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EPISODE 31: What Is Your Purpose?

July 3, 2019

How often have you asked yourself this question: “What is my life’s purpose?” If you’re like almost all people, you’ve asked yourself this question over and over and you still haven’t found your answer. 

In this episode I dig deeper and take a look at your life’s purpose from a much higher perspective. For most people, they have never thought in this way. They’ve never expanded the level from which they see and experience their lives.

In this episode I talk about:

Also, I talk about meditation and why this is so important.

The easiest way to work from higher purpose is to quiet your mind and connect at the deepest levels of who you are.

Transformational Takeaway

Your TRUE purpose is alignment

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 31 of the transform your life from the inside out podcast in episode number 29 I talked about why are you here in that episode and in this episode, I want to explore that a bit more and I have a huge question for you to ponder that will help you discover what is your purpose. Stay tuned.

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Change Your Perspective to Find Your Purpose

And episode number 29 I talked about and the topic was why are you here? And if you listened to that episode, you may remember. And if he didn't listen, I'm about to tell you what I said in that episode. But I said that you're here for two reasons. One reason is to serve others and the other reason is to learn, evolve and grow. I'm sure that many people, and especially for those of you that listened to that episode, many people have never thought about their life outside of the context of their life. Meaning what I call the context of your life is whatever your name is and your personal identity and your time on this planet. Most of us see that as our life, but we never think about the continuity and the infiniteness of our being outside of that context. And if you look outside that context and then you look inside the context, meaning why am I here?

It really makes sense that the only reason that we're here is to serve, evolve, grow and learn. Because as you already know, that the phrase that every one of us knows it knows is that you can't take it with you no matter what you have in this lifetime. No matter if you're worth $10 billion, you're not going to take it with you. I was in the car just now listening to John Lennon and obviously, you know, one of the greatest lyricist of all times, and you know what? A Beatle and his life changed in an instant. The day that he there or the night that he was shot. And I mean this man was an icon and still is today on the planet. But guess what? And the totality of his being. It didn't mean that anything that was only the context of his life here on know planet earth.

If you did listen to episode 29 from I guess a couple of weeks ago, how are, I don't know, last week or whenever, how deeply have you contemplated what I shared with you in that episode? And that contemplation when I'm talking about is that you are a cosmic being having a human experience. And that gives it a whole different context because many people will say, well, you know what, I am a spiritual being having a human experience. But even when you say you're a spiritual being, that creates dogma around that, it creates context and it also creates to me literally some degree, you know, seeing your religious being because what many people do is they actually turn their spirituality into their religion because religion basically is anything that we believe in very, very strongly. But when you look at it from the perspective and you really, really, really get your mind around you are an infinite cosmic being.

And I'm not going to go into it here, but I've talked about it in other episodes. I mean, you cannot die and that is physics. You are a cosmic being and that means that you've been around since the beginning of whatever we consider to be time. And basically there is no such thing as time. And I'm not going to go into that here because that would be a much longer episode and I'll probably do it, you know, probably do it at some point later in the future. But the reality is as you were somewhere before you got here and you're going to be somewhere when you leave. So when you start looking at life from the position of you are a cosmic being, don't you think that that also gives a whole different meaning to what your purpose is while you're here. And by the way, I want to tell you what I've learned.

Obviously, you know, maybe you know, if you've listened to what's to enough episodes that I've apprentice with a shaman for many years. And not somebody that just, you know, practices are our, you know, plays with the concept of shamanism. But a shaman as if you were in the Amazon or in Africa or places like that. And when you look at the life from the, your life, from the context of you truly are a cosmic being that gives a whole new purpose as to why you're here or not a whole new purpose. Let me back up and give us a whole new meaning as to why you are here, which was episode number 29 and it gives a whole new meaning to the purpose that you are here, which this episode is about. You know, I was told one time and I, and I see it, I see it in the way that I live my life is that there is a spark, and I'm gonna use this word, but there's a spark of divinity in everyone.

