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EPISODE 10: “Q & A – I’m Stuck In My Old Identity, Procrastination And Self Sabotage. How Do I Get Out?”

April 22, 2019

If you’re struggling with an identity that weighs you down, procrastination, and self-sabotage then you’re going to love this episode.

Beginning this week I start answering questions from all of you emailing about your particular life situations, problems and challenges.

Today’s first Q &A episode, I answer Doreen’s questions about self-sabotage, procrastination and reprogramming your self identity.

In this episode I discuss:

And, much, much more.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number ten of the transform your life from the inside out podcast. Okay, something new this week because we're going to two episodes per week starting this week. Now this episode is obviously a Monday episode and it's going to be a Q&A episode. Basically. What I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be answering questions that you guys have emailed in now, I definitely recommend that you listen no matter where you are in Life or where you think you are or whatever your business is or anything else. And the reason why you know, I've coached for a lot of years and what I know is that 80% of people struggle with the same things. So as I'm actually answering some of the emails and kind of actually coaching people through their emails in their questions. You're probably going to see yourself in my response. So stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jim Thornton and you're about to start transforming your life from the inside. Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years here. You're going to find no Rob motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of brain science transformational psychology and ancient wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels. You've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life the feel better to heal to have peace of mind to feel powerful and alive and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. Then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your Consciousness and when you do that anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Our Feelings Follow Our Thoughts

Okay, so I got a lot of emails and actually I was surprised at the amount of emails that came in with people asking questions. What I also know is that in all the episodes I've done already and and every Wednesday episode. I know that maybe a lot of your questions have been or will be answered. If you go back and you listen to those other episodes nonetheless, it's okay. We're going to dig in here and I'm going to start answering questions. And if you have questions that you want me to answer at the end of this podcast, there will be instructions as to how to submit your questions also. Listen all the way to the end of this episode because what we're going to do is we're starting the next transformational coaching program in mid-may and it's a $3,000 per seat. It's $3,000 per person the register and we are going to be giving away a seat and the next transformational coaching program plus $500 cash. So stay with me all the way to the end and I'm going to tell you how you can actually qualify or actually rather I should say how you can get registered to be in the drawing for that seat that we're going to give away as I was going through the emails the biggest themes that were coming out. And by the way, I had a lot so I don't know how many we're going to get through here. I don't want this to be too long because this is what I know, you know, many years being a professional speaker is that the mind can only listen as long as the but can set so I know if I go too long, it's not for everyone. I don't know how long we're going to go.
But I'll just start going through them and we will see what happens. But the biggest themes that were coming up and I see this all the time is that people living from their past history, you know, so I'm going to do a whole episode on that at some point is that people live from their past I mean right now is the only thing that exists because anything that you have ever created in your life or ever will or ever do is always happening in the now but most people are never living in the now and they're never present their always living in their past from their childhood from all these things that happen before or they're worrying about something that's going to happen or potentially happen or could happen in the future. So the biggest theme I saw in all the questions was people living in their past history. Another was people living from their stories and stories are nothing more than made up stories in your mind. Basically, what happens is when we're well at all points of our life, but when we're Something happens to us. Then what we do is we interpret that whatever it was. Maybe our parents were alcoholics are they had short tempers or somebody made fun of us as a kid or whatever it was these things happen. Then we give it meaning and we interpret it. Then what we do is we tell us we tell ourselves a story about it over and over and over then what we do because we the brain works on repetition is we adopt that story as real as the truth and then we live from that story and of all the questions that have come in already pretty much the same patterns that I'm sharing with you right now or things that people do so we're going to start digging into those and we're going to start actually taking those apart in this episode. I also want to point out if you've not done it I'm exhaling here. Is that all the stories you tell yourself doesn't matter what the stories are all the stories you tell yourself are made up in your mind and
What I highly suggest and recommend you do is go over to my website gem Fort and download What's called the master thought formula. It's about a 90-minute video training where I show you how to start controlling your thinking so that all of your stories and your self-talk in your past and all that stuff. So that it no longer controls you and I also have to say that it's a free download and of all the content I've ever created. I've gotten pretty much the most responses about the master thought formula, which basically is the master thought formula that you want to work from to actually create the greatest effect in your life. And when I say the greatest effect, maybe I should say the greatest outcomes in your life positive outcomes. All right. Let's get started. Okay. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to read part of the emails that I got part of the questions and I'm going to actually start interjecting and coaching through and then I'll take a lot of it apart. So because this is my first podcast like this, I'm not entirely sure of my entire format all the way through we will see and we'll see what happens. So the first email was from Doreen and she says I do not know how to change my identity. I've made great strides over the last seven years, but I'm still stuck financially and in creating my business, by the way, there's some typos on a lot of these so I'm just reading verbatim. So if the grammar is all for our whatever, it's generally because there are a lot of typos
