The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 280: “History, Humanity, and Spiritual Ego.”

July 26, 2023

In this episode, we'll explore how to transform our lives from the inside out, and we'll be discussing how to align with cosmic cycles, how you can stay connected to your higher source, and how to make an impact on our world.

First and foremost, we are conscious beings. In that consciousness and awareness of our being, we'll find our greatest power. As simple as it sounds, we must become conscious of being conscious.

When you start becoming conscious of being conscious, this can help you to dramatically transform your life. In this episode, I talked extensively about how we form our lives, the source we all come from, and how we lose awareness of who/what we really are along the way.

We become immersed in the planetary social fabric and lose touch with our higher function of mind.

I go on to discuss how you can align with cosmic cycles and how the Mayan 13-moon calendar can help you to stay connected to the cosmic cycles. I explore how to stay connected to our higher source and how you can use the cosmic cycles to create positive change in your life.

We wrap up with how to make an impact in our communities and how to use our lives to make a difference in the world. I also explore how you can stay connected to your higher source and use your life to create positive change within your community.

Transformational Takeaway

Becoming conscious of being conscious is the path to transforming your life from the inside out. By re-establishing your connection with your higher source and aligning with cosmic cycles, you can create positive change in your life and make a greater impact on the world.

Full Episode Transcript


 You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled History, Humanity, and Spiritual Ego. In the live Transformational Coaching Program. I end every call and I say, the world needs us. A lot of people don't think about it that way, but the world does need us. And it needs to be kind, and the types of people listening to this podcast. You know, I often hear people say, we need to save the planet. And right now, it's the middle of July and you look at the planet. The planet is literally on boil. I mean, I was reading a couple of days ago where the oceans off the coast of Florida are at a hundred degrees. So, let's not call it climate change. Let's not call it global warming. Because people monetize those. And there's a lot of debate about those, but the fact is the planet is changing and research shows, facts, show that humans have significantly contributed to this. So, people often say we have to save the planet. That's incorrect thinking. We must save humanity. The planet's not going to change until humanity changes. And that's why I say at the end of every live coaching session in the Transformational Coaching Program. It's our job to evolve and to grow those of us that are waking up or aware, and you can even use the word spiritually, waking up or aware. It's our job to evolve as much as we possibly can so that we can make an impact on the planet. So, in this episode, I also want to talk about humanity, conditions in humanity, human history, and this epoch of, of time. And I want to talk about what we can do and what you can do to grow to a place. Do we evolve yourself to a place? That you're part of the solution and not part of the problem. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

So, as I said in the introduction, I say at the end of every TCP live call that I lead. And I make one call per week with the people in the Transformational Coaching Program. And I finished with the world needs us. And I really kind of adopted that when I think about Gandhi. And Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world. I think most of us don't know. I can't say most, but I know many of us want to create a better planet and a better world. But see that didn't start on the outside that starts on the inside. Everything starts on the inside. Hence Transform your Life from the Inside Out. You know, if you're just listening to the podcast and you're thinking it's going to make a huge difference in your life it will not. It will make a huge difference in things that you come to be aware about. It will make a difference in maybe, perhaps your understanding doesn't mean, you know, it. But you might understand it more, but until we change on the inside, nothing is going to change on our outside and the same thing as a species.

So, in this episode, I want to go to a few places. I want to talk about your self-evolution. And I want to talk about you growing. And I want to talk about how we show up in the world. And I want to talk about what cuts us off from showing up in the way that we need to show up in the world. Many years ago, a good friend of mine. His name is Drew Canole. And he started a company called Organifi. And Drew's all about helping people in the world live better, live healthier. And he was having dinner one time with my family. I've coached him, but we're also good friends. And he was talking to my brother-in-law, the shaman his Don Xavier. I do want our back up here a little bit. I got a, a. I saw a response on YouTube recently where someone said, this must be some kind of other exact phrase. This must be some kind of multi-level marketing thing. Because he keeps promoting his brother-in-law the Shaman. I'm not promoting anything many people are hungry to grow. And are looking for guidance to grow. And even he himself, I make no money from that not a penny. And even when he works with people, he only charges them one time. The first time that he talks to them and that's for his time. All healing, all instruction, all growth, everything. Is of no charge. So obviously when people make comments like that, they're making them out of ignorance and whatever else is coming out of them. But Don Xavier was talking one time to Drew. And Drew talked about air quotes, doing enough in the world.

