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EPISODE 252: “Who Are You?”

January 11, 2023

This episode is one in a series about Identity and this is going to be a lengthy series that leads you to my world-renowned Transformational Coaching Program. 

In this episode, we’re going to start diving into “Who are you?” 

This episode is about your “identity” and the exploration into who you are. 

The definition of IDENTITY is: The fact of being who or what a person is. 

Ok, so you know the definition but does the definition get you any closer to knowing WHO you are? No, it doesn’t. 

Ask yourself…Who am I? Ponder that for a few seconds. Who are you? 

Like most people, you may be creating a laundry list like: “I am a male, I am white/black, I am an American, I am college educated”…etc 

You are not your laundry list. You are not your labels. 

Question: Are you the labels or the creator of the labels? Are you the labeled IDENTITY or the creator of the identity? 

Get ready, we’re going to start deep diving into the nature of you. The nature of you is your identity and get ready to start discovering yourself at new levels. 

Transformational Takeaway

My identity is anything I want as it is reflective of my thought consciousness at any given moment. Your identity is not static, it’s your fluid consciousness. You’re not a thing, you are a conscious creator.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Who Are You. That's a big question, right? I mean, who are you? And this episode is one and what I'm planning to do a series of these. But it's one of the series on Identity. And what we're going to do starting in this episode. Is we're going to dig into your identity. Your personal identity and who you are. Now, as I just said, it's going to be part of a series. And this will be if it's, as long as I'm planning a two month series leading up to my Transformational Coaching Program, which is live with me and my coaches in March, 2023. If you're listening at a later date, other than March, 2023. No worries if you're interested in my transformational coaching program, just let my team know and they'll get information to you. And that address is Okay. Let's talk about Who You Are.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

So back to that question that this entire episode is based on. Who are you? Now the definition of identity. And we all have what we think is that identity in different levels of identity, which I'll dig into. But the definition of identity is the fact of being who or what a person is. So again, for the third time. Who are you? So instead of me asking you. Who are you? Ask yourself. Who am I. Ponder that for a few seconds who am I. If you're like a lot of people you're probably creating a laundry list in your mind. I am a male. I am female. I am white. I am Black. I am an American I'm college educated. I'm not college educated. I'm an architect. I'm a CPA. I'm an actor. I'm a dancer. I'm a millionaire. I'm a farmer. All these things. Really aren't who you are. They're simply labels for you to define yourself about who and what you are.

That's what we do as humans. We define ourself by labels and we think we are those labels, but we are not those labels. They're simply things that we've learned from culturalization to better understand, or to explain to people who we think that we are. I have a big question for you. The labels, farmer, husband, wife, man, woman, black, white, American, Russian, Australian, whatever it is. Are you the labels? Or are you the creator of those labels? Ponder that, which I'm going to ask you to do a lot over the course of this series. The labels that you have for yourself. Are you the labels or are you the creator of the labels? Are you the label identity or are you the creator of your identity.

When you answer that last question. Obviously, I want to point out is I didn't create your identity for you. You're the creator of your identity. But the identity that I'm talking about is the label identity. And that's your family and socialization and school as a child, and church and society. These organizations and institutions have all created your labels for you. But you're not the labels. You're simply the holder of a labels if you choose to be. You mentally create your own labels and identity by your ability to be one who can, and who has the ability to create labels for yourself? I'll explain a little bit more about that a little later on. When I look at identities and I think about that. Two people can have very similar life experiences. Same parents grew up in the same house went to the same school, even shared a lot of friends and shared cousins and relatives and everything else. But you know what. And you probably see this in your own life. They have very different identities. And then when we create the, which we, you know, when we create what we think is an identity, which is actually labels. Many of us carry those labels throughout a lifetime. And those labels either become our liberation or our prison.

To give you an example of that. My brother and I, he is five years younger than I am. Obviously we grew up in the same house. I mean, he’s, my brother. We grew up together. Now I, I do this podcast and I do Transformational Coaching Programs and I went to college and I worked my way through school. And for many years I've been a high earner in this day and age. I'm a very high earner. I do very well. I own multiple homes. I can do what I want when I want, how I want, as long as I'm not hurting anyone and it's legal. And I have a lot of freedom. And peace and health and wellness on the flip side. My brother who grew up in the same house is the opposite. He is a four-time DUI offender. He's been in prison for that. And we haven't talked in a lot of years, mainly because he's toxic, but what I've heard recently is now he's on heroin. And I even talked to a son who I, I adore his son, my nephew. And it sounds like I don't talk to that man anymore. Meaning his father because the man just toxic any way you look at it.

