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EPISODE 264: “Five Ways You Burn Your Energy And Peace Of Mind”

April 5, 2023

My brother-in-law, Don Xavier, once said to me, “You can’t do a whole lot without peace of mind.”

Your peace of mind determines your quality of life yet we give our power away and squander it by living in fear and worry.

In this episode, I talk about five ways you may squander your power and peace of mind. When you squander your power you give up your ability to manifest, heal, and tap into Divine wisdom. And of course, you give up your peace of mind.

Here are the five ways you may give up your power. I share the bullets and then I dive into each of them in this episode.

EXPECTATIONS – When you stop having expectations the actions of others stop affecting you.

OFFENSE –If the actions of others offend you, you’ll spend your lifetime offended.

SELF-PITY – Animals do not have self-pity. It’s a waste of your power.

TRIGGERS –These are your most powerful tools for growth.

ATTACHMENT – This is your greatest source of suffering.

These poisons rob you of your power and it’s vital that you become aware of how these play out in your life.

Your objective should be to conserve and build your power, not deplete it. And, when you start mastering these concepts you start to build your power.

Transformational Takeaway

You can do nothing well without peace of mind.

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Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to the Transform Your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Five Ways You Burn Your Energy and Peace of Mind. You know, a lot of us don’t think about it, but we spend our entire day in some kind of mental, just, you know, these hamster wheels on our mind and bills and economy and Putin and Biden and Trump and the kids and this, all these things. All this worry. And when we do that, we have no peace of mind. So what I want to talk about in this episode, Is five ways you burn your energy and peace of mind because peace of mind is one of the most vital things that you can have. My brother-in-law has said many years ago, to me back actually in 2001. When I say my brother-in-law, I mean, Don Xavier, the shaman. He said you can’t do anything without peace of mind ponder that. You think about when you had peace of mind, kind of like a calm ocean. Everything’s peaceful notice how easy it is to think, to act, and to make decisions and hopefully smart ones. And the thing about when things are chaotic. And you’re, you know, under stress and you’ve got to make all these pressing. Which, you know, you perceive them to be pressing. Pressing decisions and all this pressure and pressure and pressure and money and worry and money and worry and money. I think about how hard it is then to make a decision.

So in this episode, I want to talk about you. And the way that you actually give away your peace of mind. And when you give away your peace of mind, you squander your power. And when you squander your power. You give up your ability to manifest, to heal, to create and specifically. To tap into higher mind and wisdom and obviously this whole thing is about peace of mind. So when you give up your peace of mind, you will lose everything that I’m just talking about. You know, the ability to heal and manifest and tap into higher ability.

Hi, I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I’ve coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you’re going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you’ve never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

So, five ways, I’m going to share bullet points with you. You might’ve heard me talk about these before, but these are things that literally, and I don’t know that I’ve mastered at anything in life. I want to say, literally, these are things that I always have at the forefront of my awareness. So these five things are this, and then we’re going to dig into each one. Okay number one is expectations. And when you stop having expectations, of other people, the actions of other people, while stop effecting you, and more specifically, they will stop controlling you. Number two is Offense. If you take offense at the actions or to the actions of other people, You will spend your lifetime offended. Number three Self-pity. How often do you live in self-pity? Notice animals do not have self-pity. Self-pity poor me nothing works right for me oh my gosh. Why can’t I get ahead? Why can other people have it? And I don’t, that’s a waste of your power and a waste of your peace of mind. Number four Triggers. As you may have heard me say before your triggers, many people will say, quote, I hate by triggers. Bob triggers me, Susan triggers me. You ought to be blessing Bob and blessing, Susan. And the reason why is they are showing you. Right in your face. Where you can grow and evolve even more.

