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EPISODE 220: “Are You Leaking Energy?”

June 1, 2022

When people read the episode title many think, “Well, that is an odd thought, what does it mean?” 

Specifically, you are an energetic being. You are a spiritual and cosmic being, and according to physics, and scientifically, you are akin to a cocoon of energy. 

All this said, being a cocoon of energy, do you “leak” your energy? What that means is that you only have so much energy, like a battery and if you leak your energy you weaken yourself.

How do you weaken yourself and leak energy? Easy, by letting your emotions and specifically fear control you. When you “get into” your fears and negative emotions that is akin to putting a nail into a tire and creating a small leak. 

It’s vital that we examine our lives and observe our behaviors. How often and to what degree do you let your negative emotions and fear control you? That whatever that degree is the exact degree to which you weaken yourself. 

In this episode I share the seven primary ways which you leak your energy. I briefly talk about what other spiritual paths call these ways and I share all this from the perspective of shamanism which pervades and is older than all other ways. 

As you hear me share these seven ways what is vital is that you do not judge yourself and feel bad about yourself. What is important is to become aware of how you squander your energy and then start releasing your old ways and improving your behavior. 

The unfortunate thing about depleting your energy is that it takes your power away to heal yourself and to manifest, and that is the point of this entire episode, to make you more powerful. 

We all want to manifest and stay healthy, and the more we abuse and leak our very own energy, the less ability we have for self healing and manifestation, and then we’re in trouble.

Transformational Takeaway

Stop the energy leaks so you can manifests your biggest desires in life.

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Full Episode Transcript


You are listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Are You Leaking Your Personal Power. Interesting subject personal power. Many people think that their personal power is how much power they have as a human being. That is not personal power. That is ego power. If it can even be called power. So, this episode is about. Are you leaking your personal power? Because if you are leaking your personal power. You have very little ego power. Keep listening.

Hi, I am Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I am widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I have coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you’re going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you have never thought possible. If you are wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you are going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I am glad you’re here.

Already so we are talking about personal power. And I mean that from a spiritual perspective, what is personal power. If I were to ask a lot of people, I would hear a lot of different things. Obviously. And your personal power is the power that you have as a cosmic being. It is that life and energy force. That is built within you. Basically, it comes as a factory setting. And you have many lifetimes of personal power built up from the lessons and the learnings that you have accumulated over many, many millions of lifetimes, if not even billions of lifetimes. And we accumulate the personal power.

And then what many people do. I have been there. And I understand that as we come to the planet, and then we leak all of her personal power. Like basically it runs through itself. You know, if I gave you a bucket and I said, here, carry water from point A to point B. If you are maintaining your personal power. When you get to point B, you are going to have your bucket of water and let’s say you need water to live as an example. Okay.

However. If you are leaking your personal power. It is like you have a lot of holes in your bucket. And when you get to point B. All your water’s leaked out. You have no water. You have nothing to sustain yourself with. So, you have no power to live as an example because you’ve leaked all of your water out. And the same thing with your personal power is that many of you. Many of you. Leak your personal power simply by living your life. As unlike a human being. And living into all your emotions and through your emotions. This episode was inspired because in my Transformational Coaching Program, I just did a live a couple of nights ago. And they have 24/7 access to me. Well, not literally. I mean, I am not working 24 hours a day, but they have seven days a week or six days a week access to me. And I was talking about personal power in the group, and I did a long live in the group. About. People waste their energy, which is inadvertently wasting their personal power through getting into, are you ready by getting into living out of their petty emotions. People get pissed off at things and frustrated about things and angry about this and angry about that. And what prompted that life is someone said their husband did something. Which quite literally was no big deal by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. And it triggered this person.

Now I understand triggers and I talk a lot about triggers in my program. However, it was really quite literally, and I’m not calling this person ridiculous, but a ridiculous behavior. They were triggered by something completely, completely. Ridiculous. I mean, ridiculous. And. What inspired that life was is this person also simultaneously considers themselves a spiritual being. And that’s all well and good, but the reality is. How powerful are you, which most people listening to this podcast do consider themselves as spiritual being? How powerful are you as a spiritual being? If you have no personal power. And that’s what I want to talk about in this episode. Are literally the holes in the bucket where you leak your personal power.

