The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 299: “Five Simple Ways To Make Your Life Easier”

December 7, 2023

Have you been feeling overwhelmed and wishing life was just easier? You’re not alone. We all face challenges with money, health, relationships, and more. But what if there were some surprisingly simple mindset shifts that could lift the burden?

In this episode, I share five powerful lessons and ways of thinking that can make your life much easier. These insights were gained over decades of apprenticing with a shaman and integrating ancient wisdom.

Here are a few of the powerful insights I shared:

  • Everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine. Adopting this mindset eliminates worry and fear.
  • You are where your attention is. Your focus and perceptions shape your reality.

Fear is the idleness of will. 

  • As creators, we have the power to manifest the outcomes we intend and that is why our self-talk and inner dialogue impact what we create. 

The world is this way or that way because you tell yourself it is this way or that way. Your inner assumptions become your reality.

There are only two core human emotions: love and fear. The key is focusing on love rather than fear.

Transformational Takeaway

These five powerful lessons can truly make your life easier if embraced fully. Let go of worry and fear, become master of your attention, use your will intentionally, change your self-talk, and choose love over fear. What shifts in perspective and habits could have the biggest positive impact on your life right now?

Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Five Lessons to Make your Life Easier. I mean, who doesn’t want an easier, better, more powerful life and a life that’s basically a whole hell of a lot easier than it is sometimes. I’m raising my hand on that one because I’ve learned these lessons the hard way over the years. I’ve learned them through keeping them in front of me. I’ve learned them through living them and I’ve integrated these lessons into my life, my reality, my being and every fiber of who I am. Now, what I’m going to share with you, these things have made my life tremendously, tremendously easier than what it would have been had I not learned them. I learned these things from a shaman. And I share them with you because my hope for you is that life does become easier. So, as I’m going through these five things, you may have heard me say them before. The truth is many times we hear people say things and we don’t really absorb it. We don’t integrate it. We don’t study it. We don’t take it apart. And specifically, we don’t master it. When you learn and you integrate what I’m going to share with you here. Again, I promise your life is going to become a lot easier. So, if you want your life to be a lot easier, keep listening.

Hi, I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I’ve coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you’re going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you’ve never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

Okay, easier life. Who doesn’t want an easier life? We have so many challenges in life. It could be health, relationships, maybe money. Who knows? It’s different things for different people. And the lessons that I’m going to share and maybe they could be lessons and we can make lessons out of them. They can be thoughts; they can be philosophies. But what I’m going to share with you in this episode are things that I’ve learned at the side of a shaman, apprenticing with a shaman for 27 years.

Candidly, as you’re about to discover, and you’ve heard me say them all before, but I want to put them all in one place. They’re really simple. And a lot of us, we just. We learn this, and I’m not going to go into it here as to how we learn it and why we learn it. We make things in life really hard. We overthink and candidly, we make a lot of things in life a lot harder than what it needs to be. So, as I’m going through each one of these, obviously, and of course I will explain them. And as we’re going through them and you’re hearing these, think about ways that you can actually apply this to your own life. Okay, the first one, I would bet if you’ve listened for any amount of time, you’ve heard me say this at least a dozen times.

Really easy to hear, and it can be more challenging unless we keep our attention on it, more challenging to really integrate and master. But this is power. This is massive power when you think about it. And the first one is, everything always has been, is now and will always be fine we can look at this in two different ways when you look at it from the perspective of the human based you. That container called the bag of skin that you’re walking around walking around in and when you look at it from a 3D perspective, you can say. Are you kidding me? Things are not fine. I can’t pay my rent. I’ve got this health issue. I, you know, I, I pulled this in my body and I broke a bone and this happened and that happened or I lost some money or a lot, whatever it is for you when you look at it and you go to a higher level of a thought and you look at it from a soul level, truly in your physical world, Everything is fine.