And Don Xavier said to Drew. If right now I gave a billion dollars to all the hungry people on the planet. Now of course a shaman does not have a billion dollars, a real shaman. Because they don't, they're not attached to money at all. At all and he said, if I gave you a billion dollars, how many people do you think you can feed on the planet and for how long. And Drew kind of thought for a bit and threw out a certain number. And Don Xavier said, yeah, maybe. But you know what that's going to run out. The problem is not feeding the hungry people on the planet. The problem is the condition of humanity, which keeps the people hungry. Think about that inside out because it's not about food, it's not about money. It's about human consciousness. And if you've listened for any amount of time, and if you haven't, by the way, if you're new. Many people get into the belief that, oh, I'm only going to listen to the, you know, the, the latter episodes. Because are more relevant. Incorrect. Go all the way back to the beginning and start at the beginning. And you can continue to listen, obviously as we go, but go to the beginning because if you don't, you're going to miss one hell of a lot. But I often talk about consciousness. And I've said before, without consciousness running through you you're a dead bag of skin. It's your consciousness that keeps your EEG and your EKG going, which is your brainwaves and your, you. You know, your heart’s energy. And without that you're a dead bag of skin. So, it's vital that we evolve our consciousness. And again, I'll be talking this episode about the ways to do that or a particular way.

So, we come to this planet, pure meaning we don't come to the planet field with anger. We're not born with hate. Now, there are things that we bring with us from previous lives, but overall, we come to the planet like John Locke called tabula rasa. A blank slate. So, we come here, I'm going to use the word we come here pure of heart. Why? Because when we get here, even though we don't have the brain capacity to air quote, remember. We remember where we came from and where did we come from? We came from the source. I'll get to that in the moment. So, what humanity learns is separation. I learned it at a very early age. And I'm sure you did as well through our indoctrination that we learned from our parents, that they learned from their parents, from their parents, from their parents and their parents.

And what we get into is human identity and human ego. And I don't mean ego in terms of arrogance for some yes. For a lot of nos. But I mean, ego in terms of many times we define ourselves as a physical being primarily first and foremost, and we don't think about anything else in terms of the nonphysical. And the truth is the totality of us is non-physical. And we literally separate ourselves from our source energy. You can call that whatever you want. The quantum fields. The source. The force. You can even call it God. It doesn't matter. It's all the same thing. It's a source of energy. Don Xavier he's a sorcerer, he is a Nagual, a shaman, a babalao and a sorcerer. Amongst other things. And many people think that oh a sorcerer. That's kind of like booga, booga hokey hokey kind of stuff. It's not. A Sorcerer is one that goes to their source for information for healing, for guidance. And we all have that because we're all plugged into the source. You're plugged into the source. Well, before you even show up on the planet. And that's not a matter of the physiological entirely, not a matter of the physiological growth of a, of a fetus or any of that. I mean, the consciousness that comes through that physical bag of skin listening to this podcast right now, those physical layers, the eyes looking around you. Source comes through every bit of that. And we tend to turn our back on source. And we tend to focus on the physical forgetting the deeper essence of source.

Truth be told. I did the same thing for many years, but even as a very small kid, I knew there was something different than even as a small kid. I started looking for esoteric wisdom. Couldn't even spell the word esoteric, but I knew there was something deeper and there was something more. And on this planet whether or not, you choose to believe it. Not believe it, understand it, not understand it. We're all connected. You know, if you were to look at the earth from the moon, You don't see, like, you look at a map, you know, living in the U S you can look at a map and you can see Wyoming and the cutout, and you can see Colorado and Arizona and Texas, and you can see the the lines on a map. But when you're on the moon. You don't see the lines between black people and white people and Chinese and a Japanese and the Russians and the, you know, Afghanistan, or the Peruvians or the Argentinian. You don't see it. Why because we're all the same. And we all collectively contribute to the evolvement of humanity.

And that's why it's vital. Vital that we evolve and grow to have an impact on our communities. And that's exactly what our family and friends do, which is exactly why I do this podcast. Truth be told. It's a lot of work. I don't get paid for it. The episodes are free. I do this because this is my Dharma. It is my service to my brothers and sisters on the planet. And those that are looking for a better experience on this planet. So, when we bathe ourselves in our ego, me, me, me, all Americans, we're all Americans. And better than anyone else or the Greeks or the Argentinians or the Parisians are. Or they are someone that's black or someone that's white or whatever. We are bathing and ego. And when we bathe our ego, we separate ourselves from the rest of humanity.

