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EPISODE 210: “Six Questions To Overcome Fear”

March 23, 2022

There is probably not a person who listens to this podcast that does not get into fear. 

Fear is debilitating. It’s more debilitating than any disease, and many times fear itself keeps people “in” disease. 

I am currently finishing this Spring’s offering of my 14-week transformational program and I observe many people getting into fear and that is exactly what inspired this episode. 

Many people want to enroll in my full immersion program and they are afraid of the investment. Even though I have a full 100% guarantee and 1000s of student video testimonials, many don’t believe it and still get into fear. 

I used to have these six questions in my Be-Do-Have series that I also just finished, but I took them out of it this round. I should have left them in. 

Normally, I’d tell you the six questions, but I won’t because you have to listen to the podcast to hear them all. Listen to them carefully. These questions are ones I have used personally for many years. 

These days I get into very few fears, which I discuss in the episode, but all of these questions have helped me tremendously at one time or another in my life. And, they can do the same for you when you write them down and ask yourself one or all of these questions the next time fear strikes you. 

Chew on them, ponder them, see how they apply to your own life and how you can use them to get out of your comfort zones. 

They work. Use them.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. Fear it's everywhere. And this episode is titled. Six Questions to Help you Overcome your Fears. If you're a person with no fears. Then go ahead and click off and go to another episode. But if you have fears. You may want to listen. Keep listening.
Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more Abundance and Prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to Master your Mind and Evolve your Consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Six Questions To Overcome Fear

Okay, so fears you know, I remember my brother-in-law Don Xavier talking to me one time. And he said there's no disease more dreadful on the human planet or in human beings, not the human planet, but in human beings than fear. And you think about that. Take some time seriously. This will be a simple episode. But take your time and think about that. How much fear do you get into and then how much fear do you get into. That you don't even know that you get into. And that would be Subconscious and Brain-based. And actually you wouldn't know if you got into it. But ask yourself that question, which is not one of the questions I have for you to not, well today when I'm doing this. What fears do I get into that I don't even know that I get into. And you've heard me say before that anything and everything you want. It's on the other side of fear. And fear runs through pretty much every human being on the planet. Now I've mentioned before, there's a difference between fear and danger.

Danger, obviously you should be fearful about that. That is for your survival, your physical wellbeing. But fear in this world is generally about, Am I going to succeed? Am I going to look good? Am I going to look bad? What will other people say about me? What happens if I fail. And when I say it runs at all level, literally, you know, I don't know. And it just know how it comes across, but I've worked with a whole gamut of humanity. I've literally worked with the European Royalty. I've worked with CEOs of Billion Dollar Companies. I've worked with celebrities. And I remember in New York city, one of my clients was a celebrity. Who good fortune for me had a big mouth and he told a lot of his celebrity friends about me. And I had a celebrity clientele in New York and even after that. And I remember one time I had three cast members. They were current cast members on Saturday Night Live. That were clients of mine. But one of my clients I had him fill out his intake form and he was, well, he was famous, very famous. And I had him fill out his intake form and his intake form is the form that we had people fill out and, you know, all pertinent information. What are you here for? What are you working on?Different questions about themselves, you know the agreement to what was going to happen and all that kind of stuff. And it said list your three biggest fears. And his biggest fear now he was already a movie star. And his biggest fear was I remember very clearly. It said to not be accepted by my peers. And my thought was, that's really interesting. And that he's famous and very successful. And he's worried about being accepted by his peers. So it runs through human beings and we learn it then. You know, many of us live it for a lifetime.

I just did my BE DO HAVE series. I talked about it here on the podcast. And. If you didn't register, there was no charge. You missed a lot. A lot of people think, oh, I don't need that. I've got the podcast, you know, I've got the podcast. Wrong. Because we went a lot deeper than in the podcast and different directions and different things. But here's where self-deception comes in. And I could say this, and honestly, it's been a long three weeks. I'm too tired to say it that much. Right now. 'cause I said daytime earlier, it's not daytime. It's midnight right now. And I have to get this out for the Wednesday podcast. But I could say it over and over and over and people they hear it or rather they listen to it. But they don't hear it. Which are two very different things. And that is many times you hear something. And you think, you know, it. And you're like, oh, I already know that. But then you still go back and you live the same patterns over and over and over again. Which is the reason you listen to the podcast to learn new ways to be, which we just went through the BE DO HAVE series.

