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EPISODE 211: “Five Thoughts to Transform your Life”

March 30, 2022

This was a fun episode for me. As I was going through some old notes in the past few days and listening to some audios at the gym I picked five distinctions of thinking that I know can add huge value to your life if you ingrate them into your thinking. 

I’ll give you a synopsis of the episode and the five distinctions and you have to listen to the episode to get my full explanations. 

1) Gratitude Is Not Given With Your Mouth 

So often when asked if we are grateful for something, we instinctively and quickly almost always say yes. It’s an automatic response for most of us. However, just speaking the word does not mean that we are actually grateful and I share some thoughts with you on the matter in this episode and how to truly feel grateful 

2) You’ll See It When You Believe It Is Not Always True

In the 1990’s, I heard Wayne Dyer say, “So many of us have heard that others will believe it when they see it but the opposite is true, they’ll see it when they believe it first.” Meaning, belief has to come before manifestation.

This all sounds great and is true, however, I’d like to take it a step further. I talk about how assuming is a lot easier for us than “trying” to believe something. Ever noticed how hard it can be to believe something about yourself that you don’t currently believe but want to? 

Believing is often a two-step process and interestingly enough, assuming is often a one-step process, and easier. 

Assuming something about yourself that will empower your life and make it better is often easier than trying to believe it. 

3) Assuming Isn’t Going To Make An “ASS Of You And Me.” 

Most of us have heard it before, “If you assume things you’ll make an ass out of you and me.” Personally, never really bought into all of it so let me offer another perspective. 

The perspective is, have you considered what assuming great things about yourself and for yourself would do for your life circumstances? 

In this part of the episode, I pull from my experience of having a stroke and heart failure and “assuming” I was healed from both. And, what I did miss in this episode is even though I had assumed I was healed I did not assume I could do all those physical things associated with a healed person. Hence, I was not fully embracing my assumption. I do mention it here in the write-up but I forgot to in the episode so I’ll add to this in another upcoming episode. 

As I talked about in the last bullet, assuming has nothing to do with making an ass of yourself and it can change your life when you assume things about yourself that actually work to support you. 

Assume things you want to create are true. 

4) If You Desire Something In Life, Ask The One You Have Confidence In To Assist You. 

When you need assistance in life do you ask someone who you have confidence in or someone you have no confidence in to assist you? 

Ponder that? 

And, the obvious answer is that you first ask only the person who you have confidence in. 

So, what stands to reason and it can be a big step forward when you operate from this suggestion: Going forward ask for assistance from “the one” who can truly assist you. This will make more sense and will hit home when you listen to the episode. 

5) How Long Will It Take You To Change Your Life? 

The cultural myth says 21 days. Brain science says 67 days. 

But, which is it or is it neither? 

I’ve said that your level of motivation is also a factor but what if you entirely changed your perspective on “time” regarding manifestation? 

In this episode, I give you a huge and potential realization when it comes to manifestation times and I literally put it into a perspective that any human can clearly understand. 

Considering time frames. Have you ever really considered how much you can truly accomplish and change in just one year? 

My answer may be a huge transformative opportunity for you if you choose. 

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Five Thoughts to Transform your Life. Couple of days ago, I was at the gym and I was thinking about what I wanted to, you know, what I wanted to say to this episode. And it dawned on me that I had a bunch of notes on my phone from the last couple of weeks. And I started scanning through and I'm like, okay. There you go. There's the upcoming podcast. So in this episode, I share some thoughts with you that when you apply them, they can literally transform your life. And I've shared a lot of that here in different episodes, but these are short. I want to make this short and easy and I want to make it applicable, so let's have a little fun. Let's keep this simple and keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Five Thoughts To Transform Your Life

So this week as I'd mentioned in the opening that. I was going through my phone a couple of days ago at the gym. I was just kind of scanning through basically looking for, you know, what do I want to listen to today when I'm working out? And I often scroll through recordings with my brother-in-law, the Shaman Don Xavier, I do want to point out and I understand a lot of people are like which had been around for years. Why does he always say his brother-in-law the Shaman? Well, the reason why is because we always have new people joining us. So I have to at least reference it. My brother-in-law's name is Don Xavier. He's not the Don Xavier on YouTube. as a matter of fact, he has no website, no social media presence. And as I've said before, a phone number from literally back in the nineties, early nineties, at some point, anyway, I was looking through our conversations and different, you know, conversations we had and a lot of different thoughts started popping into my mind about this episode.

