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EPISODE 206: “Some No BS LIVE Coaching On Instagram”

February 16, 2022

A few times a year I do LIVE coaching on Instagram. Candidly, I think I could have done a better job on the last LIVE session, but my team thought there were some nuggets in there that people could benefit from. So, I agreed to use the session as a podcast episode. 

When I do NO BS coaching, it’s always a LIVE session and I cut right to the heart of the matter of what people are trying to work through. 

In this episode, there were 5 “Hot Seats.” 

Hot seat #1 was Patti, who was stuck on how to put herself out there with her new business venture. If you’re wanting to do something in life but you’re stuck or you’re in fear, then my conversation with Patti will resonate with you. 

Hot seat #2 was Randy- Randy didn’t actually have a question, but everything happens for a reason and well, Randy shared that he has listened to every single episode of my podcast and it has transformed his life. I’m living my dharma and you’ve heard me say before, “If you don’t LOVE what you do, you’re wasting your life” and Randy was a great example of what happens when you make the choice to go all-in on what you love to do and what you’re on the planet to do. 

Hot seat #3 was Christi. Christi, like so many others, has felt the effects of the past two years and she and I dialogue about how to navigate unpredictable times. This one is a biggie. Even if you feel you’ve been able to navigate the past two years and difficult times pretty well, make sure you pay special attention to this one if you’re looking for more inner peace. 

Hot seat #4: If you’re the analytical type or if you’re wanting to value health over money or success, then my hot seat with Rafa will help you tremendously. Have you ever thought about the culture that you were brought up in and what it programmed you to believe? This one provided a lot of people with some powerful questions to start asking yourself. 

And the last hot seat was with Tia who shared that she has been awakened after listening to my podcasts, especially episode #204 where I talked about what’s going on with the world. She asked how she can help more people. And she also asked a very powerful question at the end. A question that everyone can benefit from immensely.

 I’ll be doing more episodes like this from time to time. 


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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform Your Life From The Inside Out Podcast. This episode is a little different than all the others, because I do what's called hot seat coaching and, I do no BS coaching, meaning I just get right to the heart of matter of what's really holding people back. This was an Instagram LIVE that I did recently and I was coaching on that live and by the way, make sure you're following me on Instagram. And I coach a couple of people and I help them cut through their BS very, very quickly. So many of us were full of stories and distortions and deletions and generalizations that we trip ourselves up. And it's my job to look at these and to cut through them, to get right to the heart of the matter to help people literally transform their lives.

I do this actually every week inside my Transformational Coaching Program. And I wanted to give you a little taste of that. Not only do I do that and the reason I'm doing this is because when I do group coaching, if we're paying attention, many times we will think, well, that doesn't pertain to me. I don't have that problem or this problem or whatever. But the solution that I give to people generally will work for a lot of us and not if in one area of our life, another area of our life. So tune in enjoy, and I'll catch you on the episode.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Some No BS LIVE Coaching On Instagram

Okay. So it says we are now LIVE. Will wait for some people to get here and we're going to do our no BS coaching today. So I'm going to, I'm going to be open and talking to people, whoever actually asked in a moment to ask or whoever requests for, by the way, can you guys hear me? Okay. Hit, hit, thumbs up if you can hear me. Okay. You're here, but I want to make sure, so wave at me or hit thumbs up or something so that we can, okay, good. We're good. Thank you. All right, so we're going to do some, we're going to start the no BS life coaching again. I think we're going to do four to six weeks of this before we get started. Every one of you remember do it right now. Mark your calendar for March the third. Because we start the BE DO HAVE training, BE DO HAVE training is a three module training, which I will be doing live. In addition, not only is it three modules, it's three Q and A's. So I'll do a module on ways of being, and we'll talk about brain-based habits, how to reprogram the subconscious mind, and then obviously ways of being on the last module, I'll do a live training on that. Then what I'll do is I will do a Q and A live. Also for any questions you might have about that training it's life-changing are, so I've been told it's life changing and I don't know. I think we've had 70,000 people register and already good through that. I don't know the exact number, but I know it's quite a few people and it's no charge. And again, it will make a difference in your life.

So mark your calendar for March the third and more details to come. All right so today on the no BS training, what I'm going to do is I'm going to actually just start picking people in the order that you came in. And I want to remind you guys, this is not for people already in coaching with me. This is for people that have not worked with me that are not in the program of mine. And they're people that are brand new and want some coaching today. Please come with a clear idea of what you want to ask and what you're working through so that I can help you in the most expedient way, worked through that. So we're going to start with Patty. I've sent you a request. Let's see if you have it. Some people drop off, et cetera. Yeah. There you go. Hi Patty. That's a too late to fix the hair. Now you're on camera.

Patty: I did not. I did not expect this. Thank you. I came out of a windstorm.

Jim Fortin: You look fine. What's up.

Patty: Thank you. Well, first of all, great to meet you. I am blessed to have you. I just happened upon you about a month ago and started listening to your podcast and caught your two day course. And, um, I am, I'm very inspired. So thank you.

Jim Fortin: What you are most inspired about?

Patty: Possibilities, the, the gift that you're sharing, the expansion as you speak of, I'm a financial advisor and I'm looking at ways to just bring a greater impact to more people. And I'm looking at ways to be able to do that. So I am, I just, I'm just super inspired by, by the possibility that was to come.

Jim Fortin: That's that's, that's all we have as possibility people don't recognize that, but every day you wake up is pure possibility. So for you and everyone listening, we think that it's limitation. I can't do this. I can't do that. And the opposite is true. You can do anything you want when you work from possibility. So now let's dig into what's on your mind.

Patty: So I, well, I'm, I'm very new. I'm not very new, but I'm relatively new to the subconscious and I'm working on that piece. I think that's an ongoing journey. I guess my biggest question is how can I take my work as a financial advisor and make a bigger impact? I'm getting stuck in the how to take that next step. And I guess, as the vehicle, as you, you had mentioned, what's the, what's the actual vehicle look like. And that gives us more of like a marketing or business planning question, but I'm getting stuck with that.

Jim Fortin: I think by the way, all of us get stuck many times, but we're never stuck because it's just a matter of we've run out of creativity. Like you Patty right now. You're like, where, what do I do? Where do I go? How, how do I put it together? Right. So we're never stuck, but we feel like we're stuck a lot of times. And I want to point that out is that many times people will get into being stuck and they'll spend forever being stuck. Okay. So as I'm looking at this, you've already told me how you want to build your business. You've told me twice and what you said earlier, and I think this would be a component of your what's called messaging in business. And did you, let's go back here. Do you know what the foundation of your messaging is? You've told me twice. Do you know.

Patty: Making a bigger impact.