Now, the phrase again is everything is now, has always been, and will always be fine. Everything is now, has always been, and will always be fine. And when we live from that place, I tell you, I’m telling you right now, this right here will take away tons of worry that you may get into. Now I want to go back here. A story I’ve told on the podcast. And again, I don’t know for how long you’ve been listening. Some people have been listening since the very beginning. Some people are brand new and they still go back to the very beginning. Even if you’re brand new, only listening for a couple of months, go back all the way to the beginning. Pretty much most of what I share is timeless. And we’ll be valuable to you no matter where you are in life or how long you’re on the planet. But I go back to 2020 when I was in the hospital twice. Never been in a hospital in my life other than the visit and I didn’t even like it then. And in February of 2020, February the 26th of 2020, I was taken, I went to the ER. I wasn’t taken. I went to the ER. They examined me, ran me through a bunch of tests, poked me with a bunch of things and came to the conclusion that I was in heart failure.

Now, when the doctor walked in and told me that I was in the emergency room and I knew he was coming back with the results of my You know, my, I think the CT scan or whatever they call it, whatever it might’ve been. And he put his hands on the railing on the bed and he looked at me and he goes, okay, you’re in heart failure. He said it very, you know, matter factually and literally I kid you not literally my thought was Okay. It wasn’t. Oh my God. It wasn’t. I’m going to faint. It wasn’t. What did you say? It wasn’t you’re kidding me. It wasn’t. No, it was simply. Okay. I wasn’t worried about it. And to be honest with you, I mean, just as honest as I can be. It didn’t even worry me like 1/10th of 1%. I simply said, okay. And I knew in that moment, it didn’t matter because I was still going to be fine. I knew I could heal myself and I knew if I didn’t heal myself, it was still going to be fine.

And I knew if I left the planet, it was still going to be fine. Fast forward six months or thereabouts. A little longer, eight months, or I don’t know, something like that, but in November I had a stroke, a hemorrhagic stroke. Again, I actually had the stroke, went to the ER. I remember being conscious in the ER. Last thing I knew I was in another hospital somewhere and they took me down to Phoenix. As I mentioned, they, you know, they flew me down in a helicopter and I’ve never ridden in a helicopter and I always wanted to. The problem is that that was a 99, 000 hospital, hospital ride. I’m not kidding. The bill was 99, 000 insurance paid it for a literally 90-mile trip from Sedona to down to Phoenix.

So, I was out the entire time and I woke up in the hospital a day later and I already knew what had happened. I knew it at some level of consciousness. And when the doctor said you had a stroke, literally I was thinking, okay, I know it. And secondly, Alright, I’ll be fine. Today. I am fine. There was some healing that had to happen. I’m telling you right now just you know, candidly I had to heal myself, but today I’m telling you I’m fine and I never went into any worry and it surprised me for somebody that has never liked the hospital. I used to be averse to needles and hospitals and all of that. I’d run the other direction. And when I was there. I was surprised at how calm I was and I remember the first time in the hospital, two cardiologists, one came, this was a junior, junior cardiologist, and they gave me a lot of not so pleasant news, meaning that the prognosis was, well, you know, you could recover, you could not recover, you could have total heart function, you could not recover heart function, blah, blah, blah.

In my mind, I was listening and what I was hearing was blah, blah, blah, quite literally. And then the senior cardiologist came in and he’s like, I give you a 90 percent chance of a complete recovery, which I already knew was going to happen. My whole point in this section, think about your life. Think about the things that you think, holy fucking shit. Holy cow. How did this happen? There’s no way. I am so doomed. I am so screwed. I’m so hosed. I’m lonely. I can’t believe this happened. There’s no way I’m going to get out of this. And you might even want to add your own. Think about that. And then when you really think about it. Everything is always going to be fine, because if you look at your past history, no matter what has happened in your life, everything always has been fine, even if it’s not fine in the moment. So, write this down unless you’re driving. Everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine. Everything always has been. is now and will always be fine. And repeat that over and over and over until that is ingrained.

The next one, biggie, major big one. Six words and we tend to forget it. Before I tell you what it is, And I’ve shared it before there’s a concept called dual task interference. This is a neurological psychological concept. Dual task interference is that you cannot simultaneously hold two thoughts, or let me rephrase that you can’t hold two thoughts at the same time. And you know, an example I used to get people is imagine that you’re driving and you’re thinking about how hungry you are. I am starved. I’m hungry. I’ve got to get home or to my restaurant or wherever I’m going. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. Then, you’re almost in a car accident and it’s kind of shakes you up. Notice. You’re not thinking about hunger anymore. And this is physiological because your body goes in the fight or flight response mode, recoil mode, and that shifts your thinking.

