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EPISODE 199: “ENCORE Episode: How The Law Of Attraction Repels The Money And Abundance You Want”

December 29, 2021

You probably believe in the Law of Attraction, but if you’re like most people you’re struggling with money. And this is because you’re most likely using the Law of Attraction against you. If this is you, listen to this episode now because we’re about to change all that for you!

People who have money work from prosperity consciousness. They are engaging the Law of Attraction in a way that actually attracts money for them, instead of repelling money for them. When it comes to money, most people focus on not having it and they focus on lack. What you put out in thought is what you attract back, and most people engage in the Law of Attraction because they need money, and therefore are in fear and desperation, and that’s what they are vibrating and feeling and attracting back.

In this episode, you are going to learn how to manage your emotions which affect your frequency, what your prosperity consciousness is, how you feel about being rich, and separating your money from your work.

Transformational Takeaway

Wherever you have your attention, wherever you have your emotions, that’s what you attract. Use the Law of Attraction to attract money instead of repelling money. Focus on emotional abundance. I must be emotionally abundant if I want to attract financial abundance.

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Full Episode Transcript

Episode 199

You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is an Encore Episode. And the reason that I selected it is because so many people struggle with money. As a matter of fact, 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. And I'm sure statistically, it's probably the same all over the world, in first world countries. I did this episode almost two years ago. And it's as valid today as it was then. So maybe you've listened to it before. And you thought I got it, I got it. And I see this a lot, people will listen to an episode one time and don't think they got it, yet, they really didn't get it. And they actually keep repeating the old patterns over and over and over again. So if you've listened to it before, then listen again. And if you haven't, then actually listen to this episode. But more than anything, whether you've listened to it before, or your first, you know, this is the first time you've listened to it. apply what you're learning about the frequency and vibration of money, and when you get it, and when you do that, your life will financially transform dramatically. Enjoy the episode.


Hi, I'm Jim Fortin and you're about to start transforming your life from the inside out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no ra-ra motivation and no hype, because this podcast is a combination of brain science, transformational psychology and ancient wisdom, all rolled into one, to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. Then this podcast is for you! Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

ENCORE Episode: How The Law Of Attraction Repels The Money And Abundance You Want

Okay, let's start here. What I want you to understand is, that you know many people they'll have a really bad day and they will say things like, you know, life is testing me today. Well, what I want you to understand is that the Universe does not test you, it reflects you. Life does not test you, it reflects you. And that's where we're going to start this podcast because I want you to understand, everything that you have in your life or you don't have is reflecting. Who and how you're being unconsciously and who and how you're being in your thought? See, if you have something in your life, whatever it is that you have. Let's say that you have a lot of money, or a lot of opportunities show up for you. You have that because you vibrate it. And if you don't have it, it's because you don't vibrate it. So let me explain a little more here. This episode is about the vibration of your Consciousness, which is physics. You know, most of the Law of Attraction stuff is about things like focus on the money and see it, and imagine it, and all these kinds of things, but for many people, like I started this episode with, many people actually, they sit down and they imagine, and they visualize, you know, they visualize money in their account, but the money still doesn't come for them. Why? Have you ever, you know, have you ever asked yourself that? 

Maybe you found yourself in that same place? You know, you read some book you watch some DVD, or you hear some speaker talking about the law of attraction. And you're like: Well that can work for me! And then you try it. And then, you know what? Your money doesn't change. Well, the reason that happens is because many people use the law of attraction to work against them self. Many people use the law of attraction to repel money, instead of attracting money. So make sure you listen all the way through because when you're done with this epic episode, you're going to understand exactly what I mean, and how to actually use the law of attraction to attract for you instead of repelling things from you. You know, I was reading recently, last month or so, and it was a Forbes Magazine. Actually it was a few months ago. Time flies, you know. It was Forbes Magazine in January and there was an article, and the article was that 78% of Americans, 78% of Americans struggle and they live paycheck to paycheck. Now. You probably don't live paycheck to paycheck. But my question is: Are you always struggling with money? Is there never enough? You know, is there money in Money out? The thing about money. I remember a client of mine one time. He lived in Los Angeles and he made right at $700,000 a year. And even at $700,000 a year, which actually puts him in the top 1% of wage earners in the United States, he was always broke. 

So, what I'm talking about here? I'm talking about struggling with money and that applies to many levels of economics. Whether you're, you know, you're making 40 Grand a year or 70. I know people, as I just said, they make 700, 800, 900 million and they're still struggling with money. Why? Because they're using the Law of Attraction, which we'll talk about more in this episode, to repel money as opposed to using it to attract money. Generally speaking, when people talk about the law of attraction, what they mean is: Is what you focus on, is what you attract? And again, you've heard the motivational speakers say things like, you know, you focus on the money in your account, and you visualize it, and you imagine it, and all these kinds of things. However, there's a lot more to it. Before we get to that I want to go into my story. Because I think a lot of you can probably relate to this. I grew up very much. I mean very much working class. If I had to calculate my father's income today. It calculates right at about fifty five thousand dollars per year and that's a family of five. You know, a husband and wife and three kids. This thining edge that is not a lot of money. And what I constantly heard in my house, and I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this, is never enough money. Never, never Enough. Where does it go? We can't afford that. We are not like other people. My dad even said to me once, he said, – You know what? I was not born under the million-dollar star! 

