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EPISODE 293: “Which game of life are you playing?”

October 25, 2023

Have you ever thought about life as being like a game? I don't mean board games or video games, but more like the “game of life” we are all playing every day on this planet. We follow certain rules, take on roles, and have different beliefs that shape how we play. 

In this unique episode, we’ll explore the idea that we actually have a choice when it comes to the “game” we play. 

So, what’s the difference between playing the “human game” with its restrictive rules and playing the “spiritual/cosmic game”?

The human game leads to struggle, while the cosmic game recognizes our infinite abilities to create, heal, and manifest.

Most people play the limiting human game that they are born into and never question the rules.

The cosmic game taps into our divine eternal nature beyond the 3D physical reality.

Identifying when you've slipped into playing the human game is the first step to realigning with your cosmic consciousness.

I share how we can shift out of the toxic human game and into the expansive cosmic game through developing mantras and habits of mind. As we cover that together, I provide examples of mantras to repeat when struggling with fear, doubt, or other low vibrational emotions.

Mantras help disrupt negative thought patterns and reconnect you to your highest self.

Focus on the “always fine” cosmic perspective rather than human drama.

You are a creator – if you made it, you can unmake it.

The more we balance the cosmic and human games, the more empowered, peaceful, and purposeful our lives become. Be mindful of when you are playing the limiting human game and use mantras and a higher perspective to shift back into your divine power.

Transformational Takeaway

Life is a game – but you get to make the rules. Choose the cosmic game and unlock your infinite potential. Shift your perspective and change your world. How might your life change if you created your own rules?

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Which Game of Life Are You Playing? You ever thought about that? Which Game of Life Are You Playing? This episode came to me in dreamtime a couple of nights ago and there's a valuable tool in it and I want to share that tool with you. The tool in this episode will help you have more peace of mind and basically it'll help you manage your life a whole lot better and it will do that after you get your mind around this simple concept and then integrate it into your life you habituate it and basically it's nothing more than just thinking what I'm going to share with you over and over and over again. So, stay with me and I'll walk you through literally how to play the game of life, how to pick the right game of life, and how to play the game of life well. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness and when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Okay, so which game of life are you playing in the introduction, I said that, you know, life is a game and when we look at life like a game and we play the game, but you know what, we play the game on our own rules on our own terms and we manage the game instead of the game managing us, life becomes a whole lot easier. You know, as I'd mentioned in the introduction, this came in dream time. Literally, I had a dream about the game of life. And out of that dream came obviously what I'm going to share with you. But it reminds me of Carl Sagan, I don't know, maybe 20 years ago. There's this video on YouTube and it's called the Pale Blue Dot. Really good video, it's probably, I don't know, 3 4 minutes long. But the whole premise in this video, and it's Carl Sagan speaking, the whole premise is, is that you're going to live out your entire life your physical 3D life. Now, he didn't say that, but I'm saying it, right here on planet earth and planet earth, when you look at it from a distance, you know, a long way away.

I don't know how far that is, but a long way away. When you look at planet earth from a long way away. It simply looks like a little bitty blue dot, a pale blue dot. And when you look at Earth from that perspective and that frame, it gives you a completely different perspective on even your place in the universe and on this planet. The thing is this, many of us get entrenched in being on this planet. And playing the game that pretty much all of us are given when we're born onto the planet. Most of us look at this game that I'm talking about, the game of life, and we look at it like it's fixed, like it's a fixed circumstance, like life is a fixed circumstance. And it's not. When we look at life, it is like possibility. And we look at life from a higher perspective at that point, literally that gives us a great deal of freedom and a great deal of power when we change the perspective from which we see life and our position on the planet.

So, I mentioned Carl Sagan and the pale blue dot, but let's go beyond the planet. Let's pretend here for a moment. Just imagine, just imagine that you were from another planet, a more advanced species. Now everything in the universe has consciousness. So, imagine that you are part of a species, maybe even in a different star system. And obviously you have consciousness. So just imagine for a moment. Just imagine. That you're looking at planet earth, this pale blue dot, but you're looking at it from a distant perspective. Imagine for a moment that you are a part of a more advanced species of beings in the universe. And you know, I've talked about before, if you think we're alone in this universe, I don't know any other way to put it, but that's foolish and ridiculous thinking. And that actually, we're not alone. And even right now on this planet, I'm just going to say it, there are other beings of higher consciousness and higher frequency on the planet, but humans say things like, well, if there's really aliens, then how come they don't show themselves and how come we can't see them?