By the way, on my phone alone right now. And this phone's not that old, but I have, uh, an app, a recording app, and I have 70 gigs of audio alone, just talking to my brother-in-law the last 18 months. And I know that because all of his gigs are from, you know, my time living in Sedona. And I've been living here I guess, about 18 months or so full-time. So anyway, I've got so much over the course of our time together, and we have a lot more time together to bring to you. So let's just dig right in. So the first thought that I want to share is this, and this is not mine. This is Don Xavier's, and he said this a couple of months ago. I think it was actually New Years Eve we are, we were talking, not just he and I, but the group that he works with,people that apprentice with him directly and see him on a regular basis, you know, connect with him and stuff like that on a frequent basis. Now, of course he is my brother-in-law so I can call him anytime I want doesn't mean he's going to answer, but I'm calling him anytime that I want.

And he said something that made a lot of sense. That was so simple. He said, When you give gratitude and he was talking about how important gratitude is. And I have an earlier episode, and I think it's called ratitude, which means radical gratitude, which I created after I got out of the hospital having a stroke and heart failure, or maybe that was a hard failure alone. I do not remember. Anyway, he was talking about gratitude and he said, you know, many people give gratitude with lip service and and you know, when people ask you right away, are you grateful for this, that or the other? We say yes, right away. It's just a, it's just an automatic response. Yep. And that's given with your mouth.

And so the point for this particular. One of the five this week is here, ponder this gratitude. Meaning just gratitude because you're either grateful or you're not, you might think you're grateful, but you're not grateful. Therefore you are not, but gratitude is not given with your mouth. Consider that gratitude is not given with your mouth. Gratitude is actually given with your heart and that means feeling it. So when you're thinking about gratitude, when you're thinking about that, how do you feel? Not when you're simply going blah-blah-blah yeah, I'm grateful. No, that's not it that's what your mouth. How do you feel? And every morning, because Don Xavier taught me this every morning, before I get out of bed, put my feet on the floor. I say, thank you to divine mind three times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And then before I know that I'm going to doze off at night again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. One of the earlier episodes, very early episodes. I believe it's number six or seven on abundance and how people use the law of attraction to repel in their lives.

And I talk about the sequence about manifestation. But many of us think like the book Think And Grow Rich, we think about money and think that's going to make us rich. And it's not because we go from thought feeling vibration and frequency. So ask yourself this. When you're feeling, feeling at a deep level, feeling grateful, what then is your vibration and what is your frequency and that's really what you want to focus on is how am I feeling? You know, what is my frequency? What is my vibration? And of course you can't see that physically, but all you need to do is feel, it, feel what it feels like to be in gratitude. And you know, Don Xavier, as I've mentioned in a prior episode, got on to me a couple of years ago. And I said, you know, you have a whole lot of abundance coming into your life. And I'm like, yeah. And he goes, I know that you're grateful for the amount of abundance that comes into your life, but what you're not grateful for is how easily the abundance comes into your life. And that was a realization and I'm like, yeah, he totally nailed it is that's correct.

