The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 273: “Making A Bigger Impact In The World”

June 7, 2023

I was taught long ago that one of the most powerful ways we can make a difference in the world is through business. After all, business touches every single life on the planet in some way or another.

In this episode, I delve into the world of entrepreneurship and the opportunities it offers to create a life of impact. Although I work in the personal transformation space and am passionate about personal evolution, I have created a business through which I offer transformation coaching, and you probably already know this.

I did a training last week where I talked about particular aspects of business growth and development, specifically entrepreneurship. The things I share with you are what I use in my own business, which has generated tens of millions in revenue and income. Why do I mention this? Because I know what I’m talking about regarding this topic, and I share a lot with you in this episode.

Whether you’re already in business or just starting out, I’m sure you'll find benefits in this episode. Even if you’re not in business, I encourage you to listen and learn. It's not a dry business school lecture.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Following the Entrepreneurial Dream
  • The Power of Business in Making a Difference in the World
  • Embracing the Digital Era
  • Thriving in a Global Economy
  • Unlocking Tax Benefits and Financial Opportunities
  • Navigating Economic Challenges
  • Creating a Recession-Proof Business
  • Harnessing the Power of Information and AI
  • Expansion and Wealth Creation
  • Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges
  • Understanding Entrepreneurial Traits

Remember, business is not just a transactional numbers game, but an opportunity for personal growth and societal impact.

By embracing the digital age, leveraging global resources, and focusing on essential needs, you can create a thriving business regardless of the economic climate. Start exploring the possibilities today and position yourself for success to make a bigger impact in the world.

Transformational Takeaway

The world needs those of us who desire to make it a better place. The world offers you opportunities; what you do with them is your choice.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Making A Bigger Impact In The World. No, I don't know about you, but I'm assuming it may be true because you're following me and, you know, you're listening to the podcast and everything else that you're a person that wants to create more meaning in your life. And you want to do that by helping more people live a better life. The most effective way that we can do that. Is literally owning a business that in some way impacts people and helps them create a better quality of living, a better quality of life. And when we do that, we can help them become more impactful. So many years ago, I recognized that one of the number one way, even though my podcast has a spiritual orientation.

And I'm going to get back to that next episode. I've recognized that one of the number one way that I can make one of the biggest impacts is to impact you. And talk to you about starting a business that also makes an impact. And from there we have the ripple effect. And this episode, I want to talk to you about a training that I recently did. And I want to share with you this episode, what I covered in that training. So, if you're the kind of person who wants to make a bigger impact in the world and you have a business, or you're thinking about a business, keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Okay so this episode is called Making a Bigger Impact in the World. And I will talk about a lot of things as you're about to discover on a training that our recently did. For creating a thriving business in today's world. And as I just said a bit ago in the introduction. When you have a thriving business, you can make a bigger impact in the world. A bigger difference in the world. So, I just want to recap here very quickly what's in this episode. And I talked about the power of business, making a difference. I talked about embracing the digital era, thriving in a global economy. A big one here, unlocking tax benefits and financial opportunities of owning a business. I will talk about navigating economic challenges. Creating big one recession-proof business, harnessing the power of information and AI and how to use that properly. I talk about a big topic to me that I love creating more expansion in the world, which will help you create more wealth. Overcoming your entrepreneurial challenges and finally understanding entrepreneurial traits. And that's a big one just because you may want to be an entrepreneur doesn't mean that you're suited for it. So, enjoy this episode and take a lot of notes as you go through it. I'd been in the business world for literally almost 30 years. I have built a business that has global reach and I have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue through my business. What I've done, you can do so take a lot of notes and enjoy, keep listening.

Okay. What we wanna do on this call is we want to talk about why now a great time is to start a business.

 Let me, lemme go back. Most of you, many of you, some of you know me and that you're in TCP and you've been with me for a couple of years, but everyone here is on my list, which means in some way they've connected with me, the podcast, something somewhere, somehow. I actually, I've been in business now since I was pretty much in my teens, I'm gonna sit back and relax here a little bit. Now what I wanna start out with here is I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, even as a kid. When I was in high school, I knew that I wasn't gonna work for someone, and I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Couldn't spell the word, but I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur or whatever that was. I've been one of those people that it's just never been a thing for me to be able to work with people, not my thing, meaning I don't want to work for a company. I tried for a little while. I like it, but it just never felt right for me. I've done all kinds of things as an entrepreneur and for the last, I don't know, 20 years I've been in the Personal Development Industry.

Many of you people know me through T C P, the Transformational Coaching Program, but what you do not know, or what you guys might know but not know a lot of. I started T C P proper, even though I was coaching on one-to-one prior, I started T C P proper five years ago in five years, and it's all virtual. It's all online, and five years the business has generated over. We'll talk about profit margins also has generated over $23 million in revenue. So, you guys think about that. How many of you guys would want to own a business that generates 23 plus million in revenue? What could you do with that? How would that change your life dramatically? This day and age, everyone, which we're gonna talk about this, I'm gonna talk about what are the best businesses to be in and I've put a lot together for you guys to walk you through this. The best business bar, none. And I'll demonstrate this is a virtual online business for the most part.

