The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 281: “Whose Purpose Are You Living?”

August 2, 2023

In this episode of the Transform Your Life podcast, I talk about the importance of living your own purpose in life rather than conforming to the expectations and ideals of others. I talk about how we can get stuck in careers, relationships, and situations that don't align with our true desires because we seek the approval of our parents, partners, and society. I ask you to explore whether you are truly living a purposeful, fulfilling life on your own terms or living your life for others.

As I ask the last question, I think back to the 1991 movie, The Dead Poet's Society, and I think about the movie character named Neil. He wanted to pursue acting and loved it, but his stern father wanted him to go to Harvard Medical School. Neil hated the idea of medical school and found it soul-crushing, but he agreed. You'll have to watch the movie for the story's conclusion, but it's not uncommon for people to deny their own hopes, wishes, wants, and dreams and instead live their lives to please their parents.

Often times cultural and familial pressures guide people down a path that doesn't fulfill them, and they live decades misaligned from their own purpose while trying to please others. So, it's important to ask whether you are living your own purpose or someone else's.

Another purpose-robbing action that people often get into is seeking validation from others. This is a surefire way to live an unfulfilled life. For example, a friend of mine was constantly motivated by a desire for his father's approval, and that led him down an obsessive path of constantly trying to prove himself. This behavior disconnects you from your higher self and obscures your true purpose. You can't create an authentic life while dependent on external validation.

I have found that the key to living your purpose is surrendering to your destiny and innate talents. This involves getting quiet, listening to your intuition, and taking aligned action. We must focus on the importance of being grateful and on contribution rather than achievement.

Here are four key points you may want to keep in mind: 

  • Surrender to your innate talents and destiny.
  • Listen to your intuition and take aligned action.
  • Express gratitude and focus on contributing.
  • Achievements will naturally follow purposeful contributions.

You must examine whether you are living someone else's purpose or your own. If you are not thrilled by how you spend your days, you are likely conforming to others' expectations. I challenge you to get creative, listen within, and take steps each day to live your own purpose. 

Transformational Takeaway

When you are living your purpose, you are contributing your talents to activities that light you up, and you will experience true joy and fulfillment. Your key is being brave enough to live life on your own terms. Just do it.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Whose Purpose Are You Living? You know, we might not think about it in that way. But I've coached so many people for so many years from all around the world. Part of it's cultural. But many people don't live their purpose. They live other people's purpose. Now I can talk about different cultures in the world where the kids are raised to please their parents. But I think back to one of my favorite movies. You may, may not have seen it. And if not, it's a great movie in my opinion, but I think it's won a lot of awards. I don't know, but most people would agree. It's a really good movie. Back in the early nineties, I believe 1991, Robin Williams. Dead Poet's Society. One of the characters in the movie is Neal. Was in prep school and he wanted to be an actor and his dad wanted him to be no matter what his dad had determined, his son was going to be a doctor. And I won't tell you what happened in the movie. Because there are many characters in the movie in many plots and different storylines.

But the reality is that's not unusual. I can't tell you what I've said before the number of people that are in their thirties, forties, fifties. And they're still trying to please mommy and daddy and make mommy and daddy happy. But the question is let's slow down here. Let's slow down. Whose life are you living? So, what I want to share and what I'm going to talk about in this episode if you're not happy every day. About what you're doing in your life as air quote work. You're not living your purpose. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you want a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

You know when I talk about whose purpose are you living? Let's look at this from a different perspective. How about this? How about, and I mentioned this in the last episode, just a little bit is what does alignment mean to you? Are you living an aligned life? If you're happy in your life with what you're doing in the world as a vocation. For example, doing this podcast and what I do in the transformational work and my Transformational Coaching Programs. It lights me up and it sets me on fire. Now it's not my purpose because my purpose is to be. My purpose is to be on the planet to grow and evolve. These are things that I do when the course of my evolution, I'm always being as long as I'm on the planet. But these are my vacations.