Then she said I grew up being told that if I wanted something to see my dad, that's somewhere that I want to start in this particular. I guess I'd say an online coaching. This is a coaching episode. So to speak what I'm curious about is if Dorian grew up and she had that you know, she wanted something she had to see her dad. The question that I have is if this was at an early age did she learn that whatever it is that she wanted in life. She had to have someone else's permission. And so then you know you listening now do you have to have other people's permission to do things and then on top of that something else that came to mind was as if she had to ask her dad for everything that she wanted. Did she learn to become dependent upon someone else meaning? I can't go out and create and I can have in life and less and that's the operative word. Unless someone supports me or there's someone else behind me because I cannot do it myself. All now, I'm going to skip over some other things that she said here. But basically she has a history of being in a couple of abusive relationships. So in her email, she also goes on to say I want to have my own online business helping other women who have been abused and I don't know why I have a hard time finishing things. Now me not coaching her one-to-one where I could ask more questions. There are several things that come to mind. Number one. I have a hard time finishing things. There are several reasons that could be and this probably you know, you listening now this probably applies to you or it's going to resonate with a lot of you one of the first things that I would look at is a disk D is see disc profile. You can get them online for free now. I've coached for many years, which I do not so much now but I've coached really high, you know high end selling professionals and there's a classic profile that they have and the disc profile basically is a measure of
For particular traits D is C which is the driver an influencer a steady and cautious which are each of the categories a driver is somewhat it's as someone who actually just I mean they can get things done. They can plow through things an influencer is the are quote people person. They want to be around people the study is your ability to you know to put One Foot In Front Of Another and to get your task done and then C is caution. Now I am a very Heidi I'm a really Heidi I'm like a 90 when it comes 90% when it comes to Addy. I'm a high. I like 90% but here's a challenge that I had a lot of my life is that I'm a very low s quite literally when I say I'm a low s I'm probably at 20% and that explains like for example, right now, I have an entire team that support me but that explains why it is so darn hard for me to follow through with things. I'm one of those people that can you know can quick start but yet I get bored very very quickly and I said I have a low s. Now there are other assessments you can take like the Colby index and the Myers-Briggs and other and other assessments but this one is really simple. So what I would say if you have a hard time following through on things the first place that I would look is what is your s because you've got a low s that means which is steady step number one step number two, you know, you know wind you up like a Duracell Bunny and let you go which me the result if I were the Duracell bunny, I'd be going different directions every, you know, every every foot I'm moving every you know, I'm all over the place. I would look there first. All right somewhere else here that I would look is when you say I don't know why I have a hard time finishing things. What I would look at is see, my father was an alcoholic not part of my story. I don't know how it affected me, but it's just part of my past history. The reason that I tell you that is I grew up watching my father never finish anything every
Project that he started whether it be a Home Project. I am not kidding you. I mean, I remember growing up and he would start a home project quite literally tearing out a bathroom or something and I'm not kidding three four or five years later. It still wasn't finished. So what I learned, I mean, I remember my dad starting a home project and we lived we lived in South Texas. So it's a warmer climate but I remember he started the home project and he pulled out the water heater out of the house and did not put the water heater back in the house for about four years. I mean, that's how committed my father was to finishing projects. So as I'm looking at this, my next question would be is what did you learn about commitment? Did you learn that? It's important to finish things. Do you have Role Models when you were very young two three, four, five six years old in your formative years were Your Role Models people that could you know could commit to something and finish it or Were Your Role Models people that you watch them never finish anything. So then What I'm curious about is what is your identity relative to commitment? And this is a hard one for a lot of people and part of its brain-based part of it is because the world we live in our brains are conditioned all of our brains are conditioned and we have all these chemicals storm, you know going on in our brains with all the drugs not the drugs, but all the chemicals the brain secretes like oxy token and and serotonin and endorphins and all this kind of stuff. And in many ways we've been conditioned to I want it right now. I mean, we've got Amazon Prime we have fast food. We've been conditioned in many ways to I'm not going to commit to longer-term. I want it right now, but my bigger question for you is as weird another Behavior. What I'm curious about is what's creating the behavior is that the traits that you have, you know in the disc profile or is it that you have some identity that it's not important for you to stay committed to finishing tasks. Not only that we live in a world where most of us are very low on self discipline.