Jim Fortin: There you go. There abouts expansion, so, or a bigger impact. Now that's the way that you want to show up. You want to make a bigger impact, right? If it were my business and I've had a fair amount I used to teach and I still do inside my programs for people that want business training, I teach how the psychology is what I teach the psychology of sales and business. And if it were my business doing what you're doing, I would build the entire messaging foundation, not on what everyone else does. Let me give you the best example is have you ever read, you ever watched a Coca Cola ad and they tell you how wonderful Coca-Cola is for you and all the health benefit. No, right.

Patty: No health benefits there.

Jim Fortin: There's none, poison. Okay. But what they do is they sell you, their whole marketing platform is on feeling good, right. Feeling good. And, and in relationships. And one of the number one ads of all time is a Coca-Cola I'd like to teach the world to sing, I believe in 1972. So with you, what I would do to give you the meat and potatoes here for my messaging, I would build everything around. This is, you know, if I'm talking to a client, Hey, Mr. Or Mrs. Client or whoever, you know, my job is to help you with your financial portfolio. But let me tell you the approach that I take and you take. The one that I take is the easiest way to grow your portfolio is how can you take what you're building. And use it to build a better life for you to serve more people. That's the approach that I take now, I would, I would take that into my financial advice. And then of course, tie that to the advice you're giving meaning the Coca-Cola part of it is because who does it? I think every one of you who does'nt, want to make a difference in the world are people want meaning. That's what people want. They want meaning they want to feel like they matter. So if it were my business, I would be, what can I do to make my clients feel like they matter relative to the investments are making. That's the approach that I would take. What are you hearing and what feedback do you have?

Patty: Yeah, I think that's great. I think it's the, uh, you know, it's the legacy that they're leaving and what, you know, what matters to them in their world and going deeper with that relationship. It's far more than just investing their money because that can be done with a robo advisor. It's not about just investing their money. It's about that relationship. So that's a great way to,go deeper and much more personable than just portfolio,

Jim Fortin: Because then you're also looking into what's called identity. Identity is that we only buy our identity. So for example, I just bought a rental home. I live in Sedona. It's a very beautiful place. We have a lot of tourists. I bought a rental home and you've been here. Okay. So I bought a rental home and I'm looking at furnishing it. Now I was just closed on a Monday. I'm looking at furnishing it and I'm like, it's a higher end rental. And I want quality furniture in there. I don't want cheap furniture. I want it to be an experience. My point is when I shop for furniture, I could go to the big box that's made from Norway or wherever from Europe. And I can go to cheaper brands and discount places. And that's fine. But a lot of it's cheap furniture and my identity is I buy quality. So people buy their identity. And if that's the target market and client that you want is I would be actually working towards how do I build that identity into my marketing message. People that want to make a difference. People who care, people who care about the planet, people who care about their kids and their grandkids and leading a better world, then that would be 80% of my message. 20% would be the technicalities, your money and this and that things, as you said, could do with robo investing or whatever you called it. Now that's one part of the equation. The second part of the equation is you putting yourself out there. Is there anything that would prevent you from doing.

Patty: It's a heavily regulated industry. There's a lot of clients, so I've got to be really careful. Everything has to be approved, every message, every blog, post everything. So there, there is some, there is some limitations, but if it's not anything that's crossing the line, which I obviously wouldn't do, I think it would be fine. The messaging would be, I don't believe there'll be any industry or any issue with the industry, with the messaging of making the bigger impact and creating a legacy and all of what we just spoke of.

Jim Fortin: Right. That's not the question. Is there anything? No, but I understand why you respond to that way. And I understand about compliance. I've worked a lot with your industry and allow with mortgage. Lot of compliance, a lot of red tape. I get it. What would prevent you from getting out there?

Patty: You know, I think I would be, I'm not really sure. I mean, I'm, I'm comfortable reaching out to those. I do a lot of social media with, with, with that, but not that direct message. I'm not concerned about looking different than the other advisors, because I want to stand out and be a different advisor.

Jim Fortin: By the way that's where all of ,your listening now and Patty that's where the money is, is in standing out and being different. I am apolitical. I mean it seriously, I don't really care if you're Democrat, Republican. I don't care what people are. I have a degree in political science. I used to be involved in politics. I am a political, just keep your hands out of my pocket government and leave me alone, which has made me a libertarian, so to speak. However, brilliant marketer. Brilliant. Not saying I agree with characteristics to personality. But a brilliant marketer is Donald Trump. And the more that you polarized people, the better you're going to do. But most people won't polarize people because they're afraid of, if I polarize people, people aren't going to like me. So guess what? Look at Donald Trump. I mean, he has a really high approval rating rating with those that do like him. And really you look on the other side of the aisle. There, there equal amount of people who don't like him. But the point is, let's say this is marketing and it's business. Okay. The thing is, this look at all the customers buying from him when they go to the voting booth, look at all the customers, not buying, but metaphorically changing and maybe not metaphorically all the way to debate with him because he's polarizing half the country, but the other half loves him. And those are the ones who vote for him and knows him, created debates. That same thing applies to growing our businesses. That's why this is called no BS coaching. My job is not to hold your hand to tell you what you don't want to hear. Number one. But secondly, the more, the more than I can polarize about the broken system, we live in, the more, the people who get that are going to follow me. You want to beat that drum is what I'm telling you. That's how you stand out and create a competitive advantage against your competition.

Patty: Not everyone will like me.

Jim Fortin: Not everyone. No. And let me go there for everyone listening and we'll move on. The thing is this is, I already know that people aren't going to like me. I'm good with that. I'm tone. How can I expect, what am I wanting all 8 billion people to check off and say, you know, Jim's a good guy. They're going to be people saying, I'm a jerk because I'm wearing this color shirt or I do this, or I do that. All right. I don't care. I don't care. What I care about is those that want me to assist them. I will, the rest I don't care about. So I'm not going to get into who hates on me and who doesn't, because I'm not going to let those people stand in my way of helping you and everyone else here. And all the people in the program I did last week, the program I'm doing the B2 have series coming up, which is no charge. We'll have thousands of people registering. Why would I let people the haters and the trolls in the world, which are generally people who sit at home and their little bunny shoes or house coats, and they're typing behind their computer with nobody can see them. And they're hiding behind that icon hating on people.

Patty: Yeah, I totally agree. Totally.

Jim Fortin: Okay. So before we go on, tell me how you're going to put yourself out there.

Patty: I'm going to get a, I'm going to get super dialed in with my messaging and,how I want to stand out with, uh, what I want to deliver. And I, and I want to actually,just again, look hard at creating that expansion and that impact, because at the end of the day, like you said, you know, the lives that I touch is the legacy that I leave. And that's what I want to do is live, live a beautiful legacy.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. And the way to do that is, um, there's a guy named Bob Proctor who was in this industry for a lot of years. I think he left the planet yesterday or something. And I got some emails regarding that. All of course, very positive stuff, but the key is what I look at for everyone. You as well. What can I do to leave the world a better place when I leave it than when I got here, you live from that place, which has contribution, literally, that will bring you the financial wealth that you want. And it helps a tremendous amount of people. That's the most powerful place we can live from.