And just to be candid, to be just as brutally honest as I can. You think you get it? But you don't. When it comes to fear. I remember many years ago, I was in Colorado with Don Xavier. And for those of you that are new. Um, my brother-in-law's a Shaman. A Healer, a Seer. And he's not the Don Xavier that's on YouTube. Don Xavier, my brother-in-law has zero social media presence. And people come to him. Well now with Zoom all over the world. I believe he has a four year waiting list. And he's very inexpensive, but he helps people heal. And we were in Colorado and he shared something with me. And I'm like, oh, Hey Don thinks I get it. I get it. And he said very kindly, very compassionately with a grin his like, no, you don't. And I'm like, no. Yeah, I really, really get it. I get it. And he's like, uh, No you don't, but that's okay.

You'll you know, maybe you're probably get it later. And I'm like, you know, Don, I'm telling you right now because I call him Don. Like Don, I'm telling you right now. Seriously, I got it. Well, several months later. I'm like, whoa. I thought I got it. But I didn't get it. And now that X, Y, Z happened. I get it. So we think we get so many things. But if that's really, really the truth, then how come you repeat your old patterns that you do not want to repeat? Over and over again, when I talk about habits, It's because it's all left brain. And it's all content. And you hear it but yet. You don't get it. Rather you listen, let me say, because see listening. Well, let me back up. Sorry, hearing, like I said, it's late hearing is with your ears. Listening is with your mind. So you hear it, but you didn't listen to it. There we go. So I want to share at least for your left brain. And you have to remember to use these or one of these. I want to share six questions with you.

Now having just done my BE DO HAVE series, I normally include this in the B2 have series and this round I took it out. And I think I'm going to put it back in. So if you go through the BE DO HAVE series later, you may hear these questions again. And trust me what I'm going to tell you. If no disrespect whatsoever, you probably won't even remember that you heard these now a year from now. Because we humans, what we do is we forget. And many times people will say, oh, I forgot that. I've been there before, so I understand it. And I said that one time to Don Xavier. And he said, you forgot because you made the choice to forget. So when we forget things, Providing it's not a mental illness or a head injury or, or some other, you know, neurological cause. And the course of our daily ordinary lives. If we forget something. It's because we've made a choice to not make it important enough to remember. But the questions are this or the comments, questions and comments, both. Is number one. Life is a continuum. So, let me back up. I'm sorry. This goes to fear. There are six perspectives in any of these. You can look at one of them and it will pull you out of fear, but you have to remember the comment or the thought or the idea or the question. And you have to remember it. So maybe even you want to write these down.
But number one. Life is a continuum. So. I think a lot of, you know what I mean by that, but let me explain very quickly. Is, you're never going to die and that is physics. You're going to leave the planet that's for sure, but you're never going to die. So the life force in you is a continuum. And when you fully embrace that, Hey, I'm just having, having an experience right now and in the midst of multiple incarnations. And that moment you recognize what's there really to be afraid about. I mean, if I don't get it right this time, that's okay. There's no time in the universe. Literally there is no time. It's human created. It's our way to understand the universe. The universe we live in. But if there is no time and life is a continuum. And something doesn't go right today and investment doesn't go right today. A marriage doesn't go right today. This doesn't go right. That doesn't go right. Whatever. It's not a big deal.

Life is a continuum. You will always have other opportunities to do things. But if you don't do anything because you're working from fear, you're not even embracing the life as a continuum. And something else here that you can let this kind of rattle around in your mind and your brain for awhile. When you can fully understand and come to know when I say understand that can be left brain, but knowing is, is visceral. It's something, you know, like, you know, your name. You know how you feel about certain things. It's an inner knowing. When you know that your life is a continuum. And then becomes very easy to let go of the absolutely nonsensical fears that we get into. I'm not tossing any stones. This day and age, I get into very little when it comes to fear. I mean after I had heart failure on a stroke, trust me. That will teach you if you're wise enough to pick up the, the lessons and have them as blessings. We'll teach you number one when I had the stroke, I learned, which I really came to know is you're not going to know when you leave the planet anyway.

You won't know when you leave the planet, you will not know when you leave the planet. So what's the fear about, about those afraid of death? But when you come to know. That life is a continuum. And then becomes easier to let go of fear because you know, there's always opportunity. So number one. Life has a continuum. Number two is a question. And that question is, can I do it anyway. I mean, fear is going to pop up a public speaking event. Oh my gosh, I've got to speak in front of public. I have to do this. I have to do that. The question that you can ask yourself is can you do it anyway? You know, the, interesting thing is, that pretty much within reason, use your common sense. Anything and everything you do. is not going to kill you. The only thing that's going to kill you is what kills you.

