The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 300: “Burning Your Limiting Stories”

December 13, 2023

Before you start, download the Burn Your Stories Workbook to follow along with this episode.

In this milestone 300th episode, I guide you through a deep exploration of the stories you've been telling yourself and how they shape your life, circumstances, and outcomes. We delve into identifying a challenging situation from the past year and understanding how your internal narratives influenced it.

This episode emphasizes a crucial truth: your stories construct your reality. To transform any area of your life, it's essential to change the underlying stories that define it.

Here are some things to keep in mind and consider:

  • Everything you tell yourself is a story that influences your experiences
  • Your stories directly create your life circumstances
  • Shift the narrative to reinvent outcomes

During the episode, I examine limiting stories that impact relationships, money, health, and more. I stress noticing the repeated tales we accept as truth, though they hinder us. Past events or suggestions from authority figures often plant restrictive assumptions we carry for years.

Here are a few more things to consider and evaluate:

  • Relationships suffer when we refuse to confront our self-limiting narratives
  • Health improves dramatically when dropping assumption-laden medical stories
  • Money flourishes for those who edit scarcity-based internal dialogues

So, how did we ‘Burn Our Stories’? I lead my listeners through a cathartic exercise – writing down their limiting stories and burning them. This act releases associated emotions while imagining a new reality unencumbered by past constraints. Fire's symbolic purification clears space for crafting empowering narratives. 

Here’s what’s KEY about this exercise:

  • Writing down feelings around confining stories brings clarity
  • The ritual burning cleanses energy to enable forward movement
  • Mindfully focusing on releasing the past is profoundly liberating

Transformational Takeaway

Our stories shape our worlds and realities. What limiting tales still live within, keeping you stuck? How would your life transform by reinventing these narratives?

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This is episode number, believe it or not, number 300. And unlike all the past episodes, this episode is going to be an episode of a live event. We just had meaning we recorded it. We had a live event recently, and this will be the audio and the video. We had a live event recently, and it was titled burn your stories. Now, the purpose of this event that we just had. And in this episode, we wanted to do something a little different, a little special for you guys to get you started, you know, in the right place for the upcoming year. And the purpose of the burn your stories event is that your life is an amalgamation of stories. What you have is a reflection of your stories. What you don't have is also a reflection of your stories. Now, the value you will get out of this, listen to the entire episode, the value that you will get out of it. are you'll learn more about your stories? And in addition, you can also even burn your stories, you, if you want at the end, just do what we're doing here in the episode.

The backstory to this event is that in ancient wisdom, the shamans and Native American times, and even in Siberia and different indigenous places in the world where you find shamans. Many times, they would use the elements for healing earth, wind, fire and water and fire. Using fire is using it and you can use it in the destruction of things. I mean, think about a house burning down. It can destroy things. So, what we want to do is we want to metaphorically burn down the stories that have been holding you back in life. So again, the purpose of this episode titled 300th episode, Burn Your Stories. Now, even though it's symbolic. It's also and I think a lot of people listening will understand this. It's also energetic. Everything is energy and what you want to do. And my objective is to get your stories on paper that hold you back in life and then to burn those stories. That being said, to get the full value out of this episode opt in and download the workbook and then go through the workbook as you're actually listening to this podcast episode. Have a good time. Enjoy. And let's burn down your stories so that you can have the best. 2024 possible. Again, this is the 300th episode. I want to say thank you very much. We have millions of downloads and I want to say that I'm honored. I'm blessed to serve and thank you so much for listening and for sharing. Okay. Enjoy the episode. And after this one, I'll catch you on another one. I'll see you later and enjoy. Bye bye.

Okay, I've not done this event in about a year, and prior to that, we did it. I think every six months, maybe every year prior, Nikki, who used to be the director of operations on my team, came to me and said, Jim, how can we start prepping people for the next year? And I believe this was 2020. What things can we do to get them in the right frame of mind to start the new year and to have a really good year? And there was something that happened. I'll share in a moment, which had me come up with this. But I said, you know, the number one thing that holds people back in life is their stories. The number one thing that keeps you from what you want in life is your stories. And that's what we're going to do today. We're going to look at your stories. We're going to actually burn your old stories and the approach we're going to take here today is a lighter approach to spirituality, non-dogmatic. Basically, you could even call it cosmology and everything is energy.

So even fire is energy, which I'll get to in just a minute, but everything is energy. And all of your thoughts come from your brain. Your brain's a transducer. It actually transformed your thoughts and the behavior and the kinetic energy and into action. Everything is energy. And what we want to do today is burn a lot of the old energy. That's been holding you back. Also, you do have a PDF today, but we don't have a big PDF where you can take a lot of notes. Take a lot of notes. The reason why is we're not actually giving you a verbatim PDF of today is you learn more. You retain more when you take notes. You know, I'm no different than any of you guys. If I'm not taking notes on something, I tend to get distracted. I look around. I'm like, if I'm not taking notes, don't worry about it. I'll just get to it later. Then normally when I say I'm going to get to it later, I don't get to it later. How long will we go today? Probably an hour is my goal.

Okay. So, take a lot of notes. Now let's start here. Think about something this past year that's been challenging for you. It can be whatever you want. It can be healing from something. It can be money. It can be the economy. It can be your marriage, your relationships. It can be your kids. But think about something this past year that has been challenging for you. If you have that, and if not, then think about something that you even though you say you wished X, Y, Z was true, it's not true, or you would have been someone and done something different. Think about something that you wish would have been true for you this past year. Go ahead and get that now. Just take a second and think about something that has weight on your mind in the past year. And it can be yesterday. It can be six months ago. Maybe even someone, Pissed you off six months ago. It's right after Thanksgiving 2023. Maybe someone at Thanksgiving pushed all your buttons and your triggers and different things. And just notice that right now. Now, as you're noticing that story, does everyone have it? Does everyone have that situation, that circumstance? That is a story.

