The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 303: “How To Truly Be Happy”

January 17, 2024

Are you caught in a cycle of emotional states that prevent true happiness? In this episode, we tackle the question: What does it mean to truly be happy?

Most people don’t fully understand what it means to be happy because we often confuse it with a temporary emotional state, but in actuality, true, blissful happiness is a frequency – it’s a state of consciousness and BEing. This perspective shifts the focus from seeking external sources of happiness to realizing happiness within ourselves.

As I delve into the episode, I explore the difference between higher states of happiness, associated with frequency, vibration, consciousness, and spirituality, and lower states tied to the ego personality. The pursuit of happiness through the ego and personality often leads to a transient and unfulfilling experience.

Additionally, I share insights from my brother-in-law, Don Xavier, a shaman who embodies the essence of being consistently happy, regardless of external circumstances. His example demonstrates that happiness is a state of BEing that transcends the ups and downs of life.

Transformational Takeaway

Reevaluate your perception of happiness. Understand how you can step into a state of authentic, soulful happiness.

Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled How to Truly be Happy. A lot of us, I think all of us mage a lot, but a lot of us want to be happy. But yet we find ourselves in emotional states of not being happy. Now the title of this episode is how to truly be happy. The best that I can do in this episode is to give you food for thought. And to start moving you on your way. Because being truly happy is not a matter of you getting more things in life. Acquiring more things. Even becoming more things. Being truly happy. As a matter of releasing things in your life. Most of us don’t even understand what it means to be happy. Because as we’ve learned, and as we experience happiness as a being a human being. Many of us think that happiness is and emotion. It’s a feeling. And true happiness is not an emotion. It’s not a feeling. Blissful happiness is a frequency. It’s a state of consciousness. It’s a state of being, and that’s what I want to talk with you about in this episode. Enjoy.

Hi, I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I’ve coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you’re going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you’ve never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

You know, being happy. All of us want to be happy? You know, we hear this throughout our entire life. You know, even songs, what is it? Bob Marley? You know, be happy. And we here, you know, even look at, look, even look at the, the song happy birthday. The song is not cry to be happy birthday or have a shitty birthday. I mean, it’s happy birthday. How about this one? Happy wife, happy life. Or, you know, be happy. And this is what we look for. We look for this state of happiness. Yet, most of us do not have it. So, as I said in the introduction that so many of us, we struggle trying to be happy. Because we think that being happy is an emotion. It’s the way that we feel. I feel sad today. I feel happy today. And happiness is not an emotion. Happiness is a realization of self-happiness is a state of consciousness. Which is all frequency. Happiness is about knowing yourself. And as I said, it’s about realization but realizing even what it means to be.

I want to go a lot of different places in this episode. And I’m going to talk about higher states of happiness. And I want to talk about lower states of happiness. And what I mean by that is a higher state of happiness would be frequency and vibration and consciousness and you can even call it for example spirituality. Essence of you. And then the lower aspect of you is the ego personality. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed this but being happy is not about being happy at a soulful level. Being happy for all of us and the way that we have learned to define happiness is all about being happy at an ego 3d personality human experience level. And if we’re trying to find happiness by living exclusively. And the ego and the 3d and the personality. And at that level, it’s going to be very hard to find happiness in this life. Because this life is full as you know, Ups and downs, trials and tribulations. Things that challenge us all kinds of obstacles in life. And if we’re living our life, when you hear you hear me say, be happy. And we’re trying to live our life, trying to be happy from the 3d ego personality. That just isn’t going to work.

It’s not going to be easy for us to do. And candidly, I have never in my lifetime. I’ve never met anyone that’s been able to create. Blissful happiness. Living from the 3d ego. You know what prompted this entire episode was my brother-in-law Don Xavier. Because he has always said to all of us that work with him. And he’s said it to me now for 20 something years. Be happy. Go through your days happy. And as I look at him, Honestly, candidly, because I know that, you know, you probably don’t know me personally. And there were even some people who think that my brother-in-law Don Xavier is not a real. They think you some apparition or they think is a metaphor, you know, metaphorical like rich dad, poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki. There’s a rich dad and there’s a poor dad and one is metaphorical.