So many people and you'll see it all, all over the place. They think their purpose is they're vocation. No. The vocation is the vocation. Your purpose is to be. Be first not only be first, like when, but you must first be, and that's being a, being on the planet. That's connected to the divine mind connected to source. Most of us do it backwards. Many of us, as I just mentioned a bit earlier, watch the movie Dead Poets Society. Many of us were backwards, not even knowing it. And there were teens and college and twenties and thirties and forties. We do it because our parents give us these ideas and ideals of who and what we should be in the world. Or they create these models for us. Listen very carefully. If you don't enjoy what you're doing for a living, believe it or not. You might think it doesn't apply to you? It does apply to you. So, we learn all these things earlier in life. As a matter of fact, most of us live our life right now, today from who we've learned to become yesterday and the year before and the year before and the decade before. So, we're not living in the alignment of the true essence of what makes us happy. What makes our hearts sing? What opens our heart?

Many people did not live in line with that. And they live in alignment with their 3d ego, but they've learned their identity and their indoctrination. They're not aligned with our soul. They're aligned with our indoctrination. And they live lives like, Hey Henry David Thoreau said lives of quiet misery. I looked back to a friend of mine a while back. He was in his thirties. And he was constantly living his life. To try to prove something to his father. I'm not exaggerating. He was constantly trying to constantly try to improve himself. But he didn't recognize he was doing it to gain his father's love and acceptance. To make his father proud. Question for you listening. What's he aligned to what he's aligned to is the ideas of who and what he thought. That he learned from his father about who we were supposed to be. To as he thought have the approval of, and from his father. So, he was living his life, literally absorbed, and wanting to do things to be successful. He had a desire, a burning desire to be successful. Not because he wanted that thought, you know, part of him thought that he did. He wanted it to prove something to his father.

Whose life is he aligned with, and for you, it might not be your parent, but you know, what many of you, and I know this because I know what goes on in people's minds generally. Because I've coached so many people. And the Transformational Coaching Program, people are very honest. It's the very role they share in their lives. Everyone in the program does, and we all learn that we're all the same. But many people are aligned with what their parents have conditioned them to be, as I just said, or they want to be successful, not for the joy and the soul full fulfillment of creating something in the world. They want to be successful because they're looking for the approval of other people. And they think that if they create something more in life at something amazing, our big company or whatever other people are going to approve of them more other people are going to accept them more. And then all comes to a matter of non-self-acceptance.

You know I'm going to say there's very quick, and I'll move on because I've sat at the thousand times, a hundred times, a hundred thousand times, and this podcast, you have two purposes on this planet. This is to grow and serve. It's not about doing something. It's not about a vacation. It's about the evolution and creating and fostering your personal power. As you evolve into this bag of skin called you whatever your name is, it's in the evolution of the consciousness that's currently having the human experience. So, it's not about doing something to be perceived in a particular way. By a particular person or group of people in life, or even yourself, if you're trying to prove something to yourself, where did you learn that? And I'm not telling you not to achieve in the world. I'm not telling you not to have things because honestly, I have. Quite a few air quote things in my life. And it doesn't define me as a person, but I'll tell you this, having things and money sure as hell makes life a lot easier and a lot more fun. But anyway, your time here is to evolve and grow. And when you become aligned, that in itself is evolution and growth.

I want to segue for a second, I am often asked Jim, you talked so much about spirit. If everything's about spirituality, then why do I need the body? Now. It makes sense to me. And Don Xavier told me this many years ago, so I accepted it. And by the way I will talk about indoctrination. He's indoctrinated me, but he's indoctrinated me to literally get to a place where I'm not attaching and indoctrinated by things outside of myself. Even though he's outside of me. He's never asked me for a penny in my life. And his whole thing is this. He'll tell you, he goes, I'm not a leader. I don't want anyone to follow me. I'm not a guru. I'm not any of that. My job, but the people that I work with is to help them discover themselves within themself. So anyway, I just wanted to cover that there. But people often ask. And Don Xavier told me the answer, which I'll share with you, or he told me his answer and it makes sense to me. People will say, Jim, if it's all about spirituality, then why do I need a body? How do they incarnate? Why do I need a body whatsoever?

Don Xavier told me because I asked him that question. When a lot of people ask me. And he said the soul is non-matter, non-physical energy and the body is matter. Carbon. Physical energy. And we need both consciousness and here's the thing. When he both the consciousness and the matter to create. We as soulful divine beings cannot create without being in physical matter to create. Beings that do not exist on this planet currently cannot manifest or create on this planet. Because they're not in physical 3d reality to have the capacity to create on the planet. This is why we are both physically and non-physical mind and body. And as I've said, in many, many episodes, it's all about balance. And many people get trapped in the lower essence of who we are, which is the body. Now recognizing we're out of balance, we're out of balance with the higher essence and the lower essence of who we are. And what many people do is when you look at that mental box of who we think we are. Many of us struggle alive because we keep cramming into that mental box. Everything that we're learning in this 3d reality for getting the essence of who we are at higher dimensional reality.

