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EPISODE 159: “Fear Is The Idleness Of Will”

March 24, 2021

What does this mean? 

I first heard this phrase from Eliphas Levi, and 1880s an occultist. I heard it years ago and I incorporated it into my thinking many years ago. It changed my life and it will change yours too. (If you chose to live your life by it.) 

So, if you’re like most people you may be wondering what it really means? It’s pretty simple. 

We all have a life force in us. We can call it consciousness, energy, God or whatever you want, but we can direct this life force to do our bidding when we stay out of fear and learn to “channel it” with our attention. 

Our “will” is a super powerful force…and we can accomplish anything when we learn to use it. 

For example, has there ever been a time when you “KNEW” you were going to make something happen, and you did? Well, you used your “will” to drive it all. 

In this episode I talk about your will, how to use it, my years of experience learning to master it and how powerful it can be for you. This is a simple but powerful concept and episode. 

I share my twenty past years of learning to master will and I teach you in simple steps how you can too. And, when I say small simple steps, it’s literally only one step. 

Listen, apply and expect miracles in your life when you master your will. 

Transformational Takeaway

Fear is the idleness of will.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the inside out podcast. This episode is titled fear is the idleness of will. And basically what that means is that when you get into fear, you're not using that life force in you. And that will mean willpower, but you're not using that life force in you to will, what it is that you want to create in life. If you'd like to learn more about that, well, keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming Your Life. from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Direct Your Will To What You Want To Create In Life

Okay. Fear is the idleness of will. And what does that mean? You know, when you look at it at face value, I mean, you know, what does that mean? Fear is the idleness of will. For most people, they would think, well, that just you know, sounds like gibberish to me, because they don't have any context. Or you know, any past background and understanding that we can will things into existence. Now, the first time that I heard that phrase was many, many years ago by an occultist named Eliphas E L I P H A S Eliphas Levi, and I didn't, you know, I didn't, you know, hear it from him personally, obviously, because he lived 200 years ago, maybe I heard it from him back then, and a past life. But I heard it somewhere. And I used to read a lot of his material. And that was a big phrase in there. He has some very powerful phraseology, and some of his work and some very powerful things that he talks about.

But for many years, people have said, you know, Jim, you know, you've worked with a shaman for a lot of years, what are your favorite phrases? And I think three come to mind, you know, right away. And those what I've got several, but those would be you are where your attention is. Everything always has been, is now and will always be fine. That phrase right there got me easily through 2020 last year, when I had heart failure and a stroke, and I'm perfectly fine today. And then the topic of this episode, the you know, the the quote, one of my favorites is fear is the idleness of will.

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about what I wanted to do for this episode. And I don't know the titles and all that kind of stuff, hello just pops in my mind. And every day, I spend every day in some spiritual practice. And I just let you know, come to me what comes to me or it comes to me in dream time, or the Epiphany or the AHA, or the spiritual inspiration or whatever it might be. It just comes to me and floats into my consciousness. And a couple of days ago, I got a gift from one of my students named Padma, and it was a journal, and I do journal, I journal a lot. And it was a journal. And it was leather bound, and I had my company logo on it. And she had one quote, you know, embossed and the leather on the cover. And it was fear is the idleness of will. And I'm like, you know,that is my podcast episode topic this week. ]

And this phrase fear is the idleness of well, I learned this many, many years ago. And I'm going to tell you, no, I'm going to tell you candidly, it's been a you know, the the metaphorical lifesaver for me. Because I'm no different than anyone else. I've just learned different tools over the years. And I really don't get into fear at all. And I used to I used to be a very fearful person about, especially worry, and that's even the idleness of will, you know, I worry is what I call insecure thinking. And that worry is what you're really saying is that you're so insecure, that you're at the mercy of life, and you're the mercy, at the mercy of your circumstances. And I used to get in the worry. And when I learned this, I'm like, you know, when I learn, I am thinking back recapitulating I'm thinking what I said to myself, you know, decades ago, as you know, this will, when I learned to use my will, then what's, you know, what's the purpose? And why would I even need to get into the fear that I normally get into. And then fast forward to 2020 when I had heart failure, the earlier part of the year, and then a stroke the last part of the year. And I really now just mind you here very quickly, is I used to hate anything, and I use I don't hate anything, but airquote hate, you know, hospitals. And I definitely don't like them because of the energy and then it's just toxic, toxic. I mean, it's just like rolling in a pit of fear when you can feel energy because all the fear in hospitals, I mean, people go in there, and they're in fear the whole time.