Patty: Yeah, that's beautiful. I agree. A hundred percent. Thank you so much I'm not gonna hold my time thank you.

Jim Fortin: Good to see you. Okay. Thank you. Okay. If you'll just click off the, the, so somebody else can hop on here, turn off your, I was, I don't see where to turn you off. So my, there we go. Perfect.

Okay. So let me segue from the episode for just one moment. You know, you've often heard me say that we are obviously predominantly spiritual and also partly human. And that being said, we have to learn to manage both parts of ourselves, the higher part and the lower part. And it's the lower part of us that's obviously human that gets us into trouble because that lower part of us, of me, of you of human beings. We get into our fears our emotions our hate our self-pity and that particular, our anger. And we use these ways of being to destroy ourselves. So that being said, twice a year, I do my BE DO HAVE Series. And my BE DO HAVE Series is a three part series, it's three modules live with me, three Q and A's and we dig deeply into your self image, your subconscious identity, subconscious reprogramming, your brain based habits, and your ways of being, and you're going to learn tools that will quite literally help you radically transform your life. You've heard some of it here in the podcast. You haven't heard all of it here on the podcast and in that series, it's all in one place. That being said also there was no charge for that training and we start on March the third. So mark your calendar for March the third and go on over to and get registered. I promise you, it's going to be a very eye opening, cogent experience where I tie together a lot of what you're learning here in the podcast. And then I'm there for live Q and A for you also for three full sessions as well. Okay, one more thing. I'm still doing my life. No BS coaching on Instagram. So, whatever you do also make sure you follow me on Instagram because literally I do first come first serve and I coach people LIVE right there on Instagram and I help them get through the biggest things that are challenging them in life. My Instagram handle is @iamjimfortin. Okay, let's go back to the episode.

Okay. Who's next next I know a couple of people. I need to take a course on using Instagram. So the lives who's next. Somebody else's raise your hand, make sure you got a question. In particular one about performance or transformation and let's dig into it. Okay. Because I don't want to sit here and babble for an hour. So who wants to go next? There we go. Can you request? Whoops, there we go, Randy. You're next? Make sure no one else here. Okay, Randy, you're next? All right, Randy, I've sent you an invite or whatever they call it. You should be up there you are. There's your clock. Well, you can read that. There you go. Pull your camera. There you go, Randy. What's up?

Randy: Hey, how are you, Jim.

Jim Fortin: Good. How are you?

Randy: I've been on before, before it was, it's been a while now. So, uh, I didn't realize what was going on. I just wanted to listen today. I wasn't, uh, kinda, I guess I was caught off guard a bit.

Jim Fortin: You requested, you requested coaching.

Randy: Oh, I, I just wanted to go on and listen, and, but I'll talk to you. I'm cool with that.

Jim Fortin: I got gotta move on there. I appreciate that.

Randy: Now let's do that, Jim. I don't want to waste your time and

Jim Fortin: Well, it's not mine. It's people listening. I want to help people that are here today, Randy. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Randy: Yeah. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to do that.

Jim Fortin: I would do the same thing. Don't worry about it. It's all good.

Randy: I listen to you every day. I think you're amazing, man. You've changed my life in so many ways. I'm blessed to have met you.

Jim Fortin: Thank you Randy. Thank you.

Randy: I use Facebook, Instagram. I follow you every day. I listen to of all your podcasts. I've started from number one, again and I'm going to go right through at a 204, I guess. You're you're just amazing guy. You are a simply amazing man.

Jim Fortin: I want to cry on that. Thank you, but see Randy, that's what happens when we live for other people. I mean, literally I want to say I live for other people. It's not a lack of self worth or self value, is that I'm always like, what can I do to make people's lives better? And whatever our business is, I don't care what anyone's doing here, whatever our business is, if we live that way, that's when we find the real joy in life. Yeah. Because it gives me great joy to know that in some way, in your corner of the world and my corner of the world, I've made at least a little bit of a difference in your life. And to me that is joy. It's not

Randy: just a little bit, I mean, words, I can't express the words to tell you personally what you do for the world personally. There should be more people like you in the world Jim to help progress and be the people be the people we want to be instead of living a mask, right. We're living as masks and marauders on the planet. And today your podcasts that I listened to, like we're at a tipping point and you're right. If we don't engage everybody

Jim Fortin: Exactly

Randy: It'll be gone for,

Jim Fortin: I'm glad you said that James Wedmore reached out to me this morning. A good friend of mine. He's like, what's the feedback on your podcast on your podcast changes like what's the feedback on your podcast? I was a little Intrepid about putting that podcast episode out, but you know what? I'm going to put out a whole more like that because we, all of us, people, everyone here. We have to wake up. This planet is in trouble. And if we don't do something as a species, well, planet's not in trouble. The planet is going to regenerate, but humanity is in trouble. And if we don't do something differently, we're going to burn down the species.

Randy: Yes, we are. We are. We're destroying everything.

Jim Fortin: All right. Gotta run it. Okay. Lots of love. Thank you so much.

Randy: One more question could I ask you, I know nothing about marketing. I'm getting into real estate and I want to know, should I get, should I watch James Wedmore's podcast? Would that help me with, marketing

Jim Fortin: I would tell you to here, go to YouTube. Yes. Yes. But go to YouTube also and start watching. Guys for all of you right now, when I want to learn something, I just know I have a team that does things for me. Like, I don't even know how to like turn you off on Instagram. That's my bad. So make sure you know how to click off when we're done, but YouTube, I go to YouTube for everything. And if I were starting a new career, I would go to YouTube and I would learn everything I could about marketing. And that industry from YouTube, it's easy to be a top performer in the industry because only factually 5% of agents sell 95% of homes. That's a fact, I mean it's according to NAR 5% of agents. So they perform, they show up, they believe in themselves. Even though I've mentioned that as a matter, but where I, where I would tell people to show up as my good friend, Virginia Cook, who at one point she owned the second largest private real estate company in Texas. And we were very good personal friends. I've got a lot of training at her company. This applies to everyone here, not just Randy. And the first time we had, she's a legend in Texas, literally a legend. And I said, how did you build your company so quickly? And she goes, oh, that's easy, love, care concerns. And giving four things, love, care, concern, and giving

Randy: I've listened to that podcast.

Jim Fortin: And most people are more concerned about what can I get, what can I get take care of me and my wife and my kids and my family. No. I'm like, what can I give, how can I serve?

Randy: That's a backward strategy, right?

Jim Fortin: We learn, we learn and make sure you're on the BE DO HAVE series, because the whole thing is about all the backward strategies that we've learned to live with.

Randy: I've done with it already but I want to join again. I want to follow it again.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. We, we become conditioned to backward strategies, which is why 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 80% of Americans are overweight. The amount of people on pharmaceutical drugs for depression and all those kinds of things. We learn to live backwards. Okay Randy, I gotta go, buddy.