And the reason why, and I'll talk about this, is every one of you looks at people here. When we started the call from all over the world, what we're doing now, you couldn't do 20 years ago or even 25 years ago. You think about when I was outta college in the late eighties I was laughing a couple of days ago. I couldn't find my phone. I don't have it with me right now. How in the hell did we live without phones and texting and communication and zoom and Skype and Slack and all these kinds of things. That when you look back at business, back when our parents were doing business, your mom and dad, they went to the office to do business.

Once they left the office, they were done at 5:00 or 6:00 PM or whatever, until that next day. Now it's just constant. It's 24/7, it's like streaming. And the reason I'm doing this is in TCP, the Transformational Coaching program, I say at pretty much at the end of every single call, the world needs us. And what that means is people that follow me, I know for the most part, are very open and hearted for the most part, spiritually oriented kind to people. And they're wanting to make a difference in the world. They're wanting to create a better world. And the number one way that all of you guys can create a better world is through business. One of my good friends, his name is Akio Matsumura, you can look him up online. You won't find a lot. He's got a, he's mentioned a few places, but Akio Matsumura is the only private citizen in the world to bring together 1000 world leaders, king's, president's, prime ministers, the Dai Lama Carl Sagan, Mother Teresa, when she was alive, he was her advisor. He's the first person to bring together, we're being in the Arafat in Jericho in 1997 or whatever it was, I believe. He's literally a world power player, and he is a personal friend of mine. And one day we were sitting in my living room, and I said we're talking about helping people because it's all that he does. He wants to help people.

And he said, Jim, if you want to help people, and this is what he did, he goes, you take God and you put it in one hand and you put money In the other hand, if you want to help people, help 'em with the money, Why? Because they can't eat God. Now, Akio was also recognized by Mikhail Gorbachev. He was nominated by Mikhail Gorbachev for the Templeton Prize, which is the human being that's created the greatest advancement in human spirituality on the planet. So, Akio is no question about it. He is a spiritualist, but he's also a realist and a pragmatist with a global influence in the people that he coaches or advises. So, if you guys, because I wanna make a difference, if you guys wanna make a difference in the world, the way to do that is business. But many of you have very convoluted and backwards ideas about what business is or why you won't allow yourself to be in business.

 All right. Why is now a great time to start a business? Couple of reasons. Number one is the global economy is still recovering from the aftershocks and the aftereffects of Covid. Covid is reorganized a lot of the economy and the way that people do business, and that's still kind of brand new because we're doing things now that we weren't doing prior to covid or doing things in a way now that we weren't doing prior to Covid. Also, tons of e-commerce opportunities. Why? Because of the internet, because of electronic commerce. There are tons. We'll talk about these things that you can do this day and age to be self-employed, to generate revenue for yourself. Another one. I'm living. I'm staying on a rental right now while my home, which is brick and mortar, by the way, my brick and mortar, the contract read nine months to complete.

We're going on 21 months this month. We are moving this week after 21 months of trying to get this house done. What else could a contractor have done to spend his energy somewhere else? But aside from just building one house, he had a lot of money on it. A whole lot of money, but everything is economic these days in terms of e-commerce and internet, and there's tons of opportunity there. Next, I mentioned the rental that I'm in. This is remote. When you are a virtual entrepreneur, you can work from anywhere in the world. You can work from the beach. I often you know, you can work on the back deck, you can work on vacation if you wanna work on, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Also, in this day and age, we have what I started this call with technology, we're gonna talk about that you have more even free technology available to you know that even 15, 10, 15 years ago, people didn't have available.

 You have to know how to use it, which we'll talk about as well. But you have opportunities technologically right now that even 10 years ago, people didn't have to build a business. And when I graduated from college back in the late eighties, many of you can relate to that timeframe. How we do business today couldn't have even done, been done back then because everything had to be done in person and signed. I just closed on a multimillion-dollar home, and you know what? I finished the closing today and I've never seen anyone. Everything is electronic in this day and age, so we have to embrace that. And many of you guys that are older than me or around that age category, you're afraid of technology when technology is where everything else is in terms of growing your business.

Alright. Outsourcing can be very cheap this day and age. I don't want to get into the argument about buy American, buy this, buy that. It's a global economy, plain and simply believe me, cut China out of the economy and see what happens. Cut the US out, see what happens. Cut Europe belt. See what happens. We live in a globally dependent economy. That being said, because of technology, you have a workforce all around the world. Everyone's virtual on a team, including me, but we only have one person that, how do I say this? That we found through a virtual website for virtual employees, an overseas full-time employee. Love. The employee does amazing and. This employees in the Philippines and wages are a lot cheaper in the Philippines. I pay this person extremely well. Extreme by US standards I pay extremely well because this person's an invaluable employee. But you can find inexpensive labor all over the world and guess what you might think, well that's really cheap on paying that labor, that amount of money. Look at the other point of view for somebody making a buck an hour somewhere else and they understand coding or programming or social media marketing, or they understand some aspect of business that we do here in the United States and in the west, they might only want 10 bucks an hour to work for you we're in the US, they might tar.

