The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 209: “Prashant: From Hidden Trauma, Possessiveness And Commanding Others To Peace”

March 16, 2022

This was an interesting interview with one of my former students, Prashant, because it covered a lot of topics. 

We talked about how Prashant went from “over commanding others and possessiveness” to an amazing relationship with his wife. 

What’s fascinating, to say the least, is that when he heard me say a single thing about death, it released him from a lifetime of fear about death and he also let released his “over commanding others” as a result. 

Prashant's earlier nature was to control and command others, even his wife. Of course, when he stopped that, his relationship with his wife transformed. 

We go on and talk about the extreme power of AYNI and how that can bring huge abundance into your life just as it did for him. It freed him from chasing business to literally transforming his business to the degree that he could turn down millions of dollars of potential business. 

Further, we talked about the power of habits and how that has helped him transform his health and body. 

Self-awareness came up and the importance of “taking action” with self-awareness. 

And, finally, we discussed the subtle difference that many to most people into personal development miss and that is the deeper value of studying personal development and taking action on it. 

As I said, this interview was all over but I’m certain many people will relate to a lot of it and find value. 

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. In this episode, I interview a student of mine. His name is Prashant and this was a really interesting interview and that really kind of went all over the place. But I think a lot of people would find it fascinating. So, you know, what we talked about is that he used to be his words over commanding and possessive with his wife. He's going to share that he dropped that completely. He will also share that he had a really bad fear of death. He dropped that completely. He'll share something that will, will relate to a lot of a lot of people can relate to. Is that AYNI you've heard me talk about A Y N I. And how he started living from AYNI. And it had him literally turning down multimillion dollar business opportunities. Taking the ones that he wanted. And making even more money. And then we'll talk about also taking action with self awareness. So many people will listen to a podcast or read a book or whatever. But they won't take action with it. And when I had to interview, I kind of thought, okay, where is this going to go? How am I going to put this together? But just in and of itself, there are a lot of takeaways for a lot of different people. So I decided to run it. So enjoy the episode.

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Prashant: From Hidden Trauma, Possessiveness And Commanding Others To Peace

Jim Fortin: So today we're visiting with Prashant and all the way from Bangalore India, right. Bangalore, is that correct?

Prashant: Yes, Jim Bangalore, India, Hi!Nice to meet you.

Jim Fortin: And he's here visiting today. He was a student in TCP, the Transformational Coaching Program. And you had some very tangible, wins things about your relationship, which I want to talk about your weight, your health, your wellness, and different things. All, all of those things might come up, but I want to go somewhere else. To start this and where I want to go first is what were your biggest realizations and our time together in TCP that created significant shifts for you.

Prashant: Yep. So, uh, first of all, super, super, super grateful to you and your team for having me on today. It is life. It is life coming full circle because last year during this time I was soaked in your podcasts. And, that set me street that got my spine up erect and got me noticed. About myself to take action. And one year later being here with you on the podcast being interviewed, that's like a dream come true. So talking about the huge, the huge transformations that happen for me in the program was I became one more self-aware second. I knew what to do with that self awareness. As in, in practical terms, I used to take no action while being self-aware. After TCP, I used myself awareness to take action.

Jim Fortin: I wanted to interrupt to create clarity. I know that you've been heavily into personal development and et cetera. So we're using typical person and a lot of people listening to the podcast. Oh, let me consume and consume and consume and read and learn. And, oh, I know it, but you're not taking action on it. So would you have been that person?

Prashant: Oh, 50, 50%. Uh, it was more about the feel-good part. So whatever I was good at, I felt great about it. What do I was not good at? I said, ah, that is, ah, that's, that's weird. That's not, for me. That's not something that we should be doing. And so I avoided it,

Jim Fortin: Okay, hang on like what, what do you mean that you should feel good about it? You didn't see it you avoided it.

Prashant: The most simplest example will be, you know, having healthy habits. I see you having a, a huge gallon of water. I, I knew, or I still know that I have to have at least minimum three liters of water every day, but my profession being in music where I have to be seated in a nice cozy air conditioned room for us together. I use that as an excuse to avoid some good habits and bring on bad habits. So these were little things, which I very, that's what I said. I was very self-aware, but I didn't take action on making it. Yeah, progress and making that transformation. And that is what, uh, you provoked and, uh, showed me during the program.

Jim Fortin: You knew you should have some good habits, different things like the water. Like I just drink some right now, but you weren't doing it because you're in a cozy studio. So you were giving excuses for why you were not doing the things that you knew you needed to be doing. Right?