Randy: Jim, thank you very much. Thank you my honor to talk to you.

Jim Fortin: See you soon. Okay. Take care. Bye-bye I'm going to click off our, our little thing here. I'm going to click on this. Let's see if we can. Okay. There we go. All right. Who's next guys make me work a little bit today. Make me work a little, who's got a question today. That's something that. I got to earn my paycheck here. I'm not getting paid, but who's got a question. Let's go. Anybody that's not worked with me already here. We got another one we're going to go to, guys, if you only have a, I'd prefer to see a picture, let's go to Christy. We just did a male. Let's go to Christy. Next is that Christy Forsyth. I sent you a request, Christy. Hey, hi. Hi. How are you?

Christy: Good. So my question revolves around, when in the past you've gotten in that right head space before, you know what it's like to, feel like you're in alignment or the vortex, or, you know what they say in the LOA world.But you find yourself. Get out of that place and you know, what it feels like to be there. You know, what it feels like to be flying high, to manifest everything you want, but you're just in such a rut. You don't know first steps to getting back there. What, what do you think is, you know, the good, the good processes to get back in that right. Frame of mind, the baby steps, I guess.

Jim Fortin: Let's get real here if you're okay with that. Tell me what's causing you to ask these question.

Christy: Well, you know, I think I was doing so good before 2020 hit, and then, you know, just the reality of what we've all been dealing with and, you know, having a couple, young kids that ended up in distance learning or, you know, getting, getting sucked into a you know, the dark side of everything that's going on, but then not really having the right head frame to balance that out, to not really get into kind of a dark place sometimes.

Jim Fortin: So I'm going to give you the quick answer here, but I think a resonate with you is I was actually asked that very same question on an interview yesterday. Everything's going wonderful. 2020 hits everything flips upside down, right? What happened? I was in this great space. You were living backwards if 2020 bothers you. Now I understand. See, I don't have kids, so I can't say, oh no, I understand that you've got kids and now maybe you're homeschooling or distance learning or something. I get it. But the bigger answer is this. If your life is flipped upside down, And the ways that you're mentioned mentioning which a lot of people are experiencing is because they're living their life by the externals in the world, as opposed to living internally to the external. Does that make sense so far? Meaning you're putting, you're putting, which was what we do as humans. You're putting thoughts and expectations and feelings and angers or whatever it is for you about all of these things that are happening in the external world. And I'm going to tell you right now, the only difference is I don't have kids and I can understand that it could be more challenging if you're working a job or whatever. Now you're having to homeschool or whatever. I respect that. I get that, but in the external world, Nothing has changed for me. Well, maybe it has I live in Sedona. We're a small town. We're very isolated. We don't have all the nonsense that goes on in the world. Like New York City and California and places like

Christy: I'm in San Diego.

Jim Fortin: There you go. So I thank you for sharing that all of the nonsense that's going on. Why? Because humans are in massive amounts of fear. I'm not saying the virus isn't real. I am not saying that. Let's be very clear about that. There's something it's obviously very real, but if you add up your numbers, if you add up your numbers for drug tribing, for cancer, for obesity, for heart disease, for like the top five killers in the U S those exceed, what more people. I believe that what have kicked the bucket from COVID in the last year, year and a half, but the reality is no, we're not afraid of drunk drivers. We're not afraid of cigarettes. We're not afraid of all these things, or we're not paying attention to them. And those are all okay. But let's shut down the world for this little thing. This thing of that little thing, this thing over here that is, is actually killing less people than what people choose to do in their own behavior. Right. Okay. Now you get it. Let's go here for a moment. Is what I'm looking at is a phrase that I learned from Don Xavier is “what pertains to me?” so does Joe Biden or Donald Trump or this or that, or this or that, or this or that, or CNN or Fox or does it pertain to me? It only pertains to me if I make it pertain to me. Does that make sense so far? I refute the worst thing we can do because we're only partially human and more anything we're spiritual essence and energy. So I'm partly human, why would I choose to wrap up the entirety of me and the smallest part of me, which is human, getting into fears that these organizations or institutions or governments or whatever want me to get into. So to come back to where you're asking is what interpretations are you making about this is the big thing. What interpretations am I making about what's happening in my life and a place that you can go, and I'm no different than you and the rest of us. I have a really comfortable life. I like it. I have a good life, but things have changed, you know, things, but I'm like, things have changed. A lot of old structures now have the opportunity to die, which is much better for the health of humanity. So even though I'm going through the discomfort right now, that's okay, because better things are coming down the road. So what are you hearing here and what can you take from this? And does that answer why you're getting into it?

Christy: I mean, it does, I will say that throughout the past couple of years, I have really felt strongly that we shouldn't be living in fear, that fear is actually being used as a tool to really lower our vibration. but I've had to catch myself because on one hand I feel like, okay, I'm not living in fear of the virus, but I'm living in fear of the government trying to get too much control. I'm living in fear of them coming for my kids with a vaccine I'm living in other types of fear, and so I'm having to take a step back and realize it doesn't matter which thing I'm afraid of, I'm still living in fear and I need to step back.

Jim Fortin: Everyone listening right now, please pay attention to this because you've nailed it is that, you know what? It's not so much fear of the virus. I have zero fear about the virus. I've had it. Was it like the best two weeks of my life? Not really, but you know what? I learn major lessons from having it. And that I also learned even more patience. 'cause I had to be patient as I was healing because it hit me pretty hard. Now, where I go is, this is where I keep my attention is I'm just going to be candid with you this morning I was thinking, so Joe Rogan is getting a lot of flack right now for spreading false information. Right. And I started thinking about that is this false information because Joe Rogan's talking about it and the establishment doesn't support the information? That doesn't make it false information. Actually, that's more powerful, real information, when you're looking at it from a counter position to what the masses are being told. Right? So I'm looking at this as, okay. How can I use this right now? And I'm going to start speaking out about it. I'm going to, how can we use this? And if I were in your place, how can I use this to wake up, to wake up my kids, to wake up my neighbors, to wake up people around me, and at least take something positive out of it and make something transformational for our friends or family or humanity out of it.

Christy: Right. And I have felt like, um, very clearly that my, you know, I think everybody kind of has, a role that they're to play, a lot to do with what's going on. And for some people it really is planting those seeds, speaking out, being vocal. I felt like my role is a little bit different in terms of, not being as forceful with my message, but helping to uplift other people. So that those seeds that are planted, you know, they know that if they ever start to wake up, they know that I'm somebody that will be nonjudgmental, that they can come to, to discuss that with. But I kind of feel like. I'm here to just help uplift other people because so much of what we're being exposed to is really meant to just lower our vibration.

