The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 302: “Which Dream Will You Live This Year?”

January 10, 2024

When you wish to “live your dreams”, what comes to mind? Now what if I told you that you're already living a dream?

In this episode I talk about which dream you will live this year. There are three possible dreams that you can live in… One dream, where the majority of the population lives is the dream called a “nightmare”. The other dream (also where a lot of people live) is the “daydream”… and the third and final dream is called the “sacred dream”.

The question is which dream are you living? Are you living the nightmare? The daydream? The sacred dream?

Like many people, you probably have said to yourself “when i have XY and Z, then I will be happy”. I hear it all the time, and I recognize that I too was once in that position – “when I have this then I will be happy”.

I want to help you out of this position, out of living your dream whether it be the nightmare or the daydream. I want to take you to what is called the sacred dream.

When you live the sacred dream, that's when the bliss in life comes. Specifically when you're living the sacred dream, that's when you're living your Dharma, meaning the reason you came to the planet.

If you're wanting to start living a blissful life and living your dharma… Take a listen.

Once you listen, apply.


Transformational Takeaway

Shift towards your Dharma for lasting fulfillment by living your sacred dream.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast this episode is titled, Which Dream Will You Live This Year. Everyone has dreams. Think about that for a moment. We all have dreams, but what I want to talk about in this episode, Notice the title, which dream while you live this year. And there are three possible dreams that you can live in. One dream. Where the majority of the population lives is the dream called a nightmare. The other dream is where a lot of people live as called the daydream. And then the third and final type of green. Is called the sacred dream. If you're having challenges in life, your frustrated things aren't working the way that you want in life. You're not getting what you want in life. Then you're definitely not living this sacred dream. And when you live the sacred dream. That's when the bliss and life come. And specifically, when you're living the sacred dream, that's when you're living your Dharma. Meaning the reason, you came to the planet. So, if you're wanting to start living a blissful life, and living your Dharma. Keep listening.

So, living the dream. The question is which dream are you living? Are you living the nightmare? Are you living the daydream or are you living the sacred dream? In the introduction I talked about living your Dharma. I get asked all the time. People constantly say Jim. How do I know what my Dharma is? Even by the fact that somebody is asking that question. Means that they've never taken a deep dive into themself. They and I mean, this respectfully. They don't have the awareness. They haven't taken the deep dive to have the awareness to know what they're on the planet for. And I don't mean your purpose, which I'll talk about a little later on. Because your purpose is to be on the planet. Your purpose is not an occupation your purpose is to exist. However, what you do in that existence. Are one of the three dreams that I'm talking about. And for those of you that choose to create it, it's also living your Dharma. Now the definition of Dharma, you can look a lot and you'll find a lot of different definitions. But the definition of Dharma. Is conformity to one's nature. And what I look at. Is what is the nature of your soul? If you were here living your soul mission. I don't mean soul as an S E O L E, but I mean, soul as in S O U L. If you were here living your soul mission.

What would you be doing? How would you be serving? What would you be doing to create the joy and blissfulness in your life? And what would you be doing to contribute to your brothers and sister’s humanity? To help them also live an extremely joyful and loving life. So, the question is what soul nature did you come to the planet with. Another way to put that. The way that I look at it. Is what's my mission. What's my soul contract. What's my agreement? Why did I come to the planet? I didn't come for no reason. And I came because I'm a cage rattler. I came to help and I mean this humbly, but I'm going to say it in this way, because there's no other way to explain the concept. I came to help people awaken to really what's in them. The soulfulness in them. To help people awaken. To letting go of their ego and the attachments in the things that they hang on to and cling on to and attached to in life that hold them back.

And most people never get to living their soul mission. Or living their sacred dream. Because they're trapped in the wrong dream. Many people. And I did for many, many years. I was trapped in the nightmare. And it doesn't mean like something in a horror movie or any of that. I'll explain more and just a moment as we go. But I wasn't where I am today. And I wasn't living a nightmare life, but that's what I call it for effect. And again, I'll explain. But I want to talk about dreams for a moment before I start talking about these 3 dreams. The nightmare of the daydream in the sacred dream. Thinking about dreaming. Is your entire lifetime. Your existence on the planet. You're dreaming. You're a dreamer. The ancients used to say that we are dreaming beings and we live in a dream. And you could be living in a nightmare, but guess what? You're still living in a dream.