That was the worst part of the time in the hospital, for me, was the toxicity of people's energy in there, and I can feel it. But the thing was, was this when I was in there for heart failure, I had zero fear about any outcome that could possibly be. And I was even actually surprised, because it's easy for us to say one thing, and it's different for us to walk our talk. And when I was in the hospital, I used to hate hospitals. And I was there and I was like, you know, no biggie, no big deal. The worst part of my entire time in the hospital is when they came in and woke me up every morning at 5am to take blood. You know, I don't mind needles, either. I'm not afraid of them. But, man, there's some some nurses that sometimes they're just not that gentle when they're taking blood. And that was the worst part of the whole thing for me.

But I was surprised at how easily I floated through the experience. And one of the things that most got me through it was the phrase, you know, fear is the idleness of will. And I even remember my brother in law, Don Javier calling me. And he talked to me, he said, use your will, because he's been talking to me about talking to me about will, for a lot of years. He said, use your will to heal yourself. And basically, let's talk about what that is, is will is using the life force within you, and I have an episode here, I don't know what episode it is, maybe, you know, 100,90,80 somewhere in that range. It's about a year old. And I did an episode on using your intention and using your will. But let's go here for a moment is that we all have within us a life force, you know, like George Lucas made out force be with you.

But we have this life force. I mean, we're energy. This is not an opinion, it's not metaphysics, it's not woowoo. It's literally physics. It's science as cosmology. It's, it's, it's math. But we have this life force within us. And without this life force, we're nothing more than a dead bag of skin, quite literally. I mean, once you stop breathing, about eight hours later, because it takes about eight hours for the physical bodies to die. I mean, even when men you know, kick the bucket, they're still having to shave them a day later, because you know, the hairs still growing on their face. But there's this life force in us. And most, I'm going to use the word most of the population has number one, never, they've never even thought about this life force. And even a smaller part,a smaller part of the population, there we go, even knows how to use and how to what I call channel, this will. But we have this force within us. And we can actually use our attention to direct this will to create what it is that we want to create in life.

I also want to point out that when I say will, the first thing that most people think is oh willpower, I'm going to make something happen. It's Yes, but no, because this is not about willpower, because that's a left brain function. This is much different, plain and simple. It's like harnessing literally like harnessing the thought form of life force within you. We all have, you know, inborn. And in simple terms, it's quite literally like channeling our minds, channeling our minds to do what I call our bidding. So let me address that and I'm going to just be very brief here. But we all have this life force within us. And it's called consciousness. It's invisible. And most people aren't even I'm using the word most. And I've thought about the word Yes, I'm using the word the word most intentionally. Most human beings have never even thought about it, they go through life like Brut animals, animals that thing to some small degree.

But we have this life force within us. And most of us aren't even conscious of being conscious beings. But this life force, it's, it's an, it's an animate, you can't touch it, it's not physical, you can't bang your phone on it, you know, you can't scratch it, and sniff it and smell it. But it's this force within us. And when we're in fear, what we're doing is you're not properly directing, because when you're in fear, you're using your attention, and you're engaging your life force, but you're engaging your life force and your attention, and you're directing it in the wrong direction. Most times, we're directing our life force against what we don't want, which is fear based. Therefore, we're creating more of what we don't want by keeping our intention, and our Attention on what we don't want. So we also place and we activate this life force within us, when we place our intention and attention on an outcome, which means when we're wanting to make something happen.