Prashant: Absolutely. Right. I was letting my ego, my hype around what I was doing, in my professional field drive my ignorance.

Jim Fortin: Okay. How well says that played out for you? What other habits have you picked up? And we'll talk about the power of habit and habits and different things. What other habits have you picked up as a result or dropped as a result of us working together and what is the power of habits?

Prashant: Yep.So I'll tackle one by one. The second, the second biggest thing, apart from, the habits that I learned in TCP, the second biggest and biggest thing is, our topic, which you love Jim, which is AYNI. Yeah. That that week. It just, validated all those burning desires inside of me, all those millions and thousands of questions that I had inside of me of what is my purpose in this world? What can I do? How can I do it.Until,until the AYNI week I was of the belief that if we help someone, we should be in the hiding and help. We should be secretive about it. We should do it without the other person knowing. And during that week, I just realized the power of giving and giving with the face and giving with an identity. And once I did that, once I learned it, my whole life changed. I am in the habit of giving even if it is. Uh, the smallest of smallest thing that I give or the most expensive thing that I give, I make it sure that the universe recognizes me, that I am the giver of this energy and this transformation for the other person and attach to AYNI was something like creating expansion for others. So these two have stuck with me.

Jim Fortin: Yeah.Let me go there for a moment. Where I work from. And, you know, everyone hears things and does things in different ways. And where I work from is some people I do things for. They don't know anything about it and that's great. Some people I'm like here, let me assist. And then I do big things and I do little things this past Saturday, it's cold in Sedona. We have a lot of people panhandling here. And a lot of them are people that we have a big, for lack of better words, nomad, hippy spiritual type of population that comes through and they live in their campers and their vans and everything else. But this guy was standing in a parking lot. It was cold on Saturday. He was standing in a parking lot. Yeah, I'm asking for money on the corner. It was cold up probably 40 degrees and he had his dog with him and I'm like, I drove by I've seen him before I drove by and I thought about it and I'm like, He's probably not even thinking his dog is cold. So then I went to the pet store and bought a coat for his dog, you know, because his dog can't take care of himself. He can, and in Sedona a lot of people will help you. And I've helped a lot of people, but I went and bought a coat for him and there was a lady in line. Were chatting about it. And she's like, oh my gosh, that's so nice. That's so nice. And all these kind of accolades for me and praise. But I'm just doing something simple. So you've experienced, well, let me ask you this. This is really important for a lot of people listening. Do you think a lot of people miss the power of service and giving they know it, but they don't do it. Do you think they miss the power in it.

Prashant: Absolutely. I was, uh, I was a victim or I was the person who was always in a position of doubting whether we should be doing it, whether we should not be doing it isn't a charity, a bad word. Why should I be doing this? So I was, so I was always in this belief, uh, until, uh, I started implementing simple things of what I learned in the week where AYNI, or the concept of AYNI was a shed. So if you, if you allow me Jim

Jim Fortin: Yes please

Prashant: So, after the hot seat call that I had with you, You giving such a simple statement, but with profound and deep wisdom hidden behind it, I came back to rest next day morning when I come, I see lot of comments from our community friends, saying your hotseat was the best. It was amazing, this and that. And I became so happy. I said, I want to do something. I want to use this energy. I want to channel this energy. I the moment. I said that I got a melody in my head. I sang that melody on my phone. I recorded the melody on my phone. I laid down laid out a basic structure and I sent it to my assistant. I asked him to arrange it in a certain way. We made a music out of it. I made a video of it and made it as a tribute to you and all the coaches. And I posted it. It got

Jim Fortin: Yes they loved it.

Prashant: Thank you. So everyone loved it. You loved it. Comment started pouring in and all these things happened. And as I'm reading the comments, my assistant calls me, and he, the same guy who, who helped me compose it, he calls me. So I say, uh, Rakesh what we created, everyone is loved it. You know, I, I truly want to do something for you. So you'll be have this wireless payment, something like, Venmo, you can wirelessly transfer. So I took his number and I transferred an amount into his account. And I asked him to check what the amount was. So he checked the amount and I asked him to read the note that you need to give a reason for the transfer. So in that reason I wrote AYNI. So he was like, sir, I think so you've missed out some words. It's just an A Y NI and I, so, so I told no, it is, I need, I explained him the concept of AYNI and Jim, you won't believe this is what he said. So, you know, my father is in town and I was looking to buy a phone for him. And you transferred exactly the same amount.

Jim Fortin: Wow.

