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EPISODE 238: “The Insanity Of Not Understanding Action Reaction In Life”

October 5, 2022

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results,” Right? 

Have you ever wondered why you totally get that phrase, and it makes sense to you, but you still keep doing the same things over and over that you don’t like? 

And, have you ever really thought about the consequences of doing the same actions over and over? The consequences are that when you keep doing the same actions over and over and you keep getting the same reactions over and over. 

Wow, it’s so simple and we get it, but why don’t we change? Keep reading…. 

Take a look at the three primary areas of your life: Health, wealth and relationships. They are three areas where we do “actions.” 

However, what reactions are you getting to your actions? 

Do you like those reactions or, stated a different way, do you like the outcomes you are getting in your life? Are you thrilled with your health, money and relationships? 

If not, own it because you are the one creating the results you do not want and then on the flip side you’re wanting to be happy at the very same time. You create a life you don’t enjoy or an unfulfilled life, and then you’re unhappy about it. Does that make any sense? 

In fairness to you, it’s not your fault that you keep living in the cycle of what Einstein called INSANITY: Doing the same things and expecting different results. 

You do it because it’s who you are and who you are is your subconscious identity. 

In this episode, let’s take a fresh look at the concept of self identity and let’s talk about a fresh approach. 

Transformational Takeaway

The way out of the life you don’t want is the way inside yourself.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is About Action and Reaction in Life. I mean, this is a principle of life, and the reality is, is that you can only act based upon who you are at an identity level. Subconsciously and who you are, is what you do. And what you do is what you create. And that creates a reaction, which is the circumstances of your life. So, it's obvious to change your life you must no exceptions. Change your subconscious identity. And from there, your actions change. And from there, your life changes. There's no other way out of this cycle. This is a cycle of life. And if you don't play in the cycle, the way the cycle was designed and you don't become part of that cycle, guess what? That's where all the heartache and pain come into life. And I do want to say that now more than ever, at least in the last 40 years, it's important for you to understand. How you keep recreating the life you do not want over and over and over again, or at least creating a lot of fear in your life. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

You know, what's all around us and it has been for, you know, ever in my lifetime, but right now it's a very pronounced because of things that are going on in the world. But so many people complain about life, their bodies, their relationships, their economy. And this, that and the other, and they don't recognize. That they're complaining is a reflection of their subconscious identity, which means it's a reflection of the person doing the complaining. And then the person does the complaining or the feeling bad about this or feeling fearful or feeling worried about this, that, or the other and that creates a reaction.

And that reaction creates our reality which most people do not want and then they complain about the reality they created. The insanity is, is that basically through action and reaction coming from identity. People are doing the same things over and over and over again, and then wanting different outcomes. And then when they don't get the, the different outcome, they complain, which continues to perpetuate the cycle. So, it's pretty obvious that, and I know you get this, so I'm trying to say it in a different way, this episode, so that it resonates. I want everyone please, to get this. So, you can live the best possible life. But so many people hear this and so many people go, yeah, yeah, yeah. Reaction, you know, action reaction, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And they think they, they understand it they think they know it. And I wouldn't even say they understand it because even if they understood it, they would probably do some things differently. And if they knew it, which is different than understanding, because knowing is a whole different level, they would definitely do things differently. So, I'm doing this in an attempt. For you. For all those that it applies to. To grasp this in a different way and to help pull you out of that cycle. Of action and reaction but taking the wrong actions from the identity level. Many years ago. My brother-in-law said to me, And I've mentioned that here before I had a sticky on my desk, and it was pretty simple. All it said was as I'm projecting. So am I receiving ponder that as I am projecting, I am receiving. As I am doing, I am receiving, which means whatever my doing is, is what my reception is. And if I want to change what my reception is, what I'm getting back, I've got to change my doing, but to change my doing, I have to change me at a subconscious level.

And I know that many people listening could probably say, Jim, you don't understand. I am taking a lot of action. There were a lot of things going on in the world. And there were a lot of things that I am doing. But yet nothing improves in my life. So, Jim, how come that's the case? Well, what you have to look at. As a phrase that one of my coaches said to me many years ago, and he spoke. You're doing is only as effective as the being, doing the doing ponder that. You're doing. Is only as effective as the being doing the doing. Now to concretize that and give you a simple example.