My whole point is we, we grew up in the very same environment. But we're very different than we created very different identities. Early on in life now I'm not on my brother's head, but I assume. That he accepted and lived from the, are the identity and the labels that were created as a kid. And he still carries those today. I know for a fact, because I know his ex-wife who told me. That even now he has a hard time keeping his lights on. Me. I'm the opposite end of the spectrum. I can turn every light on the block. I can, I can turn every light on my block, on if I want it and pay for it. My point is, is that we create these identities early in life, and then we live them. So apparently he created the identity and has continued to live it and get worse with it. Whereas I early in life said not for me. I want something different. I want something better. I want something more. I want to do more in life.

So as a result of being born into that environment. What happened was, is we obviously created identities, but we created identities based upon our experiences of life and what we wanted to create in life. You know, I think back because it does pertain to my brother, but also a friend of mine. He told me one time, he said my wife and I are having a challenge. And she said, he's very, he was very wealthy. He told me, she said she wanted to go to Europe to I'm kind of giggling to find herself. And I thought in that moment, I didn't say it, but I'm like, well, that's an awfully expensive trip and a long distance to go find yourself when you can find yourself right here. Sitting on your butt in the backyard. But many people try to find themselves. And many people don't recognize that. Who you're trying to find and who you are is on the inside not on the outside. Yet, many people go on these journeys and what they're doing is they're searching. They're searching for themselves. And I suppose the reason they're searching for themselves is because they want to better understand their role in the world and perhaps what they could be doing in the world.

But they're doing it with external things, meaning travel or deep in sauna meditations, or I had my friend, his wife wanted to go on an African Safari to find her place. Now. Okay. I mean, that's her thing, but she, by the way, didn't find herself as I heard, so it, you know, everything is with inside of you. I remember the old parable that I've mentioned here on the podcast before. About this guy goes to a monk and he says, I have something that's very valuable. And I want to hide it because people are going to try to steal it. And I want to hide it so that no one can find it. And the monks said that's easy. Hide it. And himself because no one ever looks there. Where I want to go in this episode is a little different from this point forward. Is that I often tell people that we have two identities, which basically we call them labels. But we have two sets of labels. One's a set of labels and actually one's not a set of labels. But I tell people we have two identities that primary identity on a secondary identity.

The secondary identity is the one that's been created by the world. It's the one that's been created by socialization and your parents. And basically it's false and it's an illusionary one. That you have created in your own mind, whether or not it's accurate. Your primary identity. Is the one that most of us never explore. When I use the word, never I thought about using that word before I did. And I observe it in the world. That's why I started this podcast. Most people on the planet live backwards. Look at all the fear in the world and especially about economic things in the world right now, and political things that's living backwards is living from the outside in. We never explore. Who we are at a deeper level. And I think the reason why is we can't visibly see that and experience it with our five senses. Therefore, we do not explore that. I'll talk a little bit more about that, but what I want to share right now is a profound truth. Is that your identity is whatever you choose it to be. From moment to moment. I'll repeat that. Your identity is whatever you choose it to be from moment to moment, which is what I want to talk about in this podcast is being a particular identity.

But being a primary identity. Meaning at a soulful level, not the secondary identity, which is all ego based. You know, I want to segue here a little bit and share a thought with you. It was something that happened many years ago. Is I used to work at the Hypnosis Institute in New York City. And I remember one of my colleagues, Steven. I was watching him do a hypnosis session. And he said to his client, and I actually asked for permission to watch from the client. He said to his client who was wanting to, to stop a habit. He said to the client. No habit is as strong as the mind that created that habit in the first place. I have remembered that phrase for 25 years. No habit is as strong as the mind that created that habit in the first place. So, I want to share another profound thought with you. No external identity is as strong as the internal air quote identity. That created it. Meaning the internal you, which we could just call it the internal you, which is giving it an identity, the internal and external you rules the external hints? Why I started this podcast from the inside out. I'm pondering here as I'm sharing that, because this is something.

No matter what you think, no matter how much you want to argue. No matter how much you want to fight back against it. Your life yes, you listening right now. Your life will not change when you're trying to change things on the outside first. Why because things are created on the inside first. They're created at the identity, self-image level. Now. Where I want to go. And I am going this episode is to a deeper level than that, which gives you more power. And where I want to go is what or who creates the deeper level internal identity. As you're thinking about that. I want to add that no one creates that. It just is it is who you are. Ponder that. Your internal identity. Is infinite. It's eternal. It just is what it is and it is who you are. I'll dig a little deeper into that as well. But to me that's profound. And so many people even listening right now, we're thinking, okay, Jim, I can, I can get my mind around this external identity. Or a secondary identity and primary identity.