Everything that you tell yourself is a story. So, when I said something that didn't happen like you wanted this past year, if the same thing had happened to everybody on the planet, then, okay, it's a story that everyone has. But what you're dealing with, everyone on the planet is not dealing with. Therefore, it is your story. Think about something you might have been unhappy with or something you wanted to be different this past year. Maybe you wanted a new job, a new home. Who has something in mind right now? Hit the chat box and just say yes, if you do. Something you really wanted to be different in 2023. And it's in the 2023 and it's not. Okay, look at the chat box. What this means is we're all normal beings. We're all normal beings experiencing the same thing on the planet, doing our best to live our lives and be prosperous and be healthy and be happy, you know, in our time here on the planet.

But notice this, the yeses are still going here and they're still rolling. The reason why is I think everyone wants things to be different than what they might have been to some degree, you know, for me, I mentioned it a lot and I'll stop mentioning it soon, but it's my scenario. I spent two years to build a house. We moved into it. It's not done. And it's a bit of a challenge. I mean, there are people here every day or two in and out of the house. And do I have stories about it? Yeah, I do have stories about it. Do I have stories about the contractor not doing what he needed to do? Yeah, I have stories about it. But what I didn't know is if I really get into the stories, they're going to drain my energy and they're not going to serve me. And I'm not saying that I haven't gotten into them, but I corrected pretty quickly for the most part. You look at the circumstances in your life. Every one of you right now, look at your circumstances in your life. Those circumstances are because you created them. And you created them because of one thing, and we'll talk about how this happens, and one thing only.

Every one of you have what you have in life right now, because you created it. And you have it because you've done things. to do it, to have those things. You've done things to have more things. You haven't done things to have more things. And then finally your being, meaning who are you as a being, spiritual, cosmic, human being. So, it's your being and your being, your physical body is on the planet. I would assume all of you are on the planet at this point. If not, you wouldn't be here, but you've created this in your ways of being. Think about that and let that set, you know, let that sink in for a moment that I'm being 100 percent responsible for my life, whether I like it or I don't. I'm the one that has to be responsible for this because I'm the one that created it. Now, when it comes to being a reflection of that, and we'll talk a little bit about that. Not a lot. A reflection of that is your stories. So, all these stories that you have been being and been telling yourself have influenced what you do, and what you do influences 100 percent what you have.

So you go back and you look at all the yes comments over here about how you wanted to be, how you wanted life to be different now, but you've not been different, therefore you haven't created a new life, And you've not been different in the stories that you are telling yourself. That's what today is about, the stories that you tell yourself, because your stories create what you have in life. Your stories create your reality. You want another reality? Pretty simple. You need different stories. Okay, so why this program is that mentioned the inspiration came in Sedona, I guess about three and a half years ago. But I think back to about 15 years ago when I was in coaching with a transformational coach myself.

And I said I wanted to do something as far as buying some property. There's a piece of property that I wanted to buy in Boulder, and I wanted to pay for it in cash. And at that point I wanted to move to Boulder. And I said, I could buy the property, but I want to pay for it in cash. So, they don't have the amount of cash to buy that particular plot of land, which basically overlooked all the Boulder. It was a pretty pricey piece of property. And he laughed at me and he said, do you want to buy the piece of property? I said, yeah, he said, change your stories. Think about that. You want things to be different in your life. It's as simple as this, guys. This is not, we're not going to convolute this. You want things to be different in your life. There's no way it's going to happen until you change your stories, which I'm going to get you started on that today also. Now, let's look at relationships. If you're comfortable sharing this here, it's no big deal. You'd be human if you did this. How many of you have been in a relationship? And I'm going to say I've been there in mine before.

It's really good. I mean, I'm in a 21 year, really good relationship that I want to be in. And I choose to be in. There's been times it's been pretty bumpy years back. And I want to ask you right now, how many of you have different things and you can't answer this if your partner's here? Okay, so just mind if you're both looking and watching, you can't answer. But what I'm looking at is how many of you wish things might have been different in your relationship? More of this, less of that, better this etc. Hit the chat box. I'm just curious. And I know that you're all going to say yes. All well, probably all of you. Yeah. Okay. And it was probably in 2004 or so. I was having relationship challenges. with my partner and I was talking to my coach Laurie, Dr. Laurie Emery. And she was very direct with me and she's very direct, which is what I liked about her. And she's very skilled. And she said, Jim, you've got to stop. This is exactly what she said. You've got to stop your damn stories. If you would just get off from those stories, things would improve. Think about that. How many of you are trapped in your story? I can't believe they did this. I can't believe they did that in their relationship. If they only did this better, if they only did more of that, if they were only more of X, Y, Z, then I'd be a happy camper if they were something else.

And candidly, I didn't want to hear that. I didn't want to hear that. I mean, come on. The problem wasn't my problem. It wasn't me. Anybody that's in a relationship knows that it's never you. It's always the other person, right? So, it's not, it's always you. It comes back to your doorstep. And I had to look at it and I really had to examine my biggest stories in me that were calling that were causing the challenges in the relationship because I wasn't fully integrated or allowing myself to be in particular ways in the relationship because of the stories that I was telling myself. Now, here's the kicker. And again, we're going to talk more about this. I created the stories. This was probably year 10 of the relationship. I created the stories back in year number one of the relationships without recognizing that I created stories and I'm living in these stories over and over and over again.

I don't like the stories, and I'm just perpetuating the stories until I change the stories. I didn't start changing things and until, okay, and things didn't change for my part of the equation until I started changing things and myself, I had to change me to make the relationship work better so I could bring what my partner needed. Does that make sense to you guys? It doesn't mean you're with the right partner or the wrong partner. It simply means if you're with somebody that you feel like you want to be with, you choose to be with and you're supposed to be with the first place, whether or not, and trust me, I don't like it, but the first place you need to go look is in the mirror.