And my entire life growing up was always about struggle and working hard, and putting your nose to the grindstone, and putting in an honest day's work. Also, you know, I have to say I did grow up in a very small Texas town. It was a farming Town. Literally, we had one stoplight and I was working from early in the morning from five o'clock in the morning tell, you know, after dinnertime many times. So, I grew up with that hard work ethic, where you have to work hard for your money, and my my parents instilled that in me is, that you have to work hard to get ahead and my mother always, she used to say: Well, I've taught you boys that you have to struggle to get what you want! So for many years, well, let me back up here. So I went to college, i went to a very good school and I've never done physical labor since then. However, even though, I had not done physical labor since I, you know, I left where I grew up. I left the farm. And yes, I mean I lived on a farm. We had pigs and chickens and cows and we grow our own food and, you know, a funny story is: my grandfather grew all of her own food. And I remember in high school saying: Why can't we be like normal people and buying our food from the supermarket? When in reality I grew up with organic food. 

So, when I left for college I said, I'm not doing this anymore! I'm not going to work for money anymore! I'm not going to, you know, be up at 7:00, you know, five o'clock in the morning and seven o'clock in the morning on Saturdays. I'm not going to struggle for money. But the reality was: as I went to a really good school, graduated with a couple of degrees in four years, I worked my way through school. But the reality is for about a decade after that. Even though, I was working in professional jobs, I still struggled with money. I was in the same environment, physically speaking, but I struggled. So, how many of you can relate to that? You know, you've gone to the good school, you put in all the work, and all the time, and all the hours. Yet, no matter what you do. You're still struggling. So, here's the first big takeaway that I want you to get in our time together. You know, as you're listening, is a huge myth, and I'm going to break this down for you, but a huge myth is, that money comes from hard work! And I'm a betting man. So I would bet, many of you, probably 80% of you listening, have that same belief: That I have to work hard to make money! Now. I learned that myth growing up, you know, you've listened to the episode on subconscious programming, or maybe you have or haven't here, but there's an episode on how we are indoctrinated and how we become we are. 

So, I learned that myth and I lived it for many years. And then in my 20s, I actually voraciously got involved in personal development. And, you know, I had the old Sony Walkman with the earphones, and you know, I was listening to cassette tapes. And there's a company called Nightingale Conant. And they put out personal development products. And I listen to, you know, cassette program 8, you know, eight cassettes over and over. And everyone, you know, everything back then from Stuart White to Deepak Chopra, to Tony Robbins in his early days, and to Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson, and all this stuff. And you know, I even bought, literally, tons and tons of books on manifestation. Literally, I have probably read no less than 200 books on the subject of manifestation. Yet, I went through my entire 20s. Struggling, waiting tables, quitting my corporate jobs, living paycheck to paycheck. And actually the only ones that were making money, were the people that I was buying books from, because I was buying every book that I could find and read, and get my hands on, and underline, and take notes on. You know, it's kind of like Tom Cruise in that movie. He was in called ”Cocktail”, where he was a bartender, but he always wanted to be rich, and he always had some kind of self-help book around him. I was kind of that guy. And things did not change for me until my 30s. My early 30s. And actually it changed for me when I turn 32. And that's when I met my brother-in-law. 

Now, I want to back up here. I was using back then the Law of Attraction. And I mean, like I said, I read all the books. And I was very, I could explain the law of attraction to you backwards and forwards. But you know what? I still wasn't attracting money! And actually for the most part, as I alluded to earlier, I was struggling with money many – many years. And then in my early 30s, I met my brother-in-law. And I have to just be me and these episodes, and I have to bring my past, and my experience because I can't help you otherwise. And if I try to please everyone, I'm not going to please anyone. So, I'm going to talk, as I mentioned maybe before, I'm going to talk a lot about Shamanism. And we'll talk a lot more about that in other episodes, and even what it is, but it literally, the oldest form of thought on the planet in terms of a system of thought. MY sister's husband, who I apprenticed with for many years, is a shaman. And what he told me is what you're going to start learning here. Literally, is what makes the Law of Attraction work for you or against you. So, the law of attraction is basically, wherever you have your attention, wherever you have your emotions, that's what you attract. But see what he told me that many of you might not know yet, is he told me that every thought, every thought, that I have has a vibration, and it has a frequency. And this is physics. 

And when I learned, that I needed to stop focusing on just thinking about money, and I had to learn about feeling emotionally about money, when I learned that and, I learned which we're going to dig into a lot here, when I learned that emotions, and I'll cover this again, more in depth in just a bit. But when I learned this, I learned that we create money and we attract on our life from our vibration and our frequency, and not so much from what we think. Yet, most of you are working from your left brain, from what you think. So, you think, you know, the Law of Attraction, and you've watched “The Secret”, and all, you know, that DVD twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years ago. So, you know all of this. I actually want to back up. You don't know it, you understand it. So, you understand it all, but you're not sure why it's not working. The reason it's not working for you is because you don't know it. And until you know about frequency and vibration, you stay in your old patterns. So, another huge shift for you right now. You're ready! Money does not, money does not come from hard work! Money comes from the universe! Money comes from physics! Money is physics! Money comes from your thought, and money comes from your vibration! And I'm going to talk and I'm going to create, you know, subtle distinctions when I say money comes from thought. But actually your thoughts create your vibration. 

Money comes from the universe! So, write that down if you're not driving. And here, because I'm going to prove this to you in just a minute, and here's where I want you to start working from. Because your entire lifetime you've been led to believe, and it's not true, that if I work – work equals money. That is not true! And let me actually back up here for those of you that are extremely analytical. Is yes. I mean you go to a minimum wage job, and you work one hour, and you make, I don't know, what's minimum wage? Seven – eight dollars an hour? Well, you know what? Money does come from that work! But what I want to clarify and the distinction here, is that extreme abundance does not come from work! And, as a matter of fact, you might know people, you look at them, and you're like, well! How come they never seem to be working? How come they are not working 60 hours a week? But yet, they make all this money. The reason that happens is because they're working from vibration, and they're working from Prosperity Consciousness. And because of that, they are engaging The Law of Attraction and the way that it actually attracts money for them instead of repelling money for them. So, stick with me. I know I've said a whole lot so far, but stick with me through the entire episode because, like I said, or if I didn't say, I wanted to say. This is not some rah-rah Law of Attraction episode. 