That's such primitive thinking because that presupposes that beings that had the ability to come to earth live at the same and use the same primitive technology that humans use. But the truth is there, there are beings of higher consciousness and more evolved than human beings. And when these beings look at human, you know, and when these beings look at humans, now, I don't know what they think, okay, I'm sure I've been there at some point, and you have too, whether or not you want to believe it, but when you look at humanity from a meta position, meaning off the planet, and you look at humanity, humanity is quite a primitive species and I don't even need to defend that when you look at the conditions on the planet. I'm not going to go into that in this episode. What highly evolved species do the bullshit that human beings do? Think about that. Would a highly evolved species destroy their own kind, their own planet? Absolutely not.

Their home! Their water that they need for sustenance. All for what? For a couple of gold shekels. For money. But that's how primitive human beings are. And that's the game that a lot of us, well, all of us are born into. Almost all of us are born into it. And it's just a game. So, when I ask what kind or what type of game you are playing, you can play the human game, or you can play the game of, let's say, the spiritual game. Let's call it the spiritual game. The human game and the spiritual game. In both of these games, you have the opportunity to play. But both of them have very different rules about how the game is played. Both offer very different outcomes. And when you play the cosmic and the spiritual game, you get much better, much more enjoyable, one hell of a lot more fun and prosperous outcomes and results than if you only played the human game.

So, as it is right now, imagine you're this energetic cosmic soul and you're about to incarnate on this planet. And when you incarnate, they say, hey, by the way, kid, we want to tell you the rules of the human game. Now, you're not going to remember you came from somewhere else. You're not going to remember that you are a reflection of divine consciousness. You're not going to remember the totality of your consciousness. You're not going to remember that you have existed for eons of time. You're not going to remember the abilities that you have as consciousness and as an eternal being. And when we send you down there, you're going to forget every bit of that. And we're going to tell you the rules of the human game. And that's what we do. We're born, born into the human game and we live the human game. And that's an extraordinarily limited game.

So, imagine this. What if. Let's just use a regular metaphor. What if you want to travel somewhere? You want to go to a city, maybe in your state, but it's a whole state away and you don't live in Delaware where it's, you know, close or a state like that, but let's say you live in Texas or California and some of the larger states and you tell someone, Hey, I want to go to that point in the state and the person gives you directions and they tell you how to get there. But they give you the wrong directions. You believe them because they say, hey, I've lived here for 30 years. I know this state inside and out. Let me tell you how to get to where you're going. And they give you the wrong directions. Well, that's what happens when we actually forget who we are, and we're born onto the planet.

We're given all these directions that were given to us by our parents, by their grandparents, by their grandparents, and by their grandparents, and generations that preceded them. They're the wrong rules. There are human rules, not cosmic rules. And these human rules act as the prison that keep us trapped in the human condition. And you know the human rules, the human rules, they say things like, you know what? Life is really hard. You've got to struggle. Life is a bitch. You've got to get a job. You got to work and work and work. And maybe you could be successful if you do XYZ. You gotta go to school, and you have to do A and B and C and D and E and F and G. And you do all of that, maybe, just maybe, you might be successful at this little bitty minuscule game called the human game. It's pretty crazy, right? But that's what we do. And they tell you, the people who, you know, who taught you the rules of this human game.

They tell you; this is what happens when you're on planet Earth. Just so you know, humans, they get sick. They get very ill. They cannot heal themself and they die premature deaths, and they tell you about all the things that you're not. Basically, when you're playing the human game and you identify with the human game, it strips pretty much all of your power away because it immerses you in the 3d reality, which is the smallest part of your totality. And then we're told we have to depend on the human game and everything, our quality of life and our happiness and our peace and our security and all these things. That we want as beings, we're told that the only place to get those for the most part is from the human game. And here are the rules. But the rules are what keep us trapped. And like the metaphor that I gave you earlier about traveling somewhere, you're given the wrong directions. But you see, the truth is, even though you might resonate with it analytically, the truth is, you're infinitely powerful. You can heal. You can manifest and, in a nutshell, more than anything, you're a born creator.