My entire life I've always been interested in humanitarianism. And college. I was a political science/psychology, double major. And I've always been interested more so than impart partisan politics and international relations. And I didn't know, many years ago in college, that I should have been a Sociology major, not a Political Science major. Even though I really enjoyed it and obviously learned a lot. Well, not obvious to you, but to me. But I've always been interested in humanitarian work. And out of college, I worked on the staff at the Carter presidential center, Jimmy Carter's offices, and I worked in the executive offices. And what was so intoxicating for me was the humanitarianism. And the office, because Carter has worked, that man has used his life and he's about to exit the planet pretty soon. I know that he's getting, you know, hospice care right now and he's going to leave. But behind the scenes, many people just think that he does habitat for humanity. To synopsize Carter's work. I remember that. And there was a lot of original artworks in the office that I was in the executive offices. An original Warhol. Different original paintings by many great artists. I think. Leroy Neiman, I think was his name and just different people like that. That was given to Carter after he left the office.

And there was this one, very large picture in the conference room. That said humans aren't for burning. And the message was pretty clear. Is that people discard other humanity. And that's living in our ego. And the reality is we all live on the planet. Why would we do that when we're destroying part of ourselves? And I want to use a word here that I stand by. Is that right now in the world also especially in the us, and I know it's happening, happening in Italy, and I know that it's happening in Australia as well. Extreme right-wing fundamentalism. Our way or the highway we're going to dominate you. And you know what, we want all of our rights for us. But we're going to take our rights away from you and we don't believe you should be A and B and C. And I find that mind blowing in the United States that a large part of the Republican platform, and I'm not a Democrat or Republic and all that crap is nonsense. I find it interesting. That in the year, 2004 or so the Republican platform was built on stopping gay marriage. Now it's built on stoppings yeah, transgender people. And I'm like, you know, you can agree or not agree, but the reality is. Why not as long as someone's not hurting anyone. Why not let them have their experience of life? You are listening right now, unless you're transgender, you don't know. What someone transgender, you don't know their karma. You don't know why they are air quotes that way. They are there and I'm not seeing that in a disparaging way whatsoever. They're living out some kind of spiritual evolution. And that's the way that we have to look at it.

So, you know, I think about nationalism in the world, and I'll just tell you whether you like it or not. And you're welcome to not listen anymore. Listen, it's entirely up to you. I'm not twisting your arm to listen. But two of the biggest poisons on the planet. One of them I mentioned before. And it's not spirituality, but it's fundamental, organized religion. And the other is nationalism. Because these two things separate humanity. And you can even wonder Jim, this is supposed to be a personal development podcast. I'm talking about personal development at the highest level. Evolving who and what you are to let your soul come through because all of the ego nonsense that people get into me included. Your soul doesn't get into that. And I look at this concept of nationalism. And let's go back in history. And let's go through this very quickly. But you know what if you live in the 1700 then you were supposed to hate the Indians. Why the French Indian war. And many people were born Hayden. Indians and they didn't even know why it was given to them by the political structures at the time.

And then later it could have been the English and then, you know what the English are hitting on the new colonies, new colonies or hating on the English. And then in the United States, in the 18 hundreds, this boom blows my mind and United States Americans Southern versus Northern Americans were pitted against each other and people were killing their own relatives for ediology, for ideas. They were Americans for crying out loud, killing each other. And then many years ago, the Spanish American war, if you were an American, you were supposed to hate the Spanish and you were Spanish. You were supposed to hate the Americans. And then came to Germans and the Japanese and the Italians and Mussolini, and then all the west mobilizes against them. And then after that, guess what? The Koreans and then the Vietnam war. And then guess what? Progressing at that time. And then in the eighties, big time when I was in college and I was young is, oh my God, the communist. And then guess what? After that it was the Arabs in the United States against the Arabs, and now it's the Chinese and the Chinese and the Chinese. And the Chinese are saying it's the Americans, the Americans, Americans. The North Koreans are screaming. The Americans are a nemesis, but yet the population is starving. All for what? For nationalistic egotistical identities. For nationalism for national pride.

And every bit of this is driven from one thing. That one thing is human fear. Yet we're all here together. Now I don't know about you. But I'm breathing air that comes out of the environment out of the atmosphere. Now you might come from a different atmosphere in terms of your time on this planet, but for right now, I drink water that comes from this planet. I breathe the air that comes from this planet. And so, to you we're all the same. And, you know, a metaphor that I heard many years ago is if you look at a tree. Yeah, never see a tree and the same branches on the tree fight other branches. Think about that. Branches on a tree don't fight other branches on a tree. Now evolution does happen because that tree overshadows something below it. If it grows bigger and then no sunlight, it could kill what's below it. But that's just devolution. But evolution is not the pit yourself consciously against other things. Other beings, other ideas, other people. And then try to dominate them with your egotism and your egoism.

