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EPISODE 197: “The Quickest Way To Transform Your Life”

December 15, 2021

You obviously know the name of my podcast is The Transform Your Life From The Inside Out Podcast and I want to go in the opposite direction in this episode and share a powerful way you can also transform your life from the outside in. 

Because I work in the transformational field I’m always watching people, looking for new ideas, and keeping my antenna up for podcast ideas, and this week a lightning bolt idea hit me about the topic for this episode. 

Einstein said, “Only a life lived in service to others is worth living.” And, as much as we think we fully understand what that means most of us do not and as a result, we suffer in ways that we don’t have to. 

I ask you to truly, deeply, and fully ponder a single question. The question is, “Do you seek first to take care of others or to take care of yourself?” 

I want to be clear. I do not mean this in an altruistic way or that you live your life for others at the expense of your own. I’m talking about service to others before service to self. 

I can safely make a bet about all and anyone who listens to my podcast: They want to transform their lives. 

Despite the desire for transformation, so many people spend years or a lifetime spinning their wheels in the same ruts and patterns because they are doing things in an ineffective way. 

What I recognized from one of my students this week is that when we serve others with an open heart and devotedly then our own life starts to transform. 

There is a lot I want to say about this but you have to listen to the episode so I can explain why this happens and how you can use it for your own self-transformation! 

The keys to everything we want in life are right in front of us and because of how we are conditioned by our parents and society we miss the keys to the life of our dreams. 

As you always hear me say, we have to first transform our lives from the inside out but when we serve others we inadvertently transform our lives from the outside in. 

Transformational Takeaway

Transform your life by first serving others.

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Full Episode Transcript

Episode 197


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled The Quickest Way to Transform your Life. And in this episode, I share an approach with you that most people actually don't think it's either. They don't think about it or they don't do it. But what I want to share and what you'll learn in this episode is when you approach transformation from this perspective, your transformation will come a lot quicker. And it will be a lot more fulfilling. Keep listening.
Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

The Quickest Way To Transform Your Life

Okay. The quickest way to transform your life. Now the fact that you're here means that you want transformation to some degree or another, or you wouldn't be here. And Einstein had a quote and the quote is “only a life lived in service to others is worth living.” Contemplate that “only a life. lived in service to others is worth living.” Albert Einstein. So, what does that mean to you? Meaning a life in service to others, which you probably have heard me talk about here on the podcast is worth living. Now many times we think I'm going to live my life for me, I'm going to build my own life. And then when I build my own life, then guess what? Then I can help other people. Now you've heard me say before that that is a backwards approach. So, what I want to share with you is something that I observed in my Transformational Coaching Program. I'm doing a live program right now.

And one of the students. For many years. And he told the story in the group. But I already knew this in the group. He literally, for many years struggled with all kinds of addictions. And what he discovered in the group was that he really, really enjoyed it. Just turned him on. I mean, he loved it. It was like his fire was to help other people that were formerly addicted. And he seriously, at one point in his life had some serious, serious challenges for many, many years. Ended up in jail and different things because of his addictions. And now that he's gotten out of jail and been out and clean and sober for many years, he's recognized, Hey, the way that I did it. And what I've done is I can teach other people how to do this. And as I said, that lights him on fire.

So as I started this episode with, you probably you've heard me say before that. You know, we want to do things. We want to create expansion in the world. And as I said, just a couple of minutes ago is what does that mean? To you and for you. You know, Zig Ziglar said many years ago, you know, he was the motivational speaker from the seventies and eighties and into the nineties. He said the quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. Now, let me say that a little slower. The quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. And this podcast, this episode is about quick transformation.

