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EPISODE 218: “ENCORE Episode: What’s Going On In The World?”

May 18, 2022

I’m asked that question all the time, “Hey Jim, what’s going on in the world?”

At face value, how would I know any more than any other person on the planet who is not a behind-the-scenes power player?

However, I have heard a great deal from my brother-in-law, don Xavier.

He’s talked about this for years. Changes on the planet – human corruption, power plays, human ego, you know, the destructive side of human beings. And, magnetic pole shifts on the planet and the devastation humans are creating.

There are two things I want to address in this episode, the 6th mass potentially extinction coming to humanity. Yes, you read that right, and no, it’s not some Tom Clancy movie script. Even reputable scientists and organizations have placed humans well into the process of another global extinction.

The second thing is the control and manipulation on the planet, I touch less on this though it’s a HOT and controversial topic, but anyone with their eyes and mind open can see that many things happening on the planet “Don’t make sense.”

So, what is happening?

Listen and I’ll share some thoughts. Candidly, don Xavier has talked about this for decades with me and in very specific detail and I have never shared the details, and I’m not starting here, but I can share some general food for thought.

Why I don’t share what has been shared with me is because the masses don’t want to hear it. They want to hear what confirms their individual models of reality. Remember, “Most people don’t ask for the truth, they ask for what confirms their reality.

Some might like this episode, some may hate it. My ONLY agenda is to give you power and help you live a more spiritually aligned life, energetically.

Transformational Takeaway

We learn to live together as a species or the species dies together.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled What's Going on In the World. Now, the reason I decided to do this episode is I often have people saying, Hey, Jim, the world is crazy. All these things are happening. We're burning the world down. What's really going on in the world. Well, I'm going to answer that from my perspective I'm working with a Shaman. So if you're interested in that and I hope you are because it applies to you. Well, then keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

What’s Going On In The World?

Okay, so what's going on in the world. What's happening in the world. You know, as, you know what I've said before I work with a Shaman and a Sorcerer, a real one. Not somebody who's a CPA on Monday from nine to five and then a Shaman had on the weekend. And in the time I've heard a lot. I've seen a lot. I've done a lot. I've become a lot. And I've had the opportunity to experience what shamans call non ordinary reality. I do want to share a couple of scenarios first about my experiences with Don Xavier. And then I want to go into the topics in this podcast. What I want to say is this. Is that no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow on the planet. We don't. I mean, you can say you have a crystal ball all day long. And you don't know what's going to happen until it happens.

But a couple of scenarios here. I want to share just to build a little credibility for where I get my information. Is, I know I've said this on the podcast before, but many years ago. And you're welcome because I deserve it. You're welcome to laugh at me. But back about, I don't know what it was. Was it 2008, 2009 thereabouts. Don Xavier was sitting in my living room. And he goes, Hey guys, I'm seeing something, meaning he's viewing. Is I'm seeing something. And he goes, currency is changing. And there's this company called Bitcoin that you may want to look into. I mean, if you've got an extra thousand bucks just put it in Bitcoin and leave it there. Now. The reason you're welcome to laugh at me. Is because at that time, Bitcoin was 10 cents per coin. 10 cents. I mean, what would be, what would that be worth today? If I had bought a thousand dollars worth.

And for those of us that he told this. You know, to do this, he looks back and he's like I told you guys, I told you to look into Bitcoin and not one of you guys did. So like I said, you're welcome to laugh at me for that. So he can see, he can see what's ahead. As he often says, I can see what's five minutes down the road as a metaphor, and then I've conveyed this story before, when I thought I was having a heart attack. I'm going to condense the story many years back, 10 years ago. I thought I was having a heart attack. I was on the toll way about a block from the buyer station. I pulled off. I called him. He didn't answer. I'm driving to the fire station thinking I'm having a heart attack. He calls me and says, no, you're not having a heart attack.