Prashant: For the phone that I was looking for, buy for my Dad. I didn't have that money and you transferred it into my account. And that's where the next day after the call, I realized the power of AYNI and doing it with gratitude, doing it with love, doing it with all the affection you have for that person, for yourself. And from there on, I use this as the most spiritual and by his practice that I have in my life every day, including this call today.

Jim Fortin: No, thank you. Thank you. That that's amazing. And so many people dismiss that. I remember three years ago, I helped somebody a big time and they said, Hey, what's your PayPal? And I told them, and the next day I checked my PayPal and there was a transfer wait let me back up. So on a Tuesday, I. AYNI gave to someone from the heart. I gave them $10,000 from the heart. I, I, you know, I wanted to help and I meant it at just the deepest level on Wednesday, I had a phone call with someone and I helped them tremendously. And they said, what's your PayPal? The very next day I checked my PayPal. There is a transfer of $10,000 into my account from that person that I never asked for. Didn't hint, didn't ask. They didn't know about what I did the day before. Nothing seemingly completely not connected and it happened. And I think you're, I'm hearing you say that a lot of people discount the value of that service and what it can do for you.

Prashant: Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely. And after that, I, kept getting multiple opportunities for films and, multiple seven-figure, uh, opportunities. And here's the third lesson that I learned from, learned, from TCP is if something. Is not right. And you feel it just, don't do, right? You, you, you need to be itempowered to say no, and there's no shame in saying, no, you have to step back or step away. And because I was in this grind and I was slowly starting to discover my purpose in life, whenI was getting into a turbulent situations with these commercial film projects that I was getting into. I used to raise my hands up and say, that's it, I'm done. I'm moving out earlier. I used to put in, put myself in lot of stressful situations and work hard towards it. That is where the concept of me sitting in a cozy AC room and not having water and focusing on delivering the work that the client wants. That mindset came from there. The moment I released the pressure of delivering for someone else, on their terms and where my existence is dependent on their terms. Once I released this, this stress factor. I was completely a different person. I've now rejected multiple seven-figure projects and I've earned twice as much in the last one year that I've earned in the last 10 years, maybe.

Jim Fortin: I love that. And let me go there for a second. For people listening, I used to work there also. I used to work from, I need this project. I need this client. Oh my God. I can't turn that down. That's a good, that's a lot of money, but I don't want to work with this person. And I put myself through hell doing that for a decade. And then when I shifted to. I don't really care. I'm going to do what I do and the way that I do it with the people that I want to do it with. And not only that I'm going to raise my prices and I'm going to charge what I want to charge. That's when money started exploding in my life, my life got a lot easier because now I'm only working with people that I want to work with. That aren't a pain in the ass to work with that are easy. That are enjoyable. There's no stress. And I do what I love to do. Plus I attract more money right.

Prashant: Absolutely. That's fantastic. That's how it works.

Jim Fortin: That's how it works. Exactly

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Jim Fortin (2): I want to touch on something here a lot of times, and especially on these calls, people want to know the very tangible outcomes of what I do of transformation, and we can talk about vision or self integrity or a hundred percent responsibility, and that's all wonderful and fine. And that's what we do. And the you know, all the weeks in the program, but there is so many ancillary things, side things that come off from what we're doing and everyone's going to take what's important to them. But I want to point out before we started the call today, you had mentioned something spiritual. You want to explain,

Prashant: You know,

Jim Fortin: Which one I'm talking about when I say.

Prashant: Yeah, you, you have to help me pull out the reference. Uh, Jim,

Jim Fortin: Hang on you said the one about which I was surprised. It's not the way I said it and I'll clarify, but when I die.

Prashant: Yep. So, this topic, or this theme troubled me for years, uh, to take you back a bit, uh, some of the people who my, loved and adored as a child, just perished in front of me, like for example, a 70 to 82 year old grandfather who was not related to me, some random neighbor of ours, we used to call him snuff grandfather. So he used to have this, uh, uh, we, we get this weird tobacco item that you stuff it into your nose and know. I love being around him. He was a comedian of sorts and he loved being around me and other kids. When I learned about his death, I ran from my house in and saw him being carried away in an ambulance. And that set some kind of unrest in me and as kids, these are not questions that you will ask. Right. And I didn't even know that I can ask this question. What is death? What is the meaning of it? Why did the person die? So things like this kept happening. I lost my cousin, brother. I lost my friends. One of our relatives I lost and this thing kept, kept me troubling for years together, it was a hidden trauma. I never knew that this was, this was, keeping me uneasy and. On one fine day on a TCP call, which was, which had nothing to do on the concept of, living and death. Just, you just made a statement in passing, saying that death means. Nothing apart from you moving from one planet to the other, you're moving from one universe to the other. You, you said something like this, I'm just rephrasing it. And that just, I literally felt like boulders of weight getting off me and it, it just emotionally charged me. It emotionally detoxed me. I literally felt something very huge that I'm receiving inside my body just with that statement like right now, you know where you you're right in front of me, very casually. You're talking about the wisdom of your lessons and learnings. And there, you know, that one line completely completely changed my outlook of it. I got healed just like that. No medicines, no books. No, no, no massive healing, no hypnotism, nothing. It was that statement.