That might cost you 70 bucks an hour. So, you have to look at all the opportunities right now. Here's another one. My favorite word that I love to hate, five letters. Everyone's probably a lot of, you're probably gonna relate to this T A X E S taxes. One of the best reasons to be self-employed or to own a business is your tax benefits. You can get benefits for, I know a guy, and I'm not a CPA, but trust me, I've dealt with enough of them. I know a guy that used to tell people, even in the multi-level marketing business, network marketing, he used to consult a lot in that industry. He would tell people, whatever you do, start a multi-level marketing business. Why? For the tax benefits of owning the business or owning a business, there's a lot of opportunity there. I don't, I may be political. But if the end of you guys pay attention to Last American President paid very little taxes, even though he is a multi-billionaire, made hundreds of millions. Why? There are all kinds of tax opportunities available when you own a business.

A big one here is for a lot of you guys, and I think this applies to a lot of you, is when you own your own business, you have the opportunity like me to do what I call living your dharma. Why did you come to the planet? And that means the opportunity to help people. I come, we all come for two reasons, whether you recognize it or not, you come to grow and evolve and you come to serve people. That is, everything else. You didn't come for the Golden Watch or the Apple Watch or whatever. You came for your self-evolution and for service to other people while we're also on the planet. So, owning your own business gives you the opportunity to do what you love, providing you choose the right business and help people.

All right. Historically, more people have started businesses during a recession than at any other time. I remember. I remember back in the eighties, I worked for a company back then outta college when I worked for a company called Pro Staff. They are a temporary placement, now permanent placement human resource company. And the owners told me one time they said, we started our recession our company in the recession of the 1980s. And there was a recession that we were invited to, but we did not go to the recession. So also, I want you guys to think about this in every economy. Many people think, oh, the economy's good. I'll start a business. Economies bad. I won't start a business. Think about this, in every single economy, like everything in life, There's an upside and there's a downside. There are many people making a lot of money right now. Let's go back to Covid.

So, a big loser when Covid hit was the airline industry, hotel industry, retail. They were hit really big. What was a good industry? Guess what, I sure as hell wish, which I didn't buy. I wish I would've bought a lot of Zoom stock back in 2020, 2020 and 2019 where a Zoom stock is like quadruple. I want to shoot myself. I'm just kidding. But literally, 20 years ago in New York City, one of my clients was a billionaire, and he said, Jim, you got any extra money leg around? I'm like, yeah. He goes, go buy some of this stock. And he goes, just put 5,000 bucks into this new company called Amazon. And I'm like, who the hell wants to buy a book company? You guys did the math. $5,000 25 years ago in the Amazon. You guys wanna know something crazy? My brother-in-law, Don Xavier, the shaman told me and my family in 2009, everybody's sitting down.

He told us in 2009 in my living room, guys, check out this concept called Bitcoin. Right now, it's 10 cents a coin. Go buy a thousand dollars’ worth of Bitcoin and hang onto it, or would that be worth today? At today's price? Yesterday's price, almost 400 million off from Bitcoin. I swear to you, he told me to buy Bitcoin in every one of my family. No one did. And he even said, just buy a thousand bucks worth. There were 20 of us sitting in the living room. Not one of us idiots bought Bitcoin at 10 cents a coin when we were told to do it. But you look at Nerd Wallet, Venmo, Uber, Groupon, WhatsApp, Apple, Slack, CNN, IBM, Microsoft, General Motors, all of these companies were started during a recession.

Now, people think right now will, the economy's a little shaky right now in this debt ceiling nonsense of both sides of playing chicken with politics, blah, blah, and Washington. Guys, you gotta get this. It's just a matter of where you're focusing your attention. People are always going to spend money even in this economy right now. We still live and we're always gonna live, and we've always lived in the world of the haves and the have nots. Right now, many millions of people. Still have money in my house that's being finished this week in the, uh, over the fireplace in the living room. I have two uh, sheets of granite booking the fireplace in. So, I've got two big pieces of granite. It's a higher end home. And I was talking to the fabricator, and I said, are you guys busy? And he goes, we're busier than we've ever been. He goes, people that can afford to spend money, they're spending more money. It's just people that have no money, who don't spend money.

I traded; I live in Sedona. I got my Porsche stuck in the mud back in February, and I'm like, Sedona, no place for a Porsche. So, I went and bought a Mercedes SUV, but I was looking at other Porsches and I was, look at the Porsche dealership and I said, are you guys busy? This is back in January. They're like, we're busier than we've ever been. I ended up buying a Mercedes. I'm like, are you guys busy? They're like, we're busier than we've ever been. Point people that have always lived paycheck to paycheck will always live paycheck to paycheck. People that always have discretionary income will always have discretionary income. They may adjust it, but you know what people will always buy, which we'll talk about Staples. People will always buy what they want. People are always going to be doing business. And in any economy, you can make money providing you're in the right business in that economy.