But notice your attention is on not being, it’s not on being hungry anymore. Your attention is on. Oh my gosh, I just missed an accident. It’s I, you know, I missed having an accident. I’m safe. I’m okay. And then what will happen is you’ll calm down. The adrenaline will slow down and then you’ll start recognizing you’re hungry again. But this applies to anything in your life, your health, your, your wealth, your money, your relationships, everything in your life right now. And you can fight, you can argue, you can do whatever you want to do. But the more that you think about this, the more that you’ll, you will realize it is true. You are where your attention is. You are where your attention is. Six words. If you’re not driving, write it down. And you can change that to, I am where my attention is if you want, but where your attention is, is where you are in the totality of your 3d physical life.

A great example. And people actually have it backwards. Let’s say, for example, that you are physically ill. And I’ve been there before, as I just mentioned a bit earlier. Other people are physically ill and they never really heal. The reason they don’t heal is because they don’t put their attention and keep their attention on being well. They put their attention and keep their attention on being sick. Now, no one ever gets up in the morning when they’re sick and says, okay, I’m going to keep my attention on being sick today. That’s not what we do, or it can be relationships. No one ever says, I’m going to keep my attention on being lonely, or it can be money. And no one ever says, I can, I’m going to keep my attention on being broke. It doesn’t happen that way. But what we do with these three examples. Are we will go through our day, worry, worry, worry, because we don’t have any money and we worry about not having money, worry about not having money, worry about not having money, worry about not having money?

And when you do, when you’re worrying about not having money or a lack of money or not making money, that’s where your attention is, where your attention is, is where your energy is through what’s called a law of attraction, which is physics, or let’s go to real physics, not just even some. You know, people talking about physics and psychology, the double slit experiment, basically that proves where you hold your consciousness is the external reality that you manifest. Basically, simple terms, what that means is, is what you think is what you create. Now if your attention is on thinking all day long. I’m broke. I’m broke. I’m broke. I’m broke Then what happens is you stay broke. That’s what you manifest. That’s what you create. That’s what you perpetuate. Okay, same thing with being lonely or in a relationship or in a bad relationship but let’s go to health a lot of people when they’re not physically well. They keep all their attention on not being physically well.

And again, they don’t do it by saying, okay, I’m going to keep my attention today on not being well. Where they keep their attention is, they keep their attention on, not is, but on. I don’t feel good today. I hurt. My back hurts. My chest hurts. These stitches hurt. This cast hurts. I don’t feel good today. And then they talk to themself about it, which we’ll get to in just a little bit, all day long. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. Your body corresponds to your mind because anytime, anything that you think your mind literally is, actually activating the cells in your body to respond to what the mind is doing. Research has demonstrated this over the years. So, the more that you talk to yourself and you keep your attention on not feeling good or lonely or broke or whatever it is, you create more. And I’ll tell you how, how I changed that in just a moment. But again, the more that you keep your attention, which means you’re thinking, maybe, you know, I’ve not said it that way before, maybe people didn’t understand it.

Your attention is basically what you’re thinking, the content of your thinking. For example, right now, if you’re listening to me and you’re listening intently, that’s where your attention is. But if you’re listening and you’re also thumbing through your, your music collection, or you’re also writing notes on something else not related, or even in traffic, your attention is not all the way here. You are where your attention is. And it’s vital that you only keep your attention on the outcomes that you want in life. I’ll say it again. It’s vital that you keep your attention only on the things you want to create in life. Why? Because you are where your attention is. Now. How do we use this to create, knowing this, how do we shift?

Okay, the way that we shift is. assumptions. There’s a part of your brain that doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. Again, not an opinion, not psychobabble, this is real neurology. There’s a part of your brain that doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. And the more that you imagine something, whatever it is, the more you imagine that it’s happening to you, the more, or the more real is not a name. Like I said, is our word, the more real your brain thinks it is. So, the more you keep your attention on something, the more of that expands in your reality, the more of that you create. I’m going to say it this way. We must become masters. We must become masters of our attention.