And let me give you a real life example here. I can give you many, because I've had many of these in my life, and I call these synchronicities as well. But 20 something years ago, 21, you know, 22 years ago, I lived in New York City. And when I moved there, I lived on the Upper East Side, which is a very, very clean part of town. And a lot of my friends used to call it a white bread. I mean, it's just very banal. It's very, you know, like suburban Minnesota, United States. I mean, it's just, it's just banal, there's nothing exciting. There's, there's no culture, it's basically just a bunch of people in apartments. And it's actually the wealthiest neighborhood and part of Manhattan as well, for the most part. But I lived there for two years. And I wanted to move to the Upper West Side, my lease was up, and I'm like, I want to move to the Upper West Side, which is trendier. And, you know, it has its, you know, it has just a whole different vibe than the east side.

And I remember I was walking on the Upper West Side, because I used to spend a lot of time there. And I said, I want to live on 72nd Street, between Central Park West and Broadway. It's exactly what I said, I want to live on the Upper West Side on 72nd Street, between Central Park, West and Broadway. Now, in that moment, I was literally setting my intention, because I was already imagining it, I was already owning that. And a few months later, I met a friend at 72nd or Broadway. It's a big intersection. And remember, that's where I said, I want to live on 72nd Street between Central Park West and Broadway. And I was going to meet him at 72nd and Broadway. Now, this is the big intersection there. And it was really noisy. And I'm like, you know, I don't want to live on 72nd Street. I want to live on 73rd Street. And I even voice that in my, you know, a voice that allowed and I said, You know, I told my friend Chris, I want to live on 73rd Street. I did want to live on 72nd. But now it's 73rd. And I had this other criteria in mind. And that criteria was is that I wanted the same amount of rent. I wanted the spiritual roommate and as a roommate, because I didn't want to get my own place. Because I didn't know how many you know how much time I was going to stay in New York, whether it be a year or five. And so I wanted the spiritual roommate. And in your New York City, it's no big deal. I mean, most people, many people, tons of people have roommates.

And I said, I want a roommate who likes dogs, and here's a biggie. And if you've ever lived in New York City, you'll know what this means. I want my own bathroom. Anyway, I had the intuition to go to a rental. Back then we used to go to rental places that had rentals, rental listings, and they didn't have anything when I went but I had the intuition to go then. And when I got back to my apartment on 17th on, you know, the the Upper East Side, the little light on my answering machine was blinking. And I called them and they said you know, Jim, we don't normally do this. But somebody walked in five minute, five minutes after you walked out and they had seemingly what you're looking for exactly what you're looking for here. Give this person Call.

And I called him his name was Will and I was the first person to call him on his listing. And we talked a couple of times a month and whenever to meet him, I had to take my dog over for an air quote, and I'm being kidding. But it had, I had to take my dog over, which is a black lab for an interview. And he invited me to move in. And when I moved in, let me share with you is that my rent was 78 cents more than it was on the Upper East Side. He was pretty spiritual. He, I had my own bathroom. It was a big apartment, three bedrooms, which is massive in New York City, two beds, two baths, I have my own bathroom. And he let me move in because he really liked my dog. He's like, your I loved your black lab. I mean, what's not to like about a black lab? You know? He goes, I love your dog. But here's the thing. Are you are you ready? My address was, and I kid you not? I mean, I can't make this up. Well, I can make it up. But I wouldn't make it up.

My address was 170 West 73rd. Street, New York, New York. I mean, you can look it up. That was my address. 170, West 73rd. Now, it doesn't matter. If you look it up, you'll find the building, but you're not going to find my apartment and the building. And how is it that two months earlier I'm standing in the street, a block the south part of the block from my apartment door, saying I'm gonna live here and then No, I want to live one block north, which was the exact You know, it was the exact street where my apartment building entered the my doorway was facing 73rd Street. But we were at the corner of Broadway in 73rd or Amsterdam and 73rd but literally 100 feet apart. How does that happen? Well, how it happens is that I willed it.

