The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 242: “You Already Know The Secret”

November 2, 2022

Have you ever noticed that when you cut your finger, you probably put a band-aid on it, and then you don’t think twice about it? 

Have you noticed that you don’t focus on healing your finger? You’re not doing self hypnosis healing, acupuncture, yoga, etc. to heal your finger. Even if it’s a bad cut that does not require stitches, you simply wrap it up, go about your tasks and forget about it. 

The whole point of this episode is shockingly simple and powerful, and honestly, it’s the key to all manifestation. Yes, health, a cut finger, overall wellness, money, relationships…everything. 

The reason you don’t focus or worry about your finger healing is because, are you ready? 

It’s because you already know it’s going to heal. And that is the key…the concept of ALREADY. 

I stumbled onto this realization by accidental observation in 2020. I had a stroke and heart failure in 2020 and today I am completely healthy and well. In this episode I talk about how a few things. I talk about where we keep our attention, what we create when we work from “need” and the power of already knowing that we can create whatever we want in life. 

That is a tremendous power we all have, no matter what the circumstances of your life are at the moment. When we work from needing and creating and in particular, when we place high value on what we want, even great health, we often create resistance to getting it. Why do we create resistance? Because the bigger it is the harder it seems and that is challenging for a lot of people. 

In this episode I take this apart and talk about ways to manifest and create whatever you want using the power of the concept of working from “it’s already done.” 

Transformational Takeaway

How would you think, how would you feel, what would you do if you ALREADY had ____________________?

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to The Transform Your Life from the Inside Out Podcast. This episode is titled, You Already Know the Secret. Now what do I mean by so let me ask you, how come when you cut your finger, you know, you put a band aid on it, you forget about it, you don't think about it again, but your finger heals when you truly understand and you can answer the question that I just asked you. How come you can put a bandit on your finger, not think about it again, and it heals when you understand that secret. That secret is the key to manifesting really whatever you want in life, health, wellness, relationships, even money. I promise. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

 Okay, so back to the question in the introduction. In the opening, the question was how come when you cut your finger, you put a band aid on it, you don't think about it again. In a few days, your finger is healed. How come. When you understand the how come, that's your key to manifesting whatever you want in life. So, let's start here. Let me ask you again, and I really want you to ponder this question, please. It's a really simple question, but please ponder it because what you've been wanting to create in you. Is as easy as letting your finger heal. When you wrap it in a band aid, two or three days later, your finger is healed. It's really that easy to create what you want in life, but we make it very difficult. So, the question again is this. And then I'm gonna give you about 15 seconds to think about it. How come you cut your finger? You, you know, wrap it in the band aid, you don't think about it again, and in a couple of days your finger is healed.

How come.

Okay. What did you come up with? What things were you talking to yourself about? What idea's popped into your mind? See, the reason, the reason that your finger heals when you put the band aid on it and you don't think about it again, is because you already know. Here's the operative word already. You already know when you put the band aid on your finger. You already know it's going to heal. You don't have to keep checking it and take, you know, taking the band aid off and checking every 10 minutes to make sure, is it gonna heal? Is it gonna heal? Is it gonna heal? Oh my gosh, I gotta do medication, you know, I've gotta do meditation and medication and I've gotta do this and I've gotta do that, and I've gotta focus on healing my finger. No, you simply, metaphorically speaking, you set it and forget it. And the universe takes care of the rest.

Let me ask you another question. How come you know your finger's going to heal? I mean, maybe tomorrow you cut your finger and I hope not, but you cut your finger. You, ah, dang it, you put a bandaid on it. But how come in the past when you put a bandaid on it, you knew it was going to heal. But what if you cut yourself in the future and you put a bandaid on it? Could you be certain that your finger's going to heal, and if you are certain it's going to heal, how come you're certain?

The reason you're certain that you're going to heal is because you have past evidence. You know that in the past when you cut your finger, you put a band-aid on it, some sav, whatever you did wrapped, you know, wrapped in a band aid, didn't think about it again, and you knew it was going to heal. This is really important. I mean, this is critical that we understand this. You knew that it was going to heal because you had past evidence. The reason that most of us can't manifest what we want in. Is because we don't have past evidence, and therefore because we don't have past evidence, we're not working from possibility. We're working from our experience in life, our thoughts about life, and when we work from our experiences in life and our thoughts about life, we create life, or sorry, we recreate life over and over and over again.