So, if you're struggling in your life, Money, health relationships. Every bit of this is for one reason only. And now the reason is because you are not aligned to your higher self. You have not become aware, you've not tapped into, you've not tuned into the voice of your soul. And you're not literally walking the path of your Dharma.

You're Darmhan for a lack of better words is a reason that you came to the planet. What did you come here for? Now of course, you came here to grow and evolve. I talked about this in the last episode. You're here to grow and evolve. But you're not the vocation, that's something that you do because you're the being, doing the doing again, dualism higher and lower. So, I want to hit on a couple of salient points here because I know. And I don't know the exact statistic because I haven't taken a really formal survey or any of that. But let me tell you one of the most prevalent thoughts that I hear from people and all of my programs and all the people that I interact with. And that is a lot of people. Very seldom maybe 5% might say they love what they do for a living. And they glow when they light up, when they talk about what they do, even listen to how we phrase it is phrase it as human beings. What we do for a living. My job 95% of people will say. And I want to help. And you listen to this episode. I want to help you create what you want to create, not the job that you've allowed yourself to hate. But many people say I hate my job. I'm not tossing stones. I've been there. I was there back in my twenties. And I could easily say I hate my job. And I went through a lot of years of my life like that.

And many years ago, Don Xavier or shared with me. And this pertains to, maybe you've heard of the commercial work this secret before. Maybe you've heard and I know you've heard it. If you listen for any amount of time, the law of attraction. Wherever you hold your attention is your frequency and vibration. Whatever your frequency and vibration are, is what attracts you more back to you. So, if you hate your job, notice here very carefully. You're running from something. And that goes back to the old phrase. Is that when you run from something that's like running from a dog, the dog's got to chase you. When you're running from. You ever notice us? I have in my own life. You ever noticed the more that you hate your job and the more you try to leave, the more that nothing else opens up for you. And the more you're stuck in that damn job. And then every day you're on this humdrum treadmill of hating this damn job.

Sunday night you're like, shit, I gotta, you gotta work tomorrow. I gotta be up in eight hours and I have to go to work tomorrow. You’re up that morning, by the way, the most heart attacks happen in the United States and the west between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM on Monday morning, people getting up and going to jobs they hate. Here's the reality energetically. You can knock, create a new, you. A new desired you a new circumstance in your life when you hate it, because say talking about alignment. Hating your job is wanting to run away from it, that is not aligned. That's not aligned. With the job that you want and the job you want to create. So, the more that you hate it, the more pain that you're in. The more that you're trying to, trying to run away from it. And it's that dog chasing you? That is an ineffective approach.

The effective approach is to be grateful. Be grateful because see when your grateful back to that alignment word again. When you're grateful, you were aligned with the divine energy coming through you and you were surrendering yourself to divine source, divine mind, divine energy to create. Then when you surrender that creation comes through you, wallah, everything opens up for you. I cannot tell you the number of times in my life that I have found homes, cars, people opportunities, jobs, et cetera. When I recognized it's not about me doing something and going out there and then being pissed off at the world and hating my job every day. It's about aligning. Getting quiet. Being in gratitude. Setting my intention. Knowing what I want. And then knowing that one I'm in that space. I don't know how. But it's going to show up.

I did an episode, I don't know, maybe six months ago. And it was titled something along the lines of how are you investing your life? And the metaphor that I used in that episode was about investing money. Are you investing in cocaine every day? Not to resell it for a profit, because if you're looking at pure investing and that's where you want to invest, well, that would be a good investment, I suppose. I don't think it's cocaine anymore. What does it fit in all and stuff like that now. But you know what? Every thought you have your putting out and you have to look at where you were investing that thought. And if you're hating your job, you're not aligned and you're investing in creating more of what you hate. Think about that.