And then number five is like a granddaddy one and that is Attachment. And you might’ve heard, you might have read you. Might’ve heard me say before that the Buddhist said. Attachment is the greatest source of all suffering. You look at things that cause suffering in your life and it’s because you’re attached to a person thing or an idea. These things, the expectations, the offense, the self-pity that triggers the attachment. These things are poison. And they Rob you of your power. And they take. That you know, that I said earlier, they take your ability away to create, to manifest, and to tap into divine mind. You know, when I started working with Don Xavier there’s Shaman literally, I think 27 years ago. Something, he said to me early on was this. He said shamans, learn to conserve their energy. And the reason that we want to conserve our energy is because energy is power. And we have to have the power in reserve, so to speak, to be able to do, to create, to manifest and to show up in the world like we want to. And when you get into these five things that I just talked about, the expectations, offense self-pity triggers and detachment. What you do is you deplete your power. So it’s important I use the word mastering a bit ago. It’s important that we start working towards mastery. However, we define that with these principles. And when we do that, we stop giving away our power. And when we stopped giving away our power we then have more peace of mind.

Okay, so let’s go through each one of these. When Don Xavier calls me and my brother-in-law’s. So we text a lot these days, but in the early years, even when I lived in New York city, He would call me just to check in and I would call him and talk to him. And whenever he would call me, I would make sure that I had a notebook nearby so that I could take notes. And I have many handwritten notes that are 25 years old, literally, you know, chicken scratch and you know, my scribble and things that he said. And I remember one time. He said to me, and I still have it to this day, the handwritten note that I made back then. He said he used to call me, He’s from Mexico. And he used to call me brother-in-law but he used the Mexican word. Which is Cuñado. And I used to say. this is what he said Cuñado he goes your biggest limitation is your expectations. And then he said to me, When you stop having expectations of how other people are supposed to be in the world or what they are supposed to do. Their actions will stop affecting you. And he said to me, you know Cuñado, he goes, when people don’t do what you want them to do, he goes, you get pissed off, you get frustrated, you get angry, you get, you know, agitated, all these kinds of things. And you drain your power. So my question to you what expectations do you have of other people? Specifically how they should be and how they should not be.

I remember probably, I don’t know, two years ago or so. I had a woman in my program. The Transformational Coaching Program. And we were talking about her kids and the program and the live coaching calls and the challenge she had was she had a mother, she was a mother, and she had a son and a daughter. And the daughter was gay and getting married the son didn’t approve. Number one of her being gay and number two of her getting married. And the mothers in the middle, trying to create harmony in the family. And the reality is there’s no fault here. People just do what they do. But her son had expectations of the way her daughter, his sister should live her life or shouldn’t live her life. And then, because he had expectations of how she should live her life. And she wasn’t living her life by his expectations. He was angry. And causing a lot of distension. The distension in the family, not distinction. I don’t know what that word is the Ascension in the family. So something I tell people quite often, As long as they’re not hurting other people, let everyone have their own experience of life. But what we often do is we create expectations about, and it’s, it’s just rampant right now in politics in the United States, there’s all these expectations from one political party and ideology. About the others about how they should live their life. And, you know, the way that I look at it, you probably don’t like people telling you how to live your life.

Who in the hell says you can tell other people how they’re supposed to live your life. And especially if it’s from your value system. No one has that right. But we look at the expectations that we place on other people. And I’m asking you. And you, notice this through your emotions. Any time your emotions are out of whack. You’re frustrated, you’re angry, you’re agitated. Stop and ask yourself, and you’re doing that. Probably because something in the world isn’t responding in the way that you want that thing or person to respond. They therefore did not meet your expectations. And now you are the old me bent out of shape. And now moment, so ask yourself. Where, where am I frustrated and angry and agitated. Next make a list. And ask yourself this question in this list. What expectations am I placing upon other people on about how they should be or what they should do in the world? So, number one, expectations. I do want to point out also the caveat I have a company. I have nine employees now, obviously they’re all paid. They’re all salary benefits, health insurance, 401k, all that, all that stuff. I take care of my employees. Here’s the thing. Professionally as a business owner, I do have expectations that they will meet certain professional expectations. But there are things that happen and I’m kinda like, well, oh, well, you know, what are you going to do? And, you know, an employee might make a, I wouldn’t say a wrong decision, but a faulted decision or a less than productive decision. And many times I find it’s not the employee, it’s me not paying attention. And that means that that’s a, you know, a signal to me that I need to refocus on something in the business.