Okay. So, the first one was everything always has been is now and will always be fine. The second one is you are where your attention is. The third one. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what my favorite quote is and they pretty much align with what I’ve been sharing and will continue to share in this episode. If I had to pick one quote as it’s pertained to me the last couple of years is, I’ve had a lot of things that have been challenging again I never got any fear about it, but it would be easy to go into fear. And there were times that I was tempted to go into fear. And mainly when I listened to the doctors, I’m just being candid and I’m not knocking doctors per se, but the doctors, both the cardiologist and the neurologist, they seem to focus a whole lot on the bad aspects of what happened to me. When I think it’s one of these? Two things that happened in my life are the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn’t have learned and saw and grown in my life, the way that I have had these things not happened. I’m grateful these things happen. They’re a blessing to me. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

If anyone said, Hey, Jim, you know, Jim, you can change all that. No way, no how I wouldn’t change it. Why life lessons. Anyway, so I’ve thought about fear a lot over the years and I really don’t get into fear. And the reason why I’m just going to be candid and I’ve talked about it in the podcast before is I’m not afraid of leaving the planet because I kind of did when I had the stroke very, very literally just like in a second. And the reality is, as I’ve said before in different episodes, when you leave the planet, and I know this from having the stroke, you’re not going to know when you leave. I promise you; you will not know when you leave. Hear me well, you will not know when you leave, so therefore there’s no reason to be into any fear about leaving. I am not afraid of exiting the planet. I don’t want to do it quite yet. I’m 57. I don’t know, maybe another 30 years would be great.

I would embrace that and I would live it well if I were here that long and I would continue to serve and I might even be doing a podcast when I’m 87 or whatever we’re doing 30 years from now, I don’t know, but the quote, I read this several years ago, it’s by Eliphaz Levi, he’s an 1880s occultist. And to me, this is one of the most powerful quotes and thoughts and ways of being that I’ve ever heard in my life. Fear is the idleness of will think about the things that create fear in you. Maybe it’s your bills. Maybe it’s your health. Maybe it’s a relationship breaking up. Maybe it’s a relationship you can’t hang on to and you’re afraid that it’s going to its going to break up Let me go a different direction at this One of my coaches used to say something that was so banal and so powerful and she used to say if it is to be, it is up to me.

That sounds so hokey, motivational. If it is to be, it’s up to me. And again, it sounds like something you’d read on, you know, just motivationally. When we accept a hundred percent responsibility for the outcomes in our life. We recognize that we can create whatever we want when we become a hundred percent responsible for it So in relation to this quote What’s the purpose of having any fear in life when all I’ve got to do is use my will meaning my life force in me to create. And when I use the life force in me, and I’m a hundred percent responsible. Meaning I do the things I need to do and I’m being the way that I need to be Emotionally and mentally to create the outcomes that I want I can create anything that I want. And the fact that I can create anything that I want means there’s zero reason to be in fear.

So, third one, fear is the idleness of will. I want to go back here very quickly. I just realized that I skipped over something on the last bullet. The last bullet was about you are where your attention is. The last lesson, the last sharing, the last takeaway, whatever you want to call it. You are where your attention is. And I said, I would add something to it. I forgot it. I moved on to the next one. Eliphaz Levi. Let me come back. Okay. So, what a lot of people are sick or broke or whatever it might be is they keep their attention there and then. What I’m talking about now in this bullet fear is the idleness of will many people actually shut down and don’t recognize they have the power to create because we’re born creators anything they want to create in life.

Okay. But here’s the way, and this is very powerful. I heard this many years ago and it changed my life. I’ve also said it on the podcast before, even when I was out of the hospital the second time, and I knew I had healing to do. And my, I mean, I knew there were things that I had to kind of rehab into my body. I assumed that I was already well. Now this hit me one day at the gym because early on after the stroke, I was working out at the gym and I was saying to myself, okay, Jim, you need to take it easy because you just had a stroke last month and you know, you got to be exercising, but you got to take it easy because you just had a stroke. And in that moment, I asked myself, okay, if I didn’t have a stroke, how would I be working out differently? Candidly, when I go to the gym, I’m one of those people, even though I’m 57, I’ve been working out since I was in my 20s. I took some time off in my early 50s and you can see it in videos because I look like I have an extra 15 pounds on me.