For many years, I train selling professionals. And I know many people that were in sales. Uh, I've coached all around the world, selling professionals and in some industries, like the number one person in the world and the industry, and it's a very large industry. I know the industry; I know the psychology. And so many people would want to make a living in some kind of sales. Mortgage. Financial services, real estate, whatever it is. And they would say, you know, Jim, I'm busy all I'm making my sales calls. I'm doing all the things I need to do. To grow my business to make more money. But I'm not getting results. I'm not getting what I want out of the effort that I'm putting out.

So, I go back to. How effective is the being doing the doing. How effective is the being, meaning the identity, making the sales call. How effective is the identity? That's doing a presentation. How effective is that identity doing the presentation to create the outcomes that the person wants. That's what we have to look at our ways of being, how are we? And you've heard me say before many times I just did the BE DO HAVE series. I had something like 27,000 people registered for that series. Question if you're not new to the podcast and you've been here for three months where you on that series and if not, how come. Let me answer quite simply your identity, your identity, as someone who might sign up for things, and then you get too busy, which means you're staying in your circumstances, repeating your old identity again.

Just as an example. But this whole conversation today. Is about identity and understanding that our action. As I said earlier in the opening, whatever action you do in life comes from the identity. And the action is only as effective as the identity of the person doing the action, which creates the reaction. So let me play. So, let me say this as simply as I possibly can. And I've said it many times before, and that's okay. Many times, we need to hear things in different ways to be able to absorb it. And many times, also I'm guilty of that when we hear it a different way. And we're in a different emotional state when we hear it, we're like, oh crap. Okay. I heard that before and I understand the words and the nouns and the verbs, but now I get it.

So, I think we're at a very pivotal time right now in the world and a lot of things are happening. And a lot of people are very unhappy about a lot of things that are happening. And they're very unhappy because that's coming from their identity. So, what better opportunity to become the strongest version of you and become the most powerful version of you that you can be right now in a challenging situation. One of my coaches used to say something along the lines and he was a former Navy seal. So, the guy pretty much knew a lot about performance and high-end performance. He used to say something like a calm sea does not make strong sailors. Meaning that if you're, you know, you're sailing on a calm sea, you're not tested. So, when we're in great economies, in great situations in great circumstances. We're not tested. And when we're tested, that's our opportunity to rise up and become stronger. Whereas I'm going to be candid. That's where most people indefinitely, people who do not listen to the kind of content you do, like in this podcast. That's where they collapse and then they complain often about the collapse.

So, the only way that you're going to change your actions is to change your subconscious identity. And I've said it over and over and over again. And maybe when I say it in that way, hopefully if some people can resonate with it and think, you know what, okay. I get it now. And I recognize I've got to start taking action to change the subconscious identity, to get the reactions that I want in life. So, let's explore this. Let's look at Let's talk about your major actions in life right now. And when I say major actions, I mean, things that are pillars in your life, like your job, for example, look at your job. Which is an action. And look at the reaction. So, what I mean by the job and the action and the reaction, which is the paycheck. Is, are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are you an entrepreneur making $10 million a year? Are you an entrepreneur that is struggling? Whatever you're doing for a living, are you basically seeking life out and just struggling, struggling the entire time.

You already get the point. The point is, is that whatever action you take in whatever profession you are in as a reflection of your identity, which creates the action, which creates a reaction, which is millions of dollars per year in revenue, or, you know, basically scratching out a living or living paycheck to paycheck or living just enough comes in and it goes out and I'm on the hamster wheel and the, and the cycle continues. That all comes from your identity. You know, we can look at this in a different way about identity and action reaction. Let's talk about a brain surgeon. And let's contrast that with, let's say a cashier working minimum wage. What actions did the person take to become a brain surgeon?

When you think about what actions you also have to think about? Okay. What is their identity? Now I know right now people are going to get not everyone, but some people are going to give me pushback on what I just said. I understand that. See the reality is many years ago, I read some research and it talked about fourth generations of families. Being on public assistance, meaning they, they grew up in the, in the cycle of poverty and they didn't know any differently. So, you could say, well, a person didn't know any differently that they could be, you know what? They could go to medical school, and they could go to college, and they could be a brain surgeon and they could make, you know, $400,000 per year.

Yes. I understand that. But where I go to is that every single person on the planet. For the most part, actually, no, let me rephrase that. Every single person on the planet has free will, which means they can think as they choose to think and want to think. Even if they don't know that they can do that. And in the industrialized world, and I would assume no one in a third world for the most Is listening to this podcast. And the industrialized world. I have seen many people that have been born in the abject poverty. And they've risen to a place of great wealth or influence or impact in the world, which simply means our environments also play a role in the person we become, which is our identity, which again, affects our action and our reaction.