Remember a friend of mine named Melissa from college 25 years ago, she's might even been longer in 1987. And she was on a radio contest, where you call them if you were the 99th caller, you got to key for a brand new home. And they they did this 99 days in a row. And she got a key. She was like the 99 call or whatever time of day, that competition, she got a key. And she said, You know what, before she picked up the key, she said, I am going to own that home. And then what happened was it as big you know, radio promotion, and you know, media there and TV and all that. And all those people showed up that had keys 99 keys, and whoever's key fit the lock on the front door, won the house. And I remember it just it's so poignant. I remember her saying that when she pulled up, there were a lot of people already there. And there were people standing in the front yard. And she said very firmly. What are these people doing standing in my yard? And on my grass? What are these people doing standing in my yard? And on my grass?

Well, when it came her time to open the door, and put her key in guess what? Her key open the house and she won the house. True story, she willed it. And I'm sure all of you listening, you probably know someone in your life where you've had some incident where we call it freaky or weird or Whoa, or woowoo or our Mojo or whatever you want to call it. And the reality is that us using your will. And also the point of this podcast is when you use your will. Fear serves no purpose. So there's no reason to get into your fears and your doubts. Because when you do that, you're simply just casting more fear. And you're using your will by keeping your attention there to cast more fear and doubt. So when you're using your will let me let me just clarify here. When you're using your will not your willpower, but your will which is that force within you to will to will to will what it is you want to create. Now it's like casting a net and you're casting your lifeforce. And when you do that, you can make anything happen. Now, the fact is, it's a truism. You can make anything happen and because you can make anything happen, what's the point of getting in the fear It's useless. And it serves no purpose.

Let me ask you this. Let me let's talk about what it feels like for you guys listening. Have you ever wanted something really bad? And you made it happen? It could be when you were a kid, maybe you wanted a new pair of shoes, maybe. And I don't want to, you know, be gender specific or sexist or anything. But when I was a boy growing up, I'd mow yards for money. When I wanted a new pair of Nikes or something, I would mow yards. Now listen very carefully. I wanted that pair of Nikes. And I always got them. Why? Because I would use my will. Now let me explain what it means is we think Well, no, Jim, I use my action to get the Nikes I use my action to mow the yards. But what I want you to look at, it was your thought that was sustaining the action. That's what I really want you to notice. Because I've seen people take the same action to people and one falls flat on their face and one does well. But that's where the power is, is.

Even though you're saying I want those Nikes or that home or that health and wellness or whatever it is, when you use your will. You're literally casting your lifeforce. But notice what it feels like again, and it's, it's I don't want a rabbit trail here. Because I often say, to have everything is not to need or want anything, that's a whole different topic. But what I want you to notice is what it feels like when you're wanting something. Now let's separate that from actually how it feels to know that when you're wanting it, let's separate that from, you're already in the creation, creation of it, because you have the feeling. Notice that you have the feeling that you know what x y, z is coming my way. And when you can learn to harness that it's it's a very little slippery slope. But when you can learn to harness that, because that is will, and then you direct it, let me tell you that. That is where that's where the power of the universe is. And that's where it comes in. I'm going to use this word, but channeled through you that when you become a vessel for the life force in you, when you get into fear, what you're doing is you're basically telling the quantum dimension, the quantum, let's say, physical world, if you will, because everything is is physics, everything is electrons, neutrons and protons. Everything is frequency and vibration is just a matter of frequency and vibration.

But when you get into your fear, you're basically telling the quantum world. Yeah, the quantum world. And if it had words would sound something like this, but what you're basically saying is, you know what, hey, world, I'm weak, I give up, I roll over, I'm a victim, I can't do it. And I'm going to just roll over and I'm going to relinquish all my power to the external world. That's what most and I'm going to use that word judiciously. And actually, I'm going to I'm using my choice, but most that's what most people do. Is there a rollover in the world? And say, you know what, yes, let me live by circumstances. Instead of You know what, let me make it happen by casting my will. Now, what I want you to notice is when you're in fear, not the biological brain based fear of survival, like somebody's pulling a knife on you, or a gun or something like that. But I want you to notice when you're feeling weak, when you're feeling hopeless, when you're feeling and not clinically, but just in terms of funk, you're feeling depressed, I want you to notice how you feel.