And the reality is that most people, they just don't know it. And most people in this men, by the way, I'm not tossing any stones because this has been me in the past and I'm sure it's many of you, is that most people, we don't live from that cosmic infinite itself. That part of our self. We live from what I call the 3D ego, which means the bag of skin can you walk around in and your identity. So the bag of skin walk around in and you know, it's named Jim Fortin. That is my 3D ego, that is my 3D self and most of us live from that place. And when we live from that place, it's kind of like if you imagined your body and you took the last joint on your pinky finger, your little finger, and you looked at that little last piece of your Pinky, well that's your 3D ego and the rest of the rest of your body.

Everything else, it's not that little bitty Pinky is the cosmic infiniteness of your bigger being, your higher self, your luminous being. But what most of us do is we let that little bitty into the pinky control, our luminosity, our, our infiniteness, our cosmic ness. And we actually try to live our entire life as little bitty pinkies, you know, 3D ego as opposed to living from the infiniteness of the cosmicness of who we are. You know? And then when we look at, and by the way, I'll concretize all this for you. I know I'm speaking what I call, even though I'm talking infinite and I'm telling you what, I'm taking a 30,000 foot view. I'll bring it down the ground level in just a moment. But most people live from their 3D ego. And then they get into all of the emotions and thoughts associated with 3D ego, all the things that human beings get into like greed and ego when fear and hate.

And if you look at the planet, I mean, people fight for territory like dogs fight for a bone. It is ridiculous. The things that the majority of humanity gets into, or the things that the majority of humanity does to themselves or even does to each other. You know, I also had mentioned on another podcast just to go with a little more of the cosmic stuff here, is that physicist also know that there are at least nine dimensions and where we want to be living, because where we are as a species is in the fifth and sixth dimension. But, and these are the things that are perceptible with the visible, you know, with the physical eye but most of us live trapped in what I call the, you know, the third dimension. And there's something called the implicate and the explicate universe and the inflicate universe is what we cannot see and the explicate universe as what we can see.

And we literally, based upon the physical ability of our eyes and our brain and everything else, we can only see 1% of what exists in the physical universe. I mean, that's pretty mind blowing, right? We can only see 1% we can only perceive 1% and then not only that, most of us live in one one 1 million of 1% of that 1% and when you really look at it, it's like, wow, most of us live is very, very, very small beings. Okay, so let's go a different direction now because the whole topic of this podcast is, and I'm sure this is why you tuned in, is what is your purpose? Well, I get asked this all the time. Literally mean it's crazy. The amount of people you know will say, you know, Jim, what is my purpose? Can you help me find my purpose? And you know what, I've been there before as well.

I mean many years ago when I was in my twenties, I'm like, why am I here? What is my purpose? And I can even say, you know, I can say that my purpose, when I look at the external world and I look at my 3d bag of skin, I can say that my purpose is to help people transform their lives. Now let me go somewhere else first. Um, so many people are looking for their purpose and that probably pertains to you as well. And there's probably a bazillion, well not probably there are bazillion books on live your purpose, find your purpose and you know all these kinds of things. And what I also see is that most people spend their entire lifetime looking for their purpose, yet they're looking completely in the wrong place. Most people, what they're doing is when they're looking for their purpose, they're looking for their purpose in the context of what they consider to be their life, which is only the 3D.

Meaning today I'm born, they are leaving the bag of skin that I walk in. But what if you were to look for your purpose from the higher context of you being a cosmic being? You know, it's obvious when you look at when you look for or at your purpose from the higher context and the bigger context that you are an infinite cosmic being that changes the whole frame of what is your purpose. Now, as I said, you know, many of you are probably for many years and I've been there and we go in circles. What is my purpose? What is my purpose? What is my purpose? And here's the thing. When you start looking at it from the higher context, which I'll share with you in just a moment, the purpose that you're looking for on this planet becomes very easy to find because it starts to flow through you.

You know, also many of us, when we talk about our purpose, we'll say things like you, a mother Theresa might've said, well, her purpose was here to, you know, to help the homeless and the poor and, and et cetera. Some of us can say, well, my purpose is to help single mothers and other people say, well, my purpose is to help entrepreneurs, or my purpose is to help elderly, you know, elderly people or, or whatever it might be. And here's what I want you to really understand. Here's that, you know, something that I request you understand is even though those things set you on fire, those things are not your purpose. Those things are a byproduct of your purpose. Also, when you're working from that zone, like this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. You are living your purpose, but it's the byproduct of the purpose, which I'll explain in just a moment.