So the way to get quicker trans or quick transformation, not even quicker, but quick transformation in your life. Like this person that I'm talking about, that's helping other people is to help other people. To help them get what they want. And the people that he wants to help want sobriety and they want to be clean and they want to be sober and he knows how to do it. Let me tell another story here then I'll kind of tie this together for you and we'll keep on going. I had another student many years ago, and I know I've mentioned him probably at least twice on the, on the podcast. And he was a top Real Estate Agent in California. Really nice guy, good guy. But back in 2017, I believe it was, he was a client of mine. One-to-one. And I fired him as a one-to-one client. And the reason that I did is because I knew that I would not be able to get him any further than what he already was in his business. And he hired me to help him grow his business. And when I started talking to him about service and doing things to build not business, but to build, you know, value for other people to make their lives easier and to create things in life that people wanted especially his clients.

He literally said to me, Because I was talking to him about, you know, the relationship with his clients. And he came he commented and it was a bit arrogant. He said, well, the way I help people was they get my experts service. And yeah, you can look at it that way, but to me, that's just a foundational thing. I mean, that's like going to a hotel in the hotel goes, you get a bed. Well, you already know you're getting a bed. And even though, you know, we would want expert service in the world that doesn't happen a lot. And I think all of us know that. But his whole, it all ended with him when he said, well, the way that I help people is to get experts service. And as I was working with him a bit longer. I recognized that everything was always about him getting something. And no matter how much I'd tried, to pull him out of that, it was always about him getting something. And I even said one day to myself, I'm like, I can't help this guy because if he doesn't shift his mindset from what he can get, instead of what he can give in service to other people that he's never going to grow his business, like he wants to now back to transformation.

So what Mike learned and I learned the same thing. And let me go into that story for a moment. What this person learned his name was Mike. What he learned is that. Let me just paraphrase as if I'm him. When I help other people and my name is Mike, and when I help other people, you, don't what I really, I mean, I really, really love doing that. And when I love doing that, I'm in it. I'm engaged. It's amazing. My life is amazing. I mean, I have found my passion. And there are so many people and coaching with me that are looking for, and I've talked about this on the podcast. They're looking for their Dharma. Meaning Dharma is your mission. What are you to do while you're here on the planet? And I am living my Dharma. I, for example, I, you know, I delivered transformational coaching programs, live ones and 14 week programs. I do the podcast. I do video. I do other social media. I do many things.

But this is my not to be cheesy, but this is my bliss. I mean, I don't work for a living. I don't work. And candidly and I do mean this humbly is I attract. A great deal of revenue into my life and my business. And you know what first is, most people will never attract that much money into their lives. And secondly, most people will work their life away to try to make money. But. The takeaway here. Is that I create expansion for people, but I don't work. And expansion is basically helping people live better lives. But here's the thing. I don't work for it because I do my Dharma, which is what I love and why I'm on the planet, because I do that. You know what I go to work air quote, everyday work. When I go to work, which I don't have to work a lot if I didn't want to, but when I go to work, I love what I do. And see what I do. Is I create transformation for people, but let me back up here a little bit. As I run the episode, I believe it was the last episode. And that episode was about getting unstuck in life. And what I talked about in that episode. And I'll just talk about it literally for a minute. Maybe here is that when I started helping people and I started doing Transformational Coaching because I've worked with a shaman for a lot of years. When I started doing that, I'm like, oh my gosh, I love doing this. I couldn't do anything, but this, this is what I do.

And I even said years ago, Bill Gates came to me and said, I'll give you a billion dollars. Not to do what you do, but to do something else, I would not take it. Why? Because I'm living a fulfilled life. And when you're living that kind of life, think about what kind of transformation you are engaged in. When you're living a fulfilled life. There's so many places I want to go with this episode. I was at an event today here in Sedona, listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton was here and I highly recommend him, his content. And he said something that my Acupuncturist used to say. My Acupuncturist was a Chinese man. And when he said was, he goes, if acupuncture doesn't work for you, then don't come back for it. He is we'll know when a session or two. And he said, if you're you're coming back, you're wasting your life. And I'm like, what do you mean by that? And he goes, well, if you're not, you know, if you're not getting results, then you know what, you've got time in your life and you come here and you waste that time. Therefore you're wasting your life.