I'm going to give you some clear-cut steps at the end of this episode, that will shift your dependents from, because your dependents, for most of you, for money has been on work, and I'm going to shift your dependents from work equaling money to your vibration and your Consciousness equaling money. And when you master this, and you come to know it, it's going to make your life a whole lot easier. Just a couple of minutes ago, I corrected myself and I said, well, you know, a lot of things that I'm going to say, or have said here, you already know. And then I corrected myself and I said, you know, it's not that you know it, but it's that you understand it. When most people read personal development, you know, books or they got to seminars, or webinars, or listen to speakers. Many times people will say:. Yep. Yep. Yep. I know that. I know that. I know that. And that's not true! They understand it! Now. What do I mean by that? The difference between knowing and understanding? Everyone listening right now! Lets take a broken arm, for example. Everyone understands what a broken arm is. I mean, there's not a single person listening anywhere in the world, that doesn't know what a broken arm is. Right? So, we know! However! Personally, I've never had a broken bone in my body. Very fortunate. I'm 54 and never even had so much as a stitch in my body. And I've not had a prescription since 1992. 

And, by the way, we're going to talk on a future episode about how to use the mind the heel and how to stay well. Okay. So, what I want to share here is, that I understand what a broken arm is. No question about it. But I don't know what a broken arm is. Because see, if you've ever had a broken arm or a broken bone, and you've had the pain you've had that experience. You know, what a broken bone is. So, understanding it? Yes. I understand it. I understand it well! Knowing it. I do not know what a broken bone is. And the same thing with many of you listening now or listening the content in the past. You understand it, but you don't know it! And until you come to know about vibration and frequency, and you mastered, and you live from that place, there's a very good chance that you are going to struggle for money. Now. I think I've already alluded to this a couple of times, but the you know, the classic Law of Attraction is, that if you think about money, and you focus on money, then you're going to attract money. I want to share with you right now. That is an epic fail place to work from. And I mean, even I don't even want you to take my word for it, because if you look at your life, I mean how much have you focused on money? And you've done everything they say, and you know, you've done the visualization and everything else, and then you get on your pin, you know, you get on the app on your phone, or your gun on your computer and you check your bank account, or do you go to your, you know, you go to your ATM and you look at your balance, and you're like, WOW, I've got no money in the bank, or I don't have enough, or I can't cover my, you know my, bills this month.


All right. We're going to get really serious here. This is the epic fail point for most people. Is, that when it comes to money, most people focus on not having it, and they focus on lack. Let me explain what that means. So, many people, when they're wanting to use a Law of Attraction, what they're doing is, you know what? I need money! Rent is coming due, or the car payment, or the student loan, or the Visa bill, or whatever. I need money! Come on Universe! I need money! Send money my ways! Send clients my way! You know, send just, you know, send the money my way! Here's the very subtle, but very powerful distinction. Is that, when you focus on attracting money, because you need money, you're focusing on money from Lack. Consider that! You're focusing on lack. Meaning, you're not focusing on creating abundance for the sake of creating abundance, you're focused on bringing money in your life, because you don't have any money. Now. When I started this episode I said, that life reflects us. And because life reflects us, what that means is, that whatever you put out, like Newton's third law of motion for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, what you put out is what you attract back. Do you see that very, very subtle, but very small distinction there? That if you're wanting money out of fear. See, most people when they're engaged in the Law of Attraction, they're engaging Law of Attraction because they need money. And because they need money they're in fear and Desperation. And that's what they're vibrating and that's what they're feeling, and that's because, you know, what you're vibrating and feeling, is what you're attracting back. 

So, what you're doing, is you're using the Law of Attraction to actually repel, because at the Subtle level, and by the way, the Universe does not read English, it reads vibration at it. It's physics and it's mathematics. And we're going to dig more into this. So, stay with me. You'll understand once we're done with this episode. So, if you're saying I need money, I need money. Okay. I'm going to focus on the Law of Attraction. I'm going to sit down and I'm going to bring two thousand dollars in my bank account, so that I can pay my rent. The subtle distinction is that you're working from desperation. That's what you're putting out. That's what you get back. That's how you many times, and I did for my 20s, that's how many of us use the Law of Attraction, to repel money as opposed to attracting money. And, you know, to take this a little farther here, is that most people don't focus on the Law of Attraction when they have money. Consider that for a moment! You even noticed, that when you have a lot of money, you don't focus on having a lot of money. Because you have a lot of money. Most people focus on the Law of Attraction when they don't have money, which then goes to what I'm telling you, is that they're working from desperation. And they're working from fear and then when they work from desperation and fear, and they put out to the Universe: I don't have money! 

The Universe says – Okay! And of course the Universe doesn't speak English, but metaphorically, the Universe says – Okay, you don't have money. We're going to make sure that you don't have money! You ever noticed before? You ever noticed that people, that need the money the most, have the least amount of money. Why? Because that is the vibration they put out and that's the corresponding experience that they have in their life. And it's the same thing, you know, another example here is, when people are well. When people are well, and this probably applies to you, you ever noticed that when you're actually well, you don't focus on being well. People don't focus on being well until they're sick, and then they focus on not being sick. And the same thing with the Law of Attraction, is people don't focus on abundance when they have it, they only focus when they don't have it. That's the vibration they put out and I've said this for the third or fourth time now, that's what they put out and that's exactly what they bring back. So, the big takeaway for you right now is that you first, you have to focus on emotional abundance. What most people do, is they focus on financial abundance, not recognizing that the financial abundance is driven by the emotional abundance. And I'll explain this in terms of physics and everything else in just a bit. But your first takeaway is this. Is that you first have to focus on emotional abundance. And here's a great life lesson and opportunity for you. Is that it's hard, and I've been there so, I get it, it's hard for a lot of people to actually focus on emotional abundance, which is an internal thing. It's an internal world, when their external world has no money. 