I mean, I'm, I'm grateful for the many things that I have mainly I'm grateful to be on the planet after having heart failure and a stroke and the very same year, 2020. And then on top of that cherry on top is after I had the stroke. Six months later, I got COVID. And that knocked me sideways, but it never, never, never at any point that I ever feel like it was time to check out and leave the planet heart failure. Oh yeah. I definitely said, you know what? Maybe it's time for me to work on the other side of the veil. Maybe I've done my work here and it's time to go. And honestly, COVID fricking sucked. I mean, I called a nurse, which my friend Ruth told me about and she did NAD therapy and literally I felt better within a day. And I was feeling just exhausted. Now people have it in different ways and, and they have different experiences. I didn't need to go to the hospital for anything. My oxygen remained fine, no temperature, et cetera, and not really coughing or anything, but I was so exhausted and a lot of people can relate to this. It would be like, okay, I need to get out of bed now. All right. Let me count to three. I don't get up on the count of 3, 1, 2, 3, and you're still in bed. Let me try it again. And the best way I can explain it is I remember one day that I was brushing my teeth and I'm like, oh my gosh, this is taxing. And I use an electric toothbrush and I'm like, this is taxing.

And in that moment, I'm like, you know, because I do work from everything that happens in my life is a blessing. I'm like, I'm grateful. I'm grateful that I got COVID because I didn't really dive into learn and not master because I don't know if I'll ever master anything. But when I had heart, heart failure and the stroke. You know Don Xavier is like, be patient I'm helping you heal, you know, you're healing. But when I had COVID and I was knocked out and exhausted, I had gratitude. I was grateful at a very deep level. And I actually thanked the COVID. And the reason why is it taught me more about gratitude and a lot of people complain about it and for various reasons in different reasons. And I understand that whatever your reasons or experiences might be. But I was thinking to myself, well, what I really said is this fucking sucks. It's horrible. Um, that's what I really said. And however, I was grateful, I was grateful because it reminded me how important it is to have gratitude, hence being grateful.

So a question before we move on. Is, you know, you think about things that you're grateful for and what I want you to notice when you're truly grateful. It's completely impossible to be into your self pity into your anger into your resentment into your hatefulness, into your pettiness or whatever petty emotions that you get into. It's Impossible to be in those emotions when you're feeling. And you're in the space of gratitude. Now, even though I've talked about gratitude before, as I've mentioned, ponder what I just said, because many of us reactively knee-jerk because air quote, we're supposed to, when people say, are we grateful? Oh yeah, yeah. I'm grateful. Ah, yep. Yep. Yep. I'm grateful. It's all mouth service. We have to be grateful in our hearts and that means taking a little time and slowing down. And experiencing that.

Okay. Next you've heard the old phrase before, and I'm going to put a little bit of a twist on this. You know, people, our parents often said, well, I'll believe it. When I see it. And then there were people like Wayne Dyer who came along in the nineties and different people and said, that's incorrect, it's backwards. And they said, well, you'll see it. When you believe it, you have to believe at first. But let's go a step beyond that. If I ask you, and I said to you, because I had somebody asked me one time, I even asked myself that question before, but a friend of mine said, you know, Jim, when people ask me, do I believe in myself? I don't know how to answer that because I really don't know what it means to believe in myself. Not that now this person, it wasn't that they didn't believe in themselves per se, but they're like, what does that mean? And they weren't understanding. And I can understand that because many times think about things that you think you believe are going to happen in your life. And they don't happen. Now. There are many reasons for that, but you might think, well, I believe it. I know. I believe it. And then it doesn't happen. As I mentioned before, there's a difference between consciously believing something and unconsciously believing something. And you can analytically think you believe something all day long, but it doesn't mean you subconsciously believe something.

