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EPISODE 208: “That’s Enough. You Are Worthy!”

March 2, 2022

The headline of this podcast sounds like motivational hyperbole, but is it?

In this episode, I interview one of my students, Leticia, and she’ll share with you how before we met me she was driven by “negativity, feelings of being lost, broken, unworthy and in complete victim mentality”. 

Not only all this, but she also had “no idea” she was living this way because it had become a way of life for her. She became blind to her complete unhappiness because she lived it subconsciously and had lived it for so many years. 

This goes to show all of us. No matter where we are in life, our external life is a reflection of our internal subconscious paradigms. 

As I have said many times and you’ll hear her say, “She was operating from her head and not her heart.” And, this is vital that we all come to know this. I was the same when younger in life and what I have found is that when we work from our analytical mind we only find ourselves in the same traps over and over again. 

On top of all this, she was in an “abusive relationship” and she felt like she could not get out because the world was in the midst of covid, her husband was disabled and she had no mobility because of lockdowns.

Some can relate to her story, come cannot as many of us are not “that far down in life,” but everyone listening can realize one thing – no matter where you are in life you can change and have a better life when you work from one context. 

And, that context is this…. “That’s enough, you are worthy.” 

The reason most of us don’t have what we want in life is because we do not feel worthy. 

Listen, learn, apply enjoy

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Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled That’s Enough. You are Worthy. In this episode, I’m talking to one of my students. Her name is Leticia. And literally in her own words, She said that she was feeling. A lot of negativity, feelings of being lost, broken, unworthy and incomplete victim hood. Now a lot of you may be able to relate to that. A lot of you might not be able to relate to that. But I ask her, what is the one thing that changed your life? I mean, what did you say to yourself to change your life? And she said to herself, that’s enough. You are worthy. And for all of us, the reason we don’t have what we want in life, no matter where you are or who you are listening right now, the reason you don’t have more is because you don’t feel worthy. Keep listening.
Hi, I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I’ve coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you’re going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you’ve never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

That’s Enough. You Are Worthy!

Jim Fortin: Okay. So we’re sitting here with Leticia Oliveira. She is a TCP student and welcome.

Leticia: Thank You for having me.

Jim Fortin: I am so glad you’re here today. Okay. Yeah, no, it’s an honor to have you because you have an amazing story. I think a lot of people can learn from your story. You’ve come a long way in your life, and we want to talk about. How far you’ve come in life, how you did it, what got you to where you are now? And for people listening, what I want them to get is takeaways from how they can literally transform their lives as well as you did from the inside out. So let’s go here. Let’s, let’s keep this really simple. First is. What’s your overall and by the way, people listening. I know the overall story, but I’m doing this for you guys. Listening. What is your overall in a nutshell story before we met? What were your life like?

Leticia: Okay. So, I was born in Brazil and, I lived there up to the age of 17 years old and I was the type of person since I was a little kid, I always felt defective. I always felt lost. Like I didn’t understand my place in the world. I was just, it was just uncomfortable for me to be around my family of my environment. I just had this sense that I didn’t belong where I was. And I couldn’t really connect with friends. I had very few friends. I would just focus on like study and being an overachiever. And I, I felt responsible for my parents. And, I just carried the world on my shoulders because of so many indoctrination passed on by my parents. And, uh, you know, I was a warrior. I was an anxious person. My mind, like it was so busy. I had monkey mind all day and I was very negative. I was very harsh with myself. I was constantly like, Losing my temper with the people I loved and I was very unhappy and I was just like lost and I felt broken and I just didn’t understand, my place in the world and really my worthiness my, like, like what I was supposed to do with my life. And from, for so long, I just gave my power away in so many different ways. And I just compromise. So much of my values that I didn’t even know I was enjoying it, you know, and because I wasn’t living, living from my values and, I didn’t have boundaries. I was leaking my personal power. And use just like that, that, that site you talk about, like trying to find the corner in the round room, it was like spiraling and every day was like one day worse than the other because I was feeding it, I was like many fasting day into my life, you know, and I, I never was able to connect with my brother because, he was so different from me and my dad then my mom and it was just like so much to victim mentality that I wasn’t even aware of.

Jim Fortin: Okay, so some notes as we’re going through this, and we talk about, you talk about indoctrination, negative, harsh with self you weren’t happy, lost, broken, and unworthiness, feeling your loss of power victim mentality. Right? Hang on, hang on.Before we get there. So, wow. You had a lot going on for you and not on a positive way, obviously. So would it be fair to say that you were a really unhappy person?