So, actually what people do, is which we'll get to in a moment also, is they let the external World literally, flip their internal world upside down. Now they are emotionally all distraught about money, and guess what? They bring the emotional distress right back to them. So, write this down. And obviously you've heard me say before – Make sure you're not driving, or you know, doing something that's going to, you know, that need your attention. But I must first be emotionally abundant, if I want to attract Financial abundance. I'll say that again. I must first be emotionally abundant, if I want to attract Financial abundance. All right. I said a little about this earlier, and I said that money does not come from what you think. It does not. Because look at your own life. You think about money, actually there's not a day that goes by in your life, for the most part, that you're not thinking about money in some way. Even if you're, you know, you're buying lunch – you're thinking about money. You have no money in the bank – you're thinking about money. You're paying your bills – you're thinking about money. You're paying your tuition – you're thinking about money. Money is a staple that consumes a large part of our Consciousness throughout our day. So, as I said, you know, many of you think that money comes from work, which is external, where it comes from what you think, but it does not. So please, a big takeaway is that money comes from emotional abundance and emotional abundance is how you feel.


So, I want to ask you a question right now. How do you feel about money? Not what do you think about money? How do you feel about money? Take a second. Check in with that. I want to go a little farther with that. I want you to think about how you treat money. Emotionally. You know, let's say, for example, that you have a partner, or a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife. Let's say, or you've had one, you know, it's just follow along with the metaphor here. But let's say your partner, you say to them, you know what? You're never enough! You don't do enough for me! What have you done for me lately? You're never there, when I need you! What kind of relationship would you have, if that's the way you treated your partner? Consider that! Well, that's the way that most people emotionally treat money. And when you emotionally create money that way, that's the vibration that you create, and then what you do, is you would track that vibration back to you. All right! Now! I think you're probably having some aha's and some light bulbs, going off, because when I asked you these questions about, how you feel about money, and how you create money, and I have been there. So, I know, that many of you, you do not treat money well. Because when it's not there to serve you, you're cursing it, you're never enough, blah – blah, blah, and all the things that you say. 

All right! I want to shift the way that you even think about yourself as a being. I guarantee you, most of you probably never think about it this way, if I said, what are you? You would say. Well, I'm a human being. But let's go even farther. Is that biologically, chemically and, in terms of physics, you are an electro magnetic being. And when it comes to thinking and feeling, thinking is Electro and feeling is Magnetic. You are a thinking and you are a feeling being. And I think you've already gathered, at this point is: You don't get, what you think about money. You get what you feel about money. Because feeling is what activates the vibration and the frequency. So, abundance of money comes from feeling vibration. It does not come from doing activity. The doing activity, actually for most people, the doing in the, meaning the work, the external work, the doing activity for most people and I see this all the time. And it falls in that statistic that 78% of people that are just working paycheck to paycheck. When you actually depend upon your money from work and you go do things for the money, that keeps people and sustenance. It keeps people in just enough. And if you ever noticed that, when you work from just enough, that's all that you ever have in your bank account is just enough. And you have just enough this month, and just enough next month, and so, and so, you know, every month. But you're not working from abundance. You are working from sustenance, and you're working from just enough. 

So. I've said it many times. And I'm going to keep saying it. Is that money does not come from work and let's look at your own life. So. How many times, how many months, how many years have you worked your fingers to the Bone? Maybe you're an entrepreneur? I don't know. Maybe you're in sales, or you know, we all are quote go to work for the most part. But how many times have you worked yourself in the bone? 40 50 60 70 hour weeks. I mean people do that. Some people work two or three jobs. But you know what? You're still struggling. You don't have the money to show for it. So. As I said: Money doesn't come from the work! You know? I want to give you a great example here. I was talking to my Tech Guy recently and, a really decent guy, and candidly I treat him very well financially. He's an amazing guy. And he's in Europe, and he was telling me about a project that he did a couple of weeks ago. He built a website for someone. He did a really good job. And the guy is extremely good at what he does. And I said:. How many hours did you put into that website? And he kind of went – Aah,you know, like that is like jeez! He goes – We put about a hundred hours into developing that website. And I said:. What did you get paid for that website? And he said:. 

$2,500. Basically, he worked 100 hours for 2,500 bucks. And I was getting him to see what I'm getting. You know, I'm getting you to see here, is that he could have actually charged probably four times the amount of money, that he did for that website. But he didn't feel right about charging the money. And I'm telling you this guy is good at what he does. I mean, he's phenomenal at design and development. He could have charged four times as much and he didn't because he didn't feel comfortable charging $10,000 for the site. Therefore he worked for a hundred hours for 2,500 bucks, work tell, you know, one o'clock, two o'clock in the morning and he could have made four times as much. How do you actually had to Consciousness and the confidence to charge that money? Okay. So, I want to go somewhere else now, and I want to start showing you what I'm talking about here. I want you to start seeing. Is I said many times is, that money comes from vibration and it comes from the universe. So, let me tell you what I mean by that. Is have you ever had a time in your life, where somebody just fell into your lap. Money fell into your lap, a client? Somebody calls you and says, you know what? Hey, I want to hire you. I talked to Bob Smith or you know, Jane Doe and they said you're amazing. And if you're good enough for them, you're good enough for me. I want to hire you. 