Jim Fortin: That is true. And for everyone listening to places I want to go with that is, so the doctors talk about and people talk about, oh, you've gotta be, you've gotta be afraid. All of these kinds of things, people are afraid. My own family, part of my family is afraid of this. I mean, I have a sister-in-law and brother-in-law that wouldn't even go near their kids when they would get together. And they'd walk on the beach 10 feet apart. These are, these are, let's just say Ivy league educated people buying in to the mass messaging. Okay. Now here's where I'm going to go with that is a family member wanted to come visit. And I said, if you come visit, and I know that they're like, Ooh, the CDC says this and you know, CNN said this and I don't care. It's all a mass message. Number one. And you know what? It's used to generate fear in people to get them to buy more ad space, to make them more money bottom line. So what I said was is, okay, don't expect me to live by your rules or your standards or what, what's your, if you're going to come, then I'm not going to change for you. And I wanted them to come. I want to, because I wanted to see this family member and I, so I can see the little bit and said, okay, well, you know, we'll do this and that, but if they wanted me to change everything, I'm not doing it. Then my point is this. This is an opportunity for a lot of people also to learn, to stand in their own power against their mothers and their fathers and their family and different things. Because I guarantee you, a lot of those people have no fricking clue what they're talking about. They're just following the mask news and the culture and everything else. They have no idea what they're talking about, and they're trying to impose their fear and limitations on you. And it ain't happening in my house. And that takes power for people.

Christy: We're, we're definitely raising our kids that way, for sure too, just don't believe everything you're told, just because somebody tells you, you have to question and you've got to go with your gut.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. You have to question everything and you know, what is. For your kids when they're old enough or if they are research learn, don't just take what you're reading, dig behind that. What's behind that. And what really is the truth there? Because this planet right now is literally blanketed, blanketed. Like there's an entire cage around humanity of lies, and it's all created to make a lot of people, even more money and to give them more control over mass consciousness, which they're managing pretty well in terms of they're really having like an asteroid hitting a planet, they're having an impact on humanity, but all the way back to your question, me, how do I manage you manage from the inside out and your powers on the inside not giving it away to the outside and candidly, it sounds like to me, you're doing just fine.

Christy: No, thank you. I'm trying, I'm hanging in there.

Jim Fortin: Are you having some false expectation and how you should be doing this?

Christy: No, but no, I think it's just a matter of feeling like it's very hard at this time to feel like I'm making any future plans. I think it's just like this big gray area, because I don't know what's coming next. You know, I live in California and our, um, our freedoms are being taken away and rapid pace. And my I've lived here my whole life and I'm thinking, are we going to be making a move to another state at some point? I don't know, what's what's coming. So I do feel kind of lost in terms of goal setting, because I'm not sure what's coming next. I'm kind of riding the wave. But I think that, you know, that grade not knowing, um, leaves you with a feeling of insecurity.

Jim Fortin: Okay. That's where I want. Let's go there for some, some, some coaching on that or some ideas or thoughts on that. Number one is you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow anyway, right? COVID no, COVID you have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow. Right? The people who went to work on 9/11 that morning had no idea that 2008, 800 of them would not be coming home that night. Right. So we have no idea. So we really, you probably have heard me say before we control nothing. But what you're wanting is will, okay. How, you know, what do I plan for? And I could say which a lot of people are doing moving out of California or the states like that. But who's the say that the state you move to is not going to flip at some point and then it changes there. So then we're working by the, I get it. I get, I mean, honestly I live in a great state in Arizona where it's, uh, I don't really care about Republican or Democrats and they're fighting each other, like idiots on both sides of the aisle anyway, but sheer human stupidity. And the fact is like in Sedona, no one really wears masks. You know? I mean, I just don't, it's not enforced at all in this town. We have zero restrictions, but who's to say that couldn't change at some point. And then I'm like, well, okay, if that changed, I'm not going to sell my house and I'm building another brand new home. I'm not going to sell that move again. What am I going to. And what I'm going to do is I don't, I don't know the answer to this, but if enough of us start standing up and speaking out, at some point, something's got to change. Look at MLK. Look at Gandhi. I mean, we're at the precipice. We're at the very beginning of this movement. We've just got to do something.

Christy: I agree.

Jim Fortin: You're doing the right thing. No, I think you're doing the right things. And all I was curious is, were you having some expectation of, well, I should be doing more. I don't know. All we can do is put it this way. All we can do is what we do today. That's it? Nothing more, nothing less. And that's truth. I mean, what, what can you, you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, right? And one more thing. Security. You said security. Security is an illusion. You have no security. And that, for example, you could say, well, gold, a security, and it is to some degree, but in 1933, FDR by executive order,recalled all the gold out of private citizen, hands in the United States. So if you're one of those people thinking you're having gold and you have security in 1933, at that goal is trackable and traceable. No you don't because the government knows where it is and they're going to come get it. Hence, no security security is an illusion and the only security external, external security is an illusion. The only security you have in yourself as knowing there's no security, let me just live my best day now. And whatever happens is going to happen.

Christy: Yeah. That'sa good point. All we really have is today.

Jim Fortin: That's all, that's all you have. And I know that we want to say things like I'm, I'm building a brand new home. We're looking at supply chain and all those kind of things. And what I've gone to is, you know, the house, the contractor said nine months, but then he said a year now we're going to be at a year and a half. I can't control anything. I know that. So what I do is I just roll with it and you know what, when it's done and we move in is when we move in and the subject, anything other than that is out of my control.

Christy: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Great questions. Good job.

Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it. I we'll see if I can figure out how to get out of here too. Cause I don't know.

Just look around and you got it.

Christy: I figured it out.Thank you so much.

Jim Fortin: All right. See you later. Bye-bye okay. Anyone have a coaching question today maybe? And maybe the energy of this home call is where we're supposed to go. What's next? I'm going to put the little jeopardy song on here. You know, what's nice guys who wants to visit next? I was looking here. See if I can find someone. All right, guys. I need somebody to visit with here. Darrell, Darrell, look what, however that is at the request. Yeah, my wellness, I had to request, whoever comes in first is the first one I'm hitting. I'm waiting where the questions are they over here? Here. Okay. Hang on. Here we go. Okay. Duh, my bad. Let me see if I can just follow we just had, let's go back to. Here's the thing, guys we're like phrases, like, like if you got some name on here, I can't connect with that. Meaning of it's not you. I can't connect energetically. I need you to connect with, let's go to a Rafa,Rafa I believe. Let's see if we can connect. All right. I figured it out. How to do it guys. Let that be an example that you don't have to be perfect. One second there that's I guess you don't have to be perfect at everything. I mean, you don't have to know how to do everything. We're all partially human we're on the planet. So what if I can't use Instagram? Well, there's other things that I can do well, so don't let, having to be good at everything. Stopping you from doing things. All right. My friends Rafa

Rafa: Oh, absolutely. By the way again with you on a call. Really grateful listening to you for two years. So I do have some specific questions. It may sound like I'm being like too analytical, but, like I listened to you, like, you always said it move your attention, right? Yeah. Like, whatever happenslike you are where your attention is. Right. So my question is that in terms of like changing your habits or like healing your body, so your brain is always saying that, Hey, you're sick, you're feeling bad. You know, you have this habit, Hey, just take a coffee or like take some whiskey or something.