You think about your life, everything you have, not some things, everything you have in your life, you've created, you've manifested. But for most of you, where are you manifesting from? Where's your metaphorical home base, the human game or the cosmic game? Now, I know that I attract spiritualists and that's the predominant amount of people who, you know, follow the podcast and enroll in my Transformational Coaching Program, which is a very spiritual program, by the way. And we dive deep into integrating both the 3d and the nonphysical in our beingness so we can actually co create in a very positive and healthy way while we're on the planet. But many spiritualists are like. Yawn. Okay, Jim. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. Okay. I get it. Next episode. But yet they struggle with money. They struggle with health.

Many, many dislike themselves. They hate themselves. They tear themselves down. They go through their days and fear and worry and anxiety all the while saying. I'm a spiritualist. Yeah, I'm a spiritualist and you know, you know spiritual this is spiritual that and namaste and love and light and all these kinds of things. The amount of people that I interact with is mind boggling. Hundreds of thousands or millions of people and especially over the years definitely millions and It's amazing the amount of people and I've been there myself. That think we're really spiritual. When we're really ideologically, dogmatically spiritual and not truly in the essence of spirituality. Which is what I'm talking about right now. So, are you the human being playing the spiritual game? However, you define that dogma, or are you the cosmic being living in the essence of your true power, your personal power and your spirituality, your cosmic consciousness, the beingness of yourself?

You know, as I was saying earlier, when you play the, you know, the game of life, but you're playing by the human rules, the human game, you know, that kind of reminds me a good metaphor is, as you know, I'm sure you're an adult listening to this or teenager or older. And by the way, when I use bad words, nothing, you haven't heard before. And, you know, imagine as a teenager or an adult, and you look at these card games or these games for kids that say, good for two years and older. Well, that's the game that most of us learn to play is the game of life. And we play the game of life for people, people that are two years and older. And then we live there and those are the instructions we're given and life becomes a bitch and it's hard and it's full of setbacks and it's full of limitations and it's full of trials and it's full, I mean full, again, full of fear and worry and doubt and shame and heartache and disappointment and tears.

And this is obviously what we call the trials of life. And we've normalized this thinking, oh, that's the way you play life. That's the game. All this stuff is normal. No, it's not normal. I don't recall who said it. I think it was Anatole France. And he said something along the lines of if 50 million people say something that's crazy, it doesn't make it any less crazy just because 50 million people say it. And that's the planet you live on, welcome the planet earth, and that you might have billions saying crazy things that keep you trapped in the human game. And just because 8 billion people or eight and a half billion or whatever, the majority say it, it doesn't mean it's true. And you know when we look at life, I look at it, the game. And you're born into a maze and if you're playing the human game, you're going to, and being on the planet, there's twists and turns all over the place, but you have to think about the maze that you're playing in. And if you're playing the human game and you're in the human maze. You're going to hit 50 roadblocks and what most people do when they hit a roadblock, they quit. Why? Because they're working from the perceived limited resources of being a human being playing the human game and they quit playing the game very earlier, but they're playing the wrong freaking game.

They're playing the human game and you. Yes, you are listening right now, you think you're human and you are partially human, but you're not human. You know, many people say, and I've said this, I don't know how many dozens of times, people say, whoa, okay, we're a spiritual being. That's even dogma in itself. You've got to, you've got to attribute some kind of definition to even what that means. But you are a cosmic being, your cosmic consciousness. And that right there, when you play that game and play from those rules in that place, that automatically pulls you outside of the human game. When you pull yourself outside of the human game, then you start regaining your power. So, I talked about these roadblocks in the maze. Most people quit. You know, let's say that somebody tells you in the human game you're going to hit 49 roadblocks. Now, people that live out their existence on the planet, they don't quit playing the game, meaning you're always going to be playing the human game.

But they stop and they shut down at roadblock number 7 as an example. When they were playing the spiritual higher essence higher consciousness game, they would blow right through the 50 roadblocks at the lower human game. So, speaking of the cosmic game, what if you were taught that game when you were born? And that game is about plain and simple, you exist. You be. You are conscious. And then what if you're taught anything you want is possible? Anything on the planet you want. It's possible. You can heal from anything and that's even if you get sick. Because if you're playing a higher frequency game, then guess what? You're not going to get sick. Now, caveat. If you've listened for any amount of time, you could say, well Jim, weren't you sick in 2020? Yeah, I was very brief and it's the best damn experience of my life. I was very sick. And as a matter of fact, I had the blessing. I had the blessing to cross over very quickly and then to come back again. And I see things and saw things differently. So, the doctors and the neurologists and the cardiologists are like, we don't know what happened to you. As I mentioned in the, in the podcast before, we don't know what happened to you.

