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EPISODE 266: “The Importance of Self Management”

April 19, 2023

Lao Tzu said, “Mighty is he who has power over others and mightier still is he who has power over himself.”

I’m not sure if you have recognized this or not but all your unhappiness comes from your self-mismanagement. Yep, all your unhappiness comes from mis-managing yourself and specifically, mis-managing your thoughts and emotions.

What I find in life is that as long as things are going well we tend to be happy and the more challenging life becomes, the unhappier we become. What I talk about in this episode is things to come in the world and managing ourselves and how to do that. As I have been told by a shaman, the world is going to become more chaotic over the next several years. More fear, more worry, unstable economies, climate change, political instabilities and all the other challenges going on in our chaotic world.

We have to understand that when our emotions and feelings become unstable because of the external world, that just creates more instability in your world – both internally and externally. Do we let these instabilities drain us or do we get stronger? Do we live in fear and worry or do we live in peace of mind? The key to the life you want is balance but it’s not the kind of balance you’re used to thinking about, it’s balancing the higher part of yourself with the lower part of yourself. I weave a lot into this episode but the overall gist is this.

Transformational Takeaway

Higher and Lower balance are the key to the peace and well being you want despite all the turbulence in the world.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled big title here, you ready? It's titled The Importance of Self-Management. Now, of course, I'm kidding. When I say a big title, because I'm talking about something that simplicity. But at something that I would say many, if not, most of us do not do. You know, as I read, as I've heard. Loud to say, mighty is he who has power over others? Mightier still is he who has power over himself. Most of us give all of our power away to the external world and we have no power over ourself. So, what I want to talk about in this episode a bit is all the things the craziness going on in the external world. And then how that steals your power and how you let yourself be controlled by the external world. And by being controlled by the external world you have no power. And that comes down the self-management skills. Which I want to talk about in this episode. Stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Okay, self-management skills I want to go back to 1996. In 1996 I started working with Don Xavier and I'll talk about a bit about shamanism in just a minute, because I don't know if you're new to the podcast or you've been around. Some people will listen for two or three years, and they'll listen to episodes, but they never do anything else. And by the way, Those of you that are doing that are actually missing out big time by not letting me not allowing me to coach you. Personally, to the next level in life. Anyway, 1996. I was actually sitting with Don Xavier. And being a shaman he is a medium. And his mentor or what you call shamanism has benefactor the person who taught him for many years in the physical body. And that that being no longer on the planet, he would be a medium, a channel for that being. And when that being came the first time, he said to all of us that were there. He said, “what is a shaman?

Now I knew my brother-in-law Don Xavier was a shaman. But what I did not know is what is a shaman? And when we were asked. What is a shaman? We all kind of looked at each other and kind of went like, Hmm. I don't know and we shrugged our shoulders. And then this being who was also a Don a shaman, a sorcerer a Nagual explained to us what a shaman is. Now I'll give you some simple definitions. Here are some simple ways to think about this. Shamans have been traced back over 70,000 years by anthropologist. Actually many people even say that shamans are what have saved humanity. Because they could see the cattle, they could see the food, they could see the water, they could see things when I use the word, see, I mean, you know, air quote, they could sense. They know where they knew where to find the food or the water or the shelter or whatever it was, which actually helped humanity stay alive. Another definition that I read one time. Is that a shaman is one who can see in the dark. Now I don't mean bumping around in the house, sitting in the dark. But I mean, Seeing between worlds seeing between this physical world. And the non-physical world and there's a whole, I mean, I could go into that forever. And I'm not going to get into this episode. Many people call you know, shamans, spiritual masters.

I do want to point out there are light shamans? And there are dark shamans. And I want to tell you from experience. I'm just kind of grimacing here. You don't want to mess around with a dark shaman. And I work with a light, a shaman in the light. My brother-in-law. But in some of my experiences with him, I've been exposed to the dark shamans. And I want to tell you, it's not anything you want to mess around with. And especially if you do not have a white shaman to protect you. Anyway shamans were advisors to the Mayan Kings. In native American times, they were known as the wise men. And, you know, native American tribes. And I do want to point out at this day and age 2023. It's become very trendy. For people to say, Ooh, I'm a shaman. A bunch of bullshit. Because I'm going to tell you right now, I have worked very closely with a shaman for 27 years. And I have never once dared call myself a shaman. Because I am not at that level of evolution of a real shaman. Like you would find in Siberia.