When I talk about dreaming, let me go here for a moment. Is, we have been conditioned we've learned as little bitty babies. We've learned that, Hey, when you're awake. Like right now, you're listening right now. You might be running. You might be at the gym. You might be in the car. In your mind and your awareness, you are awake. And then we've learned. Okay, when I go to bed and I am asleep. Then I am sleeping and I dream when I am asleep. But let's go to a higher level. This is the first thing I want to say. That you're dreaming time and your awake time. Are the same thing. But see, we don't think they're the same thing. And I understand that because we think, well, one is tied today and one is tied to nighttime. Therefore, they're very separate. They're very different. But the truth is. Whether you are in your waking dream, like now, or you're a sleeping dream you were still the dreamer of those dreams’ states. And you are one dreamer.

You're the dreamer of a divine soulful consciousness. That is the dream that you bring to the planet. Are you bring that soul for consciousness? And then you live in a dream based upon your level of awareness. I think back to maybe 20 years ago. You've heard me mentioned many times in these episodes, my brother-in-law Don Xavier or the shaman. And we were talking one night and he calls me Jimmy, he's my brother-in-law. And you know, we're family. And he says, you confuse your dreams. I've told a story in the podcast before, but most of you didn't hear a you haven't listened or maybe you forgot or whatever. But he said you confuse your nighttime and your daytime.

And that's what we do to some degree when we're confusing. Oh, this is my dream time when I'm asleep. This is my wake time but the reason he told me this is because I was having epiphanies, I was having visions. I was having awareness. And I couldn't figure out. Is this awareness coming from? Oh, is it Deja VU? Is it coming from another dimension? Is it coming from dream time? Is that something that I dreamt and now I am consciously recapitulating. Is it coming from something I made up in my mind? Is he coming from a prior life?

Where is this coming from? The point is which you. I'm trying to get to here. It's all one dream. It's all one consciousness. And what determines. Which dream we're living in is our level of awareness. And we don't have the level of awareness. Until we evolve and we grow and we let go of the 3d ego. We let go of our attachment to what we think reality is. We let go of things like our attachment to the physical world and in particular, the physical body. I'm not going to go here in this episode, but I've talked about it before. The greatest thing that we can experience. The most amazing thing is our death because when we leave the planet, I meaning the physical body death. When we leave the planet. Then again, we merge with pure unfettered consciousness. But in that moment, we also actually move back into the totality of our being. Because see when you're in the physical body. You literally are packing as a metaphor. You're packing like this massive entity. Inside a five-pound potato sack.

And again, just as a metaphor, but you're trying to squeeze the infiniteness of you. And do a little bitty back. And then most of us live that little bitty bag for a lifetime. And then we attached like a Christmas tree. Hanging all these ornaments on it. And all these ornaments are our past history. And our 3d identity and our hurts and our pains and the buzzword that everybody talks about the last couple of years, our trauma. And our past history. And we live in all these things that only pertain to the waking dream. Have nothing to do per se. With a nighttime dream, but they're one in the same.

They are you the dreamer dreaming these things through consciousness. Now in our daytime life. Everyone wants that I know of. And whatever that might be to them. They want the dream life. But what prevents us from having the dream life is what I've just talked about is the ego. And that's mainly a big thing that stops us from living the dream life. We forgotten who we are. We don't deem remember that we are divine. Infinite soulful consciousness beings. And while we get trapped in. Is the 3d identity. I have the bag of scan, that container of skin on this planet. White. Male female, black gay, young, old Christian. Texan Californian. Russian, whatever they might be.