Leticia: Yes and I had no idea.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Yeah. Wait, wait. It’s sweet. You were unhappy, but you had no idea you were unhappy

Leticia: Yeah,because people tell me, like my brother, like different people would tell me, do you know, you’re like an angry person. Do you know, you’re constantly like in a bad mood and I’m like, what are you talking about? I read all this self-motivation books and, you know, inspirational quotes and all these, what are you talking about? I’m not, you know, people try to tell me that, like you have some anger issues what’s going on.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Hang on. I’m going to interrupt you as we go through so I can get out of this. Okay. So people were saying. You’re an angry person.

Leticia: Yeah

Jim Fortin: You we’re saying no, I’m not .Even been getting angry at people saying you were an angry person.

Leticia: I was.

Jim Fortin: Okay. So here’s the thing. People listening is you were angry and a lot of people were recognizing it, but you weren’t even recognizing it yourself that you were angry. So you were in the self inception about being angry and had no idea. Well, let’s go here for a moment. We’re going to hop around. What do you think was causing the anger.

Leticia: Because I was operating from like my rational mind, trying to like where you talk about like making sense out of life and being lost in oppose to operating from my heart energy and connecting with my true self, my inner self, and actually like being able to listen because all the answers are inside of me, but I just couldn’t hear it because it was just, there was a disconnect right between my mind and my heart. I was operating here, not here, not inside. That was operating, like from the world in, not into the world.

Jim Fortin: Hey, hang on, hang on. So you said you got a lot to say, I can tell. And I appreciate that. So people listening. When you say you’re operating from the world in, instead of from you out, what does that mean?

Leticia: That means that I was never my priority. I never sat with myself to check with myself to see what I needed. I never understood that I needed to start my day with me and that I always needed to feel my cup first and that self-care was never selfish. I always heard that and I never understood it, but it’s amazing when you actually understand that everything starts with that you that you need to be happy first and put yourself as a priority first, because. Then you’re, you’re fulfilled your happy and that’s the energy you put out in the world for the people around you. And that’s, that’s how you attract beautiful things into your life. And that’s how you’re able to manifest things into your life because you’re constantly walking on clouds. You’re in this protective beautiful above all and it doesn’t matter.

Jim Fortin: Okay, hang on. Hang on here. That’s pretty powerful. Let’s take that apart. Okay. So you said that you didn’t care, you weren’t caring for yourself, right? No. No. What does self-care mean?

Leticia: Self care means that I ask myself questions and I came up with a little list of my

Jim Fortin: Hang on, hang on. I’m interrupting because you move very fast. I don’t want to keep slowing you down so people listening can pull things out of this. They can use in their own life. Do you have your list of questions on your desk or right next to you?

Leticia: My non-negotiable list for my day.

Jim Fortin: Well, yeah, I said, what does self-care mean? And you said most, the questions do you have those.

Leticia: I it’s not, no. So like I asked myself, like, and I just asked that question from what you taught me. Like I asked myself question and I just let it go.

Jim Fortin: Like what?

Leticia: What does self-care mean to me? Let me know, please let me know when I’m ready to receive that message. And then one day, boom. It just came through. This is what you need to do every single day.

Jim Fortin: Hang on, hang on, slow down here. Okay. So what you did is you basically ask your internal wisdom. Your divine mind is what is self care for me? What does that mean for me? And then the answers came toyou and here’s your list. What’s on that list.

Leticia: That what’s on my list. Listening to your podcast, the same episode. At two times, at least two times every single week, no matter what that’s non-negotiable for me, because you saved me for myself. That’s how my transformation truly started. And then the other thing is like, doing my WOM three times a day, doing my works three times a day.

Jim Fortin: WOM for people listening is workshop of the mind. It’s something that I teach inside the Transformational Coaching Program and how to use that. Okay. So you’re saying self care is obviously going inside every day, going into your mind, right. And reprogramming your subconscious mind. That’s self-care for you. Okay. What else is on your list?

Leticia: What changed my transformation to, as to what started my transformation to go back to that question, because it just came through me right now. First. It was your podcast for sure. One that

Jim Fortin: No, no, hang on. No,no, I don’t mean externally. Those are the things thatif yopu do this?

Leticia: I love myself. I love myself was number one. For sure. That’s like, that was number one that changed everything for me. So it’s on my list. I love myself WOM, your podcast. It works and then I do other things. I do five minutes of yoga. I run, four times a week. I never thought I would be a runner. I do personal training twice a week.What else I do with this on my list. I drink lemon water. I eat healthy. I eat organic. I, bless the water. That was huge for me too. It’s on my list.

Jim Fortin: Okay, so that’s good. That’s good. So

Leticia: Yeah I have a list.