So for me, if somebody walked up to me right now and said, you know what, Jim, I have this company and I will pay you $1 billion to come in and train in my company, but you can only train at my company. Literally, I would not do it. Why? Because I'm doing right now with this podcast and my Transformational Coaching Programs, I am doing my purpose. I am doing what I'm on the planet to do. I am living my Dharma. But here, let me go a little deeper is all these things that I'm doing are a byproduct of me living from the higher purpose and the higher context of me being a cosmic being. And by the way, I still haven't told you what that is yet for all of us, but I'll get there in just a moment. Actually when I said I'd get there in just a moment.

You know what, we're there because I was going to add, actually add a story and another thought there and I want to make this really simple for you. You know as I just said, I apprenticed with a shaman and this is what I've learned is I've learned that my purpose on this planet is to align to masterfully and I'm not there yet, I'm working on it but I know it is to masterfully align my higher self with my lower self and when I do that, see a lot of people actually they run around, they use the word balance and most people talk about work life balance and this balance and relationship balance. Those are all in the context of the 3D bag of skin you walk around in, when I talk about balance, what I mean is aligning our higher self with our lower self, which is the 3d body that we are in and when we do this, when we align, everything shifts for us.

What I also want to point out is that your purpose, this lifetime is not in the context of this lifetime per se. Your purpose is alignment to learn, to align your lower self with your higher self. And when you do that, you're living your purpose and a bigger context. You're aligned. But see, here's the beauty and here's why this is important to you. Because everything that you want in this lifetime is the way that most people think. Everything that you want in this lifetime comes very, very easily. When you align with the higher part of you, as a matter of fact, the more aligned you become with the higher part of you, people call it the higher self, the soul, the more. And you know you, you hear that all the time. Yeah. You heard it since you were a baby, that everyone has a soul.

What relationship do you have with your soul? And to what degree did you even understand that? I mean, that is a massive question, but because we run around and we're like, yeah, you know, I'm a mind I'm a body and a spirit and a soul. But what does that ‘mean? And when you can, when you can open up, which we'll talk about that in a moment, when you can open up and align with your soul energy and let that energy come through you. As I just said, everything that you want in lifetime becomes very, very easy because now you're co-creating your 3D life with the higher part of you, with the universe, with the infinite, with the great grand mystery and everything that you've been toiling and working for and trying and looking for becomes very easily. Because it's kind of like, for example, many of us are standing at the ground floor of an office building and we're trying to actually see our way metaphorically see our way through life.

But you know what, that's living in a 3D body. But when you get in the elevator and you align and you go all the way to the top of that building and you get on the roof of that building and now you can see, you know, for 50 miles in any direction, now you've got the advantage of seeing from higher perspective. And that's the power of alignment. That is your purpose to align. Because when you align, as I've said two or three times, everything else that you want becomes, well, let me put it this way. When you, when you align, you become a medium for all the things that need to come through you, you know, into your life so that you can use these things to create in your life. What most of us do is we toil. I mean we, we just literally struggle and we work so hard at the 3D level, the lower level of the little pinky level of our life trying to create and many people, if you look around your parents and a lot of your parents and our grandparents and many people we live at such that low level of existence that we live our entire life struggling for what you know, I also want you to notice that when you've had a glimpse of alignment, it comes as a stroke of genius and you, it's, you can also call it flow.

You know, this is what you're supposed to be doing. Have you ever noticed how things just open up for you, how things happen, how money shows up, how people show up, how clients show up? Why? Because you're aligned with the higher part of yourself. Now I know that many of you probably have questions about this and please, you know, as I said before, feel free to, to email your questions to support, to and I get to them as I can. Okay. And before I talk about how to align, I just want to mention and something I mentioned on the last podcast is my really good friend, James Wedmore, who was a person that I do consider to be aligned. We're very good friends. As I watch him and how he lives his life and how he progressed through life, he very much works from, I want to evolve and grow and align as much as I can.