And these things that we have as human identities, they trap us in the human identity, which then takes away our lack of awareness. And if we don't have that awareness, we can't become the sacred dreamer because we're trapped in the nightmare. And that's what I mean by the nightmare. Is that we're trapped in this 3d reality. Of who and what we think we are. And we're actually none of that. So, when we look at the three dreams, The nightmare of the daydream and the sacred dream. The nightmare is when we are trapped in life. And then, there are all kinds of layers to that, but I think a good example would be. I think back to college, the book Dante's Inferno. And the Seven Layers of Hell and each layer of hell was different. And, I look at this, people think that I w you know, they'll say things like, I want to leave this planet because I want to go to heaven or whatever it might be. Living in on this planet. Living on this planet physically, which is the way most of us live.

While, we live on this planet physically, but most of us live in that physical-ness. And that is hell, because when you live in the physical -ness, you were subject to all the limitations of the physical-ness, all the hurts, all the pains, all the missed opportunities. All the missed dreams. And then what we do, many of us live in the nightmare of being stuck and being human. But we daydream and we daydream about having a better life and having the homes and having the cars. All these things are still trapped and part of the nightmare. But we daydream and we fantasize about it and we think, wow, if I had a bigger home or I had a better job or I had more money or I was in love. Or I had this or that, or this or that, or all these kinds of things.

Then guess what? I'm living the dream. When I see posts on Instagram and Facebook and I'm not laughing at people, but I giggle inside. Only because I understand that I've been there. And I'm not saying, Ooh, I've been there and I'm not, and you're stuck there. I'm not saying that at all. We're all living out, our own karma. We're all on our own journey. We're all on our own path. But so, what happens is many times once we start escaping that nightmare, and we're dreaming. And this is what so much motivational material is about. We're dreaming. I want more. I want a better life. And of course, you want that. I mean, you're on the planet. You want the best possible experience of life that you could have.

That's what we want. Therein lies part of the challenge. Is that we are often wanting things. So, we spend our life. Actually, not even being in gratitude for what we have, because we're wanting something more. I want a new car. I want a new home. I want a new partner. I want more money. I want, I want, I want, I want, and if I can't have what I want, I want, they want that. I'm not going to be happy because I don't have what I want. Therefore, I'm back in the nightmare again. Maybe you can relate to part of that. And then the third dream. Is what I call the sacred dream. And the sacred dream is a blissful life.

The sacred dream, your sacred dream is living your soul mission. It's. Not looking for your purpose. It's actually living through your purpose. Because your purpose is to be. Your purpose is to exist. You were the consciousness. That actually is being on the physical planet. That's it, your purpose is to be in life school. Everything else is an activity or a vocation or a career or an activity. And what we want to do. Are we want to live? The best possible activities. And we want to live the best possible experience of life. As I said earlier. And the way to do that. I've said this over and over and over and over. The way that we do that is we live through our consciousness. And we live. On purpose, not looking for our purpose.

So, I guess saying it a different way is we live her soul mission. We live our Dharma. We live, why we came to the planet. And when we do that now, as I've said, we're not living a nightmare. We're not living the daydream. We're living the sacred dream. And that's when we're living our soul mission. That's when we're fulfilling our contract. And as I'm thinking about this, I think about beings that have done this. And before I go to that, I can relate, as I said, because for many, many decades, I am 59 years old. And I started working with Don Xavier, which I was always searching for a spiritual mentor. I didn't know I’d be a real shaman. Since I was in my teens, 16, 17 years old. I was looking for a spiritual mentor in spiritual growth. And it's the only thing that mattered to me. Or at least I thought. But I would always actually put that on the back burner. To live from the nightmare. Meaning wanting the daydream, meaning wanting more things in life. Meaning, when I was in Canada. Out of college when I have my own apartment. When I have my brand-new car. When I move, across the country. And all these kinds of things. Now notice something here, because here's where I want to go in this podcast episode. I want to start you.

On the first steps. To going from the daydream to the stake we're dream. So, we live in the daydream. When we live from when. Because what a lot of us and I did for many years, trust me. We live from the when, then paradigm. Hey, when I graduated from college, that I'm going to get a good job and I'm going to be happy because I'm going to have money. When the kids are out of the house, we're going to travel the world and then we're going to be happy when this happens. When I get a divorce, when I get married, when I get my business off the ground. When I get divorced or whatever it might be for you when I'm healthy. But when I have X, Y, Z, then I can be happy. But we're still living in the daydream. We're not living in this sacred dream because it's all 3-d ego.