Because the stories you're telling yourself, so ask yourself, what stories do I tell myself about my relationship? We're going to do more of this and different things as we go today. But when it comes to relationships, what stories do you tell yourself? Are they egocentric? Are they angry? Are they overly expectant? Are they out of low self-worth? Are they because you're not getting what you think your needs are, you're not getting it met? What story are you telling yourself? And those of you that are partners, yes, I can see you looking at each other as I'm going over those examples, which, by the way, if any of you were here with partners, you'd be doing the same thing. You look at your partner and you're like, I wonder what stories they're going to let go of. And I got to let go of XYZ stories and holy shit, really? I don't do that. It's all stories. Okay? It's all stories, but it pertains to everything in your life.

So, let's go here for a moment. Ponder the stories. We just touched on relationships. Look at what's not working in the relationship or you want to be different. What? Make a note for yourself to come back to this later. What are my stories about that and when you start digging, you're going to find all kind of stories about hurt and wounded and past, you know, but this happened to me as a child, which doesn't relate to this day and age because the past doesn't exist. But notice the stories that you are telling yourself about your relationship. Notice the stories that keep or prevent you from showing up in their relationship. Take note of that right now. And, you know, I had something here I'd written down. My brother in law, Don Xavier, is a shaman. I've worked with him, I've apprenticed with him for 27 years now, and he said a lot of things that are very profound and done a lot of things that are very profound, but he said to me one time, and I always remember this, when the warrior, war, not worrier, warrior, w a r I o r, when the warrior stops talking to themself, Anything is possible.

When the warrior stops talking to themself, which is a story, anything is possible. Now, it doesn't matter who, I see someone on the front screen here who's in a very tumultuous relationship that perhaps doesn't really fit this person anymore and for where they're going. And to some degree, the person feels perhaps like their options are limited and leaving the relationship. Tell a story. It's all it is. It's all a story. Anytime you're stuck, anytime you're trapped in life, you're never trapped. You are in a story. You're never at the mercy of your circumstances, yet you are at the mercy of your stories. Better life, better stories, plain and simple. So, relationships, we wrote that down.

Next, I'm an expert on this. Not really, but I kind of am, more than a lot of people. Health. What are your stories about your health, wellness, and healing? Hopefully most of you are doing well with your health. However, those of you that might have a physical malady, something going wrong, a doctor told you X, Y, Z. Be very careful. Now, I fully endorse trauma medicine when you need it. If you're in a car accident, go to the ER. If you chop off your arm, Go to the ER. I mean, there are times you need a doctor. No question about it. However, one of my students and a couple actually, but one is an MD. She has her own podcast. And when I hosted her on my podcast, she said something I want to share with you guys. And I'll explain why for those of you working on your health and wellness, but it pertains to everything. She goes, I think a lot, and this is a very prominent doctor. She said, I think a lot of doctors, a lot of MD, s keeps people. Stuck in healing mediocrity. I had a stroke and heart failure both in 2020. Best thing that ever happened to me. What would be your story if that happened to you? To me, it's like I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything because I learned a lot spiritually and about myself as I was growing out of those experiences.

And I remember sitting in the hospitals, I think four days each time. And which, by the way, my story is one of the, a hospital is supposed to be there to heal you. And it's one of the most toxic places I've ever been. I mean, the toxicity and the fear in those places and the energy in those places. And on top of that, off topic, The food sucks in a hospital. I'd never been in the hospital and I thought hospitals are supposed to have healthy food. Are you kidding me? You're bringing me tater tots and a hamburger. I mean, this is not healthy food in a hospital. But after I had the stroke. The neurologist said, okay, we have to be careful. We have to get your medication right at that point in my life, because you could have a second stroke and we definitely don't want that. Obviously not. And so, I'm listening to him and he know what he's planting in me as I'm listening to him. Think about this. It's a story, but what is he planting in me? What do you guys think? Same thing happens to you guys all through your life, but in different ways. Fear. He was planting fear into me about if you don't do X, Y, Z, then A, B, C can happen, and this can happen, and that can happen, and this can happen.

Now, mind you, somebody who doesn't do what I do for a living, they walk out, what's trapped in their head? What stories are in their head? Right? You know, I was talking to somebody recently, and he said he had a hip replacement and this has been medically proven you can heal yourself two thirds quicker by using self-hypnosis than by not doing self-hypnosis at all prior to surgery or any kind of physical ailment. It's medically proven. And this person was saying recently, they were saying I had a hip replacement and the doctor told me that it was going to take me six weeks to recover. Well, how long is it going to take this person to recover then? What do you think? Six weeks, right? Because he bought the doctor's story.

So, we have to be careful because one of the most powerful things, and I know I want to create a program on this, but his suggestion is suggestible is your biggest pitfall and life and also your biggest opportunity. Which we'll talk about at the end of our time today, meaning suggestion. But when somebody says something to you, like, and this is research demonstrated, we subscribe, we learn it as a little kid, we learn to subscribe to authority. And we learn that by your parents telling you, you got to listen to the doctor, you got to listen to the doctor be careful going outside, it's cold, you're going to get sick, you're going to get sick, you're going to get sick. What happens? The kid gets sick. Why? Because that's been a suggestion planted.

So, these suggestions become our stories. And many times, these stories become our stories for a lifetime. Now, take a step back. Every one of you, if you were to look at yourself, you're living in a story. And you're living in a story that you've accepted and you've created from someone else. If you're not getting what you want in life and you're not creating a life that you want, it's because of your story and you must create a new and different story. Okay, so health, money, relationships. A couple of questions for you, and I'm going to keep on going, but I'm going to give them to you. Some introspection about these stories that you're pulling up is what's really happening. Let's, so let's say my example was a doctor said ABC. Okay, is he accurate? Is he 100 percent factual? Is he, always right? What stories am I telling myself about this? Let's change that wording a little bit. What am I saying to myself about this? Because what you say to yourself about it is the story. So, examine the stories that you tell yourself about your health. Do you have the health that you want? Then you've got the stories that support it. If you don't have the help that you want, then you don't have the support, the stories to support it.