Okay, so where I want to go here is what you want to create ideally is, but this isn't gonna work for a lot of people, but I want to share with you is ideally you want to create a recession proof business, but I'm gonna talk about ways around that. So, recession proof businesses are a business either in these industries or tied around these industries. And the staple industries are utilities, energy, electricity, transportation, things like that. And you would think transportation ever heard of that little company called Uber that started during a recession? Others, other staple in industries, health care. health and wellness, healthcare, health, and wellness. Another one, personal care. And then another one is food. And you think about those things, but you think about what role you wanna play in those industries.

What business do you wanna start? I don't know about you guys, but if you know what, I had no money. I'm going, lemme tell you a different story here. I was outside of Walgreen, Walgreens recently, and there was this lady that said she didn't ask for money, but I knew she needed something, and I said, do you need something? She's like, yeah. She goes, I need some toothpaste and I need some a toothbrush. I'm like, come on. But she was very cute. In terms of her personality, she said um, I said, just get what you need. And she's like, what's my budget? So, I'll know what to spend. And I was like, tell you what, just get 20 bucks. I don't care. Just get what you need. And she came back to the register. She goes, I counted it up. It might be $21. Is that okay? I'm like, yes, that's okay. And get more toothpaste if you need it. But they're Staples. People are always going to buy Staples. So, you think about that, and you think about how that applies to where you wanna position yourself in the business, utilities, healthcare, personal care, and food.

Okay so why now is a good time? Many businesses quit after Covid. Many of the businesses are real estate, entertainment, sports. And like airfare. They all kind of tanked after Covid, but when Covid hit Don Xavier called me. He called me prior and told me not even to be concerned about it. It's a whole different, whole different program for me to talk about that had it twice. One of 'em was a big deal, the other one wasn't. But still no big deal. Anyway, he said, your business is going to do fine. He said, as a matter of fact, you, James and Brandon are going to do really well. Yet I'm going the Whole Foods and you can't even get in because there's lines six feet between people because of people, the world going crazy. That was 2020. In 2021, I had my best business year. I 2020 was a several million-dollar years. 2021 was by far the best year I've ever had in business. A lot of millions in 2021. James and Brandon Lucero and James Wedmore, same way. We’re not brick and mortar, we’re not retail, we're not sports, we're not entertainment. We're not air traveled. We're virtual.

And no matter what happens in the world, look what happened to restaurants during Covid. They all shut down brick and mortar. Look what happened to a lot of retail. They all shut down. Look what happened to online, that Amazon grow that did not grow. It grew because people switched to online. So, every one of you, please understand this point right now, even if you're already in business. Even if you're already in business, how can you take that business, even if it's brick and mortar, and monetize it? How can you do something? And I'm gonna talk about the best programs to do, the best things to put out. How can you take what you do if you're already in business? And let me just keep on going cause I'm gonna tell you what it is, but before I get there, so why now is a good time also because there's all kinds of opportunities out there, right? After 2010, you guys remember the big kaboom. 2009, 2010, massive layoffs with those massive layoffs. You have a lot of people coming to the workforce looking for new opportunities.

Now this is 10 years later, and you've seen the big companies like Google, didn't they lay off, I don't know how many, hundreds, hundred thousand people, whatever it is. But what does that mean for you guys? When you look at the big tech companies, Microsoft laid off a couple of hundred thousand people. What does that mean for you guys? Anyone know? Hit the chat box. What do you think it means for you guys in terms of opportunity? I wanna see what you guys are coming up with. What do you guys think? You can train them. Yeah. Look at this, you have a highly experienced trained workforce coming back into the marketplace right now. How can you leverage that assistance in your own business? How can you partner? How can you hire them for Exactly. Associates, consultants, whatever it is. And you're getting high level business experience that you wouldn't be able to afford because they worked at Google or wherever one of these companies, and now you can get this assistance. So, you've got massive ingenuity coming from these companies that's being released into the workforce.

And do you know what else that's creating? It's creating exactly what happened in 2010 again. Anyone see the wave, the trend, the pattern that's creating a whole new wave of people that are becoming entrepreneurs again. I don't know if you guys knew this, but after, and I'll show you how far I've forgotten the story to show you how much the world has changed, I was speaking out in the event in 2009 and at this event was all mid-level VP’s. This was in Dallas, Texas where I lived. These people were all in their forties or fifties, mid-level fortune 500 VPs. I would assume making anywhere from 175 to 225, 250 a year in revenue. And in the audience, I literally had 100 people even, because that's what I capped it at. I said, how many of you have been unemployed for one year? Literally most of the audience raised their hands. How many of you have been unemployed for two years? And the rest of the audience raised their hand? Then I said, how many of you have thought of starting your own business? Do you know how many hands went up? Out of 100 people? One out of 100. But look how the world has changed since then also.