So, where we work from. Is when I have blank, then I will be blank. Notice that when I have blank, then I will be blank. As you're listening to this right now. You're probably thinking, Hm. Okay, Jim. Yeah, I do that. I often say when I have XYZ, when I live across the country, when I have a hundred thousand dollars, when I have a better paying job, when I have a spouse, it's better to me. When I have A, B, C, D E F, and G. Sight. Relief. Then I will be happy. Again, You're still in a daydream. Broken strategy. And I want to point out here, something I talk about in transformational work. That's also living, let me concretize this. That's also living from point A, trying to get the point B. Many of us want to get to point B in life. And point B is what we can even call our goal, our dream life, our ideal life or whatever it is. But we're living from point a where we are wanting to get to point B. You can't get to point B living from point A. Let me simplify that even more.

Many of us will, let's say in baseball. Okay. And I don't know why I said many of us, but I played a lot of baseball and softball in college. Obviously not in any kind of way competitively. We just actually truth. Be told my fraternity. We did it every weekend and we got drunk when we did it. And you try running the point B you try running a second base from first base when you're drunk. Anyway, whole different topic. But wiser does wonders for baseball. Anyway. You can't get to point B in life. You can't get the second base with your foot on first base. Which is point A. So, what we have to work from is not point A because point A is all about when. Let me keep on going here. What I want to look at living your soul mission. Living your soul contract. Living your sacred dream. Would mean that you have to use your life.

When I say, use your life. It doesn't mean to acquire a gold watch. A big home. More of anything. It means your service to humanity. I'm not intending to go too far off topic. But the more you serve humanity. The more blissful your life, which is the dream life. Meaning it's the sacred dream life is going to become. And I look at a couple of people. Why don't I used to know one I've never met? But you look at Oprah. Oprah often talked about using your life. And that's where I live from using my life. But an example that I know firsthand. Is president Jimmy Carter. In 1992 and 93, I worked in the executive offices of the Carter Presidential Center at Atlanta, Georgia. And I was in Jimmy Carter's executive offices. And I worked in the development office. And so basically this office was all about raising money for the center and all these kinds of things. And Carter was frequently in the offices and around the building when he wasn't traveling. When he wasn't. I didn't, he didn't do a whole lot for habitat for humanity while he did. Meaning he, but he wasn't active with it like a lot of people think every weekend or whatever.

He was the spokesperson for habit or a spokesperson. Maybe not even official for habitat for humanity. But it was a passion of his. This man? Who was a former president of the United States, his whole life? Was about how can I make people's lives better? And people don't even know the number of things that he's done in the world. To help people all over the world in all kinds of ways. That you never even hear about. He has used his life. And then when he leaves this planet, he's going to be air quote used up because he used his life. He invested it and living his Dharma.

Gandhi did it. Mother Teresa did it, Nelson Mandela. Did it. And I'm not saying that you be gone to your Carter, Oprah. Or Nelson Mandela or any of that, because there are 8 billion of us on the planet. I'm simply saying that if you want the most amazing experience of life. We've got to move you out of the nightmare. We have to move you out of the daydream. And we have to move you into living the sacred dream. So which 2024 right now. And you've got the rest of your life, however long that is in front of you. Now are you going to live that life or you going to live it in the nightmare? Is that where you want to keep living your life is in the nightmare. Are you going to keep living in the daydream? Or are you going to move to the sacred dream?