Now what I do want to point out, and I did in the last podcast, he's got a free training coming up. It's actually in a 3D way, it's about alignment with your niche and you can actually get registered for this training. It is on July the, I gotta look at the date here. Anyway, God, I don't even have the date. I think it's the sixth. Go to the show notes and you'll find all the details on it. But you can go to and you'll find a show in the show notes. You'll find out more about this training and there's a two part training on how to actually identify your niche and how to actually use this. Obviously to expand and grow your business. As I also mentioned in the last episode for many years, I've taught persuasion, influence, sales and marketing and all this kind of stuff.

And the money is in the niches. Most people work a very broad marketplace. They want to help everyone. They can't do it. Why? Because you can't be everything to everyone. And when you define your niche and you know what your niche is and you market to your niche and you talk to your niche many times providing you've got the right message for the right niche, you will find your business exploding. So anyway, I just want to point that out. Um, go to the show notes, and you can get registered for that too. Part live training that James is doing later this week. Okay, so how to align. What I want to point out first as you may want to go back to the episode and it's so interesting, I did an episode on “”Living from your highest potential.” Well, living from your highest potential is the pathway to alignment and a lot of people when they hear those buzz words hired but higher potential because there's a lot of peak performance experts and and motivational speakers and all of these people are like, you know what?

Live from your highest potential, blah, blah, blah, blah stuff. Living with and from your highest potential is, and the way that I've been taught with a shaman is to learn to silence your mind because we're not talking, I'm not talking about potential and an external world. I'm talking about the potential of your beingness and when you can actually learn to silence your mind because 99% of what goes on in your mind anyways, is head garbage. I mean it's what I tell people. It's like monkeys in a tree, all that chatter all day long. And anyway, there's an episode, it's an earlier episode and it's titled “Something along the lines of how to live from your highest potential.” I really encourage you to search that episode and go listen to that episode because when you learn to silence your mind and live from your highest potential, now metaphorically, you're walking down the hallway to open the door to alignment with your higher self and what I call your luminous being.

So another way that we can do that, let's get practical here. And this is something that a lot of people ask and rebel against is, and it's also a buzzword because a lot of people don't understand it. But as meditation and what I want to share with you also, as many people think that, well for one, many people say, you know what? I can't meditate. I can't quiet my mind this day and age. You've got technology to help you. what you can do is you can Google binaurial beats, B, I, N, A, U, R I, A, L, just Google, the word binaural beats. And there's music that will actually slow down your brain. It's scientifically proven. So that is one way. But to go back to the thought that I just started, as many people think that meditation is, you know, you sit here in the Lotus position and you know you have, you have your hand mood rose and you're saying, okay, and all this kind of stuff.

Yeah. Yes, that is meditation. But more powerfully where we want to learn to live from is that meditation is a state of mind. And what if you could live in that state of mind 24/7 instead of living in it as an external practice. And that's a whole another episode later that I'm sure I'm going to do an episode on meditation and Advanced Meditation and accessing higher functioning and higher sense of the mind. But the way is meditation. So I would strongly suggest if you have not been involved with, start practicing with meditation, there's all kinds of physical benefits. I mean, I mean like we heal when we go into that state of mind. It just actually, there's so many places I want to go here, but I want to keep this episode shorter than longer. I'm going to just do your own research, but, you know, Google the benefits of meditation, but the power of meditation is astronomical.

Next, what a lot of us want, we live in an instant society. I mean, you know, for crying out loud, Amazon prime, I mean, you can get stuff delivered in a couple of hours. Now what I've seen over the years working with a shaman is that a lot of people, they don't want to, yeah, I'm going to say it that way. They don't want to devote and commit themselves to developing higher function of the mind. They just want to give it to them or they just want something handed to them and they don't want to work for it. What I mean by that, it's trendy for a lot of people. And I'm going to caution you against this and I'll tell you why I'm going to caution you against it, is many people have asked me, they, you know, they've said, you know, Jim, you're brother-in-law's a shaman can I cannot, can you introduce me?