You know, you could even say, well, I believed my finger was going to heal. I did a podcast episode last year and I talked about how really beliefs are archaic. Now, of course, we create beliefs when, when we come to the planet, but truth be told, you came to the planet with no beliefs whatsoever. We learn to believe what we believe. So, you've learned to believe that your finger can heal. But here's the, you know, the big thing in this episode, how come you've learned to believe some things and not to believe other things? And many times, it's the things that you believe that keep you away from what you want in life. So instead of using the word belief, I want to use the word knowing for a moment and knowing when you know at a core level that you're going to heal. Which again, that's akin to believing. When you know that finger's going to heal, you don't think twice about it. And what happens is consciousness comes into play because see, your body is made to heal, Consciousness comes into play, and consciousness, which is a life force in your body, heals your finger for you with no conscious awareness on your part.

And when you just allow the finger to heal because you know it's going to heal in that moment. Consider this back to episode number nine when I talked about manifestation and in particular money. Is when you know it's going to heal. Think for a moment about how you feel and then how you feel is what you vibrate and what you vibrate is your frequency and then your frequency, because everything is physics. Your frequency operates in consciousness, and you actually create that energy. Now, I know at this point in the episode you might be thinking, well, you know, Jim, this is really basic, really simple. You know, this is basic stuff. What are you talking about here? But this is the truth, and let me share with you how I came to know and have this, this knowing and this epiphany and this, you know, this realization, ,even though I've heard stuff like this, you know, for many years of my life, and especially being in the personal development industry, I mean, I've heard every version of this there could possibly be out there for the most part.

But let me share with you, because this may hit home at a deeper level, how I came to this knowing to create this episode. I don't know how long you've listened to the episodes, but I had back in 2020, I had both a, let's say an episode I had heart failure, and then six months later I had a hemorrhagic stroke. I mean, two very significant things happening. I mean, it's like the heart and the brain both are having challenges. I've said before, it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me because I could not talk about healing and health and wellness and manifestation and the things that I do at the level that I do have I not had those experiences to truly understand life at a deeper level through self-observation.

So, if you've listened for any amount of time, also, you know that my brother-in-law is a shaman, a real shaman, and I want to get on my soapbox for just a moment. You know that word right now in the last probably two years is so over freaking used in social media. I mean these people throwing around this word, I'm a money shaman. I'm the shaman. No, you're not. Number one is a shaman. Will never tell you there is shaman. And for those of you that have asked me before, if you're looking for a shaman, number one, you're not gonna find one unless that shaman wants you to find them or a shaman wants you to find them. And secondly, if someone asks you for money and tells you they are a shaman, they're not a shaman.

A real shaman, a real healer that is a shaman, will never ask you for money. My brother-in-law, never ever in the 25 years, 26 years that I've known him, has never asked me for a penny, not one time. I do want to be fair in that I make offerings back to him. He literally we're exchanging energy. He's helping me heal and do different things, and I'm helping him literally, you know, bring money into his life so he can pay his bills. I mean, he is living on the planet. He has bills like everyone else does. Okay, I'm off my soapbox. But anyway, just if you hear somebody telling you, oh, I'm a shaman, and I just wanna actually stay on my soapbox for a moment. I had a good friend of mine who teaches online marketing, and he told me that he had someone in his program.

And this person, he was a money shaman. It's what they were calling themself. But yet in a training, this person was complaining about how broke they were. Really, you’re a money shaman and you're teaching people about money, but you're broke. And that goes back to other points I've made before. Be careful who you listen to be discerning about who you listen to, because this day and age, there's a lot of garbage and a lot of charlatans out there in social media. Just use your sense. Use your feeling, use your gut to determine who you should be listening to. Okay back to the story. So, with my brother-in-law, when I had the heart failure, he called me the night, my first night in the hospital, which is not the content of this episode, but you can find an episode, you know, an earlier episode on using your intention and using your will to heal.