And this is exactly what he said. He goes, you're not having a heart attack. I looked, you're not having a heart attack, meaning that he looked in the ethers he can see. And as it turned out, I wasn't having a heart attack. So it was literally me processing energy in my body. So he can see, and he'll tell you, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. He'll always say, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but this is what I can tell you that I see today. I want to share some of that with you guys. Take it for what you want. Take it, digest it. Do your own research. You can take it, throw it away. It's entirely up to you. But there's something that we can't ignore. It's science it's happening all around us, but the planet. The planet is changing. No one in the right mind can deny that. And at a bigger level. What's happening. Is that human consciousness is also evolving. And humanity is rising to a higher functioning. Let's say spiritual being consciousness is elevating and rising on the planet and that's creating partially a lot of chaos, a lot of upheaval. A lot of the things that are happening in the world, because most people are so stuck in their 3D.

Their world of money and power and fame and greed and all these human things that are nothing more than things. People are caught in these things. And as a result, they're not evolving their consciousness and opening it up. And that's actually, when they do that and the masses are still doing that, it pulls the evolution of humanity backwards. You can look at other things, you know, you've heard me say before is that we're all bio-electromagnetic beings. I mean, that's, that's a scientific fact. You look at your body, you have an EKG, you have an EEG. You have a, electro cardiogram and an electroencephalograph, big word electroencephalograph. There we go.

But what a lot of people don't think about is that we are little bitty, bitty, bitty minuscule magnets, and we're on a big magnet, which is Pachamama or planet earth. And people don't think about. Because we're not really taught that people don't think about electromagnetics on the planet. And the power and the influence of that. So we already know that the planet is a big magnet and it's electromagnetic and as electromagnetics. You are bio electromagnetic. And literally you actually, because like a little magnet will synch to a bigger magnet. You're synching to the bigger magnet, which is the planet, which is in the middle right now. Do your own research on this, do not get in the fear. There's no reason to get into fear. But the planet right now is at some point and no one knows when. In the middle of where at the end of, or about to happen, what's called a magnetic pole shift. And this has happened before where the north pole and south pole flip and the north will become south pole electromagnetically and the south will become the north pole electromagnetically. And this can have far reaching implications. For humanity and the entire planet. Now, if you go to YouTube and these are things don't have a years talk to me about for years.

If you go to YouTube, you'll find some really, really scary dooms day. You know, thoughts about what could possibly happen. And will that happen possibly. Will it not happen possibly as well? Who knows? But what we can't argue with. Is that the electromagnetics on the planet are unstable. And you being electromagnetic, a large part of the human population is also unstable. Now, if you look around, you'll see this to be true. Maybe even yourself, you've been experiencing maybe the last few years erratic moods. You know, erratic mood swings. No sleep, which is the big one for me. I'm not getting any sleep last night. I literally got, I think, two and a half hours sleep.

Unusual emotions popping up, brutal emotions, popping up, many things popping up. Why because you're electromagnetic, I've said it already. Your electromagnetic, the planet is magnetic. When all of these things, the stabilization of the magnetic poles in the planet change and become destabilized, which they are that destabilizes people that are not grounded for lack of better terms spiritually. That's why it's so vital to ground yourself spiritually. I'll talk a little bit about how to do that. But mainly it's getting away from literally placing the entire totality of your being. On your 3d function, meaning your greed, your ego, your emotions, your money, your fear, power, all these kind of things that many people, many people clamor for. Also, you look at the animal kingdom and the animals turtles, and lobsters too and birds and many other animal species are affecting, are affected, not affecting they're affected by the shift and the electromagnetics on the planet. And, you know, I'm not going to go into it here. Do your own research on that. And you'll find some very credible research, but you know what.

You don't even have to do research. Simply. Stop listening to the mass media. Stop listening to your friends and family and people that have no clue. What I'm talking about. And I would suspect that many of you listening do have a clue about this. But start questioning, start opening up, start observing what's happening in the world. Because what could happen could be quite tragic, which we'll get into in just a minute. However, it can also be lessened to a large degree by mass human consciousness. Basically we as humans, we're going to decide collectively what's going to happen to the species and what's going to happen to the planet based upon where we hold our collective consciousness.

You can look online in many different places, and and many, many different places. And you'll find credible. Credible resources. That will tell you. And Don Xavier has told me about this for many years, at least 20 years. Is that humans are approaching. What's called a sixth mass extinction, extinction, meaning it's already happening. It's underway. Whether or not you like it don't like it. Like it, believe it don't believe it it's happening on the planet. Meaning that we are already embarking upon and in a complete annihilation and extinction. Of most of the species on the planet. As a matter of fact, And I actually, I don't really use, you know, major notes or anything for these episodes, but I went to a, I think it was Earlier tonight, because here's the thing. These things that I'm sharing with you, many of you and understand, and understandably you're like, I want science, I want science. I want.