So, what I know is that when we get into nationalism and national pride, and that does not mean, I want to be very clear. It doesn't mean to not be grateful for where you live. At this time when the planet I live in the United States. And I have to say. I definitely don't agree with everything the government does in this country. And there were a whole lot of things going on that a lot of people don't know about in this country and a whole lot of corruption that people don't even really understand, but the reality is. Overall, it's still a really decent place to live on the planet. I live in a small town and of course I can walk out my front door anywhere in this small town or in most of the United States. Not all and be safe. There are places in the world. You can't do that. You can't walk out your front door without being, you know, afraid you're going to be shot.

And there are many third world countries or you're going to be robbed or mugged or raped. So, I'm grateful for where I live with all of its problems. But you know what? I'm not out there waving the flag, saying America first America first, because every single person listening to this podcast, no matter where you are in the world, I know. I know you're my brother and you're my sister. And I do want to point out things that happen on the planet. You may be aware of. I mean, there's just different levels of evolution on the planet. I mean, truth be told probably most of you, if not, I would guess all of you, 95% of you use either an iPhone or a Samsung. Now the reality is where are those made? Are they made in Brazil for, you know, pennies on the dollar? Are they made, you know, in China for pennies on the dollar? There are things that happen that we really can't escape to live in a civilized industrialized world. I get that. I also understand that people that are doing those things are also living out their karma. As I'm living out my karma, but the reality is this, the more ego is in that you get into the more nationalism that you get into that steals your power that you get from source.

You're living at the lowest function of your being. I'll repeat, you're living at the lowest function. Of your being, when you have trapped yourself and wrapped yourself in nationalistic arrogance or the egoism related to that. Now you can take that any way that you want that, and I mean that kindly and respectfully. But I think as you look at it, you'll find that that really is true. You know, I remember thinking back here Don Xavier was talking to actually, it was a contractor that he had in his house. When he had moved into his home in Dallas, he was getting some work done. And the guy engaged in the guy started asking questions because even though Don Xavier looks like a normal guy, by the way you won't find him on YouTube, you will not find him, he doesn't have a website. You will not find him on social media. You will find him zero. The only way to get to him is through someone who already is working with him or knows him. That is, it.

But he was talking to this contractor guy or somebody doing some work. And he said something that I'm like, I get it. I get it. I totally totally know that and get it. And he said our species meaning humans and human form are not a very evolved species. But yet on the other hand, we hear people talking about, Ooh, we're going to crab on Mars. Is that what makes humans evolve as they're traveling on a fricking spaceship, if they can even get there one day to Mars? No, no, it's not. So, humans are not that evolved medicine, even though we call it air quote, modern medicine is not that evolved. You take that and you measure that against more evolved species in the universe. And we're a baby species, you know, but it's the humans fighting for power through their fear and through their arrogance.

You know, in the United States and I'm sure pretty much every country can say this. And the 1940s, it was, it was Alexander Wiley polarizing people saying, make America great again. And in the 60's it was Barry Goldwater. And the 80's it was Ronald Reagan. And in the 90's, it was the Clintons. And today. You guys all know. Maga. M A G A. Make America great again. It's a blind approach. It's arrogant. It's shallow. And it’s self-serving because if we truly want to make any country great again. A high tide raises all ships. Braise humanity, not one particular country. Because it's the country right now, or the countries like China that has very little to no regulation. And there, they're just growing the environment over there. Look at what is happening in Russia right now in places like that. You know, the Ukraine. And even right now, and there's some serious things coming to the planet. I'm not going to say a whole lot, but Don Xavier has shared some things with me. But I know this just by reading. Is, and I'm certain, the U S is doing it as well.

We can use AI artificial intelligence for the advancement of humanity. And countries and governments are using it for the advancement of weaponry. Ways to kill and destroy and dominate other human beings’ other spiritual beings. I remember, and I actually even have the, the cartoon, the image. And how do we become this way? It just socialized more than anything. I remember this doctor and the delivery room had a baby and he was holding up the baby from the feet and the baby was upside down. And on the table next to him. There was someone helping him. And there were branding irons and the dock, and they're baby sized branding iron's I grew up on a farm. So, I know what branding irons are. Not that that really matters at all, but. Branding. That's literally putting a brand. We own it when that brand is on it. And I grew up on a farm I would never do now when I did them, but I didn't know any differently, differently. We used to brand cattle. And the cattle, when you brand a cow, it tells other owners who owns that cow back to the delivery room.