Jim Fortin: I can tell, yes, I know. Let’s go back here. So. I understand you were in a abusive, an abusive relationship.What did that look like?

Leticia: Okay, so the backstory is that, I, my, my husband suffered a terrible accident in 2015. He was a victim of a train accident and, he. Was in, in the hospital for 10 days in the intensive care unit. And he had, all kinds of like mental issues. They are diagnosed and PTSD and ttraumatic bearing injury and physical injuries and all that. And I was, yeah, and I was newlywed because I got married in 2014 and shortly after I got married, I had that full tire deck in me because I had cancer cells. So I had the tire deck to me and my cancer cells. And then the following year, my husband’s suffered this train accident, right. So I was newlywed and I had to go from, being happy newlywed. Full time, 24/7 nurse, right to my husband. And then my daughter was born in 2017. So like, that was a crazy time for me. And I watched my husband, becoming from the men I loved the person I wanted to be with forever in my life to this person. I didn’t recognize. And I didn’t know who he was. And, Sorry about that. And, I just saw the man of my dreams dying little by little, and I tried to help him so much and do everything I could to help his recovery. And he was pulling away from me and he was saying that he was fine.

Jim Fortin: Let’s go here. So what was the abusive part of the relationship?

Leticia: Right. He would say horrible things for me all day long, you would never stop. Right? Because were confined to our home 24/7 because he, he was recovering from his accident and I was the caretaker. Right. And I, he, I was the only person he had. So it’s like, I couldn’t escape. Right. I was living with this bully that was 24/7 around me and that I could, okay. This is my victim mentality, but that’s how I felt that I couldn’t escape. There was nothing that I could do about it. And I felt trapped. I just felt like, okay. This is it and also my parents have a very unhealthy relationship and I just thought that’s how marriage was, you know? Cause my dad scream on my mom all the time and she takes, and she she’s like her happy self every day.

Jim Fortin: You said your parents had, did I hear you correctly? A very healthy relationship?

Leticia: Unhealthy

Jim Fortin: So he screams at your mother all the time. So you learned that relationship would be being screamed at and being abused right. Then when he would scream at you and abuse you and call you horrible names, you were thinking at this level that this is normal. This is what a healthy relationship is okay. Let’s go here. Excuse me. Let’s go here. How did you, how did you come to know it was an unhealthy relationship and what did you do from there?

Leticia: It was your podcast.

Jim Fortin: Was there an episode where you’re like, wait, wait, wait.

Leticia: Okay. So I was listening, I started getting to podcasts and, um, I was listening to this other podcast and the lady mentioned, oh guys, you should check out this brand new podcast. This person, Jim Fortin started this podcast. And, I just felt something I knew I needed to try it out and see if thatpodcast was for me. And I immediately clicked. And you was your very first episode, you had just launched your podcast that week and it was like, it was amazing. I connected right away. Like my soul was home. Like I felt that was it. And I didn’t know. While you were about if you had a program, nothing, but I knew I belonged with you. I just knew. And then through my abuse and my difficult situation, having now to take care of my baby and having to deal with abuse, and just feeling broken and so unhappy. You are my light. You are my companion. You are my cheerleader. You started healing myself in my heart. You were, it was you were cracking and coming through like a ray of sunshine in my life, little by little, you are just transforming me from the inside out. And then years went by and then. I kept hearing you say about the, the TCP program, the Transformation Program. And I felt something I knew I belong there and I knew that I needed to make changes in my life and it wasn’t the right time for me.

Jim Fortin: So hang on, let’s do it here. So what, how, what, what did you go through in your mind? I had S I didn’t ask you. I’m sorry. I assume you’re not married to your husband anymore.

Leticia: We are separated,

Jim Fortin: Hang on,otherwise I’ll go somewhere else. Okay. So you’re separated. What led you to have the power? Like what was going through your mind? What specifically for people listening to where you said I’m not living this way anymore. I’m not, I don’t know your words. So one of the, your words, what were the words that you said that meant I’m not doing this.

Leticia: Once again, it was like one little episode at a time, right? Like you say,

Jim Fortin: No no your words.

Leticia: Like I said, that’s enough. You are worthy. You need, yeah. That’s enough. You are, you are different from your family and the people were around you and it doesn’t matter. You’re special. You have something you don’t understand right now what your gift is, you don’t understand why you are here. You have a lot of work to do, but you have this beautiful daughter, this beautiful child that depends on you,that your responsible for, and that you’re not the mother that, you know, you can be, so that’s enough. You’re going to get, you’re going to be courageous for your daughter and for yourself. And that’s what I did. I just.