I did. It wasn’t the camera. I literally just got too distracted. And I’m back in the gym now full time and working out and all those kinds of good things. But for all the years when I’d go to the gym and work out, I would bust my ass in the gym. I would go, I would work out, I would do what I needed to do. I did it well, I knew how to work out, I had trainers before as well, and I would get the results. So, let’s go back here. When I said to myself, Hey, Jim, you got to take it easy. Okay, so I finished that workout and I was driving home and I said to myself, who said you have to take it easy? Your body can handle far more than what you think it can possibly handle. Who said you need to take it easy? You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym. You’re not there, but you know what? Ratchet it up. Not take it up a notch. Take it up two notches. And I started working out mentally and even physically with the assumption that I was already well. And I kid you not, within a month, I was pretty much back to what I would consider to be perfect health for me.

And I did a lot of mental work, and the mental work was, again, it was a form of self-hypnosis and self-talk, which we’ll get to in just a moment. But I just talked to myself. About the assumption and with the assumption that, Hey, I’m perfectly fine. So when you make assumptions that things are going to work out and you do what you need to do, and you’re a hundred percent responsible and you do that and you use your will, which means your life force, because you are a creator. Anything is possible for you. It doesn’t matter what your health is what your wellness is and I tell people quite often. Go back it’s probably 50 episodes ago 30. I don’t know Bob Cafaro C A  F A R O. Bob was on the podcast and he healed himself of an incurable disease using only and well, fruits and vegetables and eating diets vital, but the power of the mind, when you use your will, and you couple that with the power of the mind, which means you set your intention, and you know, that you’re going to create, you’re going to, you’re going to, you’re going to create the money, you’re going to create the health, you’re in the process of creating the wellness and any area of life or the abundance or peace of mind, you will [00:26:00] create it. And because you are a creator and when you, you, you become a hundred percent responsible. There’s no reason to be in fear. Therefore, takeaway number three, fear is the idleness of will. Will is your life force saying this is going to happen. I’m going to make it happen. I’m going to be a hundred percent responsible. When you use that with your emotion coupled behind it, you are then engaging your creative ability inside you energetically, you’re using your will and your intention to create. And when you do that, there is zero reason for fear.

So, everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine, is the first thought. The second is, you are where your attention is. The third one is, Fear is the idleness of will next one number four big one. I’ve said it before. I think back to an author that I like and she says, she said in her book the books like a hundred and fifteen years old. She said that our word is our wand. Your word is your wand, meaning whatever words you speak, you’re metaphorically waving a wand, a magic wand to create your life. Right now, I think back to Khalil Gibran. And Khalil Gibran said that your words are simply drippings from your mind. Khalil Gibran said, your, your words are drippings from your mind. So, when I go back here, I’m talking about this entire little section here. Words, we speak our lives into existence. That’s another way to phrase it. We speak our lives into existence and we speak our lives into existence by what we say. And we can simplify this. I think I can. I think I can’t. We learned that in kindergarten this day and age. I mean, I did when I was in kindergarten this day and age, they learn it in the crib. They learn it on an iPad in the womb.

I don’t know. They learn it early. But you know, what is what you say to yourself, those are your words, that is your wand, and that’s what you create. And the phrase that I use afraid, the phrase that works for me, and you can take any of these and put them into your own words, but the fourth thought, the fourth sharing that I have for you, I learned this from Don Xavier. He said it to me one time, the world is this way or that way. Because I tell myself the world is this way or that way. Think about it. The world is this way or that way because I tell myself the world is this way or that way. Now, a lot of this, a lot of this even weaves back into what we’ve been talking about. What ways do you tell yourself? The world is that is your wand that also rolls into your will, your intention. It, it, it actually integrates with pretty much every area of your life. But what ways do you tell yourself the world is. Because your world is the way that it is based upon the way you tell yourself the way the world is.

Do you say that life is a struggle? Money’s hard to make. It’s really, really hard to find love. You know, we live in a big town here and all the good women or all the good men or whatever your, your orientation is, they’re taken. So, notice that, especially for a lot of you about money and relationships. If you’re saying things like relationships are hard, well, guess what? That’s what you’re creating. Your word is your wand. If you’re saying money’s hard to make, that is what you’re creating. That is your wand. If you’re saying, you know what? No matter what I do, money comes in, money goes out. I can’t ever get ahead. Those are your words. That is your wand. That is what you’re creating. That is the way that your life is because that is the way that you tell yourself that life is.