And. Many people then we'll try to think about, well, what does that internal identity? What do I call it? And in some of, some of the ancient text. And in many places in the world when they're not even actually into dogma, which is good. They call a God and they want people many times want to define God. Well, what is that? And I ask you, have you ever heard the phrase before? God cannot be defined. To name God is to refute God. However you define God. So, for me. It's not about God, but it's about divine mind. It's about. It's about consciousness. You are consciousness. That's powerful. I'm going to talk more about it. And when you get your mind around that, Everything will start to change for you. So hold that thought that you are consciousness.

You know, when I think back to Einstein, I think many of us have read his famous quote. A problem can never be solved at the level it was created. It must be solved at a higher level. So when I apply that to identity, I started thinking about it. Okay. And this is why so many people stay trapped in life. Is because they're trying to solve. The challenges in their life, from the identity, the secondary identity that created the challenges in the first place, which means they're trapped in the identity that created the identity. I remember a coach of mine one time saying he said, Jim, if I put you in a box and the label was on the outside and you had to read the label on the outside of the box to get out of the box, how would you get out of the box?

And the same thing. To really significantly transform your life you can't do it from within the identity, the secondary identity that created the life that you want to change. You have to go to a higher level and that higher level would be your primary identity, which then would be consciousness. So I want to go back here for a second. To my brother. I had mentioned a couple of minutes ago that as I understand, he has a hard time keeping his lights on. I don't have that problem. And to me, that's an outward manifestation. That's the external world. But then again, Who or what created the external world? We did. As, beings as consciousness, but it's the consciousness and where we hold our consciousness that created the behaviors and the identity that created the external manifestation in life. So, both of us are living, walking identities, both created in the same place, which is an eternal place of consciousness. But what's happening is their consciousness is playing out. And the physical world and very different ways, which affects our consciousness.

I think I alluded to earlier. The secondary. Identity. The part of you sitting in a bag of skin right now with physical layers, listening to me right now. Who created that part? Where did that part come from? Well, that part of you was created from your primary identity. But here's the thing. It was created through consciousness. But see, you also have free will, and you've had this experience on the planet. Like John Locke said we come to the planet, tabula rasa. Blank Slate. You come to the planet as pure consciousness, you come here as a blank slate. When you incarnate into a body. And at that point, it's up to you and what's imprinted on you. So, what's imprinted on you. It's a secondary identity. Yet, you still have the consciousness in you, which is your life force because without your life force, you would be dead. If you have no life force, you ha you are dead. And if you have no life, life force, you have no consciousness. So, it's the consciousness that drives everything. And this isn't new age, mumbo jumbo, which by the way, I'm not a new ager by definition.

It's ancient wisdom, but beyond that, It's even physics now it's science scientists starting to. You know, to study. The, the nature of consciousness and trying to understand it. Here's all that it's important for you to understand right now. Without consciousness. And without your consciousness. You would be dead. You'd have no EEG. You, you would have no EKG. Even though you might have a physical body. There's no energy running through the body and consciousness and all things are energy. But consciousness is energy. I think you already get it by this point, but when it comes to the labels and the secondary identity, you were born without an identity. Ponder that you were born without an identity. I saw a, a picture many years ago. And I actually, I kept it because it was so powerful I had this baby being born the doctor was holding the baby by its feet upside down. And about the spank, the baby and on a table in the delivery room. There were branding irons. Like you would brand cattle with. And these branding arts, each branding iron. The head of it, meaning the point that's going to brand something. The head of it was different religions, Judaism, Christianity, et cetera. And the whole point of this metaphor is that.

You're born a blank slate. You're born and you have consciousness throughout your entire lifetime until the very last breath that you, you take. But when you're born on the planet, the planet starts infecting you with the indoctrinations on the planet. And then you get branded with it very early on in life. That becomes your secondary personality, which people kill for on this planet the secondary identity. You become the secondary identity, but you're not the secondary identity. You're the consciousness that flows through the bag of skin that's actually operating in that identity. So, a question for you. Which is more real. Is your secondary identity more real, or is your primary and infinite and eternal identity? More real.

The definition of real is something actually existing as a thing or occurring in a fact. Not imagined or supposed. So, the point is, is they both are real, but one is eternal and one is not. So the question for you is another question. Where do you choose to place your power? Because make no mistake. You're going to place your power somewhere. Where do you choose to place your power, which is your consciousness, which is your thought in the eternal or the finite. That's your choice. You know, when I look at the, the human identity, the secondary identity, the corporal one, that identity, those labels are so full of all kinds of ways that we can roadblock. And hurt herself in life. And we get into those identities to varying degrees and those identities can be things like I'm a cancer survivor. I'm an American I I'm I'm I've got low self-worth. I hate myself. I'm rich. I'm broke. I'm broke. I'm broke. None of that's true because what's true and all of that and all levels of those labels. Is that consciousness is flowing through the body. That's holding those labels and secondary identity.