If you're hating your job, running from your job, then what you're doing is you're investing more of what into what you hate, which means you're creating more of what you hate. Therefore, you can listen to me, and you can explore this, or you can keep hating your job either way that is your choice. Now, let me share something with you here. This was a big leap for me. Many years ago, Don Xavier, his mentor, his name is Don Juan Matuse also is sorcerer and a shaman said something to me and he said, and it just hit me in the head, like a brick. When he said it. He said I surrendered myself to the power that rules my destiny. I surrendered myself to the power that rules my destiny. That's not fatalism. Because you are free will. But what he means is he surrenders to his Dharma. I suppose that's what he means. I didn't ask him any further. But he's surrendered to divine guidance for what he's supposed to do on the planet.

And as I talked about in the last episode, if you hate things. You are not surrendered. You're not aligned. You're living from ego and that's blinding you. And as blinding the creator from coming through you and from you living your Dharma, and you want to know what true happiness is. I'm telling you right now. When I do this podcast truth be told sometimes, they're a pain in the ass, and sometimes there are a lot of work because I'm having air quote writer's block. And I don't know what I want to do. Even though I've got literally 500 podcast episodes. Written down on paper because the idea is, has come and come and come about the way that I want to do them. But sometimes I'm like, ah, crap. I got to do it this week. And I got to do five episodes this week or whatever, but you know what, when I started doing them, I loved what I did. I love it when I'm coaching someone. That is my passion if I left the planet tomorrow, today an hour from now. I can leave if there's even a smile on your face, when you leave physically, I could leave knowing that you know what? Hey dude, you did a pretty good job. You didn't change the world, but you did what you could do in your little corner of the world.

And you want to know what joy is. That is a joy. When you do something that you love doing so much. That it gives you so much joy to do. And when you're in joy. Hey, I want to share a secret with you. When you're in joy. And then you actually know your worth and your value when you're charged for that. That's when money comes at you like a tidal wave. But yeah, what many people do is hustle, they grind, and they grind and the grind for a better life. And they hate what they do. I'm telling you right now at ain't gonna happen. And if it does happen by small chance and it happens very seldom. It's going to put the person and the grave at an early age. So, whatever you're doing in life, if you don't have a feeling. I didn't say thinking feeling if you don't have a huge desire to do it. You're not aligned, it's not for you.

You've heard me say before what a lot of people do is choose money and safety and security. All things that are temporary over their alignment. Over there, purpose. And they live decades of their life for the creation of money, security and I'm going to share something else. The most unsecure thing you can create in your life is trying to live in the illusion of security. There is no security. Don't believe me as Kobe Bryant. That man had, what many of us would say would be one hell of a lot of security. As best I know it's not doing very good right now. There is no security in life. What I want to share with her also. Stop listing the other people because see, everyone else has got to tell you. Y you can't live your purpose and not everyone else, but a lot of people and especially those closes closest to you. And the rest who don't know you don't fricking care. But here is the thing. Mom, Dad, people in your life.

Many years ago. I mentioned in the last episode I mentioned before I worked at the Carter Presidential Center. When I moved from Houston, Texas to Atlanta. My friend, Chris, who we've been friends with for many years, we're still friends today. He said, “What are you going to do when you get to Atlanta Jim? I said I'm going to work at the Carter Presidential Center or Coca-Cola no, I don't know why I said Coca-Cola, I'm going to shorten this story in case you've heard it before. He said to me, Jim. There are a lot of people I'm sure that want to work at the Carter Presidential Center. What makes you think you're going to work at the Carter Presidential Center? I said, Chris, I'm just telling you. I am going to do it. Well, I moved to Atlanta and within two or three months, I had an in at Coca-Cola with the Personal Assistant, to the chairman of the board of Coca-Cola literally a woman that I met knew, and she liked me. An older lady and guess what? I got my foot in the door at the Carter Presidential Center and got my start within a couple of months of moving there, why?

Because even that Carter Presidential Center 30 years ago was align because I've always wanted to do something humanitarian. I've always wanted to make the world a better place. That's what I'm telling you when you're aligned. You're aligned with source things start opening up for you. So, how do we do this? We have to start being creative. And we have to start, and we've learned, this is brain-based. We've learned to stop dreaming. We've learned to stop wanting. I read something 30 years ago before the result is fake news. I used to read tons and tons of psychological resource resources and research. No, I don't know if it's true or not, but it rings true to me. By the time we are 18, we're said to be a hundred thousand times in our life by our parents. Can I be? No. Can I do. No. Can I go? No, can I have. No. Can I, blah, blah, blah. No, no, no.