I said it earlier. I understand it. I lived in the nightmare probably till I was in my early thirties. Always wanting, always looking at well when I have X, Y, Z. I would do X, Y, Z, but, or if are when I do, and have X, Y, Z, then I can do these kinds of things. We're trapped in that life. I was trapped for many years until I started recognizing this because when we're trapped in a nightmare, And even parts of the daydream. There's not a lot of power in that. So, what most of us do in, especially in the nightmare. We use our life, our consciousness and our own intelligence against our self. And what I mean by that. Is when you're beating yourself up and tearing yourself down. I'm so ugly. I'm so stupid. People don't like me. I'm not good enough. Poor me. It's your consciousness coming through you. And the intelligence that you're using your own intelligence to beat the crap out of yourself. It's you. From a consciousness perspective, beating yourself up. Okay.

So, we know that living the nightmare life is where none of us want to be. And again, it doesn't mean you're living the nightmare. Like you're living in a drug infested home, or I don't know, just a bad situation. But it's a nightmare because we're just always trapped there and there's no power in that. Then we moved to probably where a lot of you are listening right now. Many of you are probably living in a daydream. And I would guess you're living in a daydream because if you weren't, you wouldn't be listening to this podcast. And the daydream is the when then. When I have more money, want to move across the country. When I graduated from college, when I get my college degree, when I get my PhD. When I build my program, whatever it might be. Then I can do X, Y, Z. And then I'm going to be happy. But see, when we moved from the win. Into the VIN and we start living the then we're living the sacred dream, which is our Dharma, which is our soul mission, which is a reason that we came to the planet. Consider that. Okay.

So, I think by this point, you're recognizing that it's a vital. That we. And this is going to require some attention, some awareness, some commitment, some dedication. But we start living the sacred dream. I'm not telling you you're doing this, but for me, I'm going to tell you my thought process. I came to the planet for a reason. And I have free will. And I can choose to live that reason or not live that reason that I came here. That's my free will. And I feel like if I don't live, the reason I came here, And I don't live my Dharma only for me. I feel like I have wasted my life. I've wasted. My incarnation I've wasted my opportunity on the planet. It's like signing up for a mission. I didn't achieve it. And I wasted the opportunity to achieve it. And, I mentioned before the metaphor, the example of mother Teresa, Mother Teresa lived her Dharma.

She lived her soul mission. Mother Teresa had free will just like you and I. And she could have come to the planet. And she could have said, eh, this helping the lepers and the poor. And I ain't doing that. I want to actually sell real estate and become a real estate millionaire. No. She had free will, but she didn't do that. And had she done that for a lack of a better ways to phrase this? She would have been letting her soul down if she, and the mission down, if she didn't live her Dharma and she didn't live her sacred dream. Now we have to be careful. Because many times what happens. Are we start living the dream, we start living the dream life where, okay? We're creating things in life when we're having more and we're creating the homes. I mean, we're starting to create the daydream and we're creating things that we want. And we like in life and we're happy because we have the home and the cars and all this kind of stuff. But then many times what a lot of us do is we get stuck. And a daydream can then revert back to a nightmare. Now, let me give you an example of what I mean by that. So, I see this quite a bit, for example.

Let's take the example. And I've seen this a lot from people that I know. Let's take the example of an MD. Or a M D meaning a medical doctor. And I've seen these many times. Where a person will have this daydream. They will daydream about being an MD. And they're daydreaming about being an MD because they resonate, I think to a large degree early in life with being a healer and I want to help people and I want to help medicine. So then what many people do is they achieve the daydream becoming a MD, becoming a doctor. Then what happens and it doesn't happen to everyone. But I have seen a lot of this in TCP the Transformational Coaching Program. Are they achieve the daydream of becoming a doctor? And that daydream then turns into a nightmare. Now what I mean by that? They achieve the daydream. Becoming a M D. They start making multiple six figures. They buy, maybe they get married. Maybe they have kids. They buy the home. They buy the cars. The private schools, the quality of life and all these trappings that they've created from manifesting and creating the day dream.