But you are listening right now, you're the one I'm talking to, not someone that's an abstract person or just, you know, an apparition. I'm talking to you and what I mean is by you listening. You can change, but also, I'm asking what is your identity about your ability to change and evolve and transform and grow? Because see that identity will affect the action, which will affect the reaction of what you create in life. So back to the brain surgeon and the, you know, minimum wage teller. So, what is the identity of the brain surgeon? Before they became a brain surgeon. What is the identity of the clerk before they actually took that position? And that's what you want to look at. And that's what I want to look at here are the big areas in your life.

I'd like to talk about your health your wealth, your relationships. And I want to talk about an area that I base a lot of content on this podcast on. But a lot of people don't really connect with it. They think they and they liked the idea, but they don't connect deeply with it in terms of their action, which creates a reaction. And by that, I mean, spirituality. How are you actually acting and connection with your spirituality, which creates a reaction for you? You know, a phrase in my mind that I say to myself a lot is that spirit returns to me what I give to spirit. Meaning the person that I'm being spiritually is what creates the returns that come back to me, we live in a universe of what I say no mercy. Meaning, what we put out is what we get back as we're projecting. So are we receiving and the universe, doesn't say, I'll tell you what, I'll give you a pass today. You were really good yesterday, but you get a pass today.

And of course, I can dig in a lot deeper there, but the reality is plain and simple. What you put out is what you get back and if you're not getting back what you want which is a reaction it's because you're not creating it with an action. And you're not creating it with an action again, because of your identity. So, the areas that we're talking about, let's talk about health first. I've told this story before, but I remember many years ago, back in 1995. I used to go to the gym five days a week and I would go in the afternoon because I could. And there was a guy who worked out who was in absolutely phenomenal shape. And I thought he was a trainer one day, he was spotting me, and I even asked him, I even said, you know, are you a trainer? And he said, no. And I said, you know, it's, it's pretty amazing to me that you've created the body that you have, and you're not a, you know, a professional in the industry. I don't know if I said it that analytically or whatever, but I said something like that and he said to me, this is exactly what he said. He goes, this is who I am. Meaning that body. He does the things, and I won't elongate this episode and go into it. But he talked about things that he does on business trips. When everyone else goes to the steak dinners You know, the big fatty steak and the wine and all that.

He told me that he would eat Boneless. Boneless chicken breast or skinless chicken breast. And both, I guess, boneless and skinless. But he goes and I have water and I, you know, I work out and I do all these kinds of things. And again, he said, that's who I am. Now back then it didn't register like it does now. But whatever your health is. That's who you are. I know some people can argue with me and say, well, my health is not good right now. My health is this. My health is that. And the truth is this. Your body does not lie. Trust me when I tell you I'm an expert on this and I don't use that word a lot very seldom because I don't like the word expert. No, one's an expert. We all have educated opinions that think we're experts. So, what I would say is I have an educated opinion on health and wellness because in 2020. I had a stroke and heart failure. Doctors have no idea why that happen. They're like, we don't know what happened. Maybe it's genetic or something. But I'm going to tell you this that I do know, and it's the best experiences of my life. What I know is the stroke and heart failure. I created at some level of my identity. Because it cannot happen in the body unless it's first in the mind. And so many people want to negate that they wanted to deny it. Because people do not many people do not want to be responsible for their physical body and what a lot of people want to do is they want to blame someone else because they are the way that they are and especially their body.

The reality, the truth, even science demonstrate this, and a lot of very accurate and legitimate science demonstrates that the body will follow the mind. So, where we're going here. I think you probably might already be ahead of me. Is whatever your physical health is right now. Like the guy I explained earlier in the gym. Whatever your physical health is right now is a reflection of your subconscious identity. You want different health? You change your identity. I want to pose a question here. I've mentioned before. For example, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is one of the wealthiest people in the world. She could afford any trainer that she wants. And she's done all these things over the years to lose weight, to be trim and fit and healthy. But yet with all the resources that she has available. She still not trims fit and healthy. And it's very easy to say, oh, it's genetics or this or that. And something that I say is perhaps that plays a role. But you know what. What she probably has never dealt with. Is that as I understand, she was raped when she was 14 years old, which creates a great deal of trauma and I've observed and I've noticed, and I've talked to a lot of women. I don't have any clinical evidence to prove this. But as I understand. Well, I do understand this part of it being a hypnotist many years ago.