And Bruce Lipton was saying the same thing today, which triggered the thought. And that I've said before, if you're not doing what you love. You know, what sets you on fire? If you're not doing what you love quite lit, you're not on the way to it and working towards it. You are wasting your life. Now I know that might piss some people off. I'm just telling you the truth. What are you doing? You're not creating any expansion in your own life. So to synopsis here and I'll keep on going with some other thoughts. Is the quickest way to transform your life is to actually dig in and help other peoplelike Zig Ziglar talked about, and like this guy, Mike, that I'm talking about and like Bruce Lipton is talking about, and like, I'm talking about to you right now. And then there was a guy. Another guy many years ago, I used to do a lot of consulting for a multi-level marketing company. And the is a very, it's one of the top 10 companies in the US. And the highest earning person in the company made like $4 million per year. And this was probably 12, 13 years ago. And he was a, uh, an older gentleman. He was already in his eighties.

And I remember one time I said to him, Or I remember somebody said, and we were talking in a group. I just remember the conversation. And in this multi-level marketing program, which by the way I endorse, I mean, I'm not in, you know, it's called Network Marketing,but I think it's a very viable business. I mean, it's basically sales and everything is sales in the world. So I have no problems with the industry and I'm open to it. I just don't, that's not in my wheelhouses. It's not what lights me up. But he was the highest producing person in the company. And someone said to him, Hey Jimmy, how did you get to the number one spot when there's like, I don't know how many thousands upon tens of thousands of, of associates in this company. How did you do that? And he said, I looked for two people. I look for two people to make millionaires. And I knew that they were capable and I knew that they would do the work and I knew they had the the right mental capacity and everything else. And I did everything I could to make these two people multi-millionaires. And as a result, that just, they did the same thing and that trickle all the way down the downlines. But notice what he did. He helped other people transform their lives. Their financial independence. There's financial, I guess we'll call it security. They're air quote, success in life, all these kind of things. But the reality is that he helped them first transform their lives in this multilevel marketing company. And as a result through Reciprocity through AYNI, which is a reciprocity of life. Is they helped him. And that's the quickest way to transform your life because when you're helping other people. Ponder this when you're helping other people it's actually built into the brain. It's called reciprocity is they want to help you.

So the more people that you help, actually, you, the higher you raise them. And the more that you actually help them transform their life then getting what they want the quicker you're going to get what you want. And not only can it be quicker, it can also be a lot easier. Why?Because instead of just you trying to do it. Now now it's not you just trying to do it like Jimmy, he wasn't like, oh, let me get all these representatives and new associates into this company that I'm working with. Let me go out and recruit every one, one by one. No, he built that mentality into what's called his left leg and his right leg, which are two legs in this network marketing company. And he built them and the legs built and built and built as they went down and added more people into their what's called downline.

And as a result of that, Jimmy became. We ll last I heard and talked to him. He's making about $4 million per year. And that was again 10, 12 years ago. And I might not even be on the planet anymore. I don't know. But the point is, I think it's it's right in front of you.Is stop trying to transform your life by yourself. Now, let me go somewhere with that also.

In my Transformational Coaching Programs. People get most, not everyone, everyone will get results. And I do guarantee that there's a money back guarantee. And I think in five years, I think we've had five refund requests and candidly, these people should not have been in the program in the first place. I'm just telling it like it is. But you have to think about thousands of people have gone through these programs. And five refund requests, which means I've got many thousands of very, very happy people. And what happens is, is sometimes people are a bit. You know, they're a bit nervous about registering. Because in any, any Transformational Group that is 14 weeks, I will have anywhere from 400 to a thousand people in the group, literally. And people will think, well, I'm going to get lost in the group and I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that.

And no one is going to hear me,nobody's going to see me. That's not true. Number one is I have a rule of my company with my coaching team. Every single question that someone asked every single question will be answered no exception period, but the point is this. Through social learning and community. Through social learning and community. People actually watch other people and they learn how well this person did A, B, C, D, and E. Maybe if I do A B C D and E. And then here's the big point. Through community. And here's the bigger point, which is what Mike learned in the people in my programs. And that's why Mike is doing what he's doing now, which is helping people with addictions. And he would not have learned that. Had he not been in my community to help people in my community. Then he recognized that's what set him on a fire. But yet it was the interaction with the community. So I've said it in a few different ways, but the number one easiest way to transform your life is to are you ready? Do it with other people.