I mean, you're one of the nurses said, as I mentioned before, they called me a unicorn. We don't see people like you in the hospital. And when I got out of the hospital, I went to see my brother-in-law, Don Xavier, the shaman, the night I got out of the hospital the second time, and he was just very nonchalant. And he said, and again, I've shared this before, he said. Now you know, now you see, and now you can help more people. So at least in my limited little 3D brain, bringing this to you, that was the purpose of those episodes, to understand life from a much higher perspective. And to understand the higher essences of life. And I wouldn't probably even be talking about these things now, had I not had those experiences.

So those experiences gifted me and created in me a higher ability to see things from a different perspective. To be able to create more healing for you. But what if you were taught a game and you were told you can be and you can do and you can have anything You want you want money not a problem easy snap your fingers that easy. Life is meant to be easy. Think about that for a moment. What if you believe that? What if that's the game you were playing and you believed that you know what? Life is really easy. What about this? What if you were taught to manage your emotions and guard your emotions? Because what if somebody told you the higher rules of the game, not the cosmic game, and you were told that your emotions create, your emotions manifest, and when you want to manifest something, all you've got to do is hold the emotional intent and the intention to manifest it. How much more powerful would your life be then? How much more joyful would your life be then? How much more peaceful would your life be then? How much more enjoyable? Would your life be then? What if you could read other people's minds? What if you could travel to other dimensions? What if you could travel to other realities?

What if you can be in multiple realities of consciousness? Simultaneously. Well, guess what you already are now, but you don't have the awareness to know it. That is the power of playing the higher game now, the whole point of this episode. These things that I'm talking about, reading, you know, reading people's minds and multiple pert, you know, multiple realities and all those kinds of things, that's not what the episode is about, but that's what my years, what the shaman has been about this episode, plain and simple as about making your life simpler, giving you a go to perspective that you can use, that you can think from so that when you encounter things, whichever game you're playing, and most of us are still playing the human game and we go, many of us vastly back and forth between the human game and the cosmic game. Ideally, the goal, listen again, ideally, the goal again, ideally, the goal is to play both games, the 3d physical game and the conscious cosmic being game and to play them simultaneously and to play them well, that, that is power.

So, you think about that for a moment. How would your life be different if that's how you were living your life? And truth be told, that really is what balance is. We think that balance is 3D life, your physical bag of skin, work, life, home, money, job, people, et cetera. Balance, balance, balance, juggle, balance, juggle, balance. That's, that's severely out of balance because that's all the 3D human game. True balance is when you balance the higher part of you and the cosmic game and the lower part of you, the human game, and you merge and mesh them well. So, it's kind of like a metaphor that was once given to me by Don Juan, a shaman and the sorcerer. Imagine that you're on roller skates. And this is exactly what he said to me. I met, and this was a lot of years ago. He said this, imagine that you're in rollers on roller skates. If roller skates are aligned, then you're just skating along. But what happens most often, when we're metaphorically roller skating the game of life, one leg goes one way, and I'm laughing because this happens, and the other leg goes the other way, and as Don Juan said to me, you fall down, and you bust your ass.

Why? Because you do the splits with your legs going opposite directions. We want to align and balance the games, which is what I want to, you know, finish this episode with and keep going here is some simple ways to start being more mindful to play the spiritual cosmic game and to take yourself into that game, to pull yourself out of the human game, because plain and simple, the human game is unwinnable. The human game is taxing the human game. You stay stuck in the human game. It will age you; it will destroy you. the toxic burden and weight of living only in the human game. It is unfathomable to me at this point in my existence. It's just poisoned to live only in a toxic game, I mean the human game.

Now, we have to live in the human game as long as we're in the physical body because we're on the planet, but again, it's about balance. ok so this entire episode, When I'm experiencing things that, and I don't really so much anymore, I do have the experience, but I don't stay in the experience, things that are crappy, things that my ego doesn't like, things that may cause fear, frustration, some form of human emotion, human response, human reaction. In that moment, when you have that emotion, which is your cosmic alarm going off, going warning, warning, warning. You're stuck in the human game. You're playing by the human rules. And I know that anytime that I'm not feeling well, I'm not feeling at peace, I'm not feeling loving. I'm not feeling kind, I'm feeling irritable, all the human emotions and all the rules of the human game and all the way people play the game.