But. You know what I want them to meet there set up agreed upon standards and business. And if they don’t, we have conversations about it, but it’s, it’s rare. It’s rare, rare, rare that my employees do not meet or greatly greatly exceed air quote expectations. So we have expectations in our personal life with expectations professionally. And then we have expectations about the world and how strangers are supposed to act and respond in the world. And that one, right there will greatly Rob your peace. You know, a phrase that I heard many years ago. If you think you’re all that powerful than try to tell someone else’s dog, what to do. And I I’m a dog owner, so I laugh at that. I mean, my dog will listen to me. You know, someone else is trying to command my dog and my dog is like, whatever. You know, Talk to the poll, so to speak and my dog just runs off. So, the same thing about people. So what expectations do you have complete strangers about how they are supposed to be in the world?

This was a tricky one for me. And the reason why is part of my unconscious value system. Is I believe that and at a core level, when I say, I believe I don’t even like the word belief, but I am a person in a way. A great way that has the thought process. We should help people. We should. Yeah. Let me back up and tell you a story here.

When I lived in New York city back, you know, 20 something years ago, most of his ride, the subway. So, my office was down near wall street. And a lot of wall Streeters going to work from the upper east side, where I left. There was a young wall street guy, fancy suit, all those kinds of stuff. We’re going to work one morning. And he jumped the turnstile in the subway. And almost knocked an elderly lady down. And I thought to myself, what an asshole, because he just keeps on running. And leaves this lady who he knocked halfway down. And to me that violated my value system. And I thought for a moment, what an asshole, what a jerk. I mean, this lady needs help and he knocks her over and just keeps on going. Why? So he can be on time for work?

Well, number one. I was doing something I didn’t have the right to do. I was judging him. And then just a couple of minutes later, it dawned on me. I had expectations of how I thought younger people are supposed to treat older people. That was something from growing up a small town, Texas farm boy. And I realized, and I said to myself, wait, Jim. You’re trying to police somebody because of your expectations. No one major, the police have that guy. You don’t have to worry about what that guy does do or doesn’t deal. Let the universe be the police of the situation. And in that moment, I didn’t recognize it, but I started releasing my expectations on other people and what they should do and how they should be in the world. Because I never looked at it from the flip side. What role that, that woman play. Now? I mean, she didn’t, you know, instead of speak air quote, deserve to be almost knocked down. But, however, what is her karma? What role is she playing out? What actions is she playing in this 3d scenario with that young guy? Because I don’t even know what was in his mind later. He could have thought, oh my God, what a jerk. I am. I almost knock a lady down and you know, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway. I’m going to move on, but expectations, when we stop having expectations about other people in the way they should be in what they should do. The actions of others stop affecting us. So the question I told you right here is make a list. What expectations do you have of other people? Next one. Taking offense to things. Number one, so many people will say, well, I’m offended. You said blah-blah-blah. Who gives a shit really? I mean, number one is nobody can offend you unless they walk up and smack you in the face. Otherwise, it’s there offending your belief system. But something I learned many years ago, this phrase. Don Xavier said to me, And trust me when this also hit me pretty hard. If the actions of others offend you you’ll spend that entire lifetime offended. So, think about that. And many of you get offended by other people because they’re not living by your model of reality. The way that you think the world should work.

The people you think people should vote for the people you think people shouldn’t vote for, and then they do it. And now you’re all offended. You know, I look out on the world and it’s such ego sensitivity. When people get offended by things like language who gives a fuck. It’s just a word. It’s a word that you’re putting a meaning on. Or different things that people might say. And I am the first to say, I think there are things that are appropriate and things that are not appropriate. However, we tend to take things personally based upon how we self-identify. And, you know, being gay. Trust me when I tell you many disparaging things have been said to me, I don’t care. Why would I waste my energy? I don’t care. Why would I waste my energy on someone who knows nothing about me? Why would I be offended? And especially this day and age, the cancel culture, you can’t even say the word Mike, because people aren’t even supposed to have a name anymore, because then that’s delineating a gender and then you’re being a gender, whatever, whatever. And it’s just like, come on people. But people are under this ego. And in this time, it’s crucial so many things that people do offend other people remove yourself from that equation. So, the way that I operate is, Hey. I’m going to stand up, so to speak. On a cliff and I’m going to watch everything just float by.