We I’ve had to do it my entire lifetime. And for many years, this has been my path with a Shaman. Are you gotta plug the leaks? You gotta plug the holes up because if you don’t plug the holes up and stop leaking your personal power, you have no power. And I’ll talk about it a little later, but what that means is you have depleted all of your power. To heal. Out of much deeper level, emotionally, physically, spiritually. And you’ve lost your power, and this is going to apply and hit a lot of people listening right now. You’ve lost your power to manifest because if you have no power, you have no power to cast into the universe to manifest. So, if you leak all of your personal power, it’s like, if you have a battery and. Let’s say that I say, okay, you’ve got this battery and it’s fully charged. And when you hook it up to those lights over there, you’re going to have light this evening, like a generator. You’re going to have light in the house. But let’s say you run the battery down and you’re peddling all day long and you’re doing a lot of things and you run your battery down. And then that night you got to plug in your battery for light in your house. And it’s dead. Which means you have no light in the house because your battery’s dead. Well, the same thing comes to utilizing your power in a deeper spiritual way is if you leak it all through your petty emotions. You have no power.

What we have to do in Shamanism it’s called stalking S T A L K I N G. Stalking like let’s say that a hunter might stalk some prey. You have to stalk yourself. But I’m going to simplify that and say, you have to study yourself. And I do not mean to stay and judge yourself. Oh, I’m not this. I’m not that I’m not all of these things. You have to just observe your behaviors. That’s the key. You have to observe your behaviors. You’ve got to take a look at yourself and candidly. Many people are afraid to look at themselves. I mean, it’s almost shocking the amount of people that are afraid. To look at themselves because when they look at themselves, they don’t like what they see, and they feel bad about it. And they judge themselves, therefore they don’t look at themselves, but you have to look at yourself. So many times, you look in the world and I’m going to give you and shamanism, the seven ways that people leak their power. But people leak their power all day long by their hissy fits and their tantrums and their meltdowns and they’re this and there that. And Trump did this and Biden did that and this person did that and, oh, it’s so horrible. The economy is so bad.

And this person did this and Putin sucks. And this person, and that person and the Japanese and the dog crapped on the carpet, my car back. People go on and on and on about things. That just don’t matter. What we want to look at. As we’re stalking herself. As we want to look at, call it whatever you want, the negativity or the leaking power, which we’ll get into. And you want to ask yourself what reward. What benefit do I get for throwing a tantrum? Because someone lost or, someone left the cap off the toothpaste. What reward do I get for yelling at my partner because they were home 20 minutes late and they didn’t call and let me know, because of course, as you know, the world revolves around me, and you’ve got to let me know you’re going to be 20 minutes late. How rude of you not to let me know you were 20 min, are you inconsiderate?

You know, that stop the people get into. And you have to start asking yourself once I give you the categories here. Is what’s my reward for this. What payoff, what benefit do I get for getting into my pettiness? And depleting my personal power. And the biggest ways we deplete our personal power. Or are through fear. And fear is brain-based. I mean, fear is a survival mechanism. It’s a coping mechanism. At least on the planet and then a 3d perspective. So, we get into our fear. As a way to survive and manage ourselves. It’s a strategy that we use to manage ourselves and our lives. But again, most of its counterproductive strategy because it takes us to very unproductive places. Where we literally just take our bucket of water. And dump it upside down and give away all of our personal power. I do want to segue for a second. Have you ever noticed if you’re a person and I am not judging, I promise you? Have you ever noticed if you’re a person who tends to get a highly emotional about things, you get wound up about things?