Jim Fortin: It's like very different things, coffee and whiskey, but keep on going.

Rafa: Right. So, so I think it's that like take a cigarette or something like that, a short fix, like I'm working on something. I am having. Like a big headache. So it's a short fix, but should we always move our attention to no, I'm actually whole, I don't have this habit. Like I'm actually totally healthy, even though my brain is like pulling me to that direction that no, you're not. No, you're not. You need to do.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. That's a really good question. And it's contextual. So let's say for example, that a person is, abused. Let's, let's pick sexually abused young, and they have all this trauma coming up. We don't want to keep moving our attention from the trauma. We want to address the trauma. When I say moving your attention, that's things like, oh my God, my neighbors driving me crazy next door, or I wish that person would stop a real example.

Someone brought up, I wish that person would stop smacking their food or, you know, different things like that. That petty things we let bother us. That's when we move our attention now. Okay. It's physically being what I've been through. There are some days that feel great. I feel great most days now, but there were some really rough days and I knew that if I got into, oh, that's all really bad today. That's what my attention is. And that's what I feed. And that's what expands. So something I've learned from my brother-in-law, even with physical things is move your attention all from how bad you think you feel, because I know him and I've known him for all obviously decades, and I've never heard him complain about my back or this or that. And he was giving me an example two years ago of what's that spider, the brown recluse that bites you. And it the skin deteriorates and. He, and my sister and I were talking on about, he got bit by one, but he never told my sister. And about five days later, she's like, what's that? And he goes, well, I got bit by a brown recluse. And the thing is, he goes, I didn't say, oh, poor me. This hurts. This hurts. Oh my God. Oh no. A skin eating spider with venom bit. My, he got into none of that. And he healed pretty quickly from that. So we have to look at wherever you put your attention is where your brain goes, then you're asking for a reason. What's your reason for asking?

Rafa: So for example, like, uh, like I work a lot because it's like right now is remote job. So it's not like, you know, you're working eight hours. Sometimes it's 12. Sometimes it's 14. You don't have that like specific, healthy lifestyle, sometimes headaches, creeping. Sometimes you don't feel so well.

Jim Fortin: Well, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, no, you're making all those choices to work those hours based upon scarcity, you're lacks somewhere. If you're saying, well, you don't have a choice. Yes. You have a choice. What are they doing? Holding a gun to your head saying, you've got to work 14 hours today. So what you're doing without recognizing it is whatever value they're getting from that work, or however that feeds your ego. Now, what I mean by that is you could say I'm a person who always shows up and goes above. I'm making this up. I go above and beyond. Or you can always depend on me. I'm the go-to guy. People always come to me. I'll get it done with no one else can get it done. All these kinds of things that we go into. And then we say, Oh, my gosh, I'm working all these hours. I had no choice, but what I want you to look at is what benefit or reward psychologically do you get for working 14 hour days.

Rafa: But, even though like sometimes when I'm not working, uh, like if I'm not feeling well, I was just thinking that like, what, like, where should I put my attention? So that. Like I am not in that mentality that, Hey, I'm someone who has like headaches and stuff like that, you know?

Jim Fortin: So let's get there. Wait, wait, I'm sorry to interrupt, but for timing, I want to go somewhere else. First is you said in my industry contract work, et cetera, the hours, what I want you to recognize is you are making the choice to be in that industry. So everything that comes with it, then you have micro choices. The macro choice is I'm in that industry, the micro choices are your hours or how you serve or who calls on you and all these kind of things. Okay. So just be aware that where you are, you're making the choice. Now you're going somewhere else, which is fine. And I'm interested you're not telling me the whole story yet or you're right. I don't think you are, right.

Rafa: Well, I mean, yes. I mean, sometimes it's hard for yourself to like, like, feel like , you know, you don't even know what's wrong with you.

Jim Fortin: Right. But hang on, let go here. What's foreign to you. What's wrong. You're asking me these physical questions for a reason. What's that?

Rafa: Absolutely. So right now I'm on 30, but I'm actually aging more than what I should age. So I have bad food habits. Because I understand that I'm making the choice that like working overtime so I could have just have a healthy work-life balance or something like that and have healthy food habits. But I'm just, I'm just thinking where should I move my attention to?

Jim Fortin: Not the right question.

Rafa: Is it that simple? That like, Hey, I just make the choice of eating healthy. I just make the choice of , not working too much. Is it that simple? And eventually my body will catch up with those habits?

Jim Fortin: Now, that's a great question. Let's go here. What culture were you raised in?

Rafa: Yeah, I'm actually, raised in a culture of overwork.

Jim Fortin: That's there you go. So here let's go there first. So you've learned like what's the culture is Indian now or what's the culture?

Rafa: It's Bangladesh.

Jim Fortin: Okay. So you're raised in a culture that you're looked upon favorably if you work hard and you show up and you do all these things, this culture has programmed you, into being this being who sacrifices your own self to meet your model of being approved of in your culture. So mom and dad probably gave you a little pat on the back when you were a little boy. Okay. You're laughing. You're telling me the truth. You got a little pat on the back because good job at this good job at that, you do this and you'll have a good life and you'll have good money because without recognizing it, you're chasing money, which is success for you. You're chasing it. Why? Because it's been conditioned in you to chase that. But then you're saying, oh, I'm going to chase all this over here. And I'm going to chase it and chase it. Not even addressing that, but then all the fallout effects. How do we make this better? You're actually working backwards. You're working on the effect, not the cause so go back to the cause. What is causing this? Now what part of the world do you live in, do you live in the US, do you live in India or Europe, or where do you live?

Rafa: I'm in Bangladesh, so that's beside India. So that's actually that if you know that belt of overwork.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. So what you have to look at here are you don't have to do anything, but what's important to look at is okay, recognize what's driving me to do these things that are opposed to my health and wellness and in particular taking care of myself, because you said you're a young man, you're 30 years old and you said I'm 30 years old and I'm aging fast. You're aging fast because you're trapped on that hamster wheel of what culture taught you. So then you stay on the hamster wheel and now it speeds up and speeds up and speeds up because you're living by the the hamster wheel. Right. So we have to go back here. So let me ask you this. What do you value most your money or your health?

Rafa: I caught myself, uh…

Jim Fortin: Nope. Get out of your mind for dumping. Just pick. Do you value money more or health more

Rafa: health? Absolutely.

Jim Fortin: No, you don't. You think you value health more? Because if you want it to value your health more, we would not be having this conversation. What you're valuing more, subconsciously without recognizing it is the success and the money. Why? You get the reward. Let me ask you this. Do you still talk to your mom and dad and does your debt, do you talk to them?

Rafa: Oh yeah, I do.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Do they ask you how you're doing? How's your job? How's your money? All that kind of.