And when I ask people, you know when I say what is disciplined most people don't know the simple definition is putting is putting off a short-term gain for a bigger long-term gain, there was a study done back. I believe in the 70s called the marshmallow experiment and what they did is they they put these marshmallows in front of kids and said, you know what you can have one marshmallow now or you can have two if you wait and I think they had a wait for like 15 minutes. I just don't remember the details. What they found was is the kids that waited were obviously demonstrating more self discipline. They track these kids and they found that they also made better grades through school. Why because they had self-discipline early on so the first place that I would look here is the disc profile and secondly is we know the patterns as I just said secondly I would say is what is my identity around the person who stays committed. Okay, then she goes on to say I'm in a particular program that she mentioned and she And I have trouble paying for it monthly and then I don't know the rest of this year because the grammar and the spelling and my blank is financially and being here's a word CIT a ag e iy s which is a typo, so I don't know how to answer the rest of the question. But what I want to say there is if you have had these consistent money struggles that's always identity and I just, you know, I recently did the episode on the Law of Attraction and we talked a lot in there about Identity or some degree of identity is that we learn our beliefs about money and then we carry these throughout a lifetime and if you grew up, you know hearing that there's never enough money, there's never enough to go around. Well many people perpetuate that for a lifetime and we have fourth generations of family on public assistance to demonstrate that so that's where I'd look there and then she goes on to say here. I procrastinate I self-sabotage. Please help. Let's look at those and let's take those apart. First off. I've said this for many years. I used to coach real.
That agents and I don't anymore but I used to coach agents. And what I would notice is that a lot of Agents would get in the procrastination, you know, so for example, really high producing agents, what they do is they block out time every single day to lead generate in the prospect. Why because you've got no leads you've got no prospects. You've got nothing to buy or sell you got no clients. You make no money, but I would see a lot of people get in the procrastination and instead of lead generating five days a week. What they would do is they would like well, let me perfect this flyer or I've got all this research research to do on these homes, or I have to go to the care of enter to see all the new homes listed on the market. What they would do is they were procrastinating from lead generating by being engaged in busy activities. And the reason that they did that is because see if they did the activities now, they're actually in pain because what they're getting into is people either rejecting them or telling them that they're not good enough. So the A to actually avoid the pain of being rejected or being told you're not good enough is to procrastinate and to stay in the busy work and that's when people get into actually perfectionism delay is them in judgment people are going to judge me if I put myself out there therefore I'm not going to do it and I'm going to mask that in the way of procrastination what I would tell you there I would tell anyone is that we have to learn because procrastination procrastination is not about productivity. It's about managing our emotions and when it comes to that people all the time were wanting to wanting a change the way they feel but what people don't recognize and it's so simple is and you might even want to write this down. This is really simple. I feel like I think that's why when you feel sad notice plain and simple you were having sad thoughts when you are feeling good you are having happy thoughts. Why because
Our feelings always follow our thoughts. So what I would look for right now and I can't go into it in this particular episode and I may do one on procrastination. What I would look at is what things make me feel bad what things make me feel good. And now how can I engage more of the feeling good emotions and let me give you a classic example there there is a guy in the personal development industry and pretty much by all accounts at say he's the number one known person in the industry been around for a lot of years and what he does is he uses fear and he leverages fear to move people and there's a whole other podcast I can do on that and fear as well. I take a little bit different approach than he does but his approaches. This is either way you're facing fear by procrastinating. So either way are you going to face? Are you going to actually go through the little fear right now A picking up the phone and calling people and putting yourself out there and shooting your video and writing your copy. And building your business, which is a little fear or are you going to actually not do that? Not do the little fear and then down the road when you have no money that's bigger fear. So what he does is he leverages people's bigger fears against their smaller fears to get them to move. Now again, we all have different ways that we approach things the way that I approach it as you know, what y9 to see what the world needs and go out and do it and do what you love every single day. But again, that's my Approach and more on that later. What a lot of people get into also is they get into perfectionism which had mentioned just a bit and the perfectionist and perfectionism comes from you know, what if I don't do this really well, then people are going to judge me and if they judge me, they're not going to like me and they they're they're saying some statement about me. Well truth be told when people are judging you they're not really judging you they're telling you who they are because when they judge you that's a reflection of who they are inside something that I work from very simple statement.