We're said no from our parents. So, the brain. Through repetition learns the answer is always no. But that's not true. Because divine mind and source. We'll never tell you no, because everything is available to you. Because divine mind and source is always giving. And it's you who cut yourself off from the receiving divine mind and source always provide air. Always provide oxygen, at least in this epoch of human history and planet earth. The vine mind at any timeframe you're going to be here is going to provide water. Now, do you cut yourself off from it? Or do you literally bring it into your life? And that's all going to happen based upon where you hold your consciousness. And, you know, you look at this thing called creation, creating, and getting creative. You know, are looking at it this way. Many of us think that it's too much work to create something when it's simply a mental act, but you look at divine mind, let's say, for example, let's concretize it even more and use the word God. How about this?

Do you think God, divine mind has ever said, you know, Oh my gosh, this planet earth down there. I did that in six days, and I rested on the seventh. I am too tired. I am just too tired right now. And need to go on vacation. I am too tired to create any other universes or any other planets or any other stars or any other beings because I am just worn the hell out. Do you think divine mind says, hey, I can create this planet and this galaxy called the Milky way galaxy. But if I do that, what's in it for me? No. No. Creation. Is a divine perpetual process. And if you're not creating, you're not in the process, but we're, I want to go back to here is which I talked a little bit in the last episode and this episode. How come you're here? What are you here to create? Are you living in alignment with that? Or are you living in alignment with the things that keep you away from that? Looking for approval from other people as not living in alignment with what you want to create? It's living and malalignment and you may suggest that from what it is that you want to create.

Let me share another big one here. Stop seeking the approval of other people. And I'm thinking of doing an episode on this maybe next or the episode after. The biggest gift that I could have ever been given was the non-approval of my mother. Now, let me explain something here. And I mean, this literally, I don't give a shit who approves of me and who does it doesn't affect me in any way, because it has nothing to do with me. I do not live for the approval of other people. Now, and truth and fairness. It's nice to have the podcast as it does with millions of downloads. That means someone approves of something. I don't personalize it because it's not about me because people don't like me because of the information that is luring in the podcast. They like mean and they're attributing it to me, but what they really like is the information or getting to create a better life for them. But the biggest gift, one of the biggest gift gifts I was given in my life is my non-approval of my mother.

My mother didn't approve of me. The reason she didn't approve of me is because I'm gay. And she didn't disown me. She just did not approve of me. And when you learn to stop seeking the approval of people and we it's hardwired, we clear of for the approval of our parents and people around us. And when we stop seeking that approval. Holy mackerel. You want to talk about power that will bring power into your life. Not giving a shit about what other people think about how you should live your life, who you should be, what you should do and what you should have. I live to serve however, and whatever way that that is and like the universe I talked about earlier, it doesn't say, oh, what's in it for me. If I created another galaxy. Bad example. I know. But that's the way of the universe. Constant giving and constant expansion. I constantly give and this podcast is one example. You know, there were a lot of things that I could do to get a lot more out of this podcast. One of my friends owns a company that makes a whole lot of money and he's actually very big online also. He said, Jim, I will give you, I think he said when he said it two years, three, whatever years ago.

He goes, I'll give you, like, I think he said $6,000 a month. Let me, let me sponsor the podcast and advertise on every, every episode. No. No, I don't, I don't have outside people with advertisements, and I could make. I know I could make six figures a year. Just off advertisement. But you know what? I don't do it because it's not my nature. Why? Because I'm here for you. Not to put somebody's ads in front of you other than what I'm promoting, which my intention is to make your life a lot better. To help you live a lot better life. But I'm going to go back here to become the creator. Think about this, let me slow down a little bit. Become the creator. Everything in your life ponders this. Every single thing in your life was created by you. But to become the powerful creator. Align. Align with what you're here to do.

And I'm going to mess this up, but it was Henry David Thoreau, I don't recall the first part of it. But he said something along the lines of when we hold these. This is not correct. But when we hold these attentions, intentions, and attentions for what we want to create. We will be met with success and unexpected times. And when your intentions come from the higher essence of you that's like dynamite. That's like nitroglycerin. And it's very easy to create and the 3d, because we're know we're just not working from the 3d or we're working from the 4d and the 5d. So, think about this. It's about alignment. And I would greatly request you to really align with what you're here to do. And if you're hating it, like I've talked about, you're not aligned. So, think about, hey, what I would love to do every day. And the first fear that a lot of people go into is yeah but how can I make money from that? You're already searching in the wrong place. That's why you're stuck in the job that you hate.