Then what happens? And here's what I've seen a lot of many times with a M D. They recognize it in their profession. The profession overall. It's a business. It's a for-profit business. It's a very messed up business is what it is. And they get trapped in the bureaucracy. And I had never even really experienced the medical profession till I was in the hospital in 2020, twice. When the doctors, none of them treated me like a healer. One of my good friends is an MD and he said, doctors are not healers. They are clinicians. And he's a healer. He works no longer as an MD. He said they're clinicians. They clinically diagnosed things and they treat it with pharmacology or a machine. They don't teach people how to heal. So, let's say the person that had the healing mentality and they want it to be a healer. And they're passionate about that. So, then they go to medical school, then they got on a medical school and many people get in the trappings of being a doctor. The homes, the cars, the private schools, the quality of life, then they're trapped in a system that can't get out of.

And then their daydream becomes the night mirror. So, the way you want to look at it, as I've said a few times. As you want to look at living your Dharma. As living the sacred dream. And to do that requires the spiritual evolution and transformation out of the nightmare. I'm just going to put a candidly. For crying out loud. Letting go of your crap in life, letting go of your self-pity, letting go of your anger, letting go of your poor me. Letting go of your ego identity. They did this, they did that, all these kinds of things that literally weight you down, like a ton of bricks on your back. We have to evolve. I'm not going to talk about it in this episode, but it's vital with what's happening in the world that you do evolve. And you grow and you transform yourself energetically in your frequency.

Look around some very serious things are happening on the planet. And the way to make yourself immune to that. And to create that sacred dream is to evolve your consciousness. And when you evolve your consciousness, Then things. Like awareness and higher awareness for understanding dream time and waking and green time and sleeping green time and your soul mission and your Dharma. All become clearer to you. So, here's your foundation for this episode, I'm going to make it practical and concretize it. What I want you to do right now. And you can also obviously listen through this and do it later. Is, I want you to think of three things that you really, really want in life. But you haven't created right now.

What I want you to explore is are you living the when then scenario. Let's say that you say, I want to go back to college. But I can't do it until my kids. Or when they are out of the house, I can do it then. So, when they're done, then I can do it. When they are out of high school, then I can do it. When I make more money, I can have my dream home. When I make more money, I can travel the world. When I make more money, I can do X, Y, Z, and it can even be about love or leaving a relationship. I've seen people do this. When I get a divorce, then I can be happy. When I meet a person, I meet a man. I meet a woman. I meet someone. Then I can be happy. That is all when then, when then. Is the second green that I'm telling you about is the daydream, because you daydream about the, then. And what we have to move to is I'm sorry, the daydream. About when they have, sorry I misspoke there. So, we have to move there, move you to is then because then is actually for the most part, when you set your then big enough. You're living a life of service. And when you live a life of service, you're now living in some way, aligned with your sacred path when you're living aligned with your sacred path. Now you're living the blissful life, which is really what you want in the end. When you get right down to it. Candidly it's nice to have nice things. I have nice things. I have an amazing home in Sedona, Arizona border national forest. Two and a half acres looking all over all of Sedona. It's a high-end luxury home. I really have a good 3d life. But it doesn't mean anything to me doesn't make me any happier. Any more, any less. It's just brick and mortar. It's just a home.

Where I work from. Whether I'm living here in this home or I'm living on the side of the street. I can actually, I can help people in either place. But I have to start living from my ten’s when you know then, okay. I keep getting this mixed up. I'm sorry, because I don't want to confuse you and I'm confusing myself now doing this for you guys. So, here's what I want to talk about some more, and then I'll come back to this even more because I want you to write down the when and then in just a moment. And we're going to fill in some blanks in just a moment. Here's what I want you to notice. How do you feel when you're helping other people? Because see what I tell people is that your transformation is in the service to other people. So seriously think about how do I feel when I'm helping other people?

Because see when you help other people, often times you are feeling their gratitude, their appreciation, and many times you feel amazing. That is the sacred dream. When your notices, that is the sacred dream. When you're feeling amazing. So, when you're doing things and it could even be professionally. When you're doing things that actually help other people, that's the easiest way to feel amazing. And that's the ideal state you want to be in. That is the sacred life is in that feeling. That and then pay attention to it and become more aware of it. That's what. Living actually, I'm going to back up here. As I said earlier, very beginning. People often want to know, Hey Jim, what's my Dharma.