 And he called me and goes, use your intention and your will to heal yourself. Now I wanna carry forward. I had a stroke six months later. I do wanna point out, I mentioned before when I had the, you know, the neurology done, done after the stroke, a neurologist said to me, he goes, I, I thought you said you had heart failure and all, you know, blah, blah, blah. And I said, I did have that. He goes, you’re perfectly healthy, you have a really strong heart. And I attribute that to what my brother-in-law taught me. And I bring you a lot of that in these episodes in various places. And I'm bringing you an episode like that right now as I talk about healing, but you can also apply it to other areas of your life.

When I had the stroke, I was in the hospital, I believe for about four days. Two days in icu, two days in, you know, recuperate, recuperating, and then I was home, you know, the very next day, four days. And for the first couple of weeks, my blood pressure was all over the place. I mean, it was literally challenging to bring under control. And I remember one day I checked my blood pressure every day and one day my blood pressure was 200/120. Now mind you, just having a stroke, the neurologist warned me that, hey, we've gotta manage this because you can have another stroke. So, I'm just being transparent. That did put me into a, a great deal of concern. I'm like, Holy cow. And I was told, that if my blood pressure was in that kind of range, go immediately back to the er. Now, what I did is I didn't go immediately to the ER. I called my brother-in-law. His name is Xavier, Don Xavier.

He's not the Don Javier that you'll find on YouTube. My brother-in-law has no social media presence whatsoever, and we chatted for a bit, and he said don't worry about it. He goes, just rest. And he was very adamant. He's, he just, just rest. Take it easy. And he is also, he can joke, I mean he jokes a lot, and he says, don’t worry about it. He goes, Actually, if you need to worry, tell you what you rest tonight, you let me worry and I'll do all the worrying for you. And not only that, but I’ll also do a really good job of worrying for you so that you know that's covered. And I think I probably started giggling or whatever, and we hung up because number one, he doesn't worry. I've never seen him worry in two and a half decades, so I know he was kidding. But he did say, just relax.

Now what I wanna share with you is this, when my attention was on the blood pressure being 200/120, what kind of emotional state did that create? What kind of emotional state would it create in you? Then I look at, okay, what were my feelings, which then became my vibration, which then became my frequency, and that's what I was creating. I do wanna also say, I'm not dispensing medical advice. If you need to go to the ER, you need to go to a doctor, then make sure you get there. I'm not telling you what's right for me is right for you. I'm just telling you that I've learned. How to heal at a very, very, very deep level. And I'm sharing that with you here, but you can use it for man manifestation anywhere in your life.

Okay, let's, let's fast forward. Now, obviously this was two years ago. I did get through that. Everything started regulating. I started taking a lot of herbs and teas and different things that my brother-in-law, you know, directed me too, and I remember. Here in Sedona where I live, there is a woman who came to town. Her name is Anita Moorjani, and she wrote a book called Dying to Be Me. And in that book, literally she had a near death experience, and she left the planet and then she brought back this wisdom, and I went to listen to her, and I didn't stay long. I couldn't manage the energy at the group. It was a very tight room. The group, the energy was very erratic. It was a four-day event. I went for maybe an hour, but that hour I got everything that I needed, and I got something very powerful that I wanna share with you right now. And there's a phrase that I love that I live by is to have everything in life. No matter what you want to have, everything is to need nothing.

Ponder that because when you need it, you tell the universe you don't have it. You project that in the consciousness. So, listening to Anita Moorjani she said, and my brother-in-law told me the same thing, but she said it in a different, she said, and she was really, I mean, I was sick. This woman had one foot in the grave room, you know the other, you know, what's that phrase? One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I mean, she was headed off the planet and she came back, and she said, the way to heal is not to need healing. Ponder that the way to heal is not to need healing now you think about your finger, you cut. You don't sit there and go, Okay, I'm gonna count three. My fingers gotta heal. Okay, you gotta heal. Lemme check my bandit every hour to make sure this cut on my finger heals. You have to heal. You have to heal. No, I'm gonna meditate on it. Ohm ohm no. It's that when you cut your finger. You already know and you don't even think that you need healing you move your attention from it.