And the deep recesses of China. Like the Amazon and like my brother-in-law. But so many people do it to make money. Because they want to identify. I'm a shaman and they want to tell people that they want to sell people that, they want to charge money for that. And anyone who tells you there are shaman and they want to charge you money. They're not a shaman because a real shaman will never charge you anything and will never ask you for money because they are not allowed to. I'm just being candid and I'm on my soap box, which I'm about to get off from there's a whole lot of charlatans in the world. So be careful who you follow. Shamanism also is non-religious. Shamanism is the oldest system of thought on the planet. It pervades all the religions. By many, many, many tens of thousands of years. As a matter of fact, those that have studied the Jesus of history have even said that what Christians call Jesus, the reason he could do so many things as big as he was actually a shaman and a peculiar. That's a whole different episode also, but yet what I want you to understand is then I'll move on. Many people use the word this day and age because they want to capitalize on it in some way they want to profit in some way. My brother-in-law when he does consultations for people. He's allowed the charge for his time for the first consultation. After that he never charges anyone, nor will he ever ask for a penny ever. And especially for healing, he's not allowed to. But I lay that per episode, I have that opening. Because I want to share. I want to go back maybe 25 years ago.

And I just want to share a couple of stories to lay the groundwork and the foundation of shamans being able to see, and I have many, many, many hundreds of examples that I have personally experienced and witnessed that I could share with you. But I want to share two with you. Now real shamans. They can see, they can see energy, they can see frequency, they can see literally into your body. They can see the energy fields around your body. They can read your energy. My brother-in-law. And he's even demonstrated this he's even told me. He goes, if I'm physically close to you, I can even read your subconscious thoughts. I also want to point out also, he never does anything as a parlor trick. He never does anything to prove anything to anyone. And he's always told me I have nothing to prove to anyone, but I want to share two stories with you here to lay the groundwork before I move on. I want to go back to a sacred journey to Mexico in  chichén Itzá  . And I believe it was 1997 or thereabouts. 1998. At the latest. And I remember that somebody on that trip with me was in part of our, you know, our group with Don Xavier. We literally were, we were all staying at a, at a, a beach side hotel. And we were there a day early, the two of us.

And we started drinking margarita and doing tequila shots. Now, recognizing that tequila really cheap tequila. And we got massively I mean, massively hung over. You know, for those of you that have ever had alcohol, you know, the kind where you have the hot and cold sweats, and you're like, I'm going to throw up in the next two minutes and oh my God, I'm not sure I'm going to make it for the day. Anyway. The next day, we had to hop in the van and get to the loom and I fell. Bad times 10. I mean, I felt really bad. And Don Xavier was sitting in the van behind me. It was a three seat, meaning we had three rows of seats in the van. He was sitting in the last row. I was sitting in the middle row. And all that I did. I did not articulate this. All that I did was I said to myself, Now, I don't even know why I said this because I did not have that ability at that time. I spoke. I'm going. I was so hung over. I said, I feel so bad. I was, I think I was thinking this in my mind. I feel so bad. I'm going to just leave my body until we get there. Now again, there were no physical words spoken. And about two minutes now, and not even two minutes a minute later, Don Xavier taps me on the shoulder. And all he said was this. Hey, get back in your body. There's time for that later. There's no way. He could've known what I was thinking, unless he read it energetically.

He read it in the others. I want to fast forward to 2012. When the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, we're currently in what's called a time of no time. According to the Mayans. When that calendar ended, I got extremely sick on December 21st, 2012. The day the Mayan calendar ended, I woke up violently and I mean, violently ill that day. And I stayed sick for about two years now, when I say sick, what I didn't know and Don Xavier told me was that I was experiencing the energetic shifts and changes on the planet. Anyway, hold another episode as well. All right. Someone I'm driving one day on the tollway. I'm not far from my house. And I started having literally numbness in my left arm. And I didn't have chest pains, but I didn't know anything about this. But at that moment, I thought, because my arm was so numb, but it was tingling and everything else. I thought, oh my gosh, I'm having a heart attack. Now I was one exit from, you know, where I get off to where I live. And one block away was the fire station. And I knew that, you know what, if you have a heart attack, you call 9 1 1 and the paramedics come from the fire station.