Meaning the rich dad is metaphorical for Kiyosaki. Well, this is my brother-in-law. I mean, this is my brother-in-law. In flesh and blood. But he’s also a sorcerer and a shaman. And all the years that I’ve known him. Which has been, you know, almost 30, 30 years now. I’ve always seen him as happy. Being happy. No matter how he’s physically feeling and with the changes on the planet. He’s quite often, not feeling well physically. And if you look at him, you can tell that dude’s going through a lot. Energetically, he’s going through a lot physically. And especially with solar storms, solar flares eclipses things like this. They’re very challenging for him physically. But you know what I’ve noticed and I’ve seen over the years. It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter to him because in my experience of him and with him for so many years, he is always, always, always, and in my experience all the time, happy. I’ve never seen him one time in 30 years. Not happy, no matter what’s going on around him and his physical environment. No matter who does this or who does that, or this person got into the, it just doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t get into it. And what I have found is that to be happy. To be truly happy or least. And here’s where I want to help you in this episode. Working that direction because candidly, this is a lifetime, it’s a lifetime thing. It’s a lifetime worth of, of, of focus and dedication and effort. But as I said earlier, you’re not going to find it in the ego. You’re not going to find it in your name, personality, meaning John or Bob or Sue or Prabhu, or you know, this person or that you’re not going to find it there. So, for you to truly, truly find the happiness that you want in life. That’s going to require self-realization and evolvement of yourself. And specifically. As I said earlier, it’s not about getting something because many times in our culture and our world. We think, oh, I will be happy when I get and I’m trust me I used to be there. I will be happy when I have the college degree in hand. I will be happy when I find a home, I will be happy when I buy a Porsche. I will be happy when I find somebody to date. I’ll be happy when I get married.

And I’m just laughing because it’s something that came to mind is many times people will say, I will be happy when I get a divorce, not married. The opposite of that. But I’ve recognized over the years, happiness does not come from things. Because in my life and my physical 3d life. I’ve had a lot of things and a lot of things that people aspire to especially 3d things. I mean, I’ve had luxury cars and sports cars and Porsches and Mercedes and, and all these kinds of things. And I’ve had expensive watches and. You know, there’s more expensive watches, but even like, I have a Rolex and I have a, an Omega. I’ve had different watches over the years. You know, my home, I live in an extremely high-end home. But you know what? None of it brings any happiness. It might bring a little fun and may bring a little convenience. But in terms of happiness, you know, I often laughed at laugh at. Because I heard somebody say to a friend of mine, what’s it like to be rich. And he said, it’s the same thing as being poor, but it’s simply easier. And I look at when I was monetarily poor many years ago. I mean all the good times that I had and the friends and different things that I had. And I was pretty much happy even when I wasn’t, what’s considered wealthy today.

So, it’s not about things. And it’s not about the relationships and it’s not about the money. So, as you’re listening to me, think about all the things that you’re looking for in your own life. All the things that you think, oh, okay. I’m happy because I have XYZ or I’m happy because people did things my way or I’m happy because I got X, Y, Z. They’re all fleeting. They’re all temporary. And we have to start recognizing, which is what I really, really, it’s my goal in this episode. To just give you food for thought to start thinking about happiness in a new way. And happiness is not the, when I, happiness is basically the realization of, I. It’s the soulful realization of I. Now the question is what things make you unhappy? Consider that for a moment. What things make you unhappy? Ponder that now. Things, what things. Next. What places make you unhappy? I almost started giggling because we’re in the beginning of 2024. And many of us all around the world have gone through holidays. And we’re like, holy Mackerel. Well, I cannot believe we stayed that long at grandma’s house and all the family and all those kinds of stuff. And cousin, Bob did this and Susan did that. I could not wait to get out of there. I cannot wait till this is over places, places, places, what places do not make us happy.

How about this? Food, but how about this one? Lack of food. Now I also want to point out this is not for people that are food deprived or are, are, or are literally having, you know, financial challenges and they’re scrounging for food. I want to be very clear about that. And I understand there is some, obviously some biology and chemistry to food as well. Glucosamine and different things and sugar in the body. But what I want to point out is, oh, that’s not what I ordered. I didn’t want to go there. I don’t like this. I don’t like that. What about this? Relationships. Having them and not having them. And then finally. Situations, what kinds of situations are you unhappy about. And even, I, you know, as I thought about this episode, even as I gave you these categories, I think about Don Xavier many years ago. And I have been in every one of these situations with him. And again, when it comes to situations and food and people and places and things and circumstances, I have never seen him eve unhappy. Generally, he’s giggling and smiling. All the, while those of us around him are like, Candidly. We’re like, fuck this shit. You know, I mean, I’ve seen him happy all the time. All the time. And it’s a matter of evolution.