Wide community we're social creatures. We learn from each other and that's how we function. I mean, even animals. This is in. You know, many mammals, animals learn from each other. So. The whole takeaway. And then I want to say a couple of more things here, and by the way, I have no notes. You might be able to tell I'm just going through this. My mind is I'm sharing this with you. But our end. And I said this probably in five different episodes if not more. Stop looking out for yourself first. When you're trying to actually create wealth or money in your life. And even your transformation. Which is the point of this episode to some degree, it kind of went off track a little bit, as far as I'm concerned.

But in this episode, Is transforming your life is so much easier when you have other people doing it with you. This is why, for example, gym fitness classes. When people go to the gym, this is why the person's got to go by themselves. One-to-one. Unless they are the most disciplined, committed, dedicated person. It's probably not going to happen. But when other people are there doing it with them. Guess what? It's a lot easier. So what I want you to look at is this, or what I request you look at, if you want to create significant transformation in your life. Do not do it alone who can join this journey with you? You know, a great idea, I think, and it just popped in my head. Is share the podcast. With one person. One person that you can go through the episodes with, and then you can have a little many two person mastermind with, so let's go back to week number one, for example, transforming your life for the first couple of weeks on habits. Instead of you doing it yourself.

Why not find someone in your life to do it with and go through the week and do you know the questions and the exercises, or go through the episode? Not the week but go through the episode with someone else and make notes on your takeaway and how you're applying your takeaway and the results you're getting, and the results you're not getting, and then ask the other person, you know, how are you doing it? What do you, you know, what are you getting? How are you seeing quicker results? How are you seeing more profound and deeper results? And go through your Transformational journey with someone else.

I want to segue here for a second. I want to talk about money, even though it's not related to this episode. And the reason why is I've got a free training coming up at the end of December. But, you know, what applies to you? Do you have money challenges over and over and over again? Do you never get out of money challenges, and they're really bad? Do you go up do you go down money in money out paycheck to paycheck, never enough. If any of that pertains to you and money then obviously you're not actually operating from pure possibility and potential when it comes to money. And plain and simple, you're negating it. So with 2022, rolling around, about we change that? How about we change your money stories? How about we leave your old money stories behind in 2021 and help you create new money stories in 2022.

How to do that. Is Nikki who manages my team called me a while back and said, Hey, you know, I know that you use a lot of ancient practices and your money with your money and spirituality and stuff like that. What practices do you use for at the beginning of every new year? So she goes, why don't we put together a training on that? So what I have is a new program I put together. With some of the processes that I use, that I've learned from a Shaman that are ancient processes to let go, and to literally burn your money stories, burn them to the ground and get rid of those old stories that keep you between, or keep you from the prosperity and abundance that you want in life. So anyway go to the show notes , and get registered for that training which will be at the end of December 2021. And in that training I'll be sharing the processes As I said that I use that I've learned from Don Xavier to let go of money concerns and do actually attract more money into my life.

You know, something else I want to touch upon and probably the fourth time, but in a different way. Is, as I said a little bit earlier, so many people are looking for their karma. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? And what we discover many times is that we stumble upon our Dharma. We stumble upon it and the service of others, because in the service of others. Many times we will actually. We will do something. And we're like, well, this is what I got to do because I'm helping other people. And as a result of doing that more things open up. I know, I'm pretty sure I don't know anything, but I'm pretty sure I've told the story in the podcast before, and I'll tell it again. Back in 2014, I believe was the year. I was at a very small transformational weekend. Hosted by somebody that I've known for a lot of years. He's an Internet Marketer. His name is Rich Schefren and he had a transformational weekend, which I thought was a little surprising because that wasn't his background.