Is that the body's job is survival. I mean, that's, there are things that our body does to keep us alive. And when people, many times women are raped, many times they will put on weight. Because the subconscious metaphor is if they put on weight, they can see. They can say, see, now I'm overweight. I'm not attractive. No one will want me anymore. I'm not at Or I'm not, you know, in danger of being raped anymore. And it's an isolation and protection mechanism. The body. Through identity, the body's reflecting the fear or the trauma that happened back when they were younger. Now again, I just, you know, in defense of myself, I cannot defend that. But being in this field for decades and reading what our bread and the, you know, the research and everything else, and then just observing people and being a hypnotist and working in this field. I can say without a shadow of a doubt. No question about it. Your body is reflective of your mind, and you want your subconscious mind, your subconscious identity, meaning how you see yourself. Why? Because something I say is this. Whatever your subconscious identity, is you can never outperform that identity. So however, you air quotes, see yourself subconsciously. You can never outperform that, no matter how badly you think you want to do something differently.

Okay next, let's look at a wealth. And we'll simplify this, is that your environment, meaning your wealth, meaning the money you have in the bank is your beliefs, objectified and your beliefs come from your subconscious identity. So, you want to change your environment, which is your money. Then you have to change your beliefs and you change your beliefs through actually the subconscious identity that you hold for yourself. And I'm going to actually. I'm going to address this is, I'm not a big fan because I've done an episode on people saying you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself. I don't entirely believe that you have to believe in yourself, the reason why. As I've seen many people do things, they didn't believe they could do. They simply went and did it.

Many times, the concept of concept of beliefs, which a lot of motivational speakers will set up. That in itself becomes an obstacle to creating the outcome that people want. Because they get into, well, I got to believe in myself. I got to believe in myself. I got to believe in myself. And that itself is an obstacle to the way of being, to create the outcome that they want. Anyway, we're talking about money. Money is identity. And you want to know what your subconscious identity is? It's pretty simple. It's really simple. It's black and white look at your bank account, and that will tell you exactly what your money identity is. And I can say this through personal experience. I grew up poor. I grew up a very working class. I grew up on a farm, literally Texas farm. So, I know what it's like to grow up without And I learned that. And so, for many years I learned that I had to struggle for money and all these kinds of things that were part of my identity. And when I shifted that guess what? My money circumstances changed dramatically and quickly. When I shifted on the inside out. Okay. I want to say right here for any of you that have been listening for any amount of time. It's so easy when we think we've already heard something. Oh, I already know that already. I can't tell you the amount of people in my transformational coaching programs that will say, you know, Jim, I already know this, or I already know that.

But you know what? They can't demonstrate it. It means they know what by nouns and verbs and language, but they can't demonstrate it in their own life. And if they can't demonstrate it, then they don't know it. So even if you're sitting here listening right now and you're thinking, Jim, I'm going to roll my eyes. I've heard this before. If you're not creating the health and the wealth and the relationships that you want. You must, must, must pull the covers back. And look at the subconscious identity. And then also. Look at what you're thinking about, what you see, because that also comes from your identity. Listen to the excuses that you're giving yourself about why your life is the way that it is because that's also coming from your subconscious identity. It's a pesky tricky little thing, this thing called identity, and it will trick you all along the way. That's why it's so vital that you become familiar with what I'm talking about, but not just become familiar. To know what I'm talking about in this episode. You know, when it comes to relationships, do you have a lot of personal relationships? Do you have a few, have you been in You know, long-term relationship that works. Have you been in and out of relationships? Can you sustain a relationship? Can you not sustain a relationship? Every bit of this is a reflection of your identity.

You know, in my own life, I am for the most part, an extrovert, but you know what? I have very few friends by choice and honestly, I can have a lot of friends. I can have more friends than a person can possibly even. You know, want to have in their life. I have that opportunity with the exposure and things that I do in I have very few close personal friends. Why? That's my identity, but see, there's something that drives that identity is. I don't need to be around a lot of people. Part of who I am at an at an identity level is I'm a loner. And I thought about that word before I used it. I'm a loner by choice. I like being a loner. And I tribute that more to spirituality than anything else. I was listening to Stephen Colbert which I don't, I don't ever watch the show. I watched it once. And he was interviewing, Sting. And he was asking Stings something ‘like 20 questions. And I think he asked, you know, I think he asked, Sting something like, what is your favorite sound? And Sting said. Silence. And in that moment, I'm like, that's me. My favorite sound is silence. And when I'm alone and by myself, I get to be in silence. And to me, that is my happy place. That is my bliss. So, my identity as a person who enjoys being in solitude. Where I live, I live in a small town called Sedona, Arizona. There's only 8,000 people that live here, even though we have something like four and a half million visitors a year, because it's so pretty here and it's very powerful. Energetically. I live at the top of a mountain quite literally. No one comes up here except locals and they're driving on the street, but you never see any, any visitors, tourists appear.