And when you subconsciously believe something, Take a second with this. You can feel it. You can feel it at a core level and there that word is again, feel so where I want to go here is not, you'll see it when you believe it, where I want to go here is this, you will see it when you feel it, you have to feel it, whatever it is. And I often tell people. Often, I will tell people that, you know what? Everyone wants a better life. It's just, it's, it's, it's ingrained. It's born in us. It's just part of our operating system. Everyone wants a better life, whatever that means to them. And we're hardwired to go to higher levels or want higher emotional states. And when it comes to money, I think most people, even really rich people, many times want more money. And that's a whole different episode I'd want to talk about is about appreciating and being grateful for what you have, because I mean, how many yachts can you water ski behind? Right. But here's the thing I've said before many times. So you ever notice that people that need the money the most have the least, and the reason why. is because they always feel broke. I'm broke, I'm broke. I feel bad. I feel bad. I feel bad. I feel bad. I feel bad. I feel broke. I fell broke. I fell broke. I feel. And then they feel bad about it, which means they're perpetuating that and creating more of it.

As you're hearing that right now, look at your bank account because your bank account and your finances are commensurate with how you feel about. Wealth, abundance and prosperity. I want to go here also when, for example, it was Wayne Dyer that I heard in 1992 said that you'll see it when you believe it. In other words, see is, oh my gosh, it's such an overrated word. The word visualize, visualize, visualize. And the motivator say, you got to visualize, you got to visualize what I want to point out is let's go one step deeper. Not everyone can visualize. And what I mean by that is some people process information, predominantly brain-based kinesthetically, which means feeling some people will have a harder time visualizing and they need to hear things. Now me, for example, I am predominantly visual. My modality is predominant visual, which means, I think in the mode of predominant visual, it's very easy for me to think in pictures, even my team knows. When they want me to get something, meaning when they want me to understand something or ask me a complex question, they know they have to show it to me, put it on a piece of paper. Let me see the diagram, why I'm going to get lost in the words, but I can follow the diagram very easily.

so I want to give you, I guess, a hack. I know a lot of people don't like that word. I'm pretty indifferent to the word, but the word hack. And this is something that I discovered on my own. And I, I discovered as a result of the brain problems and the heart failure last year, but here's a great place. And the next section will be about this also. But assuming, assuming what I want you to notice is how easy it is, is to assume things that you already think you believe or have some evidence of. So the best thing the easiest is to look at politics and whatever party people support you or anyone else, or you observe them when they support a particular candidate, they'll make all kind of assumptions that or they'll hear things that they assume are true with no evidence behind it whatsoever. But they assume. And what I want to share here to observe is look how easy it is to assume something, think about that. Look how easy it is to assume something. Now, what I want to synopsize or finish up, finish up in this step before we go to the next one, which is also about assumptions. I'll give you a couple of tidbits here is. Let me say this first. And I just said, notice how easy it is to assume something, ponder that for a moment, how easy it is to assume something. And this is a twist to some degree, notice how difficult it can be to believe something as specially about yourself. No matter how many people tell you you're a sweetheart and you're amazing and you're loving and you're kind, and you're this and you're that. What will happen is because people don't believe it what will happen is they basically won't go any assumptions about it because they don't believe it.

Now here here's what I want to share is believing can be a very challenging process. But assuming can be a very easy process because many times when we think we want to believe something, we really can't believe something. Unless we have evidence, we have to have something to show us, prove it to me before I believe it. But when we assume many times. Then what happens is very easy. So believing can be a two-step process. And what that means is is you first have like believing in yourself, you first, and you want to believe in yourself because the end result as you want, you know,Tada's when I say tada's success and all the lights and everything else, it's a metaphor. But here's the thing. If you think you have to believe in yourself before you can have that then, guess what many people are tripped up on the concept of believing in themselves? Therefore, they never assume that they will have any of those things because they don't believe. Okay. I got that out. Hopefully that makes sense.

And I want to go into the next step here. Number three, I believe it's number three, right? We've done 1, 2, 3. This is okay. Anyway, I don't know. So, you know, you've heard the old phrase before is assuming, is, you know, when you, is people say, when you assume you're going to make an ass out of you and me. And it's just, it's such a colloquial phrase and it's, I mean, it's been around forever, but I want to share that. Assuming isn't always, I don't know the right word there, just because you assume doesn't mean you're going to make an ass out of yourself is what I want to say. And your takeaway here, which I'll share with you, how I came to this thought process is try believing that you want to create something. We just talked about it in the last bullet try believing being a millionaire or being healthy or being happy or whatever it might be and notice how challenging that is and notice all the roadblocks you put up to believing something. Okay. How about this?