Anyway. I went to that program eight people, it was captivate. And I went to the program and I've known Rich for a lot of years. And he said to me, because I've taught Persuasion and Influence for a lot of years. He said, Jim, have you considered that maybe because he knew that my brother-in-law is a shaman and different things and he's like, have you considered that maybe you're on the wrong path. Now me a knee jerk response is like, no, I'm not because I was there also transform and build my business. Even Laura larger and bigger that weekend. And I said, no, I'm not. And he goes, well, you know, all the years I've known you, you've always talked about Shamanism. And that's your life. Why are you not doing that? And then I went into some stories well I've done this for a lot of years. I've taught persuasion and influence. I really like doing it. I'm good at it. I make multiple six figures. I enjoy my life and i, you know, again, I might've shared this before, but I'll just share it.

When I started Transformational Coaching. The very first year I tracked it over $1 million in income. And I'm like, whoa. Okay. And. But I was in my element because why I had lived it for decades with my brother-in-law. And I was in my element and I loved it. And then people who my audiences could see that. And they could feel it. But here's the whole point is that that's always, always been a passion, but I wasn't exploring it professionally. And when I started exploring it professionally. That's even when my own transformations had to get quicker and larger. Why? Because even though I had learned from a shaman for many years, if I'm going to talk about transformation, I better damn well be able to, to walk my talk because I'm not going to be one of those people out there that blah-blah-blah talk, talk, talk, and doesn't walk her talk. And that means that I had to accelerate my transformation. Because I am. You know, I'm leading people.

Okay, so let's go here for the rest of the episode. Is Mike I'm talking about Mike earlier is when he started, which he observed in my Transformational Coaching Group. So, what he started doing is he started exploring. Being in the service of helping people eliminate addictions. And here's the kicker. As a result of him exploring this. Are you ready? As a result of him exploring, helping other people. He discovered himself. Ponder that because I have the same story, but different. When I started doing transformational coaching programs. Because again, I'd worked with a shaman and it's all transformational work.

There are, there's like one globally large program out there. And the guy who built the program back in the seventies, learned it all from shamanism. So when I did that I truly discovered like Mike did. I discovered my Dharma. Which is your purpose on the planet? And when you discover that. I can't even tell you. I used the word a bit a bit ago, but I can't even tell you how bliss full that is and how good life becomes very very quickly so the question to ponder is if you're, you know, not sure what your Dharma is or what you want to do. The worst thing you can do is. And I've been there. Is saying, well, I don't know what I want to do. I don't know what I want to do. I don't know what I want to do. I don't know what turns me on. I don't know what I like. I haven't, I don't know. I don't know. Stop it already. I spent many years doing that many years ago. And as a result of that, To some degree, I kind of wasted the opportunity to help even more people, which is what lights me up because I was trapped in that. So the easiest way is to at least do something. Or do more of something that, you know, will transform or help here's the key you might think? Well, I don't know how to transform. Okay.

Do something that you think will help other people live much better lives. And, and the result of that, you might not. But you also may discover that you were discovering yourself. And an overused phrase. I can't tell you how many people, when I say I can't tell you how many people, because there's a lot, there's a thousands of people that I know of is people will say things like, you know, I always kind of liked baking, but when I started doing it, holy cow, I got settled fire. Or I always kind of dabbled and thought about coaching. But then when I did it, boom, everything opened up. Or like Mike, when Mike says, well, you know, maybe, maybe, I don't know, maybe I can help people. And then boom, the guy lights on fire and a good way. You know, so the only way you're gonna know is to get out there and be of service to other people, to help them in some way, live a better quality of life. And as a result of that, you just may discover yourself and that's your transformational takeaway for this episode. Okay make it a great day to day and I will catch you on the next episode. Take care. Bye-bye.

If you're serious about Transforming your Life from the Inside Out, I have a free training that you're going to want to listen to. And it's helped 10's of 1000's of people all around the globe. The thing is, all of my students start here because when you learn to change your thinking, you'll change your life. Because as you already know, life happens from the Inside Out. The training is called Discover How to Eliminate Fear and Negativity in an Instant. So, go to and start learning how to Transform your Life at a deeper level from the Inside Out.

Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too, so please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to And I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. Together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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