Because people are going to get into their crap. Not my problem. As they say, not my monkeys. Not my circus. So, make a list what things do people do that offend you. Look at your list and no one’s going to see this list, but you, but think about it. What things do people do that offend me. And I can just say with complete integrity. There are things that I look at and I’m like, well, you know, I don’t agree with that. And I would have done that differently. And they’re even times I’m like, what the hell was that person thinking? But in the end, I have no control over any of it. So why would I place my energy in it? Ah, breathe and let it go. Number three. This is a big one, and this is one of the most destructive states for most people. And it’s the state of, of self-pity. So many people get into their self-pity and they give up their power and they drain their energy. By getting into their self-pity. They burn their peace of mind and their self-pity. You know, earlier today I saw a video on Instagram, and it was his dog. That had no use of a tine legs and the dog even had a diaper on it. And this dog was playing with another dog in someone’s living room and they had a tile floor. And the dog that didn’t have use of its rear legs. Literally was having more fun than the other dog that had complete use of its body.

And you look at animals. Animals and I’m a dog lover. I have two dogs and a cat. My cat doesn’t give a shit about me, but I mean, she has a good cat, but everything’s on her terms. But two dogs. And you know, for those of you that have dogs, I’m still laughing because of those of you that have cats can probably relate. When I said my cat doesn’t give a shit about me. Okay, there we go of language again. Hopefully, I didn’t offend anybody. But, you know, my dogs don’t get in the side. They don’t get in the self-pity. And we’re animals as well. And we have to look at when, when do we get into self-pity? Poor me things didn’t work like I wanted. I’m no good. People aren’t going to love me. People aren’t going to like me, who would want to be with me.

I don’t have anything to offer. I don’t have anything to say. It’s kind of like, what’s that little thing again. That’ll metaphor let me pull my violin out. And would you like some wine without, or something? Seriously. That’s all ego get over it. So, question for you how often do you get into your self-pity and you’re getting into your self-pity. When you say things like poor me. I wish this didn’t happen. This always happens to me. I’m no good. I’m no bad. I’m bad. I’m worthless. No one would want me, no one likes me. I don’t have anything to offer. That’s all self-pity. And literally again, that’s all ego. Get out of it. It drains your power. The next one. Triggers. Before I go to the next one. You know, I grew up in the, I’m going to go back to the last one here for a second. The last, well, I’m going to hop all the way back to the one on the fence. You know, I grew up in the seventies and the number one TV show in the United States was called All in the Family. And I’m just going to be transparent. There’s no reason not to. I still get a crack out of that show for a couple of reasons. One, how much culture has changed over the years, but secondly, some things have never changed over the years. When you look at that character, Archie Bunker. And I look at that Archie Bunker can’t even be played in some places. Again, number one show on TV in the seventies. I’m not saying that’s good or that’s bad. I’m just telling you what it was.

And I am not a fan of bigotry and racism. 0%, 0%. I want any kind of energetic attachment or relationship to, you know, any kind of race, superiority, or gender or any of this, it’s just, I don’t want any part of it in my life. But it exists in the world. And I look at people now, when people say the slightest thing, people get offended. You want to get offended, air quote, go watch a season of Archie Bunker and then see how you feel. So anyway, too much sensitivity in the world. And I don’t mean spiritual sensitivity. I mean, ego sensitivity. Okay, back to the one I’m talking about now. Triggers. Now we all have them. I’m trying to think here. I don’t have as many as I used to have. I mean, I used to be a trigger fool. I mean, anything and everything would trigger me. And I don’t mean like going into an anger. You know, angry rage or any of that. But, I mean, it’s just like, I’m just going to be, I’m just, I got to tell you the truth.