Well, don't think analytically. You'll never find it that way. Feel it. So, think about when you feel amazing. I mean, holy shit. You're on cloud nine. You're blissful. That right there. Unless you're having sex. And I'm just kidding because that can be blissful too, I guess, I guess. And it can be like, not blissful with not the right people. But when you're helping people, when you're helping people. By the way I know we have some people that are much younger listening. I'm talking to people that are from teenager up older teenager up.

Okay. But notice. When you are helping other people. You feel amazing? That's what living your Dharma feels like. That's what you want your life to be. That demonstrates, what I'm telling you is that your transformation is in service to other people. So, when you're doing things, when, when, when you're doing things. To help other people you're automatically jumping over the then and you're jumping into your when by helping other people now, which then takes you to the amazing feeling, which if you're doing it in a professional way, Takes you to living your Dharma, and this can be anything for you.

It can be walking dogs. How long do people walk dogs for a living? I know people that love to bake. It can be that you're baking something for people. I find it interesting. People will say, Jim, what's my Dharma. What's my Dharma? What's my Dharma? What's my Dharma? And they look for it for years. And then, I'll say things like, what do you love to do? And they'll say I love baking. Well, that's soulful. Seriously, if you feel that amazing blissful feeling that is soulful. And then what I would look at, okay. If that's soulful could that be maybe like a good chance. Yeah. That's my Dharma. That's what I came to the planet. To do.

So, think about that. Okay. And I want to share with you a little off topic here, but on topic. Stop chasing the daydream. Start living now. Because for many years, I've been in a couple of stages of chasing the daydream. And these were 3D 3-d eager related. Even though Don Xavier was very kindly, but beating me on the back of my head going wake up, wake up, wake up, stop the crap. But for many years, I chased the daydream of the dream job. And the freaks. The dream apartment and the dream car and all these kinds of things. And then I woke up from that green. And I started living the dream of having, having achieved the daydream. Meaning all the rewards and spoils of living. The daydream. And let me share with you. As I said earlier, that can also become the nightmare.

Because I'm just going to be a hundred percent transparent here. I've done what I think are some pretty cool things in the world. I've helped a lot of people. The podcast is nowhere as big as it's going to be, but yet I have millions of downloads. I have the Transformational Coaching Program that's dramatically helped a lot of people. And I feel like I have used my life to some maybe medium degree. And I was still working on it because hopefully I've got a lot more time left on the planet. But you know what. I realize that the more that I create in life, the more consuming that it can be. I'm not in the owning a lot of things. I have a nice car because I like to drive. That's why I have a nice car. A Mercedes AMG. And I live in a very nice home, but I'm going to tell you from the heart. If I didn't have these things tomorrow. I'm fine with it. No, I'm not fine with it because I don't want to go through the work again of having to build another home or move or whatever, but you know what those things aren't me, those are simply things that I created and the process of creating a daydream for many years, even prior to me offering TCP.

So, I created an amazing daydream. That a lot of people aspire to because a lot of people aspire to air quote success. And the success can become a nightmare. Because I recognized a long while back. It's very easy to get trapped in the daydream with bigger business, more employees and more money and more taxes and CPAs and lawyers and all these kinds of things. That a while back, they were taking my joy away. They were taking my pleasure away. So, the daydream, which is amazing by most people standards in the 3d world was becoming a nightmare. So, I go back to okay. Live from the soul, wherever that takes you.

Off topic completely. I want to do, and I'm going to do not want, I'm going to do a series. It's probably going to be eight to 10 audios and I'm in the process of laying it out right now. But it's. Knowing yourself as soul. When, you know yourself as soul. Pretty much 99% of the shit in life that worries you. Drags you down causes you pain. As a challenge is a problem is fearful in some way. At all falls away. You eliminate it when you know yourself as soul. Okay. So back to what I was saying. Here's what I request to do. Take a piece of paper and make a short list. And the list is three things that think first of three things that you really, really want to create in life. Now everything I've just said. Make them really, really powerful. Meaning don't go when I, then I, then I buy a new home. No. Go to a much higher level. Like I am packed 1 million people or, and of course it doesn't have to be that, but make your then so juicy. That, when you've created that, then. That then is pure power. It's pure passion. It's pure Dharma. It's pure. Bliss. And, even doing what I do for the podcast, I can tell you. There was somebody who walked up and I am not famous. And I do not want to be famous. But I often in Sedona, a small town. We have people from all over the world come here. And recently I had somebody walk up to me at Whole Foods and say, are you Jim Fortin?