How about this? What about behaviors? And when I say behaviors worrying is a behavior. What about expectations? So, you know, what expectations do you get into that? You’re the one that gets into the expectation. And then you’re not happy about something didn’t happen in this certain way, because of your expectation, What about worry? Because worry is nothing more than a state. Worry doesn’t exist anywhere, except in the mind, it’s not out in the air, so to speak. Worry is a state of fear or anxiety about potential problems. Again, many of us feel bad and we’re definitely not happy because we are engaged in worrying about something. And warning is nothing more than any emotional. Again, notice emotional state of fear and anxiety about potential problems.

Now fear and anxiety and potential problems. Are those all a theory. Are those all soulful or all? Are those all 3d. How about this when we’re not feeling happy? We are in the also getting into emotional states about anger and shame and guilt and resentment and greed and fear and jealousy and envy and all the things that when we live as a human and we identify as human. We get into these are all tied to the human body and not the soul. You know, as I said, I’m going to hop around than if I didn’t say it, I’m saying it now, because this isn’t like a, oh, I can just slap together a podcast. Here’s the concept. And here’s, here’s the solution. Because even the solution, which is soulful recognition, which we’ll talk about in the bit. Even the solution can take, it can take us a lifetime. Because.

Like even in the Transformational Coaching Program. People enroll in TCP because they think it’s about getting something, getting more in life. It’s not about getting more in life. It’s about releasing. All the things that keep you from creating attracting and having more in life. So, as I said, I’m going to hop around. I remember many years ago. And I questioned it for a long time. Don Xavier said there are only two emotions. And everything else is a degree or variation of those emotions. And those two emotions are, but not in the way you understand one of them, those emotions are love and fear. So, a little simple thing that you can start doing now, start thinking about this to kind of just start putting perspective on what’s taking your happiness away. Is when you are in a reactive, emotional state. Basically, when you’re feeling bad about something. When you’re worried when you’re in a negative emotional state, simply ask yourself. Is this love or is this? Fear. Is it love or is it fear?

And when you look at all the negative emotions in your life. Ponder that. I mean all these negative things. Notice what I said negative emotions. You notice no one ever walks around and says, oh, you know, Hey, how are you doing today? And I’m like, ah, you know, I’m at a negative frequency today. I’m in a negative vibration today. We’re not, we’re not that way. We’re basically, I’m in a shitty mood today. I feel bad today. And then notice what we do. We many times, at least on our mind, if not the other people we go on and I’m upset because my wife did this and my husband did that. And I can’t believe the shit the kids did. This person did this, that person did that. And I am not happy about it. It’s all ego personality based. And again, I’ll get there in just a minute, because I want to give you some questions to ask yourself. About really? What are you attaching to with your ego personality?

Because again, I wish I could wave a magic wand and Wala. You know, shazam and automatically you’re like, oh, okay. I dropped all of my negative emotions, like a bag of skin, an old suit, so to speak. And I dropped it off and I left it and now my happy camper. I wish even in my own life, it would be nice if it were, and it maybe I’m not there yet. I mean, I’m not a sorcerer, I’m not a shaman. And it may be and even though I work with a shaman, a real shaman, it’s been a process and I have the good fortune of being put through a lot of different things that forced me to let go of a lot of my attachments. And I mean, I have two choices a lot of times working with a shaman. And. At home, it used to candidly. It used to piss me off when I didn’t understand many years ago, 20 years ago. When I would be in a lot of pain. That the shaman would put me in. And then he would be indifferent to it. And I would sit here kind of like I’m wallowing in the mud face down. I’m going to use a metaphor. That’s very kind of graphic, but imagine you’re outside in the cold, you’re shivering face down in the mud, rolling around in your own vomit. I mean. There’ve been times when I’ve had situations in my life. That we’re talking about happiness and unhappiness. They would be like the metaphor that I gave you. And my brother-in-law would be completely indifferent about it. And I’m laughing at this because many years ago, he might have even a timer to, and a very good-hearted way kind of chuckled at it.