That I work from and I have found it to be very very powerful is that most people actually go for a hundred percent Perfection? Let me get it right I got to do it. I guess everything's got to be perfect. I mean that's got to be everything's got to be, you know, all the eyes have to be dotted and the t's have to be crossed and it's got to be shiny and it's got to be nice looking and it's got to be perfect. And if it's not perfect then I can't put it out. Well where I work from is that if you're into a hundred percent Perfection that is failure where I work from is 70% Perfection is Success meaning just put it out there something else here. I want to mention is that we judge ourselves. So harshly. I mean many of you listening right. Now. The first thing you do is you get up in the morning you look in the mirror and you're like, oh my god, what happened to me? Look at me. I look I look fat. I look horrible. I am this I am that I'm getting old all this stuff and we judge ourselves. Not only that we judge we judge what we can do in the world and we judge our Content and we judge, you know our offerings in our products and our services something that I read one time was by Martha Graham the dancer and she said, you know what that there's a Divine energy that comes through you and everyone has something unique coming through them and what she said next was very powerful for me. She said it is not your job to judge how good you are consider that it's not your job and I'm going to be a hundred percent transparent here. I am packed and I helped a lot of people no doubt about it and it's pure joy pure Bliss for me to be able to do that. But there was a time that I used to say. Well, you know is my content good enough our people maybe a nice I used to have these stupid thoughts like well, maybe there's somebody in the industry that's ahead of me. And of course there is there's people ahead of me now, but maybe somebody in the industry is going to see my my marketing or whatever and they're going to say something like like
I'm not that good or I'm not this or I'm not that and for a lot of years that held me back and I'm just being transparent many years ago. I coached a woman and actually I was her coach and she became my mentor. She is quite literally by all accounts a Dallas business icon. She's a real estate agent and narr the National Association of Realtors considers her one of the top 20 thought leaders in National real estate her company does billions and billions of dollars a year in sales. And when I say she's a business icon, I mean personal friends with you know, Dallas billionaire Ross Ross Perot and people like that. I did a lot of training in our company. We became very good friends and even though I was coaching her she became my mentor and one day she said to me she goes Jim. I don't think she's at this point. She'd already been in business 50 years and she said I don't think you realize how good you are and that was a huge impact to me because prior I was I was working from a place where am I gonna enough to really put my 10 out there. So where I work from right now is I don't work from is my content good enough. You know, what you listening. Now, you're going to decide that for yourself. Some are going to listen some are not however, you're going to process it you're going to do it but that's no reflection of me. You know, I got an email this morning from a kid and it was about the money episode and he said I couldn't listen to your episode because I didn't agree and then he said and by the way, he's like a 21 year old kid or something and then he said, well, you know what, I believe that money comes from value. Well, that's not true at all. It can be true. But it's generally not true because many of you create a lot of value in the world yet. You don't get paid for it. And I said, you know what you might want to go back and listen to the rest of the episode because you messed 99% of the message point is people are going to judge you positively or negatively. So just go do it. So what I look for is I don't look I don't look at how good that I am what I look at.