So I thought to myself, okay, I'll just drive to the fire station. So, what I did is they called Don Xavier. And I said, Hey Don, I'm having, I got, I got his voicemail. I said, “Hey Don, I'm having a heart attack and I'm going to the fire station. And I'll have to voicemail. About 30 seconds later my phone rang. And he goes, stop. He goes, I've already looked. You're not having a heart attack. And I was like, no, Don, I am, I'm having a heart attack for real. I'm having a heart is like, no. You're not having a heart attack. Now I'm not going to go on much longer than the story, but basically, he said, Okay, we'll go to the fire station and by law, they're going to take you to the hospital and then you're going to be there for eight hours. And they're going to take you home because you're not going to be able to find anything. And it's going to cost you thousands of dollars, plus your deductible and whatever you can do that or you can go home and rest. You're not having a heart attack.

I had seen so many of what you may call people, call miracles from him. I'm like, well, shit. Okay. So, I went home. And there's more to this story, but I went home anyway later I had, cardiologist look at my heart and not about that event, not about that situation it was your years later? And the cardiologist is like, according to all of us, you know, that really a lot of heart testing in 2020 is like, you've never had a heart attack you did not have. And he didn't talk about 2012, but it's like, you've never had a heart attack. So, Don Xavier was right. And the next day I did feel better after went to my acupuncturist, which I found that was trapped energy in my body. Anyway, the reason I tell you that. Don Xavier can see. And when he tells me things about my body, he tells me more things about my body. And I'm kinda like, oh, you know, maybe I should go to the doctor. Maybe I should do this. Maybe I should do that. And he's like, Nope, this is what it is. Take this. Nope. This is what it is to do that. Nope, no doctor does this. And every single time my body has healed.

Now I do want to point it out. When it comes to seeing. What's going to happen globally and in the future? 9 times out of 10 he's right in the ballpark. I mean, he gets the ball right over the plate. And I'd even ask him, I'm like, how come your off target sometimes? And he said to me, he said, that's because human consciousness changes. And in any given moment, we humans can change the course of humanity. By collectively changing our consciousness. So as things are moving now in the world, I can look ahead. Metaphorically he says five minutes down the road. And I can see what's going to happen, but it doesn't mean it's going to happen because if people change their consciousness, then what I'm seeing is also going to change. So, I want to go back here. I don't want to dig too much into it in this episode. But when COVID hit, I'm going to just tell you what he said, because now there's even corroborating credible seemingly credible evidence. All I'm going to say is this to this part of the episode. And 2020. When COVID came out, he called me. And he goes, by the way, there's this virus coming. It's called COVID, et cetera. He goes, here's what I want you to take. I want you to take ABC and D and if you, if you should get it, you're going to be fine.

And I did get COVID and I was fine and I am fine. I've had it twice, but he told me, he goes, I'm a little even reticent to share this on the podcast, but I think this will resonate with a lot of people. He said this is not some natural occurrence. This comes out of a laboratory in China, and this was literally in February of 2020. He told me this maybe yeah. Early February of 2020. And he said, don't concern yourself with it. Don't and I'm going to, I'm going to keep going on the episode let me explain more here and why I'm talking about self-managed. But in this episode, he said, don't concern yourself with it. So anyway, I didn't concern myself with it. And I guess I'll keep on going in the episode because what he said is a lot of people are going to, and he just uses this colloquially. A lot of people are going to lose their mind and they're going to go bad shit crazy. Stay out of it. And that's self-management skills. And there's a phrase that he's always used and that phrase is, do you want to stay dry? Or do you want to get wet?

And what he means by that metaphorically. If you hop over hop off a cliff. And you hop off into the water. You're going to get wet. And if you stay on the cliff, you're going to stay dry. So I've, I've always managed myself in that way. For the most part, do I want to get wet? Do I want to stay dry? So, when it came to COVID. I, you know, that was a big lesson because I like everyone else in the physical world. And I remember the days when I went, you know, early on in the early days, you'd go to Whole Foods and that only let so many people in. You know, at the same time. And I shop at Whole Foods. And then they had people waiting six feet apart in the lines outside and everything else. Even today 2023 people are still wearing masks. Some people may be warranted for most people it's because they have bought into the fear that has been given to them. And I never gotten any fear about any of it. I never gotten any fear of, of what if I get COVID Oh my God and I had comorbidity, because at that point I had already had heart failure and I was just recovering from that. I still didn't have any fear about it.