Now. I've mentioned before, I live in Sedona, Arizona. And one of my brother-in-laws took his mountain bike today and he was out on one of the trails. And it was talking about a trail that's near my house. That was really high up on the cliffs. And he goes, I didn't ride my bike up there. He goes, that's dangerous because the trails are really narrow. And in some places you have a thousand foot drop-off. Right on the edge of the cliff. He goes that can be dangerous. And there were a bunch of young guys up there doing it. Okay. Well, you know, you could say, can I do it anyway? Well, yeah, you could, but then you have to look at what are the consequences of doing it anyway. One of the consequences is that I'm going to have a damn good time and nothing's going to happen. Another consequence is that, you know what? I could ride my bike off the cliff. And hasta la bye-bye for me. Someone could knock me off the cliff. Something could happen. My break, you know, the front, whatever. I could break and I could fall off the cliff. And, you know, none of us live in those extremes where their life or death. But mainly it's things about life it's confronting your mother-in-law confronting your husband. Doing this and saying something to your partner, speaking in front of a group, whatever it might be.

Simply ask yourself. You know what I'm afraid. But can I do it? Anyway. And you'll find 9.9 times out of 10. Yes, you can do it anyway. And I think you've heard me say before. I'm not sure if you've come to know it. But the only way to get through fear is to go through the fear. If you don't listen very carefully. Whatever you fear. If you don't go through the fear. You won't go through the fear. The fear itself is what keeps you trapped and the fear. The comfort zone itself is what keeps you trapped in the comfort zone. Until you leave your comfort zone, you will never leave your comfort zone. Repeat. Until you leave your comfort zone. You'll never leave your comfort zone. Repeat again. Until you leave your comfort zone, you will never leave your comfort zone. So think about what comfort zones have you made up in your mind? Think about those, what comfort zones have I made up in my mind? And then ask yourself. Can I do it anyway. Can I speak up? Can I stand up? Can I show up? Can I speak my mind? Do it anyway because it's not going to kill you. Unless you're, you know, and I'm T I told you use your common sense and I think probably. Pretty much everyone that's attracted to my podcast. You know, Operates from a pretty hefty amount of, of common sense. But obviously you don't want to walk up to somebody that you know is dangerous and has a history, and they've got a gun in their hand and say, I dare you to shoot me in the head. I mean, come on. Can I hurt you anyway? Yes. So use your common sense. Okay.

Next question. Number three. This is a big question. There's a lot of digging here. But the question is. What am I really afraid of? Ponder that what am I really afraid of. And more than anything, you're probably afraid of either looking bad or not looking good. Or let me back up the two biggest fears that we have. I don't any more. And I trust me. Oh my gosh, I did. But the two biggest fears we have. Are the fear of being abandoned. Meaning people are going to tell me no. People are going to reject me. Or, you know, what. I'm not good enough. think about that. I'm not good enough. And then people try to prove that they're good enough. And then all kind of inferiority sets in and arrogance and trying to overcompensate and overconfidence and everything else. But let's look at that for a moment. What am I really afraid of? So think about that public speaking. Or let's go here for a moment. Think about you wanting, because you can't tell me. No one, this might not apply to all of you. But it will apply to a lot of you.

You are afraid to tell your partner what you think. Why and how you feel at a deep level. Why? Because you're afraid they will be angry. You're maybe one of these or all of these, you're afraid you'll upset them. Oh, Boohoo. Well guess what? You can't upset them only. They can upset themselves based upon their interpretations of what you said. You are afraid you're going to be judged. You've heard me say before that, no matter what you do, you will be judged. I mean, I just had the BE-DO-HAVE series. We were in three, three weeks of very comprehensive and a lot of ads and trust me. I was called thief, salesman. peddler, snake's oil salesman. And the list goes on and on and on again, by mind you people who don't even know me. Basically the trolls online. So you're going to be judged. And what I tell people, and this has helped me tremendously when I learned it. No one taught me this. I just realized it. One day. I was thinking, okay. If I'm going to be judged. How much energy do I waste? And how much do I hide and not put myself out in life. Because I'm afraid I'm going to be judged.

And then if I don't put myself out, I can't help people, which is what I really enjoy doing. So I can either hide and shrink. And avoid being judged. And not do a damn thing in the world. But hide, which doesn't help me or anyone. Or, you know what I can say, bring it on. Bring the slings and arrows. Take your best shot. Okay. Are you done now? Next. And move on. Now also I'm not inviting, you know, I'm not intentionally saying, oh, everybody hate on me. No, I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying is it's going to happen. And the way that I look at it, would I rather do nothing and be in my comfort zone, which I don't really care anymore. But what I'd rather do nothing and hang out in that little bitty rut of a comfort zone. Or what I'd rather go help people. And do something in the world. Either or because I can't do both. And the same thing applies to you.