So, everything is about creation. Creation is the nature of the universe. Creation is the nature of source. Creation is the nature of God. And for every creation that you have, let me slow down here. For every creation that you have. There's an intention behind it. Because intention I N T E N T I O N is the fabric of the universes. So, every single thing in your life has an intention behind it. Even if you don't see it. So, you might not, and you probably don't air-quotes see the intention, but what you do see is the manifestation, which comes from your thinking, which is preceded by the intention. I recall talking to my friend Shama Kabani. I had her on the podcast out on the maybe six months ago. And she's created a heck of a lot in her life. And she said, Jim. The reason she and I were talking we're personal friends. And she said the reason that a lot of people don't have what they want in their life. By the way did I say Shama Kabani? I've known her for a lot of years now. What's her name? When I met her, her name was Shama Hyder H Y D E R S H A M A.

And if you're in social media and marketing in particular, you may want to follow her because she's, or I think LinkedIn called her one of the top 10 most influential people in marketing. I love Shama, an amazing woman. But she said in her opinion, the reason a lot of people weren't as successful as they could be is because they stop. They're not creative enough about what it is they want to create. See, anytime you're stuck. Many people will say they're stuck. They hit a wall. You're never stuck in your life. The only time you're stuck is when you stop creating. The only time you're stuck is when you can't see a way around being stuck. And the way to see your way around being stuck is to be creative. When you're creative, you're no longer stuck, and you're stuck because you're not creative.

So, what do you want to look at and what do you want to ask yourself? Is how can I create more for myself? I'm going to slow down here. Think about this. Just play with this idea. How can I create more for myself by first serving, and through serving other people? That's the place you work from that place, and you get everything down where it needs to be, get everything solidified about what you want to do in your messaging and how you want to do it. And I say messaging, if you're in business, you will never want money again. Why because your money, whether you're digging ditches think about that. Sure. They can ditch you get paid. You created the ditch, you're getting paid. So, you're in alignment with the 15 bucks an hour that you're getting paid. Everything else in your life, everything everywhere comes from your creation.

But what's your creation aligned with, and if you're not creating what you want in life and you're unhappy, then you're not aligned in your miscreating, miscreating. It's the phrase you're miscreating, miscreating, miscreating. Therefore, you're not having what you want. Creativity is the name of the game. And I look at me and as I was thinking about this episode, I'm like, holy shit. The number of things that I've created in my life. I've created the Transformational Coaching Program, which is a 13-week program live that I deliver. I've created, created the Inner Circle in that program, which is a six-month program. I've created the Transformational Sales Program, which is a nine-month program. I've created this Sell Psychology Academy, which has over 500 videos. Our persuasion and influence and how to sell. I've created the Be Do Have series. That has over a hundred thousand people that have listened to it. I've created a Be Do Have challenge, which has had thousands of people go through it. I've created the Be Do Have accelerator. That's had thousands of people go through it. I've created Subconscious Identity Training. I've created Subconscious Mind Training, Identity Training, Habit Training. I've created this podcast, which has millions of downloads. I've created a new book called Be Do Have the old, but ultimate guide to everything you want in life. And that's coming out in the next probably 45 days. It's going to the proofreader this week, but all these things that I've created. What I've created, you can create. And I'm going to just tell you something right now. When I create this stuff. Not always. But nine times out of 10. It's all created from dream time.

I just actually, or I metaphorically sit down. What's coming to me. What do I want to share? So, you know, you know this and its physics. The universe that we live in is in a constant state of creation and expansion. Think about that and listen very carefully. Okay. The universe that we live in. And the Milky way. And the Milky ways, part of the universe or one galaxy. It's always in creation and expansion. And even if something gets sucked into a black hole, Well, that's still expansion. But in a way that humans do not yet understand it. So, if you're not creating and expanding. And if you're looking for things to live from security, you’re literally not in creation mode for the most part you are in contraction mode. You're not moving forward you're moving backwards, and this is why things never changed for many of you. And life is simply the same hamster will day after day after day after day. And then we wonder I've been there we go straight to our 3d mind. And we say, why the fuck can't I get out of this? Why can't I get out of this trap? I hate this trap.