What if you just assumed what you want to create is actually easy to do. How would you show up differently? If you assumed, when someone ask you to go on a date, then go with a date They wouldn't tell you No. If you assumed, think about this, this really I think it's profound. I assume it's profound. I'll tell you again, in a minute, how I came upon this, when you look at I was going to go but but when you look at this, you think about. How hard it is to believe things. So I just covered that, but it's very easy to assume things, right. We just talked about that and the reason I'm going here, another distinction here is many of us have heard before you have to act as if and I don't know about you, but I could just never, ever have never been able to get my mind around that acting as if and the reason behind that is because you're tricking the well you're tricking the brain because the brain doesn't know the difference parts of the brain between real and imagined. And it may be semantics also.

So some of you might resonate with this. Some of you might not, but notice when you assume something. When you assume something, here's the caveat it's already true for you and you already believe it ponder that when you assume something it's already true for you and you already believe it. So where I want to go with, you know, with this is here when I had the heart failure. And I mentioned this in the podcast somewhere probably a year ago. When I had the heart failure, the cardiologist said this, that this, that, well, all these kind of things about lifetime of, of heart failure and all these kind of things based upon air quote, medicine and science, and blah-blah-blah. Yeah, a lot of that stuff is bullshit. I'm just telling you right now, you know, as I've said before, if you need medical help and you you've got trauma broken arm, a bone sticking out of your skin, you're having a heart attack, get your butt to the hospital now ASAP, but many things they will tell you because of the broken medical model is you ever notice that they never tell you, which is true you can heal yourself. And I think I don't, I'm not a doctor, even though I have students that are MDs and very prominent ones, but that's against some medical protocol that you can't tell people X, Y, Z, even if it's the truth, which in truth, we can heal. But you can't tell people that all you can tell them is based upon blah-blah-blah. This is what it's looking like. And the cardiologist said that to me. And he goes, I'll give you about a 75% chance of full recovery. And that was a positive cardiologist. The other one was like, because I think my second day in the hospital, I did all this cardio testing. I was, I think, 32% heart function.

And she's like, no, you now you recognize that you may never lead a normal life again. And your whole life could change and all this, all this doom and gloom, and he was the opposite, but he goes, I'll give you a 75% chance. Now, when I had the stroke, seven months later, the neurologist said to me, he goes, Jim, you told us you had heart failure right. And I said, yeah. And he goes, looking at your echocardiograms, you have no heart failure. As a matter of fact, your heart stronger than most people. And I started thinking about that. I started thinking, what did I assume when the cardiologist told me that. That wasn't true because I had worked very hard to heal myself and the stroke was caused by something else. I won't even go into this episode and I'm glad they both happened because I wouldn't have learned everything that I learned to bring to you guys. So you owe me a big, thank you for almost kicking the bucket, which I did very briefly to bring the heart failure and the stroke to you. And I'm just kidding, but it brought me extraordinary lessons.

Okay. So at the gym yesterday, I have a trainer and he's a very good trainer and I was thinking, okay, maybe I shouldn't push myself as hard as what he's pushing me because I had a stroke and heart failure. And then I thought for a moment, I'm like, wait, what assumptions am I making about my physical state right now? What if I never had those? Because I think back to when I was in my thirty and forties. And I used to bust my ass in the gym and no heart failure and no stroke back then. And I said, what if I assumed? I was as healthy as I was when I was 40 years old. And that's completely possible. What if I assumed that then how would I approach healing differently in the gym that is meaning a pro because I, I was thinking, okay, I'm healing, I've got to pace myself. And I think we have to be responsible when we're in the gym and we're lifting weights, but I was thinking, what I'd just assumed that I was already in perfect health? How would I work out differently? How would I approach the workout differently?