I get that. I understand that. And I think that's valuable to a degree. However science is wrong. Often, many times. And science also is what I call baby science. I mean, it's human being science. That doesn't even understand the science of consciousness, which affects the very experiments that scientists are doing. It's pretty crazy stuff. But anyway. The rate of species that have gone extinct. Here's what I read and I'm going to read it to you. These estimates reveal an exceptionally rapid loss of biodiversity. Over the last few centuries indicating that a sixth mass extinction. Is already under way. Consider that a sixth mass extinction is already underway. And there's considerable evidence. That you know what? Humans are a huge cause of this. And that it's happening this time, which we'll talk about later in the podcast. But you know what evidence is indicating, and you don't even need evidence. You don't need research. You don't need science. What people need to do is open their eyeballs and look at the degradation and the toxicity that we as humans actually calls and bring too and produce on this planet. It's mind numbing and it's shocking. Now right now. Some of, you might say, well, Jim, I don't want to hear this. I mean, I come to your podcast episode because I want to be empowered. I want to be in some people will say enlightened or whatever it is.

But I'm sharing with you right now. Some very serious stuff. This is the greatest opportunity. That you will ever have in your life to become empowered, to open up to become, let's say not fully conscious because I don't know that we'll ever do that on the planet, but more aware and to expand your consciousness for the good of humanity, not the destruction of humanity and the planet itself, because I've said before the planet doesn't care what we do, because guess what the planet is going to kick us all off and it's going to regenerate the planet again. And in the million years, this, this planet without us would be thriving. And, and, and, and most likely, I don't know, I'm not there yet, but most likely be a lush green thriving planet.

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There are other things that I could say here that I won't go into, because that could make this a really long episode. But we could look at also, you know, cosmological events and cycles and the sun cycles and different things like that. And what's happening on the sun. But for now, let's just talk about what is happening on our planet. Our home. Where we live. You look around you and you see chaos. And the human world. Meaning society civilization, you see utter chaos in this world. And then you look at the planet and you see utter chaos in that world as well. The distinction, not distinction, sorry, the extinction of species and the things that, to a large degree, we human beings, which are in chaos, ourself are just strolling. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. To figure out holy cow, this is not good. We should call the cosmic 911. There are problems on this planet. And we're very close to being on life support. So the question is this. I started this podcast episode with, so what's up. What's up on the planet.

And I just kind of went into that and share that, but what needs to happen? As human beings, we me, you, all of us, even though I've been in this for a lot of years, it doesn't matter because in time there's not such a thing as a lot of years. We need to wake up collectively. And function together collectively for the advancement of the humanity, the advancement of the planet. Now something I was talking about earlier. You know, even a quote from And there's a quote here let me read it to you. Just to substantiate according to recent according to recent analysis, the sixth mass extinction of wildlife on earth is accelerating. More than 500 species of land animals are on the brink of extinction. And are likely to be lost within 20 years. The same number we're lost. Over the whole of the last century.

And that's what we're looking at losing in the next 20 years. So a huge question for you. How do you, based upon what I just said. How do you propose that you. Or humanity's going to live on the planet without animals. Without insects. Without the entire entire animal biosphere of the planet with the oceans being empty, which they'll be in just a few years because we have fished them out because of overpopulation on the planet. How do you propose we're even going to survive? And your children's lifetime. On this planet with the things that we are doing to it. Now. And as I said, we're in a critical five alarm stage right now. We can't wait. Even though the governments are moving very slowly. You know, the last American President. I don't even want to. I'm apolitical, but had no belief. He said that, global warming was a Chinese hoax. The planet's melting down. Look around you, dude. That's a Chinese hoax. How does, how do the Chinese make this? And, you know, seriously, we have to think. And that means that we have to stop listening, which I'll get to in a minute, we have to stop listening to many of the powers that be, and start observing and start waking up.