Back in 1992, I was listening to a motivational speaker, and I think the guy’s still on the planet. I had a cassette tape of an event that he did. Somebody gave it to me. They recorded it at a real estate convention. The guy’s name was Joe Klock, K L O C K. Now, I resonated with him back in the early 90s. In 1992, when I heard him and listened to him for, I listened to him on repeat for a year because it was that valuable to me at that time in my life. And Joe Klock said something along the lines, he said something along the lines of, do not see the world as it is seen it as you want it to be. Do not see the world as it is See it as you want to be I know I’m hopping around in this episode a lot But when I had the stroke as I just mentioned fear is the idleness of will, And you are where your attention is.

When I was working out and I was thinking about healing and being a hundred percent healthy, my attention was on all of that. I had no fear around it, but I was also recognizing that what I said to myself, literally. It literally was creating because I’m a born creator and we create with our words. And what I was speaking was my wand to create more of that. So, if I said things, and I never said this, never, not one time. If I said things like, God, I feel so bad today, I hurt. I don’t want to exercise today. There’s no way I can go walk today. I’m never going to heal from this. This is crazy. It’s going to take me nine months to heal from this. I don’t say that. And I never said that that’s where my attention would be, but that’s also what would happen because that’s what I told myself what would happen. I was visiting with a family member recently over Thanksgiving, and he had a, joint replacement. I’ll just leave it at that. He had a joint replacement and he was talking and he’s a very cerebral left-brain type of guy. He’s an engineer. I don’t ever say anything because he doesn’t want to listen to me anyway. So, about any of this, he’s got his, he’s got this very rigid model of reality about what the world is and how it works and how it doesn’t work and everything else, and he’s a wonderful guy. I love him to death. Yet he has this, he has this, very rigid thinking about what reality is. And he, he was explaining what the doctor said to him and he said, the doctors told me it’s going to take me three months to heal. That’s going to be his reality. His world is that way because he tells himself it is that way. When I had both the heart failure and the stroke, I did not tell myself what the doctors told me.

I told myself using my words, my feelings, my intention, and my will, what it is that I am. I wanted to happen and I saw myself as I knew it would be not as it was. So, the fourth one, the world is this way or that way, because you tell yourself it is this way or that way. And then I mentioned a double slit experiment. This is real physics. The physical universe organizes your reality around your consciousness. Your consciousness is what tells you, your thought consciousness is what tells you what the world is and what isn’t. So, what you tell yourself the world is or isn’t is a reality that you manifest. And what you have to look at Is you can tell yourself all day long, let’s say, for example, you say that life is hard and it’s a struggle and you tell yourself that all day long, that will be your reality.

Now, if that were true for everyone, that would be human reality. But it’s not true for everyone. Therefore, it’s true for some people, maybe many people, maybe a lot of people, and it’s true for you, but it’s not true for everyone. And if it’s not true for everyone, that is a subjective truth that you’re holding for you that is not true. And you’re living within the confines of that language, those words. So, you must go back to what I said and Joe Klock shared, you must talk to yourself and see life as you want it to be, not as it is. And this is beyond positive thinking because you can positively think all day long. And if you don’t put anything in the action behind the positive thought and you don’t have the resources, the resources and the tools and the skills, it doesn’t matter what your positive thought is, because that will actually, I guess, matter a tiny bit, but not a lot.

Why, you’ve got to put your two little feet together or however you’re moving and your mobility and move to get something done. So, remember your world is this way or that way because I tell myself it is this way or that way you want proof. Look at all the physical external circumstances of your life your relationship ,your bank account, your health ,if you’re overweight Notice your self-talk What things do you say to yourself and I bet you say a whole lot of because I’ve done this a lot of years. People say a whole lot of the F word. I’m so fat. I’m so fat. I’m so fat. They also actually create more of that because they’re literally talking to their subconscious mind and the body’s going to respond to that. We speak our lives into existence. So, the world is this way or that way because I tell myself, so we have to go back to. What ways do I want to start experiencing life?