Can I do Iowasca with him? And here's the thing, there are ways to access the same state of consciousness and mind without ingesting anything when you're properly trained to do it. But what most people want is they want the IOWASCA why? Boom, I drink something, I pay somebody some money, I drink it, boom. I get the state of mind that lasts for a bit. And then, you know what, I didn't ever have to work to evolve myself to grow to a much higher place to function so that I can actually access that state without ingesting anything. And when, I mean, I'm going to give you an example here when I mean that most of us want things, and this pertains to meditation. I've been doing this since I was, oh gosh, 20 when I started meditating in 1985 I don't even know where I saw the ad.

Basically I ordered this program called relax and the alphanetics and there were cassette tapes and there were I think 11 or 12 tapes. They were $88. I had no money. So I paid 11 payments of our, no, I pay. Yeah, I it was like 11 payments of $8 is what it was for this program. Learning to meditate when I was in my twenties. But most of us want the easy way out. And you know what the true reward comes. And I'm not talking about, let me, let me, let me be careful with my words. Meditation is very easy. It's simply a state of mind. Let me change my words. Most people want the quickest, quickest result as I'm, and however they get that, like the Iowasca without actually learning how to achieve the state of mind on your own with meditation. The reason, let me back up here.

Public service notice, so to speak, is the reason, and my brother-in-law has talked me about this, is that the reason that people should not do Iowasca, and there are a lot of people doing it all over the place here in the states. The reason why is because you're dealing with, you're dealing with, uh, a sacred plant and most people don't understand that. They just want the air quote, the cool experience. Same thing with what people do with mushrooms, which is called Tonacol. And here's the thing is when you go on those journeys, the people taking you on those journeys which are out of body, they don't have the experience or the personal power to reintegrate you properly back into the body. It's like for example, you put your hands on a glove and like right now your, your hand fits perfectly in the glove, but you take the glove off, you put it back on, you do the Iowasca, you put the glove back on and now all the fingers don't fit properly.

And then for many people that can cause all kinds of, uh, psychological dysfunction, sickness, uh, nightmares, things of that nature. So all that I want to tell you is that, you know, I'm not a health care provider. And by the way, they don't provide Iowa, Iowa, Osca I'm just telling you that if you do Iowasca, if it were me, I would be down in the jungles of the Amazon or somewhere like that. I'm looking for a shaman and you probably wouldn't find one unless they let you see them. But I would be doing it down in places like that. I would not be doing it with somebody in you know, San Diego. And you know what I mean by that example. Anyway, the whole, the whole purpose of this episode, and I know I've gone for a little while here, but the whole purpose of this episode is to get you to start, you know, start thinking from a higher context of the totality of your being and stop spending your entire life looking for your purpose in the context of this life.

When you look at it from the higher context of the totality, well you know what, you get a whole different meaning as to what your purpose here is here. And when you align, you align your a little 3d pinkies I'd mentioned the small part of it with your higher self, all these answers that you're looking for relative to your purpose, they come to you automatically because it's kind of like you have a super highway between the lower self and the higher self. Okay. So the takeaway is, well, one of the takeaways is stop living your life for all the external things. You know, I mentioned John Lennon earlier, I mean that guy had everything. Global icon, con fame, money, I mean ledge everything and he lost it all the second he lost the plan, he left not lost the second he left the planet. So start living for the highest degree to which you can evolve yourself.

And then all the things that you've been chasing and struggling and working for will come to you very easily. So your transformational takeaway in this episode is your true purpose is not to be found in the context of your 3d life. Your true purpose is alignment with your higher self. Okay, one more thing here. So the next episode, I get this a lot in. This is a great question and Jason wrote in and Jason's question is this, and I know that most of you are probably gonna resonate with us. Jason's question is how do I believe and myself, how do I believe in myself? And you know, I hear a lot of people say, well what does that mean? Well, I'm going to share with you in the next episode that you know what, you really don't have to believe in yourself to get a lot of things that you want in life and a lot of people who've never told you that and I'm going to give you a new perspective of believing in yourself and why it's not always important in the next episode, so make sure that you tune in. Okay. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you on the next episode. Bye Bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know if you found value they will too. So please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to and I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily connect with me on Instagram. My Instagram name is @iamatjimfortin. Finally, I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves together. You and I, let's help more people. If you would please leave a review on iTunes and a good one, by the way, I'd be grateful and through your assistance together we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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