You know about the extinction of animals. Einstein said. Once the bees are gone. Then humanity will be gone four years later. Ponder that once the bees are gone, humanity will be gone four years later. Now, I don't know that it will be four years later, but if you look at the things that chemicals that companies process. Especially here in the U S their even banned in Europe. Look at the chemicals that are not regulated and processed and put into the environment. Bee colonies are collapsing entire colonies of bees are collapsing. And there seems to be no human alarm. About holy cow. The ice is melting. No pun intended. The ice is melting underneath us. We're in a bad spot. We really are because humans as a species, we are divided by all kinds of social constructs. By governments working against each other. Governments and leaders of governments even separating as in the case in the United States. Citizens of that own country. Forget other countries.

Governments are segregating and dividing people and their own countries. Here's one and this may make a lot of people mad and I'm okay with that. I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't challenging people's beliefs. Is religions against each other. Religions look at the religions in the world and the predominant religions. And how they are like our religion is the right one. Everyone else is the wrong one. And you know what some religions will say, we will kill those people. And we advocate that who don't subscribe to our religion in the name of God. Sheer stupidity. Sheer blindness on the part of those human beings. We are, we are, where we are. We are where we are because we've not been working together and we've been working for the individual we've been working for. And especially in the us. Let me create my nationalism and wave my flags or my personal wealth. And we're better than this group in this segment in this country and that country and this economy and that economy. We're here in our safe little zone in the U S. Well, Not for long.

And you know, what a people fight for. You know, I say that people, human beings fight. For real estate. Like stray dogs bite for a bone. , what do people fight for a flag? Some land. Some money. All of these are 3d things that matters zero to human beings when they leave the planet. Which means humans are not living in their, call it whatever you want. They're not living in their spirituality. They're not living in their higher self. They're not living in their divine self. They're not living in divine mind. They're literally living. A metaphor here. They're living in the tip of their pinky finger compared to the totality of their entire body. And they're completely awake. So until we can actually work together and we can awaken as a species and we can. You know, per, you know, create progress as a species and build bridges as a species. Speaking of species, we can kiss this species goodbye.

And, you know, when we think about that years ago, many years ago, when I, when I learned all this and heard about it, And you could say, well, Jim, what do you know? What do you believe then about this? Well, I'm telling you what I believe, but I'm believing through years of questioning, even what I've been told from Don Xavier and observing and now seeing it unfolding.

Because in 2018, he set all of us down and he goes, I'm telling you guys right now, a roller coaster is about to come to the planet. And look what started in 2020 and all through 2020 and 21 and 22. Is the rollercoasters. And you, you know, years ago, I used to say, well, that's really gonna suck. I mean, what happens if humans are wiped off the planet? Well, listen very carefully. It's been done before. And the planet will be receded again, Listen to what I said, the planet will be receded again. And you might want to ponder receded from who, from what, from where, but if you think we're alone on this planet, you're seriously myopic and not thinking we're not alone on this planet. So I'll just tell you that right now. So maybe the higher functioning beings in the galaxy and the universe as their saying. You know what guys. We've given you six tries to get it right as a species. And yes, still haven't done it. Okay. We'll give you a seventh try and we'll see if over the rnext couple of million years, you guys can finally get it right and evolve and get the higher function of divine mind. So you can join the cosmic collective of other beings that I've already gone down this path. of I guess I could say. Spiritual evolution. Species' evolution. And evolution of our own selves, wherever we are at our point, or in our point of reference in the universe and in our incarnations.

So it's vital. It's vital that we wake up because the things that the masses are currently getting into. It's poison. It's toxic. And then we can go to what causes the division. What causes the division on the planet? Where that comes from. Is the insistent belief, which is incorrect on separateness. We many people work from what's called the Newtonian Cartesian 3D model of the world. And that the world is just a mechanism. It's a machine that's been this proven with quantum theory, quantum mechanics, Einstein's work and Boehm and, and people like this. We don't live in that mechanical world, but humans because when they only see what their through 3d eyes, they think we live in a mechanical world. I'm separate from you and you're separate from me because we're different autonomous beings.