Have you ever noticed how tired you probably are at the end of the day? End of the day you’re worn out. You’re like, holy cow, it’s been a rough day to day. Notice the days that you get wound up a job at your job or wound up at work or whatever you do. And that night you’re like, I’m exhausted. Well, the reason why is the brain let’s compare it to a battery. There’s only so much energy in the battery. There’s only so much energy in your brain at any given time and your body. And when you get into your emotions and all the negativity tied to these emotions, we’re about to go into. You deplete your battery. And that’s why at the end of the day, You’re very tired. Because you’ve literally drained your battery. And we can look at it from the 3d point of view and go, oh, okay. Well, I drain my battery. But I’m looking at it from the spiritual point of view because you’re not just draining your physical battery. You’re draining the ability to be a medium, for a lack of better words, to channel higher energy through you for healing and manifestation to create the things that you want to create in life.

You have no power when you have literally dumped you. You know, your personal energy out and flipped your bucket upside down. And that’s what we’re going to do here is look at ways that we can stop. We can start stalking. Paying attention, observing, looking at how we deplete our personal power. And then taking some what we call time and working through that. And letting these things go. As I go through. Again, and shamanism, which I collaborated with a Shaman now for nearly 30 years. I think it’s been 27 years. We have to look at okay. What things deplete my personal power the most. As again, as I’m going through them in a moment. And then what we want to do is we want to look at these and say, okay, you know, number four. Eh, not so bad. Oh yeah. Number one. That’s a doozy. I mean, number one, holy cow. Does that wear me out when I get into, you know, I get into that? And that’s where you want to start. Now we’re the choose then shamanism. And especially in Toltec, way T O L T E C I am from the Toltec lineage.

Toltequity is another word T O L T E Q U I T Y Toltequity and. And Toltequity leaking these, the, you know, your personal power in these things that we have to stalk these fears. And Toltequity would either called parasites. Because a parasite is obviously something you do not want in your body. It eats your body. And the same thing about these. These things I want to share with you. These, these fears. Are they eating your spiritual energy? Which I guess said in a better way. As you don’t have the energy because the energy has been eaten by the energetic parasites. Of your, your fears and the things we’re going to cover.

So Toltequity it’s called parasites. These things we’re about to cover are parasites. And Buddhism. They call it the ego. And Christianity, they call it Satan. And then, uh, and other spiritual practices, they might call it the false personality. All I want to point out here is that people call it Satan. They have to be careful with that distinction. And the reason why is if you call something Satan, you’re saying it’s something outside of you. And if it’s outside of you, basically, you’re giving all the power to that thing outside of you to consume you. And we can’t do that because then we’re accepting no personal responsibility for managing our behavior. I mean, heck if it’s not me, it’s Satan doing that. Then where’s my personal responsibility for managing my behavior. Which is what we’re talking about here. Okay. Let’s go into these very briefly. Number one is self-destruction. And people go into self-destruction for a myriad of reasons. Candidly, just a hundred percent truthful. I used to be a very self-destructive person. And self-destruction comes from a control issue.

It comes from you know what I can’t control what other people do, but I can control what I do. Aha. You know what? You can’t control me. You’re not the boss of me. I control me. And if I want to drink too much alcohol, I can do that. Or if I want to put my finger down my throat and throw up, I can do that. And by the way, I I’ve never had bulimia or anorexia or any of that. I don’t know their true how true it is, but it seems true on observation. My boss one time at the hypnosis Institute said that bulimia is a control issue. Because the person that is going through bulimia, they can control what they put in their body. And then what they obviously expel from their body.

And I remember many years ago when I used to binge drink. It dawned on me. I had no control as a kid. My parents, basically, they did say you kids have autonomy, but you have autonomy within the control. We’re giving you. So basically. As long as your dutiful kids and your good kids and you stay out of trouble, and you do everything that we say in the way that we say it. Oh, you’re a great kid. But they took a lot of our power away. My parents as kids. So, I didn’t feel like I had a lot of control as a kid. Because oftentimes my parents would say, it’s the, this is the only way it’s going to be done. You don’t have a choice. This is how you’re going to do it. And I never felt that autonomy, even thinking in high school, it’s like, they make all the choices for me. I can’t, you know, and they, I don’t mean they’re my clothes and stuff like that, but bigger life choices.