Jim Fortin: It was an ephiphany, and when we have ephiphanies is when we change, when we grow. And I'm looking at what we do in the program, which really we're talking about you today, but you're just bringing a lot of things up that I really honestly had not thought about because when we promote the program, people always want to know, well, I want to see the outline and I want to see this and I want to. Great. Now I understand that I probably would also, but so much of our, our transformation in life and growth. Comes from the social experience in the group and the community like we have. And then the experience of going through the content, even though we may have been talking about responsibility that week, and there were some very tangible things in there. It might be how you apply it to you because you're seeing it from a different perspective. And that is the epiphany epiphany. And that's transformation. So, and then that's more self-awareness for you. So I wrote down a note, but I can't read my oh here, discover hidden trauma and that. You know, in TCP and you see a lot of this and can, and you can probably verify for a lot of people listening is a lot of people have a lot of issues. Now, we all think, I mean, I, I have baggage everyone. Okay. I know I baggage is what we think, but a lot of us have baggage, but we don't even know the baggage that we don't know about. What's your thought about that? Is that what you're talking about?

Prashant: Absolutely. Jim, what, what you're saying is, is a hundred percent true. Even at this moment, I'm, I'm building on some baggage of, of sorts this entire experience. I'm holding it, whether that's going to help me move forward or that's gonna push me backward is something that I have to be aware of and all these other tools that probably you have enabled us, with, to learn, uh, during our time together. Speaking of baggage, one of the biggest, uh, uh, lessons for me was the amount of effort that you and your team, and especially you, Jim have taken to create these workbooks, those questions that you ask any word there is like a slap on the face, waking you up and making you respond to those questions. Not reply, respond. The power of those questions was so, you know, it was, it was so shaking for me. I I've made a note over here where people used to finish their workbooks in like maybe two sittings. I used to take one question for one week.

Jim Fortin: Oh my gosh, that's smart though, because we'll never answer anything. We keep asking. There's always, always doorways. We can go through, but keep on going it where I want you to go from here. And you said you had some notes go wherever you want, because I want what's in you to come out in our time together. So baggage there, and then wherever you look down at your notes and wherever you want to go.

Prashant: Yep. So, thank you, Jim, for that, opportunity. So, when I started writing down these things, I realized that a lot of this baggage I've been carrying with, multiple traumas that were hidden inside me. So I had this one trauma around death. Around which I was behaving in a certain way and attached to that was my concept of possessiveness because I, because I didn't understand the concept of death I was over possessive about people, very possessive about my own sister. I was possessive about my wife, my child, about certain things that I held in high regard, which were all ffreak, which I realized when,going through, TCP, uh, most of

Jim Fortin: Back up. What did over possessiveness look like to you? What things would come out in your behavior because you were overly possessive.

Prashant: I just I'll just use one word over there is being commanding over other people,because you want to make other people believe that you are so caring and you understand what loss means and,you better listen to me because I truly know what it means to have a loved one or lose a loved one. So what I say, you listen to me very carefully else. You know, you might not be in my good books and this, this kind of behavior, this tone and language came from the people around my family circle. My family never spoke these words or this kind of language, but the, the, the circle around my family, the people around my family had these kind of behaviors. And I was aping that behavior into my own system and all this. Cause like multiple linked issues inside of me. So even though for years together, I was this open and warm hearted guy and an old soul, highly intuitive, everything that you underlined in the call to me, I was not able to show that because all these filters were holding me back. No one could see who I am. They were getting hints.

Jim Fortin: So hang on they were getting hints. Okay. Let's go somewhere here that I think a lot of people can relate to. Sure. So you saw these things, but you didn't know that you were overly,commanding and possessiveness. You didn't really have any awareness about that. And then with me, you discovered it, but where I really want to go here, how did that affect your marriage? And your relationship. Once you recognize that in yourself and you let go of it.