Because back then we were still getting used to Facebook and social media and applications. We weren't using Zoom. We weren't using Slack, all these kinds of things. So, look how much the world has progressed and even 13 years. That's why I said you have gigantic opportunity. You have more opportunity in front of you right now than on the history of this planet to be a business owner and to be a successful business owner. Why? Because we live in a virtual e-commerce world. Okay, so the best kind of businesses, the best type businesses not to be in, as I already mentioned, are retail. Now I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna change that. I'm gonna flip that a little bit. What's a retail business? That is a virtual retail business. That's a great one to be in right now. Hit the chat box. Who knows? Amazon. Yep. But who else? There's a there's one that you can all relate to. You can all do. There you go. Etsy. Etsy. Let's say you've got a retail store. You know what? You market it all online.

I've got a friend here in Sedona, he's retired, he is in his seventies, and he also works with Don Xavier, my brother-in-law, the shaman he has had for decades. And he sells crystals. You know what? 30 years ago, you gotta go to a crystal shop. He sells everything online and he has his own online dire company. Now he just sells smaller things, pendants, and different things. But it's all online. So, you look, you look at Etsy, is it Etsy or Etsy? I've never gotten that right. Etsy. Exactly. Shannon grocery delivery. So traditional brick and mortar. When you've got a storefront and you're paying mortgage, you're paying for the brick and mortar. That's not the best type of business to be in. Why? Because when things start shifting in the economy and however people shift, you can't shift with it, with it. Because you can't go to your, your lease holder and go, by the way, I'm paying 3000 a month for the lease. My sales are down, can I cut my lease back and pay 50% of that? It ain't gonna happen that way. So, then, I wouldn't go into them. Retail real estate. I'm sorry. Retail, restaurants, hotels, automotive, sports, and real estate.

I buy real estate, but I wouldn't go into real estate. Why? It's all dependent upon external things, and this is what I say also because when you're in a retail business, for the most part, not entirely, you're in what I call an extrinsic business, not an intrinsic business. An extrinsic business is what is the value of that thing in that business. Let me explain what that means. So, my last car was a Porsche, and it was I think $105,000. Now, let me ask you this. It's rubber. It's metal. It's plastic, its steel, it's aluminum. You take all that and melt it down, it's not worth $105,000. What are you paying for? You're paying for the engineering. You're paying for the name; you're paying for the performance. That's intrinsic. So, it's harder to sell brick and mortar extrinsic. It's easier to sell the intrinsic, which is the desire, the psychological desire, all things that you guys can do online.

Okay, so what do you want to focus on? I can't tell you what to focus on, but I'll tell you what I focus on. That's made me tens of millions of dollars and a lot of people that I've coached, I've coached Kathrin Zenkina, the Manifestation Babe, Katelin Bacher. I've coached James Wedmore. I've coached Brandon Lucero. I've coached Drew Canole who owns a company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars, a company called Organifi, all online. And what you wanna focus on in this day and age, if you can, more than anything, is information. A hundred years ago we lived in a world of the haves and the have-nots. Now we live in a world of the knows and the knows-not. And in this day and age, those that know you, look at the Fortune 500 people who want it are people that understand technology. You look at information, Airbnb. How many homes does Airbnb own? Think about that. You look at Radison, how many bricks and mortar places this state owns?

You look at Airbnb, how many places the state does Airbnb own? They don't. They own the technology. You look at Uber, you look at Uber, you look at Lyft. How many cabs do they own? They own none. They own the technology. Okay? You look at it, I still laugh at this, I haven't seen it in a long time, but anybody that watched Shark Tank, I'm curious. But do you guys know I had one? Do you guys know? Ring r i n g. Do you guys see the, did you guys see the founder of Ring Pitch on Shark Tank and they shot him down telling him it would never work and guess what? It went on. Went on to become a multi-billion-dollar company, so don't tell me it doesn't work when all the sharks shut down and become a multi-billion-dollar company. What you wanna look for also, and this is where you've gotta do your own homework, you wanna look for high growth. Industries. So, what is a high growth industry?

You wanna do your own research based upon your own special interest. I might be interested in, let's say healthcare, health, and wellness. Okay. In health and wellness, what are the high growth aspects of information in health and wellness? You might be interested in food. Okay. What are the aspects what are the high growth aspects of food? What are the high growth aspects in terms of information for personal care? High growth means, which I think a lot higher than I think it's a lot higher, but by business standards, high growth is at least 10% per year growth. My business until last year, and it's my fault has doubled in size. Not 10%, 100% doubled in size every single year. That didn't happen last year. Why? I made a classic mistake that I tell people not to make. I got so business on building the business that I didn't continue to build the marketing underneath the business to build a bigger business. Make sense? I built a business, attracted millions of dollars, but we are growing so fast we didn't focus on new and more and advanced marketing to continue to grow the business beyond where we had grown it.