Now of course, I said yes. And when I said, yes, she started crying. And I thought to myself, well, I'm wearing deodorant. I mean, what's she crying? I'm kidding. I was like, okay, what's she crying about? And she stepped a little closer to me. And she said, my partner just died a couple of months ago. And listening to one of your podcast episodes where you talked about death. You helped me cope with and manage and get through his death. And she goes, I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. And where I was in that moment. I felt like, okay. I'm using my life. That's why I came to the planet. And that's how I want you to live. So, here's what I want you to do on your piece of paper. You make your, then something that when then when you're then happened. Holy crap what an amazing experience on the planet. Here's what you're going to write. On your piece of paper. When I. dot dot or dash then I. Okay. So, when I. Make a huge splash in the world. When I transform a thousand lives. When I get 100 people sober. I just, as an example, guys, I'm just giving you examples. When I help 500 people get a mortgage. When I whatever something lofty like this, then I will be living my Dharma. Then I will be living my soul mission. Then I will be living my sacred dream.

Or we can do it that way, or we can go a different direction. I'm going to give you a couple here. Another way could be, is let's say that you're having a hard time getting the, where I'm talking about. Then you could do, let's go to a much kind of, not a lower level, but a smaller step first. Then you can go to, if you're not wanting a lofty outcome that I'm mentioning to you quite yet, you're not ready for it. Then, what you could do is you can do a simpler. When I, then I. When I graduate from college. Then I will find my dream apartment as an example. When I get a divorce. Then I will be happy. Now what I want you to do with this particular exercise, not like the first one, but here's the second part of the exercise. Two different kinds. Mark through your, when I just mark through, when I, so all you're looking at is then I find the dream home. Then I am happy. Then I am blank.

And then what we want to start doing is keep this, then I in front of you now you have your, I don't like this word. I've even done podcast audios about it, but. Now you have your focus. You have your goals in front of you for the next 12 months, because you're not working from the, when I anymore. And this particular scenario you're working from the then. And then what you do is you keep your attention on the, then. Some mark through your win and focus on your then and start living from your, then this here should be strong enough to stretch you. Okay.

So, I've given this to you in two different ways. One is for a more transformative and bigger approach to life that when I, then I, and then another is for and there's no judgment. Sure. We're all on our own journey. The other one's for more perhaps tangible or 3d things. And that's where we have to start. Let's start there. Also, when I, then I, in the example I gave you as one, I graduated from college, then I found the dream apartment, or then I get married or whatever my B scratch through your when. And then you have your, then now you have your objective in front of you work from your objective, not your when, because if you work from your when, Now you're working from your foot on first base, or you're working from point A and you will never get to your then speaking of then, then what you want to do is upgrade to list again, once you achieve your then upgraded again, and then mark through your when and work towards your, then. Eventually. Ideally. Where you're getting to as living the sacred dream.

Okay. So, your transformational takeaway for this particular episode, three types of dreams, which dream are you going to live in? The nightmare, the daydream or the sacred dream? The nightmare is when your life has shit upside down. Many of us live there and we just, we sit there forever in that place. That's not using your life. The second dream is a daydream. I want, I want, I want, when I have the MD, when I have the new car, when I have the home, that's the day dream, we have to be careful because the daydream could turn back into a nightmare. Again, when we get trapped in. In the daydream. Your transformational takeaway is that we want to start living and the sacred dream. We want to start living our Dharma. We want to start living a blissful life. We want to start living our soul mission. We want the start being our purpose, meaning we're the being, living the soul mission and the purpose and having an as well a 3d amazing experience while we're here on the planet. Okay, there you go. So, thanks for listening. And I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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