You feel powerless,right? There's no power there. Because you've given away all your power. Now, I want you to contrast that. And I want you to notice, when you've made something happen, and you're like, yeah, I knew that was gonna happen. You know what I mean? And you're being all kind of proud, I did that. And I wanted that new car, and I got it, or I wanted that home and I got it, or I wanted that job and I knew I was going to get it and I got it. Or you know what? One of the best examples, and we'll use it as an example, but think through how you can apply this in your own life and the examples here in terms of, you know, contrast and feeling weak versus feeling powerful. What about people and we all know stories of people that have been diagnosed with stage four, this, that or the other. And what a fair percentage of the population will do is, the doctors will say, you know what, you've got stage 4 x, y, z, it's probably a good idea to get your affairs in order. And many people will subscribe to the doctor, make them authority figure, and they're gonna they kick the bucket, they do, and they go downhill and downhill and downhill and boom, they check out the planet, check out and check off the planet.

And then, now these people have not used their will at all. And then there are people that are like, No, no, ma'am. No, sir. You know what, I've got grandbabies, or my kids are going to graduate from college. And I want to Well, I want to see my grandbabies. Or I'm going to see my kids graduate from college, or there's something that are they can even say, you know, what, no, I want to live a healthy life. And there is example, after example, after example, after example, after example, times 100 times 1000. People that have used their will to heal themselves. And what they did is they air quote, I'm going to use this word carefully, they made something happen with using their will, which is that feeling, which is the life force.

Now, there's an episode somewhere where I talked about I think it's episode number nine want to talk about manifestation and money. But I talk about frequency and vibration just a little bit. Because the key is, what are the catalysts for you guys, it's more than this. But I'm going to keep it simple to break it down, is where you want to focus is your feelings. Because the way that we work is we work from thought, to feeling to vibration, to frequency. Everything is frequency, everything, it's physics. And here's the thing. Notice when you're thinking, and you're down and how you feel, basically, notice now contrast that with how powerful you feel. You feel weak I don't even want to do anything today I don't feel good today I'm depressed Poor me victim mentality, what is this? You know, what always happened to me in life, etc, etc, etc.

And we go from thought the feeling the vibration, the frequency. And as I just said, everything is frequency, physics. And Tesla. You might have heard of Nikola Tesla. I mean, one of the most influential human beings in the history of the planet. I don't mean the car company, but I mean, Nikola Tesla. And Tesla said, if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, and frequency, and vibration. So I often ask myself, you know, Jim, what is your frequency right now. And I know that what I feel is going to determine my frequency and vibration, which is literally like a homing pigeon. So I know that I cannot afford, whether I'm in the hospital or not. I was happy the whole time I was in the hospital. And I hope people don't get that. I mean, it was not a big use of energy. As I said, it wasn't an enjoyable place in terms of their frequency and vibration there. I could feel it. Like mud, it was like, it was like nasty, dirty sewage, water, and molasses and mud. That's what the energy felt like to me in a hospital.

But anyway, is I knew that I could let that make me air quote or create a state in me where I air quote, felt bad, I wouldn't go there. This is why you can't afford to get into fear and negativity and anger and hate and shame and greed and all these negative emotions that people get into. Because when you do, you're affecting your feeling because how you you know you feel how you think you're affecting your you know, your vibration and your frequency. And literally your nose diving boom, right down into the ground. And notice more than anything. One of the purposes purposes of this episode is that you have no power. You have no power, and you feel weak and powerless there. But yet when you're casting your will, you're on top of the world. When you know when you know that you can make something happen.

But most of us rollover let me segue here for a moment, a moment we just opened the Transformational Coaching Program last week. We've been promoting it for about a month here on the podcast as well. And we had 16,000 people registered. Initially, we had 6000, on the training that registered. And we registered, a little lower amount than what was anticipated, we made some changes in the program. And that's why and I'm fine with every bit of this. But here's the thing. There were many people, here's where I'm going with as many people that wanted in the Transformational Coaching Program. And when the investment point was revealed, it's not cheap, honestly, it's not cheap. There's I delivered the best. And I delivered things that work and things that change, you know, they change lives. And it's worth, as any of my students will tell you 100 times the investment. But here's the thing, is when a lot of people saw the investment, they're like, Oh, I want to but I can't. right then and there, they just rolled over metaphorically and just they just rolled over and they gave up. That's what people did you know that that's what they do.