And that would piss me off even more, many years ago. And I recognized. He was doing this. As part of my training to help me let go of these things. These attachments, whether I’m feeling good, whether I’m feeling bad, what my day’s like, this, that, and the other. And my partner recently said to me, this has been a really in terms of 3d. The hardest year, 2023, the one we just left, it’s been the hardest year. In every single area of my life. I’m healthy, but that’s been pretty. It’s not been all that hard. Like it wasn’t 2020, but it’s been a really, really hard year by most people’s estimations and estimations of what a hard year would be. And I look around I’m fortunate because I have a beautiful home to live in. Pretty much paid for, I’ve got a car in the garage. I’ve got food in the refrigerator. I’ve got a pretty good life, but in the way that I had become accustomed, Accustomed to living my life. It’s, uh, it’s been a very, very challenging year. And my partner walked up to me a while back, maybe two months ago. And said, I’m really impressed at the way that you’re managing all of this.

And candidly, it’s been a hell of a year. But you know what? It was a beautiful year. And I wouldn’t create this year for anything. Because what I’ve learned about spiritual growth and evolution. Once you think you’ve got something mastered? And you kind of sit back in your chair and you cross your arms and you’re like, oh, I got that done. I figured that out. And then another wave comes whammo and noxious sideways. And I look at business and life and my home, which has been a big challenge, energetically getting into it this year. And in 2020 and 2021, 2022. I lived on another beautiful home that I lived in and I built one I moved into now. And everything was hunky Dory great. But you know what. I thought I had let go of. A lot, even more than what I had.

And my partner said what they said to me. And the exact words were, I’m really impressed at how well you manage this. And my comment was well. I have two choices. I can hang on the shit and I can be attached to it or I can let it go. And I choose to let it go and the attachments that I were letting go, what was letting go of was how easy business was supposed to be. And as I think I mentioned in the podcast, Don Xavier came to me about three years ago. And he was talking about gratitude. And he said to me, he said, you need to be more grateful for your money. And I said, I am grateful for money. And he goes, I know you’re grateful for money, but what I mean, you need to be grateful for how easy it comes to you. And it just shows up in your life. And a lot of it, millions of dollars. Well, 2023, I’ve done pawn have done well, but it wasn’t this easy as the years prior. And so, in 2023, I had to examine. Okay. If I’m not being happy about things. And by the way, when you’re not happy, that’s a frequency and you’re attracting more, not being happy and things that, that are tied to it and associated to it. But I recognized just total release. Let go of people, places, things, ideas and expectations. And you’ve heard me say before, probably a dozen times over different episodes. The Buddhist said our greatest source of unhappiness is attachment. We have to let go of attachment.

And here’s the, the challenge for us. When we get into attachment, we are attaching to a person, a place a thing, an idea. Even an expectation, notice that a person, a place, a thing, an idea, or an expectation. And the problem with attaching to those, any of what I just said. It’s all of those things are external with the exception of the expectation, but a person placed in thing they’re all external. And if we’re happy because we have that attachment. At some point in your life that attachment is going to change. For example, you could be attached to a person. Then they leave the planet and then look, how many people go into grieving for sometimes years. Because they’re attached to what they perceive that relationship to be and what they perceive they lost when that person left the planet. So, when we attached to people, Places and things. That is a recipe for not being happy. It doesn’t mean not having. You know, people and places and things in our life. It simply means that we don’t serve us to attach to those things.

Okay. I want to segue from the episode for just one moment. And I want to ask you, where were you most stuck in 2023? What things held you back the most? When I ask people, you know, why they’re not getting what they want in life, people often say, well, I was stuck with X, Y, Z, or, and this may resonate with you, I feel stuck. If you’re feeling stuck, one question I want you to ask yourself is, what is it costing me? What is it costing me to not resolve this and to battle being stuck? And when you add that up, whether it’s money and especially in business, but in your health and your relationships, when you add that up, it’s extremely costly to be stuck in life. Now, all that’s being said, I created a new challenge I created that last year, many thousands of people have gone through it and it’s called the Get Unstuck Challenge. Interesting, the name’s all about getting unstuck. Now in this challenge, it’s a nine-day challenge and I walk you through at a very profound at a very spiritual, level, and even at a cosmic level, I walk you through who and how you’re being as a being, meaning your presence on the planet. And when you understand that, when you understand the nature of you at a very deep level, now you might’ve heard me say, Be Do Have before, and that’s more about 3d reality.