You know, most of most people with all these labels, they call it life. But to me it's not life. For me, that's being half dead. And I mean, have dead relative to your physical experience for me, as I want to share, as we continue to go here. We want to explore and further discover our primary identity, which is consciousness. Because from there that's power and you can create any single thing you want in that power, which I'll talk about some more. Before I do. I just want to share a couple of things about secondary identities, so perhaps you can see yourself. What we do with our secondary identity is we actually create environments. Physical environments that confirm our false identity to ourselves. And then what happens is the world perpetuates these false identities. You know, many times you'll hear parents saying things like, you know, you're just like your father. You're just like your mother. I've heard family safings and families will have an identity as well. I had a student one time and her last name not relevant right now. Let's just call her Smith. She said I'm a Smith and more is expected of me because I'm a Smith.

On the flip side. There was a TV show on Netflix that I really enjoy watching. I can't wait for the next season. And it was called Ozarks and there's a character. There's a family in there called the Langmore's. And I remember one episode where the sheriff was talking to some people about the Langmore's, how none of them were any good. So the whole family had been labeled with an identity as people that are no good. And that's what happens in society as we get labeled by all kinds of things. And then many times, because we're operating from the secondary identity, we accept those identities. We live them and they become our prison literally, even though they're illusionary, they're stronger than bars because they keep us trap for a lifetime.

You know, also what I've noticed is the, I don't know the word here, maybe a dichotomy. Is that many times we use these very manufactured identities. To keep us away from even understanding our primary identity. I'm going to give you what I can think, what I would call a really good example. This may piss some people off and I, it just is what it is. But I look at, for example, some, some organized religion. And one religion in particular would-be Catholicism. In Catholicism I don't know. I mean, I took religion schools in college and all this, but there's the head of the church. And then there's, you know, the, the bishops and know all these kind of things. And we, according to that, faith have to go to confession. To confess to a human being. That we've had these transgressions, whatever they are against the dogma that religion. And the way that I look at. And again, I'm not asking you to accept anything. But in the way that I'm looking at it is wait. I'm consciousness. Their consciousness, all consciousness is equal in terms of the ability to have consciousness. How come I have to go to someone else, which by the way, I'm not Catholic. How come I have to go to someone else to metaphorically? I'm going to air quote here, get to heaven. So, to speak.

I mean, there's so many illusions and organized religion, and the point is this about organized religion. Is that we're born into organized religion. Many of us, I was, I was born Southern Baptist. And I was branded with that. But what I've noticed over the years is that many times when we live in that secondary identity that we were born into. We can live our entire life as a Southern Baptist or devout Catholic or Jehovah's witness or whatever. And living in those identities keeps us trapped in dogma, which keeps us away from even thinking about exploring. The higher parts of ourselves. Many times I've seen, even in some, not all of these religions, they will literally say things like, Ooh, to explore your higher self and higher wisdom and dream time and power of the mind that's the work of the devil. Well, the secondary personality has learned that that's the work of the devil. So the secondary personality never explores, no that's consciousness. And that's a deeper, more powerful level of me and people get trapped in the prison. As I alluded to earlier by the secondary identity, that's why it's so vital that we set ourselves free and recognize because I could talk, I could talk gobbledygook all day long and religion and everything else, but there's something that no one listening right now can argue with. And this is where we have to go. You are consciousness. You have consciousness running through you.

A good metaphor would be, for example, when you're talking on your cell phone, you have frequency. And vibration running through you. Why? You can't touch it. You can't see it. You can't feel it. You can't smell it. Why? Because it's coming through your phone, which is a device it's frequency. Goes into your ear, your eardrum vibrates your brain, encodes it and understands that however you do. And, you know, what it's not physical. We all have consciousness running through our physicality, our secondary identity, and no one, as long as you're breathing can take that away from you. There's your power. There's your identity, not in the labels that you've chosen, that you've learned for yourself that you've accepted for yourself that you've hold you've held for yourself there's no power in that. There might be some human power and some human money, but there's no power in that when it comes to manifestation creation. And service to the rest of the planet for the most part.

