'm able to bring this to you. And the way that I do is because of my experiences with Don Xavier. And then I look at how that has shaped me and how that has transformed me and then what I can impart to you.

Before I read to you, I gotta tell you just being fully transparent, I'm a rebel. And I was the one that for many years early on, I was the metaphorical arms crossed, Doubting Thomas, show me I don't believe you know, that doesn't make sense. No, that's not rational. No, that's not logical. No way that can happen. And that was me, Mr. You know Analysis, Mr. Analytical, Mr. 3D.In my time, years prior to this, Don Xavier had always said to me and people that work with him. If you try to think your way and analyze and rationalize your way through life, you're going to be lost. And his mentor said to me years ago when I first met Don Xavier and I met his mentor, who is also a Sorcerer. He called me Jaimito, which is James, and it's a young James like a little boy, and he was using that affectionately. And he said, Jaimito you think too much. When you think too much. You make yourself heavy and when you're heavy, you cannot fly. What he meant by that is I couldn't soar that br I couldn't soar as the being that I am. And we're all most of us listening and if not, this is your first episode again go back to the very beginning. And you might think who was this froot loop that I'm listening to you What kind of nonsense psychobabble blah blah Well, listen if you want don't listen, it's entirely up to you.

Let me read what he what I wrote. And if you hear any clumping it's because I'm putting some glasses on for those of you that are that are listening to the audio and grabbing my journal. And so here's what I wrote. And this is verbatim, and if I stumble a little bit, it's because I can't read my own writing, but I read through all of it just a minute ago and I can read most of it. Okay, so around 12 meaning 12 noon, I got a phone call from Don Xavier, his usual self laughing and smiling. He said, What happened this morning, brother in law. Of course he knew what happened. He talked about in our time on this phone call. He talked about the realm of many dimensions. And then he said as I have no expectations I did not know this would happen. This has happened to no one in the circle and no one out of the circle only you now caveat when he says circle he talks about people that are working with him because when I moved to New York, I didn't know it I had energetically left the working the deeper more profound connected work with him.

Okay, let me go on here. We have been giving you messages for some time. However, you have ignored them. If you ignore this message, a stronger message will come. You will not die with the second message, though it will be very strong. This message this morning was done in a way that I cannot be rationalized with your mind. As you know, when you poured water on the candle, it ignited like fuel. This was done to wake you up. You have to go to Peru with me. And this is your wake up call. This wake up call has come from beyond me. You came to this planet for a purpose. And your purpose has to do with other dimensions, other times and other beings. This trip will be very powerful. And it will be a very, very powerful trip into other dimensions. You need to jump in the shower and take a long hard shower to wash the crap out of your life. You need to get rid of the crap in your life. You're very fortunate and that you have someone to help you understand your luminous body. There are not a lot of people on the planet that can help you do that. You have much work to do. You need to allow yourself to see yourself and know yourself for the first time. You need to realize that life is not about your conveniences. Life is not about your ego and stupidities, you need to learn to have peace. That is the most important thing to you with that with peace. You can have it all you need to find the essence of who you are. I knew it the first time I saw you and now you need to know it also.

You need to change everything in your life and especially your anger. Realize that tomorrow is not here and yesterday is gone. All that it truly exists is now learn to live in the present. Put your attention back on your spiritual alignment and learn to know yourself and when you know yourself, you will then be doing what you need to do with your life. And knowing yourself, that is like a flower. You need to let it bloom because that is a part of you. Pay attention to your Nagual who is teaching you all that you know.What power and you have chosen to ignore it in the past. If you choose the path of spiritual alignment, and power, what you will get will be priceless. You cannot ignore what you will attract. And you cannot believe what you will attract. If you move into spiritual alignment. I am a Shaman. I am a Sorcerer I am Nagual. Some people think that I'm a spiritual leader.