And the second part of that, I was talking to Don Xavier a couple of months ago, feeling really good that day. And a lot of days I don't feel good. And it's not because of any kind of physiology per se or physical element. It's because of the energy. I can feel energies. I can feel solar flares, days that we have bad solar flares on the planet. Holy hell. Those are bad days. I can feel different things that happen on the planet. I can just feel it. That's what it is. And my whole family's had that gift. We all have a gift by the way, everyone can, they can, they can see, they can hear, they can feel, but they don't know that they can. And that's all, that's not encouraged when we're kids, but about a month ago, I was talking to Don Xavier. And I remember saying, I said, you know what I said, I assume. That I'm completely healed. It's exactly what I said. I assume that I'm completely healed of anything that happened last year or 2021 or 2020, but I carried it in the 2021 still healing.

And I remember this just popped into my mind right now. So I had the stroke in 2022 and the heart failure is seven months prior. And we were sitting at dinner in February of 2021 after, you know what, November three months after the stroke. And someone looked at Don Xavier and said, how long is it going to take Jim to heal from the stroke.Now, I'm not sure what possessed them to ask that question. I mean, how do you quantify and qualify that? But his answer has always stuck with me, he said nonchalantly. He said, that's completely up to him. He'll decide how long it takes him to heal. Think about that. That's up to him. He will decide how long it takes him to heal. And having this conversation. Now, what assumptions was I making about healing a year ago is actually 13 months ago, almost 14 months ago. What assumptions where I making about my body's ability to heal that admit I would make completely different today. So your assumptions are everything. So what I want to share with you, just practice this a little bit, try it on. Okay. Just try it on. Is assumed just sit down for a few minutes and assume that you are already wealthy financially assume you've already met the person of what you think your dreams are. Assume that you're perfectly healthy. Even if in your analytical module, like no or not, but just assume for a moment, assume, assume, assume, assume that you are and notice what that feels like.

There's a huge difference there. So your take away here is what little things can you do from assumption that will actually snowball in to bigger things for you and your health, your relationships and your prosperity. Assumption, assuming is the key, even if you don't believe it, which is, I said earlier hard to do, because you're trying to get yourself to believe it, which is a whole obstacle right there. Just assume it's already true, whatever it is that you want. Now, we're all going to, going to experience that in different ways. I'm telling you, just play with it. Okay. Just play with it. Now, let me go to the next point here is which will tie into my last. So, let me ask you this. If you want something in life, let's say you wanted to, you desire, you intend you want to create something and you're going to need someone's assistance. Are you going to ask someone who you have confidence they can help you do it? Or are you going to ask someone that you're like, oh, hell no, there's no way I'm asking Susan. Or there's no way I'm asking Bob because you don't have any confidence. They can do it. So here's the point. The next one, if you intend or desire something in life, ask the one, you have confidence in. I'm going to repeat that. If you desire something in life, ask the one, you have confidence in. Ponder that.

Now I can speak on this Bruce Lipton. I was out in the event he did in Sedona a few months ago and I'm excited. I'll just say this. He may be, and maybe even I've even recorded the podcast with him to be on the podcast at some time soon. We'll see. And I'm being a bit a coy there bruce Lipton will be joining us on the podcast and the near future. Anyway, he said something that I thought was brilliant and I think Bruce Lipton is brilliant and he said, Medications don't heal people and they don't. There are, there are band-aid they're literally, I was talking to an MD a couple of days ago and he's like, medications don't work. They're band-aid I've been on medications or a bunch of crap, and there's no safe pharmaceutical in the world. There are fricking band-aid, but Lipton said, but this applies to everything. He goes, no medication will heal people pharmacology it'll help them. It'll actually be a crutch for the body, but here no indications it heals people.