Being good enough. You've heard me say before, when are you going to be good enough? That's what's called a nominalization enough. Because in a nominalization, is it doesn't mean anything. How do you qualify enough compared to who compared to what compared to when compared to how it compared the Y. You can't compare. So you're good enough now. And then for a lot of people, And these all came to mind with the BE DO HAVE series. There were a lot of people who want to register, but they're afraid. And there are afraid for the things I'm sharing right now, which I should hold left this in the series. And then people are going to get it when they get it. And they're not going to get it when they don't want to get it because the brain will filter it out. But the thing is this many people are afraid and I can relate to this deeply because this used to be me. They're afraid. Because they don't trust themselves.

They don't trust, even when someone opens the door and hands them gold bricks. They don't trust. They'll be able to carry them. They don't trust. They'll be able to deliver them where they need to be. They don't trust. They'll need. They'll be able to invest them wisely. They don't trust. They'll be able to protect them. They don't trust. So like right now, the doors are open for my Transformational Coaching Program, which will be closed by the time you hear this podcast and will not open again for quite some time. And many people, which is what actually. Gave me the idea for the podcast tonight. Many people are saying in a group, a private group that we're in. I want to join, but I'm afraid. And the program has a hundred percent guarantee and I've only had six refunds in five years, six out of many thousands. And I bend over backwards and my team and my coaches and the testimonials are amazing. Amazing and someone even said tonight, oh, those testimonials are probably just people that, you know, you paid to do those. No, that's bullshit. I mean, that's literally that's. I just, I don't lack integrity. No one was paid for anything.

But the main reason people won't invest. Even though I can get them to where they want to be in life is because they don't trust themselves. And they don't trust me. To even help them trust themselves. And until you trust yourself nothing nothing will change for you. And then go back to the continuum. I started with life is a continuum. Put yourself out there and do it. Sometimes it'll work. Sometimes it won't. Make different decisions. Make better decisions. Number four. Ask yourself. What will happen if I do do this? What could happen if I do it? What can happen? And probably happen if I don't do it. So think about when you're forced with a decision or one not forced but maybe it's upon you. Ask yourself simply. What are the benefits of doing this? And what can happen. And what are the disadvantages of not doing this? And what could happen. Which one is going to pay me the greater reward, doing it or not doing it. Because generally we want to do it a lot of times, but we don't do it out of fear. So we ask ourselves what would happen. If I don't do it. A little caveat here and I'm just only referencing my programs because it applies to a lot of things in life. We think, oh, if I don't do it. I'll do it later. Well, I've already done a podcast episode on that. That's a big fat lie. If you think you're going to do things later, I'll see one out of a thousand people that will say that and do it. And I'm not tossing any stones, because guess what? I used to be in that other group of 999 people saying, I'll do it later. I'll do it later. I'll do it later.

And later never comes. As I mentioned before. And you don't do it later because you have nothing to change your fear that prevented you from doing it and the first place. So if you don't change that now, how do you expect it to change later? It's not going to change. And that's self deception. So number four is what will happen if I do do it. And what will happen if I don't do it? Now I said this earlier number five. Let this really just sink in for. Until the next episode. Next week now, a lot of you listen, a lot of you have listened to the episodes, all of them, 2, 3, 4, or five times, but, but let this settle in. And you look around and you will find this to be a hundred percent true in your own life. If you don't leave your comfort zone. You'll never leave your comfort zone. If you don't leave your comfort zone. You'll never leave your comfort zone. So, what you could do is make a list of your top five comfort zones. And notice. You've never left them. Or if you did. I've been there to. You're like a scared little mouse and you run back to the comfort zone.

One of my coaches for many years. And she was my NLP. Neuro-linguistic Programming trainer. Her name was Peggy Dean. She's in her eighties now. And we've been friends for 30 years now. And she started being my NLP, coach and trainer back in the nineties, early nineties, 1993, I believe. And she said, you know, Jim I have observed you for a while. And you've got a daring part to you. And you've got a fearful part to you. And the daring part of you wants to jump off the high diving board. And the fearful part of you once you dive off you swim right back to the shallow end. Where it is safe. Think about that. And that's what I did. I, because I think, I don't think all of us want more in life. We want to create a better life for ourselves and our family. But we're afraid to do it. So we want, we'll go all the way up the steps and we'll walk to the edge of the diving board and we'll look over the edge. And we're like, Ooh, I want to jump. I want to jump knowing that when we jump, will become stronger, we've never done it. We become more powerful. And you want to jump. And then you'd chicken out.
And I would jump. I've done it. I mean, I'm kind of a jumper. I would jump. And then there, I would go. Swimming rig back. To the shallow end of the, of the pool, which is my comfort zone. And she goes, next time you jump that's what she told me. Next time you jump and you're sitting ‘there waiting water. And treading water. Sorry. Treading water. Before you swim back. I want you to take some time and think. Do I want to swim back or do I want to swim out to even deeper water? Now of course use your common sense there. When I say deeper water, metaphorically, and practically as well. And always make wise and calculated decisions, gather your facts and information, gather facts, and make sure you're investing with the right people or doing things with the right people or whatever, and do your due diligence. But jump in. When it's a wise solid decision.