So, then we had a bit of a wall last year, and we're reinventing this year reinventing the marketing machine again this year. We'll talk more about marketing in a minute. Okay? So, what are some high growth areas right now? And make notes as we go. We can ask questions in a bit. Number one. Which is the biggest one? And I know because I pay people for this is social media management not, they're not number one. And number two, I'm just saying, okay, a second one, information management, another one, business consulting. Another one, graphic design. Another one, website app development. Another one, digital marketing. Another one if you don't want to get into technology and have to create something of technology, drop shipping, which I don't know a lot about it, but I don't know. People tell you right now, you can make money on Amazon and just have Amazon drop ship it for you.

There are tons of, from what I hear, opportunities in drop shipping. There's a massive opportunity in front of you guys. You guys think about that. I want you to tell me what industry it's in. What is one of the fastest growing industries and technology right now? Who knows what it is. Ai. You want to, you wanna make your business a whole lot easier, a whole lot easier, 10 times easier. Ai. So, for example, Brock, on my team here, brings AI to the business. And I do want to slow down here and give a little caveat in that. Let's say that I wanted to go through the podcast episode, and then we wanna write show notes for the episode. That could take me, because through memory, I want to do the podcast. I just let it come. Here's what I wanna talk about. I just do it. Then after I do the podcast, I'm like, shit, what did I talk about? Okay, I think they figured out all the notes here and put 'em all together. Then send them to a copywriter, somebody on my team. Write the notes. So that could take anywhere from two to four hours to write a copy and a summarization for the podcast episode.

AI can listen to the podcast, go through it like that. Pull out a page of notes like this. We have all of our social media posts right here in front of us. In a matter, I think Brock said he can pull a week's worth of content and a matter of a couple of hours, whereas in the past it would take us a week of human capital to be able to pull that content. So right now, many of you do not know how to do things, not an excuse anymore. I don't know how to write a sales page. I don't know how to write email copy. I don't know how to write a sales letter. That's nonsense anymore. Why? You just plug it into the air. Tell AI what you want it to do, and an AI will do it for you. So, there's no more excuses about not understanding technology. So, you look at digital advertising also, digital advertising is half a, in 2021, it was a half a trillion-dollar business.

By 2025, digital advertising is going to move to two to 800, I think a lot of numbers here, 876 million in 2025. So, what you wanna do is, I'm gonna slow down, oh, lemme go back to ai before I slow down. I was talking to Don Xavier about AI shaman Don Xavier. He started apprenticing with the shaman when I believe he was about six years old. And he did that for I think 15 years. And then when he was in his late teens or early 20, Don Juan, his mentor, had his time to go in the world, and he went in the business world and he became a very successful, extremely successful, financially, very comfortable. Entrepreneur, a businessman, very shrewd, very smart businessman.

And for a lack of better words, he owned that import export business, things from stall over the world, Mexico, et cetera. He's very shrewd, like I said, very smart. And of course, he's a shaman, which is all he does now and has for 30 years healing, helping people grow spiritually and heal. But I talked to him about AI, and he said a lot of things about AI that I won't go into here, but he did say, you cannot for me, only for me guys, not for you. You can't, to me, you cannot use AI to write and do all your stuff for you. If you wanted to do legwork for you to like to go through the podcast and pull out all the bullets, that's okay, but you cannot let AI do it and then do all of your work. For you and then put it out as your work. And the reason why there is no consciousness in that work.

So on my team, the team, all the team knows whatever goes out, even if AI curated it, we have human eyes, our eyes, consciousness on that AI to make sure that it has the emotion, the feeling, the consistency, that it has my energy in what's being put out. Yeah, I can say a lot about AI I won't, but you guys might wanna pay attention to why they're, even Elon Musk is saying, we need a moratorium on AI before it destroys humanity. So, something to think about, guys, I'm not trying to create any fear or any of that, it's just, it can be an extraordinarily helpful or extraordinarily dangerous technology, but right now it's not advanced enough. But you guys do have it at your disposal. So, what you wanna focus on is what are people wanting? Guys, I tell everyone in my business programs this is the number one thing that people want. If you get this, it'll make you rich. But I say it a bazillion times over and people still miss it. There's a book called, and I learned this 25 years ago. It's called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Waddles.

That book's a hundred years old. In that book, I learned one thing that's made me very wealthy financially. The this is more me helping you in a different way off topic. The number one way to get wealthy is to create expansion for other people. What every single one of you want is a higher quality of life. Think about that. Who doesn't want a higher quality of life? Its brain based. It's inborn. Every one of you wants a higher quality of life. Every one of you listens to the podcast. Why? Because you want a higher quality of life. Every one of you goes into coaching with me. Why? Because you want a higher quality of life. You can actually, you create a higher quality of life for people, and you charge for that. People will pay for that as long as it's something that's measurable and real and tangible. So, the number one phrase that I tell people in my business programs, you wanna become wealthy. Create expansion for other people. We live in a universe that is constantly expanding. You are creating a higher quality of life is expansion.