But it's quiet. That is who I am. And because that is what my identity is, then that's what my environment is. So, when it comes to your relationships, look at the patterns in your relationships. Seriously, do not judge yourself, do not feel bad about it. Do not feel good about it. Look at the patterns and your relationships that right there will tell you what your identity is. And the reason why is because we show up in our relationships subconsciously as our identity. So, if we are a petty person or an angry person or a person with low self-worth or whatever it might be. That's. Are doing that's our being first, how we're being subconsciously, which is our identity, which then becomes our doing, which we then carry into the relationship. You know, some fascinating research I read, it's not well-known research. But back down at the University of Texas in the 1970s. And that research demonstrated that we subconsciously seek out. Complimentary identities to be in a relationship with why? Because when we seek out complimentary identities to be in relationship with that actually confirms our identity. And people actually think they want to know things. They want to know what's going to happen tomorrow. They want to know what the person's going to be like tomorrow, the person they're with. So, when they're with someone that obviously they picked. They pick a person that confirms to them what their, what their life will be like tomorrow.

Let me explain that a little better. I kind of jumbled that a little Many of you have seen before, perhaps a woman that's been abused, and she gets out of an abusive relationship, and everyone says, oh, you know, finally Susan left John. And Susan starts feeling better about herself and her, she starts looking healthier. And then guess what? 2 3, 4, 5 months later, someone says, did you hear. Susan is dating this new guy again. And he's a lot like John, he talks to her in the same way and treats her in the same way. What people do is however they see themself. They will attract someone that actually perpetuates that perception of self. So, if someone hates themself, they will actually seek out someone. That will treat them horribly to remind them to show them not to remind them consciously. But, but to put in their face to reflect to them, they have no value. This is what's called confirming identities. So, if a woman or let's say a person believes let's do that, if a person believes they have no value and they're worthless. They will seek out a person. Who also believes that other people are worthless and treats people and in they were other people worthless way.

So, the person who believes they're worthless will attract an identity of a person who likes to treat people like they're worthless and the two identities confirm each other. We confirm each other, subconsciously therefore by the Bing by the bang. Oh, my life makes sense now. And that's why most of us are many of us. If not all of us stay in relationships that do not work long after they do not work. Before I keep on going. I'd like to ask a favor. Right now, as I alluded to earlier, I mean, we, we live in a really messed up world right now, in my opinion, which comes from my identity. I mean, there are a lot of things happening in the world that make life challenging for a lot of people. There were a lot of people who need a lot of help right now. When it comes to better self-understanding to create, you know, a better action and better circumstances in life. If you would please share this podcast episode. You know, in your social media or with your friends and family, people that, you know, that would get benefit from hearing this message. So, at the very least, at the very least, they've got an idea of why their life, the way is the way that it is. And they have an idea that, you know what, I'm the one who created that life. And I'm the one who could change that life by shifting my identity. So please, I'm asking you, please share this episode.

So, the whole podcast is about transforming your life from the inside And I know I've said it a thousand different ways on all the episodes and maybe not a thousand. I don't know. I've said it a lot of times. But hopefully this helps you better understand that to create what you want to create in life. You've got to start on the inside. And then that brings me to major life area, number four, which will pertain to a lot of people who listen. And that is spirituality. How do you be in your spirituality? Because your being will affect your doing. Which will affect your outcome. Spiritually speaking. And the truth is this. Everything in your life is spiritually speaking because you are a cosmic, spiritual being. Your money is spiritually speaking, your relationships are spiritually speaking. Your health is spiritually speaking. Everything in your life is spiritually speaking. But how do you manage that overall concept of your own essence of spirituality? I do want to be candid and say, I'm not going to share all the answers in this particular episode, because it would be a much longer episode. But what I've learned over the years, working with a Shaman. Is no one can tell us how to lives, meaning that we have these roadmaps for ourselves. They're subconscious and they're also karmic.