How about this? What's happening in the story? Notice that you're telling yourself a story about the story. First one is what's really happening. Second one is what's happening in the story. Because you have a story, and then you've got all these little stories about the story. Notice something right now. As you guys are making notes, and you were listening, notice what you're doing. You're listening to me, but you're also in your head telling yourself a story about what I'm telling you. So, your story is, okay, this is pretty good stuff. I'm, I can use this or this guy's full of shit or whatever the story you're telling yourself a Story in your head right now. And that's brain-based. Because our brain has to make meaning of the world around us. So, we go through our entire days making stories. Do their stories work or do their stories not work?

Next, how are your stories created. Okay, let's go back popping out of the womb. All right, I assume all of you popped out of a womb somewhere, someplace, sometime, at least on this planet, because you're here. So yeah, pop out of a womb. Then what happens is we become video and audio cameras. the second we pop out of the womb. And then what we're doing from about the age of two, is once we start developing some consciousness of being conscious and awareness of self, we start making stories about the world. And these stories for most of us become our lifetime stories, not even knowing that we are telling a story. Okay. Somebody said here, they're sick, stuck, no way to heal. I'm just using that as an example. Notice your absolute stories. Like, I'm just never going to get out of this. I'm never going to make a lot of money. I'm never going to be in a place where I can buy a house. I'm never going to be in a place where I can afford XYZ. How about this for some of you guys, and I've seen it, I'm never going to find a partner. I'm always going to be alone. I'm never going to be married. Partners are a pain in the butt. I don't want to be in a relationship and look at these monies. Money is, there's never enough. There's never enough. There's never enough. There's never enough. There's never enough. Money's hard. Money's hard. Money's hard.

I got to struggle for money. I got to work three jobs. All a story. Okay, guys, but where did you learn this? So, what happens is children, you pop out of the womb, video camera, audio on, you start experiencing the world. And as you experience the world, you're making stories about the world because what you're doing is, you're making interpretations about the world and as you're making interpretations, you're creating beliefs about the world. And as you're creating beliefs about the world now from there, you're creating your identity. And as you're creating your identity, you create your self-talk and your self-talk is where you are today. Pretty simple. It's cognitive psychology, so to speak. But look at this. So, all the stories you're telling yourself now, you have learned these stories, and then what you do, this is what people do, is we tell the story over and over and over and over again.

Well, I'm going to prove that. Think about what's wrong with your partner now. Notice how many times you told yourself if they would only do X, Y, Z different. As an example, notice that over and over, we go over our stories over and over and over again, because you're making up your life. This is really important. You're making up your life in your mind as you go and the life, you're making up in your mind becomes your identity once you do it with repetition. Say for the third time, once we wrap up today, I'll give you guys a process that you can start learning and practicing on your own to create new stories in addition to what we're going to do and to start building new stories within yourself. So, Another demonstration here. I think I already started here. Look at your stories you've told in the last three hours. What stories did you get into? Damn, I got a lunch and those lunch lines are really long every time I go there. That traffic every time I go there is really bad. But more than anything, look at how the stories make you feel.

Because you create through feeling. So, if you're telling yourself stories, and you feel bad about the story you're telling yourself, all that you're simply doing. Everyone writes this down, please. When I feel bad, I am miscreating. When I feel bad, I am miscreating. Whatever you do not dismiss that because that is the truth for you. When you feel bad through electromagnetics, that's what you're pulling back to you. You guys might want to look up physics, the double slit experiment, double SLIT experiment. You can find it on YouTube. And basically, what that whole experiment real physics demonstrates is that what you observe in your life, comes from the expectation of what you expect to observe in your life. What you expect to observe is your stories. Why? Through that whole process that I just went through because you've learned your stories. Better story, better life. Okay, so questions for you. I'm just going to go through these and we'll keep on going, but write these down as we go. What stories do I tell myself about my health and healing? If you're very healthy, notice your stories, keep those stories up.

Next. What stories do I tell myself about my relationships? I would pick my primary relationship first. Let's improve that one, or maybe discover it's not the right one for you, but what stories do you tell yourself about your relationships? Next, what stories do you tell yourself about your money now, not just money, but how easy it is to attract, how easy it is to earn, if that's your choice of words, how easy it is to make, if that is your choice of words. Let me share a story that a lot of you guys who can relate to this, I have to work hard for my money. Who can relate to that story? Hit the chat box. I'm curious. I have to work hard and the only way I'm going to make money is to work hard for my money. Look at the chat box guys. That's not true because everyone doesn't work hard for their money and you could say well, they inherited it. Yeah, but there's a lot of people like I know a lot of I’ve coached a lot of online entrepreneurs That aren't working hard for their money They've created systems to create the money for them with their business and their teams and everything else. So really what I want you to notice is the stories behind the outcomes that you have in life.

Actually, you can write that down. What are my stories behind my outcomes? Because the outcomes, if you want to change them, and all of you were here because you want to change an outcome. If you didn't want to change an outcome, you would not be here. I mean, who says I've got, Hey, I'll kill an hour. I'll go listen to Jim because I am not got nothing better to do. And there's Netflix specials coming on today. They're releasing this new episode in one hour. So, I'll go count. They don't do that. Don't Netflix. But anyway, you know what I mean? So, your circumstances are a 100 percent reflection of your stories.