Jim Fortin: This all sounds good on paper. I, but now the story is true, but people listening, it sounds good. And there are probably a lot of people right now that can relate to I’m stuck. I’m just stuck. And many people endure a lifetime. Like your mother of being unhealthy, unhealthy being abused, settling, and. How did you go about making this transition to?

Leticia: Okay. So I didn’t feel like I could talk to anybody and that I was quote, unquote trapped and didn’t know how to get out. So what I did on one of my midnight searches on Google, I found a psychiatrist. Right? Cause I thought I was losing my mind. I was like, okay. I need to find somebody to tell me that I’m not crazy. Or maybe I’m crazy. Maybe the problem is with me. Right. Maybe it’s not with him. Maybe it’s with me. And I found this guy and I decided to pay for sessions with him out of my own personal credit card so my husband wouldn’t know, and literally after I dropped off my daughter in nursery school, I would go inside my car. Like I was out running errands and have these,zoom sessions with the psychiatrist. And he truly was the one that just became that person that I could vent you and tell what was going on. And he was the one that told me this is not okay. Truly it’s him.

Jim Fortin: So it sounds like a big part of your challenge back. Was, and you did say you had no one to talk to. Right. And then you talked to him and you said he’s the one that you would vent to. How important do you think it is? That we have someone that can listen to us and help us work through things confirm, validate how important do you think having somebody in that kind of role in your life is when you’re in dire straits?

Leticia: Necessary. There is no, it just makes it, just makes you be courageous and just makes you have validation from, from an outside source, from a third party. Of the changes you need to make, right? Cause truly, uh, ultimately, you know what you need to what changes you need to make and you, you know, what your next step is. But other times, like in my case, I was so disconnected from my heart and my inner voice that I just couldn’t hear it. Right. And also I thought I was courageous, but I wasn’t courageous.

Jim Fortin: I made a note to myself.

Okay. So let me segue from the episode for just one moment. You know, you’ve often heard me say that we are obviously predominantly spiritual and also partly human. And that being said, we have to learn to manage both parts of ourselves, the higher part and the lower part. And it’s the lower part of us. That’s obviously human. That gets us into trouble because that lower part of us, of me, of you of human beings. We get into our fears our emotions our hate our self-pity and that particular, our anger. And we use these ways of being to destroy ourselves. So that being said, twice a year, I do my BE DO HAVE Series. And my BE DO HAVE Series is a three part series, it’s three modules live with me, three Q and A’s and we dig deeply into your self-image your subconscious identity, subconscious reprogramming, your brain based habits, and your ways of being, and you’re going to learn tools that will quite literally help you radically transform your life. You’ve heard some of it here in the podcast. You haven’t heard all of it here in the podcast and in that series, it’s all in one place. That being said also there was no charge for that training and we start on March the third. So mark your calendar for March the third and go on over to and get registered. I promise you, it’s going to be a very eye opening, cogent experience where I tie together a lot of what you’re learning here in the podcast. And then I’m there for live Q and A for you also for three full sessions as well. Okay, let’s go back to the episode.

I want to go there. You’ve you’ve probably heard on podcast. And I talk about it a lot and especially a lot inside TCP is everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Leticia: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. You have to have, you have to have courage to get through the fear. What is courage? What did that feel like to you when you were courageous? So first, what is courage to you?

Leticia: Courage to me Is living my values every day is just doing what is true to me. What brings love and joy. That’s the question I asked myself every day before I do something, is this out of love? Is this out of gratitude? What is my intention behind it? So. Yeah, courageous for me is don’t it’s, it’s trusting. It’s fully trusting is the STD that you talk about Surrender Trust and do not Doubt a hundred percent possible, a hundred percent of the time. Like now I’m a walking fortune cookie Jim because all these. All the things you say. I constantly in the background of my mind, it’s really courageous is ilistening to my inner voice.

Jim Fortin: Hang on, hang on. You said something very valuable. Well, a lot of things, but you said. Listening to your inner voice past everyone listening right now to this episode. Notice the contrast in the past when your life was upside down, you were still listening to your own voice. Maybe not your inner voice, your heart voice, your soulful voice, but you were listening to your voice. I’m not good Im unworthy. This is normal list. Now you’re listening to a different, a different voice. You call an inner voice and that inner voice says things to you. Like love, love yourself. You are worthy. You are good enough. So that being said, How powerful do you think self-talk is what we say to ourselves when we talk to ourselves?