There was a doctor reaching for a branding iron. And the irons, there was one iron for Judaism. One iron for Christianity. And iron for Islam et cetera. We're branded at birth. The second we pop out of the womb. We're branded. We're branded do these things that pull us backwards and take us out of our own evolution. Now, what do I mean by that? Taking us out of our own evolution. So right now, do you know why we have the Gregorian calendar? Any thoughts whatsoever? Why does the world use the Gregorian calendar? Jeopardy music playing in the background. They're playing in your mind. I mean, why do we use the Gregorian calendar? Here's the thing. It doesn't correspond to any cosmic cycle. What corresponds to cosmic cycles are the Mayan third or is that the Mayan 13 moon calendar. It is 13 months of 28 days with one extra day. But the Gregorian calendar is kind of lopsided. Now the Gregorian calendar literally takes you out of you for lack of better words. For you, it throws off your conscious rhythm at a higher level of consciousness and throws off your awareness to keep you denser to the evolution of your own self. So, the cleanest calendar uses the purest calendar. If you want to align cosmically with cosmic cycles is the Mayan 13 moon calendar.

But even the Gregorian calendar, it, what it does is it pulls you out of your natural rhythms. Your natural cosmic rhythms, your natural biological rhythms, your natural energetic rhythms. And we live our entire lifetime. Guess what you've already guessed. Out of rhythm. And when you're out of rhythm, your ability to perceive and to see the sense at lessons at weekends is why it's vital. And I'm not expecting any of you to run out and buy a 13-moon calendar. I'm just telling you it's important that we return back to that, because when we returned back to that, we start healing. And when we heal and we heal beyond the ego, then. Then we could bring higher levels of consciousness through us. We can rise and we can help people around us rise. And that's when we start dropping our ego is when we grow and evolve, and we rise. We literally for those that are community or those around us. It literally rubs off on them or guests, what, and this scares a lot of people. We find a whole new community.

No matter where you are right now and every TCP, that's the acronym for the Transformational Coaching Program. I will say to people, how many of you feel like you were, you know, you're, you're born on the wrong planet. And the number of hands that goes up is like 80% of the room. And I would assume that that applies to a lot of you listening and that you watched the bullshit that goes on in the world. And you're like, this doesn't make any sense. This what's going the world's crazy. And you hear that a lot. And I know you heard that a lot of people saying the world's crazy. The world's not crazy humanity as a whole is disconnected from source. And until we reconnect do not expect humanity to heal. So, the point of this entire episode. I think you got it. The title obviously is history, humanity in this spiritual ego. And to heal and to let our soulful energy come through. because see, living in the ego. It cuts us off from ourselves. When we cut herself off from higher source, higher essence. That is when we struggle in life. We struggle for a lifetime, with our health, with our wellness and our relationships. And I'm going to tell you something right now, I will stand by.

All the places in your life. If any, and I'm sure there's many for many of you. That is because you were cut off from the source. Not because the source cut you off, but because you cut yourself off. Because you're living from the ego. I mean health. Nothing more than energy. Money. Nothing more than energy. Relationships are nothing more than energy. But when we live from the Newtonian Cartesian model. I am a separate mechanism. We shut down that divine flow coming through us. And that's when life becomes challenging, way more challenging than it needs to be. So, I go back to the beginning of the episode. And this is not, I am not literally denouncing per se. Nationalism. Religion, et cetera. But I'm denouncing anything. And I do mean anything. That cuts you off from bringing source through you. And when you bring source through you. You bring higher wisdom. Higher awareness. And higher knowing. That is the way. To heal our lives. That is a way to have a better experience of life. And that is a way to heal the planet.

I said earlier, people often say we need to save the planet. Wrong. Because humans make no mistakes. If you don't believe me, that's fine too. And I don't know if this will happen, but I'll bet money. By the way Don Xavier and I've talked about it. So, I'm going to just share briefly. Is that humans are headed for our next extinction? We've literally been wiped off the planet six times, five times. Sorry. And we're actually heading towards our six. And if you look at what's happening to the planet, 60% of the species on the planet are gone. Animal species. You look at what's happening. It's pretty defensible. When you say that we're headed for our next epoch of the eraser of humanity. But you know what, that's up to us. Don Xavier and I were having a conversation. And I wasn't cavalier about it, but I said, you know what? So, humanity. Because of our behaviors and our ignorance and our lack of connection. We wiped the planet clean again. It's kind of come back and I said, yeah, it's going to come back again.

And the planet doesn't care because the planet's going to regenerate itself. Once we're gone and generated, sell quicker and better. But you know what? This is what he said. He goes, it's a waste. It's a waste that humanity would have to go through millions and billions of years again, of evolution on this planet. When they could have prevented it? I'll leave you with us. The world needs us. It needs me. It needs you. And if you think the episodes in this podcast would resonate with someone that you know. Someone that might Hey dig the podcast I ask as a favor to me a favor to them and a favor to you. Please share. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over in another episode. Bye-bye.

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