But think about that. Not everyone does that. And I'm not saying everyone listening does that. But how many times have you done that something that you want your likeup can do it, can't have it can't afford it, use your will use your will like I did my apartment in New York City. And if you've ever lived in New York, you know how hard it can be to get an apartment. I mean, literally, I know people that have rented apartments, and sign leases, and never even visited the apartment. I mean, apartments are scarce in New York City. And I use my will. But there are so many people that could have registered that didn't. And they're going to keep repeating your patterns over and over and over again. Because they get into their fear, instead of using their will to eliminate the fear and casting that will out to the universe and generating and attracting the revenue to be able to transform their life. And what they do is they repeat day one, day two, day three, month one, month, two, month three, year one, year, two, year three, year 10, year after year after year, because they're powerless. They're powerless, because they're living by the external world. And they're not using their will.

So what I want you to look at here, and I want you to start getting a handle on I'm playing with and it doesn't matter what I want, I guess what I'm requesting, is better said is notice what that feels like. Notice what it feels like, when let's go here, I want you to think back to a time in the past. When you do that you wanted something and you were going to make it happen. And that happened. That is using your will right there. That's what you want to exercise. And why because when you exercise, it is like a muscle, and it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger each and every time you do it. And you learn how to do it. But what I want you to notice more than anything, even though we don't need to go into frequency and vibration, even though I mentioned that is I want you to notice the feeling. Because that's where you want to start working from in life.

So as you can see, and hopefully it's obvious by now, you can create anything you want. Anything. How do you think people go from like John Paul DeJoria, he goes from homeless to billionaire status? How do people go from dead broke to wealthy? How do people go from unhealthy to healthy? You know, they will It is literally what they're doing. But they don't know they're willing it? That is the power? And guess what? Here's the thing. Are you ready? It's free. It is free. You were born with this power. It's part it's built in its factory built in. I mean, it comes with this, you know, it's standard equipment when you're born, and you have this power to cast whatever it is you're wanting to create into the universe, and then willing it to happen. Because you've often heard me say, you know, people try to go on they try to do things and do things, they want more money, more house better cars, what better schools, whatever, and they try to do things and make it happen. And it doesn't happen. Why? Because you can't do your way to more in life. What you can do, is that you can will your way to more, you know, to more in life. So here's the big takeaway.

Here's the transformational takeaway is that fear is the idleness of will. And when you're in fear, examine that when you're in fear, whether it be about your health, and I oh my gosh, I hope I don't get you know, I hope I don't get worse, or I don't have enough money and I hope the bill collectors doesn't come or I hope I get a job. I hope I get a job. I hope I get a job. I mean this with respect, because I've been there before, I used to be one of those people many decades ago. That's victim mentality. That's basically rolling over and saying, hey, life universe, I have no power. I'm rolled over like an armadillo on my back, and I have no power. Now the metaphor here would be, is do you rollover, like an armadillo? Or do you fight like a warrior? Now, I don't want you to fight anything, okay, I'm just using that as a metaphor. And you look at it, you look at a strong warrior. I mean, they're out to win. And now, again, I don't want to go into that and that stuff in terms of doing but I'm using it as a metaphor. But take that doing, and then feel what that feels like. And then choose your mind. And when you use your mind for that, you have zero reason to go into worry, and fear, because fear is the idleness of will.

Okay, if you would, please, if you enjoy the podcast, we're wanting to grow our reach. I'm wanting to reach more people and assist more people. It doesn't cost you anything. If you would, please share this podcast with your friends and family. Share it on Instagram, share it on Facebook, share it via email if you want. You know you can even share it this day and age on clubhouse, which is a new app. But please pay it forward and share. Okay, thank you for being here today. Thank you for listening. I'm grateful. And I'll catch you on the next episode. Okay, do what you can to make it a great day to day. Bye bye.


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