No, we're energetically connected. And until we let go of that ego. That we are disconnected from other people. And we are our own power sources. We're going to suffer. So the truth is this that I know you know, many of us are like, come on already. Seriously. But we're all one. And we're one race, which is the human race. And any belief I'm using that word. Any belief to the contrary? That your race or your originality on this planet is any better than anyone else's as sheer ignorance. And it borders on stupidity. That's all I'm going to say about that. So basically,we have to wake the hell up as a species. That's why I'm rattling the cage. That's why in my Transformational Coaching Programs, I always say, guys Guys. Humanity needs us. We're at a very tumultuous place in humanity right now. We can't afford to be in our little, pities our little self pities, our little angers, our little frustrations, our little jealousies, those things keep us from evolving and growing.

The planet needs us to evolve and grow so that we can be like a beacon for people around us to help them evolve and glow and grow. Because people are looking for leadership. So a way that we can wake up is stop listening. Stop placing importance on people. May make you mad and that's fine. Only because it's in recent history. Stop placing power and giving power to people like the last American president who divides humanity. And some of you who are going to assume, we're going to assume, oh, you must support the current American President. Listen very carefully. I never said that because it doesn't matter which part of the island they're on in the United States. Each side is still driven and swamped and controlled by corruption and money. And if you don't believe that, then do your own research and political science and politics, and you will find that to be true. That in the US, according to recent studies and it doesn't take a study to tell you this, we don't live in a democracy in the United States.

We don't live in a democratic Republic per se. We live in an oligarchy. And for those of you that aren't sure what that word means. Look it up. So individually we have to stop living from the ego of me first, we have to stop living from my country first. We have to stop living from the ego of me. First, we have to stop living from my country. First. We have to stop living from my flag first, my borders first we have to stop living from my religion first, my God first. And then we have to have to also stop living from my finances first, my wellbeing first. You know, Thinking about that. I went to when the pandemic started, you know, what, a year and a half ago. I went to Whole Foods. There was this guy. In front of me at the meat counter. And he bought a hundred pounds of chicken and a hundred pounds of beef. No fricking concern for anyone else in the line. Now in fairness to him, I don't know. Maybe he ran an orphanage. I don't, maybe he, he ran a home for the elderly. I don't know that. So that's in fairness to him. But here's the thing. That guy was hoarding. And when I was checking out, I just got what I needed. And that was it I knew things would be fine.

And when I checked out, the lady in the checkout line said, you know, these people are hoarding, like crazy. And what they don't think about is they can feed their family. Yes. But what happens when all their neighbors are starving, then what? And who's going to take care of them. So, do you see how backwards that me? Me, me, me, me mentality is it's destructive. There is no, you, you, you, you, you.Because without everything around you. You wouldn't be able to live your life for you you, you. Think about that, your home, your cars, your shoes. This computer right now, you're listening to your gadgets, your food, especially your food, all these kinds of things and look at the little bitty things that happened last year when people were hoarding food. And then you, you might go to the supermarket. And there might not be food. So we can't hoard. We have to support. Then we have to work collectively. I want to give you a caveat here also. Is that Don Xavier has often said, he said, you know what, if you want a jet. Own a jet. If you want 10 jets own a jet. And as you using that as a metaphor, meaning you have all the abundance you want in the world. The reason why as many people see jets as extreme abundance, he goes have plenty of abundance in the homes and all the things that you want and the watches and all the nice things that you want. But here's the thing.You must not be attached to those things. We must be responsible stewards first and foremost for the planet. And Don Xavier often talks about when you make a decision, make a decision that's going to affect and you know, it's going to affect. And how has it positively going to affect the next seven generations on the planet? We always want to want to be making good decisions and responsible decisions that support the next generation of kids coming up.

I also want to segue here and say that, you know, I, I get it. I often talk about money. On the podcast. The reason why is so many people listening live? At bare minimum. They live in financial lack. And that's unnecessary because we live in an abundant universe and because we deliver, we live in an abundant universe, it is our birthright and we deserve to be an abundant. For you. And I understand I've lived there many years. For you to live, just getting by. Uh, or close to poverty without your conscious awareness. You're making the choice to do that because you've learned that you've learned to do that. And you're doing that by choice and the proof that many people grow up like that. And they get out of it, which I did by my own choices yet. My brother grew up in that also, and he chose to stay in living paycheck, to paycheck and drinking every day.