And then a lot of people listening right now will say right on, right on medication does'nt do it. I do it wrong. You don't heal yourself. Divine mind and divine force heals you and let me prove that. So have you ever cut your finger before you're in the kitchen? You're making dinner and you cut your finger. Now what I want you to notice, you don't have to go to the ER for stitches or any of that is you're like, ah, okay. You go grab a, band-aid wash it out real quick. Put your bandaid on your nail is torn whatever your doing. And you go back to making dinner. Why? Because they're going to be here in 90 minutes and you got to have dinner ready or whatever it is. You know what I mean? Notice you have not 99, you have 100% confidence that you will heal, but yet you consciously will do nothing. Nothing, nothing to assist the healing. Why? Because you already have confidence to know that your body's going to do it, but your body is consciousness ponder that, ponder that. So think about that. If you desire or intend something in life, ask the one, you have confidence in. Now what I just said. Is what is the one you have confidence in?

So I'm going to use this word, use it in whatever context that works for you. God, Divine Mind, Quantum Field, Quantum Force, it's all consciousness. Which of those do you have confidence in that's what you ask and request. That's where you request assistance because I'm going to tell you right now, notice how you try to make all these things happen in your life. All these many things, you want a new job and all this, they don't happen. They don't happen. You, me, all of us, we have very little power. The power comes through Divine Mind or God or whatever it is. So ask Mivine mind. And an episode after I had the stroke, Don Xavier was sharing and I love the metaphor. I drive a Porsche and I live in Sedona, small town. And you can't just take your Porsche to anyone. I mean, hell I came and I'm going tomorrow to have my oil changed. Uh, 90 miles to Phoenix. I can't change my own oil, which I knew as a kid growing up, I learned how to do all that. I don't know how Iand number one or one. I don't know how. And secondly, and, secondly is in a porsche you can only, in my car, you can only change the oil from underneath the car and that you can't even put the oil. And, and like above the car anywhere that's not underneath the car.

So the example Don Xavier gave me a long time ago was he said that. He's like Jim, he calls me Jimmy. He goes, you can't take your car to just any mechanic and the mechanic can't do what you need. You have to go to the dealer. Why? Because the dealer has people that are specially trained to work on your car, your sports car, the manufacturer knows more about your car than a mechanic does. There's a manufacturer. And those more about your. Then the mechanic does just some mechanic. Who's not an expert in Porsche. So you think about your life, the manufacturer of your life knows one hell of a lot more about your life then, you know, divine mind, just like the cut. So ask any way you want.

It can be God, it can be Allah. It can be Buddha. It can be whatever for me, it's Divine Mind. It can be Divine Mind. It can be the Quantum Field of your Scientific. It can be the Quantum Force, whatever you want to call it for you. But if you want a parallel with this, look at the Bible, the Bible is full. Of this example is ask Jesus and ask God as if there's something external from you. There's, you know, they're, they're, they're human beings and it's consciousness because even the Jesus of history had consciousness in him. And there's not, there's a whole fashion to me, fascinating concept behind this is that how Christianity has so artfully taken universal concepts and concretize them into that religion. There's a whole lot, I could say on that. And I won't, but your takeaway from this point is if you intend something and you want to create something in life, ask the one, you have confidence in ponder that that's pretty profound when you take it apart.

Okay. Let's do one more here. The last one. I've heard often. And many of you have even probably wondered this, but, but here's the point. How long will it take you to change your life? What are your assumptions about that? What are your beliefs about that? Think about that for a moment. How long will it take you to change your life? What does that even mean? I mean, I think all of us, I do too. I'm grateful for what I have and I'm always wanting to grow and expand. Mainly my objective is to grow, grow, grow, grow spiritually. So I'm creating something too just like, you just might be different than yours obviously. But when I grow and when I grow, I change. So like I said, we're no different. But so many people want to know how long will it take to change my life? And the question is you look at many people and I, I can't hall stones. I've been there. No question about it. I have spent decades in my twenties and my thirties and halfway through my forties. It's a long time. Well, at least earth time, what we call time.