Why? What kind of self-management, which I want to talk about more in this episode, what kind of poor self-management is it for you to get into fear about things that are happening in the external world and things that you have no control over? By the way you don't have control of anything, even your thoughts. And many people will say, well, Jim that’s not true. I can control my thinking. That's bullshit. If you could control your thinking, then you would never, ever, ever have a single thought that you didn't want, you don't control your thinking, you choose your thinking. Okay the point of this entire episode, I've laid it a little foundation here kind of mangled part of it and hopped around, but I'm okay with that. But here's where I want to go. What's coming into the world? What's going to happen in 2024.2025. 2027. 2030. The answer is no one knows because that time isn't here yet. But I will speak very generically and Don Xavier has told me the world is going to get a lot messier. There's going to be more frequent, natural disasters. More global instability. More societal instability. Global economies are already starting to shake a bit. Even in the U S a couple of banks are starting to shake a little bit. Now it doesn't mean we'll have a replay of 2008 financially. And it doesn't mean that we won't. Who knows what's going to happen? And, you know, you look at things like the banks, which I'll get to, well, I'll just say it now. You know, you look economically in the world, you look at how. Russia and China and Brazil and Iran and Saudi Arabia have all agreed to not actually exchange US dollars anymore and their commerce.

They're using the individual currencies, other countries. What they're crawling to do over time. It will not happen overnight is destabilized the US dollar and unpeg the world from the US dollar. Which if the US dollar becomes unstable even more and is DE pegged. Then you have to look at it's no longer the world currency, then you have to look at well, what is the U S do with, with its 30 plus trillion dollar debt? Whole another episode. The point is this. Is there are more things most likely coming to the planet. And that's when I say most likely that's pretty predictable. When you look at what's happening with the water drawing, drawing, drawing up in the Western United States. How's that going to affect agriculture? Look at what we're doing to the oceans, the oceans will be fished out by 2048. Look at the effects of whatever the hell do you want to call it?

Climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it, there are changes happening on the planet. These changes can have and will have, and are already starting to have devastating effects. On agriculture. You devastate agriculture, you devastate the food supply. You devastated the food supply. You devastate the future of humanity. Again, this is not a doomsday episode. Not even near, not even close because humans have the ability to change the course of humanity based upon where we hold our consciousness. But what I want to look at is how do you manage. How do you manage yourself in terms of your thinking and your energy? Remember, Lao-Tzu mighty is he who has power over others. Mightier still is he who has power over himself. In fairness, I am responsible. And I am prudent with my finances, my money, my investments. But what I'm not doing is I'm not hiding in fear. One of my good friends was looking at buying a home near me. And it was a multimillion dollar home very close to mine. And they can afford the home and as I understand, one of the reasons they backed out was their fear. About their uncertainty about the economy and about their money. Now we could say, well, that's smart. I don't really see anything smart about fear or even economy. Because where I work from. You might've heard me say before. One of my favorite quotes is by Éliphas Lévi. And that quote is fear is the idleness of will. Meaning your fear is your lack of using your willful energetic being. Not your willpower but your will, as a conscious sentient being cosmic, being on the planet.

So here's where I'm going also in this episode. Many people let the external environment. Things that are happening in the world. Remember you can't control what happens in the world. You cannot, I even said you can't control your own thinking. And I actually, if you're trying to control the world, you may be a control freak. And those people who get into control are actually controlled by the very illusion of control. But here's what happens. People let this fear drain them. And when you let the external world and the circumstances of the physical world drain you. Lao Tzu how well are you managing yourself? It's so easy to listen to this episode and say, yeah, Jim, blah, blah blahbity blah, blah, blah, blah. I get it. No, please listen. Any time that you are going into fear. You or a mismanaging and miscreating. And how are you miscreating? I don't know how long you've listened to my podcast. But go back to episode number nine. In episode number nine, I talk about how we go from thoughts to feelings, the vibration to frequency. And in that episode specifically, I do it about money. But it's not just about money. It's about everything because everything in this universe is physics, it's frequency, it's vibration. Vibration proceeds frequency. So everything is vibration and frequency, which comes from your thoughts. So if you're having a fearful thought that creates a fearful feeling, which then becomes your frequency and vibration. Which then that's what you attract to you and that becomes huge, huge, huge mismanagement.