‘ Because I can tell you right now. When we go to the primary identity, the higher identity there. There is where you will find your peace and power. Because as I was just kind of saying there's little power in the lower identity. Because a little power. Becomes addictions and fears and worries and illness and trials and all the challenging things that we live with live with in life. And then what we do is we experience those things that we've created through the lens of our secondary identity, which makes it fricking worse. Just doesn't work. It doesn't work. So to manifest and create the life of your dreams. Let's start here. Number one. You are not your labels. You are not your fears. You are not your challenges. These things they do not define you. They're just part of your 3d physical human experience. So, all these things in your life. Putin. The economy. Biden, all these kind of things that are happening in the world. Notice for a second, how you define yourself against those things? What do you think about those things? And you can only think about those things based upon your, your secondary identity.

But notice again. These things don't define you because they don't define your primary identity. They're just part of your human experience. So, here's where I work from. Self-talk. And I want to work. I want to walk you through some self-talk. That I literally say to myself, And this gives me, it takes me to a place of peace and a place of solace. It takes me to a place for me, a power. Because I don't get into a whole lot of fear this, this day and age. I mean, I fricking died almost a while back a couple of years ago. I just worked with a shaman for decades. I just don't get into the fears that a lot of people get into years ago. Oh, hell yeah. I used to have a PhD in fear. It's just not me anymore. I've grown out of that for me. I've left it behind because it's just toxic for me. But I've been there and I want to share with you now some self-talk. Because we talked to ourself, even as you're listening to me right now, you're talking to yourself about what I'm saying about how it does apply or doesn't apply to you. Make no mistake. You're talking to yourself. So, we talk to ourself. So let's use our self-talk. To work from a higher frequency, a higher vibration, and working from our primary part of us and working with consciousness.

So, here's my self-talk. Okay. Number one. My consciousness is greater than me. The me who I think I am. Next, I say. All conceptions of mine start and end in me. The physical experience of me. All things start with my consciousness I'm alive and I know that I'm alive and human form and energetic form. In the human form. I can choose. And the Kybalion it states all is mind. I am mind. As I am mind, I am consciousness. As I am consciousness, which is all things I am all things. Think about that. I, Imagine you're speaking this. I am all things. This literally dovetails with ancient wisdom. We are all one. We're all part of the same energetic cosmic soup. You are all things.

And to have what you want to create in the physical world. It doesn't come down to what you do. It comes down to your consciousness. Because Physics is demonstrated that your consciousness. The universe will bend to your consciousness. Your physical world will bend to your consciousness. And your consciousness is the way that you're being and when it comes to identity, wherever you're holding your consciousness because being and identity are not static. Your identity is whatever thought you are holding in that particular moment. To prove that you've changed your identity, which means you've changed your thoughts about yourself. When you change your thought, you change your identity, but you change your thought through the ability to think which is consciousness. So what I say to myself, Is to have all that I want in this physical experience. I must be that in mind. When I am that in and of mind. That is consciousness when I am in and of that in consciousness. I am that of experience and the body.

So, where are we started this episode? The question. Who am I. Who you are is anything you want to be in any split given second. Your identity is reflective of your consciousness. Where you hold your consciousness is that identity in that moment. You can hold your consciousness at a secondary level. I am Jim. I live in Arizona. I'm white. I'm college-educated all secondary or we can hold the consciousness and the identity at the primary level. And that's what I talked about earlier. And for me, that's power. Maybe it's just me, but for me, that's where, you know, that's power for me. When I just immediately go to. I am consciousness, because even if I wanted too analytically. I can't argue with that. That's science, that's physics. That's real. I cannot argue with that, that I am consciousness and being consciousness. I'm a part of all and being a part of all, I am able to attract and enjoy and manifest all. So your transformational takeaway for this episode is my identity is anything I want. As it is reflective of my thought consciousness and any given moment. Simply put, who, what am I. I am what I am thinking in that moment. That's it. I that's my identity. My identity is what I am thinking in that moment, because again, that's my consciousness and that's what I'm bringing back to me. And that's my experience. And that's my identity.

Think about that as you're going through your day. Think about that. Who and what am I? Well, I am what I am thinking in that moment. There's your identity. Think about that, ponder that today, as you're going through your day, picking up the kids from school or going back to work or walking or in the gym or whatever. Just ponder that. I am the card. I think, therefore I am, I am, which is my identity. I am what I am thinking in that moment. Okay, that wraps up this episode. The next episode on identity is going to be on a big question that appeals to a lot of people. A lot of people want to know what's my Dharma. What's my Dharma. What am I here on the planet to do? Where I go with that? And we're going to talk about it relative to identity. Is this question. What makes my life matter? Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over on the next episode. Bye-bye.

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