And then the last one. I heard this many years ago and even though I heard it many years ago. I kind of knew it, but I didn't know it until I had a stroke and heart failure in one year. And this is by Eliphas Levi. Sorry I can pronounce his name Eliphas Levi . He was in occult in the 1880s. And no, if you don't know anything about the occult, like, Ooh, that's bad. That's, no nonsensical. It can be, but that's all, there's also the white occult. Which there's also black magic and white magic. And. He was of the light. And think about this. Fear is the idleness of the will. Meaning. I will this to happen. This will happen for me I own this. Now what I mean by that and the story, you know, how I started this story? When I was in the hospital. I was a little concerned. I mean, I wasn't really, honestly, I swear to God and Buddha and Muhammad and the Divine Force and Yoda. I don't care. I swear. I never was afraid. When the doctors told me, oh, you have heart failure. I was kind of like, uh, okay. 'cause I knew. I knew that I would heal. And when I had a stroke, I woke up in the hospital. And the doctors said you had a stroke. Now I knew that. But I also didn't know consciously. I knew it because I knew that it had happened. Because let me put it this way, this space that I was in. One of his completely unconscious. The consciousness that I was in. I was still gathering information. And literally when they told me I'm like, okay, And I knew that I would be. A hundred percent well. Three days later, I walked out of the hospital. With obviously some healing to do. But with zero long-term effects.

Today one year later, I'm extraordinarily healthy. And I'm still working on things. I mean, I'm not going to shoot, you know, lie about anything. I'm working, I'm working on, even though when I had the stroke. The doctor said, because I had that after the heart failure. The neurologist said. He said, Jim, you said you had heart failure seven months ago. And I'm like, yeah, I did. And he goes, we did an echocardiogram, which they did, and it goes your heart. I don't know what it's called. Ejection refraction or something. I don't know what it's called, but it's the heart pumping the blood. He goes you're, your heart is stronger than most people's at your age. And he goes the average heart pumps at 50% ejection, whatever it is, refraction or whatever. Now, when I went in the hospital for a heart failure, I was at 32% earlier in 2020. And then when I had a stroke, he goes, your heart is at 73%. The average person is at 50% and you're at 73% and you're telling us you had heart failure. You're not in heart failure right now. Your heart strong. But when I had the heart failure. My brother-in-law called me, Don Xavier, and we were in the hospital. And he said, use your will to heal yourself. And there's an episode on that much earlier. I don't know, number in the eighties, nineties, somewhere like that about using your, your will and your intention.
But where I want to go. When you use your will. You're no longer in resignation of I can't. I can't do. I can't have, I can't no that's victim mentality when you use your will. You will find a way to make something happen. It's metaphorically like running through a brick wall. That is the power of your will. And when you recognize, when you come to know that you willed, willed, not wield.

You willed that kind of power. What. What is there to be afraid of? Nothing. So number one. Recap life is a continuum. Your life is a continuum. Number two. Ask yourself. Can I do it anyway. Number three. What am I really afraid of? Number four two part. What will happen if I do do it, or what can happen? And what will happen or could happen if I don't do it? Number five. If you don't leave your comfort zone. You'll never leave your comfort zone. Truth big time. And then number six. Fear. Is the idleness of will. If you would please, number one is thank you for listening to the podcast. Thank you for being here. Thank you for trusting me. And I know that I help a lot of people because I get a lot of feedback. If you would please, and you enjoy the podcast, please go to iTunes and preferably leave a five star review. I would greatly appreciate that it'll help other people make a decision about the podcast, even though we vacillate between 4.9 and five stars. And we always have, since the day we started the podcast. And if you would share with other people, please post on your social media and share it with people that you know, because if you found value they will as well. So I don't really have a transformational individual takeaway for you this week. But I gave you the six points. So basically I gave you a six transformational takeaways. Okay, thanks for listening. And I'll catch you on another episode. And do what you can to make it a great day to day. Bye-bye.


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