So for the most part, this is subject, I’m a pretty bright guy and I’ve heard that my entire life. So that means as part of my identity and my ego, because I’ve heard it since I was a kid, I took an IQ test in college. I had the genius IQ range, blah blah, who cares? It doesn’t matter. But I do have a fair amount of common sense. And one of my triggers still. Is when people do just things that are sheer stupidity that put other people in danger. Now I can sit back, and I can watch and I can detach. But to me that’s a waste. You know, why would we even take or create these opportunities to put other people in danger or to hurt other people physically or something like that? You know, people do it. Many years back in college, I saw this woman writing a check back. When people used to write checks at the supermarket. She sat her kid up on the little check writing podium. That’s about four and a half feet off the ground, so she could write a check. She sat her one-year-old kid there, nothing to hold the kid on that little thing. I mean, this is how people get hurt. And I remember thinking back. You know, what is she thinking? So anyway, I’m just sharing just transparency with you. These are part of the human experience. But there also are tools. There are tools so we can grow to learn to be more loving. More compassionate, more tolerant and more understanding. Like I said, I’m not, I am far from perfect. I’m still working on it, but these are our best tools for growth.

I look back, you know, in the, my time of Don Xavier. At one point, he had 30 people that were apprenticing with him and we would go on global trips. On the spring Equinox, the power spots on the planet ULURU, Cheops, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Titicaca, Lake Chaco, Haleakalā, etc. and in the early years, we would all fly together somewhere in the world and have these charter buses and stay in the same hotels and et cetera, et cetera. And there was a whole lot of ego, even though we were going there for spiritual, you know, reasons. We were green as green as green could be spiritually. When we started with him. And I looked back and I was like, I dammit. You know, This person’s doing this again, and that person’s doing. It’s all ego. But the parable here of monks in Thailand. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I read the parable or the story. Where, when they want to prepare potatoes, they put them on a big VAT and they stir them. They don’t clean the dirt off from them before they put them in the big pot or the big VAT. They stir them and they let their friction from each one bouncing into an offering each other. Actually, the friction rubs the dirt off and I recognize from Don Xavier, that’s what he was doing with all of us. He created all this friction that today, those of us are still around. Sigh, Complete, complete, complete, peace ,and harmony. Why the friction and the early years rubbed off all the air quote, the dirt. And the dirt is the triggers. So, look at these people in your life that trigger you.

The judgements, the ego. then, opinionating. Why did they leave that coffee cup on the counter? Why don’t, you know, why can’t they pick up their dirty clothes off the floor? How come they did this? How come it is what it is. And seriously. As I said, that’s why I told you the story about a couple of minutes ago. I mean, I’m still working on mine, but I’ll tell you this I’ve come a long way. That being at peace throughout my days, by letting that go. And you can do the same by recognizing, asking yourself what things do people do? What things do people say? What ways do people be that trigger me because right there, what we tend to do is judge and criticize and condemn been there, done that, but what we can do is learned to be more compassionate because I go back to the old neuro-linguistic programming phrase. And that phrase is this now I have to remind myself sometimes, but the phrase is this :Everyone does the best they can at any given moment with the resources they have. So living in Sedona, we have 5 million tourists a year here, and people just sure the hell can drive and roundabouts here it’s looks like bumper cars have to time. I’ve almost been hit dozens of times every month by people running into my lane.

Years ago, I’d have not been thrilled. This damn, a more cautious and defensive driver. And, you know, we could say, well, that idiot driver, I don’t talk like that. But a friend does there are a lot of people do, or this person, this or that stupid, driver whatever. And the way that I look at it. If they could do something differently, if they had the mental resources. They would do something differently. So, because you’re not doing something differently. They don’t have the mental resources. So, think about that with your triggers. Think about the people in your life, things, they do things. They say the ways that they are. If they could be a different way a healthier way. Let’s say hopefully and guess what if they had the resources to do it? They would do it, but they haven’t done it, which means that they don’t have the resources. So the question for you here, what triggers and judgements are you placing on other people? That’s your greatest opportunity to grow? When you look at those things, you evaluate them. You understand that pupil are doing the best they can in any given moment. And that you’re even telling stories about what they’re doing whole different podcast episode. But look at it and there’s a huge opportunity to grow. I have to say with Don Xavier, and I mean this in 27 years, I have never seen him in a conversation experienced or heard him in a conversation with me. Not one time in 27 years and I’ve spent a lot of time because his family. Has I have I ever heard him talk in a way that indicates someone triggered him, he just lets it go.