I wanted to go away to college out of state. My dad’s like, no, you can’t do that. And my life was managed and modulated like that. As a result, I became rebellious, and I really got into binge drinking and drinking. And I remember thinking many years ago. The hell of my dad. He can’t, I’m not at the house now. He can’t control what I do. Therefore, if I want to drink. Eight beers. I’m going to fricking drink a beer is because I want to drink a beer and he can do nothing about it. And I live that way. Not just a beer, but the self-destruction and the, and the self-hate and everything else for probably a decade. So, number one is self-destruction. Are you self-destructive?

That’s parasite number one. And you leak your personal power. Number two is greed. Because see greed is basically a control issue as well. Greed is like, when, if you have a dog. Now my dogs get along very well with each other. I have two dogs. But some dogs will sit around their food bowl, sit in front of it. A big dog might put their legs around their bowl, and they’ll guard their food. Why because they feel like they’re going to lose. Remember it’s a control issue. They feel like I’m not a dog’s brain, but ostensibly, they feel like they have to guard their food because they’re going to lose their food. And then they’re not going to have enough. So, greed comes from. I need more. I need more. So, it comes from a fear of loss and the loss then goes into not enough. And therefore, if I’m greedy and I get more, which translates into being greedy, then guess what? Whew. Okay. I will have enough.

So, the second way to lose your personal power. Is to get into your greediness more, more, more, more, more, not enough, not enough, not enough. And in reality, you look at your life. Whatever level you live. There’s always enough. Whether you’re actually scrounging for food, which I’ve had to do before, because with myself to shrug to behaviors many, many years ago, I was drinking too much, and I just didn’t apply myself. I’m may get up every morning, have a hangover. And I wouldn’t apply myself. Therefore, it affected my income, my production and everything in life. Therefore, it affected, uh, because it affected my production and affected my income. And I would get a bit into greed. I have to hoard my money. Because there’s never going to be enough money. And in reality, there’s always plenty of money. You live in a world, a planet. Of abundance. There’s there’s abundance all around you. So, number one is self-destruction. Number two is greed. Number three is sincere or genuine self-depreciation. Now I self-depreciate a lot and it’s just in good humor seriously, because I don’t really feel which two biggest fears that people have are the fear of.

People are going to judge me or I’m not good enough. Meaning people are going to judge and reject me, or I am adequate. And self-depreciation, meaning genuine self-self-depreciation comes from inadequacy. I doubt myself. I’m not good enough. I could never do that. I could never see myself doing that. I’m not the kind of person who could have something like that. I’m not the kind of person who could be something like that. There’s no way. I’m smart enough to do something like that. There’s no way I have the connections or ability or whatever. You know, I might need to do X, Y, Z. And that’s parasite number three is the self-depreciation and devaluing yourself. I want to say here, I want to skip backups. Number one, self-depreciate, a destruction.

And that’s something I learned many years ago. Is that we don’t destroy what we love. Ponder that if you’re in self destruction, we don’t destroy what we love. And in one day I was in my home office, and it just popped in my head, and I wrote it on my whiteboard. Actually, this was a small white board behind my office door, and it stayed there for a decade. And what I wrote was it was me thinking about me. And what popped into my mind was I treat myself like I perceive myself. Let that sink in. You are listening right now; you treat yourself like you perceive yourself. And are you treating yourself with self-destructive behavior and self-self-depreciation.

Okay, so that’s number three, self-depreciation, parasite number three. Parasite number four is arrogance and do not mistake arrogance for genuine wholesome quality confidence, two very different things. I’m very confident at what I do. And arrogance comes from inadequacy. Meaning I don’t feel good about myself. Therefore, I have to be better than other people I have to brag. I have to show people up and not me per se. I’m just saying, this is an example of that. Is because this day and age, money’s not a big deal to me? I mean, I’ve mentioned before on the podcast, I’d drive a Porsche because I want to drive a Porsche. That’s what I like driving. And I’ve even looked at new cars and I’m like, I really liked my Porsche. I mean, I actually, I put in an order for an electric car called the Lucid.