The more expansion you create for other people and charging your value and your self-worth. All different topics I can help you guys with. I'm not selling you to guys anything today. I'm just educating. But here's the thing, and I'm not selling anything about this ever. But here's the thing, the more expansion you can create and you value your value, meaning you understand the value that you bring to the world and you charge that value, that formula right there that most of you will choose to forget or miss, will make you more money than anything you could possibly do in your life, in whatever industry you wanna plug it into. So, you wanna focus on a better quality of life. Now, what does that mean? Also? It means how can you make someone's life easier? How can you create a more comfortable, more comfortable life? How can you create more convenience for someone? Now, think about the best industries, food, health, wellness. Think about those foods, the Staples, food, health, wellness.

How can you make your life more convenient, more comfortable, or easy around those Staples? You do that, you're in a recession-proof business. Literally. Why? Because we as humans always go back to Staples. And here's the thing, think about this. We always are looking for the better mouse trap. So, if you're thinking of starting a business, create a better mouse trap in the industry that is Staples, and then find some aspect of that industry that turns you on that you love to do. Okay, rich and poor. You look at this, how do I wanna say this here is, I'm not gonna say a whole lot here, but what I will say is this is so many people don't understand money and they worry about is it a good time? Is it a bad time to start a business? More money is made in bad times than are made in good times. Why? There's more opportunity in bad times than there are good times ostensibly speaking. And there's more to capitalize on and a bad time than good times. And you look at companies like Rolls-Royce, they're the highest in manufactured car in the world. They're not going out of business anytime soon.

In fairness to this conversation rolls Royce did have a government bailout, I think 10 years ago. But you look at high end Tesla's their stock has dropped. They're not going out of business anytime soon. You look at this goes back to what I said, I. You guys tend to generalize. You tend to watch the news, and the news is focused more than anything on poor people, not rich people. Think about this. It's focused on the masses and fear, not prosperity, abundance, and growth and expansion. Why? Because see, prosperity, abundance, and growth and expansion doesn't sell advertising space, but telling you what? The economy's gonna crash, and that bus is gonna plunge off the cliff. An old lady gets hit by a bus that's gonna sell advertising dollars.

Make no mistake about it. Do your homework. Fox and CNN are about one thing and one thing only. Profit potential. That's why Fox is just one of the reasons Fox lost a 700 million lawsuit, what a month ago. Even though they knew that election fraud story was all nonsense, it's good for business. They even have that in memos. I'm not picking any network because C NN is just as bad, but you have to recognize what you hear in the world about the economy and not the economy is all manufactured to get dollars outta your pocket. The bottom line is this, people that have money will continue to have money and continue to spend money. People that don't have money will continue not to have money, and we'll continue not to have money. What do you do? You place your business in front of people who have the money and who want what you have? I'd mentioned AI. AI right now. AI the value guys. How many of you even heard of ai? I heard about it a year ago and I told my team to hop on it and we didn't do it.

 My follow for not following up. How many of you even really heard of AI and marketing a year, 18 months ago? Just curious. Few of you. But you know what? Right now, AI the value of AI right now of the industry is $328 billion. 328. So why the internet? I think I've already covered that. Why the internet? Because of, right now it's low barrier to entry. If you go start brick and mortar you gotta pay for a lease if you're gonna start brick and mortar or some kind of side shop, whatever, with the internet. You can go I've got a Mac here, it's a $4,000 Mac, but I've never bought one. I heard you can buy a refurbished, rebuilt Mac, right? Or a rebuilt computer or something. You can even get that shit on eBay or wherever or Craigslist. Somebody's trying to get rid of something, but right now it's, you have a very low barrier to entry, meaning that anyone can get into any kind of business for under a couple of hundred bucks.

Then you get a line, and you start talking to people and it's not as simple as that. There's more to it, which I wanna talk to you about, but here's what wanna talk about. It's gonna take two skillsets and one of 'em you can learn completely free and approves the point of what I'm talking about. One of the skill sets if you want to invest the time is free, but it's gonna take you a lot of time. But you can learn anything and everything that you want from where, what website? YouTube when I need to figure out how to do things, I go to YouTube. YouTube, I think, is the number two search engine in the world right now. And I even know people building entire businesses all from traffic they get from YouTube for real. So, there's massive opportunities when it comes to technology. But here's something that I implore you guys, and I'm gonna help you a little with that. Please listen to me. Having a good idea is not good enough.