So, what do we do and where do we go from here? When I say the word balance. What do you think of it? The word balances. And in the west and in the United States. That's a big word. You always hear people running around, talking about work-life balance. Balancing, you know, blah, blah, blah, with the kids. Balancing this time with that time. Balancing this activity with that activity. Balancing my checkbook. By the way, does anyone even have a checkbook anymore? I don't know. But balance balance. Most people don't understand what balance is. See everything I just talked about is 3d balance. Balancing things in your physical reality. And shamanism I was taught many years ago, the four pillars of impeccability. And one of the four pillars, which I will not go into here. One of the four pillars of living an impeccable spiritual life is balance. Now. It's not work-life balance. It's not checkbook balance. It's not time balance. It's not relationship balance. It is balancing. The higher part of you your higher essence, your soulfulness with your 3d part of you. Your ego part of you, that bag of skin that you walk around, then that you call you.

Most of humanity lives. And by the way, this is very defensible. When you look at the state of the planet. Because the state of the planet is a reflection of the state of humanity. And humanity is living extremely out of balance with nature and the planet and the forces and mechanisms of life. And that's why we're having many of these things happen on the planet. People fight for territory. The peril state like dogs like Putin's doing in Russia right now. I mean, we're fighting for 3d things, extremely lower frequency out of balance. So for you how best how best can we live the best possible life? And how we can live best as managing ourself. This is what I tell people. Be in this world, but not of this world. cause I'm telling you right now, there's not a single person listening. That you're, you're all in this world, but none of you are of this world. You were someplace before you ever incarnated in that body. So, we have to recognize we are still another world. We're still of higher frequency and higher energy and higher spirituality. We are of this not the gold watch. Retiring from IBM or the internet business or the home or the car or the nationality or the body, or all these things that people identify with and they're all lower frequency things.

You own none of them. If you owned any of them, you would take them with you, take them with you when you leave the planet. You don't so the whole point of this episode is the best self-management okay the best well let me back up. The best way too let's say, make yourself lack of better words, Bulletproof, to things that are happening in the world. Yeah, I'm comfortable saying that metaphorically. The west is the best way to make yourself Bulletproof the things that are happening in the world, because you want to stay dry. Is be in the world, but not of the world. And for you and your spiritual evolution, what does it mean to you to not be of this world? No, it does not mean going to race home flipping up in the Bible and reading passages out of the Bible and praying to God no that's religion. It's simply means evolving and getting to know that higher essence of you. Better understanding your consciousness, better understanding that you have consciousness in that bag of skin right now. So for example, You and I, right this second, our physical bodies are not connected. I'm living in Arizona and you're living wherever you're living and you're listening at some other location right now. But right now in this moment, through your ears and ears actually absorb energy passively. Through your ears and my voice, which is active energy right now. We are connected in consciousness. As a matter of fact, I do know that most of the people that come to the podcast. They're attracted here through frequency and energy and vibration. That's why they stay because they can resonate with what I'm saying. The rest of the world thinks I'm Looney tunes and probably you too. But see you listening right now and me.

We know and we've always known each other since we were kids. We've always known. We're a little bit different. We've always known that, you know what. I don't see the world the way that the masses do. There's gotta be more there I've gotta be able to there's more to it than what I'm just told in this physical world. And that is what I'm speaking to you in your right now. That's, what's opening up in you and that's where you want to live from that place right there is you balancing your higher self. With meaning your higher frequencies, your higher energy, for lack of better word, your soul energy, your soul wisdom. With the physical 3d experience. So ponder and think about that because see anything happening in the world. It's the first place most of us go I used to many years ago. Holy shit this happened to my money. That happened to my money. Somebody stole my money. The economy went to this economy, went to that. I remember many years ago when I was waiting for tables.

I was like, so I don't know the word. I was like pissed off because economy wasn't doing good. I wasn't taking a tip. I thought I needed to make it. And I was scraping by all these kinds of things. Living completely 3d. Being in no way responsible for the outcomes I wanted to create in life and being in no way responsible for how I manage my energy and how I self-managed myself. So, your takeaway. And I know I've gone all over the place in this episode. Please excuse me for that. But I think this will resonate with a lot of people. But you, your transformational takeaway is Be in this world but not of this world. And because we are in this world. The more that we are not of this world, and we recognize that. And then we create balance from the higher to the lower and we live more so in the spiritual essence, using that to drive the physical essence. All these things that are flipping people's boats, metaphorically upside down about the physical world will cease to affect you anymore. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over in another episode. Bye-bye.

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