And assaulting people and these things that he does, unfortunately, we don't have a relationship anymore. Those are his choices. So again, I say, and I will defend this. Well, I won't defend it because I don't care what people think. Think. Whatever you want. We live in an abundant universe. You deserve it. Just do not attach to it. And don't define yourself by it. So, what needs to happen is a huge wake up, wake up, wake up, call. For all of us. And that includes me too, because I have to grow more also to serve in the capacity in the ways that I want to serve. And hopefully give another day. It's my opportunity to bring more podcast episodes so people can learn. They can chew on they can think about it. They can ponder.

They can expand their own consciousness. So they affect their husbands and their wives and their kids and their boyfriends and their girlfriends and the kids at school. And their parents. Because where I live from for me is I can always do better. And I can always do more. Now, let me go somewhere else. For those of you that are really kind of, you know, putting your hands together, they're going, oh my gosh. Licking their lips. Oh boy. I hope he talks about the situation on the planet with the virus. I don't really want to get into it. Why it's just too much of a hot topic. It's, it's censored to a large degree. People are going to believe what they want to believe. They're going to believe what they've been conditioned to believe. They're going to going to believe what the media has conditioned them to believe.

People are going to believe what they're going to believe. And that's okay that's their Right? But I have some questions for you. And the questions of the official narratives going on on the planet. How much of the narrative, are actually real and verifiable. And how much to what degree are the narratives just generated to create a particular thought process on the planet for people listening to those narratives? Ponder that. The official narratives ponder this. How much of it is done for money. And if you don't think…because see by nature, human beings are wonderful, wonderful beings. I've been all around the world, humans. I don't care where you go. I don't care what part of the planet humans are wonderful. It's not the humans and the masses that are the problem for the most part. It's the corruption and the money that controls the governments. That's the problem.

So a question is how much of what's happening in the world is done for money. Another question is how much of it is done for control. Because see when you control the masses. You can take their money away, then you control them. And you're sitting on top of the hill when the rest of the masses are starving. Now I do want to say this. Is there a real virus that's affecting humans. Absolutely. I've had that virus and be candid it wasn't fun. I had it for about two weeks. And I had no major symptoms that would send me to the hospital. Why? Because I'm all about health and wellness. And especially the last couple of years. What can I do to be preventive? What can I do to be proactive? What can I do to further build my immune system as opposed to going out in the external world saying, Hey, give me this, give me that, give me this, give me that. read between the lines of what I'm saying. you want to know technology, let's go here.

The most powerful. technology on this planet is listening to me right now. No. It's not the NSA in the United States. The most powerful technology on this planet is you. You want to talk about science and technology? You look at the human body. You want to talk about spirituality. You look at the human body because the human body is cosmic and the things that make up the human body been around for billions and billions sound like Carl Sagan. they're billions and billions, billions of years. But you look at these situations on the planet. Let me ask you this. Do you think, believe. There are corporate agendas that are profit, motivated. Do you believe there are national agendas? Do you believe there are power agendas? Do you believe there are money agendas? Now, despite what I'm talking about, the issue at hand. What I just asked you applies to human history. So if you say no, there's not agendas.

Candidly, you may not want to listen anymore because I'm going to say you're blind as a bat and you're not paying attention. So what you really want to explore, however, is okay, there are agendas. How deeply do they run and who do they run to? And who do those agendas control? So open your eyes, all of us, open your eyes because when you see that there's an official narrative. And that's what it is. A narrative that begins to give you more power when you recognize that you're the most powerful technology on the planet. Now as I alluded to, this is the third time. I want to point out. I know that I'm going to piss some people off. And I understand that I get it. Totally. But something else I learned long ago. And. This applies to me as well. Not so much now, but it's applied Is people don't ask for the truth. They ask for what confirms their reality. Let me say that again, slowly. People don't ask for the truth. They ask for what confirms their reality. And if you want to prove that, think about the things that you believe and think about how many times you're looking for the truth and you deny something when it's right in front of you and it refutes your truth.