And you could be a real estate agent. I've seen this happen before. I'm looking to buy a home in Arizona and I just called one of my former clients and said – Hey, do you know somebody in Arizona? And I showed up. This agent did not work for me. I fell another lap and not only that a good friend of mine, who I mentioned in the minute, is also looking for a home in the same area. So, this real estate agent picked up two. We're not potential buyers, we are buyers of nice homes, without doing any work. Metaphorically, in air quote, we fell into her lap. So, let me ask you. Has money just shown up in your life and you didn't work for it? You didn't Prospect for it? Do not overthink this. Because some people will say – Well, I'm, you know, I built everything, bla, bla, bla. I did  all this, I did all that. And then money showed up somewhere later because, what I did later, you know, work now. No, that's not what I mean. Plain and simple. Has money ever fallen into your lap, without you working for it? Even if somebody's gifted you money, that fell into your lap. So, money doesn't come from work. And I used to believe that it did. As I've said and very clear at this point, where I work from, is that money comes from the Universe and the Universe reflects my Consciousness, which is vibration and frequency. 

Let me give you another example here. There is a really good friend of mine. Some of you may know who he is. Actually he had me in his podcast about, I don't know, a year and a half ago. A guy, named James Wedmore. And his podcast is ”Mind your business” podcast. If you're in any kind of, you know, any kind of business, small business, or an entrepreneur, I urge you to listen to his podcast – ”Mind your business” podcast. I was coaching James. James hired me as his coach, about a year ago, and I was coaching him. And one. Let me back up here. On Tuesday of this particular week. I went to the bank and I took out $10,000, because I wanted to help someone. And I wanted to gift someone $10,000 because, again, I wanted to help them. This was on Tuesday. On Thursday James and I were talking and he said:. Hey, what's your PayPal email address? And I told him what it was. I didn't really question why. I didn't know. Well, I took out $10,000 out of my bank account on Tuesday. On Thursday I got a notification: James Wedmore sent me $10,000 for some additional coaching. I wasn't going to charge him for. Mind you for the original coaching. I charged him for that. I did some ancillary coaching and I did not charging for it, and he paid me $10,000 for that ancillary coaching. So, what I want you to notice here, is that I took money out of the bank. I put it out in the Universe, and I know that I attract money, and the money came right back to me. 

So, a question that I want to ask you right now, is have you had money show up in your life unexpected? You didn't work for it. You didn't ask for it and Boom, it shows up. And I know that everyone listening you've had that happen and what that proves, is that money does not come from work. It comes from the Universe. And speaking of your own life. I want you to look at your own life right now. You work really hard. You put in the hours. And then the question that I have for you is:. Are you rich? Does money pile up in your bank account? Does money flow easily into your life? If it doesn't, it's because your Consciousness is not where it needs to be, to easily track money into your life. Also, I think that you can see now, is that most people work backwards. They work in this whole podcast, is Transform your life from the inside out, is most people work backwards in their life. They work from bringing money in, based upon their behavior, out in the external world, instead of recognizing, that money is going to come not from your thought, but from your Consciousness. So, we've been conditioned. I know that I was, and I know that most of you listening you've been conditioned to work for your money. And this has been passed down through generations, because when I look at, and I hear all the time from my well, they're not, he's not on the planet anymore, but my grandfather my mother's father.


I used to always hear stories about: Well, i lived through the Great Depression, and the Great Depression, this happened and that happened, and we had soup lines, and we had this, and we had that, and you couldn't find work, and all these kinds of things. Well, when I also want to point out, as I watch my grandfather lived his entire life, as a farmer, and he struggled financially his entire life. He passed that to my mother, who thought, you know, she would do me a favor by passing that to me. So, many of us have been conditioned to believe, that we have to work for money. And I want you to get right now. That is not true! All right. What I want to do now, is I want to go into a little ancient wisdom and I want to go into some science. And the first question that I have for you is this:. Is what is your emotional state regarding money, wealth and abundance? And I want you to really, really take a look at that. You know another question of you. Have you ever even thought about that? Have you ever sat down and say? Well, you know, what is my emotional state? How do I feel about money? And I'm going to make this really easy for you. Look at your past year. And then I want you to look at your bank account. And I guarantee, you're pretty much how you have felt about money in the past year, has determined what is in your bank account right now. Why? Because what I just said, as much people work from the outside in. 

Let me give you another example here of the outside – in. Is that many times people will look at their bank account and there's not a lot of money in it. There's not enough money in it. And then what they do, is they feel bad about that, and then they worry about that, and they get stressed about that, and then again, notice what I said. Everything is vibration and frequency. So, if you get worried and you get stressed about not having money in the bank, what do you attract right back to you? And what you're letting happen is you're letting your external environment affect and control your internal environment and that's actually what creates for you. Speaking of the external and the internal, I want to share a personal story with you here. My brother-in-law – the shaman. This was probably back in two thousand three or four. He grew up in Mexico. And he and my sister, they went to Mexico, they came back. I picked him up at the airport. And he got in the back seat of my car. Now he's from Mexico, but obviously, it will not obviously, but he is a US citizen, who lives here in the States. He works as a Healer and he got in the back seat. And he said, which the word CUÑADO is Spanish for brother-in-law. And he said:. CUÑADO, How are you? And I said: I'm great today. And this is what he said to me, and you can also apply this to money. He said: Yep, he goes, you know, what when everything in your world is working exactly like you want it to work, you're happy. And when things don't work, according to your expectations, you're pissed off, you're angry. You're this, you're that, youre in a foul mood, whatever it might be, and he said:. 