I've already alluded to it the more, we actually are hating on it. We are creating, but we're miscreating, which keeps us in the trap. So, as I said, Be the creator. What do you want to align with from divine mind? What comes through you? What could you be passionate about? You will align with that you create from that. You will never, ever, ever forever. Ever again, have to be concerned about money. It goes back. I go back to my good friend, my mentor, Virginia Cook. She's in her eighties and built a multi-billion-dollar real estate company in Texas. She was, I was her coach. She's one of my best friends and she was my mentor.

I'm not going to read it here. I mentioned it before, but it's so powerful. It changed my life. But there's one line she said to me, and it sent a passage. I'm not going to read it now. I've read it before on the podcast. But she said, Jim, she goes, I've learned. To be what she called to be successful in life drop the word achievement and replace it with contribution. Drop the word achievement and replace it with contribution. So, you will align with what makes your heart sing? You align with what makes you happy? Divine mind the Creator will take from there because you created that. You align with that and contribution. I'll say it for the second or third time in this episode. You will never, again, have to be concerned about money. I don't care where you are on the money spectrum. I have a friend of mine. I was talking to him a couple of months ago. There was this. $3 million home he wanted to buy. And he chickened out of buying the home, why he was afraid about the economy. He didn't recognize and he wouldn't listen to me because he goes, Jim, you're a coach. I expect you to say that even not coach me before.

If he created the money the resources to be able to buy a $3 million home. Why stop there? Why can't you create more? But he stopped being a conscious creator and stopped doing some of the things that created the creation. To go into fear and that's ego and that will shut you down every single time. So, I think I've actually talked enough in this episode, but where I want to go from here as this. Is what I hear often is people will say, Jim, I believe you. I get it. But I don't know what I want to do. All right let's go back earlier in the episode. Why did I say. The creator it's constantly creating. You're our reflection, like I talked about in the last episode or this one, I don't know everything. All my conduit runs together for me because so much of it comes, you're the creator that comes from the creator. You are a reflection of divine mind, which is pure essence creator.

So, if you don't know. The more you stay in with your attention. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I can't figure it out. The more, I don't know that you created. Where you have to go is all right let me open. You know, you look at Tesla. He figured it out to whatever degree he figured it out. Addison. JP Morgan. Vanderbilt. Look at all the great contributors in the world. Henry Ford. I'm not so sure that's a great contribution. When we look at humanity, we can say, well, yeah, what do you mean? I mean, Ford actually put vehicles under everybody and changed the world. Yeah, that's the truth. But look at the end culmination of that, humanities are on the way out of this planet because of the CO2 on the planet created by combustion engine as many people say anyway. Conversation for a different time. The point. Please, please, please listen. You're a creator. So, what I want to ask you, here's your transformational takeaway okay. Let me say it very carefully.

Whose purpose are you living? Because if you're living someone else's purpose, you were creating the infinite power of your life. The infinite power that comes through you. You're not creating what you want, you're creating what these other people want. If you're in bliss. You're in bliss. And you're loving what you do. And it helps other people. You're on purpose and you're creating more of that. And if you're not, then you're not on. And I use the word purpose only for understanding only because your purpose is to be. And it's, it's a little difficult for people to understand that because they think, well, purpose, as I've said before, your purpose is to be, but I'm using purpose here in the context of while you're doing something purposeful. But when you're letting that, when you're creative enough to open up to let divine mind come through you.

And you're expanding on other people through contribution. Because the contribution that creates a better life for other people is expansion plain and simple expansion is the way of the universe. Expansion as the way of let's use the word God. That's the way. And if you want to create more in life, you can't do it your own way. You've got to do it the way. And the way is the way, and the way is expansion, the way is alignment. And how to do that through giving. Through giving and serving. That serves the growth and evolution of everyone. I know I've said a lot in this episode, but hopefully I will put it together for you in a way. Hopefully, you know, we've talked about alignment, we've talked about more than anything. And I finished this episode with that. Whose purpose are you living? And if you're not happy, here's the litmus test. If you're not happy. You are not living your purpose. You're living someone else's purpose. Food for thought. Thanks for listening. I catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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