So, here's another one. What stories do I tell myself about my habits? Think about that one. And by the way, all thinking is a habit. Not all, most thinking is a habit. What stories do I tell myself about my habits? Ponder that one. So, when we learn these stories as a kid, sometimes we can learn them as a single imprint. Something just happens and we imprint that and it becomes our subconscious identity. Other times, we learn the story through repetition. When I was in first grade, I'm sorry, she's not on the planet anymore, Mrs. Schilling. This was 51 years ago. Mrs. Schilling walked up to me in math class in first grade, put a paper on my desk, had a D minus on it, and she said, Jimmy, you're not good at math.

I bought that story and carried that story for decades. I made A's and everything else in high school and grammar middle school and everything else. My parents would chastise me. How come I was such a smart kid, but I couldn't do well in math. And then my parents taught me more stories. And that you're not trying hard enough and you're not, you know, you don't care enough and you're lazy and all these kinds of things. They weren't true. I had created the identity at a subconscious level from the story that I learned as a first grader. So, all of your stories, most of them you're not conscious about. That's why I said, again, write down, look at your circumstances because your circumstances are a direct reflection of your stories.

I think back to a client of mine a decade ago, maybe even longer ago. Her name was Robin. And when the very first coaching session, she said to me, Jim, I can't do that. And I said, why? And she goes, I am the adult child of an alcoholic. She goes, I can't do X, Y, Z. It was something about relationships. And she goes, I am the adult child of an alcoholic. Now, what does that mean? You guys notice how many stories she has wrapped up in that story of being the adult child of an alcoholic? Think about that. Now, notice this. She was in her 60s. And I said, when's the last time you saw your father? And she goes, when I was 18, she was 61, I believe, or 2. Anyway, that story had been dead for 45 years, and she was still living in the story in her head. Think about that. What stories do you have about life that your parents taught you as a kid? And I go back to the example that I used, the world it is this way or that way.

So also, be careful of outside influences. Now that you're learning this. Last night, I wanted to look up gold and silver prices. And I got online to a website that I go to, to look up gold spot price. And there's always a lot of articles about gold and silver in the economy. And there was an article by some dude, don't know who it is. Doesn't matter. But the article, I clicked on it, and the article was this economist saying, get ready for a hard landing and a recession in 2024. Is that true? We don't know. Could be true. Could not be true. We don't know. But what if I read the story just like what the doctor told me? What if I read the story and I'm like, Oh God? Okay. Okay. This is not going to be good. A hard landing coming in, recession. I've got a business. I didn't go there. I did not go there because what's going to happen is based upon the stories that I hold for myself. And have you guys ever noticed that even in bad economies, people still do well. Not everyone, people who are, who don't learn what you're learning here, they don't do as well.

Why? Because they're trapped in the story that's given to them by the mass media. political campaigns, nothing more than a marketing competition. That's all that it is. And the stories they tell you in political campaigns. How about this? This may piss some of you off and I'm okay with that. How about some of the stories you're getting from the Catholic church or a church sometimes about what good and bad is and how you should live your life and everything else. The world determines our stories based upon what it gives us. And then what we determine is what we swallow, what we take and what we choose to live by.

So, the question for you right now is what are better stories? Make a note of that so you can do this on your own. What are better stories? And make a list of them a little later. What are better and more powerful stories that will take me to where I want to go in life? What are stories about me becoming in particular ways so I can create the outcomes that I want? I see someone here that actually is healing now and just came out of having a, having cancer. And I look at what are the stories we tell ourselves when we're in those kinds of situations. But they pertain to health, relationship, money, and all aspects of life.

Other stories you want to look at. I am the way that I am because of blank. You may want to write that down for your own homework. I am the way that I am because of blank. Anytime we actually put a value in there, many times we're blaming other people. We're not responsible for the story. We're not responsible for the circumstance or the outcome. Many times, people will say, I am this way because of my mother. I am this way because of my father. I am this way because this is what the doctor said. I am this way because of the economy. I am this way because of my partner. It's all stories.

Okay, so I'm going to I'm going to we're going to wrap that part of our time up together. I think you guys recognize by now, everything is a story. Third time, you want a better life. You have to create better stories. Let me slow down here is you create your stories, as I said, from your identity. And I'm just going to tell you guys candidly, to shift the stories permanently. And longer term, you have to shift the identity that creates the stories. We're not here to do that today. That's what we do in the Transformational Coaching Program. However, for many of you that have not worked with me, we're getting you rolling. We're getting you started at the very least food for thought things that you can bring into your consciousness to start thinking in a new and different way. Okay. Fire. Why fire? About three and a half years ago, I was sitting in a living room with my brother in law, Don Xavier. the shaman, and we're listening to Hauser, H A U S E R, his song called Benedictus.

And it was around this time of the year, and the fireplace was on. Just very quiet in the room, listening to the music. And he said to me, he said, as we're watching the fireplace, he said, and this is really powerful, I think, when you really dig into it, fire is alive. Think about that fire is alive. Anything that is alive consumes energy. I believe for the most part, I'd have to talk to a physicist about that, but all life force requires energy to be a life force. Therefore, fire is a life force. So, he just started, he didn't talk about anything we're talking about now, he just shared fire is alive. And then you think about that, fire has been used in ancient ceremonies for thousands of years, right? I mean, you look at, for example, the Buddhists, they use fire, as do the Hindus. The Wiccans, they use fire, burning ceremonies, and you could even look at mainstream religion, the five predominant religions. How about this one? Is walking to a Catholic church, and many times you see tons of fire in there, people lighting candles, right?

Why? Why are they using fire? How about this one? You know, you look at Jewish holidays, lighting the menorah. Right? That's a tradition. It's a ritual. Today is a ritual. Lighting the menorah. And Zoroastrianism is the same thing. The power of fire. And for many thousands of years, people have used fire in smoke ceremonies. You look at the aboriginals. They use fire. They use smoke ceremonies. You look at the Native Americans. They use fire and they use smoke ceremony. Tibetans use, Tibetan monks use smoke ceremony. Look at, as I mentioned, the Native Americans. Why do they smoke? As we know and growing up as a kid, but I live in actually Indian, Native American territory now.