Leticia: Oh my gosh. It’s the foundation. That’s what changed everything for me. Reading the book, you know, I had read that book before the love yourself, like your life depend on it. But then when, when that portion of TCP, um, no, it was a different program, right? That you mentioned the self love exercise. And I just felt that I needed to do it. And I started doing . And I even put my testimony inside the TCP program because it was so powerful for me. Right. I didn’t realize how harsh I was to myself, how negative I was with myself and how much self worthiness I was missing and how like. That changed everything because. Once I started loving myself. I started appreciating myself. And when I started appreciating myself, I started taking care of myself and that changing to buy nicer, like the outside, obviously like, like you’re saying that you change on the inside, you reflect on the outside. So it reflected on me and getting my nails done and getting nicer clothes and shoes and things like that, which was like crazy for me. Cause I had never bought anything nice. Since my daughter was born. Cause I thought I wasn’t worthy of it. And I didn’t even look at myself in the mirror because I was such a dedicated mother to my baby and to my sick husband that I didn’t even like take a minute to see if I had stains on my clothes or look at myself in the mirror. Like that’s how bad it was?

Jim Fortin: This is really good. So now I want to go somewhere because a lot of people listening can relate to. It is a lot of people stay in extremely unhealthy relationships because even though they’re unhappy and it’s unhealthy for them, they will often say, I don’t want to hurt so-and-so I don’t want to hurt the other person. I need to help them, or who’s going to help them. If I don’t help them, they need my help.

Leticia: Yep. That’s exactly what I felt. I felt responsible for him though. That’s what I used to tell me all these stories, right? You showed me all the power of the stories that were running the background of my mind.

Jim Fortin: What stories was he telling you about why you should take care of him.

Leticia: Yeah, cause I married him and, Oh, actually, because he is a victim himself and, you know, and I recognize that now he was, he was, he told me that I called I was responsible for his accident. That changed everything for me, that he wasn’t. Yeah. Yeah, because he, that’s how he is writing every aspect of his life. It’s all pointing the fingers at the people and no personal responsibility. So one day he told me, I didn’t ask to be in that accident. You know, one of the rants, like the mental abuse, he was like, I didn’t ask to be in that accident. You caused it because I had to be the provider because you’re a spender. You are my wife and I had to take care of you. So you caused the accident in a way you, you made me be in this accident, so you need to take care of me.

Jim Fortin: Well, hang on there. Let that just soak in for a minute for everyone. So we don’t need to go into longer details about that, but I’m curious. Physically, how did you cause the accident? Did you push his car in front of the train? I mean, how did you cause it, in his mind

Leticia: He just blames other people because that seem the formation he learned from his mother, he learned he now with the TCP tools, like I, I come from a place of understanding and I can understand than have compassion now that I couldn’t before. It was always like trigger, trigger, trigger, trigger, anger, you know, and confusion and brokenness and crying and crying depression. Now it’s like, oh, okay. I understand. This is why, you know, and I’ll send love. Exactly. And now he doesn’t trigger me anymore because we have a child that he, I got to drop off and kept from him. We went to family court and stuff like that. And he’s so committed to his hatred and anger still. And I’m like, Have a blessed day. If you want to have tea, let me know or have lunch. And he says horrible things. And it’s just funny to me, you know what I mean? The things that used to trigger me.

Jim Fortin: Did he try to talk you out? I’m doing this for people listening because so many, especially women are in abusive relationships or just, they’re so unfulfilled and so unhappy, and they’re afraid to leave because they feel responsible for their partner. Right. I have to stay because if I don’t, then they are not going to XYZ. They’re not going to take care of themselves. They’re ill, they’re this they’re that all these kind of things, they make themself personally responsible for someone else, which is what you did right. Now you said something very interesting here. Um, I talk about it a lot, but this would be a great, a great place to go back into that is. He’s always been a victim, his entire life. In terms of your interpretation, meaning self pity. For me,it’s not my fault. It’s always someone else’s fault. This happened, right. Okay. Let’s take him. And then pair him up with you who also used to be in victim mentality. And do you notice how you attract each other? Because victim attracted victim?

Leticia: Yup. Through my brokenness, not only him, all my past relationships because you TCP and everything taught me how to sit with myself. And a lot of times it’s hard and it hurts, but it’s the most beautiful pain because if you allow yourself to peel the onions as you say. You just find beauty and your life just gets better and easier and you just bounce back faster. And he called and a lot of people don’t understand. And it’s how you, like, how can you be already done with this situation? Or how can you be over? They don’t understand, but TCP just makes your life. Get over things, just move your attention, as you say. And I like Jake says, like, observe your feelings, but don’t let them take over you. Like you feel your feelings, but then you’ll release them. So with those tools, I was able to just not be caught up in my feelings and feed all the negativity in my victim mentality. And I realized. All my relationships have failed up to this point because I was broken. Right. And I didn’t understand that I didn’t need somebody else to fix me.