You have to look at which, I'm gonna cover something in a minute. Are you suited? Are you cut out to be in business? And I'm gonna talk about something in a minute. A profiling assessment. Very simple one, a very free one is you cut out to be bus a businessperson, because if you're an entrepreneur, you gotta be a businessperson. If you're gonna be a businessperson, that means you've got to be a. A marketer, as Jay Abraham used to say, Jay Abraham is undisputed number one marketing expert in the world. He and Dan Kennedy. Okay if you can't market what you do better than you can do what you do, you won't be doing what you do for very long. If you can't market what you do better than you can do what you do, you won't be doing what you do for a very long. So many of you have these great ideas. I'm really good at accounting. I'm really good at information management. I'm really good at this. I'm really good at that. I'm really good at all these things. I can even sell through technology, but you're really good at that.

The example is this tangible. Chiropractors, 95% of chiropractors don't make over a hundred grand a year, but yet they pay what, $200,000 to go to chiropractic school. One, they practice the craft of being a chiropractor as opposed to being a businessperson who's a chiropractor. If you're gonna be an entrepreneur, first and foremost, you must identify as a businessperson, no exceptions. So, what I do is Transformational Coaching. But you know what? That's the product. That is the vehicle. What I am first and foremost is I have to be a businessperson because if I wasn't a businessperson, then guess what? I could never get the business to you to help you create expansion for you to exchange money with me, for me to exchange a better quality of life for you. We both won. We trade, I trade you 25 year, 27, 27 years of expertise in coaching. You trade me what they're called. They're called green vax, or they're called Venmo or whatever it is, but we're trading something.

The name of the game is marketing. You must know how to market, okay? To what I alluded to right now, you guys can go for free and then I'm gonna open up for questions here in just a minute. Is get online and look for disc D I S C disc profile. There, you can find them online for free. They've been around forever. What I have found is that I have coached. Tens of thousands of people take the disc profile free. It's got four categories, D I S C, driver influence, steady cautious. These are four major personality traits. Now, if you take the disc profile, the most successful people as entrepreneurs, Are a combination or one or the other, d and I, a driver or an influencer, meaning they roll up their sleeves, they get things done, or they influence, meaning they get out and they talk to people even online.

They talk to people, they build relationships, build networks. So, your D's and your I's are your most successful entrepreneurs. Your least successful entrepreneurs are people that are all S and C, who are steady and cautious, which means step one, step two, step three, step four, step five takes forever to get a business built. Or they're cautious. Oh my God, we can't make a mistake. Oh no, we can't make a mistake. Can't make a mistake. Can't make a, that's too much. So, your essence and your seeds, I have seen, I will bet 50, a hundred, $200,000 on, because I know I'm right and I'm gonna make a bet. I'm gonna win. If you look at your, I've only seen one exception, one anomaly in all of my years of coaching.

I used to coach the top 1% of mortgage and real estate people in the US. This guy was a top 1% mortgage broker in the US, and he scored very high on, wait. He scored, what was it, 10 years ago? He scored very low as a D, which is a driver. If I just saw it on a paper, I'm like, I'm not gonna coach this guy because he is not gonna get the results that I want from my clients. But he was a hundred percent, he was lit, literally a hundred percent. I influencer. He built his mortgage business through the relationships that he created. So, these odds are the strongest if you want to go into business. Also, a mitigating factor here is this. If you take the test and you're like, shit, I'm a high S and C, Jim said, I should not find a D or am I to partner with.

Let them do one part of the business. They're good at you doing part of the business you're good at. I see that a lot on real estate teams where one partner will be the front person, the marketer, the one out meeting, the clients, showing the property, the other person behind the scenes, crunching numbers, everything else. Here's the comps, here's all the mechanical things. Even in my business, which is a multi-million-dollar business, my integrator who just left Nikki, was the high I the high S and the C. No, she did have a high, she did have a lot of I and S in her also. But she was the one who could make the business work. Whereas I'm the high D and the high I, I'm the one out there training, talk, talking, coaching, everything else. We bring the parts together. So, if you take the disc profile and you don't score high, you're low S or C, don't worry about it.

Everything is relative and you have to look at your business in that kind of way. Okay, hopefully everything we covered today helped you guys as well. Think about business in a different way. Business is nothing more than a game, and literally it's nothing more than exchanging you Exchanging your services, valuing those services, and then exchanging 'em for some people that also value your service where you have your price point. Love you guys as well, guys. Have a great day today, everyone. Stay well and I'll see you when I see you. Take care guys. Bye-bye.

Okay. Hopefully took a lot of notes and you will start executing on a lot of what I shared with you today. As I said at the beginning of the episode, I've been in the business world for, I think about 27, 28 years. I've been in it longer, but as an entrepreneur for that long, I understand marketing, I understand business growth. And as I've said before, I've created a business that has global reach as we can do this day and age very easily. And generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue. That being said if you're serious about making a difference in the world then you definitely want to check out this training go to This is training at James Wedmore's doing James is a very close personal friend I mean he's not some just internet friend even at Christmas time James is at my house Christmas day so we're personal friends I trust James and I know that if you're serious about growing or starting a business James is a person you want to go to because he's one of the foremost recognized experts in the world at online business building Again go to R I S E. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over on another episode bye-bye.

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