That is how many people I can help in the world. I take the focus off for me and how good I am and I put the focus on that. You know, what right now, even you listening to this podcast right now, there are people that I can help. There are people that know more than I do. There are people that know less than I do, but that doesn't matter what matters right now is that I put out what I need to put out and those people who need to find it will find it and everything else will take care of itself. All right something else. I want to go into here. And by the way, I had six questions for today and we're barely going to make it through one. So I got a lot of work cut out for me answering all these somewhere else I want to go is where what a lot of people get into is they get into good or bad thinking I can't put my content out because it's bad or people are going to say this or going to say that I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on it here, but what I want to share with you is that good or bad thinking is a trap because see the world is what it is quite literally it is What it is, it's human beings that actually charged every experience with that's either good or that's either bad. Some people can log you I'll give you guys the best example. All right, this is really simple. And by the way, I am a political even though I have a degree in political science and psychology to me. It's all toxic poison and I stay away from it, but that's my interpretation. However, let's talk about good or bad. Someone could say that, you know what Barack Obama got elected president, you know several years back that is bad. Some people can look at it and say well that is good. Some people can look at Donald Trump and say he got elected president that is bad other people can look at it and say that it's good what I want to share with you is it's neither bad or good it's simply interpretations. So what people do is they get into interpretations about I am good or bad at what I do or people are going to say good or bad things about me when in fact nothing has any meaning
Except the meaning that we give it now and by the way, I have been there before one of my coaches many years ago said to me Jim. I really want to get you off from this good or bad thinking because I used to be I used to have some perfectionism and me and I would be like, well, it's not good enough yet or it's bad or people are going to judge me. And this was a very very significant coach of mine many years back and she said, you know what just stop the good or bad crap stop working from there. And what I recognized is that anytime we get in the good or bad thinking then we get into is doubt and then when we doubt our self, that's when we talk ourselves out of doing things. That's why I go back to and I work from it doesn't matter how bad I am. It doesn't matter how good I am. All that matters is that I go out and help people because those that think think that I do a good job, well follow and I can assist those that think that I do a bad job will not follow and I can't assist them and I can't help everyone anyway. Okay system other places that I would look here is you know, we're talking about identity. So you're rich your original question was about changing identity. The easiest way to change your identity is subconscious reprogramming, which was I think episode what number 9 or one of the up not number 9, but one of the other episodes about reprogramming your subconscious mind and that I mentioned the book in there just submerse Murphy I believe was his name about the power of your subconscious mind. That is the easiest way to change your identity. Then you also said that you're still stuck financially. Well money is consciousness which had mentioned on just a recent episode. So what I would do do is go back and listen to the episode on how people use which you have been doing how people use the law of attraction to actually repel money as opposed to attracting money. Okay. I'm going to say some more stuff here and it might make a little, you know, some people unhappy
The reality is this is that many people that are written in said they want to be entrepreneurs. I am never one to burst anyone's bubble to rain on anyone's parade. That's not my place. It's not what I do. What I do look at though is that when it comes to traits not everyone's cut out to be an entrepreneur. So, you know, you had mentioned or in your email that you want to be an entrepreneur, but the question that I would ask you is what do you think are the most valuable traits and ways of being that an entrepreneur would have another question for you is this what would be the identity of a very successful entrepreneur and then we're talking about ways of being which I'm sure people you know, you listening you might have heard me talk about be to have and then I look at well, what are your ways of being and what ways would you need to be to be a successful entrepreneur and then I look at well a way of being with Talk about here is commitment. I'm going to tell you and everyone listening right now is that if you do not know how to stay committed to things then you wanting to be an entrepreneur doesn't mean that you can't it just means that that's a fundamental trait because see commitment is the bridge between point a and point B commitment is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go and if you can't stay committed, there's no way you're going to get to point B. So we talked about, you know traits of an entrepreneur are you committed then we talked about a hundred percent responsibility, which is something that I teach my transformational programs is are you a hundred percent responsible and what I've noticed here in a lot of the emails that I got and I'm actually answering other emails vicariously through this very first one and like I said, I had six and there's no way we're going to get to 6, we'll probably just do one but what I want to point out here
Many years ago back in the 80s. I was always running around listening to Brian Tracy. He was my favorite back then and you know, I had the old Sony Walkman with the cassette tape and I remember Brian Tracy saying to me or not me, I remember Brian Tracy saying that we must be a hundred percent responsible for the outcomes in our life and I thought yep. Yep. Okay, that makes perfect sense. I'm here waiting tables. I hate this I don't like waiting tables. But yes, I get the concept of a hundred percent responsibility which by the way, I didn't and it took me a lot of years to really understand and to come to know the concept of being a hundred percent responsible. Now, let me give you an example here one of my one-to-one clients one time. I just tell you all this for content for context and a better content as he made about $500,000 a year. He was a loan officer he and his wife really hadn't had sex while they hadn't had sex in about a decade and he said to me he's like, you know what my I was just not there for me emotionally. I mean we're roommates and we're raising our son and that's about it. And I would never want to tell somebody they should get a divorce not my place. I don't know his karma. I'm not going I'm not going to go there and I said I did ask him though. What would happen if you got a divorce and where he was going as he was going into all the fear that people read about the finances the visitation and everything else and he gave me this story notice. I said a story he gave me a story about what would happen if he got a divorce and I said, you know what? That's all the story. Let me tell you exactly what's going to happen. If you get a divorce, I'm talking every one of you listening right now.