And I've always been very drawn to Native American ways. Even since a kid, but why do they smoke the peace pipe? You ever why aren't they just chewing gum? Why aren't they just sitting there chewing gum, taking notes on their iPad about the peace agreement they made. They smoke the peace pipe. It's ceremonial. Okay. But also, people have asked me one time. Well, you know, this smudging thing that people get into when people smudge and they burn sage, there's science on this, you can actually look it up online how, this is what the Native Americans did. They used smudge and burning sage to clean the energy. And that's what we're about to do here is clean the energies. So, what we want to do is we want to write down, take some notes here, guys. I never use notes ever. Anyone who's seen me work knows I don't use notes, but I made notes today just to make sure I stayed on track because I could easily make these three hours if I don't make notes. And anyone who knows me knows I'm going to go. So, I wanted to keep this in a reasonable amount of time and bring as much impact as I can.

So, everyone takes some time now, a couple of minutes. And what do you want to release? Think about what do I want to release? What stories do I want to release? So, think about that now. What stories do I want to release? And as you're thinking about that, most importantly, what feelings come up about those stories? Think about that now. What feelings? This is really important because we create through frequency and thought is frequency, but feeling is actually higher frequency than thought. So, feeling actually determines frequency as well. But what feelings do you have about the things that you want to release? Now, when we do this, we're going to do it in a second. So, this is what I want to do also is all of you guys want to make sure and skip over any notes here. I don't think I skipped over anything before we actually start burning things down here.

So, what we want to do is get this on a piece of paper. Okay. What things do I want to release? What stories write them out? What feelings are associated with that? I'll be quiet for one minute. Go ahead and do that now. And if you finish that, then go ahead and get set up to burn something here. To burn that I got to actually move my computer in a minute and turn it around every year to the door. But if you've already written down things you want to release, you might have written it down on the homework prior. Go ahead and get adjusted. Normally, in the past, we've had Jeopardy music playing. So, I don't know where that went today. I guess somebody burned it. I don't know. So, you guys doing okay? Everybody got your stories and you're getting them down on a piece of paper. And you can always do this. I really encourage you to do this on your own as well.

I remember a guy that he and his wife, and he was still in love with her. He, she wasn't, and they got a divorce. And I said, what did you do with the ring? And this was a lot of years ago. Very wise guy. He said, I burned it. I mean, I buried it. I buried the ring. What he's doing is kind of the same thing. It's a releasing ceremony. And the shamans have done that for a lot of years. The shamans in particular, which is my path, burn. They burn things to release them, to let them go. Okay. Now what we want to do is as we burn in the moment, let's get ready to burn. Okay, so what you want to focus on right now is focus on the feeling. As you can see me, I got to squat down. Focus on the feeling of releasing. And as you're burning in just a moment, Imagine the feeling of releasing what it that you want to let go of. I'm no different than you guys. I'm on the planet.

I got my list also that I'm going to burn also. And candidly kind of pertains to some of the things in 2023 that I'm just releasing that I'm still holding to some degree or another. I'm holding stories about. Then what we want to do, and I'll walk you through this, as it's burning, imagination is very powerful. Imagination is mind and thought are faster than the speed of light. So, what you want to imagine while you're burning is that these feelings are being released and taken away from you and you're letting go of the story. And then we're going to offer an affirmation. So, for everyone right now, you guys hit the chat box. You guys ready to go? You guys ready to start a bonfire? Okay. So again, Imagine, we're going to take our time here. I'm not going to rush you. Okay. Imagine the feeling of this being lifted, letting it go. And imagine the smoke is taking it. Imagine the smoke. Remember, everything is energy. Imagine the smoke is taking the energy of these stories out of your life.

And believe it or not, seriously, this is a ceremony and you're engaged right now in a sacred ritual. Okay. So. I'm going to go first, but you guys can all do it. You got to wait. You guys ready? You ready? Okay, let's go. Okay. I have ashes in there. And then you can do if you want, but if it is burning and you can bury your ashes, if you want entirely up to you and just be mindful when you do it and burn that when you're done. I mean, bury it when you're done, if you want to bury this. Okay. Okay. And just affirmation is I release this and let it go. It's how you want to finalize. I release it. Let it go. Just watching. There are still some people burning and even mentally, notice how much better you feel seriously notice how much better you feel when you hold your attention in that place. I release it and I let it. Go. I don't know about you guys, but that feels pretty good to me. Seriously, because I release my own crap. At least things I had written down stories on my piece of paper, and it feels a lot better when we don't have these stories. I release them and I let it go.

All right, now. How to create new stories. Keep this really simple. Is, I asked you a couple of minutes ago, how would your life be better? How would it be different with different stories? And what we want to do, is we obviously want to start creating new, better and different stories. And the way that we do that, I'm not going to give you guys instruction today, but I will recommend something that is a hundred and about ten years old. I use it myself. And full transparency. I guess we're stages where I do self-hypnosis. Sometimes are a lot of times actually every day, but I also use a technique. I want to share with you guys and I'll tell you exactly where you can get it. We can get it online. I think you can buy the it's a 20. It's a short book. You can buy it for I think $4. And it's really in my opinion a really good book that epitomizes what we're doing but in terms of creating something new we just destroyed something old. Let's create something new. There's a book That's called It Works. You can get it on Amazon. It Works. People that have been in coaching with me have, I've recommended it before.