Jim Fortin: Wait, wait, wait, wait. That’s good. You didn’t need someone else to fix you or complete you.

Leticia: Yeah.

Jim Fortin: Would it be fair to, okay. Would it be fair to say that now you’re comfortable being, if it’s that way for now alone or without a partner?

Leticia: Absolutely.

Jim Fortin: Okay, you don’t need, you don’t I might use the word need. You don’t need someone in your life to make your life better. When an effect by you thinking you needed someone, you were attracting these people that were really quite destructive to yourself. Right.

Leticia: And that was making the situation way worse for me. But now I call. My unstoppable me. Right? Cause that’s the name I gave to my inner voice. I call my, my unstoppable me, comes to my defense and tells me exactly doesn’t tolerate. Right. Anything that’s not all my, it works. Right. Cause it’s part of my in works that I wrote what kind of partner I want. So like once you like Coach, Liza says you have circles around your feet and you understand your boundaries and you’re from your most. That is it. You can’t lower your standards. Right? Because now I have my worthiness, I have my self love and I understand my true power, which is crazy to think, to be honest, you just know like your part, so like you don’t tolerate those people and you can spot. Exactly. It’s not like I’m better or I’m trying to be superior to anybody else, but it’s like, you just see things that you couldn’t see before. So it’s yeah. So it’s amazing how. All these people now, um, in general, in my life, uh, attracted to my energy and they want to know more and they want to be around me. But at the same time, if that person is not ready for my energy, for what my gift to share with them. They run away from you that was very confusing for me when I finished TCP and that’s truly what my calling is at the moment assisting, serving the world right. And assisting people, understand their place and find their place in this world after you go through your transformation, because it’s like the most beautiful, expensive part of how used that you always want in your life, but they feel too tight and you don’t know how to walk on them, but they’re amazing. You want them because after TCP,I was ready to like save the world. Cause you know, with the water project that we did and all the other things that I’m doing with my life, supporting children around the world with compassion and things like that, it’s like I wanted to do all this million things to make the world a better place, but I didn’t know how to do it. And like even the boyfriend I had at that time that I’m a new fast at your TCP I could, I could help him so much. And I was doing so much for him and he saw, and he told me, wow, you’re amazing. You’re the real deal. And that scared him. Right. And that made him run for the Hills. And I didn’t understand that I was like, I’m ready to help this person. I can do so much for him. He doesn’t love me. What is going on. So like, I really want to help people understand and, Because the boat okay. Be in this world.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Hang on. This is really good. Let’s go for a couple of places here for people listening. We’ll wrap up on two things that Ithink are vital that I think you demonstrate very, very well. And if people can’t demonstrate these, there’s no way they can create the kind of life that they want. I’ve talked a lot about these in the podcast, but let me ask you this before we go short answer. A lot of people will say, why do I need to go through TCP? Because I listen to the podcast. So I’m asking you, are they the same thing or are they very, very different?

Leticia: Oh my God, for me, I need both. And more. I listened to the BS, coaching and tried, everything you do, because it’s amazing that everything you pull it out is related and they’re connected and they. Yeah on everything. So like TCP is fundamental for you to see amazing changes that you could never even imagine in your life. And many,

Jim Fortin: Unless you don’t like your anchor, you didn’t even know you had it. TCP shows you things you didn’t even know that you had. Right.

Leticia: Yeah, you guys are exposed my dirty laundry and your coaches are amazing. Especially Coach Icel and Coach Sarah. They were hard on me. They were like, this is what you’re doing. Okay. This is what is quote, unquote, wrong with you. And you know, it was hard. They were like in a loving way, really hard to me but it was everything I needed. And TCP just really opens you up and give you all the tools to be in this world and not off this world and just make yourself better. And I have proof of so many things in many facet in my life and it just allows me.

Jim Fortin: Hang on. Yeah, the coach I have a really strong coaching team. I’ve coached them all for years. They’re all coaches in their own. Right. And like Sarah, when she started her TCP four years ago, she literally took her last, I think $200 in her bank account and made a payment. And now she’s the primary breadwinner in her family. She had no money and now she’s very, very successful. But anyway, let’s go here. Two words or three words or however many words. What, and we talk about a whole week on this in TCP, I talk about it on the podcast personal responsibility. What does that mean? And tell me what your life was like before you were personally responsible and now that you are.