Okay, so go back to what I shared with you is to have everything you pick, you fill in the blank. To have everything is to need nothing. And when you're placing your attention on which, this is what a lot of people do when they get sick, and I know that because I coach a lot of people, I have thousands of people in coaching with me. I know this, but I have been there. As specially those of those that are holistic and we're in the health and wellness. So, when we're not well, we focus on healing. I need healing. I need healing. What can I do? Can I do acupuncture, tai chi, meditation, hypnosis, exercise, supplements, all? What do I need? What do I need? What do I need? But think about that in terms of your money and your relationships and your life. What do you need? What do you need? What do you need? When you're recognizing that you need it, you're also recognizing you don't have it. And then when you don't have it, you're projecting to the universe you do not have it, and the universe reflects that back to you.

So, when it comes to healing where we need to work from, and my brother-in-law did this as well because five months after, I'll come back to my sentence in a moment. Five months after the heart failure, I was sitting at his house having dinner and I was halfway joking and I said, hey, come on. I had heart failures, you know, five months ago, and he looked at me in a very loving way, but a very kind of brother-in-law, stern way. And this is exactly what he said. He goes, Get over that already. Your heart is healed already. Mind you, I had a stroke the next month. Ended up in the ER again, they did all kinds of, um, you know, testing and heart testing and everything else, and sure enough, my heart was healed. So, when you think that you don't need something, you place your attention and your awareness on it, but you're, Let me back up here. I wanna make sure I get this ball across the plate. When you're focusing on, I need to heal, I need money, I need this, I need that again. I said it just a bit ago. What you're creating is that you need something. The universe let's say that I had ears, and they could speak English, or whatever language you speak the universe hear is that you don't have money. I need money. I need money. I need money. And the universe reflects that back to you. As I've said before, the universe doesn't test you. The universe reflects you.

so, I want to actually explain this in a little bit different way as well as to why it's so challenging for a lot of people to manifest or heal or to create in their life. And the reason why is because we divide things into degrees. Now, what I mean by that is if you cut your finger, Let's say we're talk, you know, sitting across from each other and I'm talking to you and I say, Okay, you cut your finger. How hard is that to heal? You could say, Well, that's no big deal. I mean, come on. I mean, hell, I just put a band aid on it. I'm gonna heal. Okay. Notice your answer there. But if I said also, okay. Not you, because I don't even wanna project this your way listening, but let's say someone you know has a major life health incident and you could say, Well, okay, what about healing? People will tell you all the reasons they can't heal and how hard it is. But what I'm sharing with you here, is when you cut your finger, it needs healing. But that's a little bit of healing in your mind. But yet, when somebody has a major life event, they think, Whoa, okay. This is huge. This is monumental.

The truth is this. The universe heals. Consciousness heals regardless of small or big. Think about that. I remember many years ago listening to Dale, uh, Dale Carnegie who was it? Someone like that. It wasn't Dale Carnegie. Anyway, one of those guys. I don't know, the guy who were Think and Grow Rich, whatever the guy's name is, it'll come to me in a moment. But the guys said that the universe doesn't know the difference between you wanting to create a penny in your life or a million dollars. And the same thing with love and relationships and money. The universe doesn't understand you asking the difference between, hey, heal my finger universe, or, hey, heal my heart, or heal my liver and my kidneys. But again, I'm gonna go somewhere else with this and even tighten this down for you even further okay.

So, what happens? Is digging a little deeper here. If I said, let me, let me concretize this for you. If I said, Okay, you have to give me $1, and in exchange for that I'll give you something amazing that you want. I mean, you really want it, give me a dollar and I'll give it to you. And then I said, Okay, you have to give me $1 million dollars and you give me 1 million and I'll still give you, you know what you want, and you want it. Think about that for a moment. When you think about $1, you're like, Eh, no big deal. I got that on my change tray in my car or in my pocket. But when you think about a million dollars, whoa, resistance pops up because the resistance is, that's a lot of money.