Rafa: They don't do, do it anymore. Cause like with timeactually made some distance and I actually told them that, Hey, that's not how the world works and you shouldn't be asking me this, but you know, yeah.

Jim Fortin: Let's go here for a moment now. It's not the way that well, it's. You're without recognizing it still because it's, that's how we, we, we grow as humans. We learn from watching as kids. So you're, you're working on their modal of reality. They taught you decades ago, but you're not really aware you're working in that modal of reality. That's why I asked you, what do you value most the success and the money or the health. And of course the right answer is, oh, I value health more, but you're not living that which tells me you really don't value that more. You really value the money more. So what has to happen is you've got to shift your value systems by consciously making new choices about, okay. If I truly valued my health more, what does that mean? Pull out a piece of paper, write down a list. If I valued my health more than anything else, I would be doing these three things. You know, I'm making this up, walking for a living, eating a better diet, going to the gym. Now, I don't know, you find your own three things, but then we're like, It's okay. If I value my health more and I say, walking is the number one thing, then guess what? You better have your butt out walking four days a week or five or six or whatever you determined. You better be out there doing it. Then what I do for me is I have a track it, I don't have one on my desk. You can buy them. You can get apps, you can, but I give my students a, habit tracker and I'm old-fashioned pen, paper, stuff like that. Don't laugh. I'm old fashioned. That's what we do. No, I'm kidding. I have a piece. I have a piece of paper on my kitchen counter with things I have to do every day. I printed out every Sunday night. It's ready to go. I've got all the things that I have to do every day, not to do less things for my health, my wellness and my habits. Okay. And every day, once I do it, I check it off. And right here, I can't lie. I can look at it and say, well, you know what? I said, my health is most important. I didn't do anything this week. I'm lying to myself. And then I have to get real with myself and say, is it really that important? Am I lying to myself? And if I don't make an important, what pain and misery am I going to pay later for not making this important now. So I'm going to tell you right now, you're a young man. You're already feeling old at 30. Where are you going to be at 50?

Rafa: Yeah, that's the danger.

Jim Fortin: Know as what'd you say, that's the, what's the D word? That's the what?

Rafa: The danger.

Jim Fortin: Danger.

Rafa: Yes.

Jim Fortin: So recognize if you continue your current way, working out of alignment with a higher value of health. That is the potential danger long in front of you

Rafa: Yes.that's the next question. So whenever you said a lot about like .How habits work in our brain, it has like the habit for us of like, Hey, you know, don't do this, do it tomorrow, have that cookie stuff like that. You know, when we have that automatic thoughts come, so should we just like, ignore that saying that, Hey, it's just my brain talking to me. It's like,

Jim Fortin: That's how I stopped diet Coke. And by the way, guys, brightly I mentioned something here about responsibility. Yes, but this isn't my entire transformational program. I can't go over the checklist of A to Z. The things you want to do, this is a one-hour call. I've got to hit what I can hit, but the biggest impact. That's why I, I'm not intentionally missing things. I'm just giving you the biggest meat potatoes on our time together. Okay? Yes. It's habit, brain. This is not mine. It's not mental it's brain based. So when you're saying, I want that cheeseburger, first thing you do, boom. Wait, because you recognize the feeling. That's the cue for the brain. So you. Okay. I want that cheeseburger because it's easier and it's quicker. And mainly where you probably go is yum yum, yum. It's tasty, then you eat something healthy. Right? So your, your taste buds have been conditioned to the habit of it, which actually affects your brain, which makes you want it more. All right. Yeah. Here's where, yeah, exactly. Exactly. You feel good now, but in 20 years, right? Exactly. And you're going to pay the price of discipline now, or the price of regret later so that's where I was going here is yes. You move your attention. And what I know, I know this, when you move your attention, part of your, your brain might fight you let's say, you're saying I want a cheeseburger. And you're like, okay. I learned move my attention. And then what you do is like one minute later, you're like, I want a cheeseburger and you're like, oh, and if you entertain that and you keep your attention on it, you're going to want more of the cheeseburger. What you do is you keep moving your attention until your brains, let your brain will do this metaphorically. You keep moving your attention. Your brain will say, you know what? I keep telling him to have a cheeseburger. He's not going to do it. Okay. We give up and that will go away. I mean, I'm not BS-ing you guys, I was hooked on diet Coke for years. I figured this process out and diet Coke is addictive. Same thing of cheeseburgers. Go ahead.

Rafa: And I like, sometimes I was thinking that, like Jim said it, like Jim said, I read like you are like placebo or a creative mind and success. Everyone say that like, don't use your willpower, you know,

Jim Fortin: Do not use willpower.

Rafa: So, but sometimes when I'm like continuously reverting my attention to like, Hey, it's just brain, but it kind of feels like willpower though.

Jim Fortin: No, no. Well, that's a great question. As when you use your willpower, that's like saying I'm not going to have coffee, but I want coffee. I'm not gonna have coffee. I'm not gonna have coffee. I'm not gonna have coffee. Let me go back here for a moment right now, this second, everyone listening and watching, whatever you do, do not think of a pink elephant. And you've got to think of a pink elephant to know what I don't want you to think about when you're using your willpower. You're focusing on what you don't want to think about. You're thinking about what you don't want as you're also thinking about trying to not, okay, let me, how do I say this? If you're focused, only put it this way. If you're focused on not having, not having a cheeseburger, which is a negative subconscious mind, if you're focused on not having a cheeseburger, you're still focused on having a cheeseburger because you're focused on not having a cheeseburger. And then we say, I'm going to use my willpower. I'm going to use my willpower, no cheeseburger, no cheeseburger, no cheeseburger. And your attention is inadvertently on the cheeseburger.

Rafa: But if, if I move my attention to, Hey, this is my brain. I don't have to play that. It's not using willpower per se. Right. I'm, choosing my will,

Jim Fortin: Choosing your conscious choice and yes to some degree using your will and that that's life force. And that's literally what I did. Everyone listening, I used to literally say, wait, this isn't me. It's my brain doing this. It's my habit brain doing this, that depersonalizes the habit because many people take the habit and they make it about them. Oh, there I go again, I want a cheeseburger again, that's the brain. But then we say, oh, I'm so weak. I'm so lazy. I have no willpower. I can't stick to my diet. No matter what I do. I just want cookies, whatever it is. So then what we do is we habitualise that. And then we also go into, well, I'm weak and I'm a bad person and I can't do this and I can't stick to anything. That's why we move our attention and literally leave it alone. Turn your back metaphorically and leave it alone.

Rafa: Right, right. By the way, why is emotion so necessary when, in terms of like Reprogramming or Subconscious or Law of Attraction? Because I read like, at, on, in all of these books that you have to attach an emotion to your thoughts, like the thought by itself is not sufficient. You know,

Jim Fortin: Emotions that create emotions are fifth and sixth dimension keep on going. Okay.