Prashant: Or that was, that was truly amazing. I think so much before TCP, once I got,married,I was, I was, I was bought to shave myself because I came to know. My habits, which were really bad, my behaviors that were toxic, my wife through hood being an existence showed me that when my daughter was born in 2013, she showed me a lot of that. So. A lot of shedding in light ways happened, uh, through that. But the, the, the, what do you say? The, the icing on the cake, the cherry on the cake was, was through TCP. When I knew how to value my relationship. I knew what my love language was for my daughter. For my wife, for the people who work for me, for the people who care for me, for the people who adore me, I understood these factors that surround my Aura and existence. And I used that to positively put it into action and, you know, uh,

Jim Fortin: But how was that affected your marriage? How is that is how you showed up to your wife and how she showed up to you as a result of you showing up differently.

Prashant: Oh, fantastic. It has been like, she, we, we both are Virgos, if that is an excuse. So we are similar. Okay. So we have got similar likes. We have got similarities. So if I do not follow a habit, she also apes that habit very easily. If I end up doing something very obsessively and very excitedly, she also ends up doing the same. After this third TCP, one thing we got really strong in our relationship is being committed to taking positive action towards our own relationship and towards our child earlier, it used to be just, you know, we, we should do this. We are. So we are such loving parents. We are kind parents. We take care of our kid. My daughter's name is Adera, she is such a good child, Adera such a good child we plan. This we'll do this. So all those were babbles. You just felt good talking about it and used to take little actions here and there. But after TCP, the relationship has gotten stronger. Now, even if, there is a miscommunication or there is, any kind of turbulence or fight that happens, we understand each other from where we are. Because we have cleansed ourselves and we have shown our true self to each other.

Jim Fortin: Let's go there. I don't know what I want to ask you yet, but I want to explore that. Is it that many of us, which, you know, we cover a lot of this in TCP for weeks three weeks. Is it. A lot of people do things in their relationships that they don't even know that they're doing. And then they get tied to those things and don't want to change. And that hurts the relationship. But then where I'm going is you said you've been committed to doing a positive action for each other. What does that look like? If you can share, what does that mean? Is that a daily? Is that a weekly, you know, how, how does that work with you guys?

Prashant: So on the first day of a marriage or the first night of a marriage after we came back, uh, after this massive sweaty wedding, when we were resting on the bed, I, I told my wife Ashwini that our marriage or our existence together is going to be built on three pillars. One is love. Second one is trust. And the third one is faith.

Jim Fortin: You work on arrange marriage, right?

Prashant: Yes.

Jim Fortin: You were arranged.

Prashant: Absolutely.

Jim Fortin: So, wait, wait, you said this, you didn't ask her. You didn't suggest. Your exact words were I told her it's going to be based upon this.

Prashant: Yes, absolutely.

Jim Fortin: Notice that. Okay. So, okay.

Prashant: Yep. Yep. So that's where I'm getting do so I told her this because I, like I told you, I. I am still very intuitive. I have got certain ideas about life. I am, connected with larger meanings of life beyond what we are right now. So I just felt like it, I, it came from my heart. It was a very intuitive thing. It does not plan that, you know, I will see this on the first night of a marriage. It came very intuitively, from there on until now. Uh, The, the positive action that we have, uh, taken, uh, for each other is we, we truly, uh, I would say we, we, we truly understand who we are at the core, beyond those words of love, trust, and, and faith, for example, in one of the modules where. Where you introduced us to this concept of love language. I never knew such a concept existed. And, when I shared the lessons and learnings from it with Ashwini and I told her, she understood what heard meaning in this relationship was what her expectation was. And I understood what my expectation was, what is, what is binding us together. I understood that. And. That modular, that, that week I gave up my concept of obsession over her obsession, over certain things that she should be doing in certain way to make her, or make me feel good. I just told her be who you are.

Jim Fortin: That's huge. That's huge in your culture.

Prashant: Yep. Right? Yep. Absolutely. So, yeah.

Jim Fortin: So I wanted to ask you and you may be going there. How did she change? Because you know, your culture, we have, we have quite a few Indians now in TCP and so many are from arranged or in arranged marriages. And. When you say things like, just be who you are and the west we're like, that's how people show up. A lot of times, even though they don't know, they're showing up with their baggage of I'm going to do everything to please, you were not please, you were control or not control or whatever. All that baggage here, they don't even know they have. But I can imagine in your culture, it must or probably causes some resentment. When the wife has to be the way the husband says they have to be. Now, when you say, just be who you are, how did she change?