I said something in one of my trainings one time and actually somebody took offense to it. And actually I’ll tell you what happened. Don Xavier told me many years ago. We want to be like a polished stone. Uh, polished stone, you can pour things on a polished stone. And it just runs off kind of like a car that’s waxed, you pour water on it and the water beads and rolls off. We want to be the polish car or the polished stone. I was doing a training in my BE DO HAVE series one time and this devout Christian and I know that because I looked at his profile said you mentioned shamanism and being like being a polished rock. I don’t want to be anything like a polished rock I’m out of here. And he quit the training. Number one great. Good for him he lost out. But secondly, he took offense to me saying we can be contextually speaking, like polished rocks, that guy, miss the opportunity to see what was triggering him. And he was triggered because he’s what we’re going into next. He was attached to his way of thinking. Before we go into that. Think about this. What things trigger me. And what judgements am I making about those triggers?

Next one and final one in this episode. ATTACHMENTS. I believe it was the Buddha or the Dalai Lama one in the same, I guess. As they say anyway, one of those two dudes said. That your greatest source of suffering is attachment. And Don Xavier has talked to me about that for many, many years, because your attachments will drain your power and destroy your peace of mind. So we can be attached to a lot of different things. We can be attached to people. We can be attached to places. We can be attached to ideas, ideologies. Many years back. I had a Rolex. I have one now too, but years ago, like 25 years ago. And Don Xavier, your solid. And after he started, he started apprenticing as a small boy of shamans. And when he was in his late teens, his mentor, Don Juan said, it’s time to go in the world and be a man. And he left a shamanic path per se, and got in the business world and did very, very well. Import export as well. He understood fine jewelry. And when he saw me wearing the Rolex, the first time he goes, hey, let me see that Cuñado.

And I showed it to him and basically he said things like nice, et cetera, and gave it back. A year later, I lost it. I have some ideas where I lost it, but I’m not sure because that was one drunken stupor night. Stupid and stupe. And he asked me about the Rolex and I said, I lost it. And then about a year later, I’d mentioned that and he goes, look at that. You lost that watch a year ago. And you’re still hanging on to it so for you. What things are no longer in your life that you’re still hanging on to. I’m going to say something here that’s a little touchy for some people, but this is an opportunity for growth. I had a woman that came to me for coaching one time. And she said, I’m really sad right now. And I said, really, what does, you know, what’s causing this sadness? And she goes, well, my mother, my mother passed, well, she didn’t say, this is what she said, my mother died. And if you listen for any amount of time to me, you know that we don’t die. You can’t, the energy doesn’t die. It simply just transforms energy from matter to non-matter, non-matter to matter. Anyway she said to me, I’m upset because my mother died. And I said, well, when did your mother die? And she goes 12 years ago.

And I’m thinking. What. I didn’t say that she goes, yeah, she died 12 years ago and I am just so sad. Now. Notice her mother passed and she was still extraordinarily past, I mean, attached to her mother. And she told me that all the problems this caused in her life, because she couldn’t go on with her life because her mother had left the planet. Talk about attachment. You know, there’s this, one of his first name is Ripache I don’t know the last name. It’s Indian. But he talks about attached to nothing in life, because life is like a supermarket. You go, you see all these things in the supermarket, you leave. Some people you’ll see again. Some you never, well, some you’ll bump into later that is life. That’s nothing to attach to. There’s nothing to attach to. Simply it’s a process. So, what things do you attach to people? What about your body? If you’re obsessed about the way your physical body looks, you’re attached, your relationships, if you’re in an enabling relationship or you are enabled you’re attached. What about your ideas? Donald Trump? 2024? No, Joe Biden, 2024 Republicans Democrats Putin. Blah-blah-blah.