Who do you have to be so you can do so you can have, but I’m talking, you know, what does it mean to Be? And then what is that power associated with that? When you understand that you automatically get unstuck in life. This program never offered it before to you guys. We’re offering it now. I don’t think we’ve offered it to the podcast and an ad. Maybe we have, maybe we have, I don’t remember anyway. It doesn’t matter because we haven’t offered it a lot if we have, but we’re offering to get unstuck challenge again. It’s only $97. Thousands of people have been through it and they rave about the results they’re getting. And I know that you will do the same thing. So again, ponder the question. What does it cost me? What am I giving up? What peace of mind? What happiness? What money? What relationships am I giving up in life because I am stuck in my own crap. Now, as you’re thinking about that, click the link, go to Again, and we’ll drop the link in the show notes, Download the program. You get started right away and your life will start changing dramatically. When you apply what you’re learning in that program, your life will start changing in very dramatic ways, very, very quickly. And as a matter of fact, in the next nine days. Okay, back to the episode.

Now, as I said, I want to give you some tidbits along the way. So, what we want to look at is when I say, what are we attached to? What we want to look at is the fear underneath that. Because we feel if we release something and let it go many times something bad is going to happen. So, what we do is we attached to something. So that there’s something bad that we’re attached we don’t want to happen. We attached to these things and then we, we worry. That if we, dis-attach. We disassociate. We break from this. Then some fearful thing is going to happen and that fearful thing could be okay. If I dis-attached from my business, I’m not going to have any money. If I dis-attach from this marriage that I’ve been in for 15 years and I hate it. And people say that, but if I, if I don’t attach to it and cling to it and hang on to it, then guess what? I’m not going to have security, which by the way, is an illusion in itself. I’m not going to have that.

So, notice that many times we are attaching to things and then our attachments are people, places and things. And we’re afraid to let go of the attachment because of the fear associated with having the attachment. Hopefully as I said, I’m jumping around. Hopefully I explained that really well to you guys. So, question for you. What predominant states. And by the way, I don’t expect you to listening to this episode to go, oh, wow. Ah, Shazam the light hit me. Hallelujah. Tomorrow, I’m going to be happy all day. Maybe. But what I’m really asking is just be mindful. And that’s paying attention to your emotional states. Because your emotional states are 3d and they are emotional, but see happiness comes through you as our frequency. As I say it. And I’ve heard it before somewhere many years ago. Happiness is a factor resetting. It comes inborn to the species.

So, you never see a baby. If a baby could, you know, talk coming out of the womb. You never see a baby popping out of the womb going, wait, wait, wait. There’s no way I can pop out of the womb because if I do, then people are gonna see me and the by popping out of the womb and they see me, I’m going to be covered in blood. I’m probably going to be crying. People are going to hold me upside down. I don’t even know if they do that or not just seeing it in TV, they’re going to hold me upside down and slap me in the ass or on the ass. Then what they’re going to do is take a branding on and start branding me with religion and culturalization and family thought patterns and everything else. No. infants come we come with our karma. And we come with the spiritual lessons that we are setting out to learn this lifetime. But infants aren’t coming pissed off at the world. Infants are popping out of the womb. And goes, who that hell had it so cold in this room. It’s too bright in here. Turn down the lights, turn up the temperature, put some clothes on me and all of you people get out of here.

Infants are not doing that. So, factory setting. Happiness factory setting. But I want to go back. To something I’ve said before. So, we want to look at our emotional states okay. Because of we’re trapped in a negative emotional state, that’s all 3d ego. That is not, not, not soul. That is not, which we’ll talk about in a moment. Knowing yourself as soul. What helped me tremendously is when Don Juan Matuse said to me, I did a live on this last night for my inner circle in the Transformational Coaching Program. The inner circle is an aspect of that program. And Don Juan Matuse said to me, in the 1990s, to me personally, that I had to learn to care about everything. And in the same moment, his exact words were, I need to learn to care about everything in my life and in the same note. In the same moment, not give a damn about anything. And then we think about that conundrum. Well, okay. How do we do that? How do we care about everything and not care about things?