But I like my Porsche. But I think there are many, I don’t think I know many years ago to my twenties. I was always trying to achieve. And I was always trying to be better than other people and not so much that I could rub it in their face, but you know, why. So, I could feel better about myself. Meaning if I’m achieving and I’m doing great things in the world, and I’m making specifically for me at that time, if I’m making good money, and other people perceive me as successful. Therefore, I am adequate in the eyes of other people. Hence, therefore I am good. And I can definitely say there was a time again when I was in my twenties. I could be condescending an arrogant. Now I’m just direct, but I abhor being around people that are arrogant. To the degree that you’re talking down to other people is as if the other people are inferior to them. And at this point in my life, people, you know, beat me up all the time when I run ads and I promote my Transformational Coaching Program, which we do a couple of times a year. I get, I go through the ringer with people, hating on me and being very arrogant about it and literally telling me how stupid I am and how this I am and what an idiot I am. And what are the, all these kind of things from their model of reality. But that’s no reflection to me. That’s a reflection of their arrogance to feel adequate.

So, number four, parasite number four is arrogance. Are you getting into, you’ve got a one-up people? You have to be better than everyone else. You have to perform at a level that everyone sees you performing at that level. And then everyone pats you on the back saying, good job. Good job. That all comes from inadequacy. So, number four is arrogance/inadequacy. Number five, for lack of better terms is martyrdom martyrdom. Sorry, not Tom dumb martyrdom. And martyrdom is literally another word for that is victim mentality. Meaning, you know what? It’s not my fault. It has nothing to do with me. I didn’t do this. Bob did it blame Bob blame, Susan blame Trump, blame Biden, blame the economy. Blame my mother. You don’t understand. My mother did this to me. Or my family, or this happened when I was seven years old.

I had some friends come over one time and they are now divorced. Husband and wife. And she was quite challenging to be around, especially when she would start drinking. And I have a large game room in my house, and we are playing shuffleboard. You know, I have an 18-foot shuffleboard table in my game room. And we’re just having a good time and drinking and playing and, you know, just kind of hooting and hollering and having a good time and great time. Some adults playing shuffleboard. And there’s one person she kept her pucks kept going off one side of the table. And the tables level and I’m like, whoa, there goes your puck again. And she started crying right then and there. And she goes, you can’t talk to me like that. Now I’m thinking, what did I say? I just said, jovially that. You’re Hey, your puck went off the side of the table again.

And she’s like, you can’t talk to me like that. And by the way, she’s 40 years old. She goes, you don’t understand. When I was a child, my parents did X, Y, Z. Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. The victim mentality. Are all these bad things happening to me? And in my past or now because of something else. And there’s no level of personal responsibility. So that’s number. What number five. Is when a person becomes a victim. Oh, it’s not me. I’m not responsible for my life. Someone else after me up, someone else did this. My mother did this 30 years ago.

You know, I had a client of mine one time, and she was, I believe 63. And she said to me, one time, she said, Jim, you don’t understand. I’m incapable of creating healthy adult relationships. And I said to her, I’m like, how do you know that she goes, well, my therapist told me that. And then she said, she goes, well, my father was an alcoholic and he messed me up as a kid. And I said, when’s the last time you saw your father? And she goes, when I was 18. And I said, but you’re 63 now. And she goes. Oh, I never thought of it that way. She went through her entire life, all these decades. Thinking that she was the way that she was because of what her father did to her in terms of being an alcoholic and belittling her before the age of 18.