You’re attached. Let it go. Here’s a big one. And this has got ahead. About 80% of you, like a two by four, right between the eyes. Oh, and trust me, there’s two by fours. Hit me in the head many times before. Not so much anymore, but man, Oh, man, Oh, man. Was this my least favorite two by four. Are you ready? Being right. Many of you have to be right. And you’re attached to the idea of being right. And if you’re arguing with me right now that proves me. That proves my point. Is. Many times we’re attached to being right. And we’re attached to how we have to be right. Breathe. Let it go. So, think about this. Ask yourself. What things am I attached to? You came to this planet with absolutely nothing. You own nothing. Personally, financially, I have a high net worth. It means nothing, I own nothing. All this bullshit net worth doesn’t mean anything because it’s paper. That’s all that it is or material things, or a physical home or a car or a watch or dollar bills or gold.

It doesn’t matter. It’s just things, this physical body that you’re listening to in this energy body you’re listening to right now. Owns nothing. One time Don Xavier has said to me, He showed me this in dream time. And he said, you need to learn to lose attachment to all things, including your own life. When you dig into that. That is like an Alice Wonderland hole, a rabbit hole. Because think about how much you’re, if you’re afraid of death. Which there’s no such thing you’re attached to what you consider this life to be. So think about that because when you’re attached, Here’s another big one you guys many of you guys attached to your fears. You’re attached to what other people are going to think about you what other people are going to say about you who gives a shit. People call me all kinds of things especially when I run ads promoting the Transformational Coaching Program. People don’t even know me and they will say the most malicious and mean things and response to the ads. Who cares I don’t care It’s not about me it’s about who they are But for you do you hide from other people because you’re attached to wanting them to love you. Are you afraid to put yourself out in the world because you’re attached to not being judged. No matter what you do you will be judged in the world. So I’m going to leave it at this But make a list of all these things we’ve talked about what things am I attached to. These things grain your power and the more you drain your power like a battery running down the last the less power you have to manifest ,To create and to heal and this physical world. Okay So the five this are these: Expectations and when you stop having expectations about how others are supposed to be and do and having the world You’ll start creating more peace of mind. Next is offense if the actions of other people offend you will spend your lifetime offended. Number three Self-pity, One of the most destructive states that you can be in. Number four and drain your power .Number four Triggers. What things, what people, what places, what ideas trigger you ? Because they don’t just trigger you they drain and deplete your power. And then finally Attachments what things are you attached too. You know I want to share a story here real quick it just popped in my mind one of my good friends is a guy.Very very good looking guy As a matter of fact he and his girlfriend are like Ken and Barbie. I mean you could see them on a you buy a picture frame and the other two people in the frame at the store when you buy it. And this is many years ago and I, when I went to Peru, one time on a spiritual journey I went to the barber shop and I told the guy and I’m getting older I’m 58. but when I was in my thirties and forties I had like a full head of hair. And I told the guy cut it all off And what’s funny is he took the razor the sheers when right down the center of my head. And he goes are you sure, Well now’s not a good time to be out of. Asking me if I’m sure you just did a center like a speed strip right down the center of my head of course I’m sure. I’ve got a reverse mohawk of course I’m sure But I remember walking out in the streets of New York city I’m telling you I’m not kidding. I was like oh my gosh are people looking at me I mean people must be looking at me It’s just sheer ridiculous no one knew me in the streets not a single person I passed new me And that’s how attached I was to my hair. But my buddy that I’m mentioning He’s talking about ooh how spiritual he is and all this kind of stuff . And I said steven if you’re so spiritual cut all your hair off go do it today Oh no Jim, I. Could I not do that I could not cut my hair off no way I love my hair. Well Okay I didn’t say anything else and I left it at that But see he was attached. So think about the things you’re attached to so we’ve covered the five here and your Transformational Takeaway is review these five make a list review the list and then see really what you can do here to start reclaiming your power back in life. Thanks for listening and I’ll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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