Leticia: I was in victim mentality. I was just letting the world abuse me. And I was just letting things happen to me, not for me.

Jim Fortin: Hang on what’s personal responsibility for people listening. How do we be personally responsible for our lives?

Leticia: Personal responsibility for me is using my will and my ability to manifest and my life force within me to make things happen for me. I may not understand how things are going to happen. I may not know how they’re going to happen,if they’re going to happen, but I know they will at some point, right, because I’m the creator. So the person responsible is me If I’m. wrong I say, I’m sorry. I’m out of integrity. I go back to integrity. It’s knowing that it’s about me, not other people and that it’s up to me to make things happen in my life for me.

Jim Fortin: That’s it. Personal responsibility is being. 100% responsible for the outcomes in your life. They’re not about mom and dad or your husband or your wife or your kids or your teachers or this or that personal responsibilities goes to the phrase that you just said. That I say a lot. That sounds very hokey, but the phrase is if it is to be it’s up to me, I have to be responsible for allowing this to happen. I am responsible for creating this and then it goes the opposite direction. If your life is in shambles and your life is upside down and you’re extremely unhappy, go look in the mirror, you were the one who created it, and then we become responsible. Wait, I’m the one who made it. It’s kind of like walking into a kitchen and there’s a big mess. And most people say, wait Who made this mess. I’m not cleaning it up and responsible people will say, you know, this kitchen’s a mess. I made the mess. I will clean the mess up. What can I do in the future? Not to have a mess like this again, is that fair to say?

Leticia: Yeah. And you’re not hard on yourself. Okay. That’s what I want to edge because I used to beat myself up and now it’s like my unstoppable me. My inner voice is like, It’s what you say, right? Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it, like, it’s like I broke my now, before this, this video podcast and I was like, oh, before I would freaked out. Right. And tried to cancel it now it’s like,

Jim Fortin: You have broken nail you cancel. We can’t even see your fingers.

Leticia: Oh, I was like, I was such a perfectionist and I was so like

Jim Fortin: Broken nail, by the way, this is a podcast. And even though we’re on video, it is a podcast. People will not see your broken nail,

Leticia: But that’s how bad it was. You know, now it’s like with TCP tools. Who cares in the universe that’s fine.

Jim Fortin: All right. I’ve got a life too. And things happen like, okay. It is what it is.

Leticia: It just funny, you know, before I would go on a spiral, now my unstoppable bean does around me and it’s like, oh yeah. And that’s, you know, and I just carry on.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. We’re not going to go too deeply into this, but I don’t want to take it because we’ll be too long. But you’ve mentioned probably four or five times now you’re unstoppable being, that’s what you become as a result of being on TCP. That was the identity. You accept that early on because I have you guys go exercise is what is your new identity? And yours became the unstoppable being. So I just want to use that to reinforce for people listening, we have to create an identity that is commensurate or reflects the outcome that we want to create in life. When we create the internal identity, the outcome happens automatically. Let’s go somewhere else, something you said. And we’ll wrap up on that note is you mentioned three or four times, and we do a whole week on this. It is vital beyond vital, the week on values. And you mentioned value. What does that, what does that mean to you? Let’s go there first.

Leticia: Okay. So my top three values are wealth, family and self integrity. So as long as I am, and that’s the question I ask myself all day, every day, it’s like as long as whatever I’m doing and how I’m acting is in, It’s living through those values is a reflection of those three values that you taught me that you, you showed it to me. That, that those are my values. Cause I didn’t even know. I know that I need alignment.Right I know I everything’s going to open up for me. I know that I’m following my path. So yeah. So. That’s what I operate from. And it’s funny because I just want to say as a mother, for anybody that wants to join TCP, my four year old teaches the principles of TCP to her classmates and to her teachers. Okay. So it’s like, you don’t even know the effects of TCP. Um, and they just keep coming and coming, you know, I’m affecting my parents. My brother,