What's going to happen if you get a divorce is what you are 100% responsible for making happen and he had a hard time getting his mind around that and I tell everyone of you that have emailed in or or are listening. What's going to happen in your life is what you are 100% responsible for making happen on one of the emails which we will not get into today. Somebody said, you know what I've got enough money to last about six more months and then I'm going to be bankrupt. Well, we're this guy is sitting he's setting a like a Sitting Duck and there are hundreds all around them with shotguns and he's also he's even projecting that is going to be Bank bankrupt and six weeks and where I work from is a hundred percent possible a hundred percent of the time what's going to happen in six weeks which again he's just sitting here saying I'm not going to have any money in six weeks what's going to happen in six weeks is what he is 100% Responsible for making happen and you know, I alluded to earlier is something that a lot of people get into the two biggest fears that people have are the fear of Abandonment and inadequacy either people are going to judge me and tell me that I'm not good enough and they're going to reject me or I'm not good enough and I'm just telling you candidly I used to be there and neither of those affect me in any way at this point in my life, but what I know what I know because I've coached a lot of people over a lot of years. What I know is that people that are successful number one is they learned to transcend the fear or secondly they do things in spite of the fear. I want to give you an example here of one of my best friends. I don't even mind I'm not promoting. I'll just tell you it's His name is Brandon with sorrow. I've known Brandon for about five years now and we met online on Facebook. I saw one of his ads and I knew that I could help him tweak it. Well. Anyway, we became friends.
and when he did his very first webinar He did his very first webinar and he actually scripted it out word for word and you know on a webinar General you can't see people unless you're doing like Zoom or something like that and you know, you got the video but he literally scripted out his very first webinar and he read it word for word. So you listening right now. Let me ask you what do you think that says about Brandon that he scripted it out and he did it word for word. What do you think that says about him? And as you're thinking about that how many of you have not done your first webinar or sales presentation or sales page or email or whatever or Facebook live or video or YouTube video? Because you're afraid you're going to be judged. Well when he told me that what it told me about him is that you know what he was afraid. He was afraid that he was going to make a mistake and that people were going to judge him and he was going to look bad therefore he wrote it all out and he read it word for word what that told me is that he was being that's what you're Hear me here. That's what you're going to hear me say a lot of and these calls like this the way that he was being was being courageous more than who's being fearful. Why because most people would have never done what he did by even riding it out. They just don't do it at all then they sit there and wonder why they're not getting the results that they want and life. Okay. So let me wrap up this. Like I said, I had six questions and I got through one and I covered a whole lot more than what was in this particular question. But what I would look at is the question that I would ask myself is what traits or what identity would someone have who has already a successful entrepreneur, that's where I would start. Okay. So here's the thing. Obviously I didn't get through all six questions.