Prashant: So, here's a funny thing. Like a while back, I did mention to you that we are Virgos. So how did you change the, the best example I would love to tell you is the kind of the kind of dressing that we used to do. So in one of the modules, uh, you did mention about how we need to carry ourselves of how we need to take care of ourselves visually, internally. So on one fine day, when we went out for shopping, We used to buy all these conservative colors and clothes, kind of a thing that day I chose to buy the most floral design shirt that I can buy. And my wife just ape. Exactly that behavior. And she got a very flashy dress for herself and she put it and we came back and we here right in this room, in this hall from where I'm talking right now, she said, am I looking great or not? Am I looking great? She said, I'm, I'm feeling so amazing. This is so good. And I said, yes, this is what I want for you. Because if you do what you want for you, I'll be the happiest most. And that whole little things like this, Jim. So if you really pinpoint and ask on a daily basis, what are the things I'm not be able to do it, but it is linked to these little changes in behavior, little changes in habits, little changes in the language that we use. When we are surrounded with our daughter, when we are not around her. We are the same.

Jim Fortin: Yeah. Let me, let me add. There are a lot of people when they come into TCP, you've seen this. Some people will have dramatic, dramatic changes in the program. A lot of people will say, or some will say I didn't have dramatic changes, but I had a lot of little changes. And when I add the little changes up, they become a dramatic change. So everyone has the dramatic change. It's just to what degree and at what time they have that change. So for people listening, what I'm hearing you say. As many times we think I've got a big problem in life. I need a big solution, but what I tell people is if you got a big problem, go for the little solutions and then add them up and they make a big change for you. So would you say now, because I can tell you're much better parents because you're much better or you're really enjoying each other now in the relationship you're not just married or enjoying each other. It sounds like. Would you say that both of you just consistently making a lot of little changes has been the key to why you keep smiling on our entire call today?

Prashant: Absolutely. Jim, it is, and that comes with the power of, uh, you know, feeling good about yourself at this very moment. And every time am I saying something that I'm feeling good about? Or am I saying something to make the other person feel good about it? And that is the huge difference. So we are brutally honest to each other. We, just like any other married couple in a relationship, we do fight, but we know we are fighting for each other's good. We know the reason behind it. There's no need of a patch up, uh, of sorts. There's no need to make up,the bad, patch that we went through because we know that we, we have gone for it for the good, so the relationship is only gotten stronger and the biggest testimony for that will be my daughter. If she was awake it's it's like almost 4:15 AM over here, back in India. So she was there. She would have said yes, I, I can see the difference in my parents. And you're also, it's, it's, it's a huge transformation.

Jim Fortin: Let's go, let's go here for a moment. Number one is how come we're doing this at 4:15 in the morning, your time I could have done it tonight, my time, which would have been the morning, your time.

Prashant: So this perfect. I love waking up early in the morning. It gives me different kinds of energy,

Jim Fortin: It's not it's not early in the morning. It's the middle of the night, but, okay. But you said something which I think is one of the most profoundanyone said is we do fight. And that means different things to different people argue, disagree, fight what ou know, as long as you're not hitting each other and throwing things, I think you know, people get into disagreements and that's what it's all about. Okay. That's what happens. I mean, so what you said though, is I all, you've heard me say before. You have to ask yourself in your relationship, you know, what do I want from this relationship? What am I committed to and who do I have to be to make it happen? And it sounds like you've truly mastered this in a different way and the way you've mastered it is, Hey, we're going to have our ups and downs, but you know what you say, what you want to say.

I can say what I want to say. We can argue, we can have them throw down and then drag it out, but we're doing it for. And we're committed to that. We're committed to doing it, to making a stronger, is that exactly what I'm hearing, but synopsized in a different way? Meaning I'm just saying it in a different way.

Prashant: Absolutely right Jim.

Jim Fortin: That is beautiful. Let's do this there's we don't have anything planned. What is something that you picked up on our time together that people listening could benefit from takes take your time. What are one or two things go to your notes and what are things you're like, I want to share. What is it you want them to hear,regarding anything that you you learned and grew with?

Prashant: First things first use this wisdom being shared on the podcast for your own good. Use this as a good soaking point to show you who you truly are to question you to challenge you because every podcast that Jim shares, it is based on the most simple concepts. It is based on the most practical things that we face daily. I remember with me suffering from a health condition, I heard almost around a hundred plus podcast episodes of Jim's soaked in that wisdom soaked in the concept some of it I didn't even understand, but I, I soaked in all of it. I connected with him at a universal level and something inside me made me want to learn more from this mystic man, because, because there's no much information about you, for me to, look up to, but the, the, the 30 minutes or the 45 minutes at, in some occasions or over an hour the time that I spent with you on the podcast was truly earthshaking for me, what? Something like this exists. It really all, this is me. That was me when it happened with Jim, like 20 years back freak. This is crazy. So, uh, that made me ready for TCP that made me ready for being coached. So I think so you're doing a huge service by sharing these little snippets of wisdom expanded in multiple ways. You say the same thing in multiple ways, because in your own words, people consume and learn and understand it in different ways. And you've got multiple ways of saying it.