You deny it. Why? Because it doesn't confirm your reality and people do not want their realities shaken, which is also not spiritual and 3d and what keeps people trapped? I did an episode, probably a hundred episodes ago. I won't go into it here, but the most powerful thing we can do…believe nothing and observe everything. So, speaking of belief, what is your belief about the reality of the current state of the world? What have you bought into without question? Without research without analysis. Who do you listen to. And of those you listened to. Do you know, what's true and to what degree the things they're saying. Have you researched that? I mean, we live in a world of such fake news that even when I see things that look credible, I will go research how credible that credible thing is by their credible sources saying that's credible or not credible. That's how ridiculous it's become on the planet. Let me ask you something else. Have you fully considered that governments lie to preserve power. Consider that governments lie to preserve power. And the question is, is why would one government be any different than any other government? And that it wouldn't lie to preserve power. And, you know, let me give you the perfect example of that.

Government that lies to preserve power. We all know this. North Korea. How about this? How about actually do your own research and read some research on who burned the Reichstag in the 1930s. What if I told you this? That Henry Ford and Rockefeller and IBM. We're all in cahoots and partnership and business dealings with the Nazis. Like I said, I've studied this stuff for a lot of years, but I get my many information from working with Don Xavier and then from my own sensing in my own sane. But I went for this episode. And Henry Ford was anti-semitic. Do your own research on that? And I want to read something to you. According to the Washington Washington post Dobbs, 1998. Word document showed that General Motors and Ford, both air quote. Went along with the conversion of their German plants to military production. At a time when us government documents show, they were still resisting calls by the Roosevelt administration to step up military production and their plants at home. Washington Post Dobbs, 1998. So you don't have to read between the lines its right there and at least black and white on my computer. IBM, Standard Oil. Do some research in the Standard Oil. IG Farben. The world is not what it seems. How about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin? T O N K I N.

Another question. This podcast is full of questions today. Have you fully considered that it's the job of the media, which I've touched on recently. It's the job of the media to scare you. Why? Because media, for the most part, at least in the west is private companies. Private companies are for profit. They have shareholders who want to make profit. Bad news and scary news activates to reptilian older, older part of the brain activates the amygdala which puts people in the fear. The brain is hardwired to actually look for fear and danger before it ever looks for anything good. Why, because what it does is it gets the attention to the brain, which gets your attention. When you read bad headlines and bad news and pulls you into the news source and cha-ching, there, it goes advertising space. So there we go again, a component of society profiting, big time. On the undereducated masses. I do want to tell you as well, I'm not some genius here. I'm obviously I'm not a genius. But. But, and I am constantly absorbing. And observing and learning and filtering. And when you do that. When you do that, things start becoming very obvious to you. When you start buying the official narratives of whatever they are that were told from the powers that be. And you start observing these. I'm going to tell you right now, what you really see happening is a crumbling of old human ways. So then you have to ask yourself, do you want the crumble with that? Or do you want to evolve and grow?

Because see, I'm not telling you, it's not my place. It's not my right. To tell you what you should. And should not do with your body. All that I'm simply doing in this episode is I'm telling you. Open your eyes question, your government question the narratives question, the businesses, question, the motives, and pay attention to what's really happening in the world. Power and control. And, you know, power and control are drugs that are ego-driven. And they're all 3d based. And you think about Machiavelli Machiavelli once said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And that means that we must collectively wake up to save our planet and save our species. Don Xavier and I were talking just recently. And I said, but even if the species destroys itself, they're going to be receded and the species is going to regenerate again. And it goes, yes, that will happen. It's going to take millions of years. Why waste millions of years in evolution again. When we can move things quicker, along for the betterment of the entire species. And what is to come. Now, hopefully if you're brand new, go back to the prior episodes at the very beginning. You'll find, and I am, I'm a political and that I don't endorse either side of the aisle in American politics. I do not endorse either party and American politics and candidly. I don't believe what I'm told, because I see too many for many, many years. Too many indiscrepancies that serve the people at the top and especially the power at the top. All that I ask is that maybe this episode brings you some food for thought some clarity.


Because I want you to observe your life. With your eyes wide open. To see what's really happening because when you open your eyes, And you observe, that's going to bring clarity. And when you have clarity, guess what? Because this is the most important thing that you can do. Stay out of fear. That's generated. Stay out of the fear, because guess what? it weakens the immune system it weakens your ethereal body stay out of the fear because that's probably one of the most powerful ways of not one of the number one ways to actually hurt yourself with things that are going on. With a state of humanity and the general masses. So the transformational takeaway is this. Pretty simple. We either learn to live together as a species and support one another or we die as a species and we die collectively. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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