What ways do I want to tell myself that life is now? Here’s the chasm. Here’s the leap. Many times, that might be a stretch for us to wrap our thinking around a life that we haven’t yet created. Here’s where mental mastery and mental practice comes in is that even though you haven’t created it yet, then you have to go back to the: Act as if, and I don’t mean to be foolish about it and try to how do I say this? Okay. I’m going to back up. Just keep your attention and your focus and your intent and your will on what it is that you intend to create, not what you might currently have in your life. That’s what I, what I meant by the chasm or the stretch for some people. And I had to do that when I was dead broke and I was dead broke for a lot of years, and I’m the opposite of that now, I used to wonder, well, how can I keep my attention on being wealthy and successful and having money and being comfortable when I’m fricking broke?

That’s the life lesson is we have to learn to manage. Go back to the very beginning. Second bullet, we have to learn to manage our attention and ideally master our attention. Okay, so we’ve talked about five here now. Four, everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine. You are where your attention is. Number three, fear is the idleness of will. Number four, the world is this way or that way because I tell myself it is this way or that way. And the final one, number five, Don Xavier said this to me. Many years ago, and it took me a long time to really get my mind around this and over the last decade I’ve come to understand the truthfulness of this and the power of it. I don’t think I’ve ever said this in the podcast before maybe I have, I don’t really recall but he said we humans the human being only has two emotions and every other emotion is an offshoot or a variation of these two emotions. Are you ready for what these two emotions are?

He said the only two emotions that we have as human beings and everything else is an offshoot of these two emotions, but it starts. These are the root emotions; one is fear and one is love. Now go back to dual to dual task interference all the way to the beginning We can’t have our attention in two places at the same time. So, the question is Where do you choose to keep your attention? Do you keep your attention on fear and again where your attention is? That’s where what you’re talking to yourself about. That’s your wand. That’s what you’re creating more of so, Where’s your attention? Is it on fear or is it on love? And for it to be on love, we have to open our  heart. We have to open our heart to first loving our self. Many people have asked me and inside TCP, the Transformational Coaching Program, we do a lot of work on self-love and there’s a self-love program and exercise and everything we do. Of the thousands of students I’ve had over the years inside TCP, the Transformational Coaching Program, I’ve asked people, I’ve done surveys, we do surveys, and I’ve said, what’s the most valuable lesson and the most life altering thing that you have become here on our time together?

70 percent of people will invariably say learning to accept and love myself, because see, every problem you have in life has one root cause. The root cause for every problem you have in life is a lack of self-love. Because yourself love and your self-value determine your worth and your worth determines how you take care of yourself, which is your health, how you show up in relationships, how you treat yourself, your relationship to you, and how you treat money and your relationship to money. So, your self-worth is the foundation of every single bit of your life. But let’s go back here two emotions, love and fear and what you want to start managing and eventually mastering is where you keep your attention. Do you keep it on love or do you keep it on fear? And based upon everything else that I’ve just said, I think it’s now obvious to you that many times your attention is not on love.

It’s on fear and for your life to transform and change dramatically, you have to move your attention from the fear to the love. So, I normally do a transformational takeaway at the end of every  episode. But what I’ll do is I’ll just actually give you the bullets again and food for thought and five lessons to make your life a lot easier. And I’ll just give you the crux of each one, meaning that the headline or the bullet point of it is everything always has been, is now, and will always be fine. You think about it. It’s true. Next one. Number two, you are where your attention is. Think about it. It’s true. Next one. Fear is the idleness of will. Fear? You’re a born creator. Fear is rolling over and saying there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m stuck. There’s no way out. Which, by the way, is victim mentality. The next one. The world is this way or that way. Because I tell myself the world is this way. Or that way, this also pertains to self-image psychology, which is why I’ve often talked about subconscious reprogramming. And the final one is there are only two human emotions, love and fear, and it’s important to look at what it is you want to manifest and create in your life.

Okay, hopefully you wrote all these down, post them somewhere, keep them in front of you. And think about all five of these all the time. Think about them often, keep them in front of you. And when you do this, If you choose to do it, and you start integrating this way of thinking, I promise you, I give you my word, your life will get a whole lot better very quickly, and your life will become a whole lot easier. Okay, thanks for listening, and I’ll catch you over on another episode. Bye bye.

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