Yes, that had an effect on her, but she chose to carry that parasite for most of her life. So, number five is the parasite number five is victim mentality leaks your personal power. Number six is you ready? And this used to be another one of mine. Aim patience. Not at the time. Oh my God. I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta run. Move faster, move faster things. Aren’t happening fast enough. I want to do everything. When we work from not enough time. When we’re rushing through our lives, that’s also a control issue. Because we’re working from not enough. Just like I’m talking about earlier with greed and not enough and control and everything else. We’re working from not enough. Now think about that for a moment, ponder that. How much do you get into impatience? And then the question is. What reward do you get for getting into impatience? What is it give you? What is it in your mind, satiating in you? What benefit. Do you get from it? And then notice that it’s always about. You’re rushing is always about not having enough time. And time. It doesn’t exist. But let’s say that it does for the purpose of the way that humans mark their air quote time. That’s all you have is time. You have an abundance of time, because guess what? You don’t, you know, air quote, use all your time, this lifetime. Well, guess what? You’re going to have more lifetimes to use time.

That’s all you have is time. But impatience is parasite numbers six. And then number seven and candidly, I’m looking at this going. You know, thinking about all the lessons I’ve learned over the years and like, lordly, I mean, good Lord. Jim used, used to be a piece of work. Is stubbornness. Now you can use your stubbornness for either positive or negative outcome. At this point in my life, I choose to use my stubbornness for positive outcome. And what I mean by that. Let me reverse here for a moment. I have a friend of mine, very close friend of mine, extraordinarily successful. She’s the founder and creator of a multi-billion-dollar company. And she was telling me one time about she and her boyfriend. And they had agreed to not give each other Christmas presents, even though they celebrated Christmas. And he bought her a Christmas present, even though they had agreed not to exchange Christmas presents. She was telling me this one night at dinner.

And at dinner that night, he gave her a present and she got mad about it. And she was adamant. No presence, no presence, no presence. We’re not exchanging gifts. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. And she metaphorically through his gift that he had thought about and put a lot of attention into right back in his face. And she and I were laughing, and you get a good way because this was later, and they’d repaired the relationship. But he said that she’d drove he drove her home. And when they got to her driveway. They didn’t speak in the car all the way home from the restaurant. And when when they got to her house, he put the car in park and all. All he said was get out. And that was it. Get out of my car. She was more interested in being stubborn and being right about the initial agreement. Then she was his feelings. His genuine feeling about giving to her. So many times, we use our stubbornness to spite ourselves or despite other people. And that’s not a good use. That’s a parasitic use of stubbornness.

We can use stubbornness, for example, the old, you know, stick to it-ness. If you’re working on something and you want to finish it and it’s important and you’re passionate about it and you’re creating maybe, it’s art or something. Okay. You know what? It’s powerful and it means something to you. Okay. Be stubborn and finishing this and placing your attention upon it. But when it comes to stubbornness as a control issue, that is parasitic. So, let’s just go through these again. Number one is self-destructive behavior. Number two is greed. Number three self-depreciation. Number four arrogance. Number five victim mentality, number six Inpatients. And number seven counterproductive stubbornness as a control issue. Now as I went through those. You ponder. Ponder. How much of that do you get into. Now here’s where the blind spot comes in.

Lack of awareness. There will be a lot of people listening to this will say, no, no, I don’t get into XYZ. I don’t get in the stubbornness. I don’t get into this. I don’t get into greed. I don’t get into self all these kinds of things. Trust me. What we love to do more than anything is fool ourselves. We love that. You know, Anatole France once said the greatest ability of man is to deceive himself. And that means all of us. We love to deceive ourselves. And we have to look at, okay, Jim. Which of these do I get into? And if you don’t think that you get into these, why don’t you write down what I just gave you? Write down the self-destruction degree, the self-depreciation, the arrogance, the victim mentality, the impatience and the stubbornness. Put on the list. Take it to your significant other. And say, you know, honey. How many of these do I get into, how many of these do you see me getting into that? I don’t even know that I’m getting into. And you might be surprised at their answer, but you know what, in fairness to you flip that. And say, you know what?