You have to learn to, work from the inside out, and not the outside in. You have to learn, to control your emotions, because your emotions are what create for you. And what I'm sharing with you right now. I don't know. What is this 15 years later or whatever. This is where I started learning this and this is when I recognize that yeah, whatever I have my external world is because I'm already creating it in my internal world. And the money is the same thing for you. I was just talking about emotional states in that moment, but the money is the same for you. As I just said about the external experience. Most, which is something we can see with the five senses or experience, many people look at their bank account, which is external. They don't like what they see and that completely affects their frequency and their vibration, and they pull no money back to them. So, how about you? You're logged on, I'm sure you can relate, you're logged into your bank account and here, actually even afraid to open it, you're afraid to put your ATM card in the slot, because you're afraid to see what your balance is, and then you see your balance, and you get mad. Because somebody didn't pay you, or you didn't get your money, or your paycheck bounced, or somebody's late in paying you, or they didn't pay you, what they promised you, and then you're sad about it, and you get fearful about it, and then you worry about it. 

All right, let me put this in very simple terms. Now you're having feelings about all of this, and you were spewing, you were spewing that out into the Universe, and the Universe, which is where we started this episode, the Universe just returns it right back to you. I do, I just say earlier, or at some time in this episode. Please share this episode with people that you know, because I guarantee you, if you're not, I guarantee you that, you know someone in your life that is struggling with money, because you're using the Law of Attraction the work against them instead of for them. One of my clients. He's also a very, very close former clients, coaching client, and also a very good friend, and somebody that I've mentored for years. He's very, very wealthy this day and age. He's a probably 35 -36 years old. I don't know. It's exact age of know we've been friends for a lot of years. I think he's 35, but yet, his parents are still struggling with money and they are in their 70s. They have no money. As a matter of fact, he is their retirement. So I'm telling you. No matter where you are right now. I know that there are people in your life that can benefit and can learn from this episode. And this episode is going to be huge for a lot of you, but this is what I want to share with you from my own experience.


Sometimes, many times. I don't know, because we're all different. It's hard to make that leap. I had two clients, one-to-one coaching clients a while back. And one client, this is the guy that actually made seven hundred thousand a year. He said to me, he said:. Jim, he said – you have money, so you don't have to worry about money. And what I shared with him is that he has it all backwards, is the reason I have money is because I don't worry about money. When you worry about money that is an emotion. That's an electromagnetic vibration and you repel money. And then another real estate agent, who makes over a million a year said to me one time. He said:. Jim, how, how, how do you make the leap from not living from the external to the internal? Well, stay with me because I'm going to tell you how I made the leap in just a few minutes. All right, very quickly here's. I want to look at science as well. And I did say that we are bio electromagnetic beings. You are electrons, neutrons and protons. Let me go here first. When you have we, all have brainwaves. I was going to say when you have brain waves, or when you don't, you're dead, you're not in the body anymore, but we all have brain waves. And brain waves, there is a machine called an EEG, which is an Electroencephalogram. It can actually measure our brain wave activity.


That's energy. When people have a heart attack and they're unconscious. Why do you think they defibrillate them? I mean, why would you shock somebody? Why? Because we're all energy. So, what I want you to understand, and I know that you do, let me go a little further here. Let me actually correct myself. What I want you to come to know, not understand, but know. And I know you've heard it. What I want you to come to know, is that everything is energy! Just let that settle for a moment. Everything is energy. Your heartbeat is energy, brain waves – energy, even holding physical money in your hand is electrons, neutrons and protons. It's Adams. Everything is physics. All right, so let's go even deeper here. So, thoughts come from your mind. And then your thoughts affect your emotions. And then what happens, is your emotions create vibration, which is movement. This is physics. Then what happens, is vibration creates frequency. And frequency is the rate, at which vibration occurs. So, frequency, either when it comes to money, attracts or repels. So, let's say for example. You have positive emotions, you have gratitude about money. Well, then that's what you vibrate and then that's, you know, that causes a frequency, and that's what attracts money to you. Yet, when you have negative emotions, you have negative thoughts, which create a negative emotions, then that creates a vibration for you, which in turn creates our frequency, which repels money. 

You know, my brother-in-law told me many, many years ago. He said:. If you want to attract more money, he told me this directly, then change your frequency. Not going to, go into it right now. Because I know this is becoming a little bit longer episode than many, but you may want to get, and I mentioned it before, and I'm not sure if I mentioned here at the podcast, but I mentioned a lot, is the book, called The Kabali. KYBALION. The Kybalion is the seven Cosmic laws, the transit, the transcripts are ancient, even though it's published, I guess a hundred and twenty years ago or so, but the transcripts are believed to be Ancient, ancient teachings. All right. So do you get? Do you get at this point, that you are an electromagnetic being of Consciousness. You get that? The rest of this is going to be very easy for you. You do not get it. Well, then I don't know what to tell you, because youre going to continue to repeat your old patterns. So, we live in a Universe of Consciousness and there's been a whole lot of, you know, whole lot of research behind this, but we're going to keep this really simple. Is that we live in a Universe of Consciousness, and whatever you actually, you vibrate, is what you put out in the Universe and it's what you bring back, which I mentioned in earlier, like Newton's, you know, third law of motion. 

Even in the Bible, and I'm not endorsing the Bible, I'm just using this as an example, I don't know the exact verse in terms of numbering, but it's Galatians. As you sow, so shall you reap. So if you ever thought about, like I asked you earlier, what you actually saw, when it comes to your feelings about money, because what you sow is what you reap right back. I also want to mention, and i'm not going to go into it for time, you can look it up on your own. Go to YouTube and actually Google double slit SLI T experiment, Double Slit Experiment. This is not pseudoscience. This is a real science. What they discovered in this experiment, let me just put it in layman's terms. What they discovered in this experiment, is that the outcome of the experiment was actually affected by the expectations of The Observers of the experiment. Basically, what they were saying, or what they discovered, is that what The Observers expected to happen, affected the outcome. What the conclusion was, is that the physical Universe, the physical world around us, bins to our Consciousness, and our vibration, and our frequency. So, go look it up on your own and there's one video, that's really good. I think it's called dr. Quantum, and it's actually the easiest one to watch. It's about five minutes long and it's a cartoon and I think it's called dr. Quantum. Watch that, but the last 15 or 20 seconds is where the meat, the meat is. Because what he said was: Is the Observer collapse the wave function simply by observing. Basically, what that means, is that by observing the experiment they collapsed the outcome of the experiment, into their expectations. 