So, what I noticed over the years is when I’m attached, I’m caring. When I am not attached, I am not caring. So, I look at the illusions of what I’m attached to that I’m caring about. And then I look at things that I really don’t care about and notice that I’m not attached and things that I’m not attached to and don’t care about do not really cause me any emotional turmoil. That’s where we want to be is in that state of mind and that state of peace, because then we have peace of mind. Which is one of the highest frequencies and vibrations that we can have something else very quickly here is that many of us MANY of us. I don’t anymore. I don’t think I do. And I may have life come kick me in the rear and later, and show me differently. And I’m kind of laughing at myself because no sooner than we speak something. The universe is like, oh yeah, I’ll show you buddy boy, buddy girl, buddy person. You think you’re not XYZ? Well, I will show you. Anyway, I’ll just say, and I can say this comfortably, relative to my awareness of what I have in my life and my situations and circumstances and people. I have let go of a lot of those things. Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. It’s simply important for me to live on purpose to live in service. Whatever that looks like.

And every night when I go to bed, I don’t ask for things. I simply say, you know, divine mind. Like I said is asking show me my next step. What are other ways that I can serve people? What are ways that I can adjust? And I’ve said before, I have said this to myself in my own mind. Whatever I have to give up to continue my mission, my soul mission on this planet, whatever I have to give up. No matter what it is. I’ll do it. I’m on two and a half years now, and we’re not done building this home. And if I had certain confirmation that spirits said, Hey, you know, Jim. You put two and a half years at a lot of time and energy and money and focus and awareness and the building your new home. And by the way is never supposed to be this long. Never. It’s never supposed to have been what it was. And spirit said, Hey, Jim, you got to give it all up tomorrow. Honestly from the heart. I’m okay with that. When would be my favorite thing, mainly because I don’t enjoy packing, even though we have a people come in and pack, but they can’t touch my spiritual items? So, I have to pack it all myself and I have a lot of spiritual things. So. But if that were the case, And I had to say, okay, I do it. Why, because I do not want things in my life that prevent me from living my soul mission. And where I was going there is so many of us are attached to security. And we are happy when we think we have security, which is all 3d ego personality, and we’re not happy when we don’t have security. The truth is this security by 3d ego is an illusion. The only, there’s only, only, only one security and your entire existence on this planet. That one security is this, are you ready for it? The only security that you will ever know and that is real on this planet. Is to know yourself as soul. No, yourself as divine being. You’re not the ego. You’re not the personality. You’re not the human 3d identity.

In TCP the Transformational Coaching Program. There’s two parts to it. There’s what we call TCP. And we’ve always called a TCP, but we’re changing the name in the near future to TCP 1. And there’s a second part titled TCP2. And TCP 1 is all about managing ego things because we are on the planet. We have to manage those things. And then part two TCP part2 is about completely letting go of all things that we identify with an evolving beyond all that, but see, we still have a, because we’re on the planet. So, we have to learn how to manage what’s on the planet without attachment. That’s why the higher part of us, the theorial soulful part of ourselves is important. And learning how out to bring that down into the 3d part of us. And the 3d part of us is important because, Hey, this is the container that I’m walking around. You know, I’m living in this container of this bag of skin on the planet.

And when we learn to integrate and manage both. That number one is soulful awareness, but secondly, that is balanced and we have to create the balance while we are on the planet. So, I said a bit ago, it comes down to some emotional awareness about at least starting you somewhere. Because again, for the third time, I don’t expect to go Shazam and you’re like, oh, okay. This is good. I’m a happy camper. I know myself as soul. May happen that way, but I doubt it. So, I want to start at the 3d ego level, the identity level, the container of skin listing to me now. The consciousness, even though it’s being, it’s being channeled through the physical body. I want to, I want to bring something to you to help you at least start getting some traction here. And I have six questions for you. To help you actually start releasing or recognizing when you’re into things that rob you of happiness.