There are hundreds of you guys not in coaching with me yet. It Works. And that's what the title of the book is. And it's by liked a guy named RJH or something like that. And now let me share something with you guys. We tend to work by simplicity as beings. You ever noticed when you go to the, even the gym blows my mind, I'm not judging, I promise, but I am curious about it when you go to the gym, how can people will circle the parking lot five times for a parking spot closest to the door when they're in perfect health? I mean, hello, you're at the gym, get your butt out and walk across the parking lot and go work out. We humans. I sat several times. I'm a people watcher, watching people walk through office doors when I used to live in Dallas. And if you have the elect, you have the revolving, you have the door that's just electric and you walk up and it opens and then you have the revolving doors you have to work at meaning you have to get in and do it nine times out of 10. People will go through the door that just opens up automatically. It's also brain based because the brain is designed to conserve energy and less work means the conservation of energy. But we tend not to want to do the work a lot of times. Now, why am I mentioning this? The book. It works. Read the instructions and do exactly as it instruct you to do. It's pretty simple. And what I got into was like, I don't want to write all that down. And I got to really, I got to do that three times a day. And that's a lot of work. If I, and I didn't start the book for years when I found it because of the stories I told myself.

Notice this, it's really easy to talk yourself into something or out of something and that's all a story. So, the way that you want to recreate now is through repetition. You learned your stories through repetition, you want to recreate through repetition. Now I'm going to go on an extra about 10 minutes and then we'll wrap up here today. I don't know who the author is, you can find it on Amazon, it works. And I'm actually working through it right now and doing what the book instructs and I enjoy it. But again, I was getting into my self-talk and my stories about why I did not want to do it. And those stories were about, nah, I'd rather type something out. It's easier for me to type, or I'd rather just do a hypnosis session or something. And I wasn't doing the work because of my stories. I'm doing the work in that book now.

Anyway, I don't know who the author is. You guys can find it online. So. Why does that work in the book? Just so you guys know, for you doubting Thomas’s, why does it work? Self-image psychology, repetition. You learned your stories through repetition. Think about that. You learned your stories through repetition. Remember the video camera that I talked about, audio video, pop out of the womb, that whole part of the conversation. You learn through repetition from your parents. The way to train your brain with new stories is Repetition, plain and simple. Dr. Émile Coue in France in the 1880s, I believe, 1870s, I believe thereabouts, his patients were recovering quicker, five times quicker than patients in nearby clinics. Why? They were curious. Other doctors were like, how are your patients recovering quicker? And All Dr. Émile Coue had them saying was a simple phrase. Every day, in every way, I become better and better. Now you guys have all heard this before, right? I mean, we tend to think its gibberish and nonsense and, okay, my life sucks, but okay, I get it. I don't have time for that crap. That's how to train the brain. When you train the brain, you actually reinvent the identity. When you reinvent the identity, you reinvent the stories. You reinvent the stories. You reinvent the outcomes. Oh, heck yeah. It's a very short book, but notice what somebody asked here.

I'm not picking on anybody. Is it a short book? Is that what they said? Oh, she said it's a very short book. Good. I thought somebody asked if it's a short book. Notice the story. Again, ah, that's too long. That's too much work. We get into that. So, Doc, I'm bringing this from my years as a hypnotist. I've been a hypnotist for 25 years. So we want to restructure the brain with new neural pathways because what you talk to yourself about literally creates neural pathways in the brain that becomes your habits that becomes your behavior because you don't get you don't get what you want in life you get your habits and that becomes the outcomes that you create.

There we go. Before we go, I will stay around for 10 minutes afterwards and answer any questions if you have. For all of you guys that have not done this, I would highly encourage you to look at my get unstuck challenge. In my opinion, it's one of the best products I’ve ever created. I believe it's $49 Is nine modules. Let me just tell you what's in it right now Each module is 30 minutes long and it's all about your ways of Being what does it mean to be? What does it mean you are a human being? What is the essence of being? Because being is the genesis for everything you create in life. It's nine days. Day number one is what is BE DO HAVE? You got to be before you can do before you can have. Day number two is Who are you? And we take a deep dive into that. Day number three is setting yourself free from yourself. We'll drop a link here, guys. Day number four is are you conscious of being conscious?

Think about that. You're all conscious, but you're not paying attention to being conscious. Are you conscious of being conscious? And it's your consciousness that creates. Day number five. Stop playing the human game. Many of you are trapped in life with your stories because you tell the human game. The human game is watching CNN, watching this, watching that. The MDs telling me I'm going to be sick. People telling you, society telling you this and that. Stop playing the human game. Next one. Are your being and you're doing as one, how to integrate the being into doing next one is how to be so you can have? Next one is doing and having, and then finally putting BE DO HAVE in the action will drop a link, you can go to, wait, And I'll say this, I never talk to myself about how proud I am of some of the work that I've done. I never, you know, look at my work and go, Oh, that was really good. Or that was really bad. I just generally don't do it at this point in my life.

I am of the firm observation, opinion, and thought this is one of the best products I've ever created. I think it's a whopping $49. And this is somebody said, Jim, we're going to take all your products away. You can only keep one to grow your business again or help people in the world. This would probably be the product that I would create. I think it's that good in my opinion. One more comment on this and I'll go to Q&A. Carleigh for 10 minutes if we can. And a typical challenge you have a really bad completion rate. Meaning people just don't finish. They start one, two or three days and they get in their stories and they don't finish. So, they're not getting value. This program, we've had thousands of people go through it. At a 90 plus percent completion rate. That means there's extreme value in this program for you. Carleigh, do we have time for, can we open for about 10 minutes for questions? Sure. We don't have a ton. Somebody did ask, how do you know what your stories are? Easy. Thank you. Great question. Easy. How do you know what your stories are? Look at your life. Your life is a 100 percent reflection of your stories, not 99 percent, a 100 percent reflection of your stories. So, if you want to know what your stories are, you want to know what your story is about money. Look at your bank account. You want to know what your stories are about relationships? You've been married five times. You've been married one time. Married one time. Is it healthy? Do you love it? Is it a great relationship? Or are you unhealthy in the relationship? Do you hate it? Your life is 100 percent reflection of the stories. So, we start from being, to doing, to having, and what you have right now is what you have. And that's a reflection of the genesis of the story. Next question.