So, what I'm requesting you do is think about how much resistance you create. The bigger something becomes for you, the bigger you know, or the more, let's go that way, the more you want. More money. The more you want to be healthy, the more you want love or a new home. Think about it. The more you want it and the bigger that it is, you're wanting, the more resistance that most people create because you're saying, wow, okay, if it costs a buck, I can afford it, but if it costs a million bucks, I can't afford it. Bing, bing, bing. Resistance, right there?

So, let's slow down here and tie this together. Finally, I wanna make this really simple for you, and I'm gonna use the word, you know, if you've listened for any amount of time. I don't talk about religion. I don't endorse any of the five major religions. I mean, I'm a spiritualist and I think. And I'm not a dogmatic spiritualist. I mean, literally I call myself a cosmic being because that's what I am to label myself as some kind of spiritualist. Then again, as dogma, just like religion. So, but let's talk about praying. Cause I think everyone does it in every religion or in any walk of life. But here's something I want you to notice. When people pray, notice what they're doing. They're praying for what they do not have. Noticed that very subtle thing. They're praying for what they do not have. If they're praying for what they do not have, health, wealth, relationships, money, please God, Divine Force, whatever it is, bring me more think about where's your attention, Where's your consciousness? It is on not having it. This is why to need nothing is to have everything. So, what you want to do is I have some earlier episodes on intention and will, which I started this episode about that set your intention that you're going to manifest, it's going to come into your life. That home, that car, that boyfriend, that girlfriend.

Maybe you want both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. I don't know, a bazillion dollars, a new dog, a this, a that, whatever. Use your intention. But here's the key, here's the glue that makes it work. Okay? Here's something that I ask myself in my BE DO HAVE series. I do the BE DO HAVE series twice a year, and I teach people to ask this question, who would I be? What would I do, and how would I feel if I already had blank, There's that word again already. Who would I be? What would I do, and how would I feel if I already had blank? Do you notice a difference between you answering that question? Is not the same answer, the same feeling, the same vibe as you are sitting there praying for it. And the way that I ask you to ask this question, you're already actually in your mind, putting it together how you would feel if you were being it, doing it and having it. You've already put that together in your mind as already that operative word. Again, already having, whereas if you're praying for it, you're like, please, please, please gimme that you know, chocolate candy, blah, blah, blah, whatever. The new home, whatever you're praying for, it as if you do not have it and you're creating more of it, this is why I've said a, a zillion. You are where your attention is. So, the whole key, and you'll find this in a lot of ancient wisdom, the whole key is how would you feel if it was already done?

And that can be you're already, whatever it is, fill in the blank. How would you feel if you already had that amazing partner? How would you feel if you had extreme financial, what you call security? How would you feel if you had this amazing companion dog? How would you feel if you had this amazing home? How would you feel if you felt good every single day? So, the pivotal question, here's your transformational takeaway, is how would I be, what would I do and how would I feel if I already had blank? Play with that for a week. Okay? Seriously play with that for just one week. I know it's really easy to listen to a podcast episode, hop off and three minutes later your attention is somewhere else. If you need, go back and listen to this episode again a couple of times. Make sure that you come to start knowing what I'm sharing with you in this episode, but what I request play with this. Who would I be? What would I do, and how would I feel if I already had blank? Write that down. Play with it play with it for one week.

I'm really curious what you start to notice in your own life. Now, I've said before, if you're finding value here and why else would you be here if you're not finding value? If you're finding value, then please return the energy. You know, a little reciprocity here. Please share the podcast with your friends and family and people that you know would also benefit from this type of content as well. Please leave a review wherever you're listening. Preferably five stars, one star doesn't help me a bit. And again, thank you for listening and it's, it's a pleasure to be of service to you. Make it a great day to day. Bye-bye.

Okay. So, I don't know if this was your first episode or your 200. Regardless, I'm inviting you to join me and join the conversation inside my private podcast Facebook community. In the community, we dive deeper on the topics that I cover here on the podcast. And it's a place for you to share your realizations. And really, it's a place for you to connect with other people, just like you, who are transforming their lives from the inside out. Plus, you're going to be the first to know about exclusive Q and A sessions that I do with me and other special perks that be bringing to you other listeners of the podcast. To be part of the community, head over to Again,

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