I know that if I'm experiencing any of these negative things and I don't feel blissful no matter what's going on in my life. That I'm playing, I'm steeped too far in the wrong game, and I've got to go back out and balance the game. Now, candidly, honestly, I've done this for a lot of years, and I just had the dream last night, or two nights ago that reminded me of this. But you know what? I've known this for decades. And I'm still playing both games, learning to play both games better. Life is not about perfection. Life is about being plain and simple. And in that being, we have a choice. And from, you know, from our consciousness comes that choice. The choices we want to balance the higher processes, the higher mind, the higher love, the higher peace with the lower existence, which brings a better experience to the lower existence, which is the 3D human existence.

So how I use this is anything and everything that happens in my life. I look at it this way and I do it almost immediately. Hey, it's just a game. This game, I'm making up the rules in my mind. I learned these rules at some point in my past. Which game do I want to play? Do I want to play the cosmic game? Or do I want to play a 3D game? Anytime again, you're getting into your shit, your negative emotions. You're playing the 3D human game and you're lopsided. You're out of balance. The cosmic version of the game is something I have said a bazillion times in podcast episodes. I learned this from Don Juan Matus, the Sorcerer. When you look at life from a higher perspective, a higher game, Don Juan has said to me for many years, everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine. Everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine. That's 100 percent the spiritual game right then and there, you're playing at a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of mind and a higher level of thought when you work from that place.

So, what you want to do, you want to create a mantra in your mind. That anytime you find yourself in any kind of negative emotion. This is the best place, the most powerful place to use this. Anytime you find yourself in any kind of negative emotion fear worry greed shame anxiety guilt any of this You simply want to create a mantra you have to create a mantra that works for you. Something that resonates with you at a soulful heart level something like Yeah, right on. That's it. I get it. That's me. So, I just want to share a simple mantra that I have for me. So anytime something pops into my life, and it brings any level of discomfort that's pressing against my old 3d identity, that's pressing against the rules of the game that I learned long ago. And I'm, I'm, I'm dropping a lot of these rules or have dropped them or I'm playing a completely different, more balanced game now, but I'm on the planet. And when things pop in, I have a mantra, and this is mine. Make up any version that you want of your own. Here's kind of what I say, and I can mix and match, and kind of just move things around a little bit, but here's the gist. I'm going to use my language. I guess, obviously. But I say things like this. When I'm feeling discomfort, I say, this shit is made up in my mind.” It's an illusion. I'm making up every bit of this because I'm playing the human game, and I'm playing from the rules of the human game. I'm not of the human game. I may be in the human game, but I'm not of the human game. I am of the universe, and what belongs to the universe, as I am a cosmic being, belongs to me because it's a part of me.

And that's literally, you can mix and match, you can take part of that, you can take none of it, you can create your own. Simply what I just said there, that resonates with me and that's why I use that or a variation of that. Pick something that resonates with you. And then, again, third time, when you find yourself in discomfort, repeat the mantra. Why? Move your attention off of the human game into the cosmic game. Move your attention off of the human part of you into the cosmic part of you. And then as you're speaking this mantra, Feel it. Another one here is I'm making this crap in my mind. I'm the creator of this crap in my mind. Here's another one for you here. And this is one that I've said many times before, and this is exactly what I say. I'm making this crap up in my mind. I'm the creator of this crap in my mind. I be the mind of God because all is mind. I am the power and presence of the universe. And then I feel I feel what that feels like. And when I feel what it feels like, I'm now immersed in the emotions of the consciousness of the being of I know people have our time with this, but we're all a reflection of divinity, of divine mind, of divine consciousness, of universal consciousness. Or if you want to dogmatize it, God.

So that's why I use the word, I be the mind of God, be the mind of God, because all mind is one mind. All God is God. All consciousness is consciousness. You don't look at the universe and say, Oop, detour. Uh, consciousness doesn't go to this part of the universe. The universe is consciousness. Humans are conscious beings. Humans are conscious divine beings, despite the behaviors because they're playing the human game. So, the more you condition yourself by doing this, the easier it gets. Then, you know, the more powerful it's going to be and more than anything because of the human brain, the more you habitualize this into your ways of being. So, your transformational takeaway is this, the longer you insist on being of this planet and getting into utter human nonsense and BS, the harder your life's going to be. The more you balance the higher with the lower, the easier your life is going to be. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over in another episode. Bye bye.

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