Rafa: Okay. But is emotion not just, you know, just 3d, physical, you know, a bag of skin.

Jim Fortin: Yes, it is. No, that's a great question, but it's also an electromagnetic vibration. That's what attracts, not the physical, not the visceral physical emotion or feeling it's electromagnetic frequency and vibration that, that creates. That's why I tell people all day long people will visualize being rich or imagine it, but there's still, it never happens. You will not be rich until you feel rich. You must feel that visually first that's the electromagnetic frequency. Does that make sense?

Rafa: Yeah, absolutely. And I think that a lot of people, like when they meditate, they like for 20 minutes or an hour, they feel like very like height in emotion and something like that. And then in their life that make those wrong choices again and again, so they don't get in results.

Jim Fortin: Okay. So I got to move on, but what's, what's the synopsis of that question. The last one.

Rafa: So, so I think that just like, we have to carry out those choices and those thoughts like that on the whole day. Right. It's not just that.

Jim Fortin: Right.Or keep them, keep your attention on them mindfully. It's not like you're trying to make it happen. I just keep my attention on it. Okay. All right. Great questions.

Rafa: Thank you so much.

Jim Fortin: All right, guys, we'll do one more today. I'm going to go over here to see what we've got in the inbox. If you'll click off your video, we will go to Tia next and we'll wrap it up after that. Tia, I'm sending you a request. We're not going to get there today, Christine. Sorry. We'll do more of these every week. Hey Christine, what's up your camera's up for one thing. Looking at the. Oh, hi,

Tia: It's Tia.

Jim Fortin: Tia

Tia: I'm so excited. Can you see me well,

Jim Fortin: I can see you well, I couldn't when you had your camera at the ceiling,

Tia: But I can't because you called me Christina, like this. Seriously that's my home. I am honored to see you. I'm like about to cry. I listen to you for two years, two years, and I've listened twice, all the podcasts. Well, but the last podcast that you, the last one, now that I'm awake now that I feel everything now that I want to help every human being and what I've seen that what's coming. All I want to do is reach more people and help not being greedy. Stop hoarding. Yeah. And just live the life because we have the best life be happy and no fear. What's up with the fear.

Jim Fortin: Here's the ridiculous fears in the, you know, people always say it's an illusion, but it's more than that. It's it's, it's all. Okay. I've talked about it during the podcast, but, but there's no, it's ridiculous. You know, there's, there's a phrase that I've learned from Don Xavier and he's always talking about being a spiritual warrior and he's always said that a warrior, not a worrier, but a warrior never preoccupies themselve with their fear.

Tia: Yes.

Jim Fortin: So I can be a warrior or not. So I choose to be a warrior for myself and for humanity. All right. Keep on going. What's up?

Tia: Yes. So I'm immigrant and I run my own cleaning and organizing business. And now. I want to help my clients, but at the same time, I want to focus on my organizing decluttering and organizing business, doing it virtually. So basically I want to remove any burden of people's back and shoulders and body that they are hoarding.

Jim Fortin: Okay.

Tia: So they live in clutter and they are stuck in their life. They don't see, they don't see how much more they can see in their life, how beautiful beautiful life can be, but they are stuck and they are just thorned.

Jim Fortin: I understand

Tia: From home, they're stressed. They're I see families. They live in cows every day. They wake up and they, like, I go in the morning, I bring my employees to clean and they yell at their kids. I'm like, Right. Let them bechildren.

Jim Fortin: Right. Right. So we're going to go with that question here I've had, I've had, I've it, I'm here for you, but I've expended a lot of energy. So I just need to get the question so I can,

Tia: I don't know what to do now that I'm awake, focused my time online to reach more people or just be local.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Um, my physical trainer, I have, I have a haircut the minute on appointment. Plus I have to go to the gym. My trainer is on Australia, what 8,000 miles away from me. And he does such a good job of putting everything and digital format. I can follow everything. Every meal plan, you know, with technology, I'm looking for my phone dial. My phone is right in front of me. But I use it. We use a tracker to track every single thing that I eat. He gives me my workouts. I give him my weights and daily and track everything. And then he can tell literally, as if he's with me, he's a better trainer than most people that are local because we have the relationship where he's managing and assisting me on all parts of my physiology and working out. Now, my point is what feels right to you? Stop thinking analytically. Do you want to do local or do you want to reach more people and do online?

Tia: Definitely online because the burden that I will remove from every home, it's going to be massive. It's going to be huge.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Hang on. You answered your own question. So how come you're asking me?

Tia: I'm just so happy to just be with you, like see you it's Im honored.

Jim Fortin: Thank you. And so my guys we're all the same. There's a phrase that I use called “En let Cash” which means I'm just another, you we're all the same. Every single one of us are the same, but we're different, but we're the same. So for me, it's a pleasure to serve and a blessing as well. But you, the question was, you're wanting to know, do I do local or do I do online? But then you answered your own question.

Tia: Yes. Thank you.

Jim Fortin: That was it right?

Tia: Yes. Is there anything I can do for you?

Jim Fortin: You're one of the few people who asked that question and that's,AYNI A Y N I very few people ask that question. What you can do for me is I've told a lot of people this, and it's worked out very well. So whatever you feel like I've done for you, you pay it forward and do for someone. That's what you can do for me seriously, from the heart. Yes. Pay forward. What I've done for you. You do for someone else, because that's how we create the ripple effect and all of us together here today, that how we make a positive difference on our planet and our species.

Tia: Yes. I have a feeling I will meet you very soon. I will see you in person very soon,

Jim Fortin: Make it happen.

Tia: I do

Jim Fortin: Set your attention.

Tia: Yes, I have my heart is like pounding. I have so much huge respect huge.

Jim Fortin: I'm honored. Thank you so much. I'll see you again. Okay. Okay. Everyone have a great day to day. Wherever you are in the world. I'm going to share something here that I always always say in my life programs, let share, I've never shared it here on Instagram. It's just a simple phrase. We're living in a very tumultuous world and there's a lot of chaos and a lot of fear and a lot of negativity in the world and the world needs us. We are transformers me, you, every one of us right here, the world needs us. We need to stand up and get out of our crap. We need to be a guide, a leader, and a role model for everyone else. That's stuck in the crap. The world is feeding them. We can do this together. Okay. Everyone have a great great day. Take care, everybody. Bye-bye. Bye guys. Thank you again.

Tia: Thank you.


Jim Fortin: Wait, wait one second. Before you go. So the fact that you're here listening to the podcast, it means that some part of you is interested in transforming your life. But if you're like most people, you try different things, you do different things. You hope you wish you want, and you pray and things don't change. That being said, if you're serious and I mean serious about creating long-term permanent change subconsciously and transforming your life. Then whatever you do get on the wait list for my Transformational Coaching Program. It's a 14 week program. I only do it twice a year live and the doors will be opening pretty soon.

So get on the wait list and you can do that at



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