Jim Fortin: Can we go there for a second? I don't want to interrupt you, but I want to interrupt. That goes to, when I say all the time and you've heard it. You've heard it, but people can say all I've heard that before and they think they know it, but there's not the, it's not the same thing to know something just because you've heard something. If you've heard it, it doesn't mean that you know, it, is that correct in your interpretation?

Prashant: Absolutely. Okay. Absolutely. Like we all are canoes of that behavior.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, no, I, I get that, you know, Don Xavier that you've heard me talk about a lot is the same way. And until you can demonstrate something, you can gather all the information in the world, but until you can demonstrate it, then you don't know it. You understand it, and you might not even understand it, but you've heard it, but you don't know. Okay, so you talk about snippets of information. What's something else let's go to your health. What happened there?

Prashant: So all, like I mentioned a while back, uh, all these, uh, you know, bad behaviors, bad habits, uh, bad lifestyle that I was following. Invited a certain health condition, uh, which was linked to uric acid.So the uric acid, my body was very high. I used to get frequent gout attacks. So gout is basically your swelling.

Jim Fortin: We have water guys, everyone listen like drink a lot of water. Your blood is your body. You know, your blood's like 70% water. Your body's 70% water. Sorry. And if you're not drinking water. your not Flushing and cleansing the body. One thing we can do, but go ahead.

Prashant: So, so, so all these, bad habits compounded and on one fine day, uh, on seventh of. Uh, sorry. On 8th of February, 2021, when I was lying on the bed in excruciating pain, I could not move my body. I was literally like a piece of stone lying on the bed. My daughter hugged me and she asked, are you going to die tomorrow? Hmm. And that really shook me that completely, brought me to reality of sorts. I didn't know what to do and I, I, and I knew that all this is my, You know, my wrongdoing, I needed to do something about this and I didn't want to go back in that spiraling habit of doing something good for 15 days, fixing it temporarily. And then again, looping back into a bad habit circle. That is when I got introduced, to you and your podcast, uh, through one of our other TCP members through the, I actually signed up for her arts program for my daughter. I wanted my daughter to learn arts from her, and I signed up for that. Through her, one of her emails I got introduced to your podcast and from there their own, it was a non-stop, you know, consumption of content that happened. So my health after TCP completely changed, I lost around nine to 10 kilos of weight. And it is not that, uh, Jim shared some, secrets about, uh, de-aging and all that crap. He just shared simple things that, sorry, simple things that you need to put into practice to make positive impact in your life. And I chose to fix my health because my daughter should not see me in that miserable state ever, and I do not want to be, uh, the reason and cause for my daughter's trauma of such, I would not want to impose that upon her.

Jim Fortin: You, you hit on something really big there. And we do a week wellness and our time together in TCP people still don't get it. I could set a there you go. Drink your water. I'm watching you drink your water now. Okay, good. Thank you. Is I've almost, I'm almost consumed four times as much drink away. Okay. But people, they hear it over and over and they just don't get it is you said I chose to fix my health. That's a monumental phrase. And if we don't have something in life, it's because we're not choosing it or we're choosing the opposite of it. Right. So when you chose to, as you said, fix your health, I would assume that's when we start going into the doing, because we have to be before we can do. And then you started doing things. Is that correct?

Prashant: Absolutely. And I understood the concept of this. If you see in the back or there, right there, I have a plug which is put up. It says BE DO HAVE, I have that as a daily reminder because that is the most simplest thing. This is the reminder for all of us in our family or for my wife, me and my daughter. We see that we know that we have to be and do. And then we get whatever we want in our life. So,

Jim Fortin: I'm quiet and you're quiet because you're watching my facial expression. That's literally a mic drop, a moment that I've set a bazillion times. And then you say it, people listening to the podcast many. And I mean this kindly, because I've been there, they don't get it. Oh, I just, if I, if I just listen, I like this it's entertaining. If I just listen to my life's gonna change. And then a year. And two years and three years later, their life is still the same because they're not actually transforming the way that they're being that has to happen at a core level. Right?