And you don’t want to do it in the same, same. Conversation, because you don’t want to do tit for tat, but you know what? You can see these things in your partner, but they can’t see these things in themselves. And the same thing applies to you. Is, they can see it in you. But you don’t see it in yourself because of your lack of awareness. Now these things, as I said, they’re all parasites. In your energy. And they’re parasites. Because you didn’t come to the planet with these things, you came as pure potential as a cosmic being, and these parasites parasitic behaviors that you learned as a human being. They don’t belong to you. They’re not natural to you. And because they’re not natural to you. They’re parasitic. And then what they do is they deplete your personal power.

Meaning like a sieve, like I talked about earlier. All this power that you have as a spiritual being. You leak it all away by giving all of your energy away by getting into these behaviors. And they’re all as I’d mentioned and go back and look at them. They’re all. Fear-based. Now, as I mentioned earlier, what you want to do is okay. You know, Jim, I’m listening to these seven. Yeah. I definitely seen number three in myself. Or, you know, three and five and seven. I see those. And then ask some other people what they see in you. Prioritize them. And then whatever your number one parasite is in terms of the biggest parasite.

That’s where you want to start. And you want to start paying attention to when you get into that and that’s awareness and that’s stalking yourself. That’s observing yourself. And you want to start eliminating these biggest parasitic ways of being in your life. And I would say. Take a year. Take one year. And start paying attention for the parasites and start eroding these away. Bye. Ah, breathing. Metaphorically exhaling. And start to find and allow. The divinity in you. The loving you. Because that’s when your personal power starts to come through. Is, when you start operating from that place. And you can say Jim a year. Are you kidding me? Well, what’s the alternative. Living 25, 30, 35,40 more years with these parasitic behaviors. So, some something to consider. What I want to share with you here to wrap up. Is why, why is it so important to stop these energy leaks? The reason why. Is if you have no energy to call on from a higher level of consciousness because you have leaked it all away. How are you going to heal? Heal physically? You know, what, if something, a car accident happens? What if you happen to have something happen in your physical life? Like a stroke? Or a heart attack. Or cancer. Or this or that, trust me. When I tell you with my own experience?

If you’ve listened to the podcast for any amount of time, you know, a lot of my experiences. You can’t heal Jack shit. If you don’t have personal power. You have to relax into that personal power, which is the divinity, the divine mind. The self-love within yourself. Because now you have power. Take call upon to heal. And the same thing applies to manifestation. It’s metaphorically. Let’s say that I gave you a magic wand. And I said, here’s your magic wand? And you can wave this magic wand. And create anything that you, you know, your heart desires. And when you have personal power. It’s literally like casting a casting net way, way out into the universe.

And tossing it way out there. Why because you have the power to do it. And if you have no power, Then metaphorically when you cast that casting that, and if you don’t know what a casting net is, I grew up on a farm and the country at casting net is a circular net that you throw out in the water and it pulls in smaller fish for bait you’re casting for bait. Good grief. I sound like a hillbilly, but anyway, a lot of us know what a casting net is. But sure. But the magic wand that I gave you. Is a casting net. And if you have no power, you’re going to pull your casting net back. And it’s emptied some metaphorically when you wave that magic wand and you’re like, I’m, I’m manifesting X, Y, Z. Shazam. You’re going to hear like a short circuit at the end of your wand. Why. Because there’s no power in it. When you leak your power, you have no power. And the power that you have is directly tied.

Here’s your takeaway? The personal power. That you have, and that you wield is directly tied to the outcomes that you want to create in life. Lesser power. Lesser outcomes, more power, more powerful outcomes. And that’s why it’s vital. Absolutely vital. The plug up the holes and stop the energy leaks so that you can manifest whatever it is that you want to manifest. And manifest an extraordinary life of health and wellness. And abundance. For yourself. Okay, thank you for listening to this episode. If you would, please please share this podcast with other people. If you found value, I’m telling you right now, there’s a reason we have millions and millions of downloads of this podcast. People find value. And you help me help more people and, and inadvertently you help yourself as well. And we help each other create a better world when we share the podcast, and we all grow and transform and expand ourselves. We then have power to create a much better world. For all of us. Thanks for listening and do what you can to make it a great day to day. Bye-bye.

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