All right. Okay. So, let's move on here. And I might have a physicist listening, or you know, I don't know. But what I do know is:. Stay out of your crap. Stay out of the over analysis and, you know what, science, no science. I don't care. I'm just trying to validate this for those of you, that need the scientific aspect of it. And then many times people will say things will, you know, so-and-so as pseudoscience. Well, you know, we live in a plan of the baby science, and when we are not a very old species, so let's just keep it at ancient wisdom, and in just a moment I'm going to give you the steps. The exact steps to use, to practice so you can master. So you can use the Law of Attraction to Manifest for you as opposed to repelling for you. Alright! You ready? Three things. There are three steps, that you need to master, to use the Law of Attraction to actually bring money to you, as opposed to it repelling money for you, like it did in the past. And I'm going to break these things, these three things down for you. These three things are this. Number one is: You must learn to manage your emotions, which affect your frequency. Number two is a question I have for you. What is your Prosperity Consciousness? How do you feel about being rich? Because see, you can manage your emotions and you can have great emotions and feel good about not having money, and when you feel good about not having money then your Prosperity Consciousness about money as low and you do not attract money. 

What value do you place on money? Do you overvalue, do you undervalue? I used to say things like, you know what? I don't care about the money. I just love what I do. Well, what I was telling the universe, is that I don't value money, and if I don't value money, then I don't feel money, and I don't feel the value, and I don't attract it. I had a friend one time, and he said. This is exactly what he said. He said:. You know what? I'm okay being broke, as long as I have a project to work on. Well, how does he feel about that? What is the vibration? What is he putting out and he was always broke. Those are the first two. Number three is this:. Separate your money from your work! All right. Let's break these down, even farther. Number one. Manager emotions, which we've talked about this, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it. Do you worry about money? Are you fearful about money? Are you sad about money? However you feel, is the emotion and, as you know that creates the vibration and the frequency. The most powerful place for you to attract money, is to have peace of mind around money. To have gratitude about money. Because, see, look at it this way. What is your feelings? How do you feel, when you have peace of mind? I mean, we're in la-la land, right? I mean everything is like, hunky-dory great, and we feel fine about things. And when I say hunky-dory grade, I had a thought there, that I know I've got a following that starting in Japan. So I'm a small-town Texas farm boy, so to speak, and it's, you know, I mean, it's just what my, where I grew up. So, I use a lot of colloquialisms. Texas colloquialisms. Anyway, this is really important. 

How do you feel, when you have peace of mind? And where we want to get to, is that we always maintain a well-being and a peace of mind, no matter what's going on, in our external world. Because they are not dependent upon each other. Though, they affect each other. And this goes back to the lesson, that I was telling you earlier, when my brother-in-law got in the car. I was letting my external world drive me. And when things weren't going right on my external world, than my internal world was in chaos, and then I would perpetuate the chaos by putting out that frequency and vibration and bringing it right back to me. All right. Second. So let me just back up here again, before I go to the second one, is this is, this is a doozy. This is the big one. How do you feel about money? Worry, repels, Peace of Mind opens up the way to bring money. Step number two. What is your Consciousness? Do you feel rich? So, a lot of you listening right now, will say well, you know what? I don't have the physical money therefore, I don't feel rich, I feel poor, and because I feel poor I feel bad and sad and Afraid. So, let me show you, and you hear this all the time. All the speakers are always blabbering about you got to have gratitude. And when you ask people, and I ask people, are you grateful? 

Everyone always says: Yes! I mean who's going to say that. You know, what? No, I am ungrateful for everything. So everyone it's a stock answer. It's kind of like, when you go into the store and they say:. Can I help you? And you say: Nope. I'm just looking. It's just it's just habit. It's just wrote habit. So when I ask people if their gratitude, you know, if they have gratitude, everyone always says, yes, but they're actually going for the left brain analytical steps, and are not really experiencing gratitude. So, how do you experience gratitude? Because most people must understand gratitude. So here's where I want. Here's where I want to take you. I want you to think about all the things in life, that support you. Even if you've got an old beat-up car, which I had many years ago, and I used to curse that car, you know, my old truck blah blah blah, you know, the I hate this whole thing and stuff like that. But what I want you to notice, is even though that truck got me from point A to point B, I was ungrateful. And that truck supported me. It got me to work. It literally supported me. So I want you to think about all the things that support you. And I'm going to make this really simple and very powerful for you in a moment. Think about all the things, that support you. Now be grateful for that! Even if it's not what you want in the moment. 

So, my old truck, many years ago, was, I mean, it was an old junker, an old clunker, you know, rest it out and beat up, and I didn't have gratitude for its supporting me. So, that I can go to work, to make money, to live paycheck to paycheck many years ago, but I'm going to make this really powerful for you right now. I'm going to show you how to change your frequency and I was taught this by my brother-in-law. One of the number one things, that support your life, because without it you would be dead and a couple of days is water. When you go to the kitchen, or you get bottled water, or whatever you do. Before you down that water, what is your gratitude for that water? Consider that for a moment! That water, literally, keeps you alive. So, you want to learn how to change your frequency and you want to learn how to change your vibration? Let's start there. So, a challenge that I'm going to give you, and I'm going to be transparent with you when I was taught this, I had to take sticky notes and put them actually on the shower faucet, on my bathroom sink, on the toilet handle, and on the kitchen sink, on the water purifier. Why? Because I'd forget. So, now what I do first thing in the morning, is when I fill up my container full of water because, i drink a lot of water in the morning, and throughout the day, when I fill up my container, what I do, is I hold the water. And I blessed the water. And I have gratitude for the water. 