Prashant: Absolutely. Jim. Absolutely. And it is all about being in that state of awareness and quickly in my words, quickly taking action. On being that person and that has massively transformed how I live every second of my life. And I'm super grateful to you for that.

Jim Fortin: It's my pleasure. I'm grateful for you, you know, and there's, there's a, the big tall speaker who says take massive action. And where I work from is yeah. If you take that's great. But you've got to be the kind of person that can sustain the massive action. You know, you can do it all day long as external motivation, and that's going to wear off. You have to know the values that are going to drive you and the core values and everything else. Okay. Let's wrap up here. Doesn't matter what it is. I don't care. What's on entirely up to you. What do you want to share with people? As a final note about how you improved your life or how they can improve yours based upon what you learned in our time together. And it can be anything you don't have to censor yourself.

Prashant: So,first of all, what Jim shares, honestly, speaking is nothing new, but what Jim explains and expands and, and takes time to share through his experiences is new. You hear things differently and every time you make a single step towards progress and you go back to the material that Jim share a day back or a week back, it resonates differently and that asame piece of material will help you taking huge strides of progress towards your own good.This I'm telling you from my own, personal, , practical experience that I've had. Second is this. Is the most culturally shocking group that you can be in. You need to be you, you need to be in a radical group. And this is the most gratitude filled radical group that you will find when you're surrounding yourself with people who are driven towards bringing something good out of themselves to this universe, you are going to receive it. Even if you do not intend to be that person, you're going to receive it. And that is the most beautiful thing about this community for the first time in my life, I experienced. what a, community is I have been to temples. I have been to my I've been to my friend's weddings. I've been to churches. I've been to so many spiritual places and they always talk about community, community service. I've seen people around, but this is the first time where, I have experienced energy. Being driven. So, so the energy is so electrifying that remotely, someone in Australia is able to transfer and emote positive energy to me sitting here in India. And the third thing that I would love to say is, Jim is Jim is tearing up almost them sharing this. It's it's an emotional moment for me. Also, the third thing is you make truly deep relationships and friends across the world. And, some people end up making business relationships. Some people end up making a very, just casual, casual, just married. Yes. Married. And some people just end up being good friends across the globe. Just today. Jim, you won't believe one of our TCP members, Scott from Australia.

Jim Fortin: Railer.

Prashant: Yeah. Yeah. We have a podcast together, so we decided to send each other's kids, uh, gifts just today. I received a gift from down under, um, he, he sent a wonderful, wonderful gift for my daughter and I don't think so this would have been possible to experience for my daughter, for my wife and me receiving a parcel all the way from Australia sitting here in India. So these three things are the pillars according to me, what, Jim is leading people into and, as many people say, so we, Jim, me and Scott, we, we do, occasionally talk about it and, and make fun of it. Also at times, saying Jim, Jim is the central hero of this film, which has got the same characters repeating over and over again, who have forgotten the next dialogue that they have to speak and keep saying the same dialogues over and over again. And the more we hear those dialogues, the more we memorize the movie that Jim is trying to show us. And that is the most amazing thing that you can experience in your life. You have to just you have to just pause for a while 35 minutes, 45 minutes is nothing of your time. Just take that, just take that break, stop. Everything that you're doing. Don't listen to it while driving also just sit wherever you are. Pause, reflect on what he's saying and see your world opening up in little pieces.

Jim Fortin: I didn't pay you to say that. Right. And what I like their best as well. There's some things that it's just heartfelt. There aren't words for me. This is what I do. But secondly, for people listening is to understand the power of community, but a real community that supports you and not enables you, but listens without judging you. Like, you know, this, the groups, there's no judgment of a thousand people. No, one's in there judging you at all at any time. And I've done this for years and I sit there and I thank the universe, because I'm like, how, how did I create this? I had people from all over the world, 20 different countries. And for people listening is. You know, Preshant what he's really saying is it makes it so much easier transform your life when you're doing it inside a community that's behind you andalso doing the same work that you are. If you're in a horrible relationship and things are really air quote bad in your life. And you're trying to create transformation, it's really challenging but when you're in a conducive environment, like planting something in soil, you water it, it's got the sun and it's, you know, good soil it's kind of grow and the same thing with us. So Pershant is, I love you. I love

Prashant: Same here. Two weeks that you love me?

Jim Fortin: So thank you. Thank you so much for being here. Those who listened and not quite a few will they'll get what they need to get. As in every podcast episode, everyone gets what they need to get when they need to get it. But thank you very much for sharing your experience with us here today. Okay.

Prashant: Thank you for having me, Jim, thank you so much.


Jim Fortin: Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too, so please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to And I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. Together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.



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