And even when people ask me for advice, I don't give it because I don't know their karma. I simply ask questions to get them to start thinking. But I've learned in my own life. The most powerful way to create change in my life is to know what my next step is. And when I get into my analytical mind, I start getting into my identity, then meaning my human identity for my upbringing and my realities and my past history and all that. But when I go into the silence. When I ask for answers. And I get quiet, and I listen. Truly listen. When I quiet my mind. That's when the way. The answers start coming. So, for right now, all the things that are going on in the world, do not fight the relationships. Do not fight the health and wellness. I do not fight the economy. Go inside and look for guidance. Episode number six here I talk. Well, a little bit. I just mentioned roomy. And all the answers. I mean this, I mean it, and many of you were like, you know, Jim, which makes sense, but I just don't get it. Every answer you need. Is in the silence. It's in the inside it's in your inside, you or on the inside of you. And I don't know. And are on the inside it's in you. And I used to say many years ago. Is the only way out, meaning. Wherever I am air quote, stuck in life. The only way out. Is within.

So, I've learned over the years, many decades with a shaman. I have to stop. And get quiet. And there are times. And actually, even beyond that, I will not go and go into it in this episode. But you can be in the silence, even when you're active, meaning you're doing things you can be roller skating and playing hockey and all these kinds of things and still be in the silence. Because silence is not a behavior. It is air quote, state of mind. And when you're in that state of mind, that right there is where a great deal of clarity comes for you. And in that clarity comes the direction you want. And in that direction comes to better health and the better wealth and the better relationship and the better life. But it all goes back to going inside. And it all goes back to. The spiritual essence of you. And letting that come out. And, you know, even spirituality is action and reaction. You know, my brother-in-law often, often talks to the people that work with him on the inner circle. Like I do his apprentices. And he will often say, okay guys, you know, you want to start doing X, Y, Z. I can't do that for you. I can't eat for you so to speak. You have to do your own action to create the reaction, to create the outcome.

And that can even. You know, and that could even mean something like a lot of people they are meditating is sitting down. And, you know, holding your fingers in the mood repositions and crossing your legs in a Lotus position and going Ohm, or you A lot of people think that's what meditation is. No, it's the internal state. But you don't create the internal state, which is the reaction you want until you take the action to create the internal, the external state. Hang on. Let me back up. So that you can, you're like Jim. Okay. Slow down. I got to tell myself to slow down here. So, if you want to create. The, like the peaceful, external life you have to go inside and first create the internal peaceful life, because when you do that, which it takes an action to do that because you've got to do things to do that. Which basically just telling you the truth. It means slow your fricking life down, you know, stop watching Netflix, stop doing all these kinds of things. Get off Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Tik TOK and all the stuff that consumes your attention that pulls you away from you, which is an action.

Slow down. Slow down. Take some time to go inside and then start working from there. And, you know, I, I could put it this way. I could see it simply is if you want change in your life, then. What are you going to do? To create the change because what you do will also affect the ways that you're being, which will affect your identity, which will affect the outcomes that you're getting. I also know that many people will say, because I've heard over the years, Jim, which sounds great. And I want to do it, but I can't meditate. I can't quiet my mind. We'll notice where you're working from. When you say that and what have you actually taught yourself about yourself? By saying that by believing that by probably never doing the action in the first place to create the action that you want. The reaction is the internal silence. So, this day and age. Which I'm not going to mention any here, but this day and age, just get online. And you could find tons of applications to help quiet the mind. Isochronic tones binaural beats. Self-hypnosis things like this can all help you quiet the mind. So most importantly in life action is required. But we have to look at the being taking the action. And we have to look at the identity, which is creating, you know, the being the person doing it, which is creating the outcome. So that requires some action to be able to do that. So, you have to stop, get off the mirror, go round of life and go inside.

So, when I started this episode, I talked about so many people complaining about life and their bodies and their relationships and economy. And all this complaining is a reflection of the identity of the person doing the complaining. And then the identity creates some kind of action which creates reaction, which then recreates the reality that they're complaining about in the first place. And that is insanity. So, to stop being insane. And I'm just kidding about that. But the stop being insane. Stop working in a way which is doing, which is action. Stop working in a way that doesn't create the outcomes that you want in life. And then you could say, you know, Jim, okay. I get it changing my attitude, but to what. Or changing me. Back up this whole last sentence. And you could say a transformational takeaway here for you, as you could say. Well, you know, Jim, okay, I'm sold. I get it changing my identity, but what do I change it to? Here's where true power comes in and comes through you. I don't know that answer. No one can give you that answer only, you know, that answer. Get quiet. And go inside. Okay, thanks for listening. And I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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