Why? Because that water supports me. And when you start learning to work from that place, now you don't have to be grateful for every sip. It's not like take a sip. Thank you water! Take a sip. Thank you water! You know, it's not like that. But fill up your container and have gratitude. Now, you're starting to work from a place of gratitude for things that support you. And what you want to do, is you want to habituate this because there are many things in your life that support you, that you have no gratitude for. So, this is the easiest way to change your Prosperity Consciousness, is gratitude, and you might have heard that before, but you actually just you didn't know what you understood it. So, to know this, start thinking water for nourishing you, for cleansing your body, and for serving you. Alright, we have a few more here, then we're going to wrap up. I know we've gone for a while in this episode. This was a game changer, when I was taught this by my brother-in-law. And it's separating your money in the boxes. And actually, when I was going to tell you the three things earlier, I might have left some of you guys hanging, and I apologize for that if I did. But number three is separating your money in the boxes. And I was sitting down with my brother-in-law. It was New Year's Eve, three years ago, when he taught me this. And it was a massive game changer. 

So what you may want to do, if you're not driving, is I want you to draw two boxes on a piece of paper. Same side, just two boxes next to each other, and there may be, you know, 5 inch by 5 inch boxes. And in the left-hand box, what I want you to do, is I want you to write the word money, and I want you to write the word work. And in the right hand box, it's empty right now. And as you're looking at that, you've got a box there and everybody puts their money and their work and the same box. That's why people say: Go to work to earn a living! Why? Because everyone, everyone has their money and work in the same box. When I say everyone, my shouldn't using Universal qualifier, because there will be one person listening out of all the thousands listening, say:. Well, I don't do that! But anyway. 99.9% of you do. All right. Now, what I want you to do, and if you're just imagining along, I want you to scratch out the word work in that box. Want you to scratch it out. So all that you have, is the word money in that one box. And in the other box. I want you to put the word work. Now, obviously you've got money in one box, work in another box. You see here's the mistake, that everyone makes. They put their money in their work box, and then their money in their work, the work affects our Consciousness. If work goes up, they're happy. Work goes down – they're sad. And then what happens, is they create a vibration with that, and they create a frequency, and the Money Follows the Work. 

When you separate your money and you put it in one box, and you put your work in another box, and you keep your vibration High, you keep peace of mind High, you keep your gratitude high. And you work from that place, and you have Prosperity Consciousness, knowing that money serves you, and the more money you make, the more, you know, the more people you can help. Because I'm going to share this with you. Many people get very Pious and very arrogant, thinking that money is evil, or as shouldn't have it, or whatever. When for the most part you can't help anyone if you're broke. Right now, I would not be reaching you, if I didn't have a team. And if I didn't have, I was broke, I couldn't afford a team. So, the more money I make, the better team that I can hire, which I've got. Not. Let me back that up. I have an amazing team. The more team, that I can hire, the more team that I can hire, the more that I can expand, the more that I can expand, the more people that I can help. So, what I want you to do going forward, is no longer connect your money to your work, because money, as you will know at this point, does not come from work. It comes from your Consciousness. So, you put your money in one box and you put your work in the other, and you keep your Consciousness high, you will find your work money starting to expand and starting to grow. 

Okay. Whoo! Long episode. What are your takeaways? What are your transformational takeaways in this episode? Here they are. Money is internal. It's not external. Money does not come from work. It comes from emotional abundance and emotional vibration. Something, I want you to get, which I already know that you get by this point, is that your money will not change on the outside, until you transform on the inside. A couple of questions, or questions I want you to ask here is:. What is your vibration about the value and degree of prosperity Consciousness? Meaning how much value do you put on being prosperous? If you put no value on that, even though you might have the highest vibration with gratitude, if you have no value of prosperity Consciousness, meaning, I attract money, I use money, it's a tool. If you don't have that, then guess what? You're missing part of the equation. So, you must value money, but yet, for the right reasons, I do not value money, so that it can buy me things. I value money as a tool so that I can serve more people. Okay. So your transformational takeaway is this is:. You will not be rich. Until you feel rich. And, you know that I am a little repetitive. You will not be rich, until you feel rich. Okay, that wraps up this episode on the Law of Attraction. And are you using it to repel money or are you using it to attract money? 

And stay tuned. And keep listening because what we're going to do next week, is we are going to big news. We're going to two episodes per week. I'm going to be releasing an episode on Monday. And that episode is going to be Q&A, because I have got a stockpile of you sending in your questions. So on Monday, it's going to be a QA. And actually I'm going to answer all the questions you guys have been sending in, and then on Wednesday, it's going to be the release of the normal weekly podcast like this. All right. So, I'm kind of testing out, what you guys want. But we're going to go in the next Wednesday episode, is it's going to be a performance episode? And the episode is going to be something, that I hear from a lot of you guys. I hear it all the time. Is I never have enough time! is what many of you say. And the reason that you do not have enough time is because you're managing your your life by time, and not by commitment. And until you start managing your time by commitment, you will never have enough time, which is what we're going to dig into and dive deep and the very next episode. So, thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for helping me reach more people and transform the World by sharing this with other people. I'm glad you're here and I'll catch you on the other episodes. Bye. Bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too. So, please, share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions. I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to support at Jim and I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram. My Instagram name is: ”I am Jim Fortin”. Finally, I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. Together, you and I, let's help more people! If you would, please, leave a review on iTunes, and a good one by the way, I'd be grateful and through your assistance together. We can transform more lives. Thanks for listening!

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