I'm going to take one. Someone said, my story is I don't have money. That's why you don't have money. But and we'll talk about that. We don't have, okay. The world is, hang on Carleigh. The world is this way or that way because I tell myself it is this way or that way. That goes through my head all the time. And if I don't like something, I know something's got to change up here because I'm the one that created, creating it. So, Carleigh, go ahead. I tell myself the story about not having money. Yeah, my story is I don't have money. I don't ask people to be my client because I think they will say no. How do I change that? Easy. Change the story, but ask them to be your client. There'll be somebody that will tell you, yes, I'm going to tell you right now. If your stories are already that you expect, are your, you expect somebody to tell, you know, they're going to read that subconsciously in your body language. We read people, this has literally been proven in terms of research, we read people subconsciously without even knowing we're reading people subconsciously.

So, if you're afraid to be told, no, your energy is going to be. Oh my gosh, I'm really afraid they're going to tell me no. And to give you guys an example of this, how many of you have been in a sales presentation, somebody's trying to sell you something for the most part. And you're like, I really like what I hear. And I like all this, but something is off. There's something that's preventing me from saying yes. Believe it or not, that's all subconscious. So if your story is already, I'm going to approach and they're going to tell me, no, that is the body language you're going to telegraph. That's what they're going to read and use subconsciously.

We, we read voice tone voice timber. We read inflection. And if you're not confident that will come through, change your stories, work on what I gave you with the book. It works next. We have a TCP student asking if you would recommend the Get Unstuck Challenge for them as well. Yes, 100%. Guys, seriously it's a really good product. You're going to be missing out big time if you're not in this $49 product. You're going to be missing, it should be a $500 product for real. It's that good. I'm actually, I've never, any of you that know me know I've never used this word. I'm proud of this program. I'm very proud of it. Okay, next, anything else about today?

What about stories that other people tell you from their observations of you? And the stories are positive or negative? And it doesn't matter because what story are you accepting from them. It's a matter of you accepting the story, whether it's positive or negative. It's a matter of you accepting the story and then the story you have about those stories. Some stories are accurate. Some stories are not accurate. And I even asked myself what kind of story they're telling. Next question. Carleigh. Sorry, my internet. So, these issues too. How do I change my story to get people into my store when the location is not the best? How do I change my story? Go to, it works. read the book at work. So, for you. Anything else today. This one? What about story other people tell you from there? Oh, we just do that one keeps moving. Yeah Guys I am here for you guys once I'm done today, I am going to the gym. I am done so because I got to start working out again, I've been out for a month and I don't like the stories I'm telling myself being out of the gym for a month. And it was the stories I had too damn busy to go, which is actually hurting me, keeping me from. I'm heading to the gym in 10 minutes. Anything else today?

This is a good one to end on. We'll end on this one. I'm happy with my financial position. I'm grateful for what I have. I'm stuck with how to, how I, how to desire more, to gain more, or having gratification and appreciation for what I currently have. Okay, that's a complex question. But let's go there very quickly. I basically what I'm hearing them say is they want to be grateful for what they have and they also desire more. The reality is there are two very separate things. You're tying them together and they're not entirely related. So be grateful for what you have and ask yourself what further expansion you'd want to create in your life and in the world. So, where I work from and again, I'll wrap up on this last question. Many years ago, when I was talking about Boulder, remember the property I said, and Barry told me to stop my stories. So, I was talking to Don Xavier, my brother in law, he's over for dinner. And I said, we'd like to move to Boulder. And he said to me, he goes, look at you. This is probably 2010 or so. He goes, look at your life. You have a good life. You got a great partner. You got a wonderful business. You got money in the bank. You have shelter. You can walk out your front door and you are safe walking out your front door. That's where you live in the world and that's how you live. And you don't have gratitude for any of that. That hit me pretty hard because I wasn't even having gratitude for the littlest things. And what I learned Is that we have to have gratitude for what we have because if we don't have gratitude and we're telling ourselves a story of not having gratitude, we bring in more of what we don't want.

We have to tell ourselves stories about gratitude for having what we have because everyone right here, whether you want to believe it or not, you're wealthier than 90 percent of the people on the planet. Literally, not you're wealthier than 90 percent of people on this little pale blue dot that we live on. Be grateful for what you have. You're grateful more will come. So, in the vein of what we're talking about today, what stories would you tell yourself if you were truly grateful for your, when I get out of the car, for example, after the stroke, I was in a lot of pain. I didn't tell people about, and a couple of days ago, I walked in the Whole Foods and I was actually a while back. I got on my Porsche. I mean, who gets to who has a Porsche? I mean, some people, a lot of people do, but a lot don't. Got on my Porsche. And I walked into Whole Foods, and I said, thank you, Body thank you, Body, for me having the health and the wellness to even be able to drive here. A lot of people can't do that. And to walk into this store. the store, not story. Do you see how all day long these things go through our head? But what's going through the head? So again, back to it works and work the process. And even if you think the process doesn't work, it works. So be careful of the stories you're telling yourself about that process. Okay, unstuck podcast, transform your life from the inside out. Top 1/10th to 1 percent of iTunes podcast. Make sure you listen. I'd be grateful if you share, I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much. And let's roll into 2024 and make it the best year of our life. Stay well, guys. Bye bye.

In the community, we dive deeper on the topics that I cover here on the podcast. And it's a place for you to share your realizations. And really it's a place for you to connect with other people, just like you, who are transforming their lives from the inside out Plus, you're going to be the first to know about exclusive Q and A sessions that I do with me and other special perks that be bringing to you. Other listeners of the podcast. To be part of the community, head over to Again,

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