Jim Fortin: I hear a lot of that is that a lot of people will become a new person inside TCP. And they make a ripple effect. On people around them in their lives. But I want to go here for people listening is you said, for example, that one of the things that if I remember correctly is one of the things that helped you become more powerful and decide to leave your relationship is being treated poorly, is not consistent with your values. And that was, I think, maybe a driving force that helped you say, you know what, this is not my value now, let me get for people listening. My partner, John, .He one of his highest values, is spirituality and self care also because so many people don’t take care of themselves. They don’t think they’re worthy. And he said to me, one time, he’s like, I forgot what it was, but he, you know, he just went through TCP. And he said to me, he said, One of my highest values is self care. And then I think about how I like to drive myself, meaning he likes, loves to stay busy all the time. And then he said, he goes is staying busy and productive all the time, consistent with my, but my value of self care, self care. One of his behaviors is, you know what, just stopping and doing nothing, watching a movie, relaxing, taking it easy. I know his mother and his mother and her eighties was always going, always going, always going, always going. So he learned that as a kid and he was recognizing that to be always going all the time is not good self value. You don’t value yourself. And that’s why he said, okay, one of my highest three values, which we’re not going to go into it now. And we’re not going to tell any secrets, but people in TCP, I take them through exercises to discover your highest value. And once we know what our highest values are, it’s like a roadmap. Here’s where I work from should I do X, Y, Z, or should I not? Well, is it aligned with my values. If it’s not aligned with your values, then you don’t do it. And if it is aligned with your values, then you can say, okay, I can do that. So let me give a tangible. example Let’s say that your highest value as a metaphor, as an example for people listening, let’s say that your highest value is you’re unhealthy and you want to be healthy and let’s say overeating okay. Now there are other factors in here brain-based habits and different things and old habits, a lot of, things in here, but so for example, You could say my highest value is health and wellness and feeling good in life. But then if you’re raiding the refrigerator all day long, which I understand it’s a bigger, more complex subject here we’re talking about, but you’re not living your highest values. Then you have to look at, you know what my highest value is literally self-destruction and I don’t even recognize that my highest value is self destruction and I can fool myself all day long and say, my highest value is self care and love, but you know what my behavior demonstrates otherwise, and that’s not a value and my highest value actually means destroying myself. And that can be an epiphany for a lot of people when they start thinking from that place. Okay. Now we’re going to wrap up here, but I know you’ve got something I’m believing or thinking you have something you want to show us or a piece of paper or.

Leticia: We had service because for me, wealth now goals with service like service and I couldn’t, I can’t build wealth, attract wealth without service, and you taught me that. So, is AYNI, so that helped me a lot. And I was, I was a constant Doer, like you’re saying, I just want to tell people that if you’re a constant Doer and you feel like you’re you never come on your to-do list. Trust me, just change the order just work on yourself first. Even if you wake up half an hour before your kids or your husband or your wife, just do one thing for you every day, you’ll change everything for you.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, let me go there real quick is we also have people can download, go to my website, And honestly, I’m being transparent. I don’t know where the team has it right now. I don’t know where they’ve put it on the website, but we started last year. I believe we started a, , an audio program. It’s a short one and self love exercise for 30 days. And I remember in TCP this round or last round, I said, Hey guys, What’s one of the biggest things that you’ve learned, that’s made a difference in your life tangibly, you can see it in your money or your health or your relationships. And the number one answer was always self care. I have the care for my self. Okay. So thank you. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sure a lot of people can see themselves in you or they can see aspects of their behavior and your aspects, the lack of value, the lack of self care, a lack of self worth, no personal responsibility, not being an integrity, which we didn’t get into today, not living your values and believe it or not, most people live their lives completely out of integrity with themselves. And until we get back into integrity with ourselves, nothing’s going to change now back to you. Let’s keep it short. Is there anything that you want to share with people about how they can not, not TCP, even though that’s a vehicle, somebody came to you as a friend and said, we’re sitting out on the back porch. Tell me one way to change my life. I think you’ve already covered it, but I want to ask you what’s the one way or the hiccups, sorry. What’s the one way to change my life.

Leticia: Self-love and getting quiet with yourself and what you said. The quality of life depends on the quality of questions you ask yourself. Just trust the process. Just see it with yourself quiet and start answering, asking you questions and answers may not come right away, but trust it and try to take care of yourself. Just be yourself first and through self-love everything changes. If you, and, and I know it’s not about TCP, but trust and join TCP, because if you felt like me, like you were broken, like you were, there was something wrong with you and you didn’t understand why you’re in this world. TCP is going to show you that you’re special, that you have a gift, that you have a message that you’re here for a reason and how you are is enough that you matter and that you are here, uh, with a purpose to help and heal the world. And you understand that with Jim’s work. And, this is family. This is. This is, this is it for me. My soul is home and I’m just so thankful and honored to have this opportunity to share and hopefully help someone out there.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, no, there, there are people listening. They’ll pull different things out of this. I want to tell you, thank you so much for opening up. For sharing your life and sharing what your life used to be. And obviously I don’t even have to ask you what it is now, because those of us listening. I mean, I know you, but through the program, but people listening know where your life is now. And I want to, I want to thank you for sharing who you are and who you become with all of us so that we can all continue to grow also. So thank you so much.

Leticia: Thank you Jim. Thank You.


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