You know and you know use this as an example as well, I mean I'm sitting here talking to you and you're listening to me. I had this big idea that I get to were all six and I got through one. It is what it is and I'm making it mean nothing other than okay. I've got to find a way to answer more of these questions. So your takeaway is this this week every week There's a transformational take away and stay with me because I want to tell you about the next episode and I want to tell you about about how to get entered to win a seat in my next transformational coaching program in May which again is a $3,000 seat. Plus I'm giving away 500 bucks cash with that but your takeaway is this James Allen who wrote as a man thinketh back, I believe in the 1880s James Allen said mind is the master power that molds and makes man is mind and Evermore he takes he thinks in secret and it comes to pass that his environment is just his Looking Glass what you have on the outside is what you already have on the Side and every single one of your emails where the same way somebody said in one of their emails. I want to be happy every day, but I'm grumpy and I'm mad and I'm angry. Well, if you want to be happy then choose to be happy because everything in life is a choice, even if it's driven by the brain, which research shows that 95% of all all decisions are brain-based. You still are a conscious reflective being that if you find yourself thinking something that you don't want to think you have the choice literally reflective choice to change that but some any of the emails if not, all of them were about people living from the outside in living from their circumstances as opposed to living from the internal World. Let an external circumstances actually are quote make them feel a certain way. They have a certain emotion about it and they spiral and they keep, you know, keep spiraling in the wrong direction. So when it comes to personal development we go to school. It's a broken educational system here in the US and you learn about history and all these
Kinds of things that pretty much are going to be of no value to you later in life, but what's not taught in school is transformational personal growth and personal development skills and most people are very marginal in these areas. So what I would tell you is continue to work on yourself every single day. Okay the next episode so I'm still laughing at myself. I got through one out of six at least they got the one alright the next episode, you know, if you've ever said to yourself that I am so overwhelmed I I have no time. I'm always chasing hours. I'm always behind. I wish I could clone myself and I just don't have time to get all the things done that I need to do in a day and then as a result of that your life and your business and your family and everything suffers you're going to love the next episode because see the next episode is about how most people work from the wrong place most People if you've ever said anything that I just said where you're working from is by time and when you work from time, which is how most people work because they work by the clock when you work by time. You will never have enough time. So if that pertains to you, make sure you listen to the next episode which comes out on Wednesday because I'm going to tell you how you can create a new strategy in a new way to look at this so that you do have enough time to get all the things done that you want to do for your family your loved ones your husband your wife your business, whatever it might be and the title of the next episode is a real reason you never have enough time to do all that you want to do. Okay. So I told you guys very quickly and my social media manager just give me some notes Here is that if you want to win a seat in the next transformational coaching program its 12-week Live program that I lead. It's $3,000 per person as I said if there's weekly homework, I mean, it's an extremely comprehensive life transformation program.
I'm going to give you an opportunity to win a seat in that program. Plus I'm going to give you 500 bucks cash. So I'm going to keep this really simple because if I go into details because I'm not a detail guy. I will mess it up. So I will tell you what my social media manager told me to tell you basically she said it's really easy to enter what she wants you to do is she wants you to go to Instagram and if you're not following me. She wants you to follow me on Instagram. My Instagram name is I am Jim Fortin. That's my name there then what we're going to do and by the way all this will be explained to run Instagram so you can go over there and all the details are going to be over there. Then what we're requesting that you do is what you have to do this to enter is subscribe to the podcast if you're not already subscribed on iTunes and this is the vital part leave a review now, I'm talking to you Jim. Do you leave a review? That means obviously I'm requesting is that you leave a positive and great review then what you want to do is you want to email a screenshot of that. Of your podcast review and you want to email that to support at Jim and you want to put review podcast in the subject line again, I know these are a lot of details that's okay going over to Instagram and this will all be explained to you and even farther then we want you to do is we want you to attack three people on Instagram, but all this said and done just go over to Instagram follow me. I am just I am Jim forth and on Instagram and all the details will be over there. Okay. So this wraps up our first q a podcast episode hopefully as you were listening to all this you got great value and you could see yourself in many of the responses that I would I was giving to this person that asked this question. I've got questions piling up. So hopefully again, you can see a lot of yourself as I'm going through these ants answering each one. And what I will do is I'll just keep going through them as we get them and I will just keep answering like this every Monday. Okay, so I'll see you I'll catch you over on the Wednesday.
Take care and make it a great day. Bye. Bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family, you know, if you found value they will too. So, please share via your social media channels. Also. If you have questions I'm here to assist you can email me questions to support at Jim, and I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also. If you want transformational content like this daily connect with me on Instagram. My Instagram name is I am Jim Thornton. Finally. I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves together you and I Let's help more people. If you would please leave a review on iTunes and a good one, by the way, I'd be grateful and through your assistance together. We can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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