Wanting to, uh, fervently create all these kind of things in my life and not a lot changed. Think about your life. How many years have you been trying to change something from the ridiculous, like people wanting to stop smoking and all the excuses they give themselves and all the assumptions. What if you had never, ever heard in your life that smoking was hard to quit. What if you had never heard that, which means you would never assume it, which means you would never believe it. And then how easy would it be to quit? And then you could say, well, no nicotine gets in your body. It's in your body for three days. That's a bunch of nonsense that you're still addicted to it because I know being a hypnotist I've helped people stop smoking three, four packs a day, no cravings immediately. That is the power of the mind. And I have seen it.

Okay. Let me keep going here is that many people erroneously believe it's just cultural myth, oh it takes 21 days to change a habit, which means people are trying to change something. That's not true. That's not true at all science, oh it can be hang on. It can be true, but science and research shows that it takes sixty seven. Six seven days to make something completely automatic and subconscious. So the question is which is it twenty one days or is it sixty seven days? I quit I quit a twenty year diet Coke habit and I air quote, thought I was addicted to diet. In a matter of minutes. I think I talk about that in episode four or five or so. It's that easy to do really?

We also will change based upon our levels of motivation. Okay. So think about, that will change based upon our levels of motivation. So question is, is how badly do you want to change? How badly do you want to transform in your life. And that's something that really look at old friend of mine. I've not talked to him in a while. Ron White, not the comedian, but national memory expert in 2012 and no 2011 and 12th. Ron's favorite phrase. And I love the phrase. His favorite phrase was “a year from now you'll be glad you started today”. Think about that “a year from now you'll be glad you started today”. Now let's go back to the question. How long is it going to change your life? Okay. And then I went to a year from now. You'll be glad you started today. Most of us won't even start today. And trust me I just told you if, I mean twenty years, the same patterns, I didn't start Jack crap for many years. And then I'd complain about how come things aren't changing, how come things are different. What if I started today, but here's where I want to go here. So the question is how much can you create in a year? This is a big Kaboom. How much can you create in a year ponder that? And as you're pondering that I want you to consider this, the question was, how much can you, how much can you create in a year next, consider this.

You were conceived and born in eight months or less think about that. You came from pure energy from physical nothingness. And the carbon and into a body and formed in or formed a complex being that's so complex science doesn't even understand that now in science doesn't even understand what they don't understand or don't know what they don't know about the human body all in eight months. So the question for you, if you can do that, in eight months. And you're part of that process as Divine Mind and Divine Intelligence. If you can do that in eight months, what can you do? in a year, if you start today, that's powerful. At least it is to me. Let's recap here really quickly.

Number one is gratitude is not given with your mouth. Number two. Is you'll see it when you believe it is not always true. Number three, assuming isn't going to make an ass of you and me. Number four, if you desire something in life, ask the one you have confidence in, and then finally, number five, how long will it take you to transform your life? Okay there, you have it. So I do want to say, speaking of gratitude, this podcast, we look at the numbers are very staggering. I even had podcast professionals. I heard one recently so that we can grow even more and he's like, Jim, he goes, we're professionals at this. You're hiring us to be your consultant, our numbers and our metrics. Are even as good as yours. What I want to say is thank you. because I, I can't do this without your support. Meaning just listening and sharing. And if you would please in gratitude for I don't know a lot of you, I mean, thousands of people all around the world, if not more than that I've gotten huge value in this time, if you're truly grateful, it's going to take all of us to make a difference on the planet. I don't think any of us can sit at home and pull our curtains shut and say, you know, the world's pretty shitty right now. I hope it gets better. It's going to take all of us that being said, if you found value here and gratitude to me so that I can help more people and we together can help more people share the podcast. Okay. Make an awesome day today. I appreciate you and I catch you on another episode. Bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too, so please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to And I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. Together, you and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.



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