Some people think that I am evil, it does not matter as I am, what I am. Don't have expectations about what changes will be and how they will happen. In Peru, I will be in my silence. And so should you. You need to find total freedom and total silence. Give up your old habits and stop hurting yourself. You were spiteful to yourself. And now you have choices. You can allow changes and have it all or you can continue to live in the hell that you have created for yourself. What are you resisting? Everything is up to you. Abundance is up to you. For you to have spiritual alignment that will equal everything for you. Now what I did say is I walked around now Okay, I'm done reading. I walked around in a daze all day long. And he told me that night on the call he said you were in a daze like you were shocked. Because we touched your devil. Which means for everyone listening, the devil is the energetic other you the higher basically like soul energy, spiritual energy of your essence that we actually air quote, the body is a medium for that. I share that with you. And like I said, I be debated which is left brain analytical. And I just sat with it tonight. And I'm like, Okay, go ahead and do that episode.

And I shared that because what I just read, many of you listening will pull things out of that, by observing me and all of my, you know, air quotes, warts and all for many years ago, because I am not the same person I was by far by but by light years, metaphorically speaking, that I was 20 something years ago. But what I just read is what I bring to the podcast and the flavor. And that we as humans, we learn to live in ego and crap, and self hate and self judgment and self belittling. And we'll learn all these toxic, toxic behaviors and the world that we live in. And we're taught these things by the world and by our parents and by our family, and our schools and our socialization. It robs people of the greatest or the greater essence of who they are. And when I say spirituality, that means different things to different people. You know, I am not talking about let me be very clear here.

I'm not talking about Dogma, which can be an organized system of beliefs. When I talk about spirituality, a quote or phrase that I coined I did not even get this from my brother in law just popped in my head one day, is that we're not spiritual beings. Because many people over the years have learned the phrase, we're you know, we're spiritual beings having a human experience, the phraseology, and the phrase that I use is that we're cosmic beings, having a human experience. And I've woven that into different, you know, different podcast episodes and that we travel. There's no such thing as past lives. Because we're living one life energetically, we just live different incarnations of which also is reflection of what we're learning on this planet or in 3D reality. We're learning that one can't that live continuity, that we are a constant in the universe, energy cannot die. But when we incarnate into 3D so that we can have physical experience so that we can learn in this reality, this kind of, of matter. Then what happens is, most of us we detach from that higher essence higher form. And then what a lot of us do if we try to reconnect it back through, let's just say organized means of dogma, things that were given from our parents and our grandparents. And we miss the true essence of who we are.

And no matter who or what you are, everyone has things. Everyone has stuff. I mean, heck, I, you know, I mean, like I said, I'm not the person I was. And people often say to me, you know, Jim, you know, do you consider yourself evolved? And I say no, because where you know, where I can go, compared to where I am, is not even comprehensible. When I look at the totality of me, and that's why I bring certain episodes to you guys like episode number six, when I talk about living your highest potential, and you know, people wander around saying live your highest potential live your highest potential. And for most people, that means being an air, quote, success in life, and the business and the body, in the homes in the cars, all things that are transient, I mean, you're just experiencing those things when you're in this lifetime. I'm sitting here, as I'm doing this episode, I don't even know why I'm doing this episode. But I just know that I am for a reason. And I know that it just popped in my mind to do it. So we will see where it goes. But take what was said to me, because it doesn't just pertain to me. it pertains to all of us, when we get into alignment with the higher essence of who we are. things we've not even dreamed possible become possible for us. Because then we're tapping into what I call divine mind. And we're hearing the divine mind, and we're following divine mind. And that's when we truly are harnessing the power of the universe. Thanks for listening. And I'll catch you on the next episode. Bye bye.

If you're serious about transforming your life, from the inside out, I have a free training that you're going to want to listen to. And it's helped 10's of 1000's of people all around the globe. The thing is, all of my students start here, because when you learn to change your thinking, you'll change your life. Because as you already know, life happens from the inside out. The training is called discover how to Eliminate Fear and Negativity and an instant. So go to jim and start learning how to Transform your Life at a deeper level from the Inside Out.

Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too so please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to, and I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want Transformational Content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my Instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.


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