Okay let’s go to emotions first. When you were in your negative emotions. Simply stop and ask yourself. Is this negative emotion. But even positive, same thing. Because they both apply to the 3d body. Is this emotion by the way, question number one is I just said and I’ll give you six? Is this emotion my personality or is it my soul? Now I want to point out that we are all soul at all times. But yet living as soul. And I don’t ever think we would ever live as only soul on the planet because we need the body to create. Your soul cannot manifest without the body. Your soul needs to carbon. And the cosmology in reality, we live in your soul needs. The manifestation of the plasma and the carbon and the body to be able to manifest on this planet. It takes both the energy and. The, the physical-ness. Okay, but ask yourself, is this emotion my personality, or is it my soul?

Next. Think about a thought that you’re having that makes you unhappy or takes your happiness away. And ask yourself, is this thought, is this my personality or is it my soul? Think about physical sensations. Maybe about not feeling good physically. And this was a big one for me when I was sick in 2020. Am I had to learn how to separate my mind from the pain of my physical body? And I’m not kidding. I mean, I I’ve been very successful at learning and mastering with the guidance of Don Xavier. This attaching from the body when it’s in physical pain. Because if you are actually in the physical pain, and you are engaged in the physical pain and feeling bad about it. Then you’re actually exacerbating the physical pain by keeping your attention on it and keeping all of your awareness on the physical pain. And I had to learn how to, and this is what I start calling. We, we start going into mental mastery. When we can actually master the mind over the body. But to the question I’m giving you. The physical experience or sensation you’re having in the body. Ask yourself, is this personality or is it soul?

How about in your life? Something goes sideways. You don’t like this. You don’t like that you don’t like a circumstance. Is the circumstance our reflection of the physical your personality or of your soul? How about your entire body, the body that you are living in. You are not your body. And by the way, it took me a long time to really own that and get it. And know it. I don’t mean understand it, but I mean, know it. Are you your body? No, you’re not your body. So, whatever’s going on with your body. As I was alluding to earlier, ask yourself. Is it my personality body going through this? Or is it my soul that’s experiencing this pain or whatever it might be.

And then question number six. Is this my personality or my personality ego? Or is it my soul that this is coming from? So, think about those is this emotion. My personality is this thought my personality or soul is this physical sensation, my personality or some soul. Is this circumstance? My, is it my personality or my soul? Is this body, is it my 3d human personality? Or is it my soul? This. Whatever’s going on inside my personality is that my ego or my soul. And when you ask yourself these questions, it will help you to better understand. And I would request that you ask where the frequency. Because when you do it helps you better understand that, you know what. I’m not the ego. I’m not the physical body. The physical body is the medium through which my soul comes through. Think about that, your physical body is the medium. The channel that your soul comes through and we have to start knowing ourselves to create the happiness that we want. Because your soul, your soul frequency. Do you think your soul? Is sitting up in some galaxy somewhere. Pissed off because this, that or the other, no, your soul is not.

Your soul is frequency and vibration of pure unconditional non-emotional, but frequency love. Love, love, love. Now full transparency. I think this applies to a lot of us on the planet. We’re all while those of us that want to learning to become that love. Because candidly, so many things can happen in life. As we all know. And we’re like, well, that’s really screwed up. That’s really backwards. I don’t like that. But that’s not, that’s not love. That’s literally living from everything I just talked about. That’s all tied to the 3d personality, the ego you. And that’s what we want to let go of.

There’s a phrase that I live from and I’m working on and I keep it in front of me daily. And I use it when something creeps up on me. That is 3d ego because I know the emotion already. If I’m not feeling good about something, that’s all 3d ego. That’s not my soul. And when it creeps up, the first thing I say to myself is. Jim. No, yourself as soul. Would your soul be getting into X Y Z. Would your soul be bothered by ABC? Would your soul care about E F G.? And as you already know, because you’re listening and you’re probably thinking, as I’m saying that. The answer is Soul is saying no, no. No. So transformational takeaway. Is know yourself as soul. And that is self-realization. And there’s a quote by Ramana Maharshi and, Maharshi. and I was trying to get that right. It’s Maharshi and the quote is your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world. Your own self-realization is your greatest service that you can render the world or the greatest service you can render the world. And remember that I told you, I’ve said before in different episodes, we’re here to serve. And we’re here to evolve and grow. And you will find, I promise you. When you get out of the ego self. And you start thinking about helping other people live better lives. Your